Revenge s04e22 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge We've got a body over here! The coroner checked her dental records.
It's definitely Victoria Grayson.
"My dearest Margaux, "I've decided to end my life.
" You have two days to clear my name.
Your move, Amanda.
I think someone broke in here and attacked Victoria.
This wasn't a suicide at all.
This was murder.
- What are you doing here? - I was called back for questioning.
Isn't this a conflict of interest, working on a case that involves your girlfriend? We broke up the night you left.
She ran to the airport to stop you.
She chose you.
It's a form of lymphoma.
They got it early, and I'm getting cutting-edge treatment.
Victoria asked me to pass along a message.
I'm going to make it appear as if you murdered me in your own home.
Amanda Clarke, you're under arrest for the murder of Victoria Grayson.
- Victoria set me up.
- Cuff her.
Jack, I didn't do it.
She planned this! I'm innocent! They're going for the brass ring, murder one, special circumstances, and they like their odds.
The state's going to argue that a week after you went on TV and told the world how much you hate Victoria Grayson, you terrorized her in a parking garage, broke into her penthouse, attacked her, then you locked her in your own home, which you burned to the ground in an attempt to make it look like she killed herself.
And this is her suicide note that I allegedly forged.
Which they'll have you read aloud at trial.
But this is Victoria's handwriting.
's experts found small discrepancies which will prove it's a fake, and their argument will be that you couldn't have accomplished half of what you did as "Emily Thorne" without doing plenty of forging.
Which is why, and I say it again, at least let me try to negotiate a plea to lesser charges.
Absolutely not.
If you're found guilty of murder one, it's life in prison.
Second degree might have you out in I'm not pleading guilty to anything.
There's nothing to negotiate.
Just get me bailed out.
- Over here, guys! Over here! - What are we gonna say today? - One picture! - What's going on? Right here! Right here! - David.
How'd it go? - Hey.
The chemo? Oh, day at the spa.
He's a trooper.
Have you seen Amanda yet? No, they haven't brought her out.
But I may have just tracked down our missing friend, Victoria's partner in crime.
- Treadwell? - Mmm-hmm.
I've been hijacking feeds from all over the web, mostly security cam footage, running it through facial recognition software.
When I narrowed it down to smug and traitorous, that's what came up.
That's Mason.
Where is that? Is that a trailer park? That's a good eye.
About 11 of them in a 100-mile radius.
I'm trying to narrow it down.
Leave it to Mason Treadwell to take a limo to a trailer park.
All rise.
The honorable Judge Moss presiding.
Clarke, we're ready for you now.
Right this way.
Court is now in session.
You may be seated.
So you don't see the problem? Read it.
"Amanda Clarke to be arraigned.
" No, alleged killer Amanda Clarke to be arraigned.
Put it in the style sheet.
From here on, every time we use her name, it's "alleged killer Amanda Clarke.
" Uh, give me five minutes.
Between murder trial coverage and designing new corporate headquarters, I'm sorry, I completely forgot to call you back.
When do you sleep? Well, right now, it's better that I don't.
What did you need? Well, it's regarding the funeral.
Um, the church is set - and I put out the release.
- Mmm-hmm.
But when I went to the penthouse to get some photographs for the program, I couldn't get in.
What do you mean? Well, the concierge said that once the police were through, the penthouse was ordered sealed by the executor of her estate? I tried to explain to them that I was like a daughter to Victoria, but But the executor is her real daughter, Charlotte.
Well, um It's locked up until probate, and It's the only place where I can still feel her.
You know, with all her things and pictures and I'd really like to be there one more time to say goodbye.
I'd break in if I could.
Oh, sweetheart.
No, please don't.
No, I'll try to get you a phone number.
Thank you.
I also have you doing a reading after the minister.
It's a beautiful Robert Frost poem.
No, I don't want to speak.
No, it's too public, too personal.
After what we've been through, I'd be afraid I would never stop crying.
We all need to grieve, Margaux.
This is how I grieve.
I can't urge strongly enough the defendant be held without bail.
Your Honor, this is an arraignment, - not the A.
's press conference - On live TV, Ms.
Clarke herself told us she's a flight risk My client absolutely should be allowed to bond out.
Detailing her vast skills in hiding her identity and meting out She has a spotless record - Vigilante justice.
- Strong ties to community and family.
"Strong ties"? She spent four years terrorizing this community.
To redeem a father who is still recovering from the effects of being wrongly convicted.
- That does - Enough! Nobody here is being paid by the word.
Clarke, my thoughts.
I will grant bail, but I do so with great concern and under the strictest of conditions.
If I hear even a rumor that my conditions for release have been violated, I will have you locked up so fast your inscrutable little head will spin.
Do you understand? Yes, I do, Your Honor.
Bail is set at $2 million.
Now, as for my conditions If you take a step off the property, if the monitor is removed, disabled, or tampered with, Suffolk County P.
, state police, and the U.
Marshal's office will be immediately notified, per order of the court.
Is that clear? - Emily? - It's clear.
Tell him.
Yes, it's clear.
Then we'll leave you to it.
Look, Ben I'm sorry you got stuck with this gig.
I didn't get stuck with it.
I told Detective Yamada that I'm familiar with the house and the property.
So you volunteered to be the person to keep me locked up.
We've really come a long way in the past few weeks.
It's nothing personal, Emily.
I know you better than anyone on the force, and so I know that right now, you are already pondering a way to get out of that thing.
I volunteered so that I could be the one to tell you don't do it, that you will get caught.
After we catch him, the plan is what? Look, Mason has to have the footage of Victoria admitting that she framed me.
And if he doesn't, I drag him to court by his feet.
Your dad's out cold.
That regimen's doing a number on him.
I know.
But he says That's how he knows it's working.
So Thank you for taking him.
Of course.
It's why I stayed.
Where are we? We rejected my offer to go after Mason Treadwell, or to send you.
I am not putting anyone else on his radar.
But you found the trailer park? Yeah, it's in Stony Brook.
It's an hour away.
And you think you're gonna get out of here - without triggering any alarms? - We're working on it.
I picked up this ankle monitor very used from an army/navy store.
And after a few high-tech, highly complicated switcheroos, boom.
The one on your leg should go offline, and this will become the live monitor and stay here.
And I just walk out the door? Theoretically.
Okay, look, I know that word doesn't radiate confidence.
Guys, I gotta focus Can I talk to you outside? Sure.
Anywhere that's less than six feet from the door.
Who knew Victoria had it in her? Well, I did.
But there's no way she pulled it off alone.
This plan had a lot of moving parts.
I think Mason was just one of them.
I could see if Margaux knows anything.
No, I don't wanna pull you into this any further.
I'm here by choice.
But I'd love to ask you something.
Look, I know that everything is spinning out of control, the arrest, your dad, and you're just trying to keep your head above water, so it's not the best time for this conversation, but The other night, before you got arrested, I heard that you came to the airport to tell me not to leave.
And I just I just have to know Is that true? Yes.
I wanted you to stay.
I I want you to stay.
When Nolan told me that you were leaving, I I realized how badly I had messed all this up.
So I went after you.
I was five minutes too late.
Or maybe Four years too late.
But I wanna be with you.
That's why I need all of this to work, why I'm going after Mason, if I have to cut my damn foot off.
I want us to have that chance.
Um So sorry to interrupt.
I need your ankle inside right now, Ems.
We've got a really small window of time to swap frequencies and pull this off.
Let's do this.
Rehab is like dieting.
Week one is the worst.
You're doing great.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
See you.
Charlotte Grayson? It's Clarke.
Do I know you? I'm so sorry for your loss.
Uh You look just like your dear mother.
Have we met? No.
I'm sorry.
Not officially.
I'm Louise.
Louise Ellis? Oh.
You've been leaving me messages about the funeral.
It was pressing that I talk to you because, as I may have mentioned, I would like to include some photographs and mementos of your mother's amazing life to bring solace to those she left behind.
I I do, however, need your permission to access her penthouse.
Yeah, the thing about the funeral Oh, I'm so sorry.
I overstepped.
You would like to plan it.
It's that I'm not going, let alone planning one.
I don't know which Victoria Grayson you met, but mine was the most manipulative human I've ever known.
You don't mean that.
You're clearly in shock or Or denial.
The only amazing thing about Victoria was her ability to get what she wanted, no matter the cost.
Charlotte, she lived for her children.
And it's important to grieve, and I think this memorial service would really I'm actually healthier than I've ever been.
And as for grieving, I've done my share years ago, the first time my mother "died" and then disappeared.
I'm sorry.
She did what now? I have to get to the stables.
Equine therapy.
It was nice meeting you.
Wait, wait, wait Um What about her belongings? I'm having them boxed up and shipped to charity.
But don't you want something to remember her by? I'll tell you what.
You stop calling me, and I'll tell the hotel you have my permission to enter her penthouse.
You take whatever's gonna bring you solace.
What are you doing? Dad.
Are you okay? Did I wake you? I'm fine.
Answer the question.
If something goes wrong, I don't want you to be complicit.
"If something goes wrong"? Look around you.
Everything's gone wrong.
Tell me that you're not going after Mason.
I have to.
I don't have a choice.
It's called house arrest.
You really think that you won't get caught? Your friend the detective is waiting for you to mess up.
Nolan is about to set off alarms and short out the power grid.
He built a second monitor, and he'll use the diversion I don't care if he builds a damn laser beam that turns you invisible.
If they throw enough cops, troopers, and marshals at you, and they will, you will be caught and put in jail and they will throw away the key until trial.
A trial where they will bury me unless I find Mason.
And I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life or yours in prison.
- Then I'll go.
- What? No.
Tell me where he is.
You stay here.
I will find Mason.
- That's a nice offer, Dad.
- It's not an offer.
Tell me where he is.
Stop it.
You're not going.
You need to get your rest.
I am your father, and I am telling you that you're not leaving this house.
Sorry, Dad.
This cannot be a coincidence.
I remember you saying this is your favorite lunch spot, so I took a shot.
I wanted to offer condolences.
I know you and Victoria were close.
And there's There's something else.
Uh, Jack, I'm in the middle of a working lunch.
- I won't take long.
- I just I wanted to know if you noticed the same thing that I did.
The circumstances around Victoria's death, they're They're strange.
Go ask the person who killed her to explain herself.
- I'm not really - Brazen violence? A trail of clues? It's sloppy.
It's not Emily's style.
And we both know she would never take someone's life.
- So what are you insinuating, Jack? - I'm not insinuating.
I'm saying that it looks like she was set up.
Margaux If you happen to know something about Victoria's death, now is the time to speak up.
This is a knee-jerk reaction with you to defend Emily no matter what, even when she kills.
Victoria set her up.
She didn't do it alone.
And what do you think happens to the partner she left behind when it all gets exposed? I had such hope for you when I heard you left for California.
You pulled yourself out of the quicksand and escaped.
But you couldn't stay away.
Poor Jack.
Worry about yourself.
I'll be okay.
No, you won't.
You hitched your wagon to a damaged psychotic horse, and she's pulling you right off a cliff.
What's my afternoon like? Editorial pre-call, budget meeting, and your jeweler said he can get you in tomorrow.
Nolan, it's David.
I'm still Well, obviously, I'm Just call me.
Ah! Detective Hunter.
How you feeling? I was so sorry to hear Oh, you know, good days, bad days.
Gettin' through it.
- If you're looking for Amanda, she's - Asleep upstairs? Yeah.
That's good detective-ing.
I don't know if you heard.
We had a lot of burglar alarms go off in town.
A spike in the power grid.
So I just thought I'd come by and check.
Check up on her ankle bracelet? I can assure you it's still on.
Yeah, the monitoring station's gonna reboot it at 9:00 p.
And when that happens, her unit will reset and send out an alert.
So I'll just need to adjust it.
For real, 9:00 p.
M? Afraid so.
So she cloned the signal from her monitor, linked it to this one, and took hers off-line.
- It's clever.
- She didn't kill Victoria.
Yeah, well, I guess I'd hope my father would say the same thing.
Well, wherever she is, she's back online now.
I like the candlesticks.
Champagne bottles.
My romantic husband.
He's into repurposing and all that.
My neighbor across the street was throwing them out.
I figure one man's trash Speaking of Um, do you know where he is? - He wanted me to come by, but - Not since yesterday.
The dude cleared out in a hurry.
He and his lady friend.
His lady friend? Well, can you describe her for me? I mean, maybe how old she was? Her hair color? I don't know.
It's hard to say.
She had big sunglasses.
And it seemed like she was trying to dress down, but there was something - Regal about her.
- Good skin.
- Oh, you're obsessed with skin.
- I'm observant.
What about a name? Did you get a name? Stop! Put your hands in the air.
We have you surrounded.
Put your hands up! Get on your knees! - Get on your knees now! - On your knees! Now! Do not move.
Ben I can't tell you how badly I wanted to be wrong.
Please, you gotta listen to me.
Ben! Okay.
The lawyer says they're locking her up through trial.
They're restricting visitors.
Family only on a limited basis.
Can they do that? Yeah, they did that, so, yes, they can.
- Why the hell did you let her? - I didn't let her do anything.
You should've made her stay put then gone after Mason yourself.
And how'd that work out for you? Come on.
You ever talk Emily into anything? We have to do what she should've let us do all along.
We have to prove that Victoria and others framed Emily.
What others? Definitely Margaux, for one.
When I asked her if she knew anything, she stormed out of lunch and into a LeMarchal town car, and then I saw the license plate.
LMM 16Q.
Now, this is the car that dropped Mason off at the trailer park.
- Look.
- Okay, so Mason is being shuttled around in a LeMarchal town car.
Margaux's right in the center of this whole thing.
I'll tell Amanda.
They're letting me see her this morning.
Tell her we're getting her out.
What the hell are you doin' here? Looking for evidence to clear my innocent friend.
Better question, what the hell are you doing here? Oh, I have every right and full permission to be here.
Victoria Grayson was my own personal guardian angel.
Well, let's put that through Google translate and You're here to help clean up after your late, vindictive friend and tie up any loose ends in her crazy-ass attempt to frame Emily.
Stop that.
You will not disrespect her memory while standing in her home.
Well, I can't stand in Emily's home because your guardian angel blew it up! Get out! Out! You know, how you can look at that woman and not see what everybody else saw, it's It's beyond me.
Because I saw who she really was.
No, you saw who you wanted her to be.
Louise, you are one of the most loyal people that I know, and that is a quality that I truly adore in you.
But in this case, it was and is misplaced.
You're wrong.
Victoria managed this whole thing.
And I know you think the sun rose and set with her, but maybe that's what she counted on to pull this off, your blind faith.
I am not blind.
Victoria Grayson was the only person in this world who looked out for me.
You know that's not true.
No! Go! Get out before I call hotel security! She's alive.
I am telling you, Victoria is alive.
You don't know that.
Sounds crazy.
You can't keep saying that presumed dead people are alive.
Think about it.
It makes sense.
It's what I would do.
Are you okay? You look pale.
It's the meds.
I'm not gonna sign up for any marathons, but I'm fine.
Look, I'm not saying it's impossible, - but - It was her.
How you gonna prove that? The police have the physical remains identified as Victoria Grayson.
You have the fuzzy recollections of your pals in the trailer park.
It wouldn't even make it into court.
Then we have to find her.
Or Mason.
But I don't even know where to look.
You can start with Margaux's car service.
It was a LeMarchal town car that took Mason to the trailer park.
Then I need Margaux.
What does that mean, that you You need I need five minutes in a room with Margaux LeMarchal.
Amanda, you're in jail.
How Dad? Dad! Dad! Somebody help him! - We need some help in here! - Sir, we're gonna - get you help right now.
- Help him! Do something! - Dad! - We have a medical emergency.
He's resting at home.
By the time I got to the E.
, he was awake.
He was stable.
It was like nothing happened.
They're running more tests, and no results yet.
So if they sent David home, he's doing okay, right? He's got lymphoma, Jack.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I do.
I know what you mean.
He's got the best doctors, cutting-edge treatment.
You know, it's just the idea of losing him, again.
Look, I get it.
And I won't tell you not to worry, but right now Okay, no, no.
You're right.
You're right, Jack.
I promised David that we'd do what Emily asked.
So Let's focus on one Clarke at a time.
There he is! - It's been a while, man.
- Yeah.
Nolan, Daryl.
This is the guy I was telling you about.
Yeah, the police academy washout.
That's not how I described you.
But I didn't last much longer.
Well, so, Jack says you're working private security? Yeah, for my brother-in-law's company.
He got me on the gold coast rotation, banks, jewelers.
You know, protecting one-percenters from the two-percenters.
Well, we appreciate you helping us out.
Anything for this guy.
Saved my ass out on that obstacle course.
Hey, the whole time you were a cop, did you ever once have to jump over a 16-foot wall? Let me tell you what we need.
Yes, that seems appropriate.
Thank you.
Apologies, Henri.
The Grand Prix of news cycles.
So you were saying? A wreath necklace with 122 marquise diamonds.
You were looking for something elegant but understated? For the funeral of a dear friend.
It's perfect.
I'll take it.
I'll have it fitted and delivered.
Merci, Henri.
Ma'am, could you take a step back and open your purse, please? No.
No, the machine must be broken.
Please open the door.
As soon as you take a step back and open your purse.
Henri, could you call off your storm trooper here? I am sorry, Ms.
The insurance company insists.
Okay, you want to look in my bag? Look in my bag, but know that I will not be buying anything from here Ma'am? - I've never seen these.
- Yours? - No, they're not mine.
I've never seen - Would you come with me to the back of the store, please, ma'am? No, no, I'm not going anywhere except out.
Please give me my bag and open the door.
- Miss, you wanna dial it down? - No, you dial it down! Do you have any idea how much money I've spent in this store? I don't have time for this.
Get your hands off me! All right, that's it! Up against the wall.
But this is ridiculous! What are you Henri, you can expect a call from my attorney.
Can you hold her? I'm gonna go call this in.
Show's over, people.
Are you really doing this? Ms.
LeMarchal Always good to see you, Daryl.
I would've done that for free.
Rich people.
I demand another phone call.
You only get one.
It's not the county's fault your lawyer didn't answer.
This is a mistake.
You will see, it will be in every paper.
You can tell the judge all about it in the morning.
"Morning"? No, no, I need to get out today.
What do you mean, "morning"? It means you were framed at the worst possible time.
Arraignment court closes at 4:00.
That was 10 minutes ago.
Sucks for you.
Of course you were behind this.
Well, that's a theory.
We've got all night to discuss it, among other things.
No, I won't be talking to you, and there's nothing you can do about it.
You'd think.
Two locked doors, 12 inches of cinder block between us.
- And yet - Hey, I need to speak to someone! How did you You have more important things to worry about.
Hurting me won't change the fact that you murdered Victoria.
You know I didn't.
You don't have to get hurt.
Just answer my questions.
How did Victoria set me up? Whose body was in my house? And extra bonus points Where's Victoria? I know she's alive.
You are delusional.
Delusional with nothing to lose.
The guards' schedule gives us exactly 11 minutes, which is four minutes longer than I'll need.
What is all this? I trained comprehensively to get revenge for my father.
During my schooling, I learned a little something called "practical munitions.
" The art of taking anything from your immediate environment - and turning it into a weapon.
- You're bluffing.
Batteries from a flashlight a guard misplaced, a set of steel keys There you have it.
One weapon, no waiting.
What is the matter with you? What is the matter with you, Margaux? You filled the empty space in your life with a lying, dangerous fanatic, and that is what you became.
I don't have sympathy for you.
You brought this on yourself.
- I don't know anything.
- And I don't believe you.
Now you listen to me.
My father is ill, and I refuse to spend the last days of his life in prison for something that I didn't do.
So last question, Margaux, and then I start with the cheekbones.
I'm only gonna ask you once.
How do you want to spend the next seven minutes? I hope you rest in peace.
I heard you wanted to see me.
I didn't know if you'd come.
Well, I don't have a choice.
You said you had new information about this murder, so let's hear it.
There was no murder.
- Victoria is alive.
- All right.
Look, I don't get to decide as to whether or not to show up, but I do get to decide when I leave.
Ben, listen to me.
She staged a fake murder, set me up, and took off.
We identified her body, Emily.
We have dental records and X-rays.
They're not hers.
She switched them with a woman named Mary Gaines.
She died last week.
Did she now? Mary Gaines? So this new information just came to you last night in a dream? Or by carrier pigeon? Please, just stop already.
You know, I saw your father earlier.
Do you have any idea the damage that you're causing? Or the people that you're hurting out there? Yes, Ben, and I know that you're one of those people.
Look, I am sorry for the way that I treated you, for thinking that I didn't have to be honest because somehow my life was different.
I know I haven't been the kind of person that you can trust, but please You can trust me now.
I know how Victoria pulled this off.
Tell me.
I think the seed was planted the night I gave that interview Victoria, if you're watching, it is in your hands to end this.
And the whole world turned against her.
She read up on how to fake one's own death and get away I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for that brilliant idea I found on that flash drive of yours.
She knew that without a body, remains that could be identified as her own, it wouldn't work.
Sometimes desperation breeds results.
And in this case, the result was an unclaimed body in New Jersey.
Someone who wouldn't be missed.
And with that, Victoria set her plan in motion.
She made it look like I attacked her in a parking garage, made sure there were witnesses who would say as much to the police.
She staged her penthouse to look like she was assaulted Seasoned liberally with her blood The rest of which she gave to Mason to plant in my car.
She altered her handwriting just enough to make her suicide note look like a good but not great forgery.
All that was left was the big finish Making the world believe that I was a bigger monster than she had ever been.
A monster who burned the queen alive in the castle she used to own.
That's So, where is she now? I don't know.
I see.
So she staged this whole thing.
She fooled everyone on earth but you and just disappeared.
You don't believe me.
You don't think I'm telling the truth.
No, it It's not that I don't think you're telling the truth.
It's that I don't think you know how to tell the truth.
All right, I don't think there's any difference in your head between the stories that you spin and actual facts.
And that is what makes you dangerous.
Ben, please, listen to me.
She is out there.
This one time, I need you to believe me.
I know you do.
But I don't.
Excuse me? Detective? Ms.
Is everything okay? Well, yes.
I asked for you, and they sent me here.
- Is this okay? - Yes, please, sit down.
How can I help you? So I found something, and I didn't know what to do.
So, um This was in Victoria Grayson's closet.
I found it hidden inside a garment bag.
You found this in Victoria's penthouse? Do you recognize it? Looks like the one that she said Emily was wearing when she was attacked.
Look I can't believe I'm saying this, but, um What if Victoria killed herself and made it look like Emily did it? You're a long way from the Hamptons, Detective.
- Yeah.
- Sign here.
And I'll need the name of the deceased.
Mary Gaines.
Uh, died last week, still unclaimed.
Drawer A12.
Uh There must be a mistake.
Bodies don't just disappear.
Not usually.
Your guy has juice.
Gettin' a judge on the phone at home? Am I done here? Free to go.
Arraignment's tomorrow.
Louise? What are you doing here? Your office said you were gettin' out today.
- And we need to talk.
- I'm in a hurry.
Listen, I spoke with Detective Hunter, - and - Wait.
Why? I think Victoria lied to us.
When I was packing up her penthouse, I found the hoodie that she said Emily was wearing when she supposedly attacked her.
- No, Emily did attack her.
- If she lied about that, she could've lied about a lot of things.
And you told Detective Hunter this? I think Nolan was right.
When I talked to him at the penthouse Whoa, whoa, wait.
"Nolan"? Nolan Ross was in Victoria's penthouse? Well, he was trying to sneak in through the fire door.
But he was looking for proof that Victoria had framed Emily.
Nolan is a liar and manipulator.
You know that better than anyone.
How many times are you going to let him do this to you? But he wasn't lying this time.
I'm certain of it.
You mean when you caught him breaking into Victoria's hotel room? Something we can assume he's done before.
Are you saying he planted that hoodie? Of course he did.
That's what he does.
He wanted you to find it.
Well, if that's the case, then I played right into his hands.
Margaux, I don't feel so good.
Ma chère, you're exhausted.
And who can blame you? It's been a terrible week for all of us.
Go put some cold water on your face.
Then I'll take you home.
It's Mademoiselle LeMarchal.
I need to retain your services immediately.
It's urgent.
No, that can't be.
They said they caught it early.
Well, that was based on the initial tests.
Then after the seizure, they ran different tests.
It spread.
It's in my brain.
Well, so they'll treat that, too, with more chemotherapy, right? No.
No, they're stopping chemotherapy.
- And replacing it with what? - Nothing.
Stage IV lymphoma.
There's no more ways to fight it.
Well, that's because they aren't trying hard enough.
How long? How How many years? Not years.
They said maybe six months if I'm lucky.
No, I don't believe that and neither do you.
- Amanda - Doctors are wrong all the time.
This is one of those times.
We will see specialists.
We will get other opinions.
I did.
I got the same opinions.
I can get more, but it won't change.
You don't know that.
You don't know anything.
There are clinical trials, experimental drugs.
I have money to spend on this.
Nolan has money to spend on this.
If we have to fund our own damn lab, that is what we will do.
How did you learn to fight so hard? Say it, Dad.
Tell me that is what we will do.
That's what we'll do.
Son of a bitch.
You are alive.
Never go to New Jersey on business.
You Shh.