Revenant (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[ominous music]
[theme music]
The characters, places, organizations,
and events in this drama are fictitious
Child actors were filmed
in safe situations
Scenes involving animals were staged
And filmed in compliance
with animal welfare guidelines
The name of the person
who made the evil spirit?
Who is it?
If I tell you, will you let Haesang go?
[ominous music]
Are you talking about the professor?
Who are you, really?
[associate] Keep it a secret from Haesang.
Look for a woman named Choi Manwol.
Choi Manwol?
Who is
[Sanyeong] Where are you?
Come out.
[tense music]
I said, come out!
[breathing heavily]
[Sanyeong] Where are you?
Come out.
[music stops]
Pear seed hair accessory,
blue pottery piece
[ominous music]
[music intensifies]
[gasping for air]
[Sanyeong panting]
This person came here
with Professor Gu Gangmo?
How did they know each other?
They said they met coincidentally
while conducting a local survey.
Anything else?
That is all I know about them.
Please tell me anything you remember
even if it's something trivial.
This person
is my mother who passed away.
They asked me
for a favor
before they left.
They wanted me
to chant a sutra for the deceased child.
[shaman grunts]
Year 1995
[uneasy music]
Yeom Haejin
Date of death: March 17, 1995
It was this name.
[Haesang] "Yeom Haejin?"
She said it was the child
who died in her womb.
She said if something happened to her,
there would be no one else who could
hold a memorial service for the child.
[Sanyeong] "Estimated due date?"
The second child must die.
The child sacrificed
to evoke a juvenile ghost
had to be the second child.
This isn't it either.
[Munchun sighs]
The kidnapping and murder case
committed by Choi Manwol in 1958.
[phone vibrating]
Yes, Professor Yeom?
[Haesang] Where are you now?
I'll go to you.
I have something
I need to tell you in person.
[Munchun] I do too.
I'm at Gwangcheon Police Station
right now, so come
Never mind, I'll meet you
at the hangover soup restaurant.
[phone beeps]
[phone vibrating]
Gu Sanyeong
[Haesang] Hello?
[Sanyeong] I called because
I had something to ask you.
Are you hiding something from me,
Professor Yeom?
Why are you asking something like that?
If there happens
to be something you're hiding
[Haesang] No, there's nothing like that.
All right.
I understand.
[phone beeps]
[suspenseful music]
I can't trust Professor Yeom or that kid.
I need to know who he is,
what kind of kid he was,
and why he died.
If I figure those things out,
I'll know why
the evil spirit guided me to him,
and I'll be able to figure out
who Choi Manwol is.
Images related to
Jangil High School uniform
Year 1999
Thank you for letting me
and my inadequate son live here.
I won't forget your kindness
until I die, ma'am.
What about your wife's funeral?
It was held without issue thanks to you.
Are you just going to sit there?
Bring it over.
Clean the floor
and keep your kid under control.
I'll keep that in mind.
[dishes clatter]
[Chiwon sighs]
[door opens]
You startled me.
What are you doing?
You go to a nice school.
[Chiwon's son] I guess rich kids
do have things different.
Why are you coming out of there?
That's my grandmother's bedroom.
I know.
There was nothing interesting in there.
Are there any fun places?
Do you want to get kicked out?
[Chiwon's son] There's no one here.
The housekeeper lady
went to the grocery store.
Madam Sea Salt is out with my dad.
"Sea Salt?"
Are you talking about my grandmother?
Your grandmother is incredible.
How could she brine someone she just met?
[young Haesang] Wait
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- [Chiwon's son exclaims]
Are you nuts?
That belonged to my late father.
You can't mess with anything in here.
Nothing has been moved
even when my grandfather was around.
Things are made for people to use.
What's the point of just looking at them?
You weren't listening, were you?
[young Haesang] Hey, wait--
- Hurry up and put it back!
- Hold on.
- Put it back!
- Did this belong to your dad?
- There seems to be film inside.
- Figure out who sent this letter.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Don't just answer, find out right now!
Madam Sea Salt is furious.
[both laugh]
[footsteps approaching]
I think she's coming over here.
- Hey, what about me?
- I don't know.
Let's go out this way.
[suspenseful music]
Come on.
Hey, what's that place over there?
Be quiet!
What is that place?
- It's a shed.
- What's in it?
What else would be in a shed
besides junk that gets thrown away?
[eerie music]
You have a lot,
but you don't know what you have.
What is it?
What? Is there something on my face?
It's nothing.
Don't ever do this again.
Hey, what happened?
[suspenseful music]
[switch clicks]
[music intensifies]
You should just give it to me
if you're not going to use it.
Name: Choi Manwol
Place of birth: 3-5 Jangjin-ri
Occupation: Shaman
Born in 1914
[footsteps approaching]
[Chiwon] Are you Detective Lee Hongsae?
Who are you?
Vice-president Kim Chiwon
Junghyeon Capital
[Chiwon] I'll get straight to the point.
We would like you to
tell us what your partner
Detective Seo Munchun is up to.
Why should I help you?
I heard that you barely graduated
from the Police University
after disregarding teamwork
and acting arbitrarily.
Your colleagues spoke ill of you
but I heard you have
excellent investigative skills.
Did you run a background check on me?
You should run a background check
on us as well.
We're a moneylending company.
We have a lot of influential customers.
That is why
we know a lot of corporate secrets.
High-level information
that could aid in your promotion.
I'll pretend I didn't hear
anything you said today.
[Chiwon] This isn't a bribe.
This is information for the common good.
We just
need to know
what Detective Seo Munchun is up to.
Why are you doing this?
I need to know what you want
to look into it properly.
Tell us everything related
to Professor Yeom Haesang.
You just need to find out what
Professor Yeom and Detective Seo Munchun
talk about when they meet,
what they're curious about,
and what information they exchange,
even the most trivial things.
[door opens]
[Munchun] Hey.
- Did you eat?
- I'll pass.
I'll pass on the alcohol too.
That's unusual.
It's practically water to you.
[Munchun] Well, that's fine by me.
I had a younger sibling.
What are you talking about?
I had an unborn younger sibling.
"The second child must die."
My younger sibling was the second child,
so they were killed by the evil spirit.
In Jangjin-ri, a juvenile ghost
was created with the second child.
The vengeful spirit was retaliating.
Juvenile ghost?
I always wondered why my mother
tried to get rid of the evil spirit
and why the evil spirit killed her.
I think there was an evil spirit
in our house.
[exclaims softly]
Before he died,
Professor Gu asked
a sutra-reciting shaman he knew
to make a Line of Prohibition for him.
Wait a minute.
Your mother knew
the deceased Professor Gu Gangmo?
I think I need to learn more
about Professor Gu Gangmo.
I think I need
to look into the files
on the suicide cases
that occurred around Professor Gu Gangmo.
No, I already looked into those cases.
Actually, besides those
Here, take a look.
What is this?
[Munchun] No, you have to handle them
with care.
They're originals.
I had a hard time acquiring them.
[Munchun exhales]
Even before your mother's case,
there were people who committed suicide
that had red bruises on their wrists.
"Lee Mokdan."
Young girl missing for two weeks
You knew about this case too?
Hey, what do you take me for?
I'm a detective.
[Munchun] I guess I don't need to explain
since you already know about the case.
See this article?
This article was in the notebook
you asked me to restore a while back.
Are you talking about
Professor Gu Gangmo's notebook?
[Munchun] Yes, that's right.
But the reporter who wrote this article
committed suicide after the case
and had red bruises on his wrists.
I think
there's one other person though.
This is the report of the suspect
in the girl's kidnapping and murder case.
[Munchun] It's old, so it's a little hard
to make out in some places,
but I was able to figure out the content.
The person the police identified
as the suspect
was Choi Manwol, who was rumored to be
the most talented shaman in the area.
Year 1958
[suspenseful music]
[officer] Is anyone home?
[music stops]
[eerie music]
Darn it.
Did you find something?
Look at all this.
[thrilling music]
- [screams]
- [officers shriek]
You disgraceful people!
How dare you come here! How dare you!
[Munchun] They found the missing girl's
clothes and severed finger
in the shaman's house.
She was definitely the culprit.
Let go of me!
[Choi Manwol muttering]
[banging on door]
[breathing shakily]
[banging continues]
[banging continues]
No, don't open it.
[Choi Manwol breathing shakily]
Don't open it! No, don't!
I said don't open it!
[breathing shakily]
[ominous music]
[officer] What are you doing?
[music intensifies]
[officer] No, don't!
What are you doing?
[Munchun] Due to the prime suspect
Choi Manwol's suicide,
the case was closed
during the internal investigation.
The prime suspect in this case
and the reporter who wrote about the case
had red bruises on their wrists
when they committed suicide.
I think if we start here,
we'll be able to solve
your mother's case too.
My gosh.
"The deceased had
peculiar red lines on their wrists"
[Munchun] I also asked for information
on the detectives in charge of the case.
"Detectives in charge:
Hwang Taehyun, Lee Seokgeum"
We might find something
if we look into that too.
[Munchun] You should eat.
Suspect: Choi Manwol
[Haesang] "Choi Manwol."
Could you find information
on the shaman's family as well?
- What?
- There's something I want to ask.
[Munchun] Well
Darn it, the soup's cold.
Excuse me, could you heat this for me?
Red hair accessory,
pottery piece, black rubber band
Jade hairpin, glass bottle
[Haesang] Five objects
You must like playing games
if you were staying up this late
at an internet café.
Why did you suddenly ask
to meet me at this time?
Let's get some coffee.
I'll pay since I asked you to meet me.
I'll pay.
I have a favor to ask you.
[faint gentle music playing]
[Hongsae] Did you accept
your grandmother's inheritance?
You look pretty well-off today
as you did the last time we met.
Yes, I accepted it.
[Sanyeong] Can't I?
You're a suspect in that case.
[Hongsae] Don't forget that.
Is that why you asked to meet,
to have coffee with a suspect?
What kind of person
is Professor Yeom Haesang?
You're a detective.
Why are you asking me something
you can figure out yourself?
I can easily find that he's a professor
of folklore at Jeyoung University.
That's what pops up when you look him up.
But you can't look up what he's thinking.
Why do you care about what he's thinking?
Just like during Yoonjung's case,
I think, in many ways,
he's a strange person.
You can just ask
the detective you work with.
They seem pretty close.
Do you not want to tell me
about Professor Yeom?
If you grant me a favor first,
I'll tell you.
- What is it?
- I want to find someone.
Who is it?
I don't know his name.
[Hongsae] You don't know his name?
How do you expect to find him then?
He's a student
from Jangil High School in Seoul.
When did he graduate
from Jangil High School?
He didn't graduate.
[Haesang] A friend of mine couldn't stop
coveting what others had.
He couldn't take it anymore
and committed suicide.
Professor Yeom Haesang
Jeyoung University (Professor)
Date of birth: January 9, 1983
He's one of the students
who started attending the school in 1999.
[Hongsae] That's not enough information.
There are probably over a hundred students
who started attending that year.
He committed suicide.
Please find a student
who committed suicide
among the students
who started attending that year.
You seem like a different person.
What kind of person was I before?
Right, I suppose I was wrong about you.
Yeom Haesang
Four Pillars of Destiny
[rattle clanging]
[shaman] January 9th, 1983,
between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m.
You have a lot of water
and metal in your four pillars,
so you're destined
to live a life without worries.
Money won't be an issue,
and for a profession, you should go
into a field that focuses on one thing
like the professions
with a "sa" in their titles.
Professional jobs such as doctor, lawyer,
professor, and cook are good choices.
What is your current job?
I'm a professor.
It's fate. You've found your calling.
Your fortune in your early years is good,
as well as in your later years,
but you are currently facing
a critical moment.
Do you drive?
Beware of accidents,
especially on rainy nights.
Rainy nights are
usually dangerous.
You don't believe me.
Everyone is like that at first,
but they come back
after they get into a big accident.
[shaman exhales deeply]
Your middle years are very bad.
You could get divorced and--
I'm single.
That's a relief.
I don't see it.
- What did you say?
- I don't see it.
A ghost to tell you the future
is nowhere in sight.
[pensive music]
Did you lose all of the spiritual powers
your great-aunt
passed down to you?
Who are you?
Do you know my great-aunt?
Choi Manwol,
Jangjin-ri's most talented shaman.
You're her great-nephew, right?
[suspenseful music]
[shaman] Do you see anything?
Is my great-aunt's ghost here?
No, I don't see her.
I don't see anything.
[shaman sighs]
[pensive music]
[shaman groans]
When I was younger,
ghosts wouldn't leave me alone,
even when I begged them to.
But now, no matter where I look,
I can't see them.
It's driving me crazy since this is
the only thing I know how to do.
Have you been holding
memorial services this whole time?
Even if she did perform a terrible deed,
she was a very talented shaman.
I was hoping
she would visit to help me out,
so I've been honoring her
with utmost sincerity.
She didn't have any children either.
If you've been honoring her for this long,
you must know a lot about your great-aunt.
Yes, I do. I also have her belongings.
Then perhaps
have you heard anything
about these objects?
[ominous music]
Is this about a juvenile ghost?
A juvenile ghost?
I heard that you use this hair accessory
when you evoke a juvenile ghost.
Year 1958, Jangjin-ri
How did it go?
I told them to gather
the secondborn children.
Please come this way.
Mom, I'm sleepy.
It's only for a moment.
[suspenseful music]
[Haesang] This red accessory
was a mark given to the child
who would become the juvenile ghost?
I guess it was to show, "don't scold
this child and treat them well,"
since they were to be sacrificed
for the village.
It was a very difficult time back then.
I guess that year was especially harsh.
There was a drought and a typhoon.
That's probably why
they did something they shouldn't.
You know about it in a lot of detail.
Yes, there was a record of that time
among my great-aunt's belongings.
May I see that record?
[shaman grunts]
By the way,
why are you so interested
in my great-aunt?
Well, you said you see ghosts.
Are you planning on starting a business?
Are you interested in a partnership?
No, I'm not looking for a partner.
You can contact me
if you change your mind.
Here it is.
[paper rustles]
[suspenseful music]
Jangjin-ri juvenile ghost
One billion hwan in exchange
She received such a big sum of money
in return?
I suppose that was the going rate
for killing a child.
If you converted this amount
to current-day value,
you could buy a building
in the middle of Gangnam.
What did you say?
It was that much?
This isn't an amount
Jangjin-ri's poor villagers could pay.
Who could do
[Haesang] "Junghyeon Corporation."
Issuer: Junghyeon Corporation
[tense music]
May I borrow this?
No, you see--
I'll make sure to return it to you.
[Hongsae] I checked if any deceased Jangil
High School students committed suicide
among those who started attending in 1999.
Did you find any?
No, there weren't any.
Are you sure?
None of the students committed suicide.
[Hongsae] However
[suspenseful music]
Summary of events
Oh Hwanki (18 years old, male)
A series of strange deaths
occurred at the school around that time.
Hong Jihoon found with bloodshot eyes.
Suspected to have died of a heart attack.
Oh Hwanki found with bloodshot eyes.
Concluded to have died of a heart attack.
It's just like Yoonjung's case.
The kid I'm looking for was possessed
by a hungry ghost just like Yoonjung.
I'm sure he's a student from this school.
They all died because of him.
Again with the ghosts?
You said you were curious
about Professor Yeom Haesang, right?
Professor Yeom
says he can see ghosts.
I can see them too.
Professor Yeom and I
are after the same evil spirit.
We're trying to get rid of it.
You may not believe it,
but there are ghosts in this world.
Is the reason you're looking
for that high schooler
because of that evil spirit or whatever
that you and Professor Yeom are after?
It's fine if you can't believe it.
Where are you going to go?
The school. I want to go check for myself.
What are you going to do there?
I'm sure there are still teachers from
that time since it's a private school.
I'm going to ask them.
What are you going to ask them?
Are you going to ask them to find a ghost
whose name you don't know?
[faint dramatic music playing]
[Hongsae] Let's go.
You're coming with me?
[Hongsae] Yes.
Sometimes, having a police badge helps.
[waiter] Thank you.
[suspenseful music]
[faculty member]
What brings you to our school, Detective?
I'd like to ask you a few questions
about the students who died
at this school in 1999.
I'll keep it completely confidential,
so I ask for your cooperation.
Okay, please go ahead.
In 1999,
students died sudden deaths one by one.
[Hongsae] Do you recall this?
Of course, I do.
[faculty member]
They were all very nice kids.
It was very unfortunate, but
Why are you asking about that time?
Did the dead kids happen
to have anything in common?
Were they in the same club
or lived in similar locations?
No, they were in different grades
and didn't know each other at all.
Didn't the dead kids'
belongings disappear?
Where did you hear that?
Did you find the kid
who took their belongings?
His face was on the darker side,
about 5 ft. 8 inches tall,
and he had double eyelids.
Do you know Ujin?
Year 1999
All of this was found in your locker.
Did you take all of this?
These belonged to your dead classmate
and senior.
[faculty member]
How could you do such a thing?
Why not?
What did you say?
[suspenseful music]
Many people eat well and live a good life
despite doing worse things,
so why can't I?
It's strictly prohibited
to show student records to outsiders,
so please refrain from sharing
this information with others.
[Hongsae] Of course.
Don't worry. I promise it won't get out.
was not like that from the start.
[faculty member]
He used to have a bright personality,
but after his mother passed away,
he became quiet and somber.
What happened after that?
Thankfully, the parents
of the dead kids forgave him,
so it ended with disciplinary action.
But he suddenly got into a car accident
and unfortunately passed away.
[phone ringing]
[line ringing]
[Sanyeong] Hello?
[Haesang's grandma] Who is this?
What are you calling about?
Well, you see
Does Ujin--
Just get straight to the point.
I'm looking for someone named Choi Manwol.
- [Sanyeong] Hello?
- [screams]
Eastern Registry Office
Application for issuance
of the certificate of registered matters
[suspenseful music]
Yeom Haesang
CEO Yeom Seungok
[Haesang gasps]
I think we should go to Kim Ujin's house.
[Sanyeong] I believe it's the same address
listed on the student record.
Did you really not know
whose house that was?
What are you talking about?
It was the house
of the deceased Yeom Seungok,
Junghyeon Capital's first president.
Now his wife and current president
of Junghyeon Capital,
Na Byeonghui, lives there.
Who are those people?
They're Professor Yeom's grandparents.
That's Professor Yeom's house.
[tense music]
[phone vibrating]
Hello, it's me.
[Munchun] I looked into the detectives
who were in charge of the case.
Right after the case was closed,
they were both dismissed.
- What was the reason?
-It doesn't say the reason,
but something is fishy.
What do you mean?
Even if the suspect died,
it's not a case
to close internally, right?
Neither the people of Jangjin-ri
nor the people
around the area were investigated.
[Munchun] The reporter who was digging
into the case died,
the suspect died,
and the detectives in charge took bribes
to hurriedly close the case.
is covering up the truth of the case.
I'll call you back.
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbles]
[Hongsae mutters]
Junghyeon Corporation
The Junghyeon Corporation listed there
is the company
that started Junghyeon Capital.
Did you investigate in advance
because of Professor Yeom?
Well, I found out
while investigating another case as well.
What kind of company was it?
Was there anything unique about it?
Junghyeon Corporation was a company
that sold and mediated regional products
such as cotton and rice
during the Japanese colonial era.
They were successful
in every business they touched,
but they suffered financial difficulties
due to excessive business expansion
that coincided with the Korean War.
Junghyeon Corporation was passed down
to Yeom Seungok,
the grandfather of Professor Yeom.
He was lucky.
He was able to save a company
that was collapsing.
Junghyeon Capital Yeom family tree
After escaping the financial crisis,
he established Junghyeon Mutual Finance,
a moneylending company.
Since then, he was able to climb the ranks
and become an emerging conglomerate.
That company became
the current Junghyeon Capital.
do you know what people
called that company?
What did they call it?
The river Styx.
The river Styx?
The river that flows between this world
and the underworld?
Why did they call it that?
The people who could become
obstacles to the company
all died.
The prosecutor investigating the company
and even the head of a rival company.
[tense music intensifies]
[music stops]
[tense music]
[Sanyeong] I'm looking for someone
named Choi Manwol.
- Hello?
- [screams]
That person knew the name "Choi Manwol."
There's definitely a connection.
History of Junghyeon Capital
Founded in 1933
The year 1958
1958 October
Yeom Seungok appointed president
[thunder rumbles]
[tense music]
A cold-hearted shaman who created yeommae
The year 1958?
What's wrong?
[Sanyeong pants]
Junghyeon Corporation (1933-1962)
Junghyeon Corporation
[breathes shakily]
[thunder rumbles]
[security] She instructed us
not to let anyone in today.
Please move.
Young Master Yeom, you can't!
[security] Young Master Yeom!
Don't come in until I call for you.
[lock clicks]
[thunder rumbles]
[Na Byeonghui]
What do you think you're doing?
Just this once, please tell me the truth.
[Haesang breathes heavily]
You know what this is, don't you?
Get out.
I won't allow such a thing in my house.
Take it away and leave at once.
So you do know what this object is.
You know this child too, right?
Young girl missing for two weeks
[thunder rumbles]
[breathes shakily]
[thunder rumbling]
Are you okay?
[breathes shakily]
[breathing heavily]
What's wrong?
- My eyes
- [Hongsae] What?
[breathing heavily]
[ominous music]
Do you see that child?
What child?
Gu Sanyeong! Where are you going?
[car horn honking]
[Choi Manwol] We're almost there. Come on.
[footsteps running]
[suspenseful music]
[Choi Manwol] We have to hurry. Let's go.
Will there really be
a lot of delicious food if I go there?
Of course.
There's a lot of delicious food.
[Choi Manwol] Let's go quickly.
No, don't.
Don't go there.
[tense music]
[breathing heavily]
[Haesang] You know this child too, right?
Young girl missing for two weeks
Shall I explain it to you?
The name of this child is Lee Mokdan.
She was killed at a very young age
to evoke a juvenile ghost.
A shaman named
Choi Manwol killed this child
at someone's request.
[Haesang] It was a huge amount of money
that no ordinary person could pay.
[Sanyeong panting]
[breathing heavily]
[thrilling music]
[breathing heavily]
Hey, come on. This way.
A brick wall.
[breathing heavily]
Blue gate, blue
The shaman wasn't the only one
who received the money.
The detectives in charge of the case,
the villagers
who sold off their neighbors,
and even her own family.
[villager 1] Make sure you debone it well.
Don't get any bone mixed in it.
[children laughing]
[villager 2] Here, put this in the fire.
[indistinct chatter]
[rhythmic thumping]
[indistinct chanting]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chanting]
[Choi Manwol chanting]
I saw the promissory note
received by the dead shaman.
The issuer
was Junghyeon Corporation.
The company that Grandfather
The same name as the company
that our family founded.
I denied it.
I thought it was a different company
with the same name,
so I checked with the registry office.
The CEO's name
was Yeom Seungok,
my grandfather.
[ominous music]
This child
Did Grandfather really
Did our family kill this child?
- [Choi Manwol chanting]
- [rhythmic thumping]
- [Choi Manwol gasps]
- [thumping stops]
An evil spirit will be
passed on to the heads
of this family for generations to come.
The evil spirit will fulfill
its desires alongside you,
but it will come at a cost.
It doesn't matter.
As long as we get what we want.
Don't you agree?
[intense music]
[breathing heavily]
[drum thumping rhythmically]
[Sanyeong groans]
[Choi Manwol chanting]
[Sanyeong sobbing]
[ominous music]
Let's go then.
[Sanyeong] No, don't do this!
[Haesang] Please tell me.
Tell me it's not true.
It's true.
We killed that child.
[sinister music]
[Sanyeong screams]
[tense music]
[sinister music]
[music stops]
[ominous music]
[uneasy music]
[Sanyeong sobbing hysterically]
[wailing continues]
How could you do such a thing?
[Na Byeonghui]
Don't act all high and mighty.
The company at the time
was at a crossroads.
If it weren't for us,
do you think
you could have enjoyed such luxury?
I've never been happy
because I had a lot of money.
You don't understand
the struggle of not having money.
What about my mother?
That foolish brat.
After your father died,
the evil spirit should have possessed you.
[Na Byeonghui] She tried to prevent that
and got possessed instead.
We would have been richer
if it weren't for her.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music]
[Haesang panting]
[breathing heavily]
Gu Sanyeong
Where did she go?
Did you enjoy it?
[Sanyeong] Living in such a nice house?
Did you really
not know what you people did?
[sobbing continues]
[somber music]
Did you enjoy
living in a nice house
and spending your money like water
after horribly killing that young child
to create a juvenile ghost?
[Sanyeong grunts]
[Sanyeong panting]
[Sanyeong breathing heavily]
Report me if you want to.
I'll solve this with money too.
[Sanyeong panting]
[somber music]
[music stops]
Did you figure it out?
So you finally figured it out.
Name: Choi Manwol
Place of birth: 3-5 Jangjin-ri
Year 1999
[pensive music]
[door closes in distance]
[footsteps approaching]
[door opens]
[switch clicks]
[door closes]
[exhales deeply]
So what do you want?
[Gangmo] The evil spirit.
[suspenseful music]
I went to Jangjin-ri for a local survey
and met your daughter-in-law.
I heard you starved a little girl to death
and created an evil spirit
to bring success to your family.
Your daughter-in-law wanted to prevent
the evil spirit from possessing her son.
So you're here to threaten me
with what that foolish brat told you?
I didn't believe your daughter-in-law.
Just out of academic curiosity,
I investigated
the malicious customs of Jangjin-ri.
I found an elder who was the village head
of Jangjin-ri at the time.
[Gangmo] That person had it.
The evidence to prove it was true.
[Na Byeonghui] I'll ask you again.
What do you want?
Your daughter-in-law told me
how to get rid of the evil spirit.
However, she didn't tell me
how I could acquire one.
How can I acquire an evil spirit?
Do I have to find the shaman Choi Manwol
who made the evil spirit?
Or do I have to find the objects
sealed by the five Lines of Prohibition
which your daughter-in-law took?
Are you confident you can handle it?
I'll buy you a house,
so take that money and get lost.
Don't go around spreading nonsense
and never contact me again.
If you do,
I'll kill you.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Ujin] That's when I found out.
That nice house and the objects within it.
All of that came from
killing a little girl.
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought you'd never be able
to find the evil spirit
since it didn't appear for a long time.
I thought it would be best for you
not to find it.
Because if you did find it,
I knew it'd come to this.
Did you enjoy it?
Did you enjoy watching me run around,
cluelessly searching for the evil spirit
like an idiot?
[somber music]
[ghostly whispers]
[Haesang breathing heavily]
[ghostly whispers]
I was nothing.
[Haesang] Nothing belonged to me.
Without my grandmother's inheritance,
I was nothing.
[Haesang] I am
I am just like my grandmother.
Haesang, stop it.
How am I supposed to live now?
The present me,
the future me
Don't you see that over there?
I said stop it.
[ghostly whispers]
- go.
- No.
[Haesang] No, Ujin.
[Haesang] Ujin
No, Ujin.
[Haesang] Ujin, no.
[Ujin] Don't die the way I did,
like an idiot.
Don't go
[Haesang] Don't leave me behind.
[Haesang] How
am I really
supposed to live now?
[music stops]
[dramatic music]
[Sanyeong] What you went through
was really terrible.
It must have been really painful
and really scary.
I won't live like they did.
I won't live my life happily
with that money,
knowing that the people around me
will die.
I found out everything,
your identity, and your story.
I'll send you where you should be.
[all doors rattling]
[rattling continues]
[Lee Mokdan] You all wanted me first.
You'll want me too, just like your father.
[intense music]
[rattling stops]
[tense music]
Special thanks to Cho Hyunchul
[closing theme music]
[Haesang] I'm going to get rid
of the evil spirit
that my grandfather and father created.
[Sanyeong] So you're saying I have
the same illness as my father?
You're all that I
[Sanyeong] You're right.
I want you.
It all began in 1958.
[Hongsae] There's a pattern.
- Wake up, Professor Yeom!
- [shaman] It's the spirit of darkness.
Eventually, you'll be
engulfed by the darkness.
[Sanyeong] Are you saying he'll die?
Wake up, Professor Yeom!
Professor Gu Gangmo said
we had to find the five objects
and identify the evil spirit.
[Sanyeong sobs]
It's happening again.
There will be another victim.
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