Red Band Society (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Previously on "Red Band Society" This could be the breakthrough Charlie needs.
So you're proposing we bring Naday here to examine him.
What's the big deal if Naday comes? Why are you so against it? Because it is a waste of time and resources.
Is that it? Or is it that you don't want another doctor here that can do in one day what you haven't been able to do in months? Those used to be my favorite when I was little.
- Can I have one? - Help yourself.
What happens if they can't find you another liver? Same thing that happens to you.
Dash, take it easy.
- My God! - Okay, okay.
- Dash! - Hey, Nurse, we need a gurney.
Charlie? Charlie? Are you in there? Say something, baby.
I once saw a poster in my dentist's office that said, "you can't always control what goes on outside" Are you in there, baby? Say something.
You're awake.
He's awake! " But you can always control what goes on inside.
" Somebody page Dr.
McAndrew! What? Did you have a stroke? - Charlie's awake.
- What?! My God! Look at those eyes.
It does not excuse all the farting, though, kid.
- Hey, what's going on? - Charlie's awake.
Charlie's awake.
Look, his eyes are open.
No way! You're kidding.
Get McAndrew! - Hey, Charlie.
- My God.
Hi to you, too.
That's amazing.
I wished on like 46 eyelashes for this to happen.
You guys, I'm so excited! Guys, I hate to be a buzz kill, but he's not moving or talking.
Why are we celebrating? We're celebrating because awake is enough to keep him from being transferred out of Ocean Park Hospital.
Seriously? Yes.
Yep! - Wow.
- Wait.
- So, does this mean I don't kiss him off? - Okay, not the time.
Charlie, this is This is Nurse Jackson.
Looks like Mr.
"We All Die Alone" is also having some issues with control.
It's still me.
Hey, Charlie! Have you people never heard of boundaries, man? Charlie's awake.
What? Yeah, and Nurse Jackson's back.
They lifted her suspension.
Nurse Jackson, Charlie, and your hair's growing back? Yo, how long have I been asleep, man? Charlie's eyes are open, but he can't move or talk.
We want to get Charlie something fun to look at, you know? We're thinking that if we can lift his spirits enough, maybe it'll inspire him to talk to us.
- Got any ideas? - Hell, that's a no-brainer.
All right, let me rephrase the question.
What is one thing that a future baller like Charlie would like? - Boobs.
- Boobs.
- Bingo.
- You're kidding, right? I mean, come on, guys.
I think we can aim a little higher, here Maybe something more inspirational.
Yeah, she's right I think we need to come up with a few things that we know Charlie likes.
Kara said he likes pizza.
There's nothing fun about seeing pizza.
You know, eating pizza, maybe.
What about those little origami creatures he has in his room? We could make a bunch more and then string up a giant origami mobile over his bed.
Why would we do that when my first idea was way better? Mobiles stimulate neural activity in newborns.
Know what else newborns like? Breastfeeding.
You know why? Boobs.
Hey, what about a puppy? I'm not saying it'll do, like, the neural things or whatever.
But last week, when I was in chemo, that weird pet-therapy lady came in with a black Lab puppy.
It was pretty cool.
I say we get it all.
Why not? Charlie's one of us.
He's the original Red Bander.
And he was there for us when we needed him, so why don't we help him? Let's put our money together and do whatever it takes, you know, for Charlie.
For Charlie.
I, for one, am loving this plan! Will you just pick something already? I don't have forever.
This is a serious decision.
A snack determines your mood for the rest of the day.
Well, in that case, take your time.
I don't want to find you crying over your candy wrappers later.
You're the best terrible person I've met in a long time.
I mean, you really throw yourself into it.
Thank you.
I've already learned so much from watching you.
I noticed you left the festivities early last night, too.
Yeah, well, I had reached my natural tolerance for happiness.
Too real for you? Please.
I'm the epitome of real.
Real and uncensored aren't exactly the same thing.
No way.
- Hi! - Hi! I missed you.
Missed you.
- How are you? - Doing well.
How are you? - You look amazing.
- Thank you.
Charlie, I need you to blink if you can hear me.
That's great.
How about you blink twice if you like my tie.
Still has his sense of humor.
I'm here all week, folks.
Don't forget to tip your nurses.
This reminds me of that artsy movie I saw by accident, "The Diving Bell And The Butterfly," with the the guy who could talk with the He that's how he talks.
He blinks.
How do you see a movie by accident? Well, I thought it was the sequel to Ashton Kutcher's "Butterfly Effect.
" Okeydokey.
Although I think eyelid guy was suffering from Locked-in Syndrome caused by damage to the Lower Cranial Area, which is not presenting in this Yeah, it's not presenting in this Sorry, go ahead.
No, you go.
It's all good.
I get it.
Okay, Charlie, give my hand a big squeeze if you can.
Dude, I haven't moved in two months.
Looks like motor skills are dormant.
Yeah, but he's fully responsive, which is excellent news.
I want to get a full neuro exam.
Who's the Neurologist on call today? Dr.
No, actually, it's Dr.
No, no, no.
What she means is Dr.
Naday is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and he's one of the foremost neurologists in the world, and he's coming specifically to examine Charlie.
It's serendipitous.
That's great.
Only the best for our little man.
Maybe you want to hold off on running some of those tests, just do you don't ruffle his feathers.
I do not care about ruffling his feathers.
I've been waiting for Charlie to wake up for a couple months now, and I'm not gonna wait any longer.
I will be happy to go over the test results with Naday when he gets here.
Let's get a new MRI to see if the swelling went down.
Also, I'll need Klein to run a full battery, so cranial nerves, reflexive assessment, E.
And do not forget to page me when his parents arrive.
He's awake! Last time, I promise.
So, Nurse Jackson gave us the okay to head off campus for a bit.
Jordi, is it cool if we use your new car? Sure.
Hey, is the chemo kicking your ass today? It always seems to roll through when you least expect it.
No, I actually feel pretty solid right now.
Um, Emma's downstairs.
I'm gonna go grab my leg.
I'll meet you outside.
Maybe you guys should just go without me.
The whole Leo-and-Emma thing It's still a little much.
Yeah, what's up? You never been rejected by a woman before? One other time.
Let's just say I didn't handle it well.
Yeah, but this isn't about being rejected.
So, then, what's the problem? I thought you and Leo had worked it out.
We did.
But Emma and I haven't said two words to each other since that night on the roof.
You mean when you said you wanted your feelings to feel things? Dude, I'm the eyes and ears of this place, and I was on the roof.
I just don't know how to be around her.
Just act cool, fool.
Just act like nothing ever happened, and you'll ease right back into the friend zone.
We never left the friend zone.
So, he's awake, and he can hear us.
- Are you sure? - Yes, yes.
We're doing some more tests, so we should know more in a few days.
But he has had moderate improvement in his brain-wave pattern.
Charlie's condition is presenting - as expressive Aphasia.
- I don't care.
He's awake.
That's all I care about.
So, how long until he talks again? It's hard to guess until we have more specifics.
It could be an hour, a day, a week, a month.
Or maybe never.
Sir, I'm sorry, can I Can I help you with something? Not unless you're Dr.
Erin Grace.
She was the one that called me and asked me to come here and check on a patient of yours Charlie Hutchison, little coma dude.
You're Dr.
Lawrence Naday? Last I checked.
You look different from your Ted Talk videos.
Thank you for noticing.
Yeah, I recently dropped a few pounds on this caveman diet.
It's a strict regimen of buffalo shank and almond-flour pizza.
It's very effective.
Does back you up, though.
Naday, hi.
I'm Dr.
We spoke on the phone.
You are the reason I am here! That's Hi.
Hit me.
Come here.
You can call me "Larry.
" - Call me Larry! - Okay, Larry.
- Say, "let go, Larry.
" - Let go, Larry.
- You did it.
- Okay, put me down.
Thank you.
You look like a sad, little turtle emoticon.
What's wrong? Did you know Hunter had a girlfriend? No, but I don't know a lot of things.
I didn't even know Dr.
McAndrew had an ex-girlfriend Who is here, I mean who is right here.
So you didn't notice Hunter parading around on his blond ambition tour? My gosh, you like Hunter.
Um, I'm afflicted with a very serious heart condition.
I have much more important things to worry about.
I just thought we had a connection.
- So Tell him that.
- Shh! Maybe it will be enough to win him over.
You mean, like, be honest with him? Please.
That never works.
How I'd normally do this is by tearing down that old hag.
Being sick has made me lose my game.
Taking what I want, getting my way, is my superpower.
Now that I have to be nice to get a stupid heart, I've lost all control.
It just completely sucks.
Well, maybe you should take a page from my favorite author.
Wait for it.
Oprah says if there's nothing you can do, do nothing.
Okay, Oprah isn't technically an author.
It's called mindfulness.
The more you practice doing nothing, the more the universe eventually rewards you.
We could do it together! Funsies.
That's no way to say "funsies.
" What do you have to lose by trying? Aside from everything that makes me cool? Nothing.
Come on.
Did you hear me playing guitar? Did you feel me brushing your hair? Did you enjoy the graphic novel that I read to you about the Ninja and the Android Cop? Did I pick out the right colors for your new pajamas? Hold on a second.
He hasn't answered my last question yet.
You've been interrogating him like a war correspondent all morning.
Whoa, people, people, people, come on.
Take a chill pill.
He's not a cellphone you pass back and forth.
Thank you.
I'm exhausted.
What's happening.
My God, Charlie? We're losing him.
No rest for the weary.
Easy, easy.
You have a normal son in there.
We just have to find a way to get him out.
Nick, Mandy, may I have a moment alone with Dr.
Naday, please? Yeah.
We'll be right back, Charlie.
Dena, you have a real energy about you.
Has anyone ever told you that? Every day.
This is Charlie's patient history.
I'd be happy to bring you up to speed if you like.
Well nah.
That won't be necessary.
McAndrew said he'd be by to talk to you as soon as we got the neuro-test results back.
Sounds good.
All righty, then.
Is there anything you need? You know, I could really use a pastrami sandwich.
And hold the bread.
Here we go.
Let's take a photo.
Come on.
Seems like there's a lot of steps involved with the crane.
Isn't there an easier animal we could do? No.
Cranes symbolize happiness and eternal youth.
You know, in Japan, they're fabled to have a life-span of 1,000 years.
Well, when you put it that way Yo! Got the provisions.
Dipped into the Charlie funds a little bit, but totally worth it.
Please tell me you got the flaming cheese things.
Flaming cheese things.
Yes! These are the best.
Have you ever tried these? It's all good, guys.
Right? Right.
I promise, they're a lot less radioactive than they look.
All right, what's next? Pet store.
And then we show Charlie what dreams are made of, just like Hilary Duff taught us.
Aw, like y'all didn't watch "Lizzie Mcguire" back in the day.
Don't they have an app to be mindful for us? Come on.
Close your eyes.
Clear your mind of everything.
Just open yourself up to the darkness.
The longer you open yourself up, the wider the net you cast to catch whatever the universe sends your way.
That's how Oprah got the idea for "O.
" Look! It's already working.
Quick, do more nothing.
Do nothing.
Do nothing.
Do nothing.
My God, Oprah is a genius.
Wait, where are you going? You can't leave me alone.
The universe is sending her to you.
Embrace your mindfulness.
Hey, are you the girl I saw - talking to Hunter by the vending machine? - Kara Souders.
I apologize if I sparked a riff between you two.
But in my defense, I was born with this slamming bod.
I'm too tired to engage on this level, sweetheart.
Are you friends with Hunter or not? If so, I-I may need your help.
I bet you do, but I'm not making out with you just so you can make Hunter jealous.
If he's bored with your sex life, that's on you, Betty.
I'm Ashley, Hunter's sister.
I'll say one thing about Kara.
She always knows how to make a terrible first impression.
No disrespect, man, but I just don't see how a pet store could run out of dogs.
That's like a gas station running out of gas.
Sold my last Cavachon and Cavapoo to twin sisters who got all A's on their report cards.
- It was very cute.
- You don't have anything? It doesn't even have to be a puppy.
It could be one of those gerbils that resemble a purse poodle or something.
My boy won't know the difference.
Give me a second.
Let me see what I can do.
My abuela gave me a chinchilla for my 9th birthday.
I named him Ponch after this guy I saw in an old TV show about motorcycle cops.
They're pretty hard to keep as pets 'cause they wash themselves with volcanic ash.
It's crazy, right? That's interesting.
Here's your damn puppy, man.
This is an iguana.
Close enough.
Let's bounce.
And where exactly are we gonna get your exotic item from, Dashiel? Ain't no sunshine when she's gone And this house just ain't no home Anytime she goes away That's good.
How long you been playing? Man.
I-I picked up my first six-string Hey.
Just just checking in.
Yeah, we're all We're all good.
Some of Charlie's test results are in, if you'd If you'd like to go over them.
Yeah, in a minute.
What kind of music is your son into? He digs all kinds of music.
He used to really be into this song by The Proclaimers that we would play for him at bedtime.
Sort of became a staple in the Hutchison-family dance-party mix.
Those were some good times.
You you want to walk me through the chords? Yeah.
It's it's easy.
Um, I play it in C, so it's just C, F, and G.
Um And I would walk 500 Miles And I would walk 500 more My brother wasn't always like this All mad at the world and hopeless.
He used to be an idealist.
The dark knight went through a happy Gilmore phase? Let me tell you a story about Hunter Cole.
When we were kids, he used to wake me up early on weekends to make chocolate chip pancakes.
But the thing about chef Hunter was that he would rather make one giant, perfect pancake than 20 average ones 'cause he always had to do everything bigger and better.
Otherwise, it wasn't worth doing.
My moms were the same way when they remodeled their master bath.
And then, one day, Hunter Cole just kind of stopped being Hunter Cole.
He could barely get out of bed, even to make his perfect pancake.
That's what Leukemia does.
It rots you.
What? He never said anything about having Cancer.
I thought it was just his liver.
The chemo drug that knocked out his Leukemia is what caused the Cirrhosis.
And then, after the transplant failed I just I can't just watch my brother go through this, you know? So I came here to donate half my liver to him.
You can do that? My God.
You're like an actual lifetime movie.
Except for the part where Hunter turned down my offer.
That was that argument you saw us having.
Why would he turn down a free liver? That makes zero sense.
Which is why I need you to talk some sense into him.
He won't listen to me, but I thought maybe if you spoke to him and Why, did he say something about me? He may have mentioned you once or twice.
Although, truthfully, you're not really my brother's type.
He doesn't usually go for the cheerleaders.
He's more into skater-punk chicks.
- Nope, not so fast.
- I'm a busy woman.
- We we need to talk.
- Busy, busy, busy.
How long do you plan on, covering for Dr.
Naday? Just ballpark it.
Just because he's eccentric doesn't mean he isn't legitimate.
Maybe his approach is unorthodox because he's operating on another level.
Of course you're gonna say that, because you stuck your neck out to bring him here.
Dena, the guy is a quack.
He's been here two minutes.
Why are you always so quick to judge, Adam? Everything innovative looks crazy at first.
I mean, Penicillin started as trays of mold.
Erin took a big risk in bringing him here.
You are dusting yourself off a suspension.
Your job is on the line, Dena.
And yours isn't, but you're the only one freaking out.
Why is that? Because I want to fix Charlie.
You want to fix Charlie.
You won't let anyone else help you.
You've been down on this guy since before he even got here.
Admit it.
- So what? - So what? So, maybe if you spent a little less time hating him and a lot more time trying to figure out what the hell he's doing, maybe the two of you can fix Charlie together.
We have arrived.
What exactly is the plan here? Allow me to remind you of the great teacher of the Eastside High Joe Clark, portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the movie "Lean on Me.
" Now, Mr.
Clark took artistic liberties and hired strippers to reward his overachieving students.
He sacrificed his integrity for the good of the students.
As we will do for Charlie.
- I'm out.
- That's fair.
I need to find a restroom anyways.
I-I'll meet you guys back at the car.
Geez, Leo, your leg is bleeding.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just a blister from the prosthetic.
My crutches are in the car if it gets any worse.
We're wasting valuable time here, people.
Come on.
Let's get some boobs for Charlie.
Today, we are men.
Need to see some I.
My brother, allow me to introduce myself.
They call me Abraham Lincoln.
Here's one of my business cards, just in case you never heard of me.
How about hooking me and my cabinet members up with some entertainment? I'd say I need to see your cabinet members' I.
D's, along with yours, Mr Lincoln.
All right, man.
Could I have my card back? I'm running kind of low, man.
You can keep it.
It's all good.
I'm an emancipated minor once the ink dries.
Bonus points on using the word "minor.
" You guys are not getting in here.
Time for some C+C music factory Cancer and crying.
You know how this goes, man.
Show him what you got.
All right, here's the deal.
I'm also a minor, but a minor who won't see adulthood.
I have Osteosarcoma.
It is a rare cancer that is slowly eating me alive.
It already got my leg.
And there's nothing I can do about it, but maybe there's something you can do about Making an exception to your minor rule before Before the Cancer eats the rest of me.
Don't cry, man.
I feel you.
I'm pre-med over at UCLA.
Osteosarcoma's a brutal disease, man.
Yeah, you know what I'm going through.
I know that you've already lost your leg, which means there's a pretty good chance that the tumor's already gone.
And your hair's coming back, so you've clearly already completed chemo.
Medically, I put your prognosis at about 60%, So I'd say adulthood is looking pretty sweet.
He's not letting us in.
Keep fighting the good fight.
I could work with this.
Doc, doc, come on.
Don't kill the vibe.
Grab some maracas.
I'm sorry for interrupting.
Could I have a-a quick word with you? I'll get back to my rounds.
Don't forget your tambourine.
So, I was hoping that we could, you know, talk about your approach now that you've had time to examine the patient.
Well, actually, I'm not ready to confer.
Well, why don't you just tell me what you're doing, then? I mean, it's not the brain-stimulation technique that you're known for because you haven't requested a-a functional MRI, or anything to assess neural activity, for that matter.
I mean, all I see in there is Is guitars and tambourines.
You're using melodic-intonation therapy.
Well, M.
Is usually only effective in patients that have experienced a stroke, and according to the tests, Charlie has never had a stroke, so wrong theory.
But you still get an "A" for effort.
Wait a second.
I tried to give you a chance, but I refuse to let Charlie's progress be held up by whatever new age crap that you have g Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
Hold up.
I'm gonna stop you right there, doctor.
I really dislike being boxed in by labels unless they're ones I've earned myself, such as a PHD in Biomedicine, Neuroscience fellow, genius Grant recipient.
I could go on, but I can see your eyes starting to glaze over.
I wasn't brought here to lecture on methodology.
I-I-I was brought here to try and draw Charlie out.
And in order to take advantage of his fortuitous awakening, I am moving quickly, because if I do not, we risk losing him completely.
How is what you're doing helping him at all, let alone moving quickly? If you opened his charts, you'd realize that I ordered every single neuro test that Dr.
Klein wanted, so if you want to adjust his treatment, you need to tell me that now.
You're a beautiful man, Adam.
You no, you you really are.
But consciousness is as fleeting as fireflies in August.
The time it would take to explain myself to you, it Well, it's time better spent with our patient.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Help! Whoa.
You okay? Yeah, totally gnar.
What are you doing? What, can't a girl shred around here without getting a third degree? You making fun of me? What? Did Ashley tell you about Edith? Edith.
Yeah, that would be the name of your manic pixie dream girl.
Wait! W I'm sorry, okay? I was just trying to get on your level.
I don't want you on my level.
Just stay away from my family.
Stay away from me.
"A" for effort, guys.
And for what it's worth, I think Charlie's gonna be happy with the other stuff.
You guys want a hot dog? It's on me.
What's going on? Where's the stripper? That's like pouring lemon juice on an open wound.
Unfortunately, we were unable to procure a lady friend for Charlie at this time.
But we're still gonna celebrate the small victories.
You care to join us? Yeah, sure.
Hold up, hold up! - My car! - My crutches! My iguana! I've had it.
You have to get rid of him.
What do you mean? I mean Naday.
I-I have tried to be respectful because I know what you and Dena went through to bring him here, but my instincts about him are correct, and I don't care what this crap says.
He's an arrogant charlatan, and I want him gone.
What? Are you gonna cry? - Are you really gonna cry? - No, I'm not I'm not cry am I crying? I'm not crying.
Okay, look, Erin, I'm sorry, all right? I-I-I came in here hot, and I made this about me.
- Yeah.
- And I know I used to do that with us.
- You did.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
If you feel differently about him, then No, actually, I think that you're correct.
He's a disaster.
This is a nightmare.
I-I cannot find one instance of Naday publishing or lecturing in the last year.
He hasn't given a Ted Talk in two years.
It's like he was held captive in a Turkish prison.
My God.
What if he was held captive in a Turkish prison? How did I let this happen? B-because he's a He's a PHD in Biomedicine, he's a Neuroscience fellow, a genius Grant recipient.
I-I could go on, but my eyes will glaze over.
That's not why I brought him here, though.
I was going on my instincts You know, like I would with doctors without borders, which is fine in Senegal, but it does not make me administration material.
I think you're being a little hard on yourself now.
I'm being hard on myself? Am I? Because administrators don't believe in miracles and hope.
They're practical.
And they don't cry.
Well, you're you're allowed to cry around a friend.
It's gonna be okay.
I think you made the right decision.
Now you're defending him? No, no, no.
I'm not defending him.
I'm defending you.
You don't just leave for a year and lose of all your skills.
And if that were the case, you would not be chief of surgery.
Thank you.
Seriously? I have something to say to you, and you're going to listen.
I don't have much choice, seeing as I'm attached to a Dialysis machine.
Or do I? You know what? No.
You don't get to call all the shots.
I've tried mindfulness.
I've tried HXC skating.
And, yes, I know "HXC" means "Hardcore.
" And no matter what I try, nothing seems to get through to you.
I-I don't try.
So I'm done.
And not because you said so, but because I'm not into idiots who turn down their sister's liver.
Are you finished? Actually, no.
If anyone even joked about giving me their heart, I would rip it out of their chest with my bare hands.
Rejecting a liver is an insult to everyone on the organ-donor list.
And it doesn't make you tough, Hunter.
It just makes you a stubborn, suicidal moron.
Now I'm finished.
When Ashley was telling you all the juicy details of my past, did she happen to mention Jack? Okay.
Jack was my younger brother.
He jumped from our roof into our pool when nobody was home.
He went into a coma and died.
That's why you were crying about Charlie.
He reminds you of your brother.
Only he got to wake up.
My brother didn't.
We're under this false pretense that we won't ever get more than we can handle, that past tragedies will somehow protect us, but it's a lie.
So what if Ashley does this noble thing, this incredible, noble thing, and somehow it goes wrong? That's on me.
Yeah, but Ashley said the surgery would be low-risk.
Risk comes with odds.
What were the odds my brother would hit his head when nobody was home, that I'd get Leukemia, Cirrhosis, a bunk liver? I'm not willing to roll those dices again, not on my sister's life.
What about your life, Hunter? You could die.
If I'm gonna gamble, I'd rather take my chances waiting for someone else's organ.
Kara's still not picking up.
Bail, man.
She would have sent a ride by now if she had gotten your messages.
Great, so we have nothing for Charlie, and we're stranded.
I guess we could take the bus.
How much money do we have? Three bucks Enough for two of us.
Dude, my lungs are on "21 Jump Street" Undercover and both hating on each other.
I got to get back, man.
Okay, so, do you want to get the bus with Jordi, and I'll head back with Emma? Sounds good.
How? Your leg's bleeding, and your crutches were in the car.
It's just a little blood.
I need to build up my my callus, anyway, so I'm fine.
Man, that's crazy.
You can't walk that far.
Look, he's right.
It's not worth you getting hurt.
Are you sure you're having a good enough day? You know, I know how hard chemo can be.
Hey, don't worry about me.
I got enough strength to get back.
Dude, let's go, man.
All right.
I have decided to make it work with Naday.
Really? Does this mean you've figured out what he's doing? I don't have a freaking idea what he's doing.
Is that your professional opinion? Why the change of heart? Because Erin's job is on the line, and she is much too valuable to lose.
Prince charming's saving his princess at the expense of his patient? So you agree that Naday is worthless? I never said that exactly.
I'm just saying he might be more mold than Penicillin after all.
For the record, I would not let him stay here if there was the slightest chance he could harm Charlie.
He's basically like a A high-priced playmate for the kid, and I'm gonna continue my course of treatment with his neuro team.
And next time you try to dissuade me from calling in a specialist, I'm gonna listen.
I doubt that.
So, how did it go? Do you think he'll change his mind? I didn't convince your brother to have the transplant.
To be honest with you, I barely even tried.
Nice to know cheerleaders don't live up to the stereotype.
Yeah, I don't expect you to understand.
No! You don't understand, okay? It doesn't matter what Hunter wants.
I'm doing this operation with or without his permission.
Well, that'll only drive him further away.
Look, when you're a sick person, you want to be sick on your own terms, so you try to find things that you can control.
This decision is one last thing Hunter can control.
It's not much, but it's all he's got, and I wouldn't take that away from him, 'cause he may never forgive you if you do.
I'm sorry.
So, today was fun.
I guess.
Can I say something? I-I know I'm not supposed to talk about you and Leo, but I just want to say I totally get it.
Totally get what? I get why you chose him over me.
I mean, he's obviously a good influence on you, so What does that mean? Nothing bad.
It's just like, you're eating now, which is awesome, and Leo probably has something to do with it, so It doesn't work like that, Jordi.
I'm I'm sorry.
How does it work? Look, I can't explain it to you.
It's just it's It's more complicated than that.
Are you mad at me or something? No.
Why would you think that? Well, you're acting mad, and you've been kind of weird around me all day.
Why do guys always have to make it about them? Look, we're fine, okay? Okay.
Good talk.
Dena Dena Bo beena.
I have been looking for you.
I got something I want to show you, and I think it's something you're gonna seriously dig.
Well, I've dug all I care to dig, Dr.
Wavy Gravy.
It's time you pack up your guitar and hit the road.
Why you so bent out of shape? I'm bent out of shape because people put their careers on the line to bring you here, and the only thing you've accomplished is turning this hospital into Coachella.
Well, aren't you a Funky Cold Medina? I have every right to be angry.
You're a fraud, which Dr.
McAndrew knew all along.
See, he might not have all your fancy degrees, but he's 1,000 times the doctor you are.
He's brought Charlie this far.
He can bring him the rest of the way home.
Not you, buddy.
Well, I'm sorry that you and your staff feel that way, especially when I've made such progress.
- Progress? - Yeah.
Name one thing you've done to help Charlie.
I'd rather show you.
Can I? Can I show you? Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
When I was asked to look at Charlie's files, I read everything I possibly could, which is how I found out that Charlie Hutchison is an only child who lives in a sweet Los Feliz apartment with his adoring parents, Nick and Mandy Hutchison.
I'm familiar with Charlie's past.
Y-yeah, but are you familiar with his present? Because presently, that apartment is only occupied by Mandy.
Nick moved out.
They've been separated since the accident.
And when they do talk, it's mostly to argue.
Yeah, I know all too well O-o-o-okay.
Then you should appreciate this.
Nick: Da-da-LA-da Da-da-LA-da da-da-LA-da - Da-da-LA-da - how could Charlie truly fight to get better if all he had to look forward to was hostility and conflict? Da-da-LA-da - He needs to want to get better.
- Da-da-LA-da - He needs a reason.
He needs his family.
When I go out when I go out You really think warm fuzzies is all it's gonna take to draw Charlie out? No, D-Dena, healing isn't just about medicine.
It's about the heart.
Neuroplasticity proves that our brains have the capability to rewire and rehabilitate with positive thinking.
And that's exactly what's happening now.
Charlie's entire neural system is being rehabilitated.
Look, look, check out the monitor.
And I would walk 500 more Just to be the man who walked a thousand Miles You can stay.
To fall down at your door I wasn't going anywhere.
Da-da-LA-da Da-da-LA-da Da-da-LA-da Da-da-dum, diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle-di-di-di Da-da-LA-da Da-da-LA-da Da-da-LA-da Da-da-dum, diddle-um, diddle-um, diddle-di-di-di And I would walk 500 Miles And I would walk 500 more Just to be the man who walked What do you want? Okay? Not okay.
Whoa, did you just get back? Yeah, it took forever.
Well, slow down.
I haven't broken in this new set of sticks.
What's up? Good news.
McAndrew's already got the car back from the tow place.
Bad news, the iguana ate the origami paper.
Worse news, it's escaped.
- So we still have nothing for Charlie.
- No, not today.
But Dash and I still figured we could do the pizza thing.
You know, I know it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing, right? You know you don't have to eat the pizza.
- I know that.
- Okay.
Um, I'm just wiped.
Why don't you guys start without me? I'm gonna I'm gonna go lie down for a bit.
My new dinner bell.
Naday gave it to me.
I'm getting really good at it.
I'm not hungry.
Well, I think you might reconsider when you see what I brought.
They're little hearts.
I used a cookie cutter.
Please just leave me alone.
Of course.
Um, but I am gonna need you to have some dinner, Emma.
Your weigh-in is at 9:00.
This is starting to feel strange.
Maybe we should partake.
It does smell really good.
You cool with that, Charlie? Okay.
Hey, look, I'm sorry.
This isn't exactly what we had planned.
Are you kidding? This is awesome.
I mean, boobs would have been nice.
But hanging with my friends? Not a bad way to spend your first day out of a coma.
And another example of how sometimes the best things happen when you don't try to control them.
For some people, it's easy to lose control.
If you hum it, I'll play it.
For others, not so much.
But the truth is, the more we feel the need to control things, the more those things begin to control us.