Revenge s03e03 Episode Script


My father was an innocent man, destroyed by powerful people.
The Graysons are behind this.
They're gonna pay.
I've dedicated my life to avenging his death.
Eventually, someone's gonna find you out.
And I won't stop until they've all paid the price.
Let me choose the Voulez office location and I'll take the job.
You're exactly what I'm looking for in a publisher.
The deed to Nolan's house With Emily's name on it.
She has your fortune.
- Who's next? - Paul Whitley.
My father saw him holding closed-door meetings with everyone who eventually betrayed him.
Now he works for an even higher power.
Daniel and Emily have asked me to preside over their wedding.
You knew about the bomb that killed Declan! It's time for me to face punishment for my sins.
I think Father Paul can convice Conrad to confess To everything.
Some believe confession helps a guilty soul find peace Releasing us from the shame and regret of our mistakes.
In the face of mortality Many feel the need to seek this closure to make things right.
Because if death doesn't kill us Our demons will.
Charlotte This is for my father.
Pastries? You seem to be having a bad dream.
Yeah an ongoing one from which I have yet to wake.
- You were crying out for Charlotte.
- Was I? Well, my medications tend to give me nightmares, that is when I'm actually able to sleep.
Sounds like the side effects of a guilty conscience.
Daniel sends his love.
He's been meaning to stop by.
Yes, well, I understand why my children don't visit.
It doesn't make it any easier.
On top of which my odious wife has chosen to move in one child of hers I could care less about.
Isn't there anyone that you can reach out to To help you through this? All the relations I've spent my life cultivating aren't the type to call on a fallen mogul or a failed governor, let alone a dying friend.
My father always said that you can only truly count on family in times of tragedy.
I'm sure you'll find a way to make amends with yours in these final months together.
Months? I was hoping for years.
Of course.
We all are, Conrad.
Well, I look forward to the time when we can stop meeting on yachts and bridges-- Romantic as it seems.
I found an account in the Caymans debited in the same amount as Nolan's house.
I just need to confirm the owner.
All being well, we should restore your fortune - by the week's end.
- If Emily is a grifter, as I've long suspected, she's a very clever one.
And I find it hard to believe that she would be so indelicate - as to leave a paper trail.
- Yes, it is suspicious, which is why the sooner I'm out of the shadows and back in her orbit, the better I can rattle her.
And what makes you think that she would blink twice at seeing you again? I mentioned that she betrayed me.
I didn't tell you how.
She was, um Seeing me behind Daniel's back, even after they were engaged.
I was a fool to think that she'd walk away from all this-- From the Hamptons.
Well, if she's after our money, then why this charade? Unless, of course, she loves Daniel.
Well, perhaps that's something you should be investigating.
Talk to Daniel.
Do not let him know you're on to Emily.
You can't trust where his allegiances lie.
Gio, I'm not asking you to build Sea World.
Just some enclosure on the beach with, I don't know, five or six dolphins for people to swim with.
- I see you're sparing no expense.
- No.
Not that I would expect anything less for your housewarming.
Did you invite all of New York? No, I capped the guest list at a hundred to ensure that it was the most exclusive event of the season.
And somebody's gotta fill Victoria's Loubies now that, uh, she's broke and saddled with a dying husband.
That's probably why she moved Patrick into the manor.
She's hoping to drive Conrad to an earlier grave.
Osbourne can't be long for this world after slamming the door in the face of Emily Thorne.
Conrad is my sole focus right now.
All you need is Father Paul to elicit a confession from Conrad.
Hmm, it's a pity he's on forced sabbatical in Maine due to the takedown I told you not to do.
I am well aware that I punished the wrong man.
I made things more difficult for myself.
But if I can get Conrad to confess Then you get what you've been after all along-- Clear your father's name.
I just never imagined Conrad would be the one to do it.
We're not putting Nolan on the cover.
Think about it-- His fall from tech fame, his time in prison, and now his triumphant return to Hamptons society-- - He was accused of terrorism.
- Falsely accused.
Even still, we shouldn't associate ourselves with that whole debacle.
Look what it did to my last company.
Or look what your last company did to Nolan Ross.
He's yet to grant anyone an interview.
What if there is a bigger story to come out about why he was accused? Let's just see what else is out there, okay? Apologies if you misinterpreted my attempt to seduce you as a sign of weakness, but I am editor-in-chief.
I put who I wish on the cover.
Now I'd appreciate if you would get me on the list for Nolan's party tomorrow, so I may see him in his element.
- I wasn't invited.
- No, but Emily was.
Maybe I should ask her? Okay, look, I'll run the idea by Nolan, but I don't think he'll be interested.
Can we leave it at that? I spent the last six days in prayer asking God why this has happened.
I know everyone thinks I'm guilty, but I was framed.
These questions you're asking-- Do they matter? Was it not God's will? To move forward, you must look inward.
Thank you, Brother.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Trust me, I'm well aware.
And I'm willing to give you my forgiveness-- something I've never given anyone.
But you're gonna have to earn it.
If you are the righteous man I suspect you to be, if you're true to your vows, then you're required to keep my confidence, is that not true? - I'm bound by the sacrament.
- Good.
Because I know who you are, Father.
I know you were involved in the David Clarke scandal all those years ago.
You're the one that framed me.
I wanted to make you suffer The same way that David Clarke did.
But I realized too late I was wrong to punish you.
Who are you? Emily Thorne.
Amanda Clarke was my friend.
She knew what Conrad did to her father-- One of his many sins.
I want you to persuade him to confess to the world.
If you do, I will clear your name so you can go back to helping the innocent.
But if you don't, I will expose you for the sin you should have paid for in the first place.
Pack your bags.
I'll be in touch.
And then what? The things that you live to regret.
Oh, it's such a shame we had to sell our European homes before you ever got a chance to see them.
A silver lining, being that my art collections's come home.
These are the Chagall sketches, right? Oh! Don't-- Let's wait to view them together - after I come back from Daniel's.
- Okay.
You fool.
You do remember that the doctors revoked your license.
A Testarossa represents my "salad days.
" Do you know what that means, Patrick? I trust they had Shakespeare in Cleveland? - He play for the Indians? - "My salad days--" "When I was green in judgment and cold in blood," something with which I'm sure you are familiar.
So now I'll feel free to settle along with the rest of my happiness.
Not that my happiness has ever been worth anything to you.
You do not have to snap.
I was just worried about you.
Oh, like hell you were.
I'm betting you didn't even know I was out of bed.
So stop putting on airs for your unctuous son.
So this is the Stowaway-- My temporary home.
You live at a bar? I thought I was desperate to escape my family.
Well, Jack and Carl are my family, actually.
Et puisque ma famille c'est ta famille I can see your time in France didn't much improve your accent.
Hey, Jack, come meet Margaux.
She just moved her magazine down the road.
- Hi.
- Hi.
If you play your cards right, it could mean big business.
Mm, if we ever get off the ground.
Um, I don't mean to be a snoop, but are you going to that party? - Nolan is one of his best friends.
- Really? Well, if you are looking for a plus one I wasn't planning on going, actually.
Jack! You have to.
When is the last time you got out? And Margaux's new in town.
She needs to meet new people.
You'd be doing her a favor.
A rather huge one, actually.
I'm not really looking to date right now.
Who said anything about dating? You can pick me up at 6:00.
Oh, there he is-- My hardworking boy.
You know, work's what people do when they don't have money.
You should try it.
Why are you here late and not with your fiancée? She just called to say she was sleeping in the city.
- Ah.
What is she up to? - I didn't ask.
Well, perhaps you should.
An engagement is time to ask questions.
You don't want to find yourself marrying a stranger.
Emily's hardly a stranger.
Oh, I'm not so sure.
Did you know that she bought Nolan Ross' new home? And who told you that? A friend of mine in real estate.
So clearly you don't know Emily quite as well as you think you do.
Otherwise, she wouldn't be harboring the $10 million secret.
Well, if it's true, I'm sure she has a perfectly good reason.
She's not intentionally keeping things from me.
Really? Not even her past with Aiden Mathis? What about him? Sweetheart, were you aware that even after you asked for her hand in marriage, she was sleeping with him? Who told you that, your real estate agent? Why the hell are you bringing Aiden up now? I'm trying to figure out who you're marrying because, apparently, you have no intention to.
You know, the last couple of weeks, you couldn't have given a damn about my relationship with Emily.
So why the renewed paranoia? Hmm? Yeah, it seems she's not the only one keeping secrets.
Now as far as Aiden Mathis is concerned, he's not coming around anymore, I can promise you that.
I'll leave you to your work.
You wished for your entrée back into society, Mr.
Mathis? If you're available tomorrow, I think I have the perfect venue.
Look, tell Batali not to skimp on the raw bar.
If he wants to cook something, he took the wrong gig.
Now, so now, what's the, um, dolphin update? - God, I knew P.
would get involved.
- Hey! - No phones.
- Sorry.
New here.
Does the same go for porpoises? You're new to the club or the English language? Sorry.
Let me call you back.
I was just planning my housewarming.
I heard.
We all heard.
I also know your head count, the fact that your party planner kicked you out of the house for micromanaging, and right now they're dechlorinating your pool for the swans.
Hope nobody plans on swimming.
Swans are filthy animals.
Didn't realize anyone was listening.
Well, it's hard to tune out Nolan Ross.
He knows my name.
Oh, well Let me make up for the disturbance.
I'll cover your tab.
No need.
Well, maybe I can offer you something money can't buy-- Put you on the list for my party.
I am curious to see how somebody blows $2 mill on one evening.
Your negroni.
Thank you.
Let me know if you need anything else, Mr.
- It's Osbourne, but I'm on the Grayson tab.
- Yes, sir.
Uh, I'm--I'm sorry.
I What's your name - For the list? - Patrick.
- Patrick - Osbourne, right.
Got it.
I thought you'd be at work.
Where were you yesterday? What do you mean? I told you, I stayed in the city.
- Yeah, what were you doing there? - Why? Because I think you're keeping things from me, that's why.
Is it true you bought Nolan his house? Yeah.
Nolan's my friend, and he needed my help.
I didn't tell you because he was ashamed.
So you gave him a $10 million loan? Wow, we set a date, and suddenly you care how I spend my time, my money.
- What's next, Daniel, who I talk to? - Maybe.
When was the last time you saw Aiden? What? My mother said you were seeing him behind my back, even after we got engaged.
- And who gave her that idea? - Does it matter? I'm telling you, right now, I am not going down - this path again with you, Emily.
- And we won't.
What I had with Aiden was fleeting and long before us, but, obviously, facts are irrelevant to your mother.
- She was right about the house.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
I should have told you about that.
Look We both know her goal is to blow us apart.
I just wish you wouldn't give her any ammunition to do it.
Danny, I thought you'd be at work.
He wears his shame well.
I look forward to checking out your new place later.
- What did I just walk into? - Not exactly sure.
Where have you been? Out exploring the neighborhood, uh, meeting neighbors.
I kind of ran into Patrick, who is now Kind of coming to my party.
What? Well, if he does decide to come, keep your distance.
We don't know enough about him yet.
So, what are you up to today? I owe Conrad one last visit before Father Paul lands.
It's okay.
You can set up over there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What's this? - If you're to go out with Margaux, you can't wear a hoodie or anything flannel.
So I brought a tailor to fit a suit for you.
I never even agreed to go out with her.
And I have my own suit.
I have two of them.
Both associated with painful memories.
Which is why you need another for new experiences.
Jack, you helped me by opening my eyes to the truth about my father.
So I'm trying to help you.
- Help me what? - See that you stopped living.
You take care of Carl and the bar, but not yourself.
Amanda would want you to enjoy life.
So would Declan.
You know what he said to me once? He said, "a ship is safe in harbor, but that's not why ships were built.
" I bet he told you he made that up.
He didn't.
Regardless, you need to get out.
And the beauty of going with Margaux is she doesn't know everything we've been through.
All right, fine.
But I'm measuring my own inseam.
It's lovely, Bianca, thank you.
What do you think? Should we, uh Wait for Conrad? Ugh, who knows what horrid mood he'll be in today, or if he even has an appetite at all? You must be worried about him.
Well, what worries me is the unknown.
But having you at my side makes the world seem less daunting.
Sorry to interrupt your lunch.
- Oh, Patrick, I believe you know - We've met One time too many.
I'm actually here to see Conrad, but I wanted to deliver this.
You're going to be hand-delivering all 400 wedding invitations? Surely you have enough money for postage.
Actually, it's for Nolan's housewarming.
He wanted to include all the neighbors, so Oh, how sweet.
But I've never needed an invite to attend any function in the Hamptons.
Oh, Conrad awaits.
Who knew you to be such a Florence Nightingale? Oh, there's so much you don't know about me, Victoria.
Oh, I'm learning more and more each day.
Nolan's looking forward to seeing you later, Patrick.
Excuse me.
Uh, I met him earlier, and, uh, he asked me to drop by.
Patrick, under normal circumstances, I would never tell you what to do or who to see.
But when it comes to Mr.
Ross and Miss Thorne-- Believe me, I didn't realize they were friends until just now.
Well, they are, and they're thick as thieves.
- Still no word from Charlotte? - Well, I phoned.
And yesterday I drove out to the Stowaway to see her, but then I thought better of it.
Ah, I thought of writing her a letter, but I couldn't hold the pen.
Would you mind? Well, if you want, I'll write it for you.
Perhaps it's best that she stays away.
I mean, I watched this disease devour my grandfather.
It could be as hard to watch as it is to suffer.
You said you felt that you were being punished for your sins.
I never knew you were a religious man.
I wouldn't go that far.
My father used to read me stories from the Bible.
I was always drawn to the Old Testament-- God-- The one who avenges.
If you sinned, you paid a price.
That seemed fair to me.
Well, I prefer to believe that forgiveness washes away all sins.
Maybe But not their consequences.
I believe you have to answer for those.
And if we refuse, then Then we all deserve to burn in hell.
I don't know what I deserve.
Oh, Conrad, I didn't mean you.
And even if I did, you're Catholic.
You can always repent.
Sorry to drop by unannounced.
How uncanny.
I was just thinking about you.
Divine intervention, perhaps.
You couldn't have bought him a more modest house? Nolan doesn't do modest, clearly.
Ah, what is she doing here? We have the best photographer.
We have pins in Lagerfeld and house of McQueen to design the first shoot.
Listen, you're charming.
But, uh - If you're looking for an investor-- - Oh, no, no, no.
No, you don't understand.
I'm asking you to be our cover story.
Moi? Mm-hmm.
Look who made their way onto the list.
Uh, Danny, glad you could make it.
I will be in touch, Miss Lemarchal.
We only just met, but she's such a doll.
I, uh, I thought we agreed I'd talk to him about the cover.
- You didn't trust me? - I trust myself more.
Nolan on the cover of Voulez, that's wonderful.
It'll help clear his reputation.
Judging by the turnout, his rep's just fine, babe.
Then what's the harm in featuring him? I'm gonna grab us a couple drinks.
Listen, Margaux, uh, maybe down the line if you're still stuck on this idea, we can do a column or some-- If I needed a man to order me around, I would have gone to work for my father.
Nice to see someone serving you a drink for once.
I guess it's my day off.
What about you? Are you off the clock or on? Look, Jack I want you to know I took what you said to heart-- To finish this.
Which is why I set my wedding date for August.
So you're always on the clock.
Oh, merci.
I need this.
- Margaux Are you two-- - Charlotte set us up.
- You, uh, you want to go for a walk? - How about a swim? I didn't bring my suit.
Neither did I.
Loneliness is a beast.
I appreciate your visit.
Did you know I came looking for you last week? For confession, perhaps.
God already knows what I did, Paul.
Yet you still feel unsettled.
True mercy requires more than a confession.
It's a calling for mending your ways.
That ship has sailed.
Have you considered turning yourself in for your crimes? Why the hell would I do that? I'm almost home free.
You're alone.
And no one wants to die alone.
I heard the news last year when it came out that Charlotte's David Clarke's daughter.
Surely that discovery wasn't easy for her or you Considering what we did to her father.
Well She came to me last week-- My little girl Having learned of the things I've done.
Paul, I saw myself Becoming my true monstrous self through her eyes.
And I mean, I welcome death now.
Coming clean to the world will not only benefit your soul, but it will be a final chance for you to bring your family together.
What, by admitting my guilt outright? They - They'd just despise me more.
- By clearing David's name-- His reputation-- You would be giving your daughter her father back.
And isn't that a better way to leave this world-- Not as a weak and broken man, but as a savior? Growing up, come summertime, my family would escape to the country to avoid society.
But here, it seems people flock to it.
- It's so strange.
- Yeah.
Doesn't make for much of a vacation.
- Where did your family holiday? - They didn't.
We lived at the beach.
So - We used to go sailing a lot.
- You'll have to teach me.
- Show me the ropes.
- I don't have a boat anymore.
I'll buy one.
Ah That sounded spoiled.
I'm sure you think I'm just another dilettante running her daddy's magazine, but I swear, every cent I own, I earned, since I was 15.
- My fellow child laborer.
- Not too long before you put your own son to work.
All right, well, I, uh I should probably get going.
Sitters don't come cheap.
And here you were, just starting to have fun.
Um, your father's beach house.
You haven't returned my calls.
If you're reaching out to me on my father's behalf, don't.
He mentioned in his messages how you've been caring for him.
I wanted to check in on your new life at the Stowaway.
I'm sure Jack's happy to have you there.
I mean, he seems in good spirits.
I'll take that.
He does, doesn't he? More so now that he's not in that suit.
It's as if Margaux is trying to turn him into someone he's not.
Actually, the suit was my idea.
I'm sorry.
I-- I just mean that Margaux's from a different world than Jack.
- You really are becoming a Grayson, aren't you? - Charlotte It's great to see you again.
What are you doing here? Well, what can I say? I missed the Hamptons.
Oh, who wouldn't? I see you're still up to the same old, Emily.
Come on, babe, let's get out of here.
- Just give us one second.
- Em.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
Let them be.
I'm sure they have much to catch up on.
What the hell are you thinking bringing that man here? He practically destroyed our family.
- He stole our fortune.
- He was framed, and I'm soon to find out how.
So what, you-- You bring him here to flaunt him in front of me and Emily, hoping to stir something up? You were wrong about them.
It was nothing more than a fling.
Are you sure about that? Because they fight as if they're in love.
So you work for Victoria now? - That's your choice? - It's only as grim as the one you've made.
I believe you've set a date for the wedding.
Oh, what, and you're gonna try to stop me? Well, I'm not gonna stand here while it takes place.
You're wasting your time.
You need to leave.
- You heard her.
- Why? What are you gonna do? Pull out a gun and shoot me? Whether you like it or not, I'm here to stay.
Hmm So he's the one who told you about Nolan's deed.
I know you both want the same thing-- To undermine my relationship with your son.
But there is no secret as to why - I bought that house for my friend.
- Oh, of course.
But we both know the issue is how you bought it.
- Victoria, just-- - How I bought it? You mean, with money? I'm sorry if that's a sensitive topic for you right now, Victoria, seeing as you have none.
If you ever need a loan, I would be happy to assist, or maybe your new financial advisor can help you find your way out of the red.
Surely, Aiden, you of all people should know the Graysons are completely bankrupt! Come on, Em.
Shall we? Well, well It seems the queen has fallen.
Are we gonna talk about this? My mother was right, wasn't she, about you and Aiden? That's why you lashed out and humiliated her.
- Did you know he was back in town? - No.
- I had no idea.
- Then explain to me, please, what happened.
'Cause you said he meant nothing to you, but that's not what I saw tonight.
Aiden couldn't accept that I moved on.
He wanted me to run away with him, but I didn't.
I don't know why he's back, Daniel, but you can't let that affect us.
I chose you.
Why would you not tell me any of this? Because I thought I handled it.
- I thought he was gone.
- Yeah, so did I.
Didn't expect to see this here.
So it was you who won the auction for that painting.
I'm assuming my mother knows you have it? Assuming your mother is Victoria Grayson.
As if you didn't know that as soon as you sat down next to me at the beach club.
Your friend Emily sent you there to suss me out, didn't she, after she tried and failed last week? Wait, what? No, I had no idea who you were, trust me.
My mother warned me not to trust you.
And yet Here you are.
Well, I like to draw my own conclusions.
Clearly my mother and Emily have their issues.
The thing is I don't care.
That's what I came here to tell you.
I don't want to get caught in the middle of their histrionics.
Sorry I missed your party.
Maybe next time.
Oh, and, uh, great swans.
What happened with Conrad? Well, as you know, I protect those who confide in me.
But you can have faith.
I did as you asked.
I'm short of faith these days.
Well, then I'll put it to you this way.
If Conrad doesn't come forward I will.
I was enraged at the injustice I felt when you framed me For taking away everything that I thought I deserved.
I realized that those feelings must pale in comparison to what David Clarke must have felt.
To have his life ripped away from him, his career His little girl.
And to think that I helped do that to him.
I played God.
You promised me your forgiveness.
I do.
I forgive you.
But you're not God, either.
I urge you to let go of whatever grudge you may have and move on before you lose yourself.
Peace be with you.
You wanted to see me? I just got off the phone with your father.
I told him you were wooing Nolan Ross for the debut.
That wasn't ready to be pitched.
Yeah, I also told him if you didn't kill the story, I'll call all the investors I acquired and advise them to pull out.
I assume that's French for "thank you.
" You're welcome.
Listen, you said to me that you've been pushed around by men your whole life? Well, I've been pushed around by women, so I get it.
We both have something to prove.
But I wouldn't have gone over your head - if this wasn't for the best.
- For you, you mean? Considering the measures you took to deter me, you've only proven there is a story to tell.
And rest assured, I will tell it.
You left the party early.
Or just in time.
Look, if you're here to brag about what you did to Victoria, I'm not interested.
I'm here about Conrad, actually.
He's on the verge of turning himself in, thanks to you.
When you told Charlotte the truth, you set things in motion, so But you're the one who told me to talk to Charlotte.
Is that how you work? You manipulate what you know of people to get what you want? I would never do that to you, Jack, or to my sister.
I care about you.
Charlotte's the only family I have.
Which is why I appreciated you telling her the truth Taking her in, caring for her All the things that I wish I could do, but I can't.
Not right now, not the way I want to.
Sorry to interrupt.
- Everything okay? - I need a drink And a friend.
You came to the right place.
_ I'm well aware that I should have bitten my tongue.
What is it? I received a call from my contact in the Caymans.
He was able to confirm the owner of the account to Mr.
Ira Tannenberg from Miami Beach.
- Well, how does he play into this? - He doesn't.
Look I'd-- I'd zeroed in on this particular account because it held the same sum that you'd lost, and the withdrawal was made for the same sum as Nolan's home.
And it turns out Ira bought a penthouse in Miami on the same day.
It's just a coincidence.
I don't know where your money is, but it seems Emily doesn't have it.
My contact hacked her accounts.
They-- They appear legitimate.
I I so desperately wanted it-- For it to be true, that I drew lines that weren't there, and I've wasted your time.
I'm sorry.
Sit! You're not going anywhere.
We both made mistakes because we were blinded by our hatred.
But you and I know that our instincts about Emily Thorne are right.
I'm more than capable of finding money elsewhere.
But I am not capable of finding anyone who disturbs her the way you did last night.
So you are staying.
And together we're going to unravel And destroy that little bitch.
those same numbers, and that'll reset the system.
- All right, thank you.
- You bet.
Daniel? What's going on? I've been telling you for two years to install an alarm system, so I finally got one for you.
I don't want one.
- I do - Why? You're not the only one concerned why Aiden's back.
The night of my dad's election, I came here for you - and found him waiting.
- What? I knew there was more to your relationship.
Otherwise, why would he have been here asking me to call off the engagement? Because I told you, he was obsessed.
Really? That night, when he attacked me, he threw me into this.
Another reason why you should have an alarm system-- If you're gonna leave your gun where anyone can get their hands on it.
Thank God it was me, not him.
- What did you do? - I shot him.
He knocked me over and ran outside, and I lost him.
It was pretty obvious he knew your property inside and out.
And you accuse me of keeping secrets? Why didn't you tell me about this? Because I figured he'd gotten the message when he never returned.
And now that he has, all I know is he's back for one of us.
Contemplating a burial at sea? It's quite the contrary.
Today is the first day of the rest of my new life.
I was merely saying "goodbye" to the old one.
I'm turning myself in to the authorities.
So your psychosis has progressed.
This is the clearest thinking I have done in years.
I am coming clean.
You're serious.
Yeah, before I leave this world, Victoria, I want to show my children that I'm capable of paying for my mistakes.
The only thing that you'll be showing them is your cowardice.
Scrambling to save your soul so you can rest in peace.
And what right have you to come clean after you blew up a plane to keep me from doing the same? Well, you can believe what you must.
But no one is stopping you now.
So come with me, if you like.
Oh! As if it's that simple! You're going to be dead long before you pay for your crimes.
And I'm going to be there to shoulder the burden, as will your children.
Have you even given a thought to the ramifications - for your family? - Victoria, you haven't been truly invested in our family-- this marriage-- since David Clarke.
So why don't you think about it this way? See, by turning myself in, I'm not only clearing his name for Charlotte, but for you as well, my dear-- so that you can finally have your true love back-- Dead as he may be.
Oh, you son of a bitch! Oh, thanks for the memento, sweetheart.
Oh, I will give you more than that, darling! Are you responsible for this idiocy? She's having trouble accepting my decision.
I can see that.
He's making amends, Victoria.
- We both are.
- If you get in that car, I swear it will be the last thing you do.
Victoria took the bait.
And she's offered me room and board at Grayson Manor.
You shouldn't have told her about us.
You strayed from the plan.
The objective was to gain her trust.
What better way to do that than to fan her distrust for you? Which is why we were luring her with the account.
That I could control.
Daniel, on the other hand He installed a security system in my house.
I'm sorry if that made things worse for you.
That wasn't my intent.
But it worked.
Thank you for coming back.
Well, I knew that if you reached out to me, I must be the only one you could turn to.
Why didn't you tell me that Daniel shot you? Oh, what, he just admitted that now? He must have been quaking in his boots to see me again, that little coward.
Where was it? Emily.
I'm sorry.
You really think that Grayson's gonna turn himself in? For once, I have faith.
A guilty heart is silent-- Its pulse muffled by the secrets it keeps.
While some believe confession can release a tortured soul, others view it as a sign of weakness.
Because ultimately, whatever you say However you feel about what you've done, it's irrelevant For the hand of death is equally unforgiving.
Father Paul.