ReGenesis s03e05 Episode Script

The God of Commerce

Tell me your secret recipe for erasing Owen's addiction.
Insert a protein that inhibits dopamine beta-hydroxylase, right in the addiction part of the brain.
I do it once and his genes do the work forever.
Is this about Owen? Because Arroyo said, you try this on human being, you should be arrested.
You'd be jumping off a cliff, Owen.
I can do what I want.
Where are you Sinatra? The Boston patients are all parents of infants.
But somewhere in the world it's a very common disease.
It's so common that every baby is exposed to it.
Sinatra is Filipino virus C-2.
There was a guy from the Sinatra society who traveled - to the Philippines.
- Tell me.
Mark Smith, with a "k".
And he bought a ticket to Boston.
He was killed in a car accident 3 weeks ago.
- What? - Mark Smith did not bring it to Boston.
I mean, this guy, he's not sick.
- No, he's just dead.
- We've got the beginnings of a pandemic and we don't have a clue.
We have 14 upstairs in ICU.
10 serious, 4 critical and then we come to this group.
The most recently infected.
And it's spreading much faster than we'd like.
Serrano, Dr.
Thank you for coming.
Ladies, gentlemen, this is the lead team from NorBAC.
Did you hear that Sinatra's broken out in Florida? - Big time in Tallahassee.
- Any links with us or at Boston? I'd get your epidemiologist exchanging symptomology.
We'll do.
Do you mind finishing up the show and tell for these new residents? We're pulling up all the help we can get.
There's a conference room just down the hall, they'll show you.
- After you.
- Go ahead.
Okay, we think the Sinatra virus hides out in the body's organs and pops up to trigger a lethal immune response.
You all up to speed with that? We're using a regimen of immunosuppressants.
Get that? We're turning down their immune systems.
Just trying to stabilize them.
This is a hospital right? I mean, new bugs walk in every hour.
They're susceptible to staph infections, C.
difficile, E.
coli, rotavirus, crypto.
They're human Petri dishes, right? They could die of something else.
But right now we're just trying to keep them alive.
That ladies and gentlemen is a snapshot of science in the 21st century.
Knowing just enough to know how little you know.
Let's get back to work.
- What? - Here's where we are on the antivirals.
- Shoot.
- Now that I'm sure it's a beta-herpes, I'm testing combinations with Idoxuridine and Docosanol.
Stanford's trying combos of Cidofovir and Foscarnet.
Yeah and Boston's all over Tromantadine.
- Hear anything back from them yet? - No.
What I'd like to do is get some next generation drugs that are in the pipeline in Switzerland.
Supposedly very promising.
- Need any help? - I'm trying my own channels but if you've got anything, go for it.
I'll make some calls.
We're sending you blood and tissue sample from Mark Smith.
You want SNPs and virus detection analysis? - All the organs.
- Still think he's our smoking gun? Enough that I'll be on the next flight home.
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0 It's been a long 6 months.
Yes it has.
I see you missed a couple of rehabs.
Yeah, I've been real busy but I'm feeling good, Gordon.
- You look good.
- Thanks.
So any post-traumatic stress? - Nightmares, flashbacks? - Not really.
The problem with post-traumatic stress is that is pops up in disguise.
The phantom figure in a dream.
We don't always make an immediate connection.
I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.
Inappropriate anger, irrational fears, night sweats, these things.
Yeah, I'm going with the key to happiness is a bad memory.
It's okay to get past it Mayko, it's not okay to hide from it.
What's this about your legs? I've had some pain.
You told the physio it felt like white-hot needles.
That's something.
How often are you getting this sensation? It's not a sensation.
My left leg feels like it's on fire.
- Any specific time of day? - No, it's random.
What about body image issues? Gordon, you know how I feel about this psychobabble stuff.
You been intimate with anyone since the accident? What does that have to do? How you feel about yourself emotionally, physically, they are connected.
- I just want you to think about it.
- Okay.
In the meantime Why don't you try this for a couple weeks? Benzodiazepine? I don't need anti-anxiety meds.
- I'm trying to treat your pain.
- And you think it's all in my head? It's real Gordon.
Okay? So can you write me up a Percocet or something? - You think that'll help? - Yeah, I'm in pain.
I want you to keep me a pain journal though.
Where you are and what you're feeling when you go through one of these white-hot needles episodes? Sure.
I'll just write a little note down while I'm on the floor screaming and crying.
Punctuation isn't important.
Bob? - Can you hear me? - Yep.
What's up? I could use a second opinion in here.
I'll be right there.
What are you? So I'm doing a PCR on these organs we got in from San Francisco.
- Mark Smith.
- There's one organ I can't recognize.
That's a gallbladder.
Half a gallbladder actually.
You can tell by the cystic duct.
They usually come in pairs.
They're not considered vital compared to a lung or heart or a liver.
But this one's really got me stumped.
What the hell is that? Could you rotate to the left? I don't know.
Are you sure it's an organ? Mystery meat.
I don't know.
I'll set it aside for now.
Just keep on it Rachel.
We need those organ PCRs.
Put on a pot of coffee.
Hey there Owen.
You look like shit.
- Hi.
- Hey, it's David.
I know.
How you doing? Good.
Not good, Owen.
You're doing great.
Show David how you can walk.
Come on.
That's great Owen.
Can I see you outside for a second? Would you like anything? Snack or juice? That is everything you didn't want to talk about.
What? It's like he's got Parkinson's.
Because it's working.
The dopamine pathways responsible for his addictive behaviours are shutting down as predicted.
It looks like everything is shutting down.
Well, we still have lots of tweaking to do.
It's been less than 72 hours, David.
Parkinson's specialist is coming on Friday.
Great! You're gonna put him on Levodopa, the rest of his life? David.
This is the kind of pioneering science you used to rhapsodize about when I sat in your lecture I never rhapsodized about shoddy half thought out experiments.
- This is a perfectible procedure.
- Fine! Perfect it on lab rats.
- Owen is a human being.
- Exactly.
Eventually all new procedures have to been tried in people.
He's a fucking zombie! Alright? Now that used to be a beautifully screwed up teenager.
Wasn't that the whole problem? I never should've let you do this.
- Let me?! - I could've stopped you.
That's fine.
I'll take him.
Thank you.
Come here.
That's enough for today.
Let's get you back in bed okay? That's it.
You're doing great.
What? It's Carl Riddlemeyer, David.
Have I got you at a bad time? - Always.
- What? I'm afraid I lost you there for a minute.
- What can I do for you, Carlton? - I'm calling with good news.
I'm sending NorBAC a new electron microscope.
Top of the line, Zeiss Optics.
- Why? - Call it an olive branch.
I'm new to this job.
I'm finally understanding what NorBAC is about.
What hit you on the head? Well David, as you once reminded me yourself, clearly, my distinguished advisors don't have a fucking clue what they're doing.
- Maybe on the golf course.
- Well anyway When I'm wrong I own it and I change course.
Hope the Zeiss helps out.
Yeah well Thanks.
This is the Tallahassee update.
Okay, good.
Listen, did you clean up my shit in Washington? That incident with you and Riddlemeyer at Camp Dalton? Yeah, I put on my rubber gloves and did some heavy scrubbing.
You're welcome.
- Where's Rachel? - Waiting for Mark Smith's PCR results.
Ok, let's get started.
Tallahassee: 6 dead, 16 sick.
3 new fatalities in Boston, 5 in San Francisco.
Alright! Mark Smith had Sinatra traces in his blood, concentration in 1 kidney.
Guess we're still in business.
So what've we got? Our swinger Pete Braungart's immune system was weakened because he had CGD.
Babies in Boston and the Philippines get the virus but they don't die from it because of their immature immune system.
And now our new best friend Mark Smith carried the virus in his kidney but it did not manifest.
Why not? San Francisco medical records confirm he did not have CGD, was not on Interferon.
What else? Uh, childhood immunity.
He didn't look Filipino, where was he from? Toledo.
Maybe he spent part of his childhood in the Philippines and developed immunity.
- Get on that.
Look into his history.
- No need.
Rachel I want you to check for antibodies to any tropical diseases.
That'll let us know if he was there or not.
Other reasons? Maybe his immune system was weak.
Undiagnosed HIV/AIDS.
I'll look into that too.
If it was that serious, he'd be medicated.
Bob I want you to look for meds in his system.
There was nothing indicated in his medical records.
No, check him Bob.
Maybe he didn't tell anybody.
Now have we been able to connect him to any of the patients in Florida or Boston? No, not yet.
And what was he doing in the Philippines? I'll keep crosschecking patient profiles for Tallahassee and Bean Town.
I'll chase down the Philippines connection.
Very good.
Rachel, I want you on diseases.
Bob, you're on meds.
Carlos I'd like to take another look at that virus.
Let's get to work.
Test these blood samples for antibodies to Dengue, Malaria, HIV.
Yes, any drugs or toxins.
Thank you.
And we'll need the results as soon as possible.
Thanks, have a good day.
I'm here in Sutter Washington with Dr.
Joanna Sabean, regional case officer for the Centre for Disease Control.
Sabean, I understand that mayor Alice Walker called in the CDC, saying it was raining dead birds.
We're testing 20 birds for avian flu but H5N1 is rarely found in wild fowl.
- Exactly.
- So it's little likelihood What's going on? But if it is, could this be the start of something bigger, something we don't know about? Why is she trying to scare people like that? - It's TV news, that's what they do.
- Mayko, Mayko! - The deliveries are here.
- What deliveries? - By a bike courier.
- Oh, he's here.
- Yes.
- Oh sorry.
Excuse me.
Sign here please.
- Hey! Milo.
- Hey.
Are you expecting something? Don't think this one is for you, is it? No.
- Well, what? - Sorry, sorry.
No I'm just I'm training for the Muskoka Ironman, right? And so I'm on my bike, like, 5 nights a week.
I thought it might be fun to Go for a ride after work, together, sometime.
So, after I've been on my bike all day, I go for a bike ride just for fun? - Is that what you're saying? - You could pace me.
- I could do that I guess.
- I mean, you know, if you wanted to.
- Have you ever done the Rouge Valley? - No, downtown boy don't do valleys.
I see.
Well there's a first time for everything.
- What are we talking about? - Tomorrow, after work? Cool.
You know where to find me.
Right? Yeah.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Okay? Thank you.
- What's with Mayko? - She's drooling over the bike courier.
Can't say that I blame her.
- Rachel.
- Yeah.
What'd you get out of those tissue samples? No HIV, no Hep-C.
- Well that was expected.
- No signs of any prior infection with tropical diseases.
So we can rule out a childhood in the Philippines.
Maybe we could figure out what he was up to on his most recent visit.
Wes is on it.
Philippine immigration says Mark Smith never registered in a hotel.
So, what was he doing there? Exactly.
- You got it? - I got it.
This is a SNPs analysis from Mark Smith's pancreas His gallbladder And his kidney.
No, that doesn't match his DNA.
- They gave you the wrong guy's kidney.
- And they sent along this.
Oh! Well that's a um That's a polycystic kidney, in very bad condition.
Right! The surgeons leave them in.
Good work! - Kidney transplant? - That's what I said.
So Mark Smith had a kidney transplant from somebody who died of Sinatra? Don't think so.
The donor probably looked healthy.
Whoever the donor was probably had the disease as a child.
He looked healthy but he was carrying a dormant virus.
- But it woke up in Mark Smith.
- So why wasn't he sick? He probably had mild symptoms like cold but the immunosuppressants that were keeping his body from rejecting the kidney transplant kept his immune system from overreacting.
He was just sick enough to infect others.
I don't see how the person who did the transplant didn't notice the virus.
It's impossible to see without a DNA or an RNA test.
- So Mark Smith is patient zero? - No, the donor is patient zero.
If this was a multiple donor then that would explain outbreaks in Boston and Tallahassee.
- A liver here, a lung there.
- That makes sense.
Now we've just got to back it up with facts.
I want you to run a mitochondrial DNA analysis of Mark Smith's kidney transplant.
Look for geographical and ethnic origins.
- Where's Bob with the toxicology tests? - He's not back yet.
I'll check the transplant lists in Boston and Tallahassee.
Katarina was the first to die.
She must've known a transplant recipient.
If she did, I'll find 'em.
Mayko, I need you to check the patients.
See if they had any contact with a transplant recipient.
We might have a dozen more human time bombs out there ready to go off.
What's the time? - 3 minutes, 10.
- Oh shit, I've gotta break 3.
Hey Mayko, don't kill me in the process okay.
What's that? There.
Oh, it's Golani Brigade.
- You were in the Israeli army? - Yeah.
Before university when I was 18, I went over there.
After basic training I spent a year in the occupied territories.
Kind of came back a different person.
Like? Like I applied to the Munk Centre for International Relations.
- And give up being a bike courier.
- I know, you know.
Most people, they don't see past the bike courier.
You know.
They look at me and think I'm I don't know, like some kind of monkey or something like that.
Well quit whining monkey.
I'm still trying to find a life outside of work.
Okay, let's ride.
Hang on.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's okay.
Oh fuck.
- What happened? - I just got I just slipped.
It's from the bomb.
- You want me to help you out? - No.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
I had no idea.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
It's Why? My God, people were blown to bits.
This is This is nothing.
I'm never really quite sure how to mention it though, you know? Hi, I think you're hot and I've got an amputated leg.
This is not Is this too weird for you? Too weird? No.
After what I saw in the army this is this is normal tuesday afternoon stuff.
- You wanna get up? - Yeah.
Thank you.
You good? - What's up? - So, I did both a Y-DNA, and MT-DNA haplotype tests.
Both the R1A1 and HVR2 haplogroups suggest that the kidney came from a male of Asian origin.
- There you go.
- And Bob found Rapamune, which is an immunosuppressant used by transplant patients in the blood.
- So it's transplant tourism eh? - Looks like it.
Another thing.
Mayko found that 2 of the sick people in Tallahassee had the same dentist.
He was on sick leave for 2 months and just recently came back.
- Did they pick him up yet? - No.
His wife wants us to talk to her lawyer.
Don't dentists take precautions? But masks and gloves are useless if you're not trained to put them on properly like, not use your hands.
What have you got Wes? I had the FBI check into Mark Smith's credit card records.
- Remind me to tell you about the birds.
- Birds? - A favour for a friend of mine.
- Okay.
4 months ago there was a 15,000$ deposit to a transplantfacilitator.
- 15,000 bucks? - That's just the deposit.
For $140 000 they will find you a new kidney.
- You want a heart, that's 290.
- Is that legal? Well it's just a service so technically, yes.
As long as you're not buying an actual organ.
How do we contact transplantfacilitator.
com? - They're in Vegas.
- Figures.
Call them.
- I'd like to sit with him face to face.
- Why? Because the last time I called him he hung up on me.
You can tell by the black and white head and the markings, - the short beak and the pointed tail.
- Beautiful.
I love the smell of formaldehyde.
Reminds me of my marriage.
What do you mean? Nothing, it's a dumb joke.
I'm just in the middle of a very messy break-up.
I can relate.
My mom and I didn't speak for a month once.
So parasites, what kind? Rice breast.
You guys see this CDC bulletin? No new reported cases of Sinatra.
- We contained it.
- For now we have.
So, we can focus on a vaccine? Focus on a vaccine.
What's with the birds? Carlos wants us to do a virus check.
- From Washington State.
- What? A friend of his wants us to check for any type-A avian virus jumpers, 2000 candidates.
What friend? I don't know.
He said he was talking to you about this.
Right! Yeah.
The birds, the birds.
He never got around to it.
Hey Bob, you in tonight? - Totally in.
- You play poker, Rachel? You like ribs? If you cook 'em right.
Give her directions to my place.
See you tonight.
That's very interesting.
He didn't even ask you to bring the baked beans.
- You make coleslaw? - To die for.
It's gonna be fun.
Mayko, I thought we were here to play poker.
But listen to me! Every 30 seconds an African kid dies of Malaria.
- Ok? - Yes.
Do you know that that is a million a year? Nations' wars, they're about as irrelevant as a sports page.
Come on.
The Middle East could blow sky-high tomorrow! It's a regional hiccup.
Sorry, 5 million kids a year die of diarrhea, measles, easy stuff to cure.
That is the real problem in the world.
- Is Iran building a nuclear bomb? - I don't know, but global warming is causing hurricanes and floods and crop failures.
And huge refugee populations that are vulnerable to pandemics! - Right.
- I am talking about a massive die-off that will change the course of life on this planet.
- Right.
So am I! - Global pestilence! Right.
Global warfare! We're dealing with a lit fuse here.
I need the names of every person you sent to the Philippines for a transplant.
I'm bound by the confidentiality agreements I sign with all my clients.
Just give me the name of the clinic in Manila.
I don't send people to clinics.
I send them to a broker who makes the local arrangements.
What kind of a bullshit business are you running? Well we've created a very efficient market that matches buyers and sellers.
Hit me.
So what's with the birds? A friend of mine from the CDC.
Hit me.
I put a report on your desk.
- Carlos, cuida tu lenguaje.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Carl called after you left.
- How's the divorce going? - It reminds her of formaldehyde.
- No this was strictly business.
He wants me to hand over all the Sinatra data to Klay BioMedical in Baltimore.
It's a pretty good vaccine lab.
He used to sit on the board of directors.
Carlton called to 'nice' me on the telephone the other day.
Well, sure.
3 major cities need the vaccine now, so there's a pile of cash in it for whoever gets it out there.
Give him all our data.
You want me to copy Jenner Pharma, Norton Rab? That's a good idea.
May the best lab win.
Here's how it's gonna go down, Regis.
I've got CNN on my speed dial.
I'll call my contacts at the NY Times and I will have this story planted: "Go to the Philippines with Transplantfacilitator.
"Get a black market organ and watch your family die a terrible death.
" Look, Skip, you don't scare me.
I'm not finished.
It's totally corrupt and disgusting.
It's supply and demand, Carlos.
Bare-knuckle capitalism.
Kidney, who's got a kidney? I heard that in Manila, when cops shoot a criminal, they harvest organs - before contacting next-of-kin.
- Come on.
What about the thousands of helpless people on waiting lists for organs? I mean, 15% of them die.
- Well, thus the grey market.
- Black market.
Then I'm gonna get a top class action lawyer and I am gonna put him in touch with the families of all the victims.
You'll never stop people in poor countries from selling their organs to the rich.
A healthy lung will feed a family of 5 for months.
Spoken like a true compassionate conservative.
How do we help the poor we buy their organs? Well, the price is right.
There are victims in 3 states.
That's 6 senators and a whole busload of congressmen.
I'll make sure that there are public hearings.
It's gonna cost your company millions of dollars to fight this.
How do you regulate people in India who get hit on the head and wake up with - a scar where their kidney used to be? - How do you feel about women selling their placentas for stem cell research? Well, that's out of bounds.
Hypocrites! - It's a theological issue.
- Faith-based science? Not in my shop.
A cell is a cell is a cell.
Not in the eyes of the Creator.
- Are you done? - I am.
The king of kings holds.
You're gonna go down, Reg.
I promise you that.
The question is: Do you wanna go down hard or would you like me in your corner to help you down smoothly? Keep it simple.
- This is really depressing, isn't it? - Come here.
See, I kind of find it oddly arousing.
Mayko? I don't really feel like poker.
Mayko! What do you have, Rachel? 21! Divine intervention.
The invisible hand of the free market.
- How much? - 60 bucks.
How much a beggar in Karachi could get for a chunk of his liver.
Your deal, Bob.
It's been a long time? - Is it that obvious? - No, no, it's just We, we got all the time in the world.
I want you Right now.
Oh my god! You okay? You okay? What happened, Mayko? What happened? What's the matter? I get I, oh god! I get these shooting pains.
- Below the knee.
- Okay, just come here.
It's right - It's right Yeah.
- Right here? Right here? Look, I know I'm a head case.
Just rub the thing, please.
I'm sorry, I just This is fucking crazy.
May Mayko! Dios mio! Mira quien esta aqui.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
You look good.
- You too.
How was your trip? - It was good.
Come, let's go in the conference room.
They were right.
I checked the results myself.
It's not bird flu.
I know, but there's more to this.
What? I really think, and I know you're gonna think this sounds crazy.
What, Joanna? I think there's some kind of cover-up going on.
Another conspiracy.
- Don't patronize me, Carlos.
- Joanna Sorry, am I interrupting? No.
This is Joanna, an old friend of mine.
We were residents together at Duke.
- David SandstrÃm.
- Head Scientist at NorBAC.
What brings you here? The birds in Washington.
Joanna is the regional caseworker for the CDC.
I've only been on the job 6 months.
I saw the story on the news.
No H5N1 though, right? But what's not on the news is that there's also sick people.
What kind of sick people? High fever.
Loss of sensation in the extremities.
Sounds like meningitis.
It's not.
The official line is the birds are not infecting humans.
Once we determined it wasn't H5N1, Governor Gibson called my superior in Washington.
The next thing I know, my investigation's been shut down.
Why? Tourist season.
Joanna is famous for jumping to conclusions.
Maybe 15 years ago.
Don't worry about it.
He says the same thing about me.
The birds and the people are still sick.
If it's not avian flu, what is it? - Could it be environmental? - Well, exactly! And that strand of my investigation is being shut down by the EPA.
First the CDC.
Now the EPA.
What do you think's going on? Whatever it is, it stinks.
I don't care if it costs my job.
And I'm not being impetuous.
What do you want from us? I'm a nobody at the CDC.
You guys have pull.
I need your help.
I'll find Bob, see what he's got.
- Coffee? - Tea.
You want me to weigh in on your behalf at the CDC.
You know anyone there? I know how to get Carl Riddlemeyer.
Cream and sugar? Sugar.
The new science czar.
Really? He's new to the job.
Doesn't know shit from shinola.
He'll do anything to avoid bad publicity.
Right, Rachel? - Hi.
I'm Rachel Woods.
- Joanna Sabean.
Joanna is the one who sent us the birds.
Now the CDC is trying to shut her up.
It's a weird time.
Bush hates science.
That doesn't agree with what his neo-con cronies tell him.
Well, that's a bit of an oversimplification, but He's taken an axe to every research department that isn't dedicated to the Defense.
All the good people are leaving.
The ones that stay are ass-kissers.
I'll be sure and tell my friends who stayed.
You're not the type that holds back, are you? What good does it get ya? Guys.
Bob's ready for us.
- Right this way.
- Thanks.
How well do you know her? No, don't even think about it.
It was that obvious, eh? Like a dog chasing hot tires.
Ah man.
That is one exceptionally beautiful public health official.
- Yes, she's very pretty.
- No.
Daffodils are pretty.
She is something else entirely.
We got a fractional chemical analysis on this Double-Crested Cormorant.
A wonderful, graceful bird by the way.
It can dive and feed at a 100 feet for 5 minutes.
And this a Hooded Merganser.
The readings were extreme.
- Methyl mercury.
- 'Scuse me.
They've never seen concentrations like this.
They're off the dial.
No, it's not.
Oh, hi! Sorry, how'd you get past security? Israeli commando.
We can walk through walls.
Look, I uh, I called.
- I left a message, like, twice.
- Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I just I kinda felt weird about - the whole thing.
- Okay.
I know how you feel.
And don't! Okay? - I, but Milo, I - Just Look You're amazing.
And that's all I wanted to say.
And I don't know, you know, and - Oh god.
- Oh, there's security.
I could take him out but I'm just gonna go.
- And I'll Just call me, okay? - Okay.
Yeah? See ya.
So that's it? If Katarina Zvorkovec was the last link, that's it.
She was his mistress for a little over a year.
- What kind of transplant did he get? - Small bowel transplant.
So that's it.
Good work busting Mr.
Transplant, by the way.
To tell you the truth, I rather enjoyed myself.
You're turning into a regular rat terrier, Wes.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Step up from a rat.
Speaking of which Alright.
That went extremely well.
Image is everything.
Well, I like the image I can get with an electron microscope, so I'll shut up.
As long as I'm here, what's this about corruption in the EPA and the CDC? - You talked to Rachel? - And I made a couple of calls.
I don't see the problem.
You don't see doors slamming on a junior person seems have a pretty good case a problem? My understanding is that the CDC said that there was no Avian Flu outbreak.
- Did your lab not confirm that? - Yes but Did NorBAC not agree with this finding? We found massive levels of mercury contamination in those birds.
- EPA was slow off the mark, granted.
- Granted?! That's nice and goddamn convenient.
Let's keep it nice and calm.
That's the way I like to work.
We've got birds and possibly people loaded with lethal levels of mercury.
We've got to find out where it's coming from.
No one is questioning the need for an investigation.
Indeed, Governor Gibson is a good friend of mine.
He assures me that things will be handled locally.
You know what? I think your pal the Governor doesn't want anybody fucking with his tourist season.
We're going out there tonight.
Why don't we strategize on this together? Good idea.
I'll call you when I'm there.
Can't believe you're not even listening.
- Why should I listen to this? - Because I know him and you.
No, correction! You knew me 12 years ago! I don't think it's appropriate in a professional setting to be having - a relationship with someone.
- Fuck, that's bogus latino machismo.
Look - Sometimes David uses women.
- And sometimes I can use men.
So? - You and your secrets.
- My personal life is my personal life.
What are you so afraid of? Double-double.
Everything alright? Just to clear the air, Joanna and I were married for 3 years.
How could I not know this about you? He has a very big closet.
- She's the one who kicked me out of it.
- The marriage and the closet.
Well, bravo to you.
Thank you.
Details? I think you know enough.
Man of mystery.
He thinks that you and I have a lot in common.
Really? Timothy Bosch.
Executive Assistant to the Governor.
How old are you, Tim? - 29.
- Wow.
You're moving fast.
My father and Governor Gibson went to law school together.
Nothing like a little nepotism to jump-start the all career, eh? A lot of people are cynical about government.
Not me.
I want to make a difference.
You're gonna do that by babysitting us? I just think, you'll find that doors open a lot easier when you bring along the guy with all the keys.
What do you think? Timothy wouldn't take my calls this time last week, so what's not to like? Alright.
Well, don't worry about it.
We'll lose him the moment his back is turned.
- Where are we headed? - Mountain View Hospital.
We want to look at those patients that aren't part of a massive cover-up.
Classic Minimata presentation.
- I'll just wait outside.
- Actually Tim, I think it would be good if you stayed right here.
Get a first-hand account for the Governor.
20 parts per million.
We could use this kid's blood in a thermometer.
I'm going to need to see all the results from neurology.
David, I think it's better if I stay and - try to set up some kind of treatment.
- Chelation therapy? I don't see an option.
- Sorry, Chelation therapy? - Oh, they put a chemical in his blood to sop up the mercury.
So you can do something? Well to a certain extent.
But young Kyle here can look forward to many years of suffering before he finally gets cured.
We gotta figure this out fast.
We can see the others.
Dwight and Gavin Leopold came in the other day.
Neither one of them have been sick a day in their lives, so they say.
- First time's a bitch.
- Yes.
- Dwight? - Yes.
I've brought in some specialists that wanna find out what happened to you.
So they have to ask you a few questions.
Alright with that? - Kyle's your grandson? - Yes.
- He go duck hunting with you? - No, he's too young.
He stayed at home with his momma.
- But he ate the duck? - Yeah.
He loves it.
The duck was contaminated with mercury.
You've been poisoned, so we need to know where the ducks came from.
I'm not a cop, Dwight.
Where'd you shoot the ducks? Krauts.
They fence off land I've hunted my whole life.
Bastards can't keep us out.
The Elgin Wilderness was one of the last great tracts in the Cascades.
Couple of years ago, a local consortium sold it to German casino operators.
Pissed a lot of people off.
Locals used to go hunting and fishing here.
Now there's a big fence.
Around 90 square miles of the most beautiful country in the state.
- They only got 150 million for this? - Plus a share of the revenues.
So Dwight and his buddies came hunting up here.
Okay, the ducks are what? They, they summer here? And then what? They come to the lake to feed? - Weeds and fish could be laced with it.
- The lake's the source of the mercury? I'm say it's a pretty good candidate.
But there's no way.
EPA would have had to have tested the water as part of the land sale.
Surely, they would have found it.
Maybe they missed something.
Got any more doors you wanna open for us, Tim? I gotta get that! - What?! - Oh David, I need to speak to Joanna.
Basically to tell her she was right about the EPA cover-up.
That's some sort of airborne contamination.
I want you to get samples from each sites.
Compare that to the mercury in water.
We find a match, we'll find out who's milfing Mother Nature.
Governor Gibson is part of an investment group that sold that tract of land to a casino and resort developer over 3 years ago.
You feel like coming up to Toronto for a visit anytime soon? - Not really.
- We may never see each other again.
That's what makes it so hot.
You're experiencing a phenomenon known as phantom limb pain.
This is not a phenomenon Gordon.
I told you the pain is real.
Conventional medicine isn't gonna solve what's going on up here.
I got the head office call.
They're taking me off the Mercury case.
- When did this happen? - They need help with a C.
difficile outbreak in a hospital in Racine, Wisconsin.
That was the hospital in Racine.
Joanna's in quarantine there.
She's infected with CDAD.