Reservation Dogs (2021) s03e05 Episode Script

House Made of Bongs

Got your lady on the line ♪
Got your name on the cover ♪
For fuck's sakes, Brownie.
Fix your car door.
I'm opening, I'm opening. Hang on.
Don't make me late.
Go and learn something then.
Shit. See you in there.
Fucking Indian car.
[SIGHS] Ghetto-ass door.
Ghetto-ass door.
You ain't, you ain't got no other. ♪
Frankfurter sandwiches,
frankfurter sandwiches! ♪
- Hey, Bucky, kick rocks, man.
- Sorry, Coach.
- See you, Bucky.
- It's okay. Get out of here.
All right, everyone. When y'all
get released for the summer,
don't be a bunch
of shitasses, all right?
Know you're gonna be
out there partying around,
drinking, whoring, fornicating,
glistening, engorging.
Try and keep your heads on straight.
All right, get the hell
out of here now.
Hold up, one more thing.
Make sure you take your shit
from your dorm
and your locker by 4:00 p.m.,
except for those of you
that are staying here for the summer.
Hey, Maximus.
Oh, right. Chebon.
Gonna be, uh, sticking
around here for the summer
and, uh, staying in the dorm with us?
Yeah, yeah.
Shit, man, if you get bored,
just, uh, hit me up.
Get out and play
some ball or something.
Just gonna be hanging around
here anyways all summer
getting fat.
Yeah, um, sounds good.
- I'll let you know, thank you.
- All right, mm-hmm.
All right, and, um, we are live.
Welcome to the Chebon show.
And what we have here
is the dying days
of my junior year
and the seniors enjoy
their final hours of being top dog!
Say hi, everything,
yeah, congratulations.
Well, if it isn't Jimmy,
my favorite super senior
in the world. That guy
right there, he's the man.
Gave me some food one time.
Oh. Well, if it isn't these heads.
Irene, my favorite asshole
in moccasins.
I salute you.
And how about you, my dear Mabel?
Did you storm any capitol steps
today or burn any flags?
What's the deal? Tell me about it.
I'm really zoomed in
on your face right now.
We burned something.
Turn that off. Brownie's waiting.
You guys are boring.
Did you get it?
- The tabs?
- The windowpane.
Um, shit, I forgot.
- Yeah.
- You had one job.
- I will, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
I'll catch up with you guys in a sec.
Just have a little faith, okay?
I'll get us windowpane.
Easy. Chebon out.
All righty.
Here we see Indian country's
answer to the Three Stooges:
Limpy, Shrimpy and Pimply.
- What's up, degenerates?
- Quit it, narc.
Probably filming for the cops.
[MAXIMUS] All right, um, check it out.
Me and my crew, we're looking
for some windowpane.
You guys got any?
Check your cousin.
Maybe he has some.
Yeah, Fixico always got some.
Damn medicine man.
- Y'all still fighting?
- All over Mabel?
No, we're, um,
we're not fighting over Mabel.
- Um, they broke up.
- Exactly.
Family ain't supposed to hold grudges.
You sure you don't want to come
home with me for the summer?
You know you love my mom's fried pies.
Yeah, um
No, I-I just don't want to be
a burden to anybody.
Um, you know, I got tons of
movies to watch in the theater.
Got tons of books to read,
too, so, yeah. Mm-hmm.
Maybe you should make good
with Fixico.
Why does everybody care
if we're good? I
Because he's your cousin.
Y'all shouldn't stay mad.
Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm good.
Plus you can stay at his place.
Bro, I said I'm good.
Ooh, okay.
Okay. Yeesh.
You're just
you're just trying to help.
I'm good, man.
I'm just gonna read a lot.
Add this to the stack.
How's it going, Brownie?
Still running around
being a shitass out there?
You know how it is. Rockin', rollin'.
You know, man,
you could've been something.
You weren't a bad tackle.
Yeah, well, football, school
- just isn't for me, Coach.
- Hmm.
Too many rules.
Hell, man, you know how much
freedom you have right now?
You're young. There are no rules.
Shit, wait till you grow up.
That's when they
lay the rules on thick.
You break those rules,
you get thrown in jail.
Here you just get a couple
lickings from a clipboard.
What you know about licking, Coach?
[COACH] Wait'll you see
the rules they have in jail.
You ain't gonna like it one bit.
Just you wait, Brownie,
You're gonna think of me
when you're in
McAlester Maximum Security
getting slapped around
by some big stehekti guy.
Ah, well, I'm glad you believe
in me, Coach.
Is that marijuana I smell in here?
No, that's, uh That's cedar.
What kind of Indian are you?
You don't know the smell of cedar?
[COACH] Sheesh. Cedar? Yeah, right.
- Scout's honor.
All right, y'all,
you have a good summer.
You take care of yourself, Brownie.
You little shitass, you. Look, look.
Dang, I thought he
was never gonna leave.
Let's go, then.
Quit slamming my doors.
Holy shit, what is this?
You're the one who broke that one.
Tonight there's
gonna be a jailbreak ♪
[BROWNIE] You really
dropped the ball on this one, man.
We could've been on
the moon right now.
Yeah? Well, why didn't you get us any?
Because you said you'd get it.
Acting all big. Ooh!
You know, last time I recall,
you were the only person
that wasn't in school, Brownie.
Hey, last time I remember,
you had one job.
I think it's my favorite drug
of them all.
I think you do too much of it.
- True.
- [GRUNTS] Mm-hmm.
Hey, there's Fixico.
I'll ask him.
No. No, no, no. No.
You don't have to do that.
- What?
- You still mad at him?
No, I just
I just think we can
get it somewhere else.
- I know a few people.
- This is all your fault.
It's my fault?
I'm just doing my own thing.
This is all them.
[MAXIMUS] Brownie.
Fixico, my brother.
Hey, what's up, Brownie?
My cousin up there?
Oh, yeah.
He still mad at me?
You know Chebon.
Acts white sometimes, holds grudges.
Oh, man, this has been a long one.
Say. Windowpane. You got any?
Trying to score some here in a bit.
That and a couple of lids.
- Meet me at the river?
- [BROWNIE] Of course.
Bitchin'. My brother.
- [FIXICO] All right.
- [BROWNIE] Be right back.
- He's doing it?
- Yeah. Give me the money.
- You have any cash, Chebon?
- For what?
You dropped the ball. Cough it up.
[SCOFFS] Not for Fixico.
Come on.
Hurry up. Quit being cheap.
Okay, fine. For Mabel.
- For Mabel.
- There you go.
[BROWNIE] Hear that, Mabel?
All snagged up.
You need to stop frowning.
You're gonna get wrinkles.
Tell me what you told me yesterday.
- What?
- About the sunset.
Oh, about golden hour?
Well, um, golden hour is
kind of a function
of the Earth's axial tilt,
such that twice a day
you get this soft light.
And, um, when the
brightness of the natural light
from the sky perfectly
matches the light that
we've made here on the land,
that is when you get your golden hour.
Chebon, you talk funny.
I like it.
[BROWNIE] Skoden.

They call me the breeze ♪
I keep blowin' down the road ♪
They call me the breeze ♪
I keep blowin' down the road ♪
Bucky! Hey.
I ain't got me nobody ♪
I don't carry me no load ♪
- Ain't no change in the weather ♪
- Don't be like that.
We're in high school. People break up.
And me and him dated
a month ago for, like, a week.
Yeah, I'm not mad about you and him.
People say that, but it's not why.
What, then?
Uh, I don't want to talk about it.
- Come on.
- No, um, you don't want to know.
I do.
It's just family shit.
I mean, he's said some stuff
that's hard to take back.
You know, he's always
looked down on me.
Well, not down but sideways.
You know he's being trained
to do medicine? [CHUCKLES]
So? That's a good thing.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing. It's just
I don't know. Um
To being young and indigimenis.
He's always had things.
Everything has just been paved for him.
Like he has his parents,
and I don't.
And it's not that he has these things
that make me angry or mad,
it's just that
he doesn't acknowledge that
I don't have those things.
So that's, um, my thing.
Oh, and, um, now that he
has those medicine ways,
people treat him like a goddamn pope.
Should be worshipped, you know?
I don't know. When we were younger,
we were just two shitasses
running around barefoot.
Yeah, but you know, things change.
Anyway, that's why we got into it.
He thought it was over some bullshit,
but apparently I was
holding some stuff in.
I get it.
make it right, but yeah, I get it.
I don't care what's
in front of me ♪
[BROWNIE] And our lives starts today!
We can do whatever we want.
Maximus, where in the hell did you go?
I'm just, like, thinking.
Just fuckin' stoned.
Ever since I left school,
just been welding.
Get to travel around.
Texas panhandle. Kansas.
That's your dream? To be a welder?
Figured if I save up enough money,
I can start my own dojo.
Put these fucking skills to use, eh?
- [BROWNIE] And what about you, huh?
I'm gonna join AIM.
Storm the capital.
Yeah, right. You wanna snag
one of them northern boys
with two braids.
Those big braids.
[BROWNIE] And you?
I want to raise little Indian babies.
Be a mama. Better one than mine.
You hear that, Maxi-pad?
Better start getting busy.
- Shut up.
- I want kids, you know.
I want a big family.
Were you thinking maybe ten kids?
I want to be a scientist.
"I want to be a scientist."
- Ho-ah.
What about you?
What do you want to be
when you're older?
I don't know.
Make movies or something.
Like, you guys remember
that Rollerball movie
where they showed what games
would look like in the future?
I was thinking about stickball.
Like, making a futuristic
stickball movie.
[BROWNIE] You ain't
gonna make no fucking movie!
What are you gonna do, huh?
You gonna move to Hollywood?
You ain't ever been west
of the panhandle, man.
What's your guys' problem?
Whenever someone has
a bigger dream than yours,
you just tear 'em down, like
crabs in a bucket.
- He's just joking.
You could be the Indian Peckinpaw.
- Whatever.

Cheree, Cheree ♪
Oh, baby ♪
Oh, baby ♪
I love you ♪
Cheree, Cheree ♪
My comic book fantasy ♪
I love you ♪
[BUCKY] It started in the '40s,
when this guy Heisenberg
started elaborating
on S-Matrix theory
of particle physics, right?
Quantum superpositions and shit.
Anyway, all that
plus Regge theory
and the dual resonance model,
all that shit
is going out the window
with quantum chromodynamics.
[BROWNIE] We ain't
stopping at the moon today.
Stick out your tongues, like KISS.
- Mmm.
- Ooh-ooh.
Hold still, you fuck.
You're gonna wake up one morning ♪
- As the sun greets the dawn ♪
- Don't be a bitch.
- Take it.
- No, I-I am.
I just don't want your
dirty finger in my mouth.
Hurry up.
[BROWNIE] Yeah, yeah.
Okay, now what?
For how long?
- Till the creator takes you.
So buckle in, young one.
You're going for a ride.
You didn't realize, oh! ♪
You've never done it before, have you?
What are you talking about?
Acid. You've never done it before.
- How did you know?
- I could just tell.
I won't tell anyone.
[MAXIMUS] Ah, I told them I did, so,
I couldn't go back on it.
how you doing?
You feeling it yet?
Kind of interested in the sky.
That means you're feeling it.
What do you mean?
You don't realize you're feeling it
till you've already been
feeling it for a while.
[BUCKY] And then
you can't recall feeling
any other way.
It's like you've always been there.
Just like the stars.
We are the stars!
[BROWNIE] You on the moon yet?

[AUDIO SLOWED] See? You've been
feeling like this.
You feel yourself rising slowly ♪
And yet falling down
upon shattered dreams ♪
You are cleansed. ♪
Indian, we're about to leave.
- Two seconds.
You shake it more than twice,
you're playing with yourself.
Yeah, what if I am?
I'm good. I'm good.
- What'd it taste like?
Tastes like your mother.
I need a napkin.
- You got my keys, huh?
- What?
I said, can you drive?
- Yeah. I can I can drive.
- All right, then.
Take us home, then.
You got my keys, eh.
So y'all leaving?
Oh, yeah, time for us to hit the road.
Make like a horse
and buck out of here!
We good?
What, do we owe you
more money for drugs or
No, no, no.
Just checking in.
You know, Grandma's asking about you.
And she said to tell you that
you're always welcome at the house.
So you're just, um,
passing the message?
Well, um, I got a message for you.
I don't need your help,
and I'm doing perfectly fine
at the school alone.
You got that? Comprende?
Don't be acting that way.
No, no, don't you look
at me with your
holier-than-thou aura,
thinking you're some
big ol' young elder.
You're the opposite of a medicine man.
You're a
poison man.
- I love you, cousin.
- Fuck you, man!
Fuck you!
Fuck you.
[IRENE] The whole
concept of boarding school
is so anti-Indian.
When did you find that out?
It's not what you're thinking, though.
Of course stripping language
and little kids is bad,
but what I'm talking about is
the social structure of it.
Ou societies are a lot stronger
when there are elders
and children.
It's all about elders and children.
That relationship? Because
Shut up.
My head hurts.
It's like
disrupting the link.
Ugh, for fuck's sakes. Here we go.
In the book, there's a passage.
"When you look out across
the length of the open road,
"you are a person
"who deserves
"to pursue as many firsts as it takes
to determine your self-worth."
I wish you were talking not at all.
Stitch me to my origins ♪
- God.
Tell me the story
of our beginnings again. ♪
"How beautiful
"to never search for who you are.
"Everything you need is here
"in the
"millenniums of certainty
living in your mirror."
Hey, Bucky.
What happens next?
Hey, Bucky.
What happens after that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the Whoa! Whoa! What the fuck?
- What the fuck?
What? What?
Who are you?
W-What do you want?
[BROWNIE] Where the fuck are we?
[IRENE] Fucking
[BUCKY] Shit.
[BROWNIE] What are you doing?
Chebon, what are you doing?
Did you guys see that?
[MABEL] What?
Why are you in the middle of the road?
No, did you guys see that
that thing?
It was like a-a fucking
like a like an alien.
Windowpane's hitting
you too hard, huh?
Did you guys see it?
See what? There's nothing there.
- It's the fucking drugs.
- No, no, no.
No, I saw it, it talked to me.
What did? Huh? What talked to you?
No, don't touch me. Don't touch me!
I saw it. I saw it.
I saw it!
Man, there's nothing there.
- It's in your mind.
- No.
It's not in my mind.
It's our fucking relatives, all right?
You don't believe me.
Obviously, somebody here made it
to the fucking moon with
the Martians and shit.
[LAUGHS] Where are my keys?
Didn't I?
Saw our relatives?
Holy shit.
[IRENE] Hurry up.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
- Holy shit.
- If you want ♪
[BROWNIE] Hurry up!
To fly ♪
All you gotta do ♪
Is let me do everything ♪
Just let go ♪
Of your mind ♪
Don't worry ♪
Everything will be ♪
Just fine ♪
And if you find yourself
inside your mind. ♪
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