Reservation Dogs (2021) s03e10 Episode Script


[DEEJAY] Hey, everybody out there
in Indian Territory, Oklahoma.
Welcome back to K49 Jams.
I'm your humble host Chebon Bruner.
Seems like we have
a lot of loss out there today
in our community.
This goes out to them.
May we all see our loved ones
on the other side.
What a good day it will be.
I was standing ♪
By my window ♪
On one cold ♪
And cloudy day ♪
When I saw the ♪
Hearse come rolling ♪
For to carry ♪
My mother away ♪
Will the circle ♪
Be unbroken ♪
By and by, Lord ♪
By and by ♪
where do I start?
Give me them Flamers.
I have to tell you something.
Sounds serious.
It is.
Hit me with it.
Don't tell me you're pregnant.
Fuck no.
- What then?
Old Man Fixico passed away.
That right?
He was a good man. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
You okay?
Just feels like
I didn't get to spend
enough time with him.
like he left before I got
to learn anything from him.
And we spent a lot of time together.
Say something important.
Thanks, smiley.
You talking to that spirit?
[SIGHS] Yeah.
She's always just leering at me.
Out with her new snag.
It's this old cowboy.
Always going on
about his mushroom trips
and dropping acid in the desert.
"Oh, my boots, sonic waves,
All that bullshit.
Think I met him.
Well, listen, I know
it feels like Fixico's gone.
And in a way, he is, but
he's also not gone at the same time.
What do you mean?
Now, let's say this is Fixico.
He's got parents, aunties,
uncles, grandparents
all of it.
And then there's you.
Now, who else was he close to?
How 'bout me?
- Yeah. You.
- Okay.
There's me.
- Wotko.
- Wotko.
Um, he's friends with Elora.
Here's Elora.
- Now, what about your mom and dad?
- Mm-hmm.
That's good enough.
Now, say that
he spent time with each
of these people a good amount.
Let's even say that he, uh,
spoke to them about some things.
Say he gave them teachings.
Now, each one of these people
they carry that with them.
Now imagine all the people
that are close to you.
Your friends.
Now, they all carry you
with them, so, in turn
they carry Fixico with them, too.
And all this
that's how community works.
It's sprawling.
It spreads.
What do you think they
came for when they tried
to get rid of us?
Our community.
You break that,
then you break the individual.
Fixico isn't gone.
He's right here,
between you and me.
What did Fixico teach you?
Taught me some things,
um, about plants.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um
some things to help people.
Um, most of the time, we just
delivered groceries to elders
and went to a lot of
houses and visited.
mostly all we did.
That's the thing about community,
is you got to take care of it.
You have to play your part.
And Fixico he was there
for people when they were sick
and he was there for people
when they weren't sick.
Took care of people
when they were dying.
He took care of their loved ones
when they died.
Now it's your turn.
I don't know what to do, though.
You're doing it.
Right now.
I mean, you could have
called me and told me,
but you didn't.
You came to me.
Showed me that you care.
You know, Fixico taught you that.
So now it's up to you
to take care of the people
that he left behind.
And make sure he's sent off
in the right way.
And someday
you'll do it for me when I go.
And then somebody'll
do it for you when you go.
And they will all carry it on.
All of us.
We keep going.
You up for it?
Nailed it.
No notes.
Fuck yeah.
Thanks, Auntie.
You always know what to say.
All you got to do is go through
a metal detector to talk to me.
Okay, that's enough.
Yeah, yeah.
Proud of you.
Thank you.
Well, better get going.
Check you later, Auntie.
Give everyone my love.

- [BEV] Two bags.
- [JACKIE] All right.
- Want these inside?
- Yeah.
Aunties are locked
and loaded, ready to go,
so chop, chop. Got work to do.
Ooh. "Chop, chop."
Yes, ma'am. [CHUCKLES]
- [DANA] Bev's here.
- Ooh. Smells good.
Long time no see.
Love you, Dana.
Got the shit.
- [BEV] There's a lot more.
- I don't know what this is for.
[BEV] Jackie'll make another trip.
[JACKIE] Yeah, for sure.
[LEON] On three. One, two, three.
[WILLIE JACK] Hey! What the fuck?
Should move the truck over here, so
[LEON] Just keep pulling, you guys.
- [MARC DON] Come on, Bear, use your muscles.
- Hold on, hold on.
Back, back. You got it
caught up on the tailgate.
- You got to bring it back.
- Oh, my God.
- What the fuck you gonna do
you're gonna haul it?
- [LEON] Move it back.
- I said
[LEON] What are you doing?
Goddamn it, Danny.
These are new boots.
- You don't lift with your feet.
- [WILLIE JACK] Training.
Let's just bury it right here.
Let's go.
Maybe we should just drive the truck.
We're gonna have to get
the aunties out here, huh?
Two hot coffees.
Brought you some donuts, too.
- [IRENE] Thank you.
- Yeah.
I don't eat that shit. [CHUCKLES]
Let me guess. Star people food?
No, it's white people food.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, and you stay away
from all of those, hmm?
You got to dig and you must fast.
- Okay. Mm.
- [MAXIMUS] All right.
Fuck, bro, I'd like, already ate three.
[BEAR] Man, I'm hungry as shit.
Yeah. Goddamn.
Yeah, it's bigger than mine, but
Yeah, you know, uh,
statistically speaking, though,
if I reach the age 75,
I'll probably see everybody's
dick in the community.
Yeah, Jimmy's was kind of girthy.
End of the day ♪
[VINNY] Got to let you go, man.
All right. All right.
Talk to you later.
so she started taking them.
Next day, a couple days later,
she's going and she
you know, "That taste like
that tastes like rabbit poop."
I said, "See?
You're getting smarter already."
So, anyway, she got me
growing eggplant there,
and I-I got the
And she got mad at me one day
and said, "Don't" Hi, how you doing?
Right now, right now ♪
Dude, don't slam the door.
What did I tell you? Come on.
- Sorry, man.
- It's just, it's brand-new.
- You don't have to slam it.
- [ELORA] New to you.
pants, so Left a burn mark
on my backside
I swear, I should've
drove this myself.
You guys are poor hearse drivers, man.
Surprised Fixico didn't beat you here.
- [LEON] Really?
[BROWNIE] Hey, I'm
sorry, about that. I really am.
That's him?
Oh, good gravy.
I figured you two flat-dicks
would show up.
Heard you were back.
Yeah, yeah. Never, uh,
never really went anywhere.
- Ah.
- Ah, yeah.
Glad to have you back here
in the present.
This dimension.
How you been?
I've been good. Just, uh
keeping my eye to the sky.
[BUCKY] That's good.
- [BROWNIE] Yeah.
- [BUCKY] That's real good. [CLEARS THROAT]
They say I smoke too much weed.
[SCOFFS] Yeah. It's crazy.
- Who all's here?
What's up?
Hey, good to see you.
[CHEESE] Good to see you guys.
- [ELORA] Hey, what's up?
- Hey, Elora.
Hey, when you have a second,
I'd love to talk to you.
Okay, cool. Is everything good?
- Yeah, it's all good.
- All right.
All right, we're gonna grab
this front handle here.
It's on rollers,
so it's gonna come out easy.
Better not drop him.
[WILLIE JACK] I'm watching you.
you all are gathered here today.
We're gonna send our brother on
in a good way.
Tonight, we will sit by the body
and the young men
will dig the grave by hand.
Let's all bow our heads.
[ALL] Amen.
You know, seeing him here
laying like this
reminds me of a story about myself.
- You know, when I was a kid,
- I, uh
- [SHUSHES] Hurry up.
Thank you for
changing my life, brother.
This book.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
Sorry. Sorry about that.
Old Man Fixico.
Was a real one if there ever was.
The realest.
Here's some music for the journey.
See you at the crossroads.
Don't sell it.
Hey, nephew.
Get your elders another cup of coffee.
Wow, you elders drink a lot of coffee.
Quit asking questions.
- I didn't.
- It keeps the spirits away.
Ennit, Maximus?
Does a chicken have lips?
No, it doesn't keep spirits away.
I hate cooking.
That's why we are queens.
- People starve without us.
- [WOMEN] Mm-hmm.
They be eating each other
like in that movie.
- [RITA] Alive?
- [BEV] Yeah, that one.
Where they eat the butt cheeks.
[RITA] Yeah, they ate the butt first.
Ooh. Big.
Shut up.
Well, what's up, Big?
Just teaching these young matriarchs
how to matriarch the hell up.
[BIG] Oh, shit yeah.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna donate that to the kitchen.
Uh, okay.
That's a very big zucchini.
- Thank you so much.
- Aho.
- [BEV] Mmm, mmm, mmm.
I don't even know what the hell
to do with this thing.
You fry it.
Give it to me. I'll show you.
- Damn, Dana.
- She'll take it.
[BEV] She knows
how to work a zucchini.
[LAUGHS] What up, Big?
Yeah. Teenie. Shit, I didn't
know you was gonna be here.
- I had the week off.
- Yeah?
- Rita and them in there?
- Yeah. They're-they're inside.
Good to see you.
- Yeah, you, too.
- Aho.
Say, Teenie.
I just want to let you know, um
I'm kind of seeing somebody now.
- Oh, okay.
- So, no
Mm. No more.
Good. Uh
I'm happy for you.
Mm. Mvto.
[RITA] Hey, girl.
- There she is.
Uh, what the hell is up with Big?
Ugh, you do not want to know.
- [BEV] Bring it in, girl.
I haven't seen you since I took
50 milligrams of weed.
Don't remind me. I had to hold
that girl's hair up all night
while she puked.
- You loved it.
- Hey, Teenie.
- Hey.
Hey, Teenie.
I saw what you sent me
about your school.
- The dorm looks so nice.
- Oh, um
We'll talk about it later. Yeah?
So, Rita,
you gonna take that job?
Uh, yeah.
I'm gonna take a job in Oklahoma City.
- [TEENIE] That's my girl.
- Mm-hmm.
I was gonna kick your ass
if you didn't.
- Yeah.
- How'd Bear take it?
[RITA] Surprisingly well.
- [TEENIE] Hmm.
- You're moving?
- Is Bear coming with you?
- [RITA] No, no, Bear's gonna stay here.
You better be my eyes
and my ears here, okay?
- I don't want any more parties.
- Yeah, of course.
Got to pee.
All right. Give me one.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Care if I join you?
No, of course.
Come sit.
It's pretty crazy right?
I mean, he was just here.
Now he's not.
IHS'll never be the same.
I always looked forward
to seeing him. You know?
Bear, I have to tell you something.
Oh, yeah.
What's up?
What'd you want to talk about?
I'm leaving.
Like, leaving here, now?
No, I mean, like, I'm going to school.
I got in.
- Oh.
- I'm moving to the dorms in the fall.
- Bear, I didn't
- Uh
Give me a second.
I didn't
I didn't know your mom
was leaving, too.
And I don't know, I just
I guess I just want to
make sure that you're okay.
That's awesome.
I'm proud of you.
You've had it harder than all of us.
still the toughest.
Well. Thanks.
I mean, of course
I'm gonna miss you.
But it has to be done.
It's a good thing.
I'll come back on weekends.
- Yeah.
- Good. I
Nothing can break up
the Rez Dogs anyways, right?
Fucking right.
Bear? [LAUGHS]
I love you. [SNIFFLES]
- I love you, too.
- I really do.
- [BEAR] I love you.
I'll miss you, but it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be good.
Holy Just fucking up my war paint.
Is that long enough?
- Yeah, it should be good.
- Fuck you mean,
"should be"? Has to be exact.
I do this, like, every other day.
I know how big it's got to be.
Shit looks too small to me.
[VINNY] Big, I don't tell you
how to arrest people
or direct traffic, man.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
You smell like weed.
- You know that?
- [VINNY] I got my weed card, shitass.
- All right, come on, mark it out.
- [BIG] Lucky you do.
Didn't you used to be the dog catcher?
[LEON] Guys, put some stones down
so we know where
we're digging tonight.
Got lots to do.
Hey, uh
[CLEARS THROAT] think it's appropriate
for me to sing a song?
Twenty-five and wasting time ♪
I ain't never been outside
of this county line ♪
Hey, I'm gonna be here
till I die ♪
Two-step with me.
I'm gonna burn this floor up.
I'll meet you on that by-and-by ♪
Willie Jack.
Usually, the men do the digging,
but I think it fitting that
you break the ground first.
And then, later on tonight,
we will dig the grave.
[ALL] Mvto.
[LEON] Uh, speaking of digging,
where are the shovels?
Where are the shovels?
You were supposed to bring
the shovels.
Yeah, we-we don't provide shovels.
- You're a funeral director.
Yeah, I direct the funeral.
I don't dig the grave.
Boa's here.
And I brought shovels.
We have enough for everyone.
Mvto. Mvto.
- Oh, oh, oh!
- You all right?
Dig another hole.
Auger in, boys. We're good.
- I got you.
- [KENNY BOY] Thank you, Bear.
[ALL CHANTING] Bear! Bear!
Bear! Bear! Bear! Bear!
You know,
- I could use some help.
- No, you got this.
- Doing a good job, bro.
- [BEAR] Yeah, man.
Bear. W-Where's that grave stretcher?
"No" was all he said ♪
Take a load off, Fanny ♪
Take a load for free ♪
Take a load off, Fanny ♪
- ♪And ♪
- ♪And, and ♪
It's great, watching
these young ones, isn't it?
Makes me teary-eyed.
They carry it on.
Goodbye, brother.
I picked up my bag ♪
Flights of angels
sing thee to thy death.
- Aho.
I can't wait to be an elder.
- Me too.
- Me too.
She said, "I got to go ♪
But my friend can stick around" ♪
I'm done.
- Aho.
- Aho.
Take a load off, Fanny ♪
Take a load for free ♪
Are you kidding me, Pillsbury?
Get him a shovel.
And you put the load right on me ♪
You put the load right on me ♪
Where you going there, nephew?
Taking a piss.
You know, if you shake it
more than twice,
you're playing with yourself.
- Watch out for spirits.
- And don't be whistling,
You might call them.
[SPIRIT] Aho! Bear cub!
Bear, Bear, Bear. Cub, Cub, Cub.
William Knifeman?
- I knew you'd be here.
- Whoa!
- Whoa. Gosh.
- [LAUGHS] Aw, sorry, man.
I-I always wanted to do that.
I can't believe whistling
at night actually worked.
Oh, I was in the area.
Yeah, I'm here
to help Fixico, you know,
catch the next train
smoking out of here.
In that way, yeah. [WHISPERS] Hoka.
Oh, I'm also here for you, too.
So, you have any teachings for me?
Seems like I haven't
seen you in, like, forever.
Yeah, well, you kinda
told me to fuck off, Bear.
Now, I'm a really
strong warrior, but
that hit me to my core.
- I cried.
- I'm sorry about that. I
For seven days. Sacred number.
I'm sorry.
A lot has happened
since then, and I-I
Nah, I'm just fucking with you,
man. I know, I know.
I been following you.
Following you on your little
Instagrams, your little TikToks.
Yeah. Hey, but for real?
Don't try to follow me on there.
I'm using burner accounts, okay?
But you're doing good, nephew.
Doing good.
What advice you got for me today?
You know, to, like,
help further myself?
Not today, Bear.
O Okay.
So, then, what? Nothing?
I guess, uh
I guess I'm here to say goodbye.
I mean, I can't really say
goodbye, because, you know,
it's, like, a colonial way of talking.
Yeah. Our people say stuff like
"See you later," or, you know,
"Go on, fucker,"
or, you know, "Peace."
'Cause we don't have a word
for goodbye.
So, you're really leaving?
Like, for real?
I'm proud of you, little brother.
You deserve to be loved
and you deserve to love.
And that's what all those people
in there are offering you.
That's why you're here,
digging Fixico's grave.
Hey, you spent all this time
asking me questions,
I got one for you.
What have you learned,
I learned that I don't
got to be the only leader.
That I'm from
an amazing community, and I'm just
proud to be a part of it.
Ah, there it is! Finally.
You got it. That's what
I've been trying to tell you.
We don't need more chiefs,
we need more warriors.
There, right on, brother.
Right on.
I'm gonna take a year off.
Just stay in Okern.
- Figure some stuff out.
In that traditional the way
like that, stay home like that,
sit down, watch that TV
in that way. Aha.
Yeah. Did that for four years.
Sacred number. [EXCLAIMS]
No, but for real.
It's good. It's real good.
- S-So, thank you for all
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Don't ruin this good moment, brother.
Don't ruin it.
I'm gonna go now, okay?
But, like, kinda wish
I could do something
really, like, sacred
and just disappear,
but I can't really do that at night,
you know, so, uh,
jus-just gonna walk that way, okay?
But hey
Aho, Bear.
Aho, William Knifeman.
Nah, come in here, you little fucker.
I love you, nephew.
I love you, too, Uncle.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you, Unc.
Fucking put some
sanitizer on your hand.
You just touched your loo loo.
The hell is that?
Good job, fellas.
Real good.
Great job, bro.
The family wants to thank you all
for all the hard work.
In a minute, we'll have breakfast.
If anyone wants to speak,
go right ahead.
I usually don't speak like this
in front of a bunch of people,
uh, but
I think it's important
to say a few things for Fixico.
He was my good friend.
And we were just really starting
to get to know each other,
and I'm happy for my time with him.
And I'm trying to realize
more and more
about things that he taught me.
How important
every little thing is.
If I could say
that he taught me anything,
it's how to take care of people.
And be there for them.
Our community.
'Cause that's what he cared about.
And I hope to be that for people, too.
He helped me figure out my purpose.
I know we all have our own lives
and our own problems,
but I think it's beautiful
that we come together like this.
For Uncle.
Boa, I know I didn't get
to spend enough time with you.
But mvto for everything
that you taught me.
[LEON] Mvto.
Love you, Uncle.
[WOTKO] Mvto.
I know you'll be there for me.
We don't know what we're gonna
be doing in a week
or a month or a year.
I'm gonna live forever,
I'm gonna ♪
Don't worry about it, Mom.
Take it easy on his neck, okay?
- Go on, then.
[WILLIE JACK] We'll always come
back together when we need to.
You're gonna miss me
when I'm gone ♪
[WILLIE JACK] Some of us will go
Nobody here will ever find me ♪
some of us are gonna stay here.
But I will always be around ♪
But this place
Just like the songs
I leave behind me ♪
and all you people
I'm gonna live forever ♪
live in each one of us.
I'm gonna live forever ♪
I'm gonna cross that river ♪
I'm gonna catch tomorrow now. ♪
And it'll go on like that.
- Aho.
- Aho.
- Mvto.
- Mvto.
- [WOTKO] Aho.
- [MOSE] Mvto.
- Let's go eat.
- Mvto.
- Hompvks.
- [ELORA] Hompvks ce.
- Hompvks ce.
- [WOTKO] Hompvks.
Well, I love you guys.
Love you all, too.
Love you.
Love you, bitches.
I'm hungry.
- Let's go eat?
- Those hash browns smell good.
- Hompvks ce.
- Hompvks ce.
Love you, Boa.
It's so easy ♪
Irene's tearing it up in the kitchen.
It's so easy when you know ♪
[WILLIE JACK] Can smell it from here.
It's so easy when you know ♪
What you're doing ♪
It's so easy ♪
When you're doing it now ♪
I know that your love ♪
Was my undoing ♪
But it's your money ♪
Fuck, nobody's ever done that to me.
Whenever things ♪
It got a little trouble ♪
You pack it up ♪
And take a holiday. ♪
- We did good.
We did.
Sure did.
We sent our brother off
in that good way.
Till the next one.
- Till the next one.
- Till the next one.
Till the next one.
That's why I'm trying to get rich ♪
Home ain't feeling ♪
Like home ♪
Ain't feeling ♪
Like home ♪
I don't really rush now ♪
Since I've been in trust now ♪
Seen it as a must-find ways ♪
My ways, a motherfucker
with the edge ♪
Like a tape it the fade ♪
You used to shuffle off the meds ♪
Stay buzzing for days ♪
Went something like beating
around, fucking around ♪
Reaching around, praise ♪
Beating around, fucking around ♪
Peeking the wrong caves ♪
Greasy mode don't reach
lest we fade ♪
Scuff the preach
we sleep in the grave ♪
Rest in peace to my OGs ♪
Rest in peace to being lonely ♪
I trust me enough to ♪
Give love to my locals ♪
Motherfucking bugle focal ♪
Folk dance for my grandma so true ♪
It's a wrap on a show
that broke rules ♪
Bless hope for the next
who will grow soon ♪
My family grew up in sticks ♪
Enemies throwing the stones ♪
That's why I'm trying to get rich ♪
Home ain't feeling like home ♪
Home ♪
Ain't feeling like home. ♪
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