Resurrection (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Schemes of the Devil

ELAINE: Previously on Resurrection JACOB: We just passed Caleb.
MAGGIE: Jacob, how do you know that? I can feel him.
More are coming.
More than you can ever imagine.
BELLAMY: What about what happened with Caleb? When do we ever have a guarantee in this life? If I lose him tomorrow, at least I'll have had these days with him.
You're not the only one, there's others.
Did they kill themselves, too? No, just you.
What about Caleb Richards? If he killed my cousin, Why'd you let him go? RACHAEL: What are we doing here? Get out.
- Get out! -(GASPS) (CHILDREN SHOUTING PLAYFULLY) How did you do that? - Want me to show you? - Mmm-hmm.
(PLAYFUL SHOUTING CONTINUES) Do you have any other kids to play with? I don't have any friends.
I'm Jenny.
So, you gonna show me how to get up there? Yeah.
Follow me.
(CHUCKLES) Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Calm down.
When's the last time you saw her? (BREATHING HEAVILY) Yesterday at the church.
I came by here last night.
She wasn't here.
I came here this morning.
I talked to the hotel manager.
He hasn't seen her.
I don't know where else she could be.
Rachael has family out of town.
Maybe she went to see them.
Not without talking to me.
She wouldn't do that.
All of her stuff is still here.
It doesn't make sense.
Do you think something happened after the church? I don't know.
So many Angry people.
There is another possibility.
She could have disappeared Like Caleb.
(SIGHS) Wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
There may be a way to find her, see if she's still nearby.
Ask Jacob.
What do you mean? Right.
Jacob could sense Caleb.
He's the one who helped us find him, so maybe he can sense Rachael, too.
Is that really possible? It's worth a try.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) - Can I get a coffee? - Of course.
- Black? - Sure.
You look tired, Fred.
I'm not a morning person like you.
So, breakfast with my big brother.
What'd I do wrong this time? (CHUCKLES) I stopped by the old factory this morning.
Every time I drive past that place, I think it ought to be condemned.
The old man would turn over in his grave if he could see it now.
Yeah, she's seen better days.
We all have.
I was thinking maybe get that place back on its feet.
(SCOFFS) What? You're serious? (CHUCKLES) Henry, it's too far gone.
There's no bringing that factory back to life.
Well Maybe I'm just (SIGHS) Feeling a twinge of optimism lately.
You really think that boy is Jacob? Your Jacob? It hasn't been easy.
But when I heard about Caleb, how he disappeared, I was terrified.
And when I realized I could lose Jacob I finally understood.
Understood what? That boy Has brought life into my home again.
(LAUGHS) Beat you.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Agent Bellamy, hello.
Uh, no.
We're at the park.
Why? What happened? Do you think somebody did something to her? Okay, we'll meet you at the house.
We're leaving now.
Jacob! Come on, honey, we have to go.
Why? (SIGHS) Something came up.
Come on.
Let's go.
Mom, I don't want to go! Jacob, listen to me.
We have to go.
-(WHISPERING) - Jacob! Come on.
(SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Are we going or not? Yes.
Come on.
BELLAMY: I know what we're asking is strange, but have you ever sensed her? The way you felt Caleb? No.
I'm sorry.
You knew her, Jacob.
You remember? Rachael Braidwood.
We were in math class with her.
She wore pigtails.
I don't know.
Think a little harder.
Okay, Jacob, it's really important.
Do you at least know if she's here in Arcadia? I--- Jacob, can you help us? I can't.
Are you sure? Can you just try? Can you just Please.
I don't want to.
I don't want to.
- I'm so scared! I'm really scared.
- Okay.
That's enough.
- I don't want to.
- It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's over.
RACHAEL: I don't know how many ways I can say it.
I don't know him.
I don't know where Caleb is.
Please, I'm thirsty.
I'm really hungry.
We've given you food.
And what have you given us in return? Nothing.
You haven't told us what you are, -where you came from.
- I'm nothing.
I told you.
I'm just a person.
Yeah? Well, as far as I know, people don't pop up out of nowhere after being dead for 12 years.
But what I do know, based on what the deputy has told me Is that that little boy could sense Caleb.
And given you're just like that little boy, well, it stands to reason that you could sense him, too.
I don't know Caleb, and I don't know how to find him! Gar.
Can we get a minute? (EXHALES DEEPLY) Gary, man, how much longer are we gonna do this? As long as it takes.
As long as what takes? Look, we were just gonna scare her to get her to talk, but she doesn't know anything.
"Put on the full armor of God, "that you may be able to stand firm "against the schemes of the devil.
" Look, Gary, I know you're into that whole Bible thing, but she doesn't seem like any kind of devil to me.
She's just a girl.
We're not letting her go.
Well, man I'm sorry.
I'm out.
Get the hell out.
(SIGHS) What are you gonna do, Gary? You tell anyone she's here You're both complicit.
You helped.
You remember that.
(DOOR OPENS) No, please.
Please! Please help me! No, don't leave me with him.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) This is the boy's sample, right? Jacob's? Yeah.
Well, most of the cells look normal.
But they're highly granular.
So what does that tell you? I don't know yet.
I saw in your notes that Caleb Richards had a high cardiac enzyme level, presumably from the heart attack.
But he didn't present with symptoms.
No nausea, fatigue, no signs of pericarditis.
I'd like to look at his blood, see if it looks like Jacob's.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, no.
What happened? These vials, they're completely empty.
They were completely full a couple days ago.
I checked them.
What? I don't understand.
Was it a refrigerator malfunction? No, that's not possible.
Why? Jacob and Rachael's samples.
They're completely unaffected.
I left the basement door open in case she needed a safe place.
Let's start there.
(CLOSES DOOR) That's Gary Humphrey's truck.
He was the one leading the charge against the Returned to the church yesterday.
Hey, Bob, you seen Gary Humphrey today? Not since yesterday.
I think, his truck's been here all night.
So where is he? HENRY: Here we go.
- Oh, good one.
- Huh? Can we go back to the park now? Why would we do that, huh? Come on.
You love puzzles.
I don't want to play inside.
I want to go back to the park.
I'll make you a deal.
You stay in today, you can play as many video games as you want.
But I promised Jenny I'd go back! Honey, I'm sorry, but you heard what Agent Bellamy said.
He thinks, it's best that you stay home today.
This isn't fair! You're punishing me, and I didn't even do anything! Jacob Lucille An occasional temper tantrum is every eight year-old boy's right.
But he's not like every eight year-old boy.
He'll come around.
Now come on.
Almost finished the sky.
FRED: I don't understand.
Why would Gary Humphrey do something to Rachael? After what happened at the church? His truck is still sitting there, and the last time anybody saw Rachael was at the church.
Okay, so you're saying what? That he kidnapped her? We don't know.
But he was talking about the Returned like they're not even human.
He was furious about Caleb's disappearance.
He's got every right to be angry.
Caleb Richards murdered his cousin.
But you're making a giant leap to suddenly accuse him of harming someone.
That doesn't make any Look, will you just help us find her? After everything that was said at the church, and with her pregnancy, maybe she was embarrassed, skipped town.
I mean, if I was her, that's what I would do.
So you're gonna do nothing? Until I have some actual proof that something happened, no, I'm not gonna do anything.
All right, forget it.
I'm not gonna sit here and argue with a sheriff who's obviously too ignorant to understand - Hey! Hey.
- Who's an innocent victim -and who's not! - Yesterday, Gary Humphrey accuses me of being on their side.
Now, you're telling me that I'm their enemy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, Sheriff, you're right.
We don't know anything for sure yet.
We're not accusing anybody of doing anything.
Let's just go.
Maybe she'll show up.
- I'll let you know if something comes up.
- Yeah.
(DOOR OPENS) You still on the clock, Carl? Yeah.
Hey, boss, I'm sorry.
That's my fault.
I I left my parking lights on, and it drained the stupid battery What'd you do, Carl? (GASPS) Pastor Tom.
Is everything all right? Hi, Polly.
Uh, this is Agent Bellamy from That government guy.
Is, uh, Gary at home? No.
No, he's not at home.
(VOICE BREAKS) And I don't know if he'll ever be back.
I don't know how to start.
(SOBBING) I'm just so ashamed, Pastor Tom.
I tried.
I tried so hard after you counseled us.
For a marriage to be successful, both people have to participate.
(SNIFFLES) Gary started drinking again.
(SOBS) When his cousin, Dale, got killed, then all these rumors about dead people rising from the grave It just put him over the edge.
Humphrey, I don't want your husband to hurt himself or anybody else.
Do you have any idea where he might be? I don't know.
Is there a place he goes when he gets anxious or wants to be alone? He has a cabin Up at Tupper Lake.
Where's that? I can show you.
No, Pastor Tom, you should stay.
Thank you, Polly.
I'll check in on you later, okay? There's no time to waste, Agent Bellamy.
MAGGIE: Okay, I'll discharge her today.
But lets have home health check her on day three -and day seven, okay? - Okay.
Got it.
Langston, um, I need to show you something.
MAGGIE: Well, this blood sample's crawling with blasts.
Is it leukemia? Yes, leukemia.
The C.
recently progressed to the blast phase.
Now Look at this.
Wait, how did you get a leukemia sample? Look.
What do you see? MAGGIE: Um, just blood cells.
ERIC: Normal blood cells, right? Yeah.
That sample was taken from the same one that was loaded with blasts.
I introduced Jacob's white blood cells about an hour ago.
Maggie, the cancer appears to be gone.
- How? - I don't know.
Cytotoxic t-cells can attack nascent tumor cells.
I'd need a cell sorter to really get a look.
I have one back at my lab.
You know, of course, I'll have to do more tests, see if I can replicate those results, but, Maggie, do you understand what this might mean? Eric, where did Where did you get the leukemia sample? I was diagnosed last year.
Oh, my God.
Why didn't you tell me? Listen, I'm booking a flight to Maryland tonight.
- You're coming with me.
- Eric, hey Come on.
Pack a bag.
There's no time to discuss it.
Jacob? (EXHALES) Honey I know, it's hard to understand why things are the way they are.
It's hard for me to understand myself.
Let's talk about it, okay? Honey? Jacob? (BREATH QUAVERS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) Look.
I won't say anything.
No one would believe me anyway.
Just let me go home.
Home? (CHUCKLES) You got one of those? Arcadia is my home, just like you.
No, you're nothing like me.
I don't know what you are.
But I think it's time we found out.
You say you're human.
(INHALES SHARPLY) Let's see if you bleed.
(BREATH QUAVERING) Are you sure you want to do that? Do what? You think I'm the devil.
What if you're right? Do you really think knives can hurt me? What do you mean? I'm already dead.
(GASPS) (WHIMPERING) You tell me what you are.
I am something that you will never understand.
I will haunt you.
I will show up in your nightmares.
Not a sound! (LOCK CLICKS) Hey, Gary, I can hear those size thirteens clomping around in there.
Hey, buddy.
You gonna invite me in? Yeah, um, now's not a good time.
Yeah, I'm coming in just the same.
Fred, no.
I We've known each other a long time, Gary.
You're hurting.
I know that.
A lot of folks know that.
Yeah, do they? I want to give you the chance to do the right thing.
Fred, don't do that! FRED: It's okay.
You'll be okay.
I'm taking her out of here, Gary.
And I want you to get yourself out of town for a little while.
You take a vacation.
You dry out.
I don't care.
And we can forget that this ever happened, okay? Come on.
Stand up.
You all right? Okay.
It's okay.
How can you take her side? I'm taking your side, Gary.
I'm making sure that you don't do something stupid like Caleb Richards did.
You know what? I ain't like Caleb Richards.
Caleb wasn't human, and neither is she.
Now give me your piece, Fred.
Or what? You'll shoot me? No.
I'm gonna shoot her.
Here you go.
(GUN CLATTERS ON FLOOR) (KICKS GUN ACROSS FLOOR) Okay? You need to think about this.
You need to think about how this ends.
No, no! I'm done thinking, all right? And no one's getting out of here until we figure out what the hell she is.
Jacob! Jacob! Henry! His bike is missing.
(PANTING) I think I know where he's gone.
- Hey.
Hear your first shift is tonight.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
FYI, the more skin you show, the bigger the tips.
Sure you're ready for this? Yeah.
It's only part one of my plan.
I'm going back to school.
Art school? I know.
I figured, well, if I'm gonna be broke, I might as well be doing what I love.
Elaine, that's just so great.
I'm so happy for you.
So what is it? On the phone, it sounded urgent.
Mmm Where do I start? Um Dr.
Ward Eric I remember him.
He invited me to go to Maryland with him to study this And the implications are, it It could change the course of medicine.
Oh, Maggie.
That's fantastic! What an amazing opportunity.
I don't think I'm gonna go.
Why not? You've been talking about getting out of this town ever since high school.
I have a practice.
I have patients.
I can't leave them behind.
Is this about your father? My father? You know.
Like, how bad he got after you went off to school.
How you came back to take care of him.
Don't Don't act like you didn't, because that's exactly what you did.
But he's a grown man.
He can take care of himself.
Maggie, life is short.
You have to do what's right for you.
What's holding you back? Stop doing that.
Just let me think for a minute.
Just stop pointing the gun at us.
Fred, would you just Would you just quit talking? You're just not thinking straight.
It's you who's not thinking straight.
You should have been rounding them up instead of just letting them walk free.
Because if you had, my cousin would still be alive, and that's on you.
You're right.
Gary, that's on me.
And you have every right to be angry.
But, Gary, right now you have to let her go.
You made a mistake, buddy.
We can fix it.
(PANTING) Yeah, we can fix it.
She We'll fix it.
You'll just let me walk away? - Yeah.
- Yes.
- You're just gonna let me go? - Yes.
No, if I let you go, at best At best, you're gonna press charges.
And at worst, you're gonna kill me just like Caleb Richards, and then you'll disappear just like a ghost.
She said it herself.
She's already dead.
No, no.
I was I was just saying that to scare you into letting me go.
- That doesn't mean that it's not true! - FRED: Gary! - Just listen to me! - Put the gun down now! (GASPS) No.
No, you put yours down.
I can't do that, Mr.
Put the gun down and back away.
Don't make me hurt her.
If you do that, I will have to shoot you.
I really don't want to do that.
Gary, you gotta listen to him.
Rachael - Tom.
- I told you to wait outside.
Both of you, lower your guns, please.
Stop, Pastor.
Tom, you need to get out of here.
Gary Don't do this.
Just let her walk away.
Because you got this freak pregnant, I'm gonna listen to you? Gary, I know what you think.
But what if you're wrong? What if you pull that trigger and you're wrong? (GASPS) Pastor, stop.
(PANTING) Tom I'm okay.
Gary, you're not gonna hurt me.
TOM: Gary Just put the gun down, and we'll work all of this out.
- Stop! -(GRUNTING) (GUNSHOT) Oh, no.
No! -(GASPS) "No! '(GRUNTS) No.
(PANTING) (SOBBING) Stay with me.
Stay with me.
- Hold on.
Hold on, Rachael.
-(GASPING) Stay with me, please.
(DYING GASP) Rachael! Rachael! (SOBBING) Rachael! No! No! No! Rachael (CONTINUES SOBBING) No! (SOBBING) I'm sorry, Fred.
I'm sorry.
I thought I could handle it.
I thought I could get him to listen Listen to me.
I thought I get it.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) Jacob! Jacob! Jacob! (THUNDER RUMBLING) Jacob! (PANTING) Jacob! There's his bike.
(CELL PHONE RINGS) Agent Bellamy, hi.
What is it? What's wrong? (THUNDER RUMBLING) Oh, my God.
That means there's only one left.
HENRY: Jacob! Jacob! Jacob! Oh, Jacob! (GASPS) Oh! (PANTING) What were you doing? Um, I wanted to see my friend.
Jacob, you scared us.
You're not supposed to go running off like that.
We talked about that.
They needed my help.
I brought them food.
Who? It's okay.
You can come out.
We're sorry.
We didn't expect the boy to do this.
This is Jenny, her mom and dad.
They're like me.
Is it true? Yeah.
My God.
It's just These people coming back They're just turning the world upside down.
They're wreaking havoc.
Can I help you? I, um I'm not sure.
What's wrong? I'm, uh I'm lost.
It's just that, I just came up Northridge, and And what? And the road is paved.
I mean, how did they do it so quick? I'm sorry? I mean, I'm lost, I think.
It's just that (BREATHING UNEVENLY) What the hell is that thing? Yeah.
Do you mind if I just, uh, sit down for a minute? Just, uh, to get my bearings? SHARON: Arcadia County Sheriff's Department.
This is probably gonna sound like a strange question, but SHARON: I'm sorry.
What? What year is it? (SHARON GASPS) Stay there! Just stay there! I'm coming home! My sister.
My sister is back! I've got to I've got to go.
(PHONE RINGING) Arcadia County Sheriff's office.
(MULTIPLE TELEPHONES RINGING) MAN 1: Arcadia County Sheriff's Department.
MAN 2: Arcadia County Sheriff - Can you hold? - WOMAN: Where was this? MAGGIE ON SPEAKER: So where are you now? BELLAMY: Out in the middle of nowhere, by Route 11, I think.
(SIGHS) I just I don't what else I could have done.
You know, this isn't your fault.
Yeah, I know.
Agent Bellamy, Dr.
Ward invited me to come back to Bethesda with him to study Jacob's cells, and I wasn't gonna go.
I thought I could be of more use here, but now that Rachael's gone, I Yeah, of course.
You should go.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
(INHALES) But I guess I just always find an excuse to stay here.
I know you'll do great things.
Maggie The other day, your father mentioned something in my past.
Something I was hiding from.
Hey, it's okay.
I don't need to know.
No, no.
I know.
But I want to tell you anyway.
I want to tell you the whole story.
I'm here.
Do you want to come by my office? Agent Bellamy, you there? Oh, my God.
What is it? Rachael.
- Mmm.
- Good job.
- Shut up.
Seriously, pouring a proper beer, that's a That's an art.
So how's the new job going? ELAINE: It's just part one of my plan.
ANDREW: Oh, yeah? ELAINE: Mmm.
ANDREW: What's part two? ELAINE: World domination.
This isn't Korea.
This is Arcadia.
I'm home? Is he trying to get into the house, ma'am? (MULTIPLE TELEPHONES RINGING) He's just standing there? Sheriff's Department.
MAN 1: He was murdered 25 years ago? Now, he's saying it's his house? MAN 1: Are you sure you're in the right town? MAN 2: Arcadia County Sheriff.
Cup of coffee? -(VOICES ECHOING) - That street doesn't exist anymore.
MAN 3: You're gonna have to slow down.
Calm down, ma'am.
WOMAN: You're looking for your mother? MAN 4: Arcadia County Sheriff's.
(RINGING CONTINUES) MAN 1:We'll send someone out as soon as we can.
WOMAN: You say your daughter's back? Where has she been? MAN 1: Arcadia County Sheriff.
WOMAN: You never reported her missing? MAN 2: She was waiting for you when you got home? (SOFTLY) Barbara.
I don't know.
Hold on.
Sheriff? Sheriff! (TIRES SCREECH) Whoa! Hey.