Revenant (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[ominous music]
[theme music]
[tense music]
[ghosts screaming in distance]
[shrieking in distance]
[Mr. Kim groaning]
[knocking on door]
[elder] Mr. Kim?
[knocking on door]
Mr. Kim, are you in there?
[elder gasps]
[suspenseful music]
[elder pants]
What are you doing here?
I looked everywhere for you.
I think there's something
in this village like you said.
Did you find the straw dolls?
There were no straw dolls.
Ms. Park lit them on fire.
She summoned
the wandering ghosts to this village,
because she wanted
to see her daughter again.
What do you mean, she summoned the ghosts?
We have to figure out
what method she used
to summon the wandering ghosts.
[foreboding music]
The jangseungs
[navigation system beeps]
[navigation voice] The second
What about the jangseungs?
Jangseungs didn't just act
as guardian deities of a town.
They played another
important role as well.
[Haesang] The jangseungs, located
at the village's cardinal points
served as a compass
for travelers at the time.
But that's not all.
The jangseungs with directions
to major destinations written on them
played a similar role
as current destination signs.
Simply put,
jangseungs were like
the GPS of their time.
She used the jangseungs.
She didn't make a path for humans
but a path for ghosts.
[foreboding music intensifies]
- [glass shatters]
- [elder grunts]
[music stops]
[elder breathing heavily]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[ghostly whispers]
[tense music]
[tense music intensifies]
[music fades]
[ritual music playing on TV]
What are you doing?
It isn't the real thing, but this contains
the yearning of the many people
holding the memorial service at the time.
It'll buy us some time.
- Please make sure it doesn't stop playing.
- Professor Yeom!
[elder] Where are you going,
Professor Yeom?
[ritual music over speakers]
[screaming and shrieking]
[ritual music continues playing]
[Haesang] The gateway the ghosts travel
through should be in the northeast.
It's most likely the jangseung
in the north where the sun doesn't shine.
[ritual music playing]
[Sanyeong panting]
[tense music]
[Sanyeong] What?
[dog barking in distance]
[Ms. Park] Red General of the South,
Red General of the South
Red General of the South
Red General of the South
Red General of the South
She changed the north to the south.
The gateway for ghosts in the north.
She blocked the path to the afterlife
and confined the ghosts.
[suspenseful music]
It's me, Sanyeong.
do you
recognize me?
[music stops]
not me.
are you saying?
It's not you?
[suspenseful music]
- [dog barking]
- [ghostly scream]
[ghost shrieking in distance]
I won't let anyone harm my daughter.
[breathes heavily]
Please stop, ma'am.
- [Haesang] Your daughter has already died.
- She's not dead!
Look, she's clearly alive!
Do you want all the villagers to die?
I need to stop this,
so do as you please.
[axe thumping]
[Gangmo] I'm sorry.
I had no choice.
[thumping continues]
[Haesang grunts]
[Ms. Park grunting]
I was wrong.
Please, just let me
be with my daughter for one day.
Please move.
Please, I beg you!
I said, please move.
[Ms. Park gasps]
No, please.
[Ms. Park] Not like this.
No, don't! No!
No, please. No!
[somber music]
[Ms. Park whines]
[Sanyeong sobs]
What do you mean, you had no choice?
- [Haesang grunts]
- [axe thumping]
[ghosts screaming]
I'm sorry, Sanyeong.
I'm sorry.
[Sanyeong] Dad.
I still
have so much to tell you.
There's still so much
I didn't get to tell you.
I have so much to ask you!
[somber music]
[indistinct background chatter]
- [Sanyeong gasps]
- Are you okay?
[Sanyeong gasps]
Hold on, I'll go and get a doctor.
I met my dad.
What do you mean?
My dad was there.
He appeared as a wandering ghost?
Are you sure it was him?
He said, "It wasn't me."
He said he was sorry
and that he had no choice.
Then he disappeared.
[Gyeongmun] Sanyeong!
[nurse] One moment, please.
Only one guardian at a time.
[Gyeongmun] I'm her guardian.
I'm her mother.
Please let me verify this--
- Sanyeong!
- You're here.
What's with you?
Why do you keep
getting involved with Sanyeong?
Her blood pressure
and pulse rate are normal.
[Haesang] But you should get
a thorough examination at a big hospital--
Why do you care about my daughter?
Whether she gets an exam or not,
I'll take care of it.
So don't contact Sanyeong ever again.
Sanyeong. San
That's enough, Mom.
What happened to you?
How did you end up like this?
I would like to be discharged.
What's with you?
Are you getting angry with me?
Do you know how worried I was
when I heard you were
What else have you lied about?
You said Dad was dead
when he was alive and well.
And you kept your hometown a secret too?
- Stop it.
- What happened here?
Why did you tell me to leave this place?
[Gyeongmun] I said, stop it.
February 25th,
in the year I was five years old.
[Sanyeong] What did that day signify?
It said "estimated due date."
What was that day?
[Gyeongmun breathes heavily]
It was your younger sibling's due date.
The one that died here.
[Gyeongmun] The birth
of your younger sibling who died here.
[Gyeongmun sobbing]
YEAR 2002
[Gyeongmun] We're expecting
our second child in just two months.
Do you think we'll have a boy or a girl?
I hope it's a girl just like Sanyeong.
But I think
it could be a boy
because its movements are different
from when I was carrying Sanyeong.
[Gangmo] The second child will die.
[sinister music]
I'm going to kill it.
[chair thuds]
[young Sanyeong cries]
[dramatic music]
Come to me. It's okay.
Everything is okay.
[crying continues]
[Gyeongmun] Mom!
- My gosh.
- [Gyeongmun] Mom.
Gosh, what are you doing here?
- Did you come alone?
- Yes.
Gosh, you must be exhausted.
- [Gyeongmun groans]
- My gosh.
What? You want to give birth here?
[soft chuckle]
I feel comfortable with you around.
What about Sanyeong?
I wanted to bring her,
but my mother-in-law strongly opposed it.
I'll go and get her
once I recover after giving birth.
You said you didn't like the countryside
and got married to a man from Seoul.
Then you stopped visiting
after you had Sanyeong.
Why are you suddenly acting like this?
Did Gangmo agree to this?
What is it?
What is it?
Tell me.
[sobs softly]
I don't know.
Mom, I'm so scared.
What's wrong?
- I don't know. I'm just so scared, Mom.
- My child, it's okay.
You probably heard wrong.
- Do you think so?
- Of course.
How could a father say that
about his child?
You said he adores Sanyeong.
That's true.
Get some rest today.
- Okay, you should get some sleep too.
- [Gyeongmun's mom] All right.
Go to sleep.
[exhales sharply]
[rain pattering]
[ominous music]
[door thuds]
[Gangmo] The second child must die.
The second child must die.
-The second child must die.
- [gasps]
[soft groan]
[breathes heavily]
[Gyeongmun shrieks]
[music stops]
You need to eat something
to regain your energy.
[Gyeongmun's mom] It's a shame
that the baby died, but you need to live.
Aren't you going to think about Sanyeong?
Come on, just one bite.
You were right.
Gangmo came by that day.
[Gyeongmun's mom] Gangmo?
Are you sure
it was him?
I was so busy worrying about you
and calling 911,
but by the time I came to my senses,
he was gone.
I tried calling him
after you were brought to the hospital,
but he wasn't home.
I asked them to let him know
what happened to you,
but he hasn't even come to see you.
This is why I was against this marriage.
A folklorist or whatever he is,
he's only ever chased ghosts.
He's a gloomy person
without a trace of brightness about him.
[breathes heavily]
- Mom.
- What is it?
Mom, I'm scared.
Mom, I'm scared.
Mom, what about Sanyeong?
Nothing will happen to Sanyeong, right?
Of course not.
I'll go to Seoul and bring Sanyeong.
- You just relax.
- Okay.
[breathing heavily]
ROOM 201
[sinister music]
[line dialing]
[line ringing]
[operator] The person you are calling
[exhales sharply]
Mom, where's Sanyeong?
- Mom, did you bring Sanyeong--
- [Gyeongmun's mom] Stay away!
Run away!
[ominous music]
[Gyeongmun] Mom?
Mom, what are you doing there?
I told you to stay away!
Mom, what's wrong?
Get Sanyeong and leave that house.
You must never return to that place!
- Mom!
- [body thuds]
[frantic screaming]
[Gyeongmun sobbing]
[Gyeongmun] After your grandmother
passed away like that,
I took you and ran away.
That was the last time.
[elder] The jangseung in the north
will be rebuilt with the village budget.
The ritual that wasn't held this time
will be held on a different day.
Regardless of when you die,
you have to keep moving forward.
Thank you for helping us realize
that all our efforts thus far
weren't in vain.
Don't mention it.
[elder] There it is.
That's the house you were looking for.
The house Professor Gu Gangmo's
in-laws lived in.
[elder] Oh, my. Look at this.
All right, come inside.
Oh, goodness.
The elderly woman who owned the house
committed suicide here a long time ago.
I heard a company bought the site,
but nothing has been built yet,
so it's just been left like this.
[elder yelps]
Why is there a straw rope here?
[suspenseful music]
[Haesang] I don't know why
something like this happened here,
but one thing is certain.
Professor Gu Gangmo
[Sanyeong] My Dad
was possessed by the same evil spirit
that possesses me.
[Haesang] Why and how
did he become possessed by an evil spirit?
Just what happened to Professor Gu Gangmo?
I don't know what he's been searching for
in the storage over the past few days.
What's in the storage?
All the garbage that has accumulated
since Gwangcheon Station's establishment.
A lot was thrown away
when we computerized the data,
but it just houses a random collection
of investigative records.
[officer] It's over there.
[Hongsae sighs]
All right, thank you.
[Hongsae] What in the
[clears throat]
Sir, what are you doing here?
I'm just searching for something.
I'm making sure I haven't missed anything.
Missed anything?
I thought I had found
all the bruised suicide victim cases
that have happened,
but apparently, I hadn't.
I think I need to start from the beginning
with Jangjin-ri.
[Munchun blowing]
[Hongsae groans]
This My gosh.
I told you this is all a waste of time.
Would those ancient records
remain in a place like this?
We should still try our best.
[Munchun] Don't worry about me
and go do your work.
[Hongsae sighs]
[Munchun clears throat]
[Hongsae exhales]
What is this?
There's something strange.
[Hongsae] I connected the lead
we recently found to these cases.
A new lead?
Professor Gu Gangmo.
The name of the deceased,
who committed suicide in a Gangnam
raw fish restaurant's bathroom in 2000,
was Seo Sanghun.
He was a pretty prestigious
Korean literature professor,
but he wrote this in the expert column
he contributed to.
I looked into it and found out
that he disliked Professor Gu quite a bit.
He called him a cultist and a fraud.
Let's see
And here,
the deceased in this case
and Professor Gu were also connected.
- [Munchun] Lee Okja?
- Yes, her name was Lee Okja.
She was the mother
of Professor Gu's ex-wife.
In other words, she was his mother-in-law.
They divorced, so it wouldn't have
popped up on a background check.
That's probably why
you didn't make the connection.
You're right.
- That's not all.
- What is it?
[Hongsae] The deceased, Hwang Chahui,
was a civil servant from the Ministry
of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
He majored in economics
at Dongwoon University,
where Professor Gu taught,
but he also double majored in folklore.
He was Professor Gu's student.
[Hongsae grunts]
What about this one?
Did you look into this one too?
However, I think if we keep going,
we'll find other connections too.
You're incredible.
As expected of
the Police University’s top student.
[Munchun] Hey,
I haven't been able
to go through these yet.
Can you investigate these again,
focusing on the bruised
suicide victim cases?
I knew the top student of
the Police University would be different.
Thumbs up.
[children shouting in distance]
You didn't take your medicine again.
I told you that you have
to take it regularly.
I'll take it on my own, so get out.
[Sanyeong] Do you remember this book?
- It's the book Dad wrote.
- [gasps]
I told you to stop talking about him.
I'm your daughter,
but I'm his daughter too.
Everything I thought I knew was a lie.
I need to know now,
about my family
and my dad.
So please, tell me.
What kind of person was Dad?
[exhales sharply]
[Gyeongmun sighs]
[somber music]
Your dad was
a very good listener.
I'm Gu Gangmo,
a folklore professor
at Dongwoon University.
What brings you here?
I'd like to get some advice
from the village head.
When I was working at the town office,
your dad came to ask for help
in conducting a local survey.
He's a folklore professor
- from Seoul.
- Hello.
[Gyeongmun] He was a strange person.
He listened to old wives' tales
that no one cared about,
stories of the past
that were considered boring,
and all of the stories that I knew.
I thought he did that because he liked me,
but later, I found out
that's just what folklorists do.
Let's stop talking about the past.
Can you tell me a little more
while you're at it?
I can't do it. I'm too scared.
What's wrong?
What are you scared of?
[ominous music]
I didn't realize it then,
but what he said never sat well with me.
"The second child must die,"
just like in the story about that village.
What are you talking about?
He said that the second child always died
in a village called Jangjin-ri.
[pensive music]
[Haesang] Only the energy
of a person who was killed
may suppress the object containing
a loose-haired evil spirit's energy.
Professor Gu Gangmo.
I thought he just knew
a lot about evil spirits,
but he was possessed by one.
[doorbell rings]
[Haesang] What brings you here
without prior notice?
- [Munchun pants]
- What is this?
These are cases similar to your mother's.
They're about those who committed suicide
with red bruises on their wrists.
In 2000, Professor Gu Gangmo's colleague,
his mother-in-law, and even his student
died one after another.
And this deceased individual
was a librarian.
According to her colleagues,
she met Professor Gu
the day before she died.
And last but not least,
Professor Gu Gangmo himself
and his mother.
Professor Gu Gangmo
also died in a similar way?
What is this?
[ominous music]
[Haesang] Is this Professor Gu's will?
[Munchun] Yes, that's right.
It was found at the scene.
I wondered why
he passed on the hair accessory.
I thought it was strange from the start.
What are you talking about?
Folklorists dislike breaking taboos,
and writing names in red
is a superstition
even ordinary people avoid doing.
So why did Professor Gu use a red pen
to write both of these notes?
[Munchun] This one too?
It's a bit unsettling.
But maybe he only had a red pen on him.
[Sanyeong] I met my dad.
He said, "It wasn't me."
"It wasn't me."
It wasn't Professor Gu.
If I die, please help my daughter.
Her name is Gu Sanyeong.
[breathes shakily]
- [thunder crackles]
-Please pass on the hair accessory
in the wooden box on my desk
to my daughter, Sanyeong.
Please fulfill my request.
Gu Gangmo.
What if it wasn't Professor Gu Gangmo
but the evil spirit?
What do you mean?
[doorbell rings]
[Munchun groans]
My gosh, it's hot.
Why am I still wearing this?
[Munchun] Who is it?
What? Is it that young lady again?
I will contact you later,
so you should go home now.
- But
- [files rustling]
[Munchun] Gosh.
Leave it. I'll do it.
[Munchun sighs]
He's the detective from before, right?
Are you guys close?
The detective and I go way back.
[Haesang] Come in.
Would you like something to drink?
I came to tell you something.
It's about Jangjin-ri.
What about that village?
My dad told my mom about that village
when they first met.
[Gangmo] In the village of Jangjin-ri,
whenever there was a big disaster,
they evoked a juvenile ghost.
It was worshipped
as the village's guardian deity
which prevented evil
and brought prosperity.
The child sacrificed
to evoke a juvenile ghost
had to be the second child,
because Confucian customs called for
the protection of the firstborn.
Do you remember the news article we found?
This is about Mokdan.
I thought she was killed
by some crazy shaman,
but she went through something
a lot more terrible.
The family she trusted
and her neighbors
All the villagers took part in her death.
[suspenseful music]
How could such a terrible custom exist?
human sacrifice is a custom
found all over the world.
Lee Mokdan,
I'm sure that child is the evil spirit.
If that happened to me,
I would have become
an evil spirit to get revenge too.
[exhales sharply]
You said we had to find out
the evil spirit's identity, right?
What do we need to find out next?
[Haesang] What is the evil spirit
inside of her thinking?
[ominous music]
Why did it want the hair accessory
to be passed on to her?
Why did it involve me in this?
[Sanyeong] Professor?
What do we need to do now?
Ms. Sanyeong,
I will look into it some more.
I'll contact you again.
[phone vibrates]
[Sanyeong blows air]
[eerie music]
[Sanyeong] All right.
Oh, right.
What did the cop say?
He came by for a personal matter.
I see.
That woman can't see me.
Of course not. There's no mirror.
[ominous music]
What is it this time?
Do you desire Sanyeong's youth?
Even in death, you can't rid yourself
of a hungry ghost's habits.
There's a saying that goes, "dog-eat-dog."
Due to its rapaciousness,
a hungry ghost continues
to covet others' things
but remains insatiable until the very end.
No matter how much you take,
you'll never be satiated.
It's karma for how you've lived.
Did you forget?
You're the person who made me this way.
[phone vibrating]
[ominous music]
[Semi] Sanyeong,
I passed the written exam!
We promised to tell
each other first if we passed.
Call me.
Did you not come
to Yoonjung's wedding on purpose?
She was practically begging for someone
to take pictures with her, so I'm here.
The after-party is being held
at a hotel wine bar.
You better come to the after-party.
Let's cheer up and party then.
Drink and be merry!
[Semi whooping]
You better come.
[gentle music playing]
[customer] One moment.
Open it, please.
[phone chimes]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[customer] It's been a while
since I last ate alone.
[commenter 1] This is the place
with 500,000-won course meals.
[commenter 2] Your purse is so pretty!
[commenter 3]
This place is a total hotspot.
[commenter 4] Oh, my gosh.
I've been wanting to go here!
[commenter 5]
I heard it's hard to get a reservation.
[commenter 6] Go out with me!
[commenter 7] Please tell me
where you got your clothes.
[ominous music]
[Semi] Hey, are you busy?
Why aren't you still here?
[flies buzzing]
[customer groans]
What kind of hotel has bugs around?
[insects pattering on window]
What's going on?
[thrilling music]
[Haesang] Professor Gu Gangmo
was possessed by an evil spirit.
He knew the most about evil spirits.
I'm sure there's a clue in there
about how to get rid of an evil spirit.
[pensive music]
"The energy of a person who was killed?"
There it is.
That's the house you were looking for.
[elder] The house Professor Gu Gangmo's
in-laws lived in.
The elderly woman who owned the house
committed suicide here a long time ago.
"The energy of a person who was killed."
A location where someone died
because of the evil spirit.
[elder] Where
Why is there a straw rope here?
Straw rope.
The straw rope was twisted to the left?
- [elder] Yes, the left.
- [Haesang] Are you sure?
[elder] When I got your call,
I went to check.
-I'm sure it's to the left.
- Thank you.
[Haesang] Straw ropes are usually
twisted to the right.
If it's twisted to the left,
it's a Line of Prohibition.
It's time to stop the ghosts.
[tense music]
5,350,000 WON
[music stops]
[uneasy music]
[groom] Thanks for coming.
- Cheers.
- [guest 1] Cheers.
- [guest 2] Congrats on your wedding.
- Thank you.
- [guest 3] Hold on.
- Like this?
Yes, like that. Okay, done.
- [groom] How much did you drink?
- I passed.
- [guest 4] You passed?
- Yes.
[guest 4] You basically got the job!
You'll pass the interview
without a hitch, right?
[Semi] I guess you can say that.
Semi, you should treat us.
Okay, okay. I will. Come on, cheers.
[guest 5] Congrats.
Hongsae, over here.
I passed my civil service written exam!
Oh, congrats.
Congrats on getting married.
How could you be late on a day like this?
Sorry, I had a lot of work.
[Hongsae] It must have been tough
preparing for your wedding.
You jerk, you're always like this.
[guest 1] But wasn't it hard reserving
that wedding hall? It's pretty popular.
How did you reserve it?
- [guest 1] Oh, really?
- [guest 2] Are you shy?
Should I introduce you?
- Show me a photo then.
- [guest 2] What's your type?
Show me a photo of him.
Hey, who does this belong to?
[guest 3] No one was sitting there.
This is a brand-new model.
[guest 4 chuckles]
"LJR?" Who's "LJR?"
[guest 4] It's really pretty.
[guest 2] I heard it's hard to get
because it's a limited edition.
[guest 3] Buying from overseas sites
is the only way to get it.
But does it really not belong
to any of you?
- [guest 2] No, it doesn't.
- [guest 3] Then whose is it?
Hey, why didn't you
- Sanyeong, you're here.
- Hey.
- [guest 2] Your style has improved a lot.
- [guest 4] Hi.
Have you all been well?
[suspenseful music]
Hey, drink up.
[glasses clink]
I can sit here, right?
Yes, of course.
Hand me a glass.
[guest 5] Thank you.
Here, I'll pour you a drink.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
What do you mean?
You said we should drink and be merry.
But my glass is empty.
[guest 5] You're a good drinker.
[music intensifies]
[music stops]
- [guest 5] And so you
- [guest 2] You worked so hard.
- Thanks.
- didn't know the person
- [guest 2] Let's go out for a bit.
- [guest 6] Cheers.
- Hey, you've only drunk half your glass.
- [laughs]
- [guest 2] I completely understand.
- [guest 3] Right?
[guest 5] Do you want some more?
[Sanyeong laughs]
Gu Sanyeong.
Did something happen?
Are you okay?
You have something
you want to hear from me, right?
[guest 3] I think it's important
to mentally prepare yourself.
[suspenseful music]
Are you trying to get me to leave early?
[Hongsae] You seem drunk.
[Sanyeong whispers]
of those people.
[music fades]
[Sanyeong snickers]
[tense music]
- Oh, my!
- Are you okay?
- Pass me a napkin.
- [guest 3] Are you okay?
- [guest 6] Are you okay?
- [guest 2] Here's a tissue.
- Did you get hurt?
- [Semi] Oh, gosh.
- Thanks.
- [groom] What a relief.
- [Semi] Darn it.
- [Yoonjung] It's 300,000 won for a bottle.
You wasted about 50,000 won.
[Yoonjung] What a shame.
Sorry, it wasn't on purpose.
Are you done bragging
about passing your exam?
It was for a level-nine position,
not even a level-seven.
It's not even the final result.
Are you seriously bragging that loudly
about passing just the written exams?
This is my wedding after-party,
not a party to celebrate
you passing your exam.
Aren't you eating too much
when you only gifted 50,000 won?
[Semi gasps]
Are you crazy?
For someone who begged people to come
because you had no friends
to take wedding photos with,
you sure are making a scene.
Do you know how much this dress cost?
Hey. Take that and get lost.
[groom] Hey, Yoonjung.
- Hongsae, take care of the rest.
- [Yoonjung] That crazy--
[groom] Come on!
[Yoonjung screams]
- This is so annoying!
- [groom] Enough.
[suspenseful music]
Are you a beggar?
Do you really want to be in a place
where she flaunts her money?
Or did you want to brag about
how you passed that badly?
You're so full of yourself.
[Sanyeong laughs]
[music stops]
[breathing shakily]
[foreboding music]
Where am
[music intensifies]
Excuse me.
[Sanyeong groans]
[suspenseful music]
[breathes shakily]
[breathes shakily]
- [evil spirit] You wanted all of this.
- [Sanyeong gasps]
Be quiet!
stop it.
[Haesang] How did it go?
Take a look for yourself.
I don't know what it is.
I dug into the ground
like you asked me to, and I found this.
[tense music]
It's the object my mother was burying.
Why is this here?
[tense music intensifies]
[music stops]
Found it.
[closing theme music]
Did you turn yourself in earlier?
What if I told you
that it was a ghost who did it?
[Sanyeong] Would you believe me?
[Haesang] It's something my mother had.
Are you sure you don't know
anything about them?
I said get out of my house this instant.
Do you know what your colleagues call you?
Just shut up and listen!
[Munchun] You're a detective.
It's your duty to relieve
dead victims' grudges in their stead.
[Sanyeong] I want to be alone
for the time being, so don't contact me.
Why did the evil spirit
drag you into this?
Getting rid of the evil spirit
is more important than that.
[Sanyeong] Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this to me?
[drawer rattles]
Hungry ghosts?
I was here yesterday.
[Haesang] Among the victim's belongings,
an expensive luxury bag disappeared.
The blood vessels in the deceased's eyes
had probably burst.
- Who told you that?
- It was a hungry ghost.
- [Haesang] This case won't be the last.
- [screams]
If a person is possessed by a ghost,
I can recognize them from a photo.
Two people are missing.
[Sanyeong] I don't see Yoonjung and Semi.
What happens to someone
possessed by a hungry spirit?
A friend of mine committed suicide.
We have to hurry up and find her.
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