Resurrection (2014) s02e01 Episode Script


Previously on "resurrection" This kid showed up in a village in China.
Hasn't said a word since we found him.
I'm agent j.
Martin Bellamy.
You can call me Marty.
Arcadia, Missouri? Is that where you're from? Mr.
Langston, did your son go missing, sir? My son died 32 years ago.
Daddy! Aah.
Can I help you? Did I really die? You're pregnant.
That means that it It happened before I More are coming More than you can imagine.
The returned There are hundreds of them now.
I can't do this anymore.
It's over.
People think these are their loved ones returned, but they're not.
I propose that we protect the living instead of the dead.
You have to take him, and you have to protect him for as long as it takes.
Get away from him! No! Marty! Marty! I thought I thought I thought we got away.
I thought we got away.
But they stopped us.
- It's okay.
- It was it was a helicopter.
So many guns.
I did everything I could.
They took him.
They took him.
Marty?! Jacob? Jacob.
I remember Where is he?! An interrogation room.
They gave me a shot of some kind.
Do you want to lie down? What do you remember after that? I woke up on the side of the road.
I guess they must have just dumped me where they found me.
Marty, we asked the officials where you were and what happened.
They said that you were unstable, that you could be dangerous.
We didn't believe them, of course.
It was just that it was such a strange time, so much happening.
We didn't know what to think.
It's okay.
How did Jacob get here? Soldiers brought him back.
All the returned that had loved ones here in town, they let them stay.
The rest of them they took.
- Where? - Nobody knows.
What about the people they detained? What about Maggie? No, she's fine.
They questioned her for a couple of hours, let her go.
They questioned all of us.
I think we're being monitored somehow.
All I know is I've got my boy back and now you.
They can watch me all they want, and I don't care.
Look at what they're saying about us.
A hoax.
Yeah, great.
Now we all look like a bunch of fools.
Is that the right date? Mm-hmm.
How long have I been gone? A week.
I need to use your phone.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Give me Toni Willis.
- Who is calling, please? - Agent Bellamy.
Uh, Bellamy? Just a moment.
Hello? Toni, Toni, it's me.
This thing has gone to another level.
They detained me.
They drugged me.
They they they messed with my memory somehow.
I need to find out who these people are and what they've done with the returned.
Hello? Toni? You're saying you are j.
Martin Bellamy? Who is this? Agent Bellamy, do you need a car to pick you up? - Can you give us your location? - No.
I'll get back to you.
Agent Bell Marty? Hey, what's up, man? You really don't remember anything? Marty?! Marty, are you okay? Marty, should I get my parents? No, it's nothing.
I'm fine.
I'll be in in a minute.
It's cool.
I'm glad you're back.
There it is.
Is it normal? Again, this isn't my area of expertise.
But as far as I can tell, yes.
Do you want to know the sex? Uh Y whatever you want.
Yeah, of course.
Ah, it's so strange.
I always thought I wouldn't want to know, but now, with so much uncertainty, yes, I do.
It's a boy.
- A boy? - Mmhmm.
It's amazing.
Rachael, we calculated Yeah.
Well, technically, I think you are off.
I think he's closer to four months.
Four? That's my best guess.
But we really need to see an OB/GYN.
No, no.
I've already told you, no more doctors.
I can take you to a doctor out of town.
She doesn't have to know - that you're ret - How? Look, I don't have any I.
I don't have medical insurance.
What am I gonna say to them? Do you at least have a safe place to stay? Yeah.
I've claimed her.
She's staying with me.
In the guest room.
Of course.
Keep taking the vitamins.
And let me know if there's any change in how you're feeling.
Lily? - He called again.
- Thanks, Lily.
That's the fifth time this week.
I can count.
He is your father.
Thank you, Lily.
Oh, my God.
You're here.
Where have you been? I'm not quite sure.
What happened? I can't remember much.
They interrogated me.
They drugged me.
It's like I'm missing a week of my life.
Are you okay? Are you hurt? I was hoping you could tell me.
Deep breaths.
- So - Shh! When's the last time you ate? This morning at the Langstons'.
So, they just questioned you and let you go? What did they ask? Stupid questions.
"Is it possible these are just cases of mistaken identity? Have I heard of mass hysteria?" What did you have? For breakfast? Eggs, bacon, coffee.
Follow the light.
What about Dr.
Ward? He went back to Maryland.
Tried to get in touch, but he won't return my calls.
What? We tried looking for you.
I know.
That's it? - Mm-hmm.
- What is it? In my professional opinion, gas.
Nothing wrong with your heart.
I'm a very brave man.
So, what are you gonna do now? These people who held me, they're not part of any government agency I know of.
We need to figure out who they are and what they want.
You think they're looking for you? I don't know.
Oh, um, I have your stuff.
I took it from the inn after you left.
Are you staying there again? Not without my wallet.
No phone, keys.
I have a couch.
- No, no.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Why not? Just until you figure out what you're gonna do.
Of course.
There's the sheriff now.
It's his fault they came in, but half this town fell for it.
Tommy, hey.
Can you do me a favor and park up there? School buses can't get through.
Yeah, what are you gonna do, call in the army again? You've reached Dr.
Maggie Langston.
If this is a medical emergency You mind? No.
Help yourself.
You got a really nice place.
It's big.
I got it when I thought I was moving in with someone.
We broke up after I already signed the lease.
I've made that mistake myself.
My advice, month-to-month lease.
You ever been married? I was engaged Once.
What happened? Marriage isn't for me.
That's something men say when they want it all.
Maybe some men just know what they want.
You know, it's weird.
I just realized I don't know anything about you.
Dead people were coming back.
Not a lot of time for chitchat.
It should be a good thing, right? People coming back.
Instead, it's just made us all scared, of government, science, God Our own families.
And whatever it was we used to believe in has just Betrayed us all.
You want to know something about me? There was a boy.
He was 9 years old.
His name was David.
He was a witness in a human-trafficking case.
The information he gave me was invaluable.
Would have won the case.
But the bad guys got to him first.
They killed him.
The amazing thing Even after losing his son, the worst thing that could have ever happened to him The dad found religion.
He became a believer.
So one day, I just I had to ask him, "how?" How do you go through something like that and come out with faith? What did he say? He said, "in a man's lowest place, "there is no fear.
Without fear, there are no limits.
" And that, he said, was God.
Do you believe that? Hello? Y-yeah.
Hang on.
It's for you.
Hello? It's Toni.
I know you called.
I have answers for you.
Meet me in Chicago at the place I had my birthday last year - tomorrow 8:00 P.
- Toni, wait.
I'll explain it all then.
It is you.
What happened to you? I died.
But then I came back, just like you, grandma.
Well I see you're up early as usual.
Stuffing your face As usual.
Well, it looks like mom's up early, too.
I thought she was in the shower.
I was.
Morning, boys.
Honestly, this garden is falling to ruin.
The back exterior of the house needs painting.
The fence needs mending.
The trees are all overgrown.
Your parents have a lot of work Henry.
You look just like your father.
Come on.
Hear me out.
- You don't want to be here right now, okay? - No, look.
I'm sorry, okay? Sorry for what? Whatever that woman said about me.
I was a different man then.
T-that's why you think I'm mad at you that woman? Who is she to you, huh? Tell me.
Who is she? What is she to you? I don't know what she is.
She is my mother, and Jacob is your nephew, okay? - No, they're not! - Yes, they are! And you tried to have them taken away like animals.
- You don't know what you're talking about! - Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about?! - Your daughter was - Is everything okay? - You son of a bitch! - Hey! Aah! Really? You want to do this, huh? - No, no, no, no, no.
Stop this.
- Like I don't have a reason to kick your ass? Oh, okay, both of you, stop right now.
Dad Go for it.
You first.
I don't beat up old men.
Aah! - Bellamy, stop it! - Aah! Next time you assault someone, try being sober.
This isn't done! Stop it.
What are you looking at? Go on.
It's none of your business.
I was in the hospital, in my bed, and I remember a feeling of Letting go.
Then I woke up in the woods.
I walked to the cemetery, saw my grave Then Jacob.
I thought I was dreaming.
Grandma! Watch this, grandma! That's terrific, Jacob.
He's just as I remember him, so playful and thoughtful at the same time.
As he's always been.
It must have been awful, losing him.
I can't even fathom it.
Jacob told me there were others who came back.
He told me about the army, guns, how they took people away.
But you don't have to worry about that.
You're here.
You're with your family.
When can I see Frederick? It's, uh It's a little complicated, mom.
We're not on the best of terms.
Why not? He was the one who called in the army.
He thinks that the people who have returned are somehow dangerous.
- Why? - I don't know.
He tried to have Jacob taken away.
Look, I'll call him.
You're his mother, for God's sakes.
When he sees you, he'll come around.
It's just I can't believe that you're here.
Say you die and then you come back.
What would that be like? You're back.
The world's moved on without you.
Technology's all weird.
Everything moves too fast.
Yeah, but All the problems that seemed so big at the time gone.
Like a clean slate.
Your problems just come right back with you.
All right, here's the deal.
I'll give you this one.
But if you want another one, I'm driving you home.
What? Fred, we need to talk.
It's mom.
She's Well, she's back, like the others.
It's not her.
Listen to me.
I'll take that ride.
Probably the first Richards to sit in front of a cop car, not the back.
Might as well make the most of it.
What do you mean? Air it out.
- Really? - Yeah.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Oh, yeah.
This is fun.
Hey, you want to have some real fun? Apawamis, take it right, and take it fast.
- Bingo! - Whoohoo! I wasn't all state in football for nothing.
You sure about this? It's an old Arcadia hooligan tradition.
Really? Surprised I haven't heard about it, then.
Before your time.
- I can't.
- Yeah, yeah, you can.
Come on.
Try it.
You can do it.
Oh, my gosh.
I told you.
You're right, that was horrible.
You're gonna need some help.
Come on.
Aim and fire.
Aah! Whoo! I like that.
Come here.
That's how a Richards does it.
Whoo! What? Yes! I just remembered something.
Come on.
Be here, baby, baby, baby, baby, b-b-b-baby.
Yeah! I'm a damn genius.
Someone's got to drive.
Well Not me.
Look up there, on the wall.
No, stand right here.
Right there, on the corner.
You see a big letter that's kind of faded? Oh, yeah.
What's that? Like a an "F" and a "B"? Fred and Barbara.
We used to come here all the time, smoke, drink, talk, look at the stars.
My dad and I used to look at the stars.
These past few weeks have been so many feelings and so much passion.
Nobody knows what to do with it.
It's like we're all stars Shining crazy.
We're no longer fixed in place.
We're just floating.
I'm sorry.
I should get you home.
You've reached Toni's cellphone.
Please leave a message.
Toni, I'm here.
Where are you? Can I get you something? Diet coke.
Perfect pass.
Shot and scores! One, two Three.
Oh! No! Four.
Oh, gee! Tell me something, Jacob.
How did you find me? Well, I had a dream about you.
And I could feel it.
Does anybody else know you can do this Feel other people? Marty, Maggie, and Pastor Tom.
I wouldn't tell people about that, Jacob.
They might not understand.
Your mother wants you in the kitchen, monkey.
That house used to be yellow.
Did it? I don't remember that.
It's a strange thing to have instant access to 33-year-old memories.
You can see very clearly the things that haven't changed.
He loves you, ma.
He hates me.
He still blames me for choosing you to run the business.
I think dad had something to do with that.
There was always this anger about him from the beginning, a resistance to me.
We don't get to choose our children.
When I was dying, I went into a coma.
Do you remember? You came every day, Henry.
You sat by me.
You talked to me.
It was the only thing I looked forward to.
Fred never came once.
No, you're wrong.
He was overwhelmed.
He couldn't see you like that.
It It was too painful.
So he sat outside in the hall.
Oh, sometimes he'd sneak a peek through the door at you, but he was there.
Every day.
You didn't name the place to meet.
You didn't say it over the phone.
How could they know I'd be there, Toni? Calm down.
You lured me there.
You set me up.
Why? Marty stop it.
You're hurting me.
What is it? Are you okay? You tell me what's going on.
Okay, they told me you were unstable.
They said you escaped psychiatric evaluation.
No, no! That's a lie! What the hell was I supposed to think, the way you acted in Missouri? I helped you at every turn while you did nothing but stall and lie.
I didn't have the choice.
You wouldn't have believed.
A hoax A damned hoax?! You embarrassed me, Marty.
And then I get a message about some story that the government is drugging you, erasing your memory.
Do you know how this all sounds? Toni, just You're smart enough to know a cover-up when you see it, right? Aren't you even curious? No.
Not anymore.
So that's it? They told me they'd contact you.
That's all I know.
You're not right, Marty.
It's because of that kid you lost.
I never should have let you pick up this boy at the airport.
You need help.
It just can't be from me anymore.
I'm sorry, Maggie.
It's not you.
Aah! It's me, Frederick.
Aah! Who am I?! Who am I? Say it.
That's right.
It's going to be okay now.
Mama's here.
Everything's going to be okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Everything okay? Toni betrayed me.
I got to get out of here.
What? Wait.
Where are you going? I don't know.
I'm home, and it feels like I'm on another planet.
- I don't trust anybody.
- No one? I'll call you back.
Marty? Hello? Get out.
We don't want to hurt you.
Get the hell out of my apartment.
I just want to talk.
I should kill you right now.
That would be a very big mistake on your part.
What did you do to me? What did you do?! Calm down.
I told you, I'm here to talk, to make you an offer, so sit, relax.
- Suit yourself.
Now - Where did you take the returned? They're safe For now.
- But - Where are they? I can leave, but you'll never get any of the answers that you're looking for.
You have a certain expertise in the area of the returned, and they trust you in Arcadia.
You'll go back there, keep an eye on things, on them, and report back to us from time to time.
Consider it a reassignment.
You want me to be your spy? I think you'll agree that the situation is under control right now.
As long as the numbers stay manageable, with your help, we think we can keep it that way.
You'll be told what you need to know.
So do we have an agreement? You kidnapped me, drugged me, erased my memory somehow.
I sure as hell am not gonna believe anything you have to say.
You don't know.
Know what? We didn't know either.
Then you called.
Of course, we needed visual confirmation.
We'll be in touch.
Save your breath.
You can refuse, of course.
We'll just put you with the rest of them.