Red Band Society (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

We'll Always Have Paris

You should come over some time.
Previously on "Red Band Society" I'd love to.
- Surprise! - Surprise! We're here to bring you home.
I don't know how to tell Leo.
He was supposed to go home today.
On what planet do you have a shot with Delaney Shaw? Planet hospital where the competition is reduced.
If I don't wake up, would you mind giving this to Kara for me? "Pre-stated dispensation"? What the hell is this? Kara, if Hunter doesn't make it, he's leaving you his heart.
We're losing him.
- I can't see the bleeder.
- There's too much blood.
Time of death 5:22 P.
Hello? Hello? Is anybody here? Charlie? Hi.
How how is this happening? I thought you were Dead.
I'm dead.
We can say it.
Does that mean I'm No.
I'm just staying here with you for a bit.
At some point, I'm assuming I'll have to go there.
Where? Over there to the light.
You don't see it? There's a light? Seriously? Seriously.
I don't see it.
That's probably a good sign.
So, you're You're dead.
I'm not dead.
But here we are.
- Where are we exactly? - Somewhere in between.
So you're procrastinating.
You are procrastinating.
I can't take your heart, Hunter.
I wanted you whole.
I don't want to ravage your body for parts like some zombie girlfriend, as badass as that sounds.
I wanted that, too.
It's okay.
No, it's not okay.
I don't deserve your heart.
Why not? I slept with Leo.
I know.
What? You know? How do you know? Because I'm dead.
I know everything.
It's one of the perks.
You don't care? I don't care.
You already have my heart, Kara.
Now you just need to take it for real.
What do you mean? We're ready to expose the chest cavity.
Is the donor heart ready? Let's begin.
Making the incision.
Faith other than the ending of "The Sopranos" and why The Clash broke up, it's the greatest mystery of them all.
Some people have it.
Some don't.
And some people don't even have the foggiest clue what to make of it.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Oh, Erin! Who's that with Jordi? Oh, that must be his grandmother.
She showed up after the hearing and helped take the sting out when the judge rejected him.
- That's his grandmother? - Mm-hmm.
That's great.
Yeah, it's sweet for him to have somebody here with him.
No, we don't have to worry whether he's emancipated or not.
She can sign off on his surgery.
I thought that ship had sailed.
No, not yet.
I firmly believe that surgical intervention is the best option.
If you can convince the grandmother.
So, how's Kara doing? When did they, uh, start the transplant? About 30 minutes ago.
So she should be done in five or six hours.
How's Leo? He hasn't spoken a word.
He hasn't slept.
He hasn't eaten.
How are you doing since Hunter? I'll be all right.
Good morning, Nurse Jackson.
Good morning.
How awesome is this? Now that my hands are moving, I, too, can annoy Nurse Jackson at any hour of the day with thinly veiled requests for attention.
You rang? He wanted to show you something.
What is this setup? Therapeutic gaming program.
The motions of the game mimic the physical-therapy exercises Charlie needs to do to improve his motor skills.
Plus, research shows that games activate positive emotions and hit all the dopamine reward systems in the brain.
Like cocaine did for people in the '80s.
How's his roommate doing? Um, Ka-ra? Kara.
She's still in surgery.
Actually, I need to go check in with her parents.
And how are you doing? Me? I'm fine.
- You're fine? - Why wouldn't I be? Well, things have been quite intense around here lately.
They always are.
But you lost a patient.
Did you know him very well? Not very.
He wasn't with us long.
Still, it can't be easy to lose a kid like that.
No, but it's part of the job.
So today's just a normal day for you? So far.
Except that you're asking me all these weird questions.
- Why are they weird? - Bec Because we haven't even been on our first date yet, and I really don't want to be discussing dying kids with a man who doesn't even know my favorite color.
It's like meeting someone the day before Valentine's Day.
It just creates a kind of Pressure.
All right.
Where's all your stuff? It seemed somewhat off-message to just put back all the same stuff.
All right, look, I gave it some thought and, uh Leo? There's got to be some sort of action we can take about this 'cause having him sit and stare at the wall all day seems 10 kinds of wrong.
No, I know, but it's what he wants to do.
And I don't know.
Maybe, to a certain degree, we should let him.
Sometimes people genuinely need to be alone, and we don't have cancer, so how much insight do we really have into what's going on? We can try, can't we? I mean this is nothing if not an "all for one and one for all" type of Holy Holy what? What just happened? Why have you gone all "Nightcrawler"? I know that girl.
That's Mae.
She's really here right now.
-This is actually happening.
- Wait, wait.
Who's Mae? Did you go to school with her or something? I know her from my cystic-fibrosis group online.
Oh, I didn't know that you did that.
You can go say hi to your friend.
No, no.
I can't just walk up to her.
I haven't actually met her in person yet.
Oh, I see.
Don't smile.
This is not adorable.
It's a bit little adorable, Dash.
You lied about yourself online, didn't you? She thinks you're 6'3' and ripped Six Ways to Sunday.
Do me a favor and cover me? No, Dash, I can't do that.
That's Dash, no! That's Fascinating.
All right, we are in.
Let's get ready to crack the sternum.
Clamp it.
The O.
is brighter than I thought.
On TV, it's always so dark.
Takes away from the romance of swapping out your body parts.
By the way, you don't have to whisper.
They can't hear you.
Oh! - What was that? - Surgical bone saw.
They're cutting through your sternum.
Why are we doing this? This is worse than an unapproved photo tag.
But but I'm staying with you until I know for sure that you've accepted my heart.
And since they're just opening your chest right now, that could take a few hours at least.
First, they got to cut out the old one with rusty scissors.
You want to stick around for that, or ? Wait, we can leave? Seriously? Sure.
Where do you want to go? I don't know.
Where can we go? Sky's the limit.
What do you like? I liked you.
Come on.
There must be someplace in this world that makes you happy.
Pardon me, Mrs.
" Alma Quintana Leon.
My daughter Eva is "Palacios.
" Well, I'm I'm so sorry, but it's nice to meet you, Mrs.
I'm Dr.
Of course.
The surgeon who operated on my grandson.
- Yes.
- Without my consent.
Yes, technically.
As long as we're clear about that.
Uh, look, you know, th the circumstances when when Jordi got here, they were unusual.
But they don't need to be this time.
I'm sure Jordi has told you that he needs a second surgery, so we're gonna have some consent forms for you to sign.
Why would I do that? Because your grandson has cancer.
Yes, I know.
But why would I let you, a person who cut me out of the process, a person who I have no reason to trust Because this is the best course of action, and if my memory serves me, I did call you.
And I got no call from my grandson.
Jordi seemed to think that you wouldn't understand the the situation.
You don't know anything about my family, Dr.
You make assumptions about my faith and about how I made the decisions I made.
You're right.
You know, at the time, we just the only thing we knew was that you weren't here.
But from now on, make no mistake about it.
I'm here.
First rule of being a nurse Don't cry, right? Okay, keep it together until you're in the car on the way home, and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" is playing, and that's what I was doing until this happened.
What happened? Hunter's mom.
She just showed up, and and I I tried to help her, but I don't understand what she's asking for, and I'm afraid I'm gonna make it worse.
It's okay.
Cole? You remember me? Yes, of course.
How could we forget? What can we do to help you? Well, it's, uh, not there.
We'd cleaned all his stuff out from his room, and Yeah, mm-hmm, I remember.
Yeah, well, it's his shirt.
It's one of his shirts, and I I I bought it for him, and I packed his bag, and and He said that he didn't want that shirt.
That he wasn't 12 anymore and that he didn't need me to pack his bag.
But it's not at home, and I've looked everywhere, and so I just got in the car and came here.
Is there anyone with you? My sister's here, and we have to go.
We really do, but I made her stop 'cause Well, his funeral is today.
I know.
Well, do you do you think you could come? To the funeral? I think he'd really like that.
I'd be honored.
Oh, thank you.
I'm sorry.
This is really weird.
I don't know why I came.
I just you know, I just really need to find that shirt.
Well, then we're gonna find it.
Don't you worry.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Okay, heart is coming out.
There we go.
Thank you.
Let's get that to pathology.
Prep the drainage tube.
Paris is a long way to go for hot cocoa.
It's even better than I remember.
Once you taste this, you can never go back to that powdered crap.
I was 9 years old and ruined forever.
You came to Paris when you were 9 years old? Spoiler alert I was spoiled.
My dad took me.
Oh, I just remember feeling the whole time I was in a movie.
Like, at one point, I was literally skipping down a cobblestone street holding onto my dad with one hand and carrying a baguette with the other.
That's very François Truffaut.
Everything about Paris was exactly what I wanted it to be.
The people were gorgeous and rude.
And then on the last day of the trip, we came here and had this exact hot chocolate.
I just remember thinking, "this this is happiness.
" Until? Until I found out the real reason for the trip was to give my mom a chance to move out of the house, 'cause my parents were getting divorced.
You had no idea it was coming? Nope.
I mean, they weren't the world's greatest couple, but still, we were a family.
Then we weren't.
But you still love Paris, right? I mean, of all the places in the world, this is where you wanted to go.
Because I knew you would make it better.
And you did.
You saved Paris for me, Hunter Cole.
Remember Jenna? Robinson's daughter? She's not doing well at Stanford, not at all.
Oh, and this will make you proud your father finally fixed the garage door, and Kyle helped.
Can you believe that? - What are you doing? - Sorry.
I'm Mae.
Wants to be a photographer, occasionally comes off like paparazzi.
My bad.
That's okay, I guess.
I didn't mean to freak you out.
You just looked really raw.
It was kind of beautiful.
Can I see it? Wow.
I actually don't hate it.
That's a huge compliment.
I'm Emma.
How long you here for? A week or so.
Just a tune-up.
I've got cystic fibrosis.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
You? Um, I'm anorexic.
There really is no normal way to meet people here, is there? Hey, want to come be my first visitor? Yeah.
This is me.
If I go to bed at night and the walls are white Ugh it eats my soul, you know? I need to nest.
Is that why you take all these pictures? I take pictures because it's kind of how I breathe.
My lungs are crap, but with a camera, I can finish a sentence.
Does that make sense? How come I haven't seen you around here before? I just got here from up north Portland.
But I started U.
this fall, and according to my boyfriend, this hospital's the best.
He's from L.
, so he knows all this stuff.
- Wait, you have a boyfriend? - Mm, I do.
I'm trying not to take your shocked expression as some kind of confirmation of my hideousness.
Oh, no.
You're not hideous.
It's just hard to imagine anyone would go for a chick who sports an oxygen tank on her back, right? Just goes to show, there's someone for everyone.
Thank God.
I mean, is there even such a thing as a perfect couple, anyway? Jordi.
Hey, buddy.
You, uh you giving Leo a little space? Yeah, it's a little depressing in there.
I heard you met my abuela.
Yeah, I did.
That, uh, did not go well.
Yeah, she basically hates you.
Thank you for clarifying that.
But I still think we can get her on board for the surgery if you talk to her.
We just got to move quickly because I'm not having the surgery.
Wait a second what? Yeah, I I changed my mind.
Jordi, we talked about this.
I'm sure your grandmother's influencing you, but surgery is your best option here.
Maybe not.
All right.
I is is this about Hunter? Listen, his situation was completely different than yours, Jordi.
And what about Leo's situation? I mean, you guys don't really know anything for sure, do you? - You guys are just guessing.
- Jordi.
And if I do the surgery, can you guarantee me that what happened to Hunter isn't gonna happen to me? No.
No, I can't.
Of course not.
Because every surgery has risks.
But medicine is about managing those risks and picking the best option, and surgery is your best option.
Well, for me, no.
For me, the best option is not doing the surgery.
I'm sorry for wasting your time, Dr.
Little known fact Catholics have a special saint you can pray to to help you find lost things.
Big things like faith, hope, love but also small things like your car keys, your math homework, or someone's favorite shirt.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Did I startle you? You did.
I brought you a coffee.
Thank you.
Although, I'm not really sure that qualifies.
Why don't Americans have any coffee in their coffee? I mean, what is a pumpkin-spice latte? I can't imagine anything more wretched.
Hmm? What I I'm sorry.
I I Yeah, sorry.
I was just checking in on your normal day.
Join me for lunch today? Sure.
An hour in the commissary? I'll be there.
Now, this will be good for you, not that terrible hospital food.
And then after, I will go fix up your room a little more, make it a little nicer.
No, you don't have to.
I told Dr.
McAndrew I'm not gonna have the surgery.
I don't understand.
He said you wanted the surgery.
I did.
All right, but I don't now.
I've been here long enough.
I I want to go home.
Home? Yeah, back to Mexico.
With you.
Jordi, you came a long way, and now you want to go back.
I don't understand.
It didn't work the way I thought it would, and now, I mean, chemo is chemo.
It doesn't matter who the doctor is.
The medicine is the same.
If we go home, we could back to the guy we met at the hospital in Enseñada.
I thought you didn't like him.
He's fine.
I just didn't realize that before.
Um, they're all the same.
Nobody really knows if they're gonna be able to make me better.
I think right now, I just want to be with you, to be home.
Oh, another thing I love about Paris You better not say cigarettes, or I may have to rethink my donation.
So, another thing you love about Paris.
I'm done talking about me.
Isn't you your favorite subject? - It used to be, till I met you.
- I see.
So, tell me I don't know.
Tell me what you wanted to be when you grew up.
Mm, it's such a cliché.
- Stripper? - Close.
It's every sick kid's fantasy to be one of them instead of one of us.
You would have been a fantastic doctor.
It's easy to say that now.
The way you see the world, the way you slow me down and really make me see it.
You treat things with care.
You would have been perfect.
You are.
- Damn.
- Come on.
Is it a bad time? No.
I'm on hold.
At least I think I'm on hold.
Uh, s sí.
No, I'm sorry.
No no hablo español.
Hang up.
A a adiós.
So, I take it things did not go well with Jordi's grandmother? No.
No, not only does he not want to do the surgery, he doesn't even want to stay here for chemo.
His grandmother wants him to go back to Mexico to have it done by this Dr.
Gutierrez, who I can't even get on the phone.
- She is his guardian.
- So what? So it's her grandson, and she gets to decide.
Erin, are you not getting this? Surgery is the best option.
You know a second round of chemo is just gonna destroy his immune system and most likely bring side effects down the road.
Like maybe liver failure caused by childhood chemo? This is not about Hunter.
At least not for me.
Of course, it's freaked Jordi out.
- But not you? - No, not me.
Because we did everything we could in there, and I know that.
I know that, too.
I was there.
We did everything we could, and it wasn't enough.
And then Leo's cancer comes back, but Jordi's surgery Now, that's something you can fix.
That's something you can do.
But you're not in control, Adam.
As much as you want to be in control, you're not.
It's the worst part of being a doctor.
Um, I will, uh, leave you to it.
No, it's Wait.
Just remind me of the good part about being a doctor again.
Maybe it's just the people you meet along the way.
Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
You're off the hook.
For what? Mae.
Apparently, she has a serious boyfriend.
Sorry, Dash.
But on the upside, that means you're both even now.
You lied to her.
She lied to you.
From a karmic perspective, this is a good thing.
- You spoke to Mae? - I did.
I was on my way to talk to Leo.
You're taking this "boyfriend" thing much better than I expected.
Yeah, you know what? You're right.
You're right.
Uh, it's very upsetting.
Mae has a boyfriend.
I'm angry.
Did you already know about this? Am I in the middle of some weird role-playing situation? It's possible that I'm the boyfriend you're talking about.
Possible? Dash, that's that's either something that you know or you don't.
You're the boyfriend? - Yeah, but, I mean - "But"? Dash, there are no "buts" here.
And don't pretend like it's casual because she's clearly not casual about you.
Okay, first of all, you need to ease up because you don't know anything about our relationship.
No, but I do know that you were just trying to jump in bed with Delaney Shaw.
How can you have a serious relationship if you're simultaneously trying to hook up with rock stars? That's a good question, Emma.
Leon? Yes.
Look, I know we did not get started on the best foot, but I wanted to make sure that you had this before you left.
This is Jordi's file.
It's all in there.
Everything Dr.
Gutierrez needs to know about Jordi's time here at Ocean Prk.
And this is my cellphone.
Please tell him if he has any questions to call me.
I'm always around, or you can call, or Jordi.
Thank you.
Uh I would also like to apologize.
You were right.
As soon as Jordi got here, I should have put him in touch with you, and that's on me.
He's a great kid, and I'm glad I got the chance to know him.
You're very similar, you and Jordi.
" Sí.
Especially when you feel like you're right about something.
Which you do.
Well, please stay in touch.
Let me know how Jordi's doing.
And good luck.
- Mae, slow down.
- Get away from me! No, seriously, slow down before we both drop dead.
Do you seriously do that all the time? I like to take pictures! That is one of many facts that you know about me.
Look, I didn't know you were coming.
Because I wanted to surprise you.
Surprise, douchebag.
You're not even giving me a chance to explain myself.
Explain what? We met online.
We shared our deepest, darkest secrets with each other.
I thought we were in a relationship.
You thought you were free to hook up with some auto-tune bot.
I'm here for one week.
Stay away from me! Dr.
Morrison? Oh, good to see you, Dena.
What were you doing in Leo Roth's room? Dr.
McAndrew ordered a consult.
A psych consult? Uh, yeah, he was concerned.
Leo hasn't eaten or spoken since he found out about his cancer coming back.
No one seems to be able to get through to him, not his parents, his friends.
That makes me strike three.
The good news is there have been no attempts at self-injurious behavior, no suicidal ideation.
All my recommendations are in the notes, so just tell Dr.
McAndrew to call me - if he wants to talk about it.
- I will.
Guess who I just saw in the commissary? He told me to find you.
Do you guys have a date or something? What? What'd I miss? Hey.
Wake up.
Mm, no.
I don't want to.
I don't want this to ever end.
I know.
Maybe it doesn't have to.
What do you mean? I mean, that's the light up there, right? But you can't see the light.
Yes, I can.
I couldn't before, but I do now.
What's wrong? That's a good thing, right? That means I can come with you.
No, you can't.
Yes, I can.
If I can see the light and I am, then it's meant to be.
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I I love you.
I want to go with you.
We can be together forever.
Stop it.
Okay? Kara.
Kara, don't! Why hasn't this heart started beating yet? Suctioning.
Can we cardio convert? Come on, Kara.
You stay with me.
Come on, Kara.
Call central There she is Emma, the world's worst relationship counselor.
For the record, I'm not even sorry about this.
She would have found out about Delaney eventually.
How would she have found out? Well, I probably would have told her.
Well, you were with this girl for what, over a year? She was obviously very serious about you.
And I'm serious about her, too.
When we met online, we didn't just connect, we really connected.
She knows me better than anyone.
All right, well, then what's the problem? You're fine with typing it, but you can't handle the real thing? No.
Our immune systems can't.
Two people with cystic fibrosis can't be together, Emma.
Technically, we're not even supposed to be in the same room.
If we contaminate each other, it creates a bad-bacteria situation, and antibiotics can't fix it.
Well, wait, what do you mean "can't fix it"? Death.
The grim reaper.
The big sleep.
Me and Mae are "Twilight," and we could actually kill each other.
So, I'm all packed up.
If we leave now, we can be home in four hours.
Traffic's better at night.
Or we can leave tomorrow, and we can go stay with What? This is how you were when you left Making lists, making plans.
I know, but that was a mistake.
Maybe this is a mistake, too.
You should be happy right now.
You never wanted me to come here in the first place.
To run away from me, no.
That's not what I wanted.
All I wanted was for you to have faith.
No, abuela.
You wanted me to believe what you believe, and I don't.
You're sure about that? When you got sick, I saw how scared you were.
But when I saw you stopped believing in me, in anything that's when I truly lost hope.
Then when you left, you weren't scared anymore.
You were just angry.
But I could also see that your faith was back, that you believed in this doctor here who was going to cure you and make you well.
And once again, you have lost that faith.
I just I don't know what to do.
This morning, when we were here praying, did you feel anything? I don't know.
I guess.
- Mostly, I just wanted to make you happy.
- Hmm.
Why are you smiling? Despair is a great sin, you know.
But when we think about other people when we think about the people we love, that's a good thing.
I'm still scared.
I know that.
So, a crazy thought for this weekend Santa Barbara.
All that sideways wine country.
I mean, if I'm in Southern California, I should actually get to see Southern California.
A road trip up the pacific coast highway is one of those quintessentially American things to do.
I don't think I'm going to be up for a road trip to Santa Barbara this weekend.
So, uh, Vegas? Palm Springs? What about the Grand Canyon? You can stop this at any point.
Stop what? Whatever you're trying to prove.
You said you were still up for having dinner this weekend.
Well, now I've changed my mind.
All I want is to have our first date when all this is over and everything's gone back to normal.
All this what? You know what I mean.
I have to go to a funeral today.
Oh, I see.
So today is not like any other day? Wait, wait.
Are we fighting? - Looks that way.
- Fantastic.
Anger isn't my favorite human emotion, but I'll take it, especially since this is the first time today you've been remotely real with me.
Why do we have to be real? We barely know each other.
You're right.
For instance, I did not know you were going to a funeral today because you didn't tell me.
And maybe I would like to know that information.
Maybe I don't know.
Maybe I could help in some way.
And to be clear, the reason why I am pushing and trying to get to know you better is because I don't want to wait until all this is over and everything's gone back normal before we have our first date, because in my experience, that never happens.
Instead, life happens, and it passes you by.
The fact is, sometimes you do meet someone the day before Valentine's Day, and it is weird, and it is awkward, but it just becomes part of the story of how you met.
If you don't take a chance, there is no story.
The whole thing just ends here.
Kara, stop! Come on.
You coming? I'm not going with you, Kara.
Well, you can't stay here forever.
Unless you want to haunt the hospital, which sounds like it could get pretty old pretty fast.
Let me rephrase.
You are not going with me.
This is where we say "goodbye.
" Well, what happened to saying "I could do whatever I wanted with my life"? It doesn't work like that.
Wait, you're trying to tell me that there's a logic to this? That there are rules? That's total crap.
You didn't get to choose.
I know I didn't.
That's why you have to.
You have to choose life because it's a gift.
Well, I want to exchange my gift.
I want you instead.
You have me, you have my heart, and you have countless more sunsets and Christmas mornings and movies and bad cups of decaf coffee Because you probably shouldn't have caffeine.
It's bad for the ticker.
And laughs.
You get to laugh at least a million more times.
And cry and fight with your parents and make up and maybe even become a parent yourself.
And when you take your daughter to Paris for the first time, it won't be for a sad reason.
It'll be so you can tell her about us and what I did for you and what you did for me.
What did I do for you? You lived.
Brittany? Earth to Brittany? Yes.
Hey, uh, is Dr.
McAndrew still here for the night or ? Uh, no.
He's yeah, he's still here.
He's about to get on the elevator with Dr.
Um, wait, Dr.
I just came by your room earlier to say goodbye.
Good luck.
No, wait.
Um I talked about it with my abuela.
I want to stay.
I want to have the surgery if it's not too late.
No, it's not wait, are you sure Are you sure this time? Yes.
Don't be silly.
Hug each other.
Hey, it's me.
You were right.
Today is not a normal day.
Not at all.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm not sure I want to see you, either.
- No offense.
- None taken.
- No.
Get out.
- I told you.
Mae, will you please just give him a second chance? I mean, I never mess up this badly.
I mean, I never mess up other people's lives this badly, and Dash is my friend, and I really like you Please make her stop talking.
I've tried.
She's wee but powerful.
Dash, I don't want to see you.
I didn't want to see you, either, because I knew that the second I laid eyes on you, you were gonna slay me.
You know how much time I spend at night reading our conversations, looking at your photos, trying to understand the way your mind works? I begin and end my day with you.
Taking a break somewhere in the middle to sleep with a B-list celebrity.
I didn't sleep with anybody.
None of that is real.
The only thing that's real is you, and being this close to you and not being able to do anything about it is what scares me even more.
I'm scared, too.
And I've never been afraid to put myself out there, but you made me doubt everything.
Well, I should have never made you doubt the way that I feel.
I'm sorry about that.
Usually, in these sort of situations, people kiss, but nothing about this is normal.
I don't know.
There she is.
Hey, sweetie.
Mom? Shh.
You're okay.
You're here.
You did great.
Honey, you're gonna be okay.
I know it must have been so scary.
Your favorite, right? How? Oh, your father must have brought them.
- All the way from Paris? - Who knows with him.
Oh, your face is warm.
Let me get you a cool washcloth.
Okay, be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
Excuse me.
Hell of a first date.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Yeah, I know everyone else is worried about you, but total silence is a great quality in a roommate.
So, here's the deal.
McAndrew's gonna cut me open again, and this time, I don't need you to help me to get through it.
This time, I'm gonna help you.
Band of brothers, right? You know, I read that play "Henry V.
" It's not just a war they're in.
It's the hundred years' war.
Longest war ever, literally.
And to win a war that long, you have to have faith.
And I do.
I just sat down with my abuela and prayed.
Just closed my eyes and asked for a sign.
I saw you.
You gave me faith that day.
So, now that you got this depression stuff out of your system, I say we just get up tomorrow like it's any other day and keep fighting.
Because I don't see what other choice we have, okay? Okay.