Rectify s02e02 Episode Script

Sleeping Giants

"Proper prisoner behavior consists fundamentally of the following-- freedom from self injury, absence of un-hygienic acts, significant decrease in problematic behaviors, motivation to change absence of destructive behaviors.
Decrease in problematic behaviors.
Motivation to change.
" What are you doing? "Absence in destructive behaviors.
" "Decrease in problematic behaviors"! "Absence in destructive behaviors"! "Decrease in problematic behaviors"! "Motivation to change"! - Whoo! - "Motivation to change"! - Whoo! - To change! To change! To change! That smells nice.
It's lavender.
I got the organic.
No preservatives unlike Melton's turtle.
Had to be there.
I just love these.
I used to have a pair just like them.
Is that Garnet Hill? Um, Saddle Bridge.
It's cute.
Why'd you stop wearing them? Guess I didn't want to stand out.
In a pair of clogs? In anything, really.
I'm gonna pretend you're not in here past visiting hours again.
Sweet Marla, my co-conspirator.
I'll check back in a bit.
Everybody's been so nice here.
It's because we're not in Paulie, mother.
You'll notice a difference in tone sometimes when people don't wish you were dead.
That's pleasant.
Just saying.
I better get on the road, then.
Thank you for keeping watch, Amantha.
I know the drive is a bear.
It's what we do.
I am my brother's keeper.
It won't be forever, honey.
Then what will I do? Get a job? I can't even think about a job right now.
Gonna have to sooner or later.
How about later? Mama, don't forget your catalog.
He's not a China doll.
What? You're not gonna break him.
God, mama.
What are we gonna do? What we've been doing.
Stay positive.
Keep hoping.
Keep hoping.
Good night, my sweethearts.
I'm telling you, dad, we're gonna drag ass on this, and we're gonna miss the best opportunity we've had in years.
Wheel rims.
Specialization, dad.
It's where retail's going.
And we got to get out in front of it.
Where'd you get that idea? I've been working on it for a while now.
It's all they could talk about at the tire conference.
We sell tires, son.
Sell-- not rent.
People today-- they want flash, you know? They-- they-- they want bling.
They want stuff they can afford.
Fair enough, okay? But they can afford to rent high-quality wheel rims at an affordable weekly fee.
And they'll rent them by the truckloads.
That's all that matters to me.
Dad, the numbers don't lie.
Three straight months of declining sales.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
We got to microwave this thing.
We ain't got time for an oven bake.
The microwave makes it mushy.
Yeah, I know.
It's got the, uh, little reflectors built into it.
It gives it that oven-baked flavor.
Just make the salad.
I know a lot of things are up in the air right now.
A lot of things? We need a new revenue stream, and we need it quick.
And this is it.
Where's the cheese and tomatoes? What's it cost? Well, you got to spend money to make money.
What's the investment, Ted? I'm still working on the final numbers but no more than 40k, $50,000? Tops, dad.
Where's the spatula? I don't know.
Use that cake thing.
You got to trust me on this, dad.
I don't see it, son.
Not right now.
Well There's something else we ain't talked about that ain't nobody wanted to talk about.
What if Daniel wakes up out of this coma, - and he's a damn veggie burger? - Easy, Ted.
I ain't trying to be crass, dad, but what if mom's got to wipe his ass for the next 20 years? What are y'all arguing about? We're just having a conversation, son.
I'll be in my room.
breathless and on again inside today This is your special mix tape, Daniel Holden.
Happy birthday.
I love you, Daniel.
your special mix tape, Daniel Holden.
Happy birthday.
I love you, Daniel.
I love you, Daniel.
I love you, Daniel.
Damn, J.
Why so jumpy? Some people knock.
Oh, right.
I forget you're at that age.
I just came to tell you dinner's ready.
All right.
I'll be down in a bit.
What is that, a walkman? Where the hell did you find that? I found it in the attic.
Hey, where's the, uh? Where's that Faith Hill poster I got for your birthday? I just I don't know.
I'm not really into that right now.
Sorry, Teddy.
No, that's all right.
I'm just messing with you.
I get it.
Everybody has their alternative phase.
That feels like four pounds of boredom.
I always hated algebra.
How's school treating you? It's okay, I guess.
How about those texts-- the, uh, threats and all that stuff? No, not since Daniel's been in the hospital.
I guess even scumbags can grow a conscience every now and then, huh? Listen, I'm glad you can, you know, go to dad with that kind of thing.
Me, too.
You know, he saved the store back then.
- Dad? - Oh, yeah.
Place was a ghost town after all that mess.
You know, Lester, he damn near went bankrupt, and then he just up and died.
And I ain't trying to speak ill of the man, you know, it's just that he was a Holden, you know? Name was ruined.
Wasn't nothing he could do about it.
Go get some dinner, little brother.
Few things I love more than a clear, cool night-- sitting out here with my girls.
We should have life group outside every week.
Amen to that.
As long as there's red wine.
- Right? - And no kids.
What about you, Tawney? What do you think? You've been awfully quiet tonight.
I think God reveals himself in nature, and it's beautiful.
Well, that's a pretty thought.
Thomas Aquinas said that, not me.
I didn't know you read Aquinas.
Didn't know anybody read Aquinas.
Look at you, smarty pants.
I'm just learning, really.
A friend told me about him.
Smart friend.
My brother-in-law, actually.
I'm sorry, Tawney, I got to say something.
I've been waiting for the right moment or the right mood or the right whatever, but it just ain't coming.
I judged him back then, and I've been judging him all these years.
And then he got out and you brought him to the Jubilee and it made me have to face a lot of that-- that judgment-- how kind you were to him, how selfless, how you loved him like Jesus would.
Uh, I don't know about that.
I It's true.
All these years, you know, I-I thought he did all those terrible things.
I guess maybe a part of me still does.
But even if he did, who am I to judge? 'Cause the truth is, I don't even know him.
Sometimes I wonder if we can truly know anyone completely, even ourselves.
But thank you, Kate.
That's brave to say that.
Walk with God or walk in fear, right? Easier said than done.
I know.
But I'm trying.
Aren't we all? Hey.
You didn't answer your phone.
I had the ringer turned off.
I called like seven times.
Seven? Really? Why didn't you just call the office phone? Well, why do you have your ringer off? I was just trying to focus.
I-I didn't know you'd be calling.
I just-- I thought you might be hungry.
Oh, that lasagna filled me up pretty good at dad's.
I-I'll just put this on your desk.
Oh, okay.
I-I-I got that.
Thanks, babe.
So, how's life group? Oh.
That's good.
That's good.
That's good.
A-are you coming home soon? I-I don't know.
I got to get this rim stuff figured out.
I might just end up staying here and crashing here on the couch, you know if that's okay.
Well, won't-- won't you be all wrinkly in the morning if you do that? I brought a change of clothes.
You brought a what? You know, just in case.
Were you planning on staying here when you left the house? I didn't plan on it.
Uh, but, I mean, I-- It was just in case.
In case what? In case I got tied up, Tawney, like I am.
I mean, this is a big deal I'm trying to put together.
But it's a 10-minute drive home.
You want me to come home? That's fine.
Let's come home.
I'll drop everything and come home right now.
No, I-I don't want you to come home unless you want to come home! Well, of course I want to come home, Tawney! I'd love nothing more than to stay at home all damn day.
You didn't want me to work, Ted.
I'm not talking about you.
That was your idea.
I mean in general.
Tawney, staying home in general.
This is the biggest thing I've ever tried to do work-wise, all right, so I'm a little stressed out.
And dad-- he's so dadgum entrenched in his ways, you know, it makes me feel like I'm trapped.
I just want to scream.
Can I-- can I help? Help how? I don't know, you know, bounce ideas off me, or-- or just talk.
Well We're talking now, aren't we? I guess.
I mean-- I mean, of course you could.
I mean, I'm-- I'm sure you could.
I just I'm so deep in the numbers, you know, and the specs and all.
I-I understand.
Well, I'll-- I'll let you get back, then.
I mean, he's worried half to death.
You know dad.
Honey, you didn't tell me the business was so-- It ain't the business.
Come on, Tawney.
You know there's a damn good chance that Daniel's gonna wake up out of this coma slobbering and shitting all over himself! Why do you talk like that? Because it's a damn good possibility, and it's weighing on dad and mom, too.
I mean, do you want to go over there and change his damn diapers every day? And Amantha-- hell, the first whiff of stink she gets, she's gonna be hauling her ass back to Atlanta so fast it'll make your head spin! You just watch! Do you still pray, Ted? What? Do you still pray? Of course I do.
Well, you don't pray with me anymore.
You're gonna be okay, Danny.
You're gonna be okay.
Sweetheart, Dr.
Ackborn has some news for us.
I thought we should hear it together.
Well, there's no reason to make you sweat it out.
I think it's time to wake up Daniel.
The tests and the scans for the last 72 hours have all been clear.
Brain function is stable.
Intercranial pressure is normal.
Things look very positive.
So he's gonna be okay? We won't know for sure until we pull him out, of course.
You're not saying he's gonna be okay.
As we've discussed, there's a few scenarios that could occur.
Like the one where he never regains consciousness.
Well, that's a very small possibility in my estimation.
- How small? - Please, Amantha.
"Small" is good.
No, "Small" is relative.
Honestly, Ms.
Holden, I don't think that worrying about this is the best way to use your energy.
My energy? The scans are clear.
The tests are normal.
This is very good news.
Good news.
Of course.
Good news for sure.
We'll get started as soon as possible, try to wean him off the vent.
If all goes well, I suspect he'll be waking up sometime this evening or tomorrow at the latest.
Okay? Okay.
Let me get to it.
Well, well, Mr.
Holden, time to bring you back to the land of the living.
I hope you're ready for it 'cause it's a shit show.
Ohh! If I didn't know any better, I'd think you almost want to get caught.
You know, we've been doing our part-- laying low, keeping our distance, as agreed.
Then there's you, Bobby-- our fearless leader.
Everybody knows it's the guilty man who tries to drink away his sorrows.
Well, I guess it ain't working, Jake, 'cause I still got 'em.
You know, what kind of a punk-ass asks his buddies to beat a man half to death, then takes his mask off so the dude can get a good look? I ain't gonna rat on you.
No, see, you already did.
What do you think Holden's gonna say when he wakes up? If he wakes up.
What's he gonna say, Bobby? Maybe he'll say "Ow.
" This ain't a joke.
He might say, "I got what was coming to me.
" Y'all still believe that, don't you? Of course we do.
That don't mean we want to go to jail for it, though.
I said I ain't gonna rat on you.
Sheriff's been by my house three times already.
He said he's fixing to arrest all of us.
Why hasn't he yet, hmm? 'Cause he ain't got no evidence, that's why.
He's got no witnesses.
He-- he ain't got dick.
Except Holden.
Nobody's going to jail.
You're pretty confident for a drunk damn dumbass.
Oh, that's good, Craig.
- Huh? - "Drunk damn dumbass.
" It's called alliteration.
You get your head right, Bobby, or I'll set you up my damn self.
- Good night, Darrell.
- Good night.
How many times, Sheriff? As many as it takes, Ms.
Stevie didn't see anything at that cemetery.
It's like I told you.
He was just too far away.
Then let me talk to him.
What do you have to fear? I wish I didn't have to ask this of you, Ms.
Wages, or put you in this position.
I really don't.
But a man has been beaten nearly to death.
What if it was Stevie in that ICU? Stevie's not a convicted murderer.
Neither is Holden.
Sentence was vacated.
Now, you tell that to Judy Dean.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but this thing's just really weighing on me.
I know who did it, and I know who helped him.
But my hands are tied until I get a witness.
And what those boys did to him-- that's attempted murder.
And if he dies, it's murder.
And you can't just murder people, Debbie, no matter how much you might believe they deserve it.
That's why I'm here.
And that's why I'm asking for your help.
I just can't do it, Sheriff.
Stop killing now! Stop killing now! Stop killing now! He's gonna fry, eye for an eye! He's gonna fry, eye for an eye! Stop killing now! Stop killing now! Stop killing now! _ _ Gave her a run, didn't we, Jonny? Don't hold back.
DNA, man, it's a bitch.
Only when you're guilty.
Sorry to put a stain on your portfolio.
Look, man, I appreciate you coming all the way out here.
I do.
But I don't want you to stay.
I mean, not for the whole thing.
I mean, I don't want nobody seeing me going out like that.
I can understand that, Hollis.
But it would be cool if you'd come to the last meal.
Yeah, the last meal is usually just family.
Ain't no family to come.
My sister hates me now.
My mom calls me a liar.
She won't say I'm a murderer, of course, but she calls me a liar.
You still got a couple days, though.
Maybe she'll come around.
You want me to call her? Waste of time, man.
Screw her.
You know what? Just forget the whole thing, Jon.
Go on home.
You don't want to be here.
Yeah? I'll stay.
I'll stay as long as you like.
Maybe 45.
I guess I just don't want to eat alone.
I'm happy to stay.
Don't think you can sneak me in a burger, do you? Sonic Burger and some Tater Tots.
And lots of Tots.
And hash browns.
Can you do that? Go-- go to different places? I'll have to check with the warden.
In some states, you can order out.
Some-- Just make sure I get my potatoes whatever you do.
I just love potatoes, man.
Must be the Irish in me.
Potatoes are from the New World.
You learn something new every day.
Seems harmless, don't it? DNA? Can't hold it in your hands, like it ain't even real.
It was there all along, waiting in the shadows, just waiting to call me a liar.
Just waiting like a goddamn sleeping giant.
But that's the thing about sleeping giants, Hollis.
At some point, they're gonna wake up.
Dad called on the way over.
Said they're waking up Daniel today.
Well, that's-- that's great news, right? I mean Do they know how-- how he'll be? Won't know for a few days, he said.
I can't stay.
Got a meeting.
You weren't crazy, Ted.
When you were suspicious When you were angry at me for spending time with him, you weren't crazy.
Not that anything happened.
It didn't, but Like I told you, I thought that-- that God wanted to use me to save him.
And maybe he did.
I don't know.
But that's what I felt then.
It's hard-- it's hard to explain, but I-I promise I didn't think I was leading him on.
Were you? Leading him on? Not on purpose.
But it's like we-- we had a connection or things in common.
We have things in common.
Of course we do.
Not the same kind of things.
It made sense to me at the time, you know? Like God put him in my path to help him.
I think to bring some light into all that darkness.
Looking back, I can see where I-I didn't try to stop it.
And I-- and I didn't cut it off and I let it grow and And what? Daniel asked if he could kiss me.
What did you say? I said no, Teddy.
Of course I did.
So you two were alone together.
How many times? Um once at-- at the church, and then and then again after the Jubilee.
You said you had a connection.
That means you had feelings, too? I thought God wanted me to help him.
A guy like that can't be helped.
That's not true.
I know things you don't.
Like what? You didn't answer my question.
It was all very confusing.
Did you have feelings for him? I just-- I wanted to-- Did you have feelings for him, Tawney? Yes, I did.
Okay? I had feelings for him.
But that-- that's why I'm telling you because I-I don't want to have those feelings again.
Appreciate you telling me this.
It's not exactly what I wanted to hear, of course.
Yeah, I know.
I know, and I'm sorry.
Ted, will you forgive me? Everything's gonna be all right.
Trey Willis.
Ain't that a kick in the head? Long time since I saw your ugly face.
That's kind of why I wanted to come by, actually.
How's that? I've been calling Georgie, trying to catch up, you know, and ain't heard from him.
Trying to catch up, huh? It's been a while, you know? Can't help you there.
And when did you talk to him last? Long time.
And why's that? What's it to you? Guess I'm just surprised is all.
Life's full of that, Trey-- surprises.
Called him a queer one time couple years back.
Ain't seen him since.
Probably not your finest moment.
Probably you're right.
You know Daniel's out.
Of course I know.
How do you think Georgie feels about that? How do you feel about that? Weird as hell, if I'm honest.
Killer walking these streets.
Only maybe he ain't the killer.
So they say.
Think he'd ever call him-- Georgie? You know, make amends.
Doubt that.
It was good to see you, Mr.
One bad choice.
One mistake.
Sometimes that's all it takes.
Mistakes can be fixed, sir.
Believe that, do you? No.
Guess I don't.
How is our friendly neighborhood murderer? He loves potatoes.
I can't believe that peckerhead.
How much adjustment on his defense? About $250,000, give or take.
Son of a bitch.
People are the worst.
Some are.
Sometimes you get so caught up in a cause, you-- you don't see the man.
I'm sorry they can't all be Daniels.
Yeah, me, too.
Speaking of which, Amantha, I'm sorry I won't be there when he gets home.
But you understand why I have to stay, right? Or do you think I should let this guy spend his last day alone? I think he shouldn't have killed that old lady.
Then he wouldn't have to worry about it.
That's what I think, Jon.
I'm sorry.
I know your life is more than just Daniel.
At least Daniel's coming home, right? That's the hope.
How does that make you feel? Ecstatic, of course.
Got to stay positive.
Go, team.
I'll be home soon.
Home, Jon? You know what I mean.
He conned me.
All these years.
You wanted to help a man, Jon.
There's no fault in that, only goodness.
Call me when he wakes up.
You know I will.
I love you, Jon.
Love you, too, Amantha.
Talk soon, okay? Yeah.
Is one of them the man you saw? That's him? Yes, sir.
Are you sure, son? Y-yes, sir.
So what happened next, Stevie, after he pulled off the mask? He peed on him.
I see.
Thank you, Stevie.
Thank you.
Welcome back, Danny Boy.
I've been missing you.
You got motivation to change now, Dan? They took your precious books.
Took your precious Kerwin.
Now all you got is me.
You ain't going to sleep on me now, are you? Oh, come on now.
I've been missing you, Dan.
Wake up, son! Wake u-u-u-u-u-u-up! Kerwin? Oh, God.
Are you okay? Are you okay? So far, so good.
Six hours and seven coffees.
I just couldn't hold it anymore.
Probably a record.
And now Amantha's gone to get food.
We can't get anything right.
We've been waiting on you all day.
It's okay.
I didn't want you to wake up alone.
Would you like me to do it again? Do what again? Oh, hello, mother.
Oh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Oh, my God, my sweet, sweet Danny.
Baby sister.
My sweet, sweet sister.
The kitchen.
Waiting on you.
I had some ideas for it when I was asleep.
Hello? H-hi.
Hi, Ted.
He is? Uh, no, no, but I-I'll tell him right away.
Okay, Ted.
We're real happy to hear.
Thanks for calling.
That was your daddy calling.
Um Daniel's coming home.
Said everything looks-- looks positive.