Reef Break (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Prison Break

1 Previously on "Reef Break" I hear you're some kind of fixer for the Governor now.
Doing for him like you used to do for me.
I just saw Doug O'Casey.
You've still got a thing for him, don't you? There's the Cat I remember, larceny in her veins.
The Golden Road InterFaith Congregation.
I don't think the church is a scam.
We have a hijacking.
I need you.
Every time you lose, - a hostage goes free.
- Deal.
You think I'm still in love with Cat? Yes, I do.
There is still something there.
It's her again.
You have my full attention.
I can tell.
CAT: You gotta stop dealing drugs.
PETRA: My dad was Shorepound Gang.
It's who I am.
Who you are right now is just dumb.
- Ooh You know I'll never die We live a million miles Running from the sky Ohh I come for you Oh, my Petra? Oh, my God.
- Petra.
Petra, it's Cat.
I need you to call me, okay? Right away.
I'm worried about you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Doesn't anyone answer their phone anymore? Jake, it's Cat.
I think something's happened to Petra.
Something bad.
You need to call me back, okay? Call me back.
Jake? DOUG: Hey, Kitty Cat.
Miss me? What have you done? You know, Petra came here to see me.
You listen to me.
If you touch a hair on her head, I will kill you.
You understand? Oh, better watch that temper, Cat.
Unless you want Petra dead.
You have to come pay me a visit.
It's been too long.
We need a little face time together.
I'll be there.
She go for it? I know Cat.
She's on her way.
'Cause as much as I enjoy making new friends, the accommodation and the food here leaves a lot to be desired.
Good morning.
- Hey, Wyatt.
- Hey.
Come on, I'll buy you breakfast.
No, I already ordered.
I know a great diner just up by the prison.
Come on.
Why do I feel like I'm coming in halfway through a movie? [CHUCKLES.]
Cat called.
She's concerned about Petra.
And also, those mercenaries from the airplane? They're cozying up to Doug O'Casey.
You think Doug needs a visit? Yeah, I do.
Come on, you're driving.
The girl came through.
Check it out.
It's good for 30 yards.
Only one shot.
We'll make it count.
This time, we get paid in full.
You're a sight for sore eyes, Cat.
Oh, well, thank you.
It was definitely a priority for me, looking good for you.
In fact, I got the Prison Special Makeover at the salon by the bus stop before I raced my ass over here to save Petra from you.
You never needed much help looking good.
And you never needed any help messing up people's lives.
Where is she? Well, this is kind of sweet, isn't it? Mom and Dad arguing over the kid.
Maybe we should ground her, give her a time out.
You know, I thought your prison fantasies would be a lot racier than a "Leave It to Beaver" scenario.
I'm just warming up.
GUARD: There's been a breach! [GRUNTING.]
What is going on?! You said you wanted to see Petra.
Whatever he tells you to do, you do it.
MAN: Come on.
Last time you tussled with me, you ended up in here.
Yeah, this time, it's getting us out.
Nothing between us now.
That's what this was about? A jail break? Get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life.
GUARD: Get on the ground! Down! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
GUARD: Freeze! Get down! Down on the ground! GUARD #2: Stay where you are.
All right, everybody down! Stay in your seats! You remember how we play the Wife and Kids angle? Do not move! - What if I don't? - Then Petra dies.
And if I help you? Then she's surfing before the sun even sets.
Open the gate.
I can't.
Only the warden can.
Open the gate, or we'll kill your wife and your kids.
We know where you live.
1127 Mangrove.
We know the name of your wife, and we know the name of your kids.
Alycia, Levi, Tammy.
We have a man outside your door right now.
I don't believe you.
Want to take that chance? I push a button or you do.
Get out of that damn booth.
Open that gate.
Take the gun and put it to his head for all the cameras to see.
- What? - Show the world that Bonnie and Clyde are back together again.
You're a bastard.
Go! Now, go, go! You gave her the gun? What? Are you crazy? We'll find out.
We make a great team.
It was always gonna be me and you, Cat.
You're a psychopath.
- Go! Move! [BUZZER SOUNDS.]
DOUG: Drop the guns! Now! Toss me those keys! If you follow us, the guard is dead.
Do you understand? DOUG: Go, go, go, go! I don't know what's going on, but I got spare keys in the glove compartment.
- Come on.
- Stand down! We hold back.
Cat's in play.
Even if she is, how do we help if we're not there? We find a way.
An island-wide manhunt has been launched after a female civilian helped break four maximum-security prisoners out of the 130-year-old prison.
We could have gotten O'Casey off the Reef with one stroke of the pen.
One damn phone call.
Instead, I listened to you.
I believe, sir, we were both dubious Cat Chambers just played us for fools, and now she's helped the most dangerous criminals on the island escape.
I don't believe that.
You don't believe your own eyes? Why was she there in the first place? She has no conceivable reason for wanting those men at large.
Doug O'Casey tried to kill her once before.
And you don't think I'd look like a damn fool if I stood up there and said that? Perception is reality, Lieutenant Governor.
I want them all found and brought to justice, including her.
If RPD doesn't have them in 24 hours, I'm calling out the National Guard.
This is the greatest threat to the public safety of the Reef in recent history.
We're going to deploy every resource at the RPD's disposal.
MAN: 5, 10, 19.
Air unit standing by.
CHIEF: These are the four individuals that we are currently searching for.
They are considered to be armed and dangerous.
Doug O'Casey, currently serving 12 to 18 years at the Reef Island Correctional for racketeering and attempted murder.
Cat Chambers, former member of the Shorepound Syndicate.
Accused, never convicted.
James Rogers and Wesley Taylor, A.
Pink and Cher.
They are ex-military and trained professional killers and should be approached with extreme caution.
You know this isn't gonna end well for either of us, right? Don't worry.
I have a plan.
You always do.
I personally will assume tactical command of this mission, and Sergeant Ellis will supervise deployment on the ground.
We have divided the Reef into these seven blocs on the grid, and your Tac sheets will assign you to a bloc.
Good luck, everyone, and be careful.
That's not what I expected to see.
Cat holding the gun.
What, you think Cat called me about the prison just so we could watch her break Doug out? Something happened behind those walls.
She had to think on her feet.
MAN: Radio call, all units.
This is Cole, copy.
Possible I.
on black truck escaped vehicle, corner lot, 2700 block of Vista Street.
Copy that.
On our way.
Don't shoot! It's okay.
We're RPD.
- Are you hurt? - I'm fine.
- My family - We sent a car to your place.
They're fine.
JAKE: Did they give you any idea where they might be headed? [SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE.]
Doug's resources, they're gonna be halfway across the Pacific by now.
I doubt it.
What makes you so sure? It's personal.
PINK: What is this place? Old avocado farm.
Anyone else know about it? Nobody above ground.
Make yourselves at home.
Come on.
I need you with me now.
Bonnie and Clyde.
You ever notice how her name comes first? I've done everything you've asked.
Where's Petra? Follow me.
There's fresh gear in the bedrooms.
Where is she? - Where is - Cat? Petra, my God.
Are you okay? Of course I am.
This is where I belong.
Oh, my God.
You played me.
And you You're working with him? I told you who I am.
But you didn't listen to me.
You know what you are? A dumb teenager.
That's what you are.
Tell her to leave.
Make her leave, and I will stay with you as long as you want, okay? I'm not going anywhere.
You don't know what you've done! One big, happy family.
OFFICER: All units are to manually report your location.
All units are to manually report your location.
How is that you and Jake Elliot just happened to be at the prison right before the breakout occurred? Jake got a tip that there was trouble brewing with O'Casey and the airplane hijackers.
We got there too late to do anything.
If I'd had a clean shot, I would've taken it.
I believe you.
As a matter of fact, you and Jake are my most valuable pieces of manpower right now.
Nobody knows Cat Chambers better than you do.
Cat wouldn't have had any part in this.
Not voluntarily.
Are you speaking professionally? Like the Chief said, nobody knows Cat like I do.
CHIEF: I expect you to honor your shield and reward my faith in you.
Yes, Chief.
Help bring her back safely, and she'll have her day in court.
Not hungry? - No.
- Suit yourself.
It's not bad.
Pink knows his way around a kitchen.
REPORTER: inmates in today's violent prison break Let me ask you something.
You're already out of jail.
You don't need these bozos here anymore.
So why are they still here? They might be useful for some business.
You're planning a score.
Well, why didn't you say so, Doug? That changes everything.
Cut them out.
Deal me in.
You giving the orders now? No, it's just basic math.
If you cut them out, we only have to split the pot between the two of us.
We both win.
Dealing yourself in? That's my Cat.
You said you wanted it to be like old times.
I'm just giving you what you want.
This is 90 minutes before the breakout.
JAKE: I knew it.
I knew Petra would find her way to Doug.
I just didn't realize how quickly he'd brainwash her.
Thanks, TJ.
You think they're still on the Reef? I do.
You know, back in the day, the Shorepound used to keep a lot of bolt-holes all across the island.
Do you remember their locations? Yeah, I do.
Which is why they won't be at any of them.
All right, so two choices then beach or mountain.
Pah, I don't know.
But Petra might.
No, do you really think he's gonna trust her with that kind of information? Cat, Doug, two mercenaries who can't show their face in public? 16-year-old girl, she can.
Groceries, supplies that's what he's gonna use her for.
I'll put a description out on the radio.
I need you to stock us up.
If you're not back in two hours, we assume you're grabbed and we're blown.
You even suspect you get made, you keep going.
- You understand? - Got it.
REPORTER: He says that both visitors and inmates were threatened with violence while the female civilian, now identified as Cat Chambers [CAT WHISTLING.]
allowing the prisoners to escape.
A black van was seen leaving CAT: That's the mug shot they chose to use of me? Couldn't they have used the one where the lighting was better in the booking room? You know what I was thinking? Wouldn't it be fun if we had a deck of playing cards? PINK: Well, I don't.
Why, you have something else in mind? No.
I just don't want to play with you.
- Why? - You cheat.
I think you're scared of me.
- I'm not scared of you.
- Yeah, you are.
No, I know how you play with people's minds.
Oh, yeah.
Doug's been inside for too long to know who you really are.
And who's that? You're a conniving bitch.
Ouch! And as entertaining as it is to keep you here, we're done with you.
You've served your purpose, regardless of what Doug thinks.
Okay, fine, you know what? I'll just leave, and you guys can explain to Doug why I'm You ain't leaving.
Get your hands off me.
We're gonna sit around, let her fleece us again, huh? - Get her out of here.
- I said let me go! Gag her.
- Aah! What the hell, Doug? [GROANS.]
DOUG: You got a problem with the lady, too? You shot him in cold blood.
What if I told you it was an accident? Besides, looks like I made you a whole lot richer.
And relax.
Her money comes out of my half.
So you had this all figured out, yeah? Huh? [CHUCKLES.]
I say something funny to you? Oh, yeah.
She's fooled us both, man.
OFFICER: Attention all units.
Code 3 to the 4100 block of Mountain Road, shots fired.
Repeat, Code 3, all units.
That ain't good.
Light her up.
MIRANDA: Yeah, Shorepound hottie O'Casey got his ex-girlfriend to break him out of prison, and now they're on the run.
It's so romantic.
Yeah, like Bonnie and Clyde.
I love true crime.
REPORTER: the other inmates, who were awaiting trial on terrorism charges.
MIRANDA: Do you want to make a podcast together? [DOOR HINGES CREAK.]
Hey! Do not, under any circumstances, approach any of the escapees, as they are considered armed and dangerous.
- Hi.
I-I-I want to report a sighting from the prison break.
Cat Chambers.
Think she's out there playing hide and seek.
Gonna run home like a puppy? I never had a puppy.
Must be why you became a criminal.
No, I was born this way.
The rules I live by are my own.
Cher was like that.
Lived by his own code.
Are you gonna make a speech about him? Is this gonna be a problem? You can take 100K right now, walk away.
Turn your back on the score of a lifetime.
Huh? Payback? Or payday? You decide.
It's quiet.
How long before backup arrives? No, I don't want to wait.
I'll take the back.
REPORTER: was the recent notorious criminal organization.
That is until Chambers' testimony against her ex-partner Doug, where did you guys all Petra? Who else is here? [SCOFFS.]
Like I would tell you.
Where are they? Where's Cat? This isn't a game.
There are lives at stake here.
Yours included.
This ain't a kid's game anymore.
This is aiding and abetting hard-core fugitives, and You know what? Just cuff her.
Let's let the backup do the sweep.
You two losers have been sniffing around Cat since she came back to the Reef.
Now she chose Doug.
You chose Doug.
That decision's gonna haunt you.
You're looking for Cat Chambers? I saw her.
She came in here, she Come on, I'll show you.
OFFICER: Unit 20, what's your location? OFFICER #2: We're headed northbound 1033, all units.
Reported sighting of suspect Doug O'Casey at Canning Road, downtown Nimitz Bay.
Repeat, all available units, respond to Canning Road, downtown Nimitz Bay.
Sending special unit 12 now.
- Do not approach - MAN: This is Porter.
We're nearby the address.
On our way.
- I need your help.
Maeve, you are a life saver.
Now can we get the hell out of here? Yes, doll.
Just checking all quadrants for any sign of that pesky police dragnet.
Have a nice day.
Let's go, go, go, go, go.
Okay, listen to me.
For the record, I was set up.
For the record, I didn't ask.
Oh, uh, I picked up a change of clothes for you on the way.
It's in the bag there.
Did bring the signal jammer? Yes.
You've got 30 seconds.
Cat? How did you know it was me? Who else would it be? Your little disappearing act this morning has me mystified.
Listen to me, Jake, I don't have much time.
Doug is coming for you because he thinks you stole me from him.
MAEVE: Time's up.
Don't believe everything you hear.
- Promise me.
I'll take it from here.
News flash, she's radioactive.
I told you this place is a home for those who have no home.
- Hey.
- Hm? Drinks at the Point Bar on me if I make it through this in one piece.
You're learning.
Thank you, Maeve.
All good, doll.
Come on.
Let's get inside.
So you can help me? "Seek refuge in a dwelling and look down before up.
" Okay, I don't have time for a sermon.
I've been on the lam for a lot longer than you have.
Always knew I might need to disappear at a moment's notice.
Leads all the way to the river.
Secret jetty.
Why are you helping me? Well, you helped me once.
Now it's my turn.
Thank you.
- No, this is not what we talked about.
- He put us both away.
We take him out, or we're looking over our shoulder for the rest of our lives.
The whole world will be looking for us.
This is something between you and him.
It's got nothing to do with me.
Hey, hey, don't do it.
Don't do it.
You calling the shots now? No, man.
It's a trap.
Yeah, I see him.
Where are you? I can almost smell you.
Let's get out of here.
Let's get on with the plan.
Don't do it.
That's them! Take the shot! SNIPER: No clear hit, sir.
Damn it! Silver SUV heading east past the boatyard.
Can any unit apprehend? Someone get eyes on that plate? MAN: Car 14 responding.
Can you repeat location? Heading southeast past Western Avenue boatyard.
They're probably halfway to the moon! [TELEPHONE RINGING, INDISTINCT TALKING.]
WYATT: Where do you think you're going? You're not here to let me out? No.
Close it.
Look, Cat's lame-ass lectures don't make me talk.
- This won't either.
- You can save the wannabe act, okay? I know how much you mean to Cat, so I'm here one last time to try to get through to you.
We have security footage of you from the prison.
That package that you handed the guard? You know what was in it? The parts they used to make the zip gun.
The gun they used in their escape.
You're just trying to scare me.
No, if I was trying to scare you, I'd tell you that that guard gave you up the moment he saw the video.
And that when they try you as an adult, you're gonna be locked up for longer than you've been alive.
I I don't I don't think that's how it works.
Where are they? Come on, Petra, give me something to trade so I can help you.
I'm 16.
You shouldn't be talking to me without a lawyer.
- Cat Chambers - The manhunt is on with confirmed sightings of Doug O'Casey - Trained mercenaries - The leader of - the Shorepound Syndicate - We go live to a news conference for further updates.
Thank you all for coming.
While I will always be grateful to Cat Chambers for saving my life and ending that terrible ordeal, neither I nor any member of the Eastland family condone her actions today.
I will personally be here for Cat, right here, if she has a change of heart.
Please, Cat, before it's too late, come home.
Let's face this together.
WOMAN: Can you tell us anything more about [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Wait here.
I'll just be a few minutes.
Tori? Daddy! Would you like a drink? - [LIQUID POURING.]
- Tori, I have no idea what you're up to this time, but we need to go right now.
This is my house, Father.
I'm not having this discussion now.
This place is a crime scene waiting to happen.
Ooh, that sounds exciting.
Haven't you embarrassed this family enough? You think so little of me.
You always have.
Tori, listen to me.
You're putting your life in danger just being here.
You have no idea who these individuals are that Cat Chambers broke out of jail this morning.
Why don't you run it down for us? Tori is a good listener.
I'm afraid your driver and bodyguard are a little under the weather.
You have no idea what you just did.
DOUG: Sure she does.
And the sooner you get over it, the sooner we can get down to business.
Anything at the farmhouse? Still waiting on forensics, but Keep digging.
First 24 hours On it, Chief.
CAT: Hey.
It's me.
I need to see you.
Yes, ma'am.
And what would that address be again? [CHUCKLES.]
Minister Bob.
The orphanage.
So, what do you want? Let's start with what you're gonna pay me tonight.
For what? For saving you from a violent death at the hands of my associate.
$3 million, I walk away free.
Or $60 million wired to this bank account in the Cayman islands.
And new passports.
And the use of your plane to get the hell off this island once and for all.
And how much of this does my daughter get? TORI: Oh, you would be proud of me, Dad.
I negotiated a full share for myself.
You sure about that? I suckered him here for you.
Should've read the fine print, sweetheart.
If I don't get paid, I'm going to the cops.
Hey, hey, hey.
Okay, okay.
Sit down.
It's okay.
Alright, alright.
O'Casey is in charge here.
Permission to board? I do believe that you outrank me, Lieutenant Governor.
What kind of stunt did you pull today, hm? Jake the Human Target? He was here.
We had him in our sights.
We blew it.
We have to flip Cat's narrative.
Cat in cuffs wouldn't be great for the Governor, now, would it? If it comes out now that she's been working for him under the table, no.
It's best if Cat simply disappears.
I don't like how that sounds.
That's not what I'm asking, and you know it.
What do you want? Jake [CHUCKLES.]
We both know you can't give me what I want.
CAT: Hey.
Are you okay? Well, define "okay".
Cat, you are in some serious trouble this time.
I mean, you got to come in, tell your story, - tell them what really happened.
- No, I'm not coming in.
No one's gonna believe what really happened.
Yeah, they want to buy into Doug O'Casey and Cat Chambers reunited, criminal lovers on the run.
That's the story they're selling, and everyone's buying into it.
I'm not.
Well, good, because it's not true.
I believe you.
Now what? I got to go.
But I need your help getting out of here in one piece.
Come on.
Where are you going? It's better if you don't know.
- Oh.
- Must have followed me.
I just wanted to see your face and say goodbye in person.
OFFICER: Cat Chambers, we have you surrounded.
Come out with your hands raised above your head.
Go, go, go.
Hurry, hurry.
- You're advised to - Be careful.
Detective Cole Come out with your hands up.
OFFICER #2: Suspect surrounded.
MAN: Hey, Bob, we're making it.
We know she's inside.
WYATT: I can bring her out.
I can't trust you.
Not when it comes to her.
Come on, there are children in there.
Give me two minutes.
You have the place surrounded.
Where could she possibly go? Please, think of the kids.
You mean like you did when you decided to harbor a fugitive? Kristy Sergeant Ellis [SIGHS.]
You got two minutes.
Thank you.
Cat? It's me.
I'm coming in alone.
Let's go.
Hey, let's go.
I have your word.
You have my word when we find Cat.
That wasn't the deal.
That's my deal.
I'm not leaving without her.
Are you sure about this? No turning back now.
No turning back.