Reign (2013) s04e05 Episode Script

Highland Games

1 - Previously on Reign - Leeza will no longer require - Claude to join a convent.
- Leeza wants Claude wed.
Tell Leeza no! Tell her you promised me! Claude, a promise will not bring Leith back to you.
LUC: I will prove myself to be a loyal husband.
Would you mind if I kissed you now? We thought you were dead.
Claude has married my son Luc.
Claude is wed.
It is my duty to ensure they have a long and happy marriage.
- Take him away.
- No! - Claude! - CATHERINE: Charles.
I heard that you had taken to your bed.
Do you realize what people are whispering about you? - Enough! - (Screams) MARY: How goes the courting of Mrs.
Knox? The closer you get to her, the closer you get to her husband's secrets.
My boy's in there! Help! MARY: It's Darnley.
GREER: You're getting married.
I do wish you were happier about this.
What's it say, Mary? It says, "Be careful.
Darnley set his own fire to appear a hero.
" It's signed, "Loyal Watchman.
" Who have I agreed to marry? Are you finding any berries, love? Not so far away, Adrian.
(Tree branches snapping) - (Yelling) - Adrian! CHARLES: The mother should have been more careful.
There are bears in the woods, wolves.
CATHERINE: I don't think you understand.
The villagers are saying you took the child.
That's madness.
I've been in my chambers since last night.
There are witnesses.
Yes, to your strange behavior, your dark moods, your mysterious outings.
You roam the woods at night.
I go for walks to clear my mind.
And to hunt.
Yes, you said so yourself.
(Sighs) I'm not saying you're a beast that devours children, but the villagers do need convincing.
You haven't made a public appearance in months.
And those who have seen you are servants who saw you return to the castle with blood on your face, your mouth.
So when a child is snatched from the very woods that you creep, whispers begin: "Could it be the king?" Commoners always gossip about royals.
Nothing comes of it.
It's not just the commoners.
Only last night, I overheard two dukes educated, reasonable men discussing whether the king's ailment could be cured.
Or if a better solution were a silver bullet or a stake through his heart.
Which dukes? That's treason.
It's not the dukes you need to worry about.
It's your sister, the queen of Spain.
If she believes that you are possessed, there's no bargaining, no discussion.
The very inquisitors that have rained blood down on Spain will march into French court.
And no one, not even a king, will be safe.
I'll do whatever you say.
But you can't let Leeza know.
I think I bought us some time.
I convinced Leeza to take a tour of France's great cathedrals a "welcoming home" gift from the clergy.
But we need to move quickly.
Repairing your reputation is not an easy task.
I have dispatched my finest huntsman to track whatever it was that took the child.
Once we have the beast, then we will present our proof to the villagers.
We need to prove that you're not a monster by showing them what you really are, a king.
A series of regal appearances ceremonies, commendations.
Can you do that? Yes.
I'll try.
NARCISSE: I'll make the arrangements.
Charles, tell me what's wrong.
You're my son and I want to help you.
There is no helping me.
MARY: I read about the games in my mother's letters.
JAMES: People come from all over, but more this year than ever, because of you.
Their rightful queen's first time hosting the Highland Games.
Nobles, clan leaders and commoners alike - all prouder than ever to be Scots.
- Good.
I plan to announce my engagement at the banquet.
While the memory of Lord Darnley's heroic acts at the harvest festival are still fresh in everyone's minds.
Admittedly, saving a child from a burning building makes quite the first impression.
And many commoners have embraced him, but the nobles are not so quickly swayed.
My return has inspired the people.
But that will fade unless I give them a cause to rally around.
When I announce my engagement, I will present my cause, the English throne.
If you publicly state your claim, Elizabeth will take that as an act of war.
I won't state it openly.
I'll merely allude to Darnley's royal English ancestry.
And my clan leaders will understand my intentions.
The promise of conquering England making it easier for them to accept your English groom.
Be sure, Mary.
As an unmarried queen, your choice of husband is a defining decision in your reign.
Once it's announced, it will be difficult to turn back.
You've only just met the man.
You don't know who he is.
Someone else agrees with you.
This letter claims that Darnley started the fire that made him a hero.
If you're thinking that I sent this, you're wrong.
I want to know the source.
I had the royal messenger inspect the seal.
He's never seen it before, but he noted the wax isn't common beeswax.
It's shellac from the African continent.
Very rare and hard to find here.
- I'll look into it.
- Please.
Whoever this "Loyal Watchman" is, he is an enemy of Darnley's.
Which means he is an enemy of mine.
Start with Knox.
He has schemed with letters before, and the outcome cost Lola her life.
I'll broach the subject with Emily Knox.
But do you think it's true? What it says about Darnley? It doesn't matter.
Marrying Lord Darnley is my best chance at taking Elizabeth's throne.
So, I will be marrying Lord Darnley.
(Sighing) I had a lovely time last night.
(Luc sighs) My mother certainly knows how to throw a party, doesn't she? I'm sorry.
I know we're married now, but the truth is We've only just met.
Claude, you don't need to pretend that everything is all right.
Things will be uncomfortable for a while.
And then, one day (sighing): they won't be.
I look forward to that day.
(Chuckles) - (Door opens) - (Gasps): Narcisse! LUC: Father! You should be announced.
I wanted to be the first to offer my new daughter-in-law a gift.
It was Luc's mother's favorite.
That's very kind.
Thank you.
I'll just leave it here.
Apologies for the interruption.
And, Luc, I need to speak with you once you're, uh dressed.
(Door closes) There is a slight hitch concerning your nuptials.
Leith Bayard is alive.
- Leith Bayard - Ah.
The man Claude was involved with? Yeah, he came hobbling back into court last night.
But don't worry, I managed to intercept him, had him thrown in the dungeons.
- Why would you do that? - An impulse, really.
Enacted to allow you to consummate - No, you must release him now.
- No.
You are going to release him.
And tell Claude that he's alive.
It's important that you appear to be a good man right now.
- I am a good man.
- That's the spirit.
Oh, and be sure to tell him you knew none of this until right now.
- I didn't have any idea! - Which will help keep your wife from turning against you.
My wife, who just learned the man she loves is alive.
But you can't let that get in the way of everything we've achieved.
A royal marriage.
Let the blame for detaining Leith fall on me.
It is on you, you-you power-grasping See? We're on the same page.
Now go, play the hero.
I will release Leith and I will tell Claude.
Because it is the right thing to do.
Agreed again.
(Festive music playing) (Indistinct conversations) MAN: The queen is here! MARY: Welcome, my people, to the Highland Games! - (Cheering) - MAN: Hooray, Your Majesty! It is said that the first Highland Games were held by King Malcolm III over 500 years ago.
The games continue in this spirit today.
We do not compete for personal glory.
Nor for the pride of our clans.
But for the strength of Scotland! (Cheering) MARY: I would like to add to this tradition of strength and unity by formally announcing my engagement to Lord Darnley.
(Crowd murmuring) The heir to the earldom of Lennox, descendant of the Royal House of Tudors, and the future king consort of Scotland.
Our marriage will mark a new day, not just for Scotland, but for all who live on this isle.
Under my rule, Scotland will find strength in unity.
(Cheering) Together, we will prevail over the bastards who stand against us! And so, I ask for your support in this union and for Scotland! (Cheering raucously) MAN: Your Grace.
Your Grace.
I am no orator, only a soldier.
I live to serve you and my country with blood.
But I've heard of this Englishman, born of a man who was once a Scot.
Yes, Queen Mary speaks of his "fine" heritage but fails to mention his father.
Matthew Lennox betrayed his own country and his kin rather than fight the English.
(Murmuring) In Lord Darnley's veins runs that coward's blood.
I am well aware of this incident, and a man is not his father.
But a son learns at his father's knee.
How are we to believe you won't side with the bastard Elizabeth to save your own skin? Just as your spineless father sided with Henry VIII in the war of the Rough Wooing? My father's honor was his to lose.
But I cannot allow you to dishonor my name or my character.
Earn my respect then, as I earn the respect of my men.
In combat! Duels only lead to dead men, not respect.
Fists then.
A boxing match.
If you win, I bend the knee.
But if I win, you will withdraw your marriage offer to Queen Mary.
- This is ridiculous - I accept! (Men cheering and laughing) How could you agree to such an idiotic challenge? I had no choice.
If I hadn't I would've lost the respect of every man in that room.
If you lose, I will still marry you.
But you will have made it very difficult for us.
I won't lose.
And when I win, Lord Taylor will pledge his support and all the others will follow suit.
Scotland will unite behind our marriage.
He does have his father's history to overcome.
You knew that when you chose him.
Chose me, like a prize pony.
JAMES: Once the challenge was made, Darnley had no choice but to accept.
How he's going to win, however, is another question.
Lord Taylor is one of the best boxers in Scotland.
I should know, he's beaten me three times.
I'm not worried.
- I am.
- I'm going to win.
I know how to fight.
And more importantly, I know how to put on a show and win people to my side.
James, could you excuse us? I'd like to talk to Darnley alone.
- (Door opens) - I do have a first name, you know.
- It's Henry.
- Darnley - (Door closes) - Darnley it is then.
Did you set that fire so you could play the hero? Put on a show.
Win people to your side? Yes.
I did.
I did it for our marriage, for us.
If it weren't for that fire, you wouldn't have felt confident enough to announce our engagement.
It endeared us to your people.
They need to love us, together, as a couple, if you want their support.
- You lied to me.
- Not outright.
Because I didn't ask you in the moment, "Darling, are you spreading a devastating fire for your benefit?" Look, Mary, if you want something enough, you have to be willing to break the rules.
We have battles to win; the last thing you should want is a reluctant partner at your side.
I'm going to forgive this deception.
But I will not accept shortcuts or dishonesty in the future.
If we must have this boxing match, then you will compete my way.
You will fight honorably.
And you will win honorably.
Can you accept that, Lord Darnley? As you will consider no other option your way it is.
Thank you for meeting me.
I only came to tell you that you must stop sending me messages.
I'm sorry.
But I had to see you.
There's a sealed letter I can't do this, James.
I can't stop thinking about you.
My thoughts of you, they are so sinful.
If you care for me at all, please let me go.
Let me help you with the child, sir, a lord shouldn't be saddled with servants' kinfolk.
Rose is my daughter.
Oh, my sweet little Rose.
No need to cart my daughter away; I've missed her too much.
Rose was an orphan, now our own.
I'm so happy to see you both.
We'll walk to the competition grounds after you drop off your things.
It's been a long journey, Greer.
Of course.
After you rest, then.
Look, another gift from your father.
It's beautiful, isn't it? Leith is alive.
- Leith? - When he arrived, my father had him locked up.
Claude, I swear I did not know until just now.
I've already ordered him released.
Released? Released from where? - The dungeon.
- He's here? In the castle? Yes.
(Panting) Leith? It's you.
(Crying): I thought you were dead.
I pictured your face a thousand times.
Don't ever leave me.
Claude, you're married.
I tried to stop it, but Narcisse, he Doesn't matter.
I will be with you.
Whatever it takes.
MARY: Wake up, Lord Darnley, it's nearly noon.
I've asked my brother James to help train you - for your fight with Lord Taylor.
- The man who lost to Taylor three times is going to teach me? He's been in the ring with Taylor, he can help with strategy.
Besides, I want to see if you can fight.
I like to know my odds.
Don't make them too heavy.
I just need to tire Darnley enough to better expose his weakness.
You look worried.
Don't be.
Even if Darnley loses the fight and his bet with Lord Taylor, I will find a way to make this marriage happen.
It's not that.
It's Emily Knox.
She's tormented with guilt.
If we continue, she might confess to Knox himself.
And then he'll realize that we've been using her - as a means to spy on him.
- I worry what he'd do to her.
I can't, in good conscience, push her any further.
All right.
We'll learn Knox's secrets some other way.
(Door opens) Tell me what to hit.
You have a good reach.
Which is your dominant hand? That depends.
Do I finally get to hit you with it? There's a chance - My right.
- Use it to keep distance between yourself and Taylor.
He's dangerous up close.
No, I use my left for defense.
I win with my right.
With a chance Step in and I'll show you.
To finally own it There's a place And we both know we're Almost There - (Grunts) - James! I'm fine.
Well, you're as good as you say you are.
I told you I could fight.
If you can hit him.
And that won't be easy remember, Taylor has never lost.
First time for everything.
We'll send word of when.
Ah, Catherine.
I was just How dare you lock Leith Bayard in the dungeon.
- Did you not think I would find out? - Eventually, yes.
But if you could save the tongue-lashing, I have some very good news from the huntsman.
Then I will be brief.
Claude has chosen Leith.
She married your son under false pretenses, and she shall have an annulment.
There is no point in us arguing over this; - it is a matter for the Church.
- And the king.
He listens to me now.
Charles will put his weight behind this.
Well, then perhaps I should withhold my news from the huntsman.
And perhaps I shall have your throat slit in your sleep.
Or let the villagers do it for me, when they come for all of us, to root out the beast we have protected.
The king's name will be cleared.
The bear that took the child has been found and killed.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
They found some of the boy's remains where a bear might be expected to keep them.
That's horrible.
But I trust it'll put an end to the gossip about Charles.
I'll arrange for a public announcement.
Charles and the huntsman side by side.
Do that.
It's time the people remember that my son is their king.
An annulment.
It's the only way.
The Church will never grant it.
We've already consummated our marriage.
Only we know that.
Say you couldn't perform.
You were insufficiently aroused.
No one would believe that; you're-you're too beautiful.
And you've had one annulment.
A second will not look good.
Your reputation will be tainted.
I don't care what people say.
Luc, I'm begging you to do this.
For your future happiness and mine.
I love another.
I always will.
All right.
I'll say I overindulged after the wedding.
I was too drunk to fulfill my husbandly duty.
And you'll have your annulment.
Thank you.
I told you, I don't need any more training.
I know how to fight.
If you want to win, you need to be prepared.
You may not know what you are up against.
Surprised to see me upright, coward? Thought you'd get away with trying to poison me to ensure victory? Poison you? That's nonsense.
A liar, too, I see.
Lord Taylor, please, what is the meaning of all this? Your fiancé tried to rig the fight.
(Scoffs) Go on.
Take a sip, see if you like what you put in my flask.
Unfortunately for you, my valet likes to down my liquor when I'm not looking.
Now the poor fool's doubled over with a gut pain so severe, I wonder if he'll survive.
Well, while I'm sorry to hear that you can't trust your help, I'm most pleased that you no longer have an excuse.
- An excuse for what? - Your defeat tomorrow.
I didn't poison anyone.
I'd fight you right now, if you'd like.
I intend to make an example out of you, Lord Darnley.
See, bastards and cheaters are not welcome on the Scottish throne.
(Sighs) How could you do this? Is this why you're so confident that you'll win? I poisoned no one.
I didn't cheat.
I gave you my word.
Considering your recent actions, your word isn't worth much.
- Mary, you need to believe me.
- I wish that I could.
But right now, I am wondering What kind of king have I chosen? Do you really believe that Darnley attempted to poison Lord Taylor? MARY: I believe that he will fight dirty to get what he wants.
He certainly doesn't have Francis' sense of honor.
Francis and I didn't always agree on everything, but I never doubted that he was trying to do the right thing.
Francis was your first love.
And you were like-minded in many ways.
Darnley is a grown man who has his own way of seeing the world.
As do you.
It's understandable that you two don't fit seamlessly together.
And you won't unless you're both willing to compromise.
What if we can't? What if we're too different? You won't know unless you give him a chance.
You're a good friend, Greer.
(Gasps) Yes.
This will be perfect.
Castleroy won't be able to take his eyes off you.
Is something wrong? Is he not joining us for the games tonight? No.
Not tonight.
He's still distant and You need to talk to him, Greer.
I know you've tried, but you need to keep on trying.
Hopefully, both Castleroy and Darnley can be better men, if we give them the chance to be.
(Dog barking in the distance) (Merry music, indistinct chatter) Waiter.
Refill, another.
You've had more than enough.
Ah, hello, Mother.
I came to see my son in the Highland Games with a queen at his side, winning over the Scottish people.
Imagine my disappointment to find he's fallen into his old habits.
- Drinking, picking fights? - Picking fights may be an old habit, but there's a new reason.
I heard the nobles will support your union with Mary if you fell a brute named Taylor.
Lovely country, Scotland.
It's not the place, it's Mary.
I tried.
Really, I did.
But everything's so black and white with her.
She's so judgmental and so overbearing.
I know that I'm a weapon for her against Elizabeth, but I am also a man.
A man that she'll control if I do not have my own power.
You've never cared for power before.
In fact, you've always taken the path of least resistance.
Not always.
I fought for Keira.
She lost faith and married another.
You will find love again, if not with Mary, then another.
I don't want to find love.
I want to be loved.
By the people.
That's all that matters.
They will see me as their king, Crown Matrimonial or not.
And the first step to winning over the people is winning the fight! Which will be so much easier sober.
Pay up.
My carriage is outside.
Waiter? A message for Lord Darnley.
Aah! Ugh CLAUDE: Leith.
Claude? Where How long have you? It's all going to work out.
Luc will say our marriage was never consummated, Charles has agreed to support the annulment, and we can be together.
Luc's going to lie.
That's decent of him.
He is a decent fellow.
The point is we can be together.
And we can do this as often as we like.
I was lost - (Grunts) - I'm sorry, I forgot you're still healing.
I'll be more careful.
Seems I just misread the signs So now I'm laying it on the line What is it? Maybe this isn't fair of me to say, but you wed another.
Won't you be mine Were you forced? It was that or the nunnery.
My God, why? On what grounds? When I thought you were dead, I felt dead, too.
It was nothing.
I love you, Leith.
Or does that not matter to you anymore because of some stupid empty ceremony? No.
Your love is all that matters.
It's the one thing that gave me the strength to fight my way back to health.
- Why didn't you send word to me? - Who could I trust? If my letter had fallen into the wrong hands I didn't know Martel was dead.
I love you, Claude.
You must believe that.
Show me.
So now I'm laying it on the line Won't you be mine? Won't you be mine? Let's just hold each other tonight.
We have all the time in the world.
Oh, oh Won't you be mine? (Indistinct conversations) - MAN: There he is.
- MAN 2: If it was one of us, we'd be burned at the stake.
You can do this.
Remember You are their king.
NARCISSE: All hail.
Charles, King of France.
(Scattered clapping) Good people.
I speak to you today, as your king, and your countryman, to share in the grief of your loss, the loss of an innocent child.
The terrible tragedy of a young life snuffed out so senselessly by a wild beast.
WOMAN: You're feeding us lies! (Crowd exclaiming) I understand your fears.
But I am determined to protect my people.
Which is why I've enlisted the finest huntsman in France to track down this bear.
(Crowd gasping) The same bear who attacked the small child in the clearing.
It will attack no more.
You can rest easy.
You are safe.
As your king, I can assure you.
MAN: You're lying.
It was you! Murderer! - WOMAN: You killed him.
- MAN: Monster! (Crowd clamoring) You! (Yelling) CATHERINE: Charles! Clear the way! Charles! - NARCISSE: Clear the way! - Charles! There is something wrong.
Please, darling, just tell me.
I simply can't talk about this any longer, Greer.
How many times must I say nothing is wrong? I understand that raising a child that is not one's own, especially a child that presents complications, can be difficult.
Having to explain things at every turn This isn't about Rose.
You're angry with me then? You haven't forgiven my indiscretion.
- I've told you, it's not that.
- Then tell me.
I beg of you.
I fear a wall has formed between us.
One that I have built, stone by stone.
Please stop.
I can't stand it another moment, you blaming yourself.
I've fallen in love with another.
Her name is Karen.
She is a widow, who works at the estate.
It started off innocently enough, just a friendship.
After all we have been through.
We have overcome so much.
And I love you.
Not enough, I'm afraid.
Since we reunited, you have been determined to love me.
It's not the same.
With her, I am truly loved for who I am now.
I'm sorry.
Are you asking for a divorce? - No.
- But you could.
You are Protestant.
And you are Catholic.
You could never marry again.
Perhaps I've taken all the chances at love that I deserve.
I'm sorry that I failed to love you in the way that you deserve.
Now that you have found it with another, I won't deny you your happiness.
I release you from this marriage.
But what will become of you? I have my daughter at my side.
And Mary here to protect us both.
You've given Rose and me your name and so much more.
I am forever in your debt.
(Knocks on door) Emily is everything all right? I just I had to see you.
Coming here is very dangerous for you.
If your husband found out I made sure that I wasn't followed.
I couldn't wait a moment longer.
James No amount of prayer can erase the images that flood my mind, day and night.
They're simply thoughts, Emily.
Scripture says that thought is sin as much as action.
And so if I am destined to burn in hell for all eternity, then there's no reason left to resist your touch.
No one must ever know.
I do not have time for this right now, Luc.
But an annulment is out of the question.
Not if we failed to consummate on our wedding night.
But you did not fail.
I, myself, saw the two of you in bed the morning after.
And as lord chancellor of France, I cannot perjure myself in this regard.
The king of France will support it.
The king is currently unavailable for such business.
No matter the hurdles, I intend to respect Claude's wishes to be with the man that she loves.
I assure, you, eventually the princess will get over her lowborn beau.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have matters of state to attend to.
You never cared for me or any of us after Mother died, and now you're only using me - for your benefit! - Yes I will benefit.
Because a royal marriage gives one political clout.
I will not be alive forever, and that power the kind afforded to very few in this very cold world will protect you and your descendants once I am gone.
Do not let Claude go.
They found Charles.
He's hiding in a cave deep in the north wood.
A cave? Well, why haven't they brought him back? Don't worry, he's surrounded.
He's not going anywhere.
The guards are afraid to force him out.
Some because he's their king, others They don't know what he is or what he's capable of.
(Sighs) They think he's a monster who will attack them.
He will only see you, alone.
Take me to him at once.
(Man coughing) Have you seen Lord Darnley? I was told he was brought here for an injury.
He returned to his chambers after treatment, Your Grace.
There's not enough room here with so many fallen ill.
Is it something we should be concerned about? Nothing more than a batch of rotten venison that made its way to the servants' dining hall.
Food poisoning.
Lord Taylor's valet is he afflicted with the same thing? Yes.
One of the first to take ill.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
I was wrong to accuse you.
You didn't spike Lord Taylor's flask.
You're going to fight honorably, as promised.
That nearly sounds like an apology.
I thought that queens were never wrong.
It's very rare.
Do you know who did this to you? One of Taylor's men? The big one.
I will arrest him after I've called off the fight.
We'll wait to gather their support until later.
No, arresting him won't help us win over the clan leaders.
I am going to fight.
Are you mad? With your hand like this, you'll lose.
I'd rather lose with honor than be thought of as a coward.
Like my father.
Darnley, you can't.
My father was once confronted with overwhelming odds.
He aligned with the English over his own Scotsmen.
That cowardice will define him for the rest of his life.
It poisoned him, poisoned his heart.
Win or lose I refuse to be that kind of man.
And Scotland will not accept me as king if I am.
You have my support.
Lord Darnley, it's time.
What do you mean the annulment isn't going to happen? It's my father.
He refuses to lie, now having seen us together.
If the lord chancellor is fighting the annulment, the odds are heavily stacked against it.
Now with Charles missing And unwell, I've heard.
We don't have the king's support.
All right, then, we'll run away together.
We could live a simple life - together forever.
- Claude, you're a princess.
Living as a commoner with nothing to your name? It's harder than you think.
LUC: Running away is the last thing you should do.
And if you're captured, you could be charged with infidelity and shipped straight to the nunnery that your sister was so intent to place you in.
That's a risk I'm willing to take.
And what about Leith? Are you willing to risk seeing him imprisoned, or worse, for his part in your abduction? I hadn't thought of that.
But I've thought of an alternative that will keep you both safe and together.
And how do we know we can trust you? Because being married to a woman who is in love with another isn't exactly the ideal union that I dreamed of either.
And so I propose an open marriage.
I can be with whomever I choose, while the pair of you can stay together, in secret, of course, all the while remaining here safely at court.
And what do you get out of it? There are advantages for me and my family, including any heirs that will share Claude's royal bloodline.
CLAUDE: How many heirs? LUC: Two, three? Beyond our duty to breed, I vow to do everything I can to ensure that you live out your lives together.
Could you? If I agreed to the terms, would you consider it? I don't think so.
But it would protect us.
Sharing you, the woman that I love? I'm not sure I can live with that.
(Crowd cheering) (Both grunting) Hyah! You're tough for an Englishman, I'll give you that.
But you'll never win this one-handed.
Do yourself a favor and stay down.
(Crowd shouting) (Groaning) (Grunting) Where have you been? I was with Emily.
But I did learn that Knox has never used the type of wax the Watchman sealed the letter with.
- It's not him.
- Well, whoever this Watchman is, if their plan was to make me turn away from Darnley with that note, their plan has failed.
(Grunting) He may be rash and unpredictable at times, but he has a fierce heart.
JAMES: Too bad his heart can't make up for his right hand.
This fight was over before it even started.
- (Blows landing) - (Crowd shouting) (Grunting) (Cheering) Stop the fight! I must tend to Darnley's wounds before we proceed any further.
(Shouting, chattering) (Panting) I think I'm doing rather well - for only having my left hand.
- I believe that you can still win with your right.
What are you doing? Giving you a chance.
(Crowd shouting) MAN: Go on, you two, back at it! (Grunting) (Crowd cheering) I declare Lord Darnley the winner! (Cheering and applause) I see I'm not the only one willing to break the rules.
I wanted to even the odds.
And to give you the chance that you deserve.
To give us the chance to see what we might be, together.
I don't see you as a prized pony or as your father's son.
You are your own man, Henry.
I understand that now.
Since we're putting on a show, might I suggest one more spectacle? (Cheering and applause) (Crickets chirping) Charles? Charles, it's me.
CHARLES: Are they all gone? Yes! We're alone.
I swear.
You wish to know what ails me, why I disappear late at night and then return with blood and dirt caked on my face.
In the castle, I hold other men's lives in my hands.
Out here, alone, I relive a time when I, myself, faced such a questionable fate.
On the run, terrified.
And yet I lived.
When you escaped the Red Knights.
Before they caught up to us and roasted him to death in front of my eyes, Thierry and I stayed alive by snaring squirrels.
We couldn't risk a fire.
We ate them raw.
If they eluded us, we'd fill our bellies with dirt to stave off the pain of hunger.
Is that what you're doing here, reliving the horror? I relive my survival.
It brings me solace.
It's the only thing that does.
Charles, come with me now.
Let me take care of you.
It's too late.
- No - I should never have become king.
We can fix this.
No! Don't! (Panting) (Grunts) Charles! Charles, please! Come back!