Remington Steele (1982) s02e07 Episode Script

Love Among the Steele

Laura, look out! I had an affair in that car.
- Mildred, follow that car.
- You got it! Ohh! I'm starting to think that we're the only two people in the whole state who have yet to make love in that car.
I think someone's shooting at us.
- Why? - Because we're kissing.
Someone always shoots at us when we're kissing.
Look out! Splendor in the Grass.
Warren Beatty, Natalie Wood, Warner Bros.
, 1961.
I saw this afternoon more like Tom Jones.
Tom Jones? Albert Finney never had to work this hard.
- Albert Finney never had to play the part with me.
- Tom Jones, eh? A rustic setting, not a single word about work, good food, good wine- - And? - Tons of fresh air.
And? And lots and lots of running.
A film dripping with passion and all she remembers is the running.
Laura, look out! - Are you all right? - I'm fine.
Where did that come from? I don't know.
Let's take a breather, shall we? Come on.
Look out! Come on! Jump! - Come on.
- This way.
Now! Oh, my.
Oh, my! Oh, Mildred, you're here already.
Anything yet on that serial number? What serial number? Oh, right.
From yesterday.
You called.
No license plate, just the make of the car and a serial number, right? Right.
Well, maybe that's the information coming in now.
Oh, no, no, no.
That-That, I think, um, I think that came in already.
Mildred, if that isn't the information you're practically sitting on, then what is it? Oh, trust me, Miss Holt, you don't really want to see this.
- Mildred.
- Ohh! I can't stop him.
I tried to trace it back to the source but he's using an encoded signal, and I-I can't crack it.
"He longed to unveil the mystic secrets of her flesh "to run his hands madly across the soft tawny curves of her shimmering form.
" Whoever's sending this has done the obscene phone call one better.
Oh, well, his style gets a little steamy at times, but I wouldn't call it obscene.
How long have you been getting these transmissions from the Dark Prince? Uh, a day or two.
- M-Maybe three.
A week.
- A week? Oh, please, Miss Holt, don't tell Mr.
I don't want the boss to think that I'm using company equipment for my personal stuff.
Can I count on you for that, sort of gal-to-gal? You can count on me, Mildred.
- What are you doing? - Oh, merely stroking a lady into revealing her secrets.
She's in outstanding condition for an Auburn.
A Supercharged Speedster.
Are you hoping that the horn will start honking or the lights will blink on and off in Morse code? Ah, you'd be surprised the things a car can tell you with a little, uh, forbearance.
Take this fender for instance.
It's a replacement.
- How can you tell? - The paint.
The color's off just a hair.
It has a different feel to it.
Also, have a look at this.
It appears something nicked the grillwork out of shape.
- Whoever straightened it out was none too handy about it either.
- Anything else? Well, the gauges have taken some scratching, and the upholstery's seen its share of wear and tear.
That's about all I could get from a quick once-over.
Did Mildred come up with the address on that owner of record? Dr.
Ellis Harvey of Bel-Air.
But he has yet to file a stolen car report.
"And so he took her as only a man can take a woman who yearns, who begs to be taken.
" - This is the address.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Well, what do you think? Should we try the classic insurance agent ruse or something more unconventional like door-to-door evangelists on a holy mission? He's the one that's missing the car that tried to kill us.
Why don't we let him do the talking? Nobody answers.
- Perhaps I should, uh, slip around the back and, uh- - Break in? Laura, why must you always assume that my intentions are criminal? Don't answer that.
You just keep an eye out.
And don't worry, I'll be very discreet.
Look out! My luggage! My car! My house! What's happening? Hello, I'm Laura Holt.
And you must be Dr.
Harvey, am I right- Ah, we're in luck.
No cause for alarm.
I think we arrived just in time to scare them off.
- And from the looks of things, nothing was taken.
- But they took the car.
- They did? - I'm afraid so.
It looks as if they came in through there.
Good thing we happened to be walking by just now, eh? You were walking in Bel-Air? Isn't that illegal? Perhaps we should report the car to the police.
No! Uh, that is, I'd rather not involve the authorities if at all possible.
The fact is, I was planning to sell it as soon as I got back anyway.
- Oh, you've been away? - In Europe for three months.
I needed some time with my wife.
Practicing psychiatry really can be murder on a marriage.
But if you don't file a police report you won't even be able to collect the insurance.
It's not that I don't want to get it back somehow, but- Ellis, stop it.
You're allowing your defense mechanism to suppress the guilt at the expense of your true feelings.
I had an affair in that car.
Uh, Dr.
Harvey, please, you don't have to say another word.
Oh, but I do.
Shame is a non-growth emotion, even with total strangers.
I offered to drive a young woman home from a party.
I guess with the wine we had and the rush that Auburn gives you tooling it up through the canyons - our libidos got the best of us.
- But your wife found out? I had to tell her.
She didn't compensate for it at all well.
She took a hammer to one of the fenders.
Cost me a fortune to get it replaced.
So, we decided to take some time together to recommit.
Naturally, the car became a symbol of my transgression.
So, that's why I decided to come back early and get rid of it.
I'm afraid that if she has to go through weeks of calls from the police and the insurance company it'll be worse than if it were sitting out there in the garage.
I don't know what to do.
Perhaps you should consider hiring a private detective.
It so happens we have some friends who are wonderful with this kind of problem - isn't that right, dear? - Oh, the best.
Very discreet.
Yes, I've been holding.
No, I don't want to buy the car.
I'm just trying to find out who owned it before a Dr.
Har- Yes, I know your D.
computer is very busy now, but- No, no, no, no.
Please, don't hang up on me again.
There's nothing nice about a bureaucracy.
Maybe Mildred's had better luck.
She should be here soon.
I hope so.
I think our friend the doctor might be right about the streets of Bel-Air.
This is city property.
They can't do anything to us.
If Mildred is not here in five minutes, let's look for a bus stop and neck.
- Laura.
- Most people are hesitant to intrude on something like that.
I applaud your thinking, but I don't quite understand why we're checking out the car's previous owners.
- I got the idea from you.
- Ah, I see.
- No, I don't.
- The fender.
You were right about having it replaced.
Whatever's going on must have something to do with that car.
Maybe one of the past owners can give us a lead.
I'm afraid we might have to forgo the bus stop.
I got here as soon as I could.
But did I come at a bad time? Uh, yes and no.
I'm sorry I didn't get any more on that car but when the D.
's computer finally came through our computer was kind of tied up.
Dead end, huh? Well, in that case, we might as well head right back to the office.
What's this car look like? - The Auburn? - Uh-huh.
Well, I'd say it's very stylish without being flashy uh, daring, yet understated.
- Actually, it looks a lot like- - Like that! Laura, that's it.
Mildred, follow that car.
- You really mean that? - Quick, Mildred.
We're gonna lose it! Oh, Lord.
My first tail.
- You don't have to run him down, Mildred.
- Right.
Just see if you can keep a couple of car lengths back, Mildred.
- Damn, he made me! - Mildred, quickly, catch up to him! - No holds barred? - Go, woman, go! You got it! Easy, Mildred, easy.
! - Where is he? - There he goes! - Where? - Come on! Hit it, Mildred! Don't panic! Don't panic! I blew it! My first chase and I blew it! Steady, old girl, steady.
That's a Supercharged Speedster you were trying to catch.
- Even the best of them may have lost her.
- Maybe not.
- Look at that.
- Aha.
! - Hi, Wesley Poone, Timeless Motors.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- How can we serve you today? Are we looking to take a step up in our driving image? Or perhaps a gift more becoming to Mother's speed and vintage? And what vintage is that supposed to- Now, Mother, please.
I'm sure Mr.
- - Poone.
- Poone, was only trying to be helpful.
Uh, the fact is, we've really been after that, uh, very special Auburn.
You know, I, uh, I did have this car - but I-I thought I sold it.
- Uh-huh.
I know I sold this car.
It was a little more than a year ago to some doctor in the area.
Uh, Vanessa! Vanessa, be an angel and bring me the file on this Auburn.
Oh, this car! You remember this car, don't you, Wes? Vanessa, I remember every car I sell.
Oh, no, Wes.
This car.
Remember, the night you won the Million Dollar Sales Club thing? We celebrated in this car, remember? I brought the champagne, and you- Uh, Vanessa.
Vanessa, that'll be all.
They don't need to be bored by company chitchat.
- Oh, say, are you here about the letter? - Letter? - What letter? - The-The letter.
It arrived a couple months ago.
At first I thought it was some weird kind of promotional gimmick but it had Auburn in it, so I stuck it in the file.
Uh, may I? "The key to something of great value is hidden in your Auburn and you know what I mean soon.
" - Well, that certainly makes everything very clear.
- It does? Oh, of course.
Thank you very much, Mr.
Poone, and you, of course, Vanessa.
You've been more than helpful.
If you'd just let Mother have a copy of that file here, we'll take it from here.
- I'll see you soon, Mother.
- Excuse me.
Where are you taking this car? Oh, don't worry.
Gaylord's a very good driver.
Any luck? - Hmm? - Just- Last Nov- Last November's issue of Psychology Today and a parking ticket.
- What about you? - Six parking stubs and an aspirin.
Doesn't seem like the sort of things the letter had in mind, does it? You know, we still don't know if this letter has anything to do with the car coming after us.
- What? - Nothing.
I just can't help thinking of Dr.
Harvey's libido getting the better of him in here.
Or Vanessa welcoming Wesley Poone into the Million Dollar Club.
Although, it seems an awfully tight space to trip the light fantastic, doesn't it? - Well, where there's a will- - There's a way? Laura, this afternoon when you suggested that we, um uh, neck was that really to avoid the policeman? Yes and no.
Yes and no, yes? - I think someone's shooting at us.
- Why? Because we're kissing.
Someone always shoots at us when we're kissing.
"The key to something of great value"- "The love she had protected for so long and now could not wait to have snatched"- "is hidden in your Auburn.
" "deep in a place so private, she hardly knew it herself.
" "You know what I mean"- - "Oh, he knew what she meant.
" - "soon.
" "Any moment, the wave would crest crashing through her in rippling undulations.
" Mildred, this doesn't make any sense.
Who cares? It's still wonderful.
I meant this.
- Oh! - Now, according to Wesley's file the car was bought by a Joseph Berkholtzer and before that it was owned by a Clarissa McCullum.
- McCullum, like the park? - It could be.
I don't know.
But let's run a check on all of them, including Dr.
This letter, the shooting at us at Los Amantes Lookout- somebody must have something to hide.
What were you doing at Los Amantes Lookout? Oh, well-well, Mr.
Steele and I, we stopped to, uh- Yes? All right, Mildred, let's have it.
'Cause I know I'm not gonna get anywhere on this letter with you staring at me like that.
I'm sorry.
Who am I to think you want to tell me about your personal life? But I can't help wondering.
The picnic, the lookout? Do you and the boss have something going? - Yes, we have.
- Ohh! Ohh! And this something, is it really something? If you mean the something your Dark Prince writes about, no.
Well, what sort of something do you have? Well, I- I don't really know yet, Mildred.
But it's definitely something.
But I'll keep you posted, sort of, uh, gal-to-gal, all right? Oh, dear God! Is it the same one? It must be.
Oh, he promised me a surprise, but how on earth did you find it? Oh, you're wonderful.
I don't care.
I don't care if it is bad luck to see him before everybody go getJoe, quick.
I take it you must be Mrs.
No, but I will be in 20 minutes if the reverend can remember his lines.
I supposeJoe told you that we made love for the very first time in this car.
- No.
Not in so many words.
- I was still married to Calvin then and- Oh, I can remember sitting there and telling Joe that no matter what we felt it was impossible for us, something that was never meant to be.
But I was wrong, wasn't I? And here's the proof.
Well, I hate to shatter anyone's illusions- Oh, no, no.
I mean, that's not possible.
I thought that I would never get over Calvin's death.
I knew that it was just one of those senseless shootings you hear about on the news all the time, but I felt so guilty.
I blamed myself.
And-And now Joe is back and- Oh.
- Not yet.
- Oh, Joseph.
I think you are the most extraordinary man alive.
Am I now? Uh, what can I do for you? My name is Laura Holt.
I'm looking for a Clarissa McCullum.
Does she still live here? - Why, uh, she- - Who is it, Sam? Mrs.
McCullum? Actually, I'm from Classic Motor Magazine and my editor had this crazy idea of doing an article tracing the histories of some great classic cars.
- Well, I'm afraid we don't own anything like that.
- What classic car? A 1936 Supercharged Auburn Speedster.
According to the D.
records, you were the original owner.
- The Auburn.
- What do you want to talk about an old car for? Oh, now, don't be rude, Sam.
We have a guest.
Now, go in there and make us a pot of tea.
Can I offer you a cup? I'd love one.
Boy, you really put me in a bind - showing up like that, sport.
- Hmm.
Are you sure you won't change your mind now and sell me that car? I'll guarantee you a 50% profit.
Well, the car's not really mine to sell.
I'm merely looking into this little mystery for a friend.
You didn't by any chance receive a copy of a letter that, uh, looked like this? "The key to something of great value is hidden in your Auburn and you know what I mean soon.
" It's weird, but, uh, it's news to me.
And you can't think of any reason or anything that would make someone willing enough to kill for that car? To tell you the truth, I never really bought the car.
Way back when, I, uh, I did some work for the first owner.
She ran out of cash, and so I took the car in trade.
After a while, I got bored with it, and I sold it to some car dealer.
Well, in that case, uh, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your time.
Hey, you're welcome to stay for the wedding if you want.
Uh, that's very kind, but, uh, weddings make me cry.
My husband, John, bought me that car.
John bought me lots of things.
He seemed determined to prove to the world how much he loved me.
I don't think he really knew how.
What did you do? I fell in love with someone else.
Langston Drews.
My husband had hired him to do some surveying on the estate.
And I'd walk along with him on the surveys.
He was always checking his compass, counting his strides, scribbling maps.
But he was so frightfully handsome, and I felt so empty.
- And your husband never knew? - Not at first.
Langston would meet me in the Auburn by the garden.
And we'd drive through the woods to the large chestnut tree with the bench and make love.
The best love.
Not that sordid stuff you see in the movies nowadays.
I'm almost afraid to ask.
Yes, John found out.
He'd given me a senselessly expensive necklace and invited all our friends over to appreciate his generosity.
I got an urgent note from Langston.
It was risky, but I slipped away.
And when I met him at the car he insisted that we run away together then and there.
Well, I hadn't expected anything like that.
I thought he'd gone mad.
I was terrified.
I said no.
And somehow, he took the necklace.
When I returned to the party, it was gone and John knew.
Did you think he had something like that in mind from the very beginning? I couldn't believe that.
But I didn't know what to think.
Langston knew that estate better than any of us.
He knew they'd be waiting for him at the gate.
Well, he was arrested.
John used his influence to get him a hopeless prison sentence.
They searched the car a hundred times, the house, the grounds.
But to my knowledge, the necklace was never recovered.
And you never saw Langston again? Never.
Sometime later, John died.
And, except for the Auburn he left the entire estate to the city.
I think it's a park now.
Then you met and married Sam? Oh, Sam and I aren't married.
We're just living together.
I think it's more exciting that way anyhow.
Don't stop.
How was it for you, Laura? Oily.
But it hardly seems like the key to something of great value.
Well, the letter said it was in the Auburn.
- Something was keeping this wedged in place.
Come on.
- Back under.
Well, so far, all we've managed to come up with is a mass of recording tape caught in the seat coils.
- The Yellow Rolls-Royce.
- This is still an Auburn, no? No.
The Yellow Rolls-Royce.
Rex Harrison, George C.
Scott, Shirley MacLaine Art Carney, Ingrid Bergman, Omar Sharif, MGM, 1965.
Is there a movie for every case we have? - It seems that way, doesn't it? - Mm.
You see, this yellow Rolls-Royce is passed on from owner to owner.
The only connection between them is that they each had an affair in the car which changed the course of their lives.
- This car does seem to have that effect on people.
- With a passion.
- What is that? - What is it? Don't know.
Looks like a bullet.
A bullet.
The grille of the car.
Come on.
The shot must have torn through the grille gone under the engine and lodged itself in the carriage.
Didn't you tell me the new Mrs.
Berkholtzer said her first husband was killed in a senseless shooting? I think it's time we had another little chat with Mr.
That won't be necessary.
I don't know how you found out about me and Calvin but for what it's worth, it was an accident.
He'd gotten wise to me and Jeanette.
He didn't know she was gonna break it off.
So he threatened to kill me.
We struggled in front of the car, the gun went off.
I was just a construction worker for him then.
I couldn't giveJeanette the life she needed.
But I knew if she ever found out that I shot Calvin, I'd never get her back.
So I dumped his body in the park.
I fixed the grille.
I spent the last eight years building a contracting company of my own.
Yes, well, it seems you have everything now, doesn't it? That's right.
And I don't intend to lose it now.
I didn't want to do this.
That's why when I got your letter, I tried to steal the car, but you got it back.
Then I thought a couple of shots would scare you off, but you just kept coming.
We never sent any letter.
But that doesn't explain why you tried to run us down in the park in the first place.
What park? I don't know what you're talking about.
But I've got a honeymoon plane to catch, and we're all out of time.
I'm sorry.
Move! - I could have sworn you didn't have a gun.
- I don't.
Incredible! - A little too well-timed, even for a Good Samaritan.
- And we're not even kissing.
The gun, the bullet, Berkholtzer's confession.
We've certainly done a heck of a night's work for the D.
Which doesn't solve our problem, eh? Do you think whoever sent those letters was out to blackmail Berkholtzer? I'd like to think so, but it just doesn't make any sense.
If they knew about the murder, why send letters to everyone else? No.
No, whoever's behind this wants us right in the middle.
Now all we have to figure out is why.
Which leaves us with a coil full of tape.
Maybe there's something on this that can put all the pieces together.
I'll try to get this unscrambled.
Well, there certainly are enough pieces to go around, aren't there? Laura? Laura? - Good morning.
- Good morning.
You know, I realized when I got home last night, we still had to put the car back together.
No problem.
- Nothing left over.
- Nothing of any importance.
- Uh-huh.
- Now the tape.
Oh, yes! - While they seem fairly engrossed in their own mysteries I don't think it's doing us any good.
Well, one runs across this kind of problem time and time again in detective work.
The trick simply is to think of it purely as evidence, nothing more.
And you can listen to this without being moved? All right, so it's driving me crazy.
So I'm human.
- So am I.
- So? So, the whole bloody case has been like this.
I'm starting to think that we're the only two people in the whole state who have yet to make love in that car.
Well, I didn't go looking for that.
And what about Tom Jones then, eh? And all those other little hints you've been dropping? What hints? "And so he took her, as only a man can take a woman who yearns, who begs to be taken.
" Laura, can you honestly stand there and tell me that you don't want us to be lovers? - You know I do.
- Well, then why aren't we on the phone right now? I mean, planning a weekend in paradise? What is it you're really afraid of? - Langston Drews.
- Who? Exactly.
Who? A mystery man who cut a fast tango through a woman's life and left her with nothing but a scrapbook full of memories.
- I don't want that.
- You mean my past, don't you? Oh, I see you got my research on Dr.
Harvey and Clarissa McCullum.
- Yes.
We were just on our way out.
The case, as it were? - The case.
- The case? - Mm-hmm.
Ah, good news, Dr.
We found your car, by the way.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Tell me, Dr.
Harvey, has your wife returned yet? No.
She decided to stay a few days longer.
Well, that's very interesting, because according to our research you've never been married.
Now, are there any other little corrections you'd like to make to your story? - You found the tape, didn't you? - As a matter of fact- I knew when I came back and found you in here it was no accident.
And then when I went through my mail and found the letter you sent- How much do you want to keep quiet about her? - Her, who? - You know who- Monica.
The patient of mine I had the affair with.
You had an affair with one of your patients? Oh, I know you can get me drummed right out of psychiatry for something like that.
But when Monica first came to see me, she was a broken spirit.
Crushed by betrayal and rejected at every turn.
And then, week by week, bit by bit we began to build a whole new life together.
New job, new friends, new clothes.
You don't know what it's like to do that for someone.
Right before my eyes she blossomed, and she loved me for it.
As a doctor, I knew I should have discounted that, but I couldn't.
She continued to come and see me, even though we both knew it was no longer necessary.
We'd go out to dinner and call it a session.
We'd go to the theater and call it a session.
And then, one night, we went out for a ride in the Auburn and it was a session no longer.
Somebody must have got wind of it, because I found a tape recorder under the seat.
The tape was all mixed up with the coils.
I tore out as much as I could, but I always suspected I didn't get all of it.
It was then I realized how wrong I'd been.
So, a few days later, I told her it had to end.
Well, then she lost control.
She started to smash the fender with a rock.
Ha! Well, after she calmed down, I referred her to another psychiatrist, at my expense had the fender fixed and took off for Europe to let things cool down.
Harvey, we never sent you any letter and we have no interest in your previous indiscretions.
Or the sounds of them.
There are no more copies.
I don't understand.
- Join the club.
- Hmm.
Back to where it all started.
Now what? I don't know.
But if it wasn't for Dr.
Harvey and his tape or Berkholtzer and his bullet then the only one left is Clarissa and her missing necklace.
Well, it's not in that car, and you can take my word for it.
She told me they searched the car when they stopped him at the gate and they couldn't find it.
- But he had it when he left here.
- He? - Langston Drews.
- Ah, yes, the mystery man.
Whatever happened to him? According to Mildred's research, he died six months ago in prison.
They mailed his papers and effects to Clarissa.
- Oh.
A pity he's not here to give us a clue.
- Isn't he? Maybe he is.
But I'm not planning on cutting a fast tango through your life.
I'm not gonna stop wanting you, but those are the only guarantees I can give you.
I know.
Should we go? I'd like some time to myself here.
See you in the car.
He was always checking his compass counting his strides, scribbling maps.
And we'd drive through the woods to the old chestnut tree.
The gauges have taken some scratching.
You were right.
Langston did give us a clue.
A map of some kind.
- Can you think of anything? - The gauges.
The rims are all nicked, but they're too regular to be accidental.
- Do you have a compass? - As a matter of fact, I do, on my key chain.
- And I think I know where he may have stopped.
- Okay.
- Is this the place? - I think so.
Where's that, uh, piece of paper with the compass markings? - Okay.
Let's go to the tree.
- All right.
Yep, that's right.
All right.
- Okay.
- Ready? One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Well, that's roughly it.
One, two, three, four.
Well, if that's right, this is it.
- Okay.
Let's see.
- Should we move the rock? Okay.
The necklace.
The necklace.
Found by the best detectives in the city.
- Sam.
! - Sam.
You sent those letters? Guilty.
I thought maybe one of the former owners had found what I was looking for and I had to test their reactions.
Who would have thought that an old car could have so many secrets? - But if you knew about the necklace- - Knew about it, yes.
But where it was, how to find it, no.
In the papers that they sent us after Langston died all he said was that the key to the necklace was in the car.
That was all.
Look, you know that Clarissa and I are not rich.
Now I thought if we could lay our hands on that necklace I could give her everything that I want for her.
All the things that I can't give her.
Without her knowing, I took my savings out and I hired this private detective, a cheap one.
He took all my money, but all I got in return was a list of the names of the previous owners.
No key, no necklace, nothing.
So you stole the car and tried to run us both down in the park, is that it? That wasn't meant to harm you.
But I didn't have any more money, and I wanted the best and that seemed like a good way to get you interested.
Then it was you who shot at Berkholtzer.
I never figured there was gonna be a killer in this.
But when he took those shots at you, I figured I better stay close by.
You were working for me, even though you didn't know it, and I couldn't see you getting hurt.
Well, now I, uh I'd like to have that necklace, if you don't mind.
- Sam, don't do this.
- Don't, Sam.
I told you to wait in the car.
I never was one to do what I'm told, you know that.
Clarissa, that necklace is worth a million dollars.
It can mean a whole new life for us.
It's a little late for a whole new life now, Sam.
I don't want the necklace.
I didn't want it when John gave it to me and I don't want it from you, not like this.
Will Sam have to go to prison now, like Langston? Well, he did save our lives, after all.
Um- If he cooperates with us, there's a good chance he won't have to.
Put down the gun, Sam, and come home now.
Someone to make the tea, keep our bed warm.
You're all I want now, Sam.
Don't you know that yet? You know where to find me.
- What's that? - Oh, no, nothing.
Just a rundown of the case.
I guess Clarissa meant what she said about turning the necklace over to the city with the rest of the estate.
But it's hard to stop thinking about all those people, all that passion, all for love.
At least we won't be tortured by the constant thought of what we might be doing in that Auburn, eh? Excuse me.
I'm Alma Prince, and I'm looking for a Mildred Krebs.
Uh, Miss Krebs isn't here right now, but perhaps we could help you.
Well, it seems that my son, Robert has become a little too fond of playing with his computer and has been sending Miss Krebs, among others shall we say transmissions of a sensitive nature and I think that Robert owes her an apology.
- You mean he's the Dark Prince? - Who? Well, I did it.
Now before you say anything, I want you to know we need another write-off and the agency could always use another car and Dr.
Harvey let it go for a song, so I did it.
- I bought the Auburn.
- What? I knew you'd be excited.
Oh, hi.
Well, who might you be, young man? - Someone called the Dark Prince.
- What? Ohh!