Regular Show (2010) s06e07 Episode Script

Eileen Flat Screen

Okay! Let me get a honk-honk in here 'cause you goosed it! It's time to announce the winner of the city college modern dance competition! Now I don't want to pigeonhole anyone but first prize today goes to Eileen Roberts, with the dance "Chewed Gum"! To say you blew away the competition wouldn't be os-trich! Let's see how well you dance after a year of sitting in front of your very own flat-screen tv! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! Eileen flat screen! Thanks for coming, everyone! and to all you losers today, don't rooster on your laurels 'cause there's always next year! Eileen, that was awesome! Yeah, I knew you were gonna win as soon as you came out of that giant gum wrapper.
Nice work, I-loin! Thank, guys! I was never into TV before but that was just 'cause I din't have the right equipment.
I wish I could go watch it right now but i've go to get to work.
Don't worry about it Eileen.
I'll drop it off at your place for you.
Really? Yeah, of course.
Wow, thanks, Rigby.
I've got to run.
See you guys later.
Give me a hand with this, will you, Mordecai? That was really nice of you to offer to help Eileen.
Well, I'm not actually gonna drop it off.
What, Rigby? Eileen worked hard for this.
You can't just No, I'm not just gonna drop it off.
I'm gonna install it for her.
To surprise her when she gets home from work.
You are? We can watch some flat creen, maybe get some pizza.
It'll be awesome! That will be awesome.
That might be the nicest thing you've ever done.
Like you said, she worked hard for this.
Be careful, Mordecai, there's a step behind you.
Okay, that's enoght dude.
You're freaking me out.
Hang on.
Let me get the key.
You kow where Eileen keeps her house key? Yeah, I water her plants sometimes when she goes out of town for a dance invitational or whatever.
Wait, I thought Eileen didn't have a TV? Oh, yeah.
That's Joanne's.
Who's Joanne? Eileen's new roommate.
She's this beast who leaves all her junk everywhere and uses Eileen's hand towels to dry her butt.
Is this her? Ugh, yeah! That's her all right.
What a donkey.
You know she ate an entire thing of Eileen's peanut butter but she won't even let her near the the tv.
One time we were just hangin' out.
It's starting! The carter and briggs reunion special! Wait, Rigby, don't! Not here.
But there's a tv sitting in front of us and a carter and briggs special going on inside it! Eileen, come on! Thow a riga bone! Okay, I guess since Joanne's out of town it'll be all right.
I knew it! Joanne! I thougth you were at the beach! I was at the beach, until I realized something like this might happen! How could I enjoy the surf and sun knowing you could be here, messing with my tv! I'm sorry! I didn't think it Next time, that remote will be your face.
To clarify, next time I'll slap your face.
I didn't even make that up.
That's exactly what happened.
Okay, so I guess we shouldn't touch any of Joanne's stuff.
Yeah, I think if we just put the flat screen on the wall over here it'll be cool.
I can't believe she still has one of these junky old hanatronics.
This must be first generation it's so old.
I told you, she's a beast.
Her tv's probably too scared to die on her.
Let me just grab my tools so we can get mounting.
Wow Rigby, those almost look real.
And what's up with that whip? It's my utility whip! It has a thousand uses! Eileen and I got it at a renaissance faire.
When did you go to a ren faire? And why are you two always hanging out without me? You and C.
are always together, doin' your thing.
What am I supposed to do.
Hang out by myself? Hey, hey, cool it! Rigby, show us your whippin' skills.
Yeah Rigby, whip it out.
Whip pleasure.
Let's focus on putting up that flat screen.
Eileen flat screen! Now to plug it in and try it out.
Joanne's giant plug is plugging up the whole plug! Just move it down to the bottom.
They'll both fit.
I'll slap your face! Isn't there another outlet in here? This one looks kind of full.
All right, whatever! I'm not gonna be threatened by some socket hog! And that's that.
What are you doing? Joanne! Did you touch my tv? No.
You better not, because the hand that touches my tv is a hand you'll never get back.
And by that I mean I'm ripping it off your body and keeping it.
Look Joanne, I didn't What's that? What's that? Move it, shrimp.
No! Wait! I knew it! You mess with my tv, I mess with yours! No, not the flat screen! Joanne, stop! We can talk this out! She's alredy half way up the street! Get out.
Is verything all right? I said get out! Don't hurt me! Come on, Rigby, let's go! Dude, why're you bringin' that thing? Is she's gonna mess with Eileen's flat screen, we're gonna mess with her hanatronic.
Oh, Joanne's gonna slap a face today! Where's she even going? There's no way to know.
She doesn't think like the rest of us.
Just follow her! Look out! Nice try.
Teeth! Teeth! What happened? Where'd she go? There she is, on the bridge! Joanne! Stop! I'll teach you to mess with other people's stuff! Come on Joanne.
Let's take it easy with the flat screen.
We were wrong to touch your tv, okey? Haven't you ever made a mistake before? The only mistake I made was leaving my tv alone with that no-respect mooch-wad Eileen! Hey look.
I know you wouldn't want anything to happen to your tv, just like we wouldn't want anything to happen to Eileen's tv.
I get it Joanne, this thing has been your best friend since you were a baby.
It entertained you when you were bored, it made you laugh when you were sad, and maybe, just maybe, it hepl's you forget for a minute that you are a hideous monster.
What do you say, Joanne? Let's just swap TVs and move on, okey? No one needs to get hurt here.
Not! No! Eileen's tv that she won in a dance competition! That was close.
- Whoa, Rigby! - Nice whip action! Whatever.
Just give my tv back.
She really liked that old tv, huh? Oh no! The ghost of my family's inheritance lawyer! No! She failed sir.
Joanne! What have you done? Grandpa hanatronic, I can explain! Wait.
Is your last name "Hanatronic"? Uh yeah, hello? Joanne Hanatronic? Heir to the Hanatronic television dynasty? Did you know that was her name? I just thought it was a weird coincidence! Enough! Why is our priceless family television sitting at the botom of this river? It's still good? You have disgraced the family name.
Now you must give up your modern lifestyle and by that, I mean the shared rental unit you inhabit with that commoner.
No! Get in the limo.
Are all my horses still there? They are.
What just happened here? I'm glad you asked! When Joanne asked to live on her own amongst the, shall we say, "lower classes".
We allowed it, as long as she continued to protect the family's most prized heirloom.
The original television her family's company produced.
In retrospect we probably should have kept it in a safe.
As a result, she will no longer inherit the company.
What's gonna happen to her? She will be punished with a life of opulence and leisure at the Hanatronic family manor.
She'll be fine.
Now I get why she didn't want you touchin' her stuff.
What's going on? Surprise! Check it out Eileen! Your tv's all set up! Don't worry 'bout the installs, it's ready for your eyeballs! You guys didn't have to go to so much trouble! Thank you! It was all Rigby's idea.
Really? And as an added bonus, Joanne's not your roommate anymore! Yes! I mean, that's cool, too.
Care to do the honors? And now let's hear from some holiday shoppers down at the mall! Lines are long.
It's too crowded and it smells weird.
Hey mom.
Look! I'm on tv.
The local news! This is the best surprise ever.
Well, we wanted to order a pizza and have it ready for you when you got here, but we didn't quite plan ahead.
Or did we? Pizza guy! Whoa Rigby! Impressive! Seriously.
This was all really cool.
I'm proud of you man.
Thanks Mordecai.
Now can I borrow some money for the pizza guy? Guess things are back to normal.
If this is normal.
Then I'm really happy with normal.
Hello? We'll get that.
Should I grab some plates? I've got some soda in the fridge! Can you tell me how to get out of here? Looks like the usual holiday craziness, Phil.
From the two pines mall, this is Margaret Smith reporting live.
Stay warm out there Margaret.
Thanks Phil! It's good to be back in town.

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