Reservation Dogs (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Stay Gold Cheesy Boy

So what's up?
Why don't you follow me
on any of my socials?
Because I don't want
to see what you're up to.
Come on, man, my TikTok's
blowing up right now.
You and your 20 followers?
Proud of every one of them.
Rollin' around
a nine-deuce Cadillac ♪
Still got my homies
to watch my back ♪
I'm-a go drain the chief.
You want something in the kitchen?
I'm good, Uncle.
A hollow-point shell's
hard to swallow ♪
- Hey ♪
- Why wallow when you come to roll on? ♪
I put the clip in the .45,
bring your ass on ♪
Move, move.
Hands up. Hands behind your head.
- Move it.
- On your knees.
The door was unlocked.
Is this about the chip truck?
- What?
- Nothing.
Go, go, go.
Damn. Oh, shit. Tiny-dick motherfucker.
- Uncle!
- Hey!
- Nephew!
- What's happening?
Stay gold, Cheesy Boy.
Shells stuffed in my closet ♪
Where my big chrome thing's kept ♪
When the shit goes down,
you better be ready ♪
- Damn.
- When the shit goes down ♪
When the shit goes down,
you better be ready ♪
When the shit goes down. ♪
All right, Chester.
- Let me give you the rundown. I
- Cheese.
- Excuse me?
- Cheese.
Cheese? You missed dinner.
No, that's what everyone calls me.
Oh, is it?
Let's get something straight.
I'm not one of your
thuggy-ass little friends.
Do you understand? I represent the law.
And in this house, I am the judge,
jury and executioner.
I'll call you by your legal name
or I'll call you dummy
or I'll call you dipshit or shitass.
Whatever the mood moves me
to call you, I'll call you that.
You got it?
You Native American?
- Yeah.
- I know a lot of Native Americans.
They're-they're good people.
saved my life.
Cool, cool, cool.
Okay, daily chores.
These rotate on a weekly basis.
You're the new guy,
you clean the commode.
Do you know what the commode is?
Uh, bathroom?
Yes! Julio.
New guy knows what a commode is.
All right, you room upstairs
with the other shitasses.
Maybe you'll switch to room
down here if you don't age out.
We have a house meeting tomorrow night.
All residents are required to attend.
No cell phones.
If I see a cell phone, it's mine.
Is there a way
I can actually make a phone call?
Phone time, 5:00 to 6:00.
You're welcome to try
to make a phone call,
but you'll have to pry
the fucker out of James's hands.
If you can do that,
you can make a phone call.
All right, get upstairs,
drop off your shit.
Let's knock out these chores, okay?
- Okay.
- Good.
hey, um
M-My name's Cheese
and my pronouns are
Shut your ass up.
What did I say?!
Oh, fuck.
Excuse me, bruh.
I almost didn't make it, bruh.
Hey. Appreciate you, bruh.
Don't mention it.
He was really dehydrated.
Three, two, one. Get his ass.
Hey. What up, new guy?
- Jesus.
- You want to get some licks in?
No, thanks, I'm, I'm good.
I'll just cheer you guys on
from the sidelines.
All good, dawg.
Just thought I'd offer.
All right, then.
- Hey.
- Bro.
Make sure you don't
go snitching to Gene,
or we'll have to soap you up, too.
Um, I won't, I won't.
I know you won't.
Now get some sleep, little homie.
Quit your whining.
Take it like a man, huh?
Mom's been
Oh, shit. Here we go.
Hey, chill.
I didn't come here to fight nobody.
Shit, didn't want
to come here at all, but
Elora's not answering her texts.
Just thought y'all should know
Cheese just got arrested.
- What, arrested? For what?
- Fuck you talking about?
They just busted
Uncle Charlie for growing,
so they arrested both of them.
Well, now y'all know.
Jackie, wait.
Since I was talking shit
on your dead brother
I'm gonna let you give me a shot.
Head or gut?
Man, Jackie ain't about that
That was a good one.
Now we're good.
Fuck. Jesus Christ.
You scared the shit out of me.
Shit, my bad, bro. I was gonna knock.
How'd this happen?
Cheese got locked up.
They need any more bussers
at Red Lobster yet?
I can pass for Hispanic.
Hook me up.
Why does Julio get to leave?
Gene will let you go on pass
if you got a job.
So if I get hired somewhere,
- they'll let me go?
- Fucked-up thing is,
you can't go out and look for
a job while you in here, but
Julio's been here a long-ass time,
so Gene just kind of lets him
do whatever he wants anyways.
Good morning, shitasses.
What an amazing day.
- Where's James?
- He's still asleep.
- What?
- On God.
James, what's happening?!
Get your ass down here!
Are you dead?
What is happening?
Why isn't he down here?
What did you guys do?
I feel like there's something amiss.
How's the toast? Want more?
Be nicer with butter, wouldn't it?
You guys don't deserve butter.
Eat your corn flakes.
Enjoy the, uh, strange orange drink.
It had no label on it.
That's dope as fuck.
Oh, thanks. I'm really bored.
It's not that great.
Nah, that shit takes talent, for real.
You should draw my son's name TJ.
I'd get that shit tatted.
- All right.
- For real.
That's what's up.
- Tino.
- Cheese.
Pronouns are he, him and his.
Oh, you're gay, huh?
That's cool.
My cousin bi and shit.
I think you're supposed to say "queer."
Hey, man, I'm just trying
to let you know
that I don't got
a problem with no queers.
Gender identity and sexuality are
two different things.
how old's your son?
I want to say he's, like, four now?
I don't get to see him much
since I'm in here.
But luckily his grandma send me
pictures sometimes.
- Oh, they're pretty cute, huh?
- Yeah.
I stay with my grandma, too, sometimes.
You're blessed, bro.
Old ladies hold shit down.
Pretty much all my kids
with their grandmas.
"Kids," like plural?
Nah, they're mostly Native.
How long have you been here?
They put me in here when I was like 16.
And I'll age out in a few weeks, so
it's been a while.
What are you gonna do when you get out?
Well, I'm trying to get
a job before I age out.
That way I can stay out of trouble
and start helping
my kids' moms and them.
Anyways, how about you?
Why you in here?
I don't really know.
My cousin uncle's been
getting into some shit.
And he got arrested
and the cops took me here.
I asked them if I could stay
with my grandma, but
they said I need to stay here
until they figure out
some stuff with my "legal guardians."
Can't a Native live?
You said it, sib.
My name's Tino.
Where'd you get "sib"?
it's short for "sibling," man.
Word. Word.
Yeah, can I help you?
Hey, um, I'm here to pick up Cheese.
Uh, Chester.
I'm-I'm his auntie.
How old are you?
What's that matter?
You don't look old enough
to be Chester's auntie.
Indian ways. I got a niece
who's 58 years old, just
Oh, right, right, right, right.
Well, look, even if I did
believe you, he's in our custody
until the court says otherwise.
Well, he's pretty much been in
my care for the past two years.
And he ended up here, wow.
Good job.
- Yo, let's go.
- What are you guys doing here?
Get your shit, bro.
We're busting you out of here.
I don't think that's how that works.
Come on, man, Shawshank, sko!
- How would I even get out?
- Just parkour it, man.
- Hey, Jackie.
- What's up?
- What's wh-where's Elora?
- Doing her shit.
She's distracting the guards,
bro, let's go.
Again, I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do.
Maybe this will help you
change your mind?
There's more where that came from, too.
Well, I'm calling the cops.
We ain't got time for this shit.
Chester, you better
fucking be up there!
Shit, the house manager's coming back.
What are you still doing up there?
We got to go. Jump down.
- What? No.
- Man, I'll catch you.
- I got upper body strength, bro.
- No, I mean, it's illegal.
I know, all right, you guys
got to find another way.
Remember me, all right?
- What the fuck was that?
- What the fuck?
Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
All right, so now
without further fuckery,
let's get into step five.
- What is this?
- What is this? This is
part of my recovery.
When I was a young, little
shitass like you guys,
about your age,
my life was in shambles.
I was a drunk, drug addict,
I was an abuser, I was a thief.
There wasn't anything
I didn't smoke or snort
or drink or fuck even.
And then I hit a wall, I hit my bottom.
About three days into a bad bender,
I finally made my way back home,
walk into my house, and, uh
in my bedroom I found my wife,
two midgets
and a DJ.
AM radio DJ.
Pretty popular
I didn't, I didn't like him
even before he fucked my wife,
but it doesn't matter.
I just lost my mind.
I literally lost my mind.
And I chased those midgets
out of my house.
Naked midgets.
Running out into the street.
And I went back in
and I was gonna kill that DJ.
I was gonna kill him with my own hands.
But, but he was big.
He just kicked my ass.
I think he's still with my wife.
It doesn't matter.
Threw me out of my own house,
and I just
wandered into the woods.
But that's where I met
the Lakota medicine man.
Wakan Mani.
He picked me up by the scruff.
Showed me the ways.
Changed my life.
Very grateful.
I'm a better man now.
I'm even kind of friendly
with one of the midgets.
These things can happen
when you're sober.
Yeah, so that's my story.
Why don't you start?
Take this and,
uh, read step five and
give us a few words from your heart.
"Step five.
"Admitting our wrongs to a higher power
and to those around us."
Well, I ain't done shit wrong
since last week,
so I'm good to go, bro.
And with that, I'll pass.
Come on, James
a little something, nothing?
- Um, I'll-I'll pass.
- No.
You're the new guy, just say
a few words about your week.
I was arrested for no reason.
I was sent
to a poorly funded group home.
There's that.
And I really hate it here.
Okay, well
thanks for your honesty.
See that, James?
Bare minimum.
That was the bare minimum.
I have something to say.
What's wrong with your bicho?
Fuck you just call me?
Every time I walk in the bathroom,
there's nothing but pee everywhere.
What, you have no aim?
Oh, maybe you got nothing
down there, so it just sprays
all over the floor,
the seat, the fucking roof.
You're a fucking snitch, Julio.
All right, calm down.
- Oh, I'm a snitch?
- Yeah.
I walk in the bathroom
wearing my socks,
guess what I'm stepping in.
Your fucking pee! - All
right, we get it, we get it.
Once again,
everyone has failed to engage
with the step.
Except for Chester.
Little bit.
Doesn't matter.
I'm just happy you're all
walking this path with me.
And, um
Fuck it.
Let's call it.
Fucking love you, girl.
You gonna be the mother
of my child someday.
You're the stars in the sky.
You're my moon, you're the sun.
Yeah, you're all of those.
Hey, James.
Can I use the phone
before chores start?
I just, I just need
to make a quick call.
Real quick, it'll only be a minute.
I know. I know.
I'll ride with you wherever.
This'll only make us stronger, baby.
Um James, seriously.
- I just need to check in.
- It's nothing, baby.
Just some dude who's about
to get his ass beat
if he don't step back and let
me talk to the love of my life.
You're my queen
Fucking James.
- Shit.
- Hell yeah.
- Yep.
- You trying to call your girl, too?
No, my-my grandma.
I just want to tell her I'm okay.
I don't want her to worry.
You're this world and you're everything
out of this world.
My love for you is
as deep as the Grand Canyon.
Don't let that fucking Gene
see you with this.
And don't look
at my recently deleted photos.
Don't look at any of my photos.
Make sure you use it tonight
after Gene goes to sleep.
- But he is asleep.
- I said tonight.
When I get out of here, let's get away.
it's Cheese.
Cheese, um
we met at IHS.
I've been coming over
to your house every week.
I'm pulling your leg, cvpon.
I just I'm sorry, I just,
I just thought that maybe, maybe you
You thought I finally lost my marbles?
Still sharp as a tack, my boy.
Where have you been?
I miss you.
You need to come by for sofkee.
Um, I miss you, too.
Um, I've just, I've been helping
Uncle Charlie with some stuff.
And, um,
I've been trying to come over.
hopefully soon.
Well, I'm so happy you called.
It's, it's good to hear
your voice, cvpon.
Don't get too busy
for the people
who care about you, okay?
I won't.
I won't.
And you tell me if you need
anything at all, Grandson.
Sending you all my love.
Um, love you, too, Grandma.
- Good night.
- Night.
Okay, Jedthrow Brown, let's go.
Time to go.
- Sorry.
- Man, fuck.
- Let's get going.
- Fuck.
- Sorry, son.
- Goddamn!
- Can I put some clothes on? Shit.
- Yes.
God, what, you want to help?
You want to help me put
on my fucking chonies?
Fucking diddler.
Okay, son, just put
your clothes on, cooperate.
- Don't fucking "son" me.
- I
You're the worst one of them all.
What kind of dude hangs out
with underage boys
all day and night?
"Billie Jean" -ass dude, K-PAX,
House of Cards looking ass, God.
Fucking cold in here.
Look, my nipples are cold.
Look! Look!
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Sick! ACAD! All cops are diddlers!
Man, kiss my ass, motherfucker!
All right, uh
Lot of excitement, lot of drama.
I'm a little triggered. Anybody?
You want to get a snack or something?
Group hug?
Quick point, though
Not all cops are diddlers.
I'm not saying they're not,
you know, morally dubious.
But, you know, not all of them are
Let's let's have a snack.
Let's go downstairs, come on.
Man, Jed had the right idea
with these pigs.
You swing on 'em,
they'll kill your ass.
So you at least got to talk shit.
You got to do that.
When they arrest me,
I'm gonna tell them,
"Ask your mother
if she misses these nuts."
Fucking hate these guys.
I try to stay on their good side.
Maybe they'll think
I didn't do anything wrong.
Bullshit! That's being a coward, bro.
No, seriously, a while back,
my friends and I,
we stole a chip truck.
We stole it
right in front of a gas station.
- And we sold it to some meth heads.
- Damn!
That's hard, though.
Then I convinced the
cop that was investigating us
to take me on a ride-along.
I told him it was a school project.
Hell no.
Keep your friends close
and your enemies closer.
Like Don Corleone in these streets.
Yeah, except, uh,
I don't have any kids
and I'm more like a Tom Hagen.
Hmm, well, I guess I'm the Don.
I just hope all my kids
don't turn out to be Fredos.
I knew you for two years.
You never told me you had kids.
Yeah, well, we don't talk much.
That's why I'm always asking
you to hook me up at your job.
A Native trying to change his ways.
I can't have my kids
growing up like I did.
I'm sorry, man.
I always thought
you were just fucking with me.
There's so many people
that come and go here,
sometimes I think it's better
to just be alone.
You get to know somebody, and
they go get arrested or something,
then you never see them again.
I think it's okay
to guard your feelings
with barriers, Julio, but I hope
that one day you can have
a healthy relationship
with people
without fear of losing them.
Why the fuck you talk like that?
Talk like what?
Like you reading from
a white girl's Instagram.
Oh, he queer.
I had a friend. Um,
Daniel. He was like a
he was like my hero.
But, uh, then he died.
Well, he, uh, he ended his own life.
And I just
I read about some reasons
why he might've did it. And, um,
it's just hard for people.
I just thought that maybe if I
treated others
the way they wanted to be treated,
they would do the same.
I'm sorry about your homie, bro.
It's hard out here for people.
I get it.
You're a good man, Cheese.
Lights out, shitasses!
- Hey, Tino.
- What's up?
There's an opening at my job.
I'll talk to my boss for you.
Morning. We're having dry toast again?
Shirt is all wrinkled up.
Don't disrespect the queen like that.
Mm-mm, come on.
- Come with me.
- It's Sade, though.
It's the queen of love to you.
You want to smooth the fabric
with your hand,
ahead of the iron.
Always careful not
to burn yourself, hmm?
No! Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're gonna fuck up the whole shirt.
Ease into it, take your time.
Like a good Sade song, hmm?
Yeah! That's it.
Uh-huh, see, now you're ready
to get everybody pregnant
with your looks.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
All right, Chester.
Time to go.
Get your shit together.
Hey, is that the cop
you made your bitch?
- Shh!
- Hey, Cheese.
Sorry, but I got to put
these handcuffs on you.
Stand up.
Turn around.
Eh, hold on.
Mind if I talk shit while you do it?
Ah fine.
Just don't make it too personal.
All right.
- This guy's a child molester.
- Ah, Jesus fuck!
Fucking shitass, quit now.
Thank you.
Hey, you mind if I show little homie
some love before you take him to prison?
- Be quick.
- Hey.
Come see me at Red Lobster
when I get the job.
I ain't gonna hook you up
with free food or nothing,
but it'll be tight as fuck
to see a bro on the outside.
I'll miss you, man.
Give your kids all my love.
And be good to their grandmas.
I got you.
What you looking at, then, diddler?
You see something you like?
Fucking shitasses.
Hey, Chester.
Shugmanitu tanka, owaciyelo.
You will always be my friend.
Come on.
What'd he say?
He said he'd always be your friend.
I got that much.
Can I sit in the front again?
Hey, hey, quit now.
Thing's finally just dead.
That's a good thing, too.
Can be alone with our thoughts.
Where are we going?
Your new placement.
New placement.
Sounds awesome.
Free my dawg!
Cheese, hey.
You're gonna live here for a while.
Don't get no Xboxes
or PlayStations, okay?
Otherwise you might stay
here well into your 30s.
The eventide under lock and key ♪
Ah, let's go put
that Indian luggage down, cvpon.
- Young warrior.
- Welcome home, brother.
- Mvto, Grandma.
- You're free at last.
Do you guys have an iron I can use?
Well, sure, welcome home.
Locked up.
Playing songs of the minor key ♪
Was my policy ♪
Policy, but now ♪
What does it mean
when your heart vibrates? ♪
I thought it was a bad sign ♪
I was living in a sadder time ♪
And now it's done passed on ♪
It's so ♪
Precious ♪
Precious ♪
Precious to me ♪
Precious ♪
Precious to me. ♪
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