Resident Evil (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


[upbeat music]
[birds chirping]
Come on, come on ♪
Yeah ♪
Come on ♪
Yeah ♪
[object beeping]
[upbeat music playing faintly]
A shrimp curry burrito? Really?
That smell is never going away.
He can't hear you.
[breathes angrily]
Clean up your mess.
In a minute.
I'll do it.
He has to learn.
[door clonks, squeals opened]
[ominous music]
The mind-machine interface is glitching.
- Oh, I'm sorry
- Fix it.
Where are we
with the chest mount prototype?
You'll have it tomorrow.
[ominous music continues]
Are those
Are you listening to music?
Uh, um No?
[knife swishes]
Pinky promise?
It it won't happen again.
[tense music]
[doors clonking]
[trooper 1] Albert Wesker!
This is unauthorized use
of Umbrella property!
Put your hands up! Do it now!
[suspenseful music]
- [grunting]
- [thwacks]
[gun fires]
[trooper 2] Wesker!
We know you're in there!
We have the facility surrounded!
- Albert, we have to get out of here!
- [trooper 2] Come out! Now!
- [flesh pierces]
- [groans]
[Bert] What are you doing?
[Wesker] Destroying the evidence.
[trooper 2] Shots fired!
Shots fired! Move in!
- [bullets ricochet]
- Go!
Are you okay?
[door opens]
I, uh, I I think so.
[trooper 3] Y eah, we're clear.
- [tense music]
- [indistinct chatter]
What the fuck are you?
- [Albert] This can't be happening.
- [Bert] Oh, it's happening.
[Bert] So, what's it been?
Like, seven years?
You've been locked down here
this whole time?
I mean, not always, like,
exactly here in this spot, but locked up?
Yeah. It's for my own good.
Oh, you didn't know?
I thought you were dead.
Mom can't kill me. She needs me.
Don't call her that.
So where have they been keeping you?
Bert, I
[Albert] I haven't been locked up.
What do you mean?
I got out.
I made a life for myself.
Good for you, man.
[Albert] I wish I could've
taken you with me. It's just
[Bert] No, I Yeah, I get it.
[Albert] My life
It's not so great.
Ah, you get used to it.
Have you ever tried to escape?
No, why?
You think I should?
Bert, I need your help.
- My daughters
- "Daughters"?
You've got Holy cow.
What are their names?
Jade and Billie. They're just kids, 14.
[Albert] And you know what Umbrella
will do to them if
- Hands behind your back. Do it now!
- [Albert] No. Wait.
- Hey, I
- [Bert] Leave him alone!
Hey! Stop!
Don't worry. I got you, bro!
[beeps, error scratches]
[chilling music]
- [grunting]
- [squelches]
[dramatic music]
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- Is Bea okay?
Yeah, she's She's fine.
What were you thinking?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
You were right.
[Jade] I never should have left.
I should have stayed with you.
Look, it doesn't matter.
It does.
What do you want me to say, Jade?
Well, tell me I'm just stupid.
Tell me I'm selfish. Tell me that I
That I got Amrita killed.
You did.
All those things, you did.
Right now, Umbrella's here, Jade.
What's happening?
[Arjun] They wanna have a meeting.
With Saqim.
It's a trap.
If we find out what they want,
maybe we can make a deal.
Umbrella doesn't make deals.
[Jade] Arjun.
We have to press the button.
No, absolutely not. We're not there yet.
Then fine. I'll go.
- You just said it was a trap.
- Yes, exactly.
I'll go if it means that you
can get Bea and everybody else
on this ship somewhere safe.
Bea doesn't need a martyr, all right?
She needs her mother.
Who's asking for this meeting?
Evelyn Marcus.
[unsettling music]
[waves crashing]
- Thank you for meeting me.
- Your guns.
This is a diplomatic mission.
I am not armed,
it wouldn't be appropriate.
He's clean.
Follow me.
[man shouting in distance]
[distant yelling]
[indistinct chatter]
[helicopter roaring]
Saqim Salam!
Clear the tent.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
- [Saqim] Mrs. Marcus.
- Evelyn.
Ah, we met before, uh,
when you spoke in Riyadh in 2019.
[Evelyn] Small world.
[tongue clicks]
Can I offer you a glass of champagne?
[Saqim] Mm. I don't drink anymore.
I don't drink any less.
[cautious chuckle]
- Feels like I'm meeting a celebrity.
- [bottle clacks]
The University hiding on a ship.
I want Jade Wesker.
She's a member of our community.
A valued member?
- All members have value.
- Of course. Let me rephrase.
Is Jade Wesker valuable enough
to put the lives of your people in danger?
Aw, Evelyn.
I understand you have, uh,
many troops with many guns,
and I understand you might see
my people as academics.
Oxford dons in their tweeds and tassels.
I do love a good tassel.
But believe me when I say
we have weapons of our own.
We are also in possession of a hard drive
taken from an Umbrella facility
in Bali in 2022.
The contents of which I am sure
Umbrella would not want exposed.
[tongue clicks]
Saqim, I I'm gonna make this
very simple for you.
You can threaten me all you want,
but all those troops and all those guns,
they're still gonna board your ship.
Yes, but
And I'm sure there's some
very nasty things on that hard drive,
and I'm sure you've got someone ready
to broadcast them to the world. So
Go ahead. Maybe it'll ruin us.
But you and all your people?
You'll never know.
Because unless I get what I want,
I'm gonna turn your little fucking
love boat into the Titanic.
[uneasy music]
[doors hisses opened]
So we've had some time to
[breathes deeply]
calm down.
Take some
cleansing breaths.
I know what you want, Evelyn.
This isn't the way to get it.
I'm afraid both our hands are tied.
That reporter, we ran his blood.
Turns out, you gave him a dose of Joy
that's three times the lethal limit.
- Do you want to tell me why?
- You can't do this.
- And I won't help you.
- Sure you will.
If it wasn't for me,
you'd still be playing grab-ass
with Tweedledee and Tweedledum
in that rathole.
I didn't ask for your help.
[chuckles, sucks teeth]
But you took it, didn't you?
You begged me to get out of that cell,
and I'm just a big softie, I guess,
because I took pity on you.
The deal was, you do what I ask,
and, in exchange, I let you have a life.
And I let you create life.
So why are you making my life
so difficult?
And Bert?
What kind of a deal did you make with him?
Is he the one
who's been changing Joy's formula?
Jesus, Evelyn. He's unstable.
[humming continues]
[tense music]
[man choking]
[young Billie] Is it Dad?
[young Jade] Simon.
- Ignore him.
- I am.
What about you? Anything?
When do we start to worry?
[Evelyn] I trusted you.
I convinced myself you were different.
That it would be interesting
to see if a clone could acclimate
to the real world.
You fooled a lot of people, Al.
- But if we can get Joy
- [Albert] That's all you care about?
The next product juicing the stock price?
[Evelyn sighs]
People have died!
And more people could be saved!
Just fucking think about it!
Depression, anxiety, suicide. Just
Fuck the bottom line.
That's changing the world. Come on, Al.
Don't you want to change
the world with me?
Like you care.
I bet everything on this.
My job, my reputation, my marriage.
I care.
So even if you don't,
you're gonna help me.
Bert's notes. Get to work.
[phone ringing]
Hey, sweetie. Yeah, just here with Albert.
He says hi.
[Evelyn] Yeah.
[knocks on door]
[Bea] Mom?
[Bea] I snuck out.
What's happening? Amrita.
- [Bea] She's
- I know.
- [Bea] You said it would be okay.
- I know.
[Jade] I need you to be strong, okay?
Bea, I need you to go to our cabin.
Okay? I need you to go to my bed.
Look under it. There's a green duffel bag.
[Jade] It has everything you'll need.
I need you and Dad to get off the ship.
[Bea] Why?
Because the people out there
are bad people.
[Jade] They want to hurt you.
- Dad says
- [Jade] Yeah, look, I know what Dad says.
But he doesn't know them like I do.
Bea, you have to believe me.
[somber music]
And if Dad won't go with you,
I need you to go on your own.
[Bea] What?
What about you?
I'll be right behind you.
I'm so sorry for all of this.
[Jade] I never wanted any of this for you.
I just wanted you to be safe and happy.
But I need you to do this for me, okay?
You promise me.
I promise.
Still no.
I mean, what if we never hear from him?
Then we call the police.
- The Umbrella police?
- [Simon] Jade.
Hey, I've been texting you.
[vehicle honks]
[honking continues]
That's our dad.
- But can we just talk
- I'm sorry.
[young Billie] Who's car is this?
Uh-oh, I decided to upgrade my wheels.
But only the best for
my girls.
[young Billie] What happened?
At Umbrella?
You know, work, work, work.
How was school?
Did you see "him"?
Oh, yeah, I saw him.
Okay, and what happened?
Um, we'll, we'll talk about it later.
[man 1] Hey, mate!
You're blocking the pick-up lane!
[man 2] Come on! Move it!
What's their problem?
You're blocking the pick-up lane.
[woman 1] You can't just leave
your car parked there!
[angry honking]
[man 1] Move it already! Come on!
- [engine starts]
- [doors close]
I'm hungry. Are you hungry?
[engine revs]
This puppy's got some oomph, huh?
Billie, put your seatbelt on.
[unnerving music]
You ever get tired
of taking orders from her?
Nah, I'm a masochist.
- [beeping]
- [doors open]
- [Evelyn] How is he?
- [Roth] So far, so good.
[door closes]
You need your medicine.
I can get it for you.
[Evelyn] How long can you go without?
Right now, you're being the strong hero,
because that's
what you think you are, but
I'm guessing that in about an hour,
maybe less,
the pain will become unbearable,
and you'll give in.
You don't know me.
I've known every version of you, Al.
[Evelyn] And you Weskers,
you're all about one thing.
I mean, why clone yourself
unless you want to live forever?
[Evelyn] It's starting, isn't it?
This is exactly why we abandoned
the cloning program years ago.
After a certain point,
the maintenance is too damn high.
Hell, Bert needs dialysis most nights,
a drug cocktail, just to wake up,
and even then, for every good day,
he's got ten bad ones.
[blows raspberries]
Your cells are breaking down.
You're falling apart from the inside out.
[breathes heavily]
[Evelyn] Here.
[tense music]
[host] Welcome to Olive Garden.
When you're here, you're family.
Right this way, please.
So much pasta.
[Bert] No olives, though. Weird.
Did they bug the car?
What? Who?
Umbrella. Were they listening?
Oh, my God.
Unlimited breadsticks.
Are you seeing this?
- Do they know about me?
- This is the best day.
Put the fucking menu down.
Dad, your finger.
Everything's fine.
Let's just order.
We have to go to the bathroom.
[chairs scrape]
[young Jade exhales]
- Something's wrong.
- You think?
What if Umbrella did something to him?
Like what? Cut off his fucking finger?
And drugged him
or hooked him up to electrodes
and shocked the shit out of him?
- Gave him a brain transplant?
- Right.
Let's think.
[birds chirping]
[Diana] Dinner's in 15.
Let me guess, is it salmon again?
Can you cook something with legs, maybe?
You're in a mood. What's wrong?
[Simon] Nothing's wrong.
- I don't know.
- [Diana] You don't know what?
It's just, I have these friends and
I'm actually quite worried about them,
but they're just ghosting me,
and I don't know what to do.
I can tell you what you don't do.
You don't get mad,
and you don't give up on them.
When they need your help,
they'll ask for it.
And if they don't,
you'll offer it to them anyway.
[approaching footsteps]
[Evelyn] Honey
I'm home.
Dinner's almost ready.
- It's your favorite.
- Mm. I'll open the wine, then.
- [Simon] Hi, Mom.
- Hey, kid.
- What you doing?
- [chuckles]
- What is it?
- It's this new filter.
You put up to your face, and it shows you
what type of breakfast food you are,
and Mark got cottage cheese
and apple sauce, and he's super pissed.
Do it to me.
- Yeah?
- [Evelyn] Yeah.
- [shutter clicks]
- [chuckles]
- What?
- Hilarious.
- What? What am I? Show me.
- Beans on toast.
No. I'm a carb? No!
You and Mom, you're just
You seem different.
Well, it's just
she was so mad when you were gone.
Thought I'd start getting
two Christmases, you know?
Well, I'm back now.
She says that you work too much.
She's right.
So stop.
I can't.
Not right now.
[metal clinks]
[wine pouring]
[medicines shaking]
[glass clanking]
[medicine crushes]
[phone ringing, unlocks]
Just a second.
[oil sizzles]
- Here.
- Thank you.
[tense music]
- [Evelyn] Do you have him?
- [Roth] He didn't come home.
Should I initiate tracking protocols?
- How long will that take?
- [Roth] Twenty. Thirty minutes, tops.
[Evelyn] I'll call you back.
- Simon?
- [Simon] Hmm?
Can you text your friend, Jade?
Uh, why?
I need to know where she is.
I'm afraid she may be in trouble.
[tense music]
[chimes, buzzes]
[clears throat]
These are legit.
Excuse me. More breadsticks.
- Looks like you still have a few left.
- Oh, no.
This is my unlimited basket.
They need their unlimited baskets.
I'm sorry, sir. It's one per table.
- But that's a limit.
- [young Billie] Dad, it's no big deal.
It is a big deal
because it's not unlimited.
As soon as you finish your basket, I can
You know what? Fine.
- There. Finished.
- [basket clinks]
You girls want one of my sticks
while we wait?
What is wrong with you?
What? Nothing.
- We'll talk about it when we get home.
- [young Billie] No.
[Bert sighs]
I'm not your dad.
I'm your uncle.
Wait, he, he he never mentioned me?
So you're like, what?
His twin?
Sort of. We're clones.
There was a third one of us, Alby,
but he was killed
by the original Albert Wesker.
Our creator.
We were part of, like,
a research and development team
he put together to help him.
He died in a volcano.
It's okay, though. He wasn't very nice.
Didn't like me much.
[Bert chuckles]
But don't worry.
Me and your dad, we're nothing like him.
I mean, genetically,
were exactly like him.
But everything else, totally different.
I mean, he was a monster.
He liked hurting people.
But I think we've all got
these feelings inside us, right?
Happy feelings, sad feelings, and
[breathes deeply]
feelings like sometimes you just want
to punch someone in the face so hard.
[Bert exhales]
Well, anyways,
I think we all have a choice.
We can choose who we are. Who we wanna be.
And I choose breadsticks.
[Bert chuckles]
[Bert crunching]
Stay the fuck away from us.
[Bert] What?
If you don't, we'll scream.
But But I
- Jade, what?
- I don't know.
- Umbrella.
- Oh, shit.
[tense music]
[guard 1] In the back.
Okay. Come on. Go. Come on.
- Girls! Get behind me!
- Oh, my God.
[young Jade] Shit.
Go, go, go, go, go, go. Come on.
[thrilling music]
[guard 2] Hey!
- [thumps]
- [gasps]
[body thuds]
Don't worry. Everything's A-okay.
- [stun gun buzzes]
- [grunts]
[low exhale]
- [grunts]
- [thwacks]
[thrilling music]
Come to papa.
Playtime's over, Bert.
I don't like you!
[Bert] You're not nice to me!
- Let me go!
- Hey! Don't touch us!
- [grunts]
- [Roth] Let them go.
It's all right. I work with your dad.
That wasn't him.
Don't worry! Everything's gonna be fine.
We know.
Where is he?
Waiting for you. Just come with me.
[young Jade] No.
This isn't really a "no" situation.
[pensive music]
[door opens]
[pensive music continues]
[zipper zips]
[dramatic music]
[Jade] Okay. As soon as you
hand me over, get back to the ship
and spin up the engines.
And press that fucking button, okay?
[Arjun] Jade.
Oh, no, no.
You are not taking her anywhere!
Look. I know you feel like
It's okay.
I love you.
But I've got to do this.
Wait, Jade. Jade!
[serious music]
[tires screech]
[Evelyn] Jade.
Thank God.
That's Simon's mom.
And, Billie, you must be terrified.
That horrible man.
He said he was a clone.
- Is that true?
- Because if it is
that's fucking insane.
Yeah. Well, fucking insane
is kind of what we do, so
[Evelyn] Look.
I know you girls have questions.
That wave of fear and confusion
you're feeling right now, I've felt that.
Never really knew my father.
He he was a very brilliant,
very private man.
To protect me,
I was kept in the dark about things.
Things he thought I couldn't handle.
us girls, we're tougher and smarter
than people give us credit for.
Aren't we? Hmm? Hmm?
Now, let's go see your dad.
[uneasy music]
[beeping, doors clonk open]
[approaching footsteps]
Al, you've got company.
- [Albert groans]
- Dad
What's wrong? What did you do to him?
- Hey, hey!
- Get off! Hey
- Get off!
- Don't touch her!
- Hey, stop! Stop!
- Hey, don't touch her!
Stop, please!
[Evelyn exhales]
I wish there was a more elegant way
to do this, too, girls.
[Evelyn sighs]
Take your medicine, Albert.
[young Jade] What's happening?
[Evelyn] Do you want
to tell them or should I?
[shaky breathing]
Okay, I'll do it.
Your father's dying.
Like good ol' Bert told you,
he's a clone, which Weird, sure.
But really, it's a very simple process
involving a little DNA,
a few empty cells,
and a very unfortunate woman.
But being a clone
isn't your father's problem.
The rapid aging is.
See, Wesker,
OG Wesker was an impatient man.
He's cloned himself
a little army of geniuses,
and he wasn't gonna wait
for them to grow up.
So, with our good friend science,
your father went from born to 20 years old
in less than six months.
But accelerating the cells
that way leads to
Cancer, mitochondrial explosion,
all sorts of nasty things.
Your father's sick. So he invented a cure.
He engineered your blood
to fix his problem,
which, like I said, he's a genius.
That's not true.
Isn't it?
[Albert] I
[tense music]
[music intensifies]
[grunts, gasping]
I, I didn't I, I can explain.
That's why you were taking our blood.
- Billie, please.
- Stop. Just stop!
[young Billie] I don't know what you are.
But everything you say is a lie.
And all that stuff about making us strong
and protecting us
It was all bullshit!
[young Billie panting]
I hope
you fucking die.
[metal clonks]
[beeps, doors open]
Evelyn, if you do anything to hurt them
Al, I'm not that person.
But you did say you'd do anything.
Time to prove it.
[serious music]
You brought a gun this time.
Good for you.
[suspenseful music]
[Jade] Who's there?
- Evelyn?
- [light humming and buzzing]
Did a full 180, crazy ♪
Thinking 'bout the way I was ♪
Did the heartbreak change me? ♪
Maybe, but look at where I ended up ♪
If you wanna believe
That anything could stop ♪
She's good, huh?
Yeah, this thing controls
the electrodes in her brain
and pumps her full of 87 different drugs.
- Wanna see her do a backflip?
- No.
Come on.
That whole show and that's all I get?
Just an angry, little, "No"?
I knew you set me up
the second I found that tracker.
You got me to lead you here
because I am fucking stupid.
You're Jade. You did the Jade thing.
You go after what you want
and everything else, it's noise.
So what? You're controlling Evelyn?
Which means you're running Umbrella.
Little bit. But I've made
a few enemies over the years.
So, uh, best to keep the bitch around.
Right, E?
[Billie] I know what you're thinking.
I look good.
So, in France,
when you said you were sick,
you were doing the Billie thing.
No, my blood's bad.
But turns out, yours is still good.
Yeah, fixed me right up.
Just like it did Dad.
[Billie] Oh, come on.
We're Weskers.
Self-preservation is what we do.
What do you want, Billie?
- I just want my sister.
- [Jade] Oh, fuck off of that shit.
Baby, you already fucked me.
I'm just fucking you back.
You left.
So much for "together forever." Right?
I didn't have a choice.
Someone once told us,
we all get to choose.
Who we are, who we want to be.
You chose.
Okay, fine. Fine.
You got me. Here I am.
Just let everyone else go.
You think this is all about you?
Wow, narcissist.
Oh, my
No, I want everything.
Every artifact, every painting, all of it.
The University's made it their mission
to preserve the past,
and that is a problem.
Bad things happened in the past.
You know, you were there.
You don't have to do this, Billie.
Do you like your memories, Jade?
'Cause I don't.
[Billie] That is why
I'm building a better future.
Making the world a better place.
You hear yourself?
I mean, you even sound like her.
Who's controlling who?
Take the ship.
[tense music]
No. Wait, wait! Hey! Ow!
- I won't let you do this.
- Really?
- [grunts]
- [shatters]
[crashing waves]
Well, that was dramatic.
[loud rumbling]
[ominous music]
What's that?
[seagulls cackling in panic]
[gun clicks]
[gun firing]
[firing continues]
[blood splattering]
[clamoring in distance]
[alarm wailing]
- It's happening.
- Don't move.
[guns firing]
[tense music]
[Gideon] Let go of the fucking lines!
Quick! Untie them! Get on it!
Let go of the lines! Now!
Move it!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Quick!
[Arjun] No, no, no, no.
[uneasy music]
[tense music]
- [panicked yelling]
- [gunfire]
[somber music]
Stop this.
You've never met someone like me ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
And it's looking for something to eat ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
[woman] In a fast-changing world,
don't you deserve some Joy?
[gun firing]
[woman] Brought to you
by the Umbrella Corporation.
You've never met someone like me ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
And it's looking for something to eat ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
Oh, isn't it so bittersweet? ♪
Better left to watch you breathe ♪
You've never met someone like me ♪
My heart has ♪
My heart has ♪
Because my heart has teeth ♪
You've never met someone like me ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
And it's looking for something to eat ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
My heart has teeth ♪
Oh, isn't it so bittersweet? ♪
Better left to watch you breathe ♪
You've never met someone like me ♪
My heart has ♪
My heart has ♪
Because my heart has teeth ♪
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