Revenge s04e18 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge I found Lyman here snooping through your black laptop.
I didn't push him, but I didn't help him.
You are the only person in my life that doesn't keep secrets from me, and I owe you the same.
I just saw your wedding ring.
The ring is not exactly what it looks like.
She's going after my friends to do it.
First with Ben, and now This is a far cry from the Margaux I knew last year.
She's angry that we were forced to lie about Daniel's death.
The Daniel Grayson Research Wing.
The board is still struggling with the idea of naming it after Daniel.
I think it's time we took that step to end this before she does.
We can clear Daniel's name together.
The only way to end this is by you telling the world the truth.
The baby.
He's gone.
Why was Emily with you? She pushed me.
Please, have these returned and make sure no other items are delivered.
Right away.
And Ms.
LeMarchal's daily news briefings are in the kitchen, if she's up to it.
Thank you.
The clothes were beautiful.
You're up.
I'll send Brigitte out for some breakfast for you.
I can't eat.
At what time is the groundbreaking gala tomorrow? Darling.
You don't have to attend.
All we wanted was to redeem Daniel's name.
The hospital wing is the closest we've come, and I need to see something good after How can I miss someone I have never met? You're a mother, and Emily should be behind bars for taking that away from you.
Pushing you in front of that car was attempted murder.
And, I intend to share that with the prosecutor's office.
No, Victoria, I Let's focus on our family.
No prosecutors.
Too much blood has been shed.
None of it is on your hands.
If only that were true.
I was so desperate to expose Emily's secrets.
I had Lyman Ellis steal what he could off of Nolan's hard drive.
Before he could deliver it, he was found dead on my devil's errand.
I should have listened to you weeks ago and ended my revenge.
Get some rest.
Paper delivery.
Three days in a row.
You don't have to keep checking in on me.
Am I that obvious? Well, I already poured you a cup of coffee, so, yeah, I'd say pretty obvious.
You doing okay today? Still wish that I could reach out to Margaux.
But I don't I don't even know what I would say.
At least the groundbreaking for Daniel's wing is tomorrow, so hopefully that will bring her a little solace.
Well, it's you that I'm worried about at the moment.
I'm trying to keep my mind off it.
Really? How? Hey.
Good morning.
Sorry, the alarm didn't go off.
Job interview? Ben made detective.
Yeah, first day driving the Crown Vic.
Oh, well, congratulations are in order.
All right, I'm gonna take my coffee to go.
I'm repairing the rigging today.
It's an all-day job.
Same time tomorrow? You look great.
You have time for some breakfast? You know, I should probably get going, too.
Before I forget, my brother just texted me, and he's coming in for this promotion party - the guys are throwing me tomorrow.
- Hmm? And maybe to meet this hot girl that I've been seeing.
Oh, really? Who's the girl? You don't know her.
I'll see you later.
Where is the cinnamon? I can't make Nanny Hettie's French toast without cinnamon.
Louise? Oh.
I came back early.
You have not seen family drama until you've been to an Ellis funeral.
It was horrible.
I ate my weight in grits in three days.
Oh, see, I knew it.
I should have gone with you.
Seeing Lyman in that coffin just gutted me.
And hearing Mama in front of all the rest of those liars and cheats, delivering a eulogy worthy of Margaret Mitchell just It just made me ill.
The only lie I told myself was that I could handle it alone.
Well, you're You're home now.
It's okay.
What can I get you? - Well, two things.
- Mmm-hmm.
First, I really need one of our Wonder Twin nights.
They're so much better than three Xanax and a glass of Rosé.
Well, that is high praise.
What else? I want a baby.
We could adopt one.
Well, we say we're like family, so why don't we just be one? We can raise a great kid in an open, honest marriage, and make up for the mistakes our parents made with us.
What do you think? I'm I'm just still trying to decide what we should do tonight, so I know.
I know.
It's too much too soon.
I get it.
Will you at least think about it? Please? Mmm-hmm.
I think you all understand the gravity of this matter.
Well, I've seen these.
And they should have no bearing on tomorrow's gala.
The board's decision to name the new research wing in your son's honor was predicated on our ability to manage the publicity.
Well, silly me.
And I thought it was predicated on my $40 million donation.
Women's groups say we're rewarding a violent man.
High-profile researchers are pulling out.
The board had no choice.
There won't be a Daniel Grayson Research Wing at this hospital.
I have the full support of LeMarchal Media behind me, and I can rebut this trash in two hours, since I believe that the events surrounding my son's death have been highly exaggerated.
The board isn't comfortable with this victim-shaming, Victoria.
I'm no victim.
I voted in support of the wing because I have forgiven Daniel.
He shouldn't be judged for the last 15 minutes of his life.
I move to reconsider.
You've been gracious enough, Ms.
Thorne, but I'm afraid this matter's settled.
You realize this means I'll have to rescind my donation, Alexander.
In light of the board's new stance, we've found other funding.
So the groundbreaking is still tomorrow.
This meeting is adjourned.
Well, you're right, you're no victim.
Daniel's a victim.
Margaux's a victim.
They both needed this.
Don't start.
I voted for the wing, and I just tried to save it.
You should have told the truth about Daniel.
That was a decision we all made together.
I didn't want this.
Feel free to delude yourself.
But one thing I know is that you have the blood of my son and my grandchild on your hands.
The day-care center is coming together nicely.
It is.
And we'll open as soon as we pass inspection.
And honestly, Tony, scheduling that has been a red-tape nightmare.
Well, seven years in social services have taught me that the wheels of government don't turn without a nudge or two.
I'll call.
Well, then, my employees, members, and their soon-to-be very well-cared-for children thank you.
Well, maybe you can show me how much.
Come out with me tonight.
I can't make up any more excuses to drop by.
Some friends of mine are getting together, just some drinks and good music on the beach.
Nothing like the bashes I've heard that you're famous for, but you might enjoy yourself, anyway.
I think I might.
Um I'd have to just make sure that I'm free.
Well, my advice, be free.
Looks like my social worker made quite an impression.
Is it that obvious? How does Louise feel about splitting time with Tony? Um Fine.
I guess.
She doesn't know she's splitting time with Tony.
Jack, the truth is, I don't know how she'd react.
She's been so fragile lately.
And, honestly, it just seems like things are getting more complicated every day.
Look, I can tell you firsthand that it sucks to find out that you've been kept in the dark.
And if she really is as fragile as you're saying, then lying to her is only gonna make it worse.
All right, well, speaking of Ems Nice try.
We're on you.
Talk to your wife.
So, now that you're a big-shot detective, maybe you can find that 80 bucks you owe me.
Can't solve 'em all, Willard.
Certainly not at this pace.
Victoria Grayson.
I don't believe I've officially had the pleasure.
Well, it's only because you left me waiting for over 30 minutes while you walked down memory lane.
There someone or something that I can help you find? Like that sign out there that says "men only?" Why don't you ask your girlfriend how well I respond to sarcasm? Or maybe I should ask your police chief what he thinks about his newest detective dating a woman who should be behind bars for fraud, among other things.
And that you gave her a big assist.
Help me now, or your promotion will be a blip of a memory.
Bye, boys.
I have to clear Daniel's name.
There'll be press at the gala tomorrow.
I'll do it there.
You don't owe Victoria anything.
This has nothing to do with Victoria.
Her words mean nothing to me.
But Margaux was reacting to our lie.
She lost her baby.
I have to make it right.
Listen, you have to stop blaming yourself, Amanda.
It was an accident.
You didn't know Margaux before all of this.
Daniel's death changed her.
She's trying to salvage the name of someone that she loves, just like I did for you.
You asked me to leave revenge behind.
This is what it looks like, Dad.
So, what's with this desperate ploy to see the Lyman Ellis file? Lyman was my friend and attorney.
And we both know about this precinct's, shall we say, subjective police reporting.
I wanted to make sure the case was closed properly.
Yeah, well, it was.
I closed it myself.
Louise was the last person to see him alive.
My heart breaks for her.
All that was found on Lyman were his personal effects, his wallet, watch, kerchief? Nothing more? Look, I don't know what you're up to, but it's damn sure not about making sure that I closed my case properly.
If I'm right, this has something to do with Emily, which means you're gonna have me to deal with, too.
Oh! Drawing dramatic conclusions from mere conjecture.
Maybe this new job isn't right for you, after all.
How can I go with you to the groundbreaking? I know you have Ben's promotion party.
Some of the rookies still talk to me.
I can do both.
All right, so, what would the new story be? Malcolm broke into my house and tried to kill me.
Daniel jumped in front of the bullet, and Malcolm fled.
The story is clean, except for one thing.
You need me to recant my statement that you called me about Daniel's attack.
You can tell them that I asked you to lie because I was afraid Malcolm would come after me again, which he did.
I know it's a lot to ask.
Things between us have been Awkward? I don't know.
I thought we put all this to bed already.
I I killed someone.
And I will protect you.
Jack, I wouldn't ask you this if I wasn't absolutely sure that I could.
I got to think about it.
I don't.
Over my dead body.
I see how you work, Emily.
Excuse me? I know you brought me to town last year as a pawn in your vendetta against the Graysons.
I risked my sobriety to help.
You clearly manipulated me.
- I draw the line at my son.
- Mom! I have always protected Jack.
Really? He almost lost custody of Carl because of you.
He almost lost Carl because of a decision that we all made together, we didn't have a choice.
- All right, enough! - You are a train wreck, Emily.
Jack will not be your collateral damage again.
I take responsibility for the things I've done, but I was not alone in this.
If I have anything to say, you will be alone going forward.
It's been years since I had a homemade lemon tart.
It's been just as long since I've made one.
But you were so good to me after Daniel's passing that I thought I'd return the kindness when I heard about Lyman.
You're very sweet.
But you have a lot on your plate yourself.
I read that article.
The media can be cruel.
Yes, well, I'll handle the press, and I'll defend Daniel until the day I die.
You never turn your back on your children.
After Daniel died, all these memories came flooding back every time I saw a picture or heard an old voicemail Or handled his belongings.
I can help you with Lyman's things if you need me to.
Well I didn't think you were here for my Darjeeling.
You're here for the very same reason that my late brother was, and that is to hurt Nolan with that flash drive.
I am here because I care about you.
Take your things and leave my home right now.
I can't believe I almost fell for your sympathy.
You're trusting the wrong people.
Nolan hasn't told you everything.
Nolan and I have no secrets.
Did he tell you what happened the night Daniel died? The people to whom you've pledged your loyalty have two faces, and you You've got a good heart.
Don't let them break it.
You were unfair to Emily.
She's been unfair to you over and over.
Clearing Daniel's name isn't just about you helping a friend.
There are legal ramifications.
I was a cop.
I know that.
Then let's play this out.
You corroborate Emily's story.
Police could start kicking over cans, and you go down for obstruction of justice and murder, which is a capital offense.
And she was an FBI agent.
Who was pointing a gun at me.
Exactly what you should have said that night.
That self-defense ship has sailed.
What about Carl? Carl's a reason to come clean.
Margaux came after us because of the lie about Daniel.
This is my mess, too.
The only reason you're even considering this is because of, of how you feel about her.
Does she know? She knows.
I'm past that.
You positive? You come from two alcoholic parents.
Make sure Emily's not your glass of Scotch.
You do know that breaking the open-container law, it's, it's a gateway crime.
Told you I had a bad side.
And an empty glass.
I'll be right back.
I'm really glad you came.
It's Louise.
Leave a message.
Hey, um, Louise, sorry, I just missed your call.
You're probably leaving a message.
Um I'm swamped at the club, so, I'm, I'm probably gonna be here pretty late.
You don't need to wait up.
I'll see you in the morning.
Before I jump to conclusions, does "swamped at the club" mean something other than the obvious? It's Tony, um The thing with Louise, it's not a traditional marriage.
Then why lie to her? This isn't how I work, Nolan.
I won't be the other man in someone's marriage.
Okay, I just I just need some time to, you know, figure things out.
That's the thing about being honest, Nolan.
You don't.
You ever figure things out, call me.
We are almost there.
No, no, no, no.
I'll do the cooking, baby bro.
Last time you manned the grill, we had to order Chinese.
You're just never gonna let me forget that.
It ranks right up there with the time you taught yourself the art of kissing.
- Wow! - Really, Kev? In front of the girl? Cease and desist.
No, no, no.
I need dirt on you.
Kevin, spill.
I think I'm gonna keep my best stuff for Ben's big party tomorrow night.
Yeah, well, I can't wait for that.
What about you, Emily? You have an annoying brother like me? Um No, I'm a, I'm an only child, actually.
I bet you had your dad wrapped around your finger, just like my little girl does.
We're close.
I mean We were close.
I I lost my parents when I was young.
They died in a car crash.
Oh! I'm, uh I'm sorry to hear that.
Tell you what, why don't you let me handle the talking? You stick to what you know and go check that grill.
I'll get that.
- Jack.
- Hey.
You've got company.
Yeah, but it's fine.
Come in.
You talk to your mom? And you're not gonna help me.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
It's just too risky.
The cops are gonna turn your story over and over looking for holes.
And I will have answers for them.
I've gotten away with bigger things than this.
No one knows that better than me.
If you don't back my story, the plan is dead.
Then it's dead.
I got to think about Carl and And you.
I'm not doing anything to put the people that I love in jeopardy.
Ready to put the burgers on.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
Um, Jack, this is Kevin, Ben's brother.
I've heard a lot about you.
Well, I don't mean to interrupt.
I just need to know how Emily takes hers.
The bluer, the better.
Let it go, Ems.
You want to tell me about last night? What was going on at the beach club? Oh, um It turned out it was nothing, so Well, good.
'Cause there's absolutely no reason for you to go in to work before the sun is comfortable in the sky.
Stay! Let's watch trashy TV and get day-drunk and finish our talk.
Well, that does sound indulgent, but, uh, duty calls, so Well, I guess I'll just keep reading gossip rags all day.
You know, I can't believe how many articles are still trashing Daniel.
It's so hard for me to imagine him attacking Emily like that.
You didn't know him for that long.
I guess.
But I just met you, and I know you.
Which is exactly what I told Victoria when she dropped in yesterday.
She was here? She came to pay her respects, but, of course, five minutes in, she spun it into her usual vitriol, so I threw her out.
You know, when we get the baby, we should install a gate to keep the hyenas from dropping in with store-bought lemon tart.
I know you're still thinking about the baby.
I am.
And, I'm about to be late, so Call me later? Yeah, of course.
I'm sorry to intrude, but you haven't been returning my calls.
I finally made progress in the White Gold matter.
With all that's happened, I had forgotten about my inquiry.
She sent word through one of her associates.
She is stateside and has agreed to take care of your Emily Thorne problem.
Don't pursue it any further.
With all due respect, don't let what just happened to you cloud your judgment.
I don't want Emily hurt.
The wheels are in motion.
I already transferred the money to the designated Cayman account, and her point person has gone dark.
We have no way to reach her.
No, you have no way to reach her.
If you ever question my judgment again, I'll make sure she finds you next.
You're here early.
Well, uh, my beach body couldn't survive another Southern-fried breakfast, and Wait, what's up? I know you're not here to reserve a primo cabana, so I asked Jack to help me clear Daniel's name.
- He said no.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down.
Why would you want to open that can of Grayson worms? For Margaux? 'Cause of the baby? Ems, I know you feel bad, but Jack was right.
Do you know what could happen? You'd think after four years, you guys would have a little faith that I do.
Well Look, I just need to erase Jack from the narrative.
Can you help me? Look, I have many skills, but I can't manipulate what people have heard, yet.
I know.
I just thought it would inspire something.
Yeah, like abandoning this crazy idea.
Nolan, I have to do something good.
I mean this in the best possible way, but Emily Thorne was not built for good.
She was built to clear her dad's name, which she did, brilliantly.
So there's nothing you can do? Yeah, I can tell you to enjoy the perks of being a beloved socialite who's earned them.
That's a nice surprise.
We need to talk about Emily.
You know what, you were right the other day when you told me she'd come around.
Things between us are better.
Oh! Great for the two of you.
But keep her away from Jack.
Where's that coming from? She asked him to change his story to help her clear Daniel's name.
I talked him out of it, but what about the next time when she asks him to do something reckless? Emily wanted to do the right thing.
- You knew? - Yeah.
She suddenly gets a conscience, and Jack's supposed to hop to? Did you really think that ill-conceived plan was a good idea? No, I didn't, but Emily's been on her own a long time.
I don't have a right to force my way.
You have every right.
You're her father.
Don't shirk your responsibilities because you feel guilty about her childhood.
You're out of line.
You don't know a thing about our relationship.
I know enough! Stop fixing this damn boat and take responsibility for the fire you lit 20 years ago! Conrad framed you for Flight 197, but you slept with his wife first.
Your bad choices knocked over the first domino.
I got work to do.
- So that's it? - Yeah, that's it.
We've both made mistakes, but you don't have a right to crucify me for mine.
That's the end of the conversation.
- Ow! - Oh! David! Emily wanted to redeem Grayson.
These really must be the end times.
Well, thank the revenge gods you said no, 'cause there could have been major fallout for both of you.
I know.
You want to know the truth? I almost said yes when she asked me.
I know, Jack.
And on top of it, Daniel saved Emily's life, and we destroyed his reputation.
And I still don't know what's best for Carl 'cause Emily's plan could land me in jail.
But the cover-up about Daniel almost did the same thing.
Okay, Jack.
Don't let sleeping lies dog you.
There's some bells that can't be un-rung, like the one that got me to church on time.
You still haven't talked to Louise? No.
I mean, what's the point? Things were over with Tony before they even began, and Louise is too broken right now.
So you stay unhappily married? For how long? Why does she have such a hold over you? You remember when I said that she was emotionally fragile? Yeah.
Her brother Lyman's death wasn't entirely an accident.
She caught him snooping on my laptop.
They got into a fight.
He slipped.
She let him fall to protect me.
I've just had this growing knot in my stomach ever since she told me, and now She wants to have a baby.
Look, I want a family and a real marriage one day, but With somebody stable.
Not someone who Not someone you pity.
Sounds awful.
But Yeah.
How did you figure out who I am? Your Cayman account helped.
The LeMarchal name carries a lot of weight in the Caribbean, especially in the black markets.
So once I knew your alias I need to cancel the Thorne job.
Your associate went to great lengths to persuade me to take this job And failed.
But when I found out who he was working for, how could I say no? I love a kick-ass, powerful kind of girl.
I wasn't myself when I asked him to hire you.
You were the darkest part of yourself.
Don't be ashamed.
Own it.
I am nothing like you.
You want me to cancel? Fine.
But I still have one issue, you know my real identity.
And since my anonymity is important to me, you and I have a problem.
If anything happens to me, an e-mail will be sent outing your real identity to Interpol.
You're threatening me.
You're risking your life to save your enemy's? I have nothing left to lose but my soul.
And I'm not willing to give that up just yet.
Louise? Louise! Louise! God.
Are you okay? You scared me.
I'm a big girl, Nolan.
I can swim in the deep end alone.
Guess you didn't have to work late tonight.
Thought we could talk.
Now, is this about my sudden outbreak of baby fever? It is about us.
I think it's time that we end this marriage.
We got into this to liberate you from your family, which we did.
But I mean, I'm just worried that the longer we stay in this, the more blurred lines are gonna get.
Lou-Lou, say something.
We both agreed that this would be temporary.
A fun summer of debauchery.
I guess I just got a little carried away with playing house.
I'll call the lawyers in the morning, and I'll be out of here as soon as I can.
There's no rush.
We'll always be friends, forever.
How can we be anything but? You're my knight in Versace armor, right? Hmm.
And thank you for being completely honest with me.
Hey, I thought you'd be dressed.
We were gonna get a bite to eat with Kevin before the party.
I think I should stay home.
You and I can celebrate together later.
Okay, okay, hey, what's, what's, what's going on? You've been different since Jack showed up.
Kevin said you two were in a pretty intense conversation.
I wasn't gonna ask.
Look, I asked Jack to help me clear Daniel's name.
I've already heard all of the reasons why it's a bad idea.
Not from me you haven't, since you didn't even think to discuss it.
You know, a little heads-up that the girl I'm dating was gonna retract a statement she made in a case that I closed would have been nice, seeing how it could affect my job.
Look, I would have told you.
When? After you figured it out with Jack? Don't make this about something that it's not.
Then don't pretend it's nothing.
I know that it's not about him.
I know this is about what happened to Margaux.
This is about everything.
People have gotten hurt and died because of all of this.
So much has happened that can't be undone.
This one thing, this one thing I wanted to undo.
With another lie? This other story is just gonna be like a snake chasing its own tail.
Yeah, I know that, Ben.
I live between two worlds.
You couldn't possibly understand.
Yeah, but I want to.
Come on.
Don't do that.
Don't shut me out.
You should go to your party.
And you should come with me.
It might be nice for you to be around a bunch of people who expect nothing from you but to have a good time.
With me at the head of that line.
Look, I can see who you are, Emily.
That's not a lie.
I hope you change your mind.
You still have your hand.
Yeah, I cut myself pretty deep, but Dr.
Raffin said there wasn't any real damage, so you didn't have to come by.
I feel responsible.
I shouldn't have attacked you earlier.
Our kids aren't kids, Stevie.
We can't hold their hand.
I know, but Jack's been so reckless when it comes to Emily.
It scares me.
Emily's his kryptonite, just like Victoria was yours.
Emily's not Victoria.
I hope to God you're right.
- Glad you're okay.
- Yeah.
You look beautiful.
You came.
You were right.
Your new plan's the only way to keep the police from looking under rocks.
And despite everything that we've been through lately, I'm not letting you do this alone.
And besides, I'm a sucker for a groundbreaking.
I'm ready.
Are you? And while I'm not totally comfortable getting lit with a bunch of cops I am honored to raise a glass to my brother's friends, who I pray help him close cases, because he can't find his ass with both hands.
- To Detective Hunter.
- Detective Hunter.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Proud of you, bro.
- Thanks, man.
If you're looking for your girl, maybe you should check with your ex-partner.
Look, I told you, they're just friends.
She and Jack go way back.
There's nothing more to it.
You sure about that? It is because of the generosity of many donors that we're able to break ground for the new research wing here at Southampton Medical Center.
Without further ado Terrific job.
Very, very exciting.
May I? Ms.
Thorne, I've already spoken on behalf of the board.
I've been very generous with this hospital over the years.
That should buy me five minutes at the podium, don't you think? Of course.
Good evening.
We're all aware of the scandal casting a shadow over tonight's announcement.
The board elected not to name the research wing after my ex-husband because people believe that he broke into my house and tried to attack me.
That is the story that I told that night.
But none of it is true.
The truth is that Malcolm Black was my attacker.
He tried to kill me.
And Daniel Grayson took a bullet that was meant for me.
That night, Daniel saved my life.
I told this story to protect myself and the ones that I love, but it only festered.
And tonight it stops.
I know that none of this makes sense and that there are many unanswered questions, like why was I even attacked that night? There's only one explanation.
There's one secret that I kept.
And it has cost the ones I love more than I ever wanted.
What the hell, Ems? I am David Clarke's daughter.
Does David Clarke already I am Amanda Clarke.