Revenge s04e10 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge Now I know you've been working with Margaux and digging up dirt on me.
You know, as crazy as Louise may be, I'm not gonna help you do to her what you did to me.
- I messed up.
- This is over! - Why? - Because I'm pregnant.
My father was attacked twice.
The second attacker was found at the police station hanged.
I believe that someone who had the power to get close murdered him.
No one else had access to that room except Alvarez and the Feds.
The guy coming after me is Malcolm Black.
He forced me to launder money or he would kill Amanda.
And now I have to find him.
David owes Malcolm a lot of money.
If it's money this Malcolm wants, there is another solution.
I trust that you'll get that in the right hands and keep mine clean.
Tell me what you can.
How about I start with where I've been the last 10 years? You weren't in that silo, were you? There's a man more dangerous than Conrad.
He'll kill us all! As long as Malcolm Black is out there, our lives are in danger.
David, you had no right to keep me in the dark for so long! I should've told you the truth sooner, but you don't have to worry about Malcolm.
I'm dealing with him.
That man has attacked you relentlessly.
What makes you think he'll back off now? Because he values his freedom more than money.
Threatening him with evidence is a temporary solution at best, David.
Go to the FBI and ask for protection.
They can't help us.
Look, I know how to stop him.
You gave away millions of his fortune.
Men like him do not stop until reparations have been made.
Emily has enough.
No, I was a prisoner for 10 years.
I'll die before I have to give in to him.
Emily is a way out.
Go to her.
Ask for her help.
Listen, I will protect us.
But I need you to trust me and to promise me that you will not interfere.
I'll do what's best.
I'll be back tonight.
Thanks for meeting me this morning.
We have to make this quick.
I have a very busy day.
You probably want to think about slowing down.
Listen to me.
I made some calls, and I got you in with Dr.
She's the best ob-gyn in the city.
No, I didn't ask you to do that.
I didn't ask you to do anything.
I'm not asking you to take me back, but we have to figure this out.
No matter how you feel about me, our child needs a father.
A father? Like the one you had? I'm sorry.
But the baby has changed things for me.
And we both have to admit something has changed in you as well.
I can't trust the man you've become, not when someone else's life depends on it.
Just Look, I understand you're still angry.
Oh, I'm not angry.
I'm realistic.
You're very good at saying the perfect thing when life is easy, but when choices get hard, you run away.
There's only one of us running, Margaux.
It's not me.
I've hacked all of Kate Taylor's personnel review files in the FBI mainframe.
I mean, after reading this, I want to write her a letter of recommendation myself.
Top of her class at Quantico, proficiency medals in hand-to-hand combat and firearms.
I even checked her finances.
She's clean, and well-diversified, I might add.
Just means she's as good as I am at hiding her secrets.
Or maybe it means she's not dirty.
I already feel douche-baggy enough after what I did to Louise.
She did not deserve it.
I sure as hell I am not gonna do the same thing to a federal agent.
They hold grudges.
And arrest warrants.
I trust my instincts, Nolan.
Kate had access to the prisoner who was murdered at the police station.
I think she was tying up loose ends.
For our faceless crime boss, Malcolm Black, who I can't even find a picture of, by the way? Rumor has it that he operates out of a secure compound, but nobody knows where.
Don't do that.
The tracking device you planted on his thug didn't lead anywhere? Uh, yeah, it did.
Straight to a morgue in Detroit.
Eliminating loose ends seems to be Malcolm's go-to move.
Then Kate Taylor really is my only way to find him.
- Emily.
- Hi.
It's funny bumping into you here.
I was dropping off some files with Agent Taylor.
I was just checking out the conference room for an event that I'm planning.
Oh, I thought maybe you were checking up on Jack.
Him and Kate? Yeah, everybody at the station has got a little pool going on those two.
I'm sorry.
I thought I'm so sorry.
I got to go.
Anyone ever tell you to let the girl win? That would've just pissed you off more.
Nice read.
Would've made an excellent profiler.
- Shut up.
- Hmm.
What made you change jobs, anyway? Fieldwork's more satisfying.
I hate that I have to go into work.
Especially with you leaving.
Well, actually, I do have a few vacation days banked.
Don't - Don't get cocky, Porter.
- Mmm.
Not everything's about you.
- Well, you keep telling yourself that.
- Hmm.
Since you are staying, come with me to the reopening of Nolan's yacht club tonight.
That's right.
You're the rookie who knows everyone who's anyone.
Nolan Ross, David Clarke, Emily Thorne.
So, is that a yes? Mmm.
I have to see who RSVPs first.
You're gonna fit right in.
Ahoy! Permission to come aboard? Sharks belong in the water, not on my deck.
Though, you're more of a bottom-feeder, aren't you? Louise, I feel awful that I helped Margaux with that hit job.
I asked her to kill the story.
- She wouldn't.
I am truly sorry.
- Mmm.
So you said in your e-mails.
And texts.
You are persistent.
I'll give you that.
I even left you a voicemail, for God sakes.
Louise, don't go.
Let me help you put that story in your rearview.
Now, are you trying to assuage your guilt? 'Cause if so, carry on.
Well, let's give those vultures something else to talk about.
After all, we're both fixtures of the tabloids.
Can you imagine the headlines we would cause if you co-hosted my event with me tonight? We would be like the Wonder Twins of gossip.
What do you say? - I'll say, "Wonder Twins, activate.
" - Phew.
Form of "Party of the summer.
" I've called in a favor.
The district attorney has agreed to remove you from the witness list.
You won't have to testify at the trial.
Gina was assaulted at my party, Dad.
She needs all the help she can get.
You know the defense will destroy her character on the stand.
Well, with good reason.
Why do you think a girl from Rockport was even at your party in the first place? This was a shakedown of your friend.
Drew Anderson's no friend of mine.
Andrew is a fraternity brother, which might as well be blood.
He took advantage of her, Dad, and bragged about it later.
I have to testify.
Daniel, your classmate has a powerful father with equally powerful friends.
I'm hoping that you can recognize how that works for you rather than against you.
If you could defend this girl without jeopardizing your own future, I might even encourage you to do so, but that is not the case.
Why is my future more important than hers? I once asked myself the same question.
I'll tell you what your grandfather taught me.
This world that we've created is made up of gods and insects.
And it's not fair, but that is the reality.
Don't concern yourself with the well-being of ants, son.
If you can see life through that lens, your choices will become simpler, easier to make.
And live with.
Are you all right, Mr.
Grayson? Is there anything I can get you? No, I'm fine.
Actually, I have some, uh I have items in storage.
Can you bring them up to my room? Jack.
Is it true? Are you seeing Kate Taylor? How did you even know about that? You spying on me or her? Look, I think she was involved with the attacks on my father.
What are you talking about? My father lied.
Conrad didn't hold him captive.
It was a man named Malcolm Black.
I believe that Kate is his operative.
She's a federal agent.
Who chose a rookie to work her case, the son-in-law of David Clarke, her target.
The case is closed, Ems.
Kate's going back to D.
Then I bet she'll find a reason to stay.
Look, if I'm right about her, she's dangerous.
I had to warn you.
I I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you.
A long way from the prison yard, huh, Kern? Longer for you.
I got paroled.
You were resurrected.
Yeah, I suppose so.
Do you have it? I'll always come through for my old cellmate.
But your request did catch me by surprise.
This was never your style.
I'm not the same man anymore.
And I'm not judging.
After what they did, they deserve far worse.
Atropa belladonna.
Will take down a 200-pound man.
Will look like a stroke, basically untraceable.
Just be sure you have no doubts.
There's no turning back.
Sorry to startle you, Mrs.
Agent Taylor from the FBI.
We met the other day at the hospital.
Had a few follow-up questions regarding the attacks on Mr.
I'm late for an appointment in the city, and I already told investigators that I don't know anything.
A new piece of evidence came across my desk, and I wanted to get your thoughts on it.
I was able to trace this photograph back to you.
Mind explaining the message? I didn't send it.
And I question how you would prove that I did.
We're the FBI, Mrs.
That's what we do.
So, why don't you cooperate and tell me how Emily Thorne is involved in all this? That's a bush-league question, Agent Taylor.
I thought I was dealing with a professional.
Emily Thorne was cellmates with David Clarke's daughter, Amanda.
And what does that tell you? That they shared a special bond.
Oh, "special" wouldn't even begin to cover it.
How so? Emily will do anything for David, including erasing his debts.
Which, judging by your reaction, might prove interesting to your employer.
I work for the United States taxpayers, Mrs.
And I do so miss my dearly departed husband.
Now, only one of those statements can be verified.
Shall I call Quantico and share my theories about your extracurricular activities? What is it you want? Just for David and I to have the relationship we were denied years ago, free from anyone's interference.
Well, Ms.
Thorne is a very wealthy girl, but I don't see why she would go to such extremes to help David Clarke.
What's the connection? You're the FBI.
Figure it out.
And once you do, take your money and leave us the hell alone.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, uh, I am running Kate's prints through a data-mining program.
If she's hiding something, I'll find it, but it's gonna take a while.
What about the feed from the room? Anything interesting? Well, for starters, she's a total slob, but I did find something useful while you were engaged in your tête-à-Jack.
She's just texting someone.
On a phone that's in direct violation of anti-corruption protocol.
All agents are supposed to register their secondary phones, but Kate never did.
She's on a satcom with a digital scrambler, which is kind of ideal for staying in touch with paranoid shut-ins.
If I get the phone, can you trace the text? I can pinpoint Malcolm Black to a 10-foot radius.
Did Jack RSVP to your party? He did.
Plus one.
But, Ems, don't even think of turning my club into your own personal battlefield.
I just paid for new uniforms.
If everything goes right, Kate won't even know I'm onto her.
When does anything ever go right for the host of a Hamptons party with you on the guest list? I heard that.
'Course you did.
Well, the copy is good, but I'd like to use the photo of the Grayson Global retreat in Hawaii.
It's a better shot of David.
Margaux? Yes.
What's wrong? Was Conrad always like he was at the end? Was he ever different? When he was young.
He wasn't kind, but he wasn't cruel then.
What changed him? Oh, I suppose he had a lot to prove.
Growing up under the shadow of a powerful father is a terrible burden for a child, - something you know well.
- Mmm-hmm.
This isn't about Conrad, is it? This is about you and Daniel.
I'm pregnant.
Does he know? But you're thinking of going it alone? I can't believe I'm even considering it.
I was so lonely as a child.
My father was never home.
Always came second to his work.
Then why push Daniel away? He was once full of hope.
A beautiful young man.
But something changed in him.
And now there's so much more at stake.
You know, I was once faced with raising a baby alone.
But I couldn't.
I was 16 years old, and our circumstances were dire.
Your situation is different.
But no matter how capable a mother, a child deserves a father.
Even one like him? Daniel's not Conrad, and I know the difference.
Which is why I also know that the good man you need is still there.
Daniel loves you.
But what if I don't love him anymore? Your tears suggest otherwise.
Well, my, my.
Southern girls certainly do know how to put on a hootenanny.
- Don't use that word.
- Why? 'Cause you can't pull it off.
Well, you're certainly right about one thing, - we are the couple of the moment.
- Oh, yes.
LoLan is trending.
Okay, we have to thank our fans with a selfie.
What's your good side? Uh, same as you, all of them.
Tag me.
NolMan 88.
Why 88? Well, some details of my private life I don't make public.
Don't turn around.
I'm sorry that I kept you in the dark.
I know how hard that's been for you.
I can handle myself.
I know.
But I can't have you involved in what happens next.
When you hear there's trouble, do not come running.
It's all part of a larger plan.
Don't go after Malcolm Black on your own, please.
Let me help you.
Did my father mention anything about going after Malcolm Black? No, nothing.
Nolan, if he did, tell me.
Ems, I swear he didn't say anything.
Then he really is working alone.
I need to get to Malcolm first.
Well, your best and only option just walked through the front door.
You made it.
This is Kate Taylor.
I was hoping to meet you.
Think I saw you at the hospital.
And, uh, at the police station.
We're like two ships that keep passing in the night.
Oh, at least we're not crashing into each other.
Ah, well, the night is still young.
Jack, who is your lovely damsel in this stunning dress? Oh, whoops.
Nothing worse than a party foul from he who throws the party.
I've been hit with worse.
Uh, name's Kate.
Nolan Ross.
But you knew that.
Uh And I am so sorry about the dress.
Um, that one notwithstanding, rest of the drinks tonight on me.
- Do you have a - Ladies.
Around the corner.
You okay? If she's corrupt, I want to know.
If she's not, I want an apology.
"Dear Dad, my whole life, "I've been told I was destined for greatness "based solely on the virtue of my name.
" I thought you could use this.
I've spilled my fair share of drinks.
Jack's said some nice things about you.
- Really? - Is that surprising? Oh, we're just having a little fun.
Nothing serious.
Well, that's as good as it's gonna get.
- Thanks for the assist.
- Of course.
How I enjoy toying with the weaker sex.
Uh, well, that includes me, too, doesn't it? See, I just heard that you are hitting the open seas tomorrow after all.
Thought we were okay.
We are.
Things will never be okay with me and my brother.
So this is about the article.
Particularly the passage hinting at the real story behind the Ellis family.
See, my brother values our secrets.
He'll do anything to keep them buried.
I cannot go through that again.
I have to get the hell away from him.
Running? Not the answer.
There is another way out of this, Louise, if you're up for it.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
Yeah, I wouldn't have, except you said it involved Margaux.
She told me, Daniel, and I am so happy for you.
- Stop.
Stop it.
- I've always dreamed of you and Stop.
I know what you're doing.
You're trying to control the situation.
I'm not.
And I resent the accusation.
Yes, you are.
This is what you do.
You always do this.
You Yesterday, I would've fought with you, but I can't keep repeating the same mistakes.
I'm gonna be a father.
And you're going to be a great one, Daniel.
No, I don't know.
I think Margaux was right.
I've I've changed.
She's only reacting out of fear.
That's all.
Yeah, which is exactly what I've been doing for most of my life.
You know, I walked away from Sara in that accident.
I sided with Dad when you gave me that evidence.
I shot my ex-wife.
Don't make excuses for her, Daniel.
She put you through hell.
She forced us to face the truth.
And you know what? I'm I'm grateful because it means I can't hide from it anymore.
You've suffered, as well.
Mom, we have to stop lying to ourselves.
Look at what you're doing to David.
Does he know the truth? Does he have any idea what you did to him? No.
Of course not.
No, 'cause you manipulated him instead.
Because surviving is all that matters, just like Dad said.
But he was wrong.
No, surviving's not living, it's hiding.
Yeah, we throw big parties, give ourselves awards to cover up the truth.
We're not special.
We're cowards.
Now, if I get the chance, I'm teaching my child to be better than that.
I'm done running.
I hope you are, too.
You would think the FBI would teach their agents not to leave their bags unattended.
So, what's next? Nolan pinpoints Malcolm's location.
Jack, you distract Kate so I can return her phone without her realizing it's missing.
This is not how I expected to spend my summer.
Okay, hacked, sealed, delivered.
I think you have my phone, Amanda.
It was the only thing that made sense.
And you're better than I thought.
I didn't even notice you lift my phone.
You really want to do this here? I didn't come here to fight.
I need your help.
When I figured out who you were, I realized you're the one who took down Conrad Grayson.
Someone had to.
Now you have to do the same to Malcolm.
He's forcing me to work for him.
Just like he did with your father, and he has my mother.
Why should I believe you? What would I possibly have to gain by outing myself to you? I'm desperate.
You being watched? Always.
Why don't we slip away? Somewhere safe? Then I'll tell you exactly how we save your father and my mother.
Do we have a deal? My house.
Thirty minutes.
I was starting to get worried.
I was in the city with Daniel.
He, uh, seemed different today, like I'd never seen him before.
I was proud of him.
I'm glad.
Did you do what you needed today? Yes.
It's all taken care of.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Why is my future more important than hers? I received your letter.
A beautifully penned suicide note.
Please don't try to stop me, Dad.
I won't.
I get it.
You're a man now, facing the first real choice of your adult life.
I simply want you to be aware of its implications.
So, do you remember the fable of Momus? Yeah, the god of writers and poets.
He criticized his fellow gods for their shortcomings.
And how was he rewarded for his honesty? They banished him from Olympus.
So, that's why you're here, to threaten me? No, no.
I'm here to warn you, son.
Look, siding with that girl, wronged as she may be, sends a message to your peers.
These are the same people who may one day hold your future in their hands.
Now, you do this today, and they will turn their backs on you just as surely as the gods banished Momus.
Yeah, well, I guess I'll have to make it on my own.
Daniel, Daniel.
I beg you to consider what that means.
I mean, do you really believe that you can still succeed out here in the real world based solely on your own ingenuity and talent? Because I couldn't! And that's not easy for me to admit, but that's the truth.
Luckily, we were both born with a great advantage, our family legacy.
I mean, do you really want to throw that precious gift away on this? Ask yourself, is this the cause you want to risk everything on? I didn't expect to hear from you.
I'm at your hotel.
Where are you? I drove to my old house.
Daniel, are you okay? No.
I haven't been for a while.
You were right about me.
No, I wasn't.
That's what I want to tell you.
I was the one running, not you.
I was doing what my father did.
Disappearing when life got hard.
But I don't want to be like him.
I don't want to be like mine.
We can be better together.
Please, Daniel, come home.
I need you.
We need you.
You were, uh, upset with me this morning for keeping secrets from you, and you were right to be.
I don't want to hide anymore.
You don't have to tell me anything, David.
Yes, I do.
See, I never imagined that life could be worse than prison.
But now I have hope, and I know I can finally be free.
To our future.
I can't keep doing this.
I can't keep running from the truth.
There's something you need to know.
Twenty years ago, I stole your computer, and I gave it to Conrad so he could frame you.
I betrayed you.
Quite the compound.
Though it doesn't seem much like you.
It isn't.
But it's a good cover.
Guess that would explain the lack of staff.
This isn't government issue.
It's black market.
Unless I'm sorely mistaken, we're not doing this one by the book.
I didn't want anything traced back to me.
If you can't trust me, fine.
I'll take my chances on my own.
But the best shot we have of saving our parents is to work together, huh? Why are you telling me this now? Because I love you.
I always have.
You ruined my life for money.
I was afraid.
What? Why did you choose the man that you were afraid of? I didn't.
I was frightened of you.
We were going to take the children and start a new life.
And I knew the risks, but I believed in us.
And that's when I found out the secret you'd been hiding about your wife.
Kara? You told me she was dead, David.
I bought every word of it, and you made your daughter believe it, too.
She was sick.
Amanda was only a child.
She wouldn't have understood.
I would have! I waited for you to tell me the truth, but you never did.
And in the moment I needed to trust you the most, you made me doubt you.
And I hated you for it.
Then Conrad told me about the bombing, and Daniel and I were trapped.
And I was terrified of losing my son.
And in my rage, I used you to get us out of it.
I swear, I regretted that decision ever since.
David, I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I'm asking for it.
See, normally, I research all of my targets, but there's nothing on Malcolm.
He thinks secrets make him untouchable.
But I know how to draw him out into the open.
We just need to use the right bait.
Specifically, the fortune your father took from him.
Oh, he never told you.
Before David escaped, he drained most of Malcolm's accounts and funneled the money into charities across the world.
It was his way of making amends for the things he'd done.
The thing is, Malcolm never believed David gave the money away.
So he sent you here to find it.
Lucky for us, you have enough to make him think I did.
If you wire the cash into an account only he can access And we take him down once he goes to claim it.
That's a good plan.
I guess my only question is, when were you planning on killing me? Well, I was planning on after we got your money, but plans change.
So, the mother story was a lie.
She is with Malcolm, but that's because he's my father.
Secret daughter in the FBI.
That's an excellent insurance policy.
God, I have to know.
What tipped you off? Oh.
I never believed you.
I just wanted to get you away from innocent civilians and in front of my security cameras.
Oh, don't worry.
You won't see them.
One of the many perks of having a genius as a best friend.
Your cover is blown.
Well, I'll just have to delete the drives before I go, then.
Guess you didn't notice this time, either.
Well, I would say that a toast is in order.
To Emily and Kate? No, to my party surviving unscathed.
I mean, it's a Hamptons freakin' miracle.
To the important stuff.
Are you still looking into Kate's background? Oh, yeah.
I forgot that was running.
Uh, why? Anything juicy? Call Emily.
Tell her not to let Kate in the house! Why? What's wrong? Oh! Emily! What happened to you? Get out of here! Run! No! Drop it! Why didn't you listen to me, Daniel? I told you to run! Why didn't you run? "Dear Dad, my whole life, I've been told "I was destined for greatness "based solely on the virtue of my name.
"I was taught sacrifice was for the foolish.
"Survival was all that mattered.
"But now I find myself at a crossroads, "and I must decide what I believe to be true.
"There is no such thing as destiny.
"Legacies must be earned by the choices we make.
"I now know that we write our own endings, "and we can either choose to hide as villains "or live as heroes.
" You're gonna be okay, Daniel.
You're gonna be okay.
You're still lying to me.
I want you to know that it wasn't all a lie.
Not with you.
I know.
I know.