Red Band Society (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

So Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want

Previously on "Red Band Society" You're him.
You're Charlie's dad.
My dad was with me when I had my accident, and he lost his visitation rights.
It's really complicated.
No one deserves to be pitied.
You don't understand that because Well, no one pities you, Emma.
You don't have to be in this hospital.
Speaking of Leo Or Emma and Leo How you feel about that whole sitch, man? My life is weirdly stable for the first time in forever.
My mom's around.
I'm not about to ruin that over a girl.
Jordi's mom left last night.
She is relinquishing guardianship.
He's officially on his way to becoming an emancipated minor.
Which is just a fancy word for alone.
What Are we housing the homeless now? What the hell is your story, coma boy? I'm so glad you finally asked.
This is me three years ago.
Check out my brain-wave activity, right? I'm obsessed with this game that my dad made up, "Gamiverse.
" Say cheese.
I know.
Happy times.
Let's get to the good stuff.
This is me four months ago, A.
The night everything went dark.
He's fine, babe.
Are you seeing the level of sugar intake that's going on over there? - He's gonna be wired all night.
- He's having fun.
You're having fun.
He should be asleep in an hour, and since I'm the one who has to get up with him in the morning Only because I've got to be at work early.
I'm sure Susan can drive me home.
That's fine.
Charlie: Dad! Oh, we have to get this game, okay? Uh, uh, there's these aliens, and you, like, blast them, and their guts are all nasty, but it's not violent.
I swear.
We'll see, buddy.
Come on.
We're gonna meet mom at home.
We're leaving already? Why? 'Cause I'm the grown-up, and I say so.
That's why.
Grown-ups are such buzz kills.
Exhibit "a" Jordi's social worker.
There are some aspects of adulthood that may be daunting and somewhat disappointing.
A lot of kids in your position think that growing up is "cool.
" Yeah.
Yeah, we're rolling like Pharrell up in here.
What I mean to say is, emancipation seems like an appealing option, but it is my job to make you aware of your responsibilities Things that your parents always dealt with, like filing tax returns or keeping a clean credit history.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure my mom never did any of that stuff.
Hey, you can get a credit card.
That's kind of cool.
It is good to establish credit, but it can also lead to a mountain of debt, - which would be bad.
- Well, what kind of debt are we talking about, exactly? Do you mean the billions of dollars of debt the fed is selling every day at absurdly low rates to keep our economy artificially afloat, or are you referring to more of a personal kind of debt? In which case, a good rule of thumb is your total monthly debt payments shouldn't exceed 15% to 20% of your take-home income.
I'd be happy to set you up in any number of group homes with minors in similar situations.
I don't need a home.
I have people who care about me.
Unfortunately, those same people also believe that cancer can be cured by farm animals, so as far as my medical decisions go, I have to be in charge.
I need to do this myself.
What else? Dash: Mr.
Cobb, glad to finally get you on the line.
Oh, no.
No fault of Gloria's, sir.
She's a peach.
But I was hoping to have a meeting at your home office.
You're still on 10504 Wilshire Boulevard, correct? Dash.
I've been looking all over for you.
Ah, my associate just walked in.
Gonna have to call you back.
What's up, Doc? I got great news.
You're getting your pager.
A pager? What is he A pimp from the '90s? Does not concern you, Kara.
Well, then, talk quieter.
- So I moved up on the list? - Yes.
Once you're done with your tune-up, you're gonna go home.
You're gonna wait for that pager to beep.
And when it does, you come back here, and we are off to the races.
I was thinking you was just gonna come in here and tell me there was butterscotch pudding today.
But you came in here on a whole other level.
It's what I do.
So, uh, what's a tune-up? Is it like a nip/tuck? You have dry-erase face.
What kind of list are you on? Organ donor, the only list that matters in here.
What do you need an organ for? Don't you have, like, cystic acne or something? Nope.
Not having this conversation.
Hey! What are you doing here? Today's not one of your days, James Taylor.
Not once have I played a James Taylor song.
I'm just nudging you towards what I think might be your comfort zone.
Uh, now, listen, you need to go home now.
I can't be here tomorrow.
My shifts changed.
- Does it really matter? - Of course it matters.
I keep tabs on who goes where when because there's always a why.
Understood? Mandy is here.
Why? What's happening? S-she's supposed to be working today.
Yes, she is, isn't she? Normally, Mandy works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and her graveyard shifts are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with alternating Mondays off.
I know these things for a reason.
Now get your ass home.
They're coming today Aren't they? Who's "they"? Oh, them.
I'll call you when it's safe to come back.
I promise.
What's up with Charlie's dad? How did I'm late for rounds.
Was that tragic waitress who was crashing in my room last night snooze doggy-dog's mom? Shut it down, Kara.
Okay? Today is not the day.
You understand me? And why is today different from all other days? Ma nishtana-zy? Awesome thing number 374 about Nurse Jackson Not only does she look out for me, she looks out for my dad.
Good morning, little man.
How you feeling today? Not so good.
I think I'm gonna hurl.
Well, that's what happens when you chase four bowls of ice cream with three cans of soda.
Just take deep breaths.
Buddy, hey.
You okay? Ohh, I'm sorry, Dad.
No, it's okay.
Just lie down if you need to.
Dad, I-I can't.
My seat belt I-I-it's stuck.
We're we're We're almost home, okay? Almost there.
Like I said, everything just went dark.
Oh, my gosh.
Are you guys FBI? Am I being audited? Uh, good morning.
Can I help you? John Fisher.
Sean Fahey.
Here to assess Charlie Hutchison.
- They're ba-a-ck.
- Oh, that makes more sense.
Right this way.
Remember this? So does Emma.
Emma, wait up.
Oh, Emma! Leo! Just the people I'm looking for.
First edition of "Mrs.
" I thought you would enjoy.
I will enjoy it, but why are you giving it to me? Because I can't take it with me when I go.
Oh, my God.
You're dying? Eventually.
But for now, I am going to India.
I've had a vision, children, of the "Eat, Pray, Love" variety.
I know I'm late to the Elizabeth Gilbert party, but, boy, can that dame spin a yarn.
Straight from Woodstock.
- I-I can't take this.
- I insist.
I'm leaving each of you a small token to remember me by.
Now, where is Jordi? I have a puka-shell necklace with his name on it.
He's in his room, but, um, I'm not sure that now's the best time.
He's got a social worker in there with him talking about tax returns and all this other grown-up stuff.
Frankly, the whole thing sucks.
It does suck.
To willingly embrace adulthood No small thing.
But not everything about being a grown-up has to suck.
- Yeah, come with me.
- We're not doing drugs now.
No, it's my off-day.
Nonetheless, come with me.
What disease do you have that gets you on an organ-donor list? 'Cause if we're competing for hearts, I need to know.
First of all, if we were competing for anything, I would win.
Luckily for you, I have cystic fibrosis.
I need lungs.
For what? For the same reason you need lungs? I repeat, for what? Okay, so, you know when you're screaming at a cheerleader for kicking too high, and she starts to cry, and snot starts to run down her face, and you could get her a Kleenex, but you don't, because you don't give a crap? Yeah, so, with me, my snot It's like concrete.
If it gets stuck, I can't breathe.
If my mucus doesn't move, I drown to death.
So, you're on the organ-donor list, to which I'm not invited, which is reprehensible.
I mean I walk two feet down Sunset Boulevard, and I automatically get on lists that don't even exist yet, but whatevs.
The point is, what am I doing wrong? You must know something.
I know lots of things.
And, clearly, you know lots of things.
Meaning what? Meaning I could help you, but first, you're gonna need to help me.
But you have to use a condom.
This is a list of residents that live at 10504 Wilshire Boulevard.
It's luxury condominiums.
Do you know anyone on this list? That depends.
Is this, like, a grassy knoll situation? I need to get into the building.
If you can get me in, we can continue this conversation.
So that's how this works? That's how it works.
Are these his most recent labs? Um, that's correct.
If you look at Thursday's work, you'll see he had some impressive spikes in his brain activity.
Yes, but spikes can be random.
Technically, I was having a daydream about me and Shailene Woodley on a jet ski.
We look for consistency in the testing before making any decisions whether or not to transfer him to a long-term-care facility.
Transferred? Why? I'm incredibly low-maintenance.
I'm not sure transferring him is the best idea right now.
There's a lot we can still do for Charlie.
Just last week, we were discussing What was that treatment called again? Uh, what what Nurse Jackson is trying to say is that we We remain confident.
He's young.
He's strong.
He has no pre-existing conditions.
All of which we'll take into account in our review.
Can you tell us more about the evening this patient was admitted? Uh, Dr.
Potter was his surgeon, so But I was there.
I was working an extra shift in the E.
when Charlie came in.
Remember what I was saying about that dark night? - What have we got? - It gets darker.
Unrestrained passenger, awake on arrival at the scene.
Heart rate 150.
110 I'm his father.
Sir, we're gonna need you to finish the accident report.
Dad? I'm not I'm not leaving you, Charlie, okay? Oh, thank God.
What happened? Where's Charlie? - Are you okay, baby? - Mom.
The paramedic mentioned your son's seat belt? Nick? He threw up in the back seat.
He was sick.
We were almost home.
He wasn't wearing his seat belt.
We have to go now.
Hold on.
Hold on.
It's gonna be okay, little goose.
Mommy's here.
What about Dad? Is Dad coming? Dad?! Jordi: Can I open my eyes now? Not yet.
You're freaking me out.
Um Is outside the surprise? I mean, it's a beautiful day.
I just want to gauge my level of excitement here.
- Wait for it.
- Well, you don't know What we can find Why don't you come with me, little girl So On a magic carpet ride What do you think? - Nice car, man.
- Well, you don't know - "Nice"? - What we can see - "Nice"? - Why don't you tell your dreams to me There are five of these in the world.
This color is discontinued.
The seats are Italian leather.
And David Bowie once leaned right here.
It's a really nice car? So, word on the street is that today you became a man.
Now, there are a lot of unfortunate things that come with being an adult Unwanted hair loss, unwanted hair growth.
But driving is one of life's greatest perks.
So take it for a spin.
Come on.
Feel the wind in your face.
I-I don't know how to drive.
I can teach you - If you want.
- Really? Th-that'd be great.
I'll go grab my license.
Uh, listen, as much as I appreciate a proper rebellion, I-I don't think I can allow this, Jordi.
You know, minors teaching minors to drive It's, you know, frowned upon/illegal.
I have cancer Like, everywhere.
All right, five-mile radius.
Seat belts.
And no texting.
- Okay.
- Have fun.
Hey, aren't you coming with us? I think Emma would rather be alone, you know, with you.
Look, Leo, I get that you guys are a thing.
Hey, we used to be a thing, you know? It's cool.
Whatever you want to do.
I pretty much want to just keep it easy.
All right? We're just all friends here, you know? - Ready to roll? - You coming? Yeah, let's do this.
This is gonna be fun.
If you say so.
A trifecta of unrequited love cramming into a car and hitting the open road What's not fun about that? Whoa.
Bad news.
I Kevin Bacon-Ed my ass all around that building, and I came up with six degrees of squat.
I don't know anyone who knows anyone that lives in 10504 Wilshire.
However, I did some digging, and I found out that apartment 5C is empty.
I already knew that apartment 5C was empty.
Aim higher.
What's your problem? You're wasting my time.
It's not like I can get into an empty apartment.
- Well, I can.
- How? My moms are property whores.
They have a superstar realtor on retainer.
I could get us in that building within an hour.
All right.
Let's do this.
First, let's do this.
Give me something to go on so I know you're not completely full of crap.
All right.
You know this board of people you keep hearing about The ones that decide your fate? Well, they're not some magical group of woodland fairies, all right? They actually exist.
And they're all around you, watching your every move.
People who get on the U.
list are not just people who need the organ.
It's people who the board feels will take care of the organ.
Do you know who's on this board? I do, indeed, yeah.
Who? Apartment 5C.
After thoroughly reviewing your son's medical history, we're prepared to make a recommendation for his care going forward.
This should be riveting.
Charlie has been out of the ICU now for over eight weeks, and there has been no clinical improvement in his status.
There is no foreseeable evidence that he will come out of his coma in the near future, if ever.
It is our recommendation that Charlie be removed from the acute-hospital setting to one of the approved facilities.
You don't mean this is it, do you? - Wait a minute, now.
- We have taken into account that the E.
is not flat and that there is dominant theta-delta activity, and as such, the prognosis is unknown.
But for our purposes, we have not seen the clinical improvement that would justify continued inpatient care.
I can't justify your jacket, either, but at least I've got some tact, man.
What about for Charlie's purposes? What about the interventions we haven't even tried yet? You would need county approval at this point if you wanted to go forward with any experimental therapies.
But, again, uh, our recommendation is that that would not be an efficient use of funding.
Well, I'm not sure "funding" is Dr.
McAndrew, to the best of your knowledge, have you done everything you can, realistically, within your means, to help this patient? Realistically, yes.
We are aware that this is a difficult decision, but if you're going to appeal, you must exercise the option within 48 hours.
So, you're gonna want to make sure that your hands are on Not all times.
What if this was a stick shift? But it's not a stick shift.
Well, he's gonna drive more than one car.
You're doing great, Jordi.
I have no idea where we are, but Oh, this is Hancock Park.
It's one of my favorite neighborhoods in L.
You know, the giant oak trees The whole thing kind of reminds me of "Gone With The Wind.
" You know, with the crumbling Southern mansion.
I don't know.
It's like the street has a soul.
You should meet my abuela.
She thinks everything has a soul Onions, rugs, station wagons.
- Does she talk to them? - Talk to them? She's got a blessing for everything.
It sounds like Shirley in the psych ward.
You know, my family went through a spiritual phase once.
They thought that if we all said grace together, we would be more connected, but, uh, the whole thing was pretty sad sack.
At least you tried, right? Hey, thanks for being so patient, Emma.
You're a really good teacher.
What's worse than having one leg? Feeling like a third wheel.
Ding! Ding! Round one of the Charlie Hutchison heavyweight title match.
In the maroon scrubs, we have Nurse Jackson, and in last season's chunky tie, Dr.
Case managers aren't gonna be swayed by a hail-Mary pass, Dena.
They look at statistics, and I could not lie about what is right in front of their faces.
So you don't think he's gonna wake up? I don't know.
And when I'm confronted by a legal team asking me black-and-white questions Those people are looking at Charlie like he's a potential empty hospital bed, like he's just taking up space from someone else they could be charging.
Not someone else.
Another sick kid A sick kid we might be able to actually help.
So that's it.
We give up.
- You just tell the parents to give up? - Don't talk to me like that.
You don't think that this kills me, too? Actually, I don't.
I don't think you care one way or the other.
I'm with him every day.
For two minutes.
Now, I made a promise to that little boy, a promise I intend to keep.
You should know better than anyone that we don't make promises here.
Jackson: We're just gonna hang out here for a minute before they're ready for you in the O.
Will you take a picture of my guts when I'm opened up? I will not.
I'm not taking selfies with your insides when I've got a job to do.
Take my mind and take my pain We could maybe get someone else to do it.
Like an empty bottle takes the rain Cool.
I'm scared.
And heal I get that way sometimes.
Not a good feeling.
You want to know about one of the times I was most scared? Take my past and take my sins I was about your age.
I was walking home from a friend's house by myself, and this storm hit.
The sky was dumping rain Lightning split a tree in half right in front of me.
I was so scared.
Oh, I just sat down by a rock and started crying.
But after a minute of sitting there in the dark, I took a breath and a little step And then another one, 'cause I knew that was all I could do.
So, next breath, next step Till I was home again.
Because there's always a way home.
You're gonna find your way out of this, Charlie.
And when you wake up I will be right here.
I promise you that.
I'll be right here.
Make sure you stay to the left, Jordi.
- You don't want to accidentally get on the freeway.
- The freeway? Hey, guys, watch out.
Police reported ahead.
Don't listen to him.
I'm not saying watch out The app is saying watch out, and the app is an unbiased third party.
Hey, dude, stop sign! You don't have to scream, all right? I'm sure that he saw the sign.
Actually, I-I didn't see the stop sign.
The screaming was helpful.
A rule of thumb my dad taught me was to always stay three car lengths behind.
You know, you ride up too close, and you'll get into an accident.
It's amazing how you can make yourself the center of attention even when you're literally sitting in the back seat.
Well, I thought this was supposed to be a driving lesson.
- And I thought this was supposed to be fun.
- Hey, well, I'm having fun.
Look, I don't mean to ride you, man.
I just thought I could give you a few pointers, you know, since, apparently, I'm the only one in here who actually knows how to drive.
Well, it's not like you can drive well anymore, right? I'm getting kind of tired, guys.
Is it okay if we head back now? - Of course.
- Yeah, whatever you want.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
Kara Souders.
I'm here to see my realtor, Holly Ollis.
Have a seat.
In your face.
Now, are you gonna tell me what we're doing here? Chill, grasshopper.
Oh, my God.
Is this your first time out of the ghetto? Should we take a selfie? Bitch, I'm from Brentwood.
My father teaches Poli Sci at UCLA.
Yeah, like I invented racial profiling.
You seem freakishly impressed by walnut paneling.
Hello! Hello! - Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Mwah! Mwah! - Mwah! Mwah! - Thank you so much for meeting us.
- Of course.
Okay, so this is kind of on the D.
, but one of my moms might be looking for a little escape hatch.
I'm doing a smidgle of recon.
Ohh, say no more.
- And you are? - Oh.
This is Dashiell, my designer.
He's a genius.
Shall we? Don't forget the bag, Dash.
That's a Terra-raptor Small and vicious, it will stop at nothing to kill his opponent.
Isn't he so cute? - Where did this come from? - Busted.
I don't think I've ever seen that before.
Listen, Mandy, I want to talk to you about what was said earlier.
- How long has he been coming here? - Mom, please don't start.
I don't think this is where you want to be focusing your - How long? - He's the boy's father.
- Whose side are you on? - I'm on Charlie's side.
I'm on Charlie's side.
That's why I was keeping Nick away from him.
That was a decision that I made which you agreed to honor.
Mand Oh, sweetie Just this once, I hope you didn't hear that.
Yeah, I wish I didn't, either.
I'm Brittany Dobler, here to meet Nurse Jackson.
- Just a second.
- Do I have anything in my teeth? I just had a sesame bagel.
So dumb, right? I mean, I always eat when I'm nervous, and job interviews make me nervous, especially 'cause I hear this woman is kind of mean.
So, can you point her out? Is she around? Oh.
I'm Brittany Dobler The woman who is probably not gonna get this job.
Don't move.
Shouldn't you be in surgery with Leo Roth? Yeah.
I'm going in now.
Mom had a little, uh A little case of cold feet, but we're back on track.
Anything else going on? - Just them.
- Mandy: I just don't understand what you were thinking.
I wasn't thinking.
It was an accident.
I can't even look at you right now.
Their kid in surgery yet? About an hour now.
Can I get you guys anything? A cup of coffee, maybe? Do you know how much longer the surgery's going to take? Will somebody be down to let us know? I'll check in with Dr.
Potter See if we can't get an update.
Meantime, I'm gonna need you both to be a united front.
You're Charlie's parents.
You're all he's got.
So, one of you take a walk, one of you have some coffee Whatever you need to do to get through this, because right now, we're all on team Charlie.
I need some air.
Please don't cry, Nurse Jackson.
If you cry, then I'm gonna cry.
If you don't mind, I think I need to be alone for a minute.
Well, here we are.
So What do you think? Yeah.
What do you think, Dashiell? The lines They're a bit expected, but I-I think we can shake things up with a little bit of texture.
Like, this whole area is begging for an impudent wallpaper.
I can see that.
I'll need to be in the space alone, just to really get a sense of the the story.
Yeah, th-this is how he works.
I will leave you guys.
Mwah! We'll be in touch.
Okay, seriously, what are we doing here? Hello? This is a world premiere This is a world premiere I done been through a whole lot Trial, tribulation, but I know God Satan wanna put me in a bow tie Praying that the holy water don't go dry If you're planning on jumping, don't you think we should at least discuss you giving me your heart? In front of a dirty double-mirror they found me And I love myself Ohh! Now I get it.
You're a vandal.
Can you step back, please? I love myself He said I gotta get up, life is more than suicide I love myself Are you, like, an artist? Not if you keep talking.
Everybody looking at you crazy - What you gone do? - What you gone do? Lift up your head and keep moving Or let the paranoia haunt you Everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence How many times our potential was anonymous? How many times the city making me promises? So I promise this I love myself The world is a ghetto with guns and picket signs I love myself But it can do what it want whenever it wants, I don't mind I love myself He said I gotta get up, life is more than suicide Whoa.
That's shockingly good.
I know.
But, I mean, why here? No one's even gonna see it.
Is this, like, a Banksy thing? You know about Banksy? Whatever.
You know about impudent wallpaper.
Surprises all around.
What happened? What'd they say? We had a deal, Nick.
What do you mean? Are the insurance guys still here? I found your little "Gamiverse" guy.
I know you've been with Charlie.
Does it even matter? Of course it matters.
Oh, we both know that restraining order was crap.
If I'd have gone to court to fight it, I would have won, and you know it.
But I didn't, because I've been too busy hating myself more than you can ever hate me.
Now, what did they say about Charlie? I'm sorry if my being here upset you.
But honestly What difference does it even make anymore? It's never going to change.
As you know, your son had a splenic laceration and intra-abdominal bleeding that we went into the operating room to control.
But he also sustained trauma to his head and has had significant intracranial bleeding and edema.
I don't understand what that means.
Just tell me what happens next.
Well, it's difficult to make predictions at this point.
Most comas don't last more than two to four weeks.
Wait coma? I'm sorry, Mr.
and Mrs.
Your son hasn't woken up from surgery yet.
I'm not sure when or if he ever will.
I think I left my phone in the car.
I'll get it.
See you guys upstairs.
Hey, Emma? Emma! What? I'm sorry, okay? What are you sorry for now? Can you just accept the apology and stop being such a bitch? Wow.
Worst apology ever.
I shouldn't have said what I said the other day about you being in the hospital by choice.
It was a stupid, misinformed thing to say.
I'm the worst person ever, okay? You don't have to apologize.
It's my fault, really.
- I-I should have seen it coming.
- Seen what coming? You make this whole overture like you actually care.
You know, like you see me.
And the whole time, you're really into Kara.
That's what this is about? You think I like Kara? I don't know why I pretended you could be anything other than the alpha male American dream The athlete, the popular guy.
The one-legged cancer patient.
You're gonna come through this whole thing brighter and shinier With a bright, shiny cheerleader as a take-home prize.
She's the natural finish to your sentence.
Can we pause just for a second to acknowledge that I disagree with everything you're saying? Why bother? Why bother with me? Don't slum it on my account, Leo, because I don't care what you do.
Really? 'Cause you're kind of acting like a person who cares.
How is it okay for you to be this self-righteously angry? It makes no sense.
You're the one who insisted we should just be friends.
Yeah, well, I changed my mind, all right? - I don't want to be friends! - Great! Neither do I.
That, my friends, is a declaration of love And war.
Oh, man.
I don't know if I can watch this.
Good thing my eyes are closed.
You're right.
I should have said something about Nick.
At the time, I didn't want to complicate an already complicated situation.
But getting in the middle of your family's business That's just There's no excuse, so I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's not even about that anymore.
I think I wanted it to be about something as simple as that.
Nick's right.
Nothing's ever gonna change.
You guys have done all you can.
If he hasn't woken up by now, he probably never will.
Mandy, you can't think like that.
Now is not the time to give up.
It's not giving up.
It's more like Accepting the truth.
All this time since that night, everything I've done Shutting out Nick, keeping my head down I've just been holding on by a thread for myself.
It's time for me to think about what's actually right for Charlie.
Just give it a minute or two, and I will be back to check on you, okay? Oh, don't excite him.
Can I help it? Time to pay up, snot pocket.
Give me a second.
I'm loosening my mucus so I don't drown to death.
Come on, dude.
Today was maybe too much? Should I be feeling badly right now? 'Cause I can muster it up if need be.
Well, it was pretty fun.
Granted, my bar is super low at this point.
But you'll be okay soon, right? I mean Your tune-up's almost over, and then you'll get your new lungs and yay! Right? Maybe If I decide to have the surgery Big if.
What are you talking about? Why wouldn't you have the surgery? Because New lungs work, but for how long, you know? It's not like I'm gonna suddenly live a normal life.
I gave that up a long time ago.
My parents are still bending over backwards to try to save me, so if I was to have the surgery, it'd be for them.
Me? I made my peace.
It's not like I'm gonna live forever.
I just want to be remembered.
That's why you painted something on a roof no one will ever see.
Hey, Ruben.
Leo! I left some libations in your room and the keys to Jordi's car.
- What's the occasion? - You know, theme of the day.
You can't take it with you at least through airport security.
Oh, you're really leaving tonight? Yeah, 11:00 flight.
A stopover in Paris.
That's great.
Let's, uh, grab the libations, - you know, find the others - I don't do goodbyes, kid.
What do we call this, then? A moment.
Charlie's parents are in there together? That's new, right? The insurance company is advising Charlie be moved to a facility.
His mom thinks maybe they're right.
What? Why? That's like giving up.
It's not giving up.
It's a perfectly good facility.
Where he'd be all alone.
I'm not sure that matters to Charlie.
It does to us, but It does matter to Charlie.
He's in there.
I-I know it.
I agree with you.
No, seriously.
I've seen him.
Okay, well, you and Dash also dip a lot into the private stash, so Nurse Jackson, listen to me.
I've talked to him.
When I had my first surgery, he was there, playing with this Little creature An origami thing, and Oh, I know that completely sounds like I was high, but You got to believe me.
I do.
Just tell me exactly what you remember.
Charlie: Hello? Hello? Hey.
This is weird, right? I don't know.
Who are you? I'm Leo.
I'm Charlie.
You okay? I mean, you You look okay.
So do you.
Guess we've got that going for us.
So, uh, what do we think? I think maybe it's whatever we want it to be.
Yes! They can't take Charlie away.
He's a red bander.
Aren't there studies that show you get better by being together? Look, I know I can't prove anything, but That's got to be some kind of sign that he's in there somewhere.
Since when do we group text? Ohh.
Jordi: What's going on? Why are we gathering? I'm not sure, but Leo said it was important.
Ah, well, if Leo says it's important, it must be, right? Take to the sky, open up your eyes, and see how far you get What's the occasion? Charlie's being transferred.
Does this mean I get a single? And open up your heart and see how far you get A question for another time.
I think we should have a toast.
To Charlie.
All: To Charlie.
And it's a big old world we live in now And how mighty it can be Whoa.
That wasn't there yesterday.
And all this time I pictured you standing next to me Yeah, man.
It just came out of nowhere.
So we could go find things we've never seen It's beautiful.
It's amazing.
Hey, Nurse Jackson, did you mean to just put my name on someone else's blood? That's probably illegal, right? Just wondering what the game plan is here.
Let me know.
I'm here For another 42 hours and counting.