Replacing Chef Chico (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

["Till The Morning Comes"
by Leanne & Naara playing]
[phone chiming]
[Chico] I'm really, really sorry,
I'm running late.
Fuck you, moron!
Stay in your fucking lane!
- [car horn honking]
- [Chico sighs]
- Chef, relax.
- Oh, figures. It's a woman's driving.
- Just relax.
- How do I fucking relax?
Hain's numbers are still down,
and Dad is livid.
He's giving me six months
to turn things around.
And this is the final chance,
or I'll lose the restaurant.
[Ella] Chef, that won't happen, okay?
I'll make sure. We'll make sure.
I mean, you've got
the whole kitchen staff behind you.
[Chico sighs]
[Chico] Thanks, Ella.
What would I do without you?
All right, I have to go.
I'll be there in maybe five minutes.
[Ella] Okay, Chef.
My lumpiang sisig is almost done.
Maybe you can try it because I think
there might be something missing.
Can't wait to see you. Bye-bye.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Ditas] Oh, dear. Chef Love.
- [Ella] Hm?
I have to tell you, I'm really impressed
by how you put up with "What the fuck?"
kind of attitude from Chef Chico.
'Nay, he's like most chefs.
I don't know.
Ella, maybe it's finally time for you
to open your own restaurant.
Like you've dreamed.
I know you could do it.
It always seems like, to me,
that you're putting it off for Chef Chico.
You could always tell me
if you are into Chico.
He's my head chef and I'm his sous chef.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Okay. If that's what you say.
He has a girlfriend, remember?
Your point is? Well, even countries
break up with one another, Chef.
- 'Nay, Ditas, stop it.
- Isn't that so? What?
- [chuckles]
- [car horn honking in distance]
Ugh, Chef "What The Fuck" is here.
That was fast.
I thought he said five minutes.
Surprise! I thought
we could add it to our menu.
Oh, sorry!
So sorry. Sorry. Oh, my god.
I'm sorry about but
but how'd you get back here?
Another woman let me in.
Oh, sorry, Chef Ella.
I let him in just now,
because he said he has a meeting
with Chef Chico.
Sir, why did you come straight back here?
I didn't think you'd do that.
Sorry, I'm early, I guess.
- Um
- You have a meeting with Chef Chico here?
Um, sorry, but I'm not
at liberty to disclose.
Anyway, I'll just wait in the dining area.
Um, by the way, that's delicious.
But it could use a little extra heat.
Excuse me.
First of all,
I didn't confirm this meeting.
Our kitchen is busy today, and I need
to focus all of my energy on our service.
It's not busy right now, Chef.
- A chef's mind is never not busy.
- Okay, I'll get to the point.
Chef Magazine released
its Best of the Philippines list,
and Hain didn't make it. Again.
Please, not now.
Not even an honorable mention.
Not even a sentence or phrase about Hain.
You don't think I know that, man?
Chef, Asia's Best of the Best list
will be up in a few months.
Hain has to be there.
Even just a mention, I'll take that.
Not now. Please.
I was told that your Kuya Pao's
Pampanga townhouses already sold 80%,
and your Kuya Ernest's resort condo
in Cebu, 90% sold,
with Tower 3 on its way.
Not now.
Chef, I'm here to help.
It's a six-month ultimatum.
Let's work together.
Renovate a little, change the menu,
overhaul the dining experience.
Chef, I'm on your team.
I fucking said, not fucking now!
I'm the chef.
I decide who's on my team,
and that doesn't include you.
- So can you please leave?
- Chef, I'm not trying
Don't make me say it again, buddy.
[lively tense music playing]
Someone is a little tensed.
- [sighs]
- Chef.
What happened?
Uh, look, Ella, I don't want to burden you
with my problem, okay? Just
We have a busy day ahead.
Three years of being
your second-in-command,
I've demonstrated my loyalty to you,
I'm more than just your sous chef.
You know I support you
in the choices you make.
So whatever that burden is,
please put some of it on me
so it isn't yours alone to bear.
I'll be okay.
I'll be okay.
But as always
thank you.
[knocks on door]
[chef 1] Chef Chico, Chef Ella,
are we pushing through with the meeting?
You might hear some rumors about Hain.
[Chico] That Hain is performing below par,
that Hain is closing down, Hain is
failing to deliver, yada, yada.
You know what,
these people that are saying these things,
they're just jealous of Hain's success.
But the next six months
are going to be very crucial to Hain.
Voting for Asia's Best of the Best
is in a few months,
and I'm going to prove to them
that there's nothing like
the art and genius of Hain.
Look, Hain, it's not about money.
We're about every guest's story.
The only degustation restaurant
that personalizes the menu
based on our guests'
unique story and personality,
even going out of our way
to interview them,
deserves to finally
have a spot on that fucking list.
'Kay, let's get a rundown
of the guests. Ella?
You, take the minutes.
Yes, you. Is there a problem?
Um, no, Chef.
Table four, a young couple
celebrating their second anniversary.
The guy is allergic to
- Chef Carlon?
- Shrimps.
Table five, a group
of three fresh graduates.
First salary.
How many vegans?
Chef Juancho, how many vegans?
One. One fucking vegan.
For real, man?
Sorry, Chef.
For our PDR,
it's an intimate farewell dinner
for three of Ms. Tessa's closest friends.
She asked us to design a five-course menu
with all of her favorite Filipino dishes.
She didn't specify
any food restrictions or any allergies,
but weirdly,
she's diabetic and hypertensive.
So let's serve her
the best Hain experience.
Or you can get the fuck
out of my kitchen! Okay?
[all] Yes, Chef!
One hour before we open, let's go.
- [all] One hour!
- Scram!
[lively tense music playing]
[lively tense music continues]
[classical music playing]
Good evening, ma'am.
We're so pleased you're here at Hain.
Yes, darling? It's rude to stare.
I'm sorry, ma'am, um
Do you have a reservation, ma'am?
Table for four, 8 p.m. dinner.
Uh, you must be Ms. Tessa Monteagudo?
[Tessa] Yes.
Ma'am, I think you're a little early.
Well, I'm usually fashionably late.
But for the last time, I want to arrive
the earliest at my own dinner.
Welcome to Hain. A pleasure, Ms. Tessa.
Our team looks forward
to preparing your meal.
Please, this way.
[grandiose music playing]
My favorite white roses! You remembered.
It's the Hain experience, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Have a seat, ma'am.
- [bell dings]
- [Chico] Service!
Ms. Tessa is already here,
30 minutes early.
[steam hisses]
All right, Private Dining Room,
prep four appetizers.
Brûlée kalabasa
with oyster and crispy yam.
- [all] Yes, Chef!
- [Ella] Eight minutes!
[Chico] All right, on table five!
We have two eggplant omelet with cheese,
along with one drunken shrimp,
two crab garlic rice.
[all] Yes, Chef!
[Wena] Hi, ma'am.
Table reservation for four?
Sorry, miss, it's just some
of our friends confirmed late.
Ah, okay, so you'll be five
in total, right?
Oh, sorry, sorry, the traffic was bad.
Actually, seven. That's okay, right?
[Mai] We're starving.
[overlapping chatter]
Chef, the guests
for Ms. Tessa's dinner have arrived.
[Wena] Instead of four guests,
they're seven now.
And they said they're so hungry.
They're starving.
- [thumps on table]
- Fuck!
Why can't people respect reservations?
Chef, it's okay. Don't panic, guys.
- We can handle it.
- Ella, just fix this. You make this work.
Prep four more appetizers.
Okay, ten minutes, Chef.
Ten minutes? Do it in six!
- I can't, Chef, it takes more
- Fine, I'll handle it, I'll do it, then.
Just bring me the fucking ingredients!
[tense music playing]
Ingredients! Now! Let's go!
Who took my knife? Huh? Who took my knife?
I said, who took my fucking knife?
Chef, I I'm sorry. I, uh
Because I was panicking earlier,
I just grabbed it. I'm not
No one uses my fucking knife.
[Chico] Not even you.
Especially you.
[lively tense music playing]
[utensils clinking]
PDR, eight appetizers, ready!
- Service!
- [waiter 1] Yes, Chef.
Five minutes, fifty-six fucking seconds!
And that's how you fucking do it.
A very good evening to all of you, ladies.
For this evening, we're starting off
with our cocktail pairing.
I call it Tessa's Welcome Drink.
- Ma'am, we personally mixed that for you.
- Thank you.
We learned that bourbon
is Ms. Tessa's favorite drink,
especially on vacation
You're not supposed
to drink alcohol, right?
- Cheers!
- [ladies chuckle]
Mm. Good.
Thank you, ma'am.
So, at Hain,
each meal is inspired by life.
The meal you'll enjoy tonight is inspired
by Ms. Tessa and her life story.
For your appetizer, we combined
two of Ms. Tessa's favorites,
oysters and kalabasa.
On your plate is brûlée kalabasa
with oyster and crispy yam.
With your treatment,
aren't you supposed to avoid raw food?
Don't be a killjoy, Mai.
It's been so long since I've had oysters.
[Tessa] Let's try this.
Amazing, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
It's very you, Tess. Kalabasa!
We know this is not the end for Ms. Tessa
even though this is her farewell.
It's just the start
of her fruitful beginnings in Italy.
- Good luck, ma'am.
- Wait, wait. Did you say
"Farewell"? "Beginnings in Italy"?
[lady 1] Is that true?
- [lady 2] What are you going to do there?
- [lady 3] Tessa.
- [lady 1] Oh, dear.
- [lady 2] What's going on?
[lady 3] You'll go that far?
Will you be taken care of there?
Let me explain.
Um, six more sessions to go for chemo,
isn't that right, sweetie?
And we've scheduled
radiation therapy with the doctor.
[lady 3] Just finish your therapy here.
[lady 1]
Yeah. Don't miss a single session.
[lady 2]
What if something happens to you?
- [lady 4] Come on, Tessa. Don't do this.
- [lady 1] Please, Tessa.
[lady 4]
Don't be so unreasonable. Think of us.
[lady 1] Yeah.
It's over, guys.
The cancer has spread
to my liver and lungs.
My onco gave me three months
and I think she's being generous.
Don't give up on us, Tessa. Come on.
This isn't a marathon, Ginny.
You can't just say,
"Don't quit, don't give up."
We're talking about cancer,
stage four cancer.
And when the doctor says
the cancer has metastasized,
you can't do anything about it,
can you?
I'm moving to Italy.
I sold all my properties, I quit my job,
I sold my company shares, and
I'm ready to die.
Oh, my god.
Damn it, Tessa. What's wrong with you?
- [lady 3] You're not serious.
- [lady 4] Not like this.
[lady 2]
We can help you get through this.
I am dying soon.
[ladies murmuring]
So, the faster you accept it,
the easier it would be for me too.
[somber music playing]
Come on. Let's eat! It's so good.
[chef 2] Passing hot.
[knocking on door]
[quirky music playing]
Yes, Chef?
Watch over this. I'll take five minutes.
[Carlon] Copy, Chef.
What makes you think you can just storm
into my restaurant unannounced?
There's a time and place
to talk about your stupid plan.
But don't shove it down my throat,
when my kitchen is so busy
and I'm up to here, okay?
Don't ruin my service.
Chef, I'm sorry,
but I came here as a guest.
- I just wanted to see how we should
- [Chico] Don't bullshit me.
I'm sure my dad sent you here
because he wants to see what business
you can establish in this location
once he closes down Hain.
Chef, actually, it's not what
- [Chico] Just
- Chico.
Get the fuck out of my restaurant, okay?
Just stop now. Come on, Chef.
Sir, can you please leave?
Not until I have a taste
of your glorious lumpiang sisig.
With a bit of a kick.
I beg your pardon?
Please leave, sir.
[tense music playing]
[lively tense music playing]
[Rye] For your main course,
this is Chef Chico's own take
on Ms. Tessa's favorite food,
the Filipino classic, kare-kare.
From our brief conversation
with Ms. Tessa,
she mentioned that she loves
Italian food, especially risotto.
Please enjoy kare-kare risotto
with bagoong a la Ms. Tessa.
Thank you. Thank you.
[classical music playing]
Looks so good.
[Ginny] You shouldn't eat kare-kare.
That has nuts in it.
You didn't even tell them
your food restrictions for the meal?
Tessa, do you really think
that's a good idea?
Please stop this, Tessa!
- Ginny, let me go!
- [Ginny] Tessa, please!
[utensils clink]
Can you just stop being selfish?
[Ginny] What about us?
The people who love you?
The people who fight for you?
We can beat this cancer, Tessa.
Just don't give up.
I'm not the one being selfish, it's you.
"We can beat this cancer"?
[Tessa] Easy for you to say.
You're not the one who has it.
Is your body going through hell
with all the chemo?
No, it's mine, right?
And when I'm poked with needles,
do you feel that?
It's my cross to bear.
You're not the one holding on to hope
for no reason, right?
So don't you dare say to me
that I can't be selfish at this point.
Just look at yourselves. No struggles.
You're not living with pain.
How are you not being selfish?
So please.
Please let me live my life before I die.
I'm 63 years old.
And you're berating me like a child?
If you love me at all
then you'll understand.
If you can't support me now,
let me enjoy my time,
then you can go.
I will just smoke outside.
And yes, this is also not good.
So, if you don't want to let me live,
you can leave anytime.
I'll go smoke.
[melancholy music playing]
[exhales heavily]
[Ginny] No one's leaving, Tess. Tess.
["Evergreen" by Leanne & Naara playing]
- [ladies sobbing]
- No one's leaving.
[Ginny] We love you.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
We love you so much.
[ladies sobbing]
Let's sit down. Okay? Let's sit down.
- Let's eat.
- Come on.
- It's delicious.
- Let's eat.
- [ladies chuckle]
- Let's go.
Look. Stop telling me what to do,
you fucking moron!
You're just a consultant, not my boss.
Look, Hain has been my life,
my career for six fucking years.
And now Raymond is coming to poke around
trying to change things already?
Look, I know what my dad is trying to do.
My dad wants me to fail sooner
rather than later,
so he and my brothers can build
their third and fourth businesses.
Now here I am, trying my fucking best
to make him proud,
and I fail each and every time.
Look, I get thank you's
from all of our guests,
from strangers, people I don't even know.
But to Dad, that doesn't matter.
Chef, breathe.
We have six months to figure it out.
You speak as if it's over already.
We're just getting started.
And remember, I'm here for you.
Thank you.
Ella, you always know what to do.
What would I do without you?
[soft music playing]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I lost myself for a second.
It's okay. I did as well.
Look, I'm just going to clean up.
Do you want a ride home tonight?
Ah Um, up to you.
Okay. Just
Just give me ten minutes, okay?
[Wena] Hey, Chef.
I might have been over there,
but I could see.
See what?
Nothing going on.
Nothing's going on with you.
Nothing's ever going on.
And what should be going on?
I don't know,
maybe that thing that people do
when two people are into each other.
No more delaying it,
no more postponing it, no more "what ifs,"
no "almosts," you know, life is short.
He's my head chef, I'm his sous chef.
I don't wanna complicate things,
all right?
So why would it be any more complicated
than it is now
when you don't even know what you two are?
Are you just his sous chef
or are you more than that?
He has a girlfriend.
Yeah, everyone knows that,
which is why it's hard to watch you both.
You know, if I were you, I would DTR it.
What's DTR?
"Define the Relationship."
Are you two together or not?
Are you just flirting or not?
Does it even make make sense
for you to still be working at Hain?
Or are you fine with unrequited love?
You know, if I were you,
I would make sure I knew
before getting too deep into it.
So that's it? Hmm.
You're in too deep already.
Ella, let's go?
- Bye, Chef.
- Good night.
[whispering] Are you kidding me?
Thank you.
[distant barking]
I'm breaking up with her, Ella.
Look, I've been thinking about it
for days, for weeks, for months.
And I've always tried
to shut off that thought.
But I can't.
It always leads me back to this.
And what's "this"?
Damn it, come on.
Can you just, just for now
not play me like that?
Break up with her.
I won't have it otherwise.
I will.
["Unan" by Leanne & Naara playing]
[phone dings]
[car horn honking]
[vehicles crashing]
[siren wailing]
[bystander] Someone call an ambulance!
[people clamoring]
["Evergreen" by Leanne & Naara playing]
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