Resurrection (2014) s02e11 Episode Script

True Believer

Previously on "Resurrection" What did you do? Did you honestly think I'd hurt my own grandson? I tried to protect you.
No wonder you both hate me, because deep down, I've always hated both of you.
At least you're finally telling the truth.
With no one to claim her, - she'll have to go to the government.
- I don't care.
Are you blaming me? I never blamed you for Jacob's death! I think you should leave this house.
- Why are you doing this? - Shh.
You're in no shape to leave.
Think of the baby.
Preacher James, it's Robert, my brother.
I died trying to save you in the flood, Robert.
This place is sick.
But together, we will heal it.
What happened? On that day you tried to save me? There was a flood.
You were floating in a basket.
That vision that we saw What does it mean? I don't know yet, but we were meant to see it for a reason.
What reason? You don't know? We've been chosen, Robert.
We have important work to do.
I I-I-I'm lost.
It's okay.
You're home now.
Please, take me back! Back where? - The remote.
- The remote! Which one? What? Were you asleep? Your eyes were open.
They were? Oh, just in time, sleepyhead.
Coffee's ready.
In the government place, we only had one remote.
Here, there's like six.
Why is that? I don't know.
You got to ask Maggie.
Got me.
I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier.
Umm - Thanks, Maggie.
- You're welcome.
- Is this still good? - I don't know.
Want me to try it for you? Maybe.
Had another weird dream about that preacher.
It's been three days since your first one.
So? So, you haven't talked to him yet? Guy gives me a weird vibe.
I don't know what to say to him.
Well, he did try to save your life.
So he says.
What are you afraid of? I'm just trying to figure out his angle.
But you're right.
I should probably talk to him.
Are you talking about Preacher James? Yeah.
Yeah, we are.
What do you remember about him, Jenny? His sermons were fun.
All kinds of people would go to his church Rich, white, colored.
I mean black.
He didn't mind.
What made him so fun? It was like a show.
What do you mean? Like, one time, there was this man who couldn't walk.
And Preacher James touched him on the head like this, and then suddenly, the man came out of his chair and walked on the stage.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
When he did these things, did people give him money? There was always a collection plate.
I think we just figured out his angle.
no use playing these games Looks like the royals are gonna have a pretty good lineup next year.
You and your royals.
Fiddle with that lineup all you want, they'll never be the cardinals.
Where's George Brett when we need him? Playing with his grandkids.
You're gonna give yourself a heart attack.
You're gonna give me a heart attack.
What am I supposed to do? Look, I don't care, you can stay with me as long as you want.
Or until I kill you Whichever comes first.
But you got to at least try to fix this thing with Luce.
You think I'm in the wrong? Who am I to judge? Come on.
I'm asking for your advice here.
This whole factory thing Can't you see what that was about? Yeah.
It's about our legacy.
It's about restoring manufacturing Hey, where are you going? - I got to go.
- What are you doing? Sit down.
Come on.
- You don't want to hear the truth.
- Please, I do.
Come on.
Sit down.
- It was about ma, pure and simple.
- Oh, that's just a bunch of N Henry, you just don't want to see it.
That's exactly what it was about.
Just list hey.
For once in your life, just listen to me.
Until you can accept that, you are never gonna get past this thing with Lucille, because what you did, without saying it out loud, is tell Lucille that ma was more important to you than her and Jacob.
That's the truth.
You've been thinking about her, huh? Who, ma? Yeah.
You think she's okay? I don't know.
That's her.
That's Margaret Langston.
Compliments to the chef.
That's the one.
Don't look at her.
That's how she gets you.
Give them back.
Mine now.
I-I need them to read.
What? You have something that doesn't belong to you.
What are you gonna do about it? Excellent question.
What am I going to do about it? Enjoy your meal.
When is dad coming back from Uncle Fred's? I'm not really sure.
When am I gonna see him again? Honey, you can see him whenever you like.
This has nothing to do with you.
Are you guys getting a divorce? Sweetheart I don't know what's gonna happen with your father and me, but whatever it is, you don't have to worry.
We both love you very much, and that's never gonna change.
Okay? Okay.
Jenny! Hi.
It's so nice to see them together again.
How's he doing? - He's okay.
- Good.
What's that? It's Preacher James.
I want to go see.
Want to go? Sure.
So, a young lady gave me a great compliment yesterday.
She said she heard one of my sermons.
Said it was the best sermon she'd ever heard.
And in my false modesty, I said, "oh, that wasn't me, that was God.
" - Praise God.
- Hallelujah.
And she said, "no, preacher.
" - "I said it was good.
- I didn't say it was that good.
" I told you I was gonna show you a miracle, didn't I? - Amen.
That's right.
- Yeah.
- That's what I'm gonna do now.
- Yes, Sir.
Henderson, I believe? Want you to put your hand on this Bible, right here.
I want you to look into my eyes.
Stay with me.
Now, your husband passed when, Mrs.
Henderson? Two days ago.
- And you miss him, don't you? - Yes.
And you want him back? Yes.
How bad do you want him back? He was the love of my life.
We were together 52 years.
Do you have faith, Mrs.
Henderson? Do you believe that a miracle could bring your husband back to you? Ah, look at me.
Stay with me.
Do you believe? - Do you believe? - Yes.
Yes, I believe.
Praise God.
I want you to close your eyes.
I want you to picture your husband.
- Can you see him? - Mm.
You see his face? You see his smile? Yes.
Can you feel what your faith is doing for you? Yes.
Can you feel what your faith is doing for you? Oh, yes.
I want you to turn around.
Now open your eyes.
It's a miracle.
Frank! Frank! Oh, God! It's a miracle.
Oh, my gosh.
Praise the Lord.
And make sure you goose the lab on Mrs.
Scully's blood work, or you know she's gonna call you Maggie? Rachael.
Where have you been? I think I'm having contractions.
Janine tried to fight back, but I got away.
After that, I just drove around for a while.
I thought about looking for my family in Tennessee, but the last time they saw me was the day I drove off the bridge.
Rachael, we should really tell my dad what Janine did to you.
Oh, I'm not afraid of that bitch.
Well, look, you can tell your dad whatever you want, but she's not gonna come near me again.
The blood vessel in your eye is broken.
It's not serious, but it's gonna take a while to heal, okay? And it looks like you had some Braxton-Hicks contractions.
So, does that mean I'm not in labor? Not yet.
But, amazingly, your pregnancy has continued to accelerate.
You could give birth any day now.
Do you have a place to stay? Not yet.
Okay, well, my place is full right now, but I'll make some calls.
We'll find someone who will put you up.
Thank you.
Look, I don't want any charity, okay? - I want to pay my own way.
- Of course.
Stay comfortable.
It's gonna be okay.
Thank you for your generosity.
I truly appreciate it.
You mind? Not at all.
I was wondering when we were gonna get a chance to talk.
That lovely soul is one of pastor Tom's congregation.
Poor fella.
But she told me I could stay at his old church.
She ask you to bring Tom back from the dead? She did, actually.
But I couldn't oblige.
You couldn't oblige because you can't do it.
No one can control this.
You can't bring anyone back.
Why give people that hope? It's a nice trick you pulled earlier, but it was just a trick.
What'd you really come here to ask me about, Robert? That dream? The one in the woods? You conned Mrs.
Henderson into thinking you brought him back.
I did bring him back.
That man called out to us for help.
I just answered the call, Robert.
Stop calling me that.
My name is Marty.
Well Forgive me.
Look, I know who you were in your past life.
I looked into it.
You were a con artist, a snake charmer who made his money off people's false hopes.
I've encountered other returned like you.
Didn't end too well for them.
After everything you've seen, after everything you've been through, you still doubt.
How many miracles are you gonna have to witness before you believe? We're not talking about miracles.
We're talking about you.
Why do you refuse to accept what you've seen with your own eyes That we shared a vision? - I don't know what that was.
- Yes, you do.
In your heart, you do.
What do I have to do to make you believe? Just remember this I have the power to send you somewhere you don't want to go.
You keep conning people, that's where you're gonna end up.
Hello? Lu Yes? I've been thinking.
Can we talk? How 'bout Twain's? Sure.
Sorry, I-I don't mean to bother you.
My name is Robin.
I know you.
I mean I mean, I know who you are.
My Uncle, he was an accountant at Langston furniture during its heyday Richard Burke? He always said that Margaret Langston was the one who really ran that place.
Your Uncle was a competent man.
- I want to thank you for what you did.
- Not necessary.
- Those girls - Are bullies.
I've always known how to handle bullies.
They're afraid of you.
They should be.
They say that you killed a returned.
- Did you? - Robin I'm glad that you have your glasses back.
You may express your gratitude by leaving me in peace.
Look, there are some of us, we want to get out of here.
We want to make a break for it, but we need to get organized.
I know you can help.
Don't you want to get out of here? No.
I do not.
I didn't hear you come in.
What you doing here? How are you? I'm good.
You okay? I just wanted to thank you for bringing Jacob back to us.
It really meant the world to Lucille and me.
Of course.
Hey, Andrew's ordering Indian.
You want some? Indian in Arcadia? No, thanks.
Was Henry just here? Henry? No.
Henry? Henry? Henry! Henry! Oh, God.
Henry! Henry.
Oh, my God.
Oh Henry.
It's a funny thing, being the youngest.
I don't know a life without Henry.
He was there from the start.
I tried to have his son taken away.
His only boy.
I did that.
He forgave me.
You made up for it, Fred.
No, I didn't.
You know he spent 30 years grieving Jacob? It almost broke him.
And then he gets his son back for a little while, only to It just doesn't seem fair.
It was probably his heart Sudden cardiac arrest, like his father.
He wouldn't have felt anything.
You missed chow.
Grabbed you a sandwich.
It's PB&J It's probably one of their best dishes.
No, thank you.
Maybe you'll want it later.
Surely you have other duties? I've had all the visitors I need for one day.
You don't want attention, don't be a hero.
You know, before I worked here, I was a guard at a federal prison.
Alderson in West Virginia.
There were always the ones who didn't want to leave.
They'd do their bid, get released, back six months later.
Couldn't hack the world on the outside.
What the hell are you doing here? Well, what are any of us doing here? Being held because you people think we're dangerous.
No, that's not true.
Your son's the sheriff.
He said he'd claim you.
You turned him down.
You're the only who's here because you want to be.
There's nothing for me outside of this place.
Well, seems like you're either punishing your family or punishing yourself.
Enjoy the sandwich.
Maggie said that he wouldn't have felt anything, that it would have been sudden.
Luce? We were supposed to meet at Twain's.
I didn't think he was coming, so I left.
But that doesn't make any sense because he called me.
Why wouldn't he show up? I'm sure he was planning to come.
Of course he was.
He was just sidetracked.
Don't you see? Henry's coming back.
He just needs a little help.
Lucille If you're talking about him returning like Jacob No.
we wouldn't know when or if that's possible.
No, Fred.
I'm talking about Preacher James.
He brought back Frank Henderson this morning.
What? It's true.
I saw it.
So, he'll bring Henry back.
You saw him bring Mr.
Henderson back with your own eyes? And Marty was there, too.
- Marty was there? - Mm-hmm.
So, Henry's coming back.
I know it.
Uh, well, the room upstairs has been empty for months.
It could use a good cleaning, but other than that, it's got everything you need.
And how much for rent? Well, how much can you spare? Uh Look, maybe we could work something out.
Um How are you at waiting tables? Bad? Well, then you'll fit right in.
Here, how about this You go upstairs, take a look at it.
If you like it, it's yours, and we'll work out the finer details later.
Thank you.
I really appreciate this.
We both do.
Yeah, well, if three wise men on camels show up, I'll know where to send them.
Who am I kidding? This is Arcadia.
You'll have to settle for rednecks in pickups.
Hey, Elaine.
Um, I hope you don't feel obliged, like Maggie put you up to all this.
Oh I mean, are you kidding? Rachael, you saved my brother's life.
You both did.
I owe you a lot more than a room.
Well, I'm very sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Just tell me What you did today, was that real? - Because if it was just a trick - No, ma'am.
It's no trick.
So, you can do it? You can bring Henry back? Yes, I can.
But it isn't easy for me.
"Isn't easy"? What's that mean? You can't get something for nothing, so suffice to say it comes at a cost.
To me.
Cost? What cost? - Oh, we have money.
That's not a problem.
- L-Lucille I'm not asking for any money.
Then what? Well, I can't make any guarantees, but I believe I can help you.
Thing is, I can't do it alone.
There's only one person who can get your husband back.
I need you to bring me Agent Bellamy.
He said i could do it? He said you're the only one who could.
Well, that's crazy.
Why would he say that? That's what I'm trying to tell you.
This guy is a con man, Lucille.
I know how much you want to believe him.
We all want Henry back.
But no one can do this.
No one can bring someone back.
I mean, it's impossible.
Listen, I got a bad feeling about this guy.
He's no good.
He's only playing on your hopes.
So what? What's it cost you, Marty? I mean, I don't know if this guy's off his nut.
Maybe he is.
But what do we have to lose? don't ask me to be a part of this.
- You have to be.
- That's ridiculous! Can't you see he's only saying this to try to get into my head?! It's not even about Henry.
It's all about him! Really? Because it sounds like you're making it all about you.
That's not what I meant.
You, too? Dad's right What do we have to lose? Please, Marty.
You have to try.
Well, I'm glad you came.
I can see you're upset with me.
Why are you doing this? Why did you tell them I could bring Henry back? - Because you can.
- No, I can't! Neither can you.
Would you excuse us for just a minute, please? I'll be right outside.
Do you know the difference between a true prophet and a false one? I'm getting to know a false one.
A false prophet doesn't follow his heart.
He's influenced by others, even by the devil himself.
He takes his orders from outside of himself.
But this is where God speaks to us.
Why are you afraid? - I'm not afraid.
- Yes, you are.
I can see it in your eyes.
But I also see that you want to go inside the fear.
What does that mean? It means trusting your feelings.
See, I'm not asking you to believe in anything but yourself, Marty.
Feelings about what? When you were in that field with all those cicadas, what'd you feel? Go ahead.
All right, you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for Henry.
Put yourself back on that field.
What were you feeling? I felt scared.
What else? - I felt excited.
- Good.
What else? Stay with me.
I felt strong.
'Cause you knew something, didn't you? You knew what that vision meant.
So, you tell me What'd that vision mean? It meant that I came back for a reason.
Come with me, 'cause we got work to do.
What are we doing here? Well, this is where it starts.
What's the grave for? It's where my body's gonna go.
What does that mean? How'd you expect me to retrieve him? You're gonna kill yourself? Look, I need to go where he is.
It's not this world.
So, I need you to shoot me.
What are you, crazy? It's not gonna happen.
Look, I don't care which one of y'all does it, but one of you needs to kill me.
I'll be back with Henry in an hour.
No way.
Neither one of us is gonna shoot I've never killed a man before.
Have you? It's the damndest thing.
It's been hours.
Let's go look for them.
We should split up.
Is there any other place we could think of where he might pop up? No.
Why? I mean, why would he go through all this? Why would he put us through this? I don't know.
I'm sorry we got you involved.
You just wanted Henry back, like the rest of us.
I should've known better.
Why? We live in a world where people come back.
I came back twice.
We need to go tell Lucille.
I need your help with something first.
Ma, listen.
It's Henry.
He's gone, ma.
He died of a heart attack yesterday Just like dad.
I see.
I'm sorry, ma.
I wish - I wish it didn't end this way.
- Thank you for telling me.
Is there anything else? No.
Did you know him? Just from school.
I wasn't much of a churchgoer.
You and me both.
I do know that he was a good man.
He was.
I used to think he was the only reason why I stayed in this town.
I hated it here.
And now I realize that so much of what I hated about it was in my past.
And now All I have is my future.
That's the good thing about the future It's what you make of it.
Is he a relative? No.
No, it's nothing.
You're not making any sense.
We saw what he did.
He brought Mr.
Henderson back.
I don't believe that was real, Lucille.
It doesn't matter what you believe.
It's real.
Henry is coming back.
I don't think so, Luce.
Yes, he is! No, he's not! There's nothing we can do.
Lucille Henry's gone.
- Hey - No.
- It's okay.
- No.
No, no, no.
Oh, no.
Hello, Marty.
Hello? Oh! Hey, monkey.
I knew you'd come back.
There's There's something I need to say to you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I tried to take Jacob away.
I know.
I know, Fred.
Yeah, but I never said it.
You okay? Was it a dream? Which part? Us.
All of it.
Honey, I don't care.
You're not gonna believe this, but I have a message from your son Fred.
He said Henry returned.
What? About an hour ago.
How is this possible? All he said was, you've got Preacher James to thank.
Do you know him? Yes, I do.
From when I was a little girl.
Thank you, Randy.
I've got to ask You brought Henry back.
What do you need me for? When I was younger, in my past life, I was a wicked man.
I did some terrible things.
The day I saw you at the river, I was desperate.
I wanted to die.
But I saw you and was compelled to act.
It's no coincidence that we're both here, Marty.
We're connected.
I tried to save you, you ended up saving me.
You gave me a purpose.
In life and now after death.
What purpose? When I died so I could retrieve Henry, I sensed there were others Even more than you could imagine.
And they were just waiting.
Waiting for what?