Revenge s04e03 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge Wait for me! I'm sorry, poppet.
No! Victoria! I was locked up against my will.
I cannot entertain a future with you until she's been stopped.
Tell me who it is.
Her name is Emily Thorne.
- Take it easy, man! That's not mine.
- You're under arrest.
Gideon is going to prison.
I'm begging you, Charlotte.
Please don't do this.
Oh, God.
I'm your sister, Charlotte.
I'm Amanda.
Goodbye, sis.
Is anyone else in there? No.
It's empty.
- Whoa! Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! - No! What are you doing? There's no one in there! It's my bar! I can't just let it burn! The fire department's on their way! Emily! Come on, come on.
I need some pressure over here! Help! Someone help! Over here! Hey, hey, hey.
Are you okay? What happened? - She was inside.
- Okay.
She was I got you.
Can you open your eyes for me? Okay.
Check your pulse.
- You're okay.
- She's all right.
We'll get back to the hospital.
Let'em know we're on our way.
Lost for words, are you? I seem to remember a summer 10 years ago, when this kind of thing happened on occasion, and I couldn't get you to shut up.
Well, maybe I'm a different person now.
I'll say.
You know, you're welcome to stay.
More than welcome.
I have a big morning.
I called an emergency board meeting at LeMarchal.
To manage your brother's not-so-quiet exit.
And find a new COO before shareholders panic.
I mean, who has to hire three COOs in six months? I'm starting to look like an idiot.
No, no, that came out wrong.
No, I wasn't referring to you.
I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Don't worry, you didn't.
It's all right.
You've actually inspired me.
Yeah, tomorrow morning, the Gucci comes out of the cold storage and my assault on Wall Street begins.
Damn right it does.
Seriously? Somebody better have died.
I thought you said it was vacant.
What if there's an alarm? There's no sensors on the door jamb, no motion detectors, no sticker in the window.
I think we're okay.
This will do for now.
Good to have.
We won't need them.
We'll stay quiet, keep the blinds drawn, no one will know we're here.
Yeah, like prisoners.
Not prisoners.
We're just being careful.
It's only temporary.
Tomorrow, I'll go see my banker, and we'll start looking for a place of our own.
I'll leave in the morning and be back by noon.
- I'm going with you.
- You can't.
Well, what about this Emily Thorne? What if she finds you first? She better hope she doesn't.
You need to stay inside for just a while longer.
I cannot lose you again, David.
Once the world finds out about you, there will be questions.
Questions about Conrad.
And once you're done answering them, we won't have a moment to ourselves.
And I'm selfish.
I can't help it.
I don't want to share you until I have to.
I just heard on the radio.
I got here as fast as I could.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I've got a few bumps and bruises.
My throat hurts from the smoke, but I'll be okay.
You actually ran into a burning building? You do realize they don't pay us extra for that, right? She's going to be okay.
Yeah, well I'm glad I did.
So you were walking past your friend's bar and you smelled smoke? I went inside to see if it was something small that I could put out, but once I got in, it was out of control.
Something must have fallen on my head because the next thing I knew, Jack was carrying me out.
We have to get her to a hospital for a CAT scan.
One more question.
Was there anyone else inside? Ms.
Thorne? Did you see anyone else? No.
No, there was no one else inside.
Just me.
Em? Don't get up.
These were supposed to spruce up your hospital room.
But I just came from there and weirdly, it's empty.
And un-spruced.
I checked myself out.
It's a hospital, not a hotel.
I ran into your doctor and he said that your lungs sustained some damage, but that you are very lucky.
Another few minutes, you could've died of smoke inhalation.
See, this is what I hate about doctors.
They exaggerate.
You know what? Fine.
Pretend you're indestructible.
But superheroes don't get balloons.
And this isn't just a sick call.
I come bearing information.
According to Twitter, your runaway lunatic, Victoria Grayson, just emerged from her Airbnb in hell, or whatever hole she crawled out of.
- When? - Less than an hour ago.
In midtown Manhattan.
And you're not moving? You're still not moving? Ems, why are you not moving? There's something else I have to do today.
I just tell you that your arch-enemy, who declared all-out war on you less than 48 hours ago has surfaced, but, well, you've got more pressing matters? That's what I said.
I would not want to be number one on your to-do list today.
What are you doing here? Looking for you.
I know this is your favorite hotel.
Really? You run away for the worst six months I can remember, and now you want to chat about my taste in lodging? I did not run away.
Wait, no wait, I apologize.
I did get your postcard from Bhutan and I would have written you back, if I wasn't busy ducking every single reporter in the country.
What, you figured it's finally safe to come home? Unbelievable.
Stop it now and listen.
I have never abandoned you.
What do you want, Mother? Is this the way it's going to be? Okay.
I just came back from three different banks.
Every account that can be traced back to me, onshore, off-shore, has either been frozen or seized by the government.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
All right, so to get us back on our feet, I need access to any assets or funds you may have hidden.
What assets or funds? What are you talking about? You are the patriarch of this family now.
That's what the Grayson men do.
How do you not put money aside to prepare for a rainy day? Because preparing for a rainy day is the exact behavior that brought on a damn monsoon six months ago.
Right when you disappeared.
And one day I will tell you everything.
But until then, all you need to know is that I'm going to make this family whole again.
Okay, well, good luck with that.
And since you care so much, you might want to know that Charlotte's hanging out with drug dealers, shoving God knows what up her nose, and she almost took a leap off the Maison Hotel.
So that's the update.
Let's do this again in another six months.
They said it started behind the wall.
It's all that old wiring.
I kept meaning to upgrade, but there's always something else to do.
Never Never got around to it.
Well, it's not your fault.
Stuff happens.
My dad kept this place going for three decades.
I can't believe it went away overnight.
I don't even know where to begin.
Well, for what it's worth, whenever I start coding a new piece of software, it invariably seems overwhelming.
So what I do is this.
I ask myself what single part of this project is most important to me.
Well, sometimes that gets me started.
Your mileage may vary.
Yeah, maybe I'll search for whatever photos or mementos I can salvage.
Stuff that's That's irreplaceable.
Good plan.
I'll go get a bin for the rest of it.
Excuse me, Jack? Tom Mullen.
I just want to apologize.
I was here Last night.
At the fire.
You were the guy who told me there was no one in here.
Why would you say that? I am so sorry.
I didn't know.
It's what that girl told me.
- What girl? - The one who ran out of the bar.
Before you got here.
Nineteen, maybe 20.
I think she worked here last summer.
Victoria? Victoria! Louise? - How did you get - I got out of Claremont! Oh, thank God.
You realize I didn't intend to leave you there.
You understand that, don't you? Well, it all worked out.
After you escaped, Dr.
Miller left.
You know, I think they fired him.
And his replacement reviewed my file and said I was "wrongfully committed.
" - Amazing, right? - Yes, it is.
Well, let's spend the day together, celebrate our freedom.
Louise, I'm sorry.
I can't.
Why not? Look, the truth is, I have nowhere to go.
I was hoping we could talk.
Like we used to back in Louise, I am in survival mode right now.
My children need me.
They are in great distress.
I have no resources.
Okay? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Well, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I can help you.
What do you need? Go home, Louise.
See your mother.
My mother? Have you forgotten what I told you about her? Darling, there's really nothing I can do to help you now.
When things change, I'll be in touch.
Oh, my God.
Jack, I'm so sorry.
You got my message? Yeah.
You had a couple questions? Yeah, well, I was hoping you could help me understand what happened last night.
I told you.
I gave my statement.
I know you did.
But there's still a couple things I don't get.
Like what was Charlotte doing here? Emily, I talked to a witness who said he thinks he saw her running out of here last night.
Don't treat me like I'm an idiot.
What happened? It depends.
Am I talking to Jack Porter my friend or Jack Porter of the Suffolk County Police Department? You're talking to the guy who watched a huge part of his life go up in flames last night and deserves to know why.
Yesterday, after we talked and Charlotte ran off, she called.
She was calmer, she said she wanted to meet at the Stowaway and ask a few questions.
It never occurred to me not to believe her.
So are you saying that she ambushed you? I didn't see it coming.
She knocked me out and set the bar on fire.
And she left you for dead.
Why are you covering for her? Because after everything that I have put her through What, you deserved it? She tried to kill you, Emily! So now what? You guys are even? She just walks away? I'll handle it.
That can't be your answer.
What am I supposed to do with "I'll handle it"? What does that even mean? It means I'm sticking to my statement, Jack.
No one else was in the bar.
I'm going to deal with this the way I have to.
Feel free to do the same.
Oh, my angel.
Oh! I know.
You've been all alone and I haven't been there for you.
It's so much more than that.
It's okay.
I'm here now.
Charlotte, tell me everything.
Charlotte? Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke.
And she's been lying about it this whole time.
How did you learn of this? She told me.
Either out of guilt, or shame, or Just to torture me.
Did you know? I suspected for some time.
I wanted to get confirmation and find the right time to tell you, but when I confronted her, she denied it.
But don't you worry.
That pathological creature is going to get what she deserves.
And what about me? Will I? What do you mean? What did you do? I tried to kill her.
Last night.
I went out of my mind and I started a fire.
But she survived.
And she knows it was me.
And I've never been more afraid.
You don't know what she's capable of.
Oh, I do.
She was the one who kidnapped me.
And she'll come after me again.
I won't let her.
You're safe now.
You're going to come live with us.
And we'll protect you.
- We? - Mmm-hmm.
Who else? Your father, Charlotte.
Your real father.
David Clarke is alive.
What happened? I was just coming down to meet you when the doorman called.
They give away your table at Balthazar? No, man, that place is so loud, I hate it.
I had a better idea.
I grabbed some sandwiches from Zabar's.
I have corned beef.
I figured we could just, you know, maybe chill, eat it here.
I mean, it is a kickass pad.
Yeah, where no one on the Street will spot you with me.
Come on.
It's not exactly like that.
It's a little like that.
I've always been straight with you.
Even back when I told you I was going to copy your Econ final.
Look, I tried to get you into our firm, but that was a non-starter.
Pritchard doesn't even want me talking to you.
What? Are you serious? Yeah.
And I made some more calls to push you further, but it's a broken record.
The Blackstone people, Morgan Stanley, they hear your last name and they shut down.
What? So no one's going to hire me? Nobody's going to meet with you.
I mean, it's not going to be like that forever.
Finance has a short memory.
Now what do I do in the meantime, Jamie? Get away for a while.
Six months, a year.
Take some time to smell the roses.
Give people a chance to move on to the next scandal.
Can you tell I've been crying? I don't want the first time I meet him to be Oh, Charlotte.
You look beautiful.
Now remember what I told you.
We can't overload David.
He's fragile.
There are some things that we can't ask him.
And others that we can't tell him.
Not yet.
Like the fact that Amanda's still alive? Trust me, your father will find out about his other daughter.
And when he does, it'll be the real story.
How she viciously dedicated herself to our destruction and our suffering.
He's going to love you.
Oh, my God.
Charlotte? David, meet your daughter.
I don't know how you did it, but you managed to knock the whole security system off-line when you messed with the terminal.
It's my house, Nolan, so, by definition, I didn't "mess" with anything.
I just used it.
This is not a toaster oven.
This is a highly calibrated CPU with an Okay, fine.
Be technologically ignorant.
What's so important about What's there? Someone I need to talk to.
I used your very impressive computer To ping a cellphone.
Charlotte's, right? What? I connected the dots.
So what is the plan anyway? Go find her hideaway and return the favor? I don't know.
Maybe slap Baby Sis around a little? Get payback for trying to kill you? I am not going to go hurt her.
Then what? Oh, no.
No, you don't think that you can talk to her, do you? Rehabilitate her? Have an Oprah moment? That plan is worse.
It won't work.
You don't know that.
I know that you told her everything and she rejected you.
And then tried to toast you like a marshmallow.
- What's to be gained? - I don't know.
Okay? All I know is I messed with Charlotte's life and she didn't deserve it.
Nolan, she is in so much pain.
And she is not the only one.
I almost lost you last night.
Well, I'm still here.
And I'm going to try to get through to Charlotte again.
You can try to stop me, but we both know how that will end up.
All right.
Do you have a plan? - No.
- Okay, perfect.
No plan, no list of bad guys, no photograph with their faces on it, nothing.
So what? You're just going to walk blindly into the line of fire? Sometimes that's the only way in.
I remember your eyes.
You couldn't.
When did you see me? I brought you to the courthouse when you were a baby so he could see your face.
I looked close in case I never got another chance.
How did this happen? How is it that you're sitting right in front of me? I know that this isn't fair, but I'd rather hear more about you.
I don't even know where to start.
Tell him about the past few years.
They weren't easy for any of us and I certainly wasn't at my best, but Charlotte was always my touchstone.
She was everything that was good.
And whenever I felt like giving up, I just had to look at her face.
- Really? - Mmm-hmm.
From the moment she knew that you were her father, she was determined to prove your innocence.
- You were? - Mom, stop.
It was Charlotte who elicited Conrad's confession for all the world to hear.
David, she exonerated you.
- I think I'm feeling a little - No, I get it.
I mean, this whole thing has to be really overwhelming.
Look, it's getting cold.
I'll see if I can find some firewood.
Charlotte, I am so happy to meet you.
Everything you told him wasn't true.
I told him no lies.
But isn't the real me good enough? Oh, Charlotte.
I wish you could see what I see.
That the real you is better than even you know.
Oh, you're running on fumes, darling.
Lie down.
Get some rest.
Come here.
Well, maybe your friend was exaggerating.
He couldn't have talked to every firm in the city.
That's what I thought, so I made some calls after he left.
They all said the same thing.
I mean, with a story like mine, I don't think I'd hire me.
There is a way that I can help.
- No, I can't go back to LeMarchal.
- I'm not suggesting that.
But as CEO, I can explain your departure and get a half-dozen upper level execs to sit down with you.
Margaux, it's not an option.
There are people who owe me favors.
Which is why you can't do it.
Spending your capital to vouch for me will damage your company, your credibility as CEO.
- I don't care.
- Well, I do.
Why? Why? Because you've worked hard for it.
And? It might be nice to have one thing in my life that isn't a complete disaster.
So I'm your incomplete disaster? Well, so far.
That's close enough.
I'm not here for you.
I'm here to talk to Charlotte.
You won't be talking to anyone for the rest of what's about to become a very short life unless you get the hell out of here.
Charlotte's inside.
I'm not leaving until I talk to her.
Charlotte? Charlotte, it's Emily.
I just want to talk to you.
Nothing more.
Only the two of us know exactly what happened at the Stowaway last night.
And that's how it's going to stay.
You have my word.
I know you're in a bad place.
And it's a place that I helped put you.
But I want you to know that whether you believe me or not, I am truly sorry.
Enough of your lies.
Now, go, Emily, or I swear to God I will What are you waiting for? You keep looking to the woods like you're waiting for the cavalry to come save you.
I'm not the one who needs saving.
So do it.
End this whole thing right now.
That would be too easy.
I owe you so much more than a quick death.
Buckle up, sweetheart.
Officer Hunter.
Whoa! Can I help you? You really shouldn't sneak up on a guy in uniform like that.
I'm liable to Accidentally shoot me? I was going to say "gasp in a really unmanly way," but yeah, I guess that's possible, too.
I heard about that fire.
I'm glad you're doing all right.
Yeah, thanks.
So what are you doing out here? I was investigating reports of kids drinking up in these woods.
And I saw what looked like an abandoned vehicle, maybe a motorist in distress.
Cool car by the way.
It's electric, yeah? So where does it, you know, plug in? That's top secret.
Yeah, but as you can see, the car's not abandoned, I'm not in distress.
And no, I've not been drinking.
I wasn't going to ask.
Maybe I was going to ask what you're doing out here.
In the middle of nowhere.
Well, I like to get out and clear my head.
Some people like to go to the beach.
I go for a walk in the woods.
That's still legal, right? Yes.
Yes, I think so.
Listen, for what it's worth, I'm the same way.
I'm a walk in the woods kind of guy.
So should you ever want any company Okay.
You're not ever going to want company, are you? Probably not.
Is there a problem? Your bill.
It hasn't been paid in two months.
You left us no choice.
Did you try my credit card? Declined.
I took the liberty of packing up your suite and checking you out.
Your bags will be downstairs.
You've been a valued guest, Mr.
We wish you the best of luck.
Will you be needing a taxi voucher? No.
I still welcome in the hotel bar? Absolutely.
As long as you pay cash.
You stare down the barrel of a shotgun held by Victoria's bitchy trigger finger and you dared her to shoot you? Remind me never to play poker with you.
I wasn't bluffing.
Well, maybe consider yourself lucky she didn't have the guts to do it.
It wasn't luck or guts.
Victoria didn't shoot me because Because she didn't want to do it in front of Charlotte.
No, that wouldn't stop her.
Though Charlotte is the reason I'm not heading over there right now to wrap that gun around Victoria's neck.
No, Victoria has something else planned.
For three years I've watched and predicted her every move.
But this? I can't see it.
I'm missing part of the picture.
What did she say to you? She "owes you so much more than a quick death"? It was the way she said it.
Like she knows something I don't.
Well, on a completely unrelated note, I'm going to crash here for a couple nights.
Bunk in the pool house, reboot the security system, keep an eye on you.
A "completely unrelated" note? Well, I won't take no for an answer.
I am digging the new look.
Oh, yeah, I'm going for a post-apocalyptic bar thing.
It's cool.
Very Mad Max.
I think the tourists will eat it up.
Everybody at the station sends their best.
And the word from our Dalmatian-loving friends across the street is that fire investigation's ruling it an accident.
They're quick.
But look, you're on the force, so as a professional courtesy they'll keep it open if you want.
They'll even put in more man-hours, so if you're not ready to close the book on it, just say the word.
They know what they're doing.
I mean, it had to be the wiring.
I kept meaning to upgrade it.
Let them close it.
Well, silver lining? With the insurance money, you upgrade the whole place.
Build yourself a brand-new bar.
Why does that sound like a life sentence more than a silver lining? She was in the house? I wouldn't let her in.
Well, you could have shouted to me or fired a warning shot.
I wanted to, but I was afraid who else might hear.
What'd she want? Charlotte.
What? I thought that it was you she was after.
I told you, Emily wants to destroy our whole family.
She found us so quickly.
How did she do that? That's what she does.
Tomorrow we're going to look for another place to stay.
But we still need money.
I'm going to town.
There's one more source I haven't tapped.
Yeah, but I'm coming with you.
Stay here, please.
Charlotte's sleeping.
Protect our daughter.
- Jack.
- Hey.
I was just headed to bed.
Well, then I'll be quick.
Look, if this is about That's not why I'm here.
I was, uh I was cleaning out the Stowaway and I found something.
Thought you might want it.
You remember that day.
Right after your dad took this, you destroyed my sand castle.
I tripped.
You're still going with that story? My dad kept this on the wall next to the cash register for 20-something years.
Well, I'll keep it for now, but once you rebuild, then it goes back up.
The thing is, I've been thinking.
What if I don't rebuild? What do you mean? - Is it money? Because I can help.
- No.
Jack, that was your bar.
No, it was my dad's bar.
Hell, it was his dream.
It was never mine.
He didn't want to pass it on to me.
He thought the world of you.
That's why he didn't want me to have it.
Look, by the end, he knew that bar was an anchor around his neck and he wanted me to have a bigger life than that.
That's what I wanted too.
I just You know, I just forgot.
So what are you going to do? I'm not really sure.
Um But being a cop all day who clocks in as a bar owner at night doesn't leave room for much else.
Family, friends People I care about.
Maybe I need to say goodbye to the Stowaway to make room in life for the things that matter.
Anyway, that's what I was thinking about.
You, uh, get some sleep.
Rest that head.
Good night.
Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
Who told you to sell the stock because it wasn't me? Fine.
Can it be canceled? No, you call me back.
White wine, please.
Nothing from California.
You got it.
What's with him? You're being a little loud.
Doing some deep thinking, were you? Want to ponder life in complete silence? Find a cave.
That's good advice.
I'm sorry.
That was incredibly rude.
I'm mad at someone else and took it out on a complete stranger.
That happens.
Yeah? People always getting mad at you for no reason? Not really.
You know, I'm not usually this crazy.
It's just when my family's involved.
And of course they're always involved, so, yeah, conundrum.
Here's the secret to life, don't be born rich.
Now that actually is good advice.
Yeah, because you will lose all control.
That was my financial advisor.
He's selling off my entire portfolio without even consulting me.
Well, who pays him? What? Your financial guy isn't your financial guy unless you pay his bill.
That's just how it works.
Of course it does.
My mother pays him.
So do you work in finance? A little bit.
Tell me.
How much do you hate it when people ask you for free advice? It depends who's asking.
Sorry I don't have more to offer.
If I knew you'd be stopping by, I would've arranged dinner.
Oh, please, I should be apologizing for dropping in.
But I'm so glad I caught you working late.
The last six months must have been a nightmare.
Who can blame you for disappearing? How are you holding up? The truth is, I don't know.
It's like watching a train wreck and being part of it at the same time.
Charlotte is gutted.
And Daniel's lost.
I don't know how much more this family can endure.
And I can't stop worrying about all of you.
I told you I considered you family.
And your father, my beloved Pascal, rest his soul.
God rest his soul.
He still lives in my heart, so I will always think of you as my daughter.
This means a lot.
I, uh I just feel so powerless.
Conrad and his maniacal greed laid waste to our family assets.
The idea of seeing my children penniless is just Oh, Victoria, I didn't know things were so dire.
Daniel didn't exactly let on.
He always tries to be a good soldier.
Let me help.
Give me a number, I'll write a check.
No, Margaux, I can't take anything from you.
Stop You said we were family.
This is what family does.
What if we call it a loan? All right.
I could agree to a loan.
Emily! Ems! Are you hurt? He's gone.
Who was that? What did you see? A guy in a sweatshirt with a knife.
I barely saw his face.