Reverie (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

The Key

1 Reverie: a virtual reality program where the impossible becomes possible.
Anything you desire, you can find here.
But sometimes, people get lost, caught between fantasy and reality.
That's where she comes in.
Her name is Mara Kint.
Her job: find the lost ones and bring them home.
And maybe, by saving them, she just might find a way to save herself.
[sweeping orchestral music] Previously on "Reverie" - [car horn honks] - [both groan] - I know you're in danger.
- What kind of danger? Losing your mind.
Is Oliver right? Am I am I gonna go crazy? Oliver was unstable long before he got a BCI.
- Stop! - [gunshot] I got shot.
Bruising caused by a virtual gunshot wound.
I told you that we needed safeguards.
And now I'm agreeing with you.
I'm really sorry by the way that I didn't return your calls.
The calls I made 19 months ago? I've been thinking about you.
Can we talk later? - What do you want? - I want my company back.
Not gonna happen.
And Dylan is? He's the building's AI.
Dylan, say hello to Ms.
Hello, Ms.
I was talking to Dylan.
He mentioned things you and he did when you were little.
He was her brother.
They were twins.
Must have been about 10 or 11 when he died.
You sure you understand what you have to do? It's not complicated.
Mara, what's happening? Is everything okay? I'm here for a reason, Mara.
[kettle whistling] Tell me what happened.
I got a call from Chris yesterday.
Where were you? I was at work.
Was anyone with you? Then he came to the apartment last night.
And I talked to him this morning.
And when I came home He was here.
And then the real Chris called.
And then the Chris here glitched and then He turned into Ray.
- Ray? - Her brother-in-law.
Oh, God, what is happening to me? You listen to me.
You are safe.
- We're gonna work this out - Don't.
Don't you tell me that everything is going to be okay because I did everything that you said.
I did everything you said would make me okay, and I am not.
I don't even know if any of you are real.
The first time you saw Chris, did you call him? - Or did he call you? - He called me.
You can't call a derealization.
A phone call goes through to the real person.
You called us.
We're here.
We're real.
And we're going to help you, I promise.
I don't know if you can.
[cell phone rings] Whoever that is, can you just tell them - that I can't talk right now? - Sure.
Hello? She's not available right now.
How can I help you? What? I don't understand.
Where? What? We're going to the hospital.
EMTs brought him in a couple of hours ago.
He collapsed at a restaurant.
We can't find anything wrong.
There's no apparent illness or injury.
There's no signs of drug or alcohol use.
We just can't wake him up.
There's no ID, no emergency contact.
Do you know his name? Oliver Hill.
Was this with him? - Yes.
- Why did you call me? When a patient arrives unconscious, we try to get in touch with someone who knows him.
What makes you think he knows Mara? Well, there was a message.
Wha what are you talking about? What kind of message? [sirens wailing] Do it.
- This is illegal you know.
- Uh-huh.
He wakes up, files a report, we're charged with kidnapping, unlawful detention, - among other things.
- I'll risk it.
I pulled every string I have to get him released to us.
Now that he's here I'm not taking any chances.
Nobody gets in this room unless I know about it.
You got it.
He got his hands on a BCI, which means somebody here stole it for him.
I want to know who.
You've got first watch.
No one in except Ventana and me, clear? Sure.
I'll keep an eye on him.
If I send you the file right now, could you look at it in the next hour? Thanks.
That was a neurologist in Toronto.
Says she can be here tomorrow morning - to look at Mara if we want.
- Think she can help? Honestly? I don't know.
I'm just trying everything I can think of.
- Is Oliver here? - In the medical unit.
Paul said you met with him.
He wasn't supposed to tell you that.
What about? Mara came out of a Reverie with a bruise from a virtual injury.
Oliver had mentioned the possibility when he was here.
- I wanted his opinion.
- His opinion? I thought you said you never wanted to hear his name again.
I didn't.
I don't.
It's complicated.
You're divorced, I'd think you'd understand.
Well, Lizette and I went a few rounds when we split up.
She never tried to burn down my house.
Alexis, Oliver is brilliant, insane, and royally pissed off at us.
He's planned something.
I don't know what it is, but it's bad news.
Stay away from him.
He's angry at us because we hurt him.
He's hurt.
That's what I'm scared of.
Did you get any sleep? Some.
Look, even if we don't know what's causing the issues we can treat the symptoms.
We can start with more powerful psychotropics.
It didn't work before.
Why would it work now? Another option is mindfulness techniques.
You're offering me meditation? I know.
Sorry, I wish I had better.
Paul, has anything like this ever happened to anyone before? Not like this, no.
Then I'm not surprised you don't have a cure.
You said that Chris transformed into your brother-in-law.
That sort of spontaneous transformation of a derealized figure is rare.
Did he do anything when he was Ray? He said something similar to what Brynn told me.
What? That he was there for a reason.
- What reason? - Well, I would like to know.
Alexis is talking to a neurologist.
We're hoping she'll be able to help.
She probably doesn't know more about the BCI or the program than you all do, so what's the point? I'm gonna go into Reverie myself and talk to Oliver.
- What? - Are you kidding? Everyone's always telling me how brilliant he is, and he's lived through what I'm going through.
Yeah, wasn't the same thing at all.
Close enough.
Maybe he knows something.
Besides, he wants to talk to me.
[computer beeps] Kint! Amazing, isn't it? Just a bunch of ones and zeroes playing tricks on our brain.
But it sure is beautiful.
Too bad it drives you mad, huh? If it drives you mad, why are you here? To be honest, I missed it.
Plus, you know, things to do, people to see.
All right, you asked me here.
What do you want? Alexis told me you were having trouble.
A bruise from a virtual wound.
Actually, yes.
But that that's the least of it.
Derealizations? Are they getting worse? Yes.
That's why I asked you here.
I can help.
I want to propose an exchange.
You help me.
I help you.
Help you with what? I want you to ask Alexis to meet me here in the program.
I can't ask her myself, obviously.
If I even tried to get near her again, Charlie would take my head off, and I don't mean metaphorically.
He would literally [pops lips] remove my head.
Okay, you understand why that would be a very bad idea to a lot of people.
I just want to talk to Alexis without Charlie looking over my shoulder.
A private moment in the world we built together.
I know we're not going to have a relationship again.
But I've been punished, and I'm remorseful.
And that's got to mean something.
I just want the chance to explain myself to her.
That's all that matters to me.
How exactly can you help me? You want your sanity back, you just have to remove that bloody little thing they stuck in your head, the BCI.
Now, they'll tell you they can deactivate it, but that's not good enough.
It's got to be cut out, like a tumor.
And then you leave Onira-Tech.
You walk out that door, and you never ever, ever look back.
Can you do it? Just take the BCI out? Um, it's called emergency extraction.
It's quick and painless, but we almost never do it.
We prefer to leave the BCI in place and deactivate it.
If the client really wants to be rid of it, the body simply reabsorbs it in about six months.
But why not just take it out? If we extract the BCI, it leaves scar tissue at the site in the brain where it implants.
We can never put another one in.
You're permanently locked out of the program.
Look, let's deactivate.
It's a good first step, and it allows us to keep exploring.
I don't want to keep exploring.
If taking the BCI out is the only way to make this stop Then that's exactly what I want to do.
You're sure? Yes, I am.
All right.
We'll arrange something for this afternoon.
Thank you.
I am sorry.
Don't be.
[keyboard clacking] Got your text.
What's up? I got to eat.
Can you spell me? He's not doing much.
- Yeah, sure.
- All right.
- Alexis.
- Charlie.
What are you doing here? Waiting to see if you're going to do something incredibly dumb.
After I heard Oliver's message, I asked Dylan to let me know when you powered up your tablet.
You're not seriously considering going into the program? Yes.
Why exactly would you want to do that? You're right.
Something's going on with Oliver.
Talking to him is the only way to find out what's going on in his mind.
Let him stew in the medical unit until he decides to leave the program.
He's going to stay in there until his body goes into medical distress.
Then we'll have to go in there and talk to him anyway.
I'd rather just do it now and get it over with.
He can't do anything to me in there.
I know that space better than anybody.
Call me as soon as you come out.
Call me, Alexis.
[computer beeps] Hello.
- Thanks for coming.
- What's going on, Oliver? It's good to see you, too.
- What's this about? - Your birthday, actually.
Which, as I recall, is tomorrow.
My birthday? Surprise.
You expect me to believe this is all so you can give me a limp bunch of flowers and sing "Happy Birthday"? Well first off, those flowers aren't limp.
And secondly, you know I never sing.
And thirdly, this isn't just about you.
I've been galactically selfish and rude to you.
My regrets would They would fill this ocean.
I just want to do one small thing to prove to myself I'm not a total ass.
Would that be okay? It won't take long.
[whispers] And there's a present.
- You can have five minutes.
- This way.
[keyboard clacking] I have an idea.
Chris works at LA Metro Medical.
That's where your brother-in-law is, right? - Yes.
- And when your niece and your sister were shot, where were they taken? LA Metro, what's the point? All your derealizations are linked.
If the program were just throwing images at you, they'd be crazy.
You'd be seeing pink elephants and cars with wings.
What you're seeing is specific.
Maybe the BCI is causing your problem.
If it is, rip it out, throw it on the floor and jump up and down on it.
But I think the program is uncovering something hidden in your mind, and if that's true, removing the BCI is the worst thing you could do.
Why are you making this harder? I don't want you to go.
You've saved this place.
We'd have half a dozen dead clients if it weren't for you.
You are invaluable to us, and I I really enjoy working with you.
Me too.
What did Ray and Brynn say? It's happening for a reason.
It all goes back to the shooting.
There is something about it that you can't let go of, and if we can figure out what that is, there's a chance that we can stop what's happening to you.
Paul, you are asking me to dig around in memories that I've been trying to put behind me for a very long time.
You've buried something there.
Yeah, and I'm fine with that.
I know I know that this is hard No, I can't.
I'm sorry.
I am barely holding it together right now.
To [breathing heavily] - Okay.
- Please, Paul, please.
I understand.
[crying] How are you? Suspicious.
And hot.
It's been more than five minutes, Oliver.
Where are we going? We can stop here.
[chuckles] What did you do? BOTH: Whoa.
[chuckles] [laughs] You have permission to be impressed.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Is that the place we went? The place that you said had the best cup of coffee in the world? Oui.
You want one? The BCI group confirmed one implant is missing.
Must be the one that Hill got.
- How long has he had it? - Two weeks, looks like.
- Charlie? - Yes, Dylan? The camera in Alexis' office just went offline.
I don't know why.
- Is she still in the program? - Yes.
- Where's Hill? - Medical unit.
Under guard.
I don't like this.
[wall tablet beeps] What are you doing in here? I was doing a sweep of the camera system and noticed this one was offline.
Came in to check it.
Name's Leekly, right? Yes, sir.
Get some people in here.
Check this room out.
Check him out, too.
We need two security in number one's office.
Copy that.
Well, Oliver, as far as presents go, this is all right.
[chuckles] This isn't the present.
My present's much bigger.
It's something you've wanted since I've known you.
What is it? It's not what but who.
- Over there.
- Alexis? Dylan? [gentle music] What's the matter? I didn't expect you.
Was I a big surprise? Yes.
You were.
Why are you looking at me like that? Are you crying? Just a little.
Because You are so perfect.
I think there's a bakery down the street.
Why don't you go and get something, and I'll meet you in a few minutes.
- Why did you do that? - To open your eyes.
That's what it's all been about.
Dylan, resurrected.
He's been the inspiration for everything.
The AIs you programmed, the Reverie.
That's why you can't see how dangerous the program's become.
It's too personal to you.
You don't know anything about it Listen to me.
There are two paths ahead.
Let me back in the company.
We can fix it.
Get rid of Charlie.
Fix the program.
You are ridiculous.
Fix the program? You don't even understand it.
Reverie is not about Dylan.
And I never wanted him resurrected.
Well, I never wanted to be kicked out of my company.
You ignored my warnings.
You never listened to me, and now look where you are.
I was an idiot to come here.
You are selfish, and you're sick, and a waste of my time.
At least I didn't kill my brother.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
You better have the key by now, mate.
As far as we can tell, nothing's missing or out of place.
What about him? We frisked him.
Nothing that shouldn't be on him.
Charlie? What's going on? Who are all these people? What happened with Oliver? What did he want? Nothing.
It was nothing.
What's wrong, Alexis? - What did he do to you? - I said it was nothing.
Boss? Boss? Hey, we've got nothing.
Let him go.
What did you do to her, you mother - you son of a bitch.
- Hey, hey, easy, easy.
Tell me or I'm gonna light your ass up right now.
- Let go of me.
- I warned you - to stay away from her.
- Come on, come on.
- I warned you! - Back off, back off.
- [groans] - [laughing] He's insane.
Can I get a phone? [handcuff rattles] I want to call my attorney.
Kint? They're ready to perform the extraction.
If you'll come with me? Could you just give me a minute, please? Sure.
Whenever you're ready.
Thank you.
Dylan, how many people are in the Reverie program right now? 27,423.
And what are the odds that one of those people is going to need help? A problem arises with approximately one in every 12,000 users.
So there's probably somebody in trouble right now, but we just haven't heard about it yet? 2.
28 people, actually.
Jamie called me at about 2:00 that afternoon.
She and Ray had been married for 8 years.
He was okay.
He drank a little bit more than I liked, but I didn't really think there was a problem.
[tires screeching] Some people when they're falling apart, they They give off signals.
Other people just keep a really tight lid on.
And you don't know until it's too late.
That was Ray.
[tires screech] - Charlie.
- Yeah? My brother-in-law's got my sister and my niece.
Um, he has at least one gun on him.
- What's the address? - 1175 Arlington.
Apartment 3A.
[breathing heavily] Got it.
You gonna talk to him? Yeah, yeah, yeah, but no No flashers or guns when you get here.
Okay? Why no sirens? Some people get really worked up by them.
I want them to calm down, to make them think that I'm on their side.
To get in their heads.
So you can manipulate them.
That's the idea.
Okay, so just back up a second, and tell me how all of this got started.
- I found a text.
- A text, good.
What text? On Jamie's phone.
A text on Jamie's phone.
Okay, great, great.
What did it say? That's she's taking Brynn to your parents' place, - she's gonna leave me - No, Ray, I was never - Shut up! - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, Ray.
Stay with me now, all right? Jamie, let me talk to him.
Ray, listen.
I'm sure it wasn't permanent, you know? Maybe she was just trying to give you guys some space.
I know my sister.
She loves you.
- Not anymore.
- Of course she does.
You know, remember when you used to come over to our house and you would pick her up for dates and you were driving that car, what was it? It was the, um it was the the black one - with the wheels.
- The Camaro.
Oh, God, the Camaro.
He was listening.
I I could have I could have grabbed the gun away from him.
We could have [sobbing] We could have just walked away.
[sirens wailing] - Did you call the police? - Mara.
No, no.
No, I I - No, no, no, no.
- Oh, I told you - not to call the police.
- They're gonna go away.
- No, I didn't.
They're gonna go away.
- I told you not to call them.
No, no, no, Ray, Ray.
- No! - They're gonna go away.
I'm gonna make them go away.
- No, Ray, Ray.
- Please, please, please! - [gunfire] - Ray! Ray! Ray! Ray! And there was nothing that I could do.
And then Ray took the gun and pulled it on himself.
[gunshot] He couldn't even do that right.
[laughing] The bullet went through the front of his brain.
It didn't kill him.
He just ended up in a coma for the rest of his life.
What part of that is the program digging up? Mr.
Haskins, Oliver has a piece of technology he stole from us.
I've seen no proof my client has stolen anything.
I'll find the proof.
Until you do, you'll leave Mr.
Hill alone.
Given the way he's been treated today, you're lucky I'm not filing charges with the police.
So you can't touch me, Charlie.
Yes, I can, Oliver.
Just give me time.
You always think you're in control, don't you? It's your identity.
But what if [clears throat] I'm in control now? - [elevator dings] - Hmm? See ya.
Did Ray say anything to you after he shot Jamie and Brynn? No.
Did he say anything before he shot himself? Uh no.
So, what did you do until the police came? I stood there.
I cried.
And you're sure that's all? [exhales] Uh I don't know.
Maybe? Yeah.
I don't know what you expect from this, Paul.
What's going on here? Paul thinks that the derealizations have something to do with Brynn and Jamie.
- He has this theory - I know his theory.
He's told me all about it.
I didn't think he was going to beat you over the head with it.
We're just trying to unearth something, Charlie.
You're wasting your time.
It's a valid hypothesis.
You're wasting your time.
Because you don't really know what happened that day.
Come up to my office.
I'll tell you the truth.
I thought about this a lot over the past couple of years.
Told myself I should never share this with you.
Told myself I absolutely had to.
You're really freaking me out, Charlie.
What is on your phone? That day, I texted you in the apartment.
You remember? All right, all right, all right, buddy.
- [yells] - [plate shatters] Yes.
You texted me back.
- When you did - Ray, they're gonna go away.
you accidently called my phone.
- [sirens wailing] - Did you call the police? By then my phone was in my pocket.
It went to voicemail.
My voicemail recorded everything your phone transmitted from the apartment.
I'm sorry you have to hear this.
But it's important.
- You called the police? - Mara? No.
- No, no, no.
- I told you not to call the police.
I know, I know.
They're gonna go away.
- Ray, they're gonna go away.
- No.
- [gunfire] - Ray! Ray! Ray! Ray! I'm so sorry.
It wasn't supposed to happen this way.
[stammers] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, that That's not what happened.
He didn't say anything before he shot himself.
Look, I know that's what you believe.
I know because that's what you told me afterward.
And I could tell You thought you were telling the truth, but it wasn't.
No, Charlie, I I was there.
He didn't speak.
It's common for trauma victims to suppress memories.
You know that.
That's why I kept this.
I knew you wouldn't believe me if I didn't have proof.
He spoke to you.
And you spoke to him.
You killed them, Ray.
They're never coming back.
You don't want to spend the rest of your life in prison.
[sirens wailing] Thinking about that do you? - No.
- You don't have to.
You thought she was going to leave you, right? [footsteps approaching] You thought that you were going to be all alone.
[radio chatter] Well, you don't have to be.
You can be with her right now.
If that's what you really want.
They're gonna be here any second.
You'll never have this chance again.
[breathing heavily] [banging at door] Police! Open up! It's okay.
[banging continues] It's okay.
It's okay.
[gunshot, body falls] He would have shot himself anyway.
No one would have blamed you, Mara.
I'd have killed him myself with my bare hands and smoked a cigar after.
He got what he deserved.
The program may be digging up memories that you buried.
So I decided you had to know.
[crying] Why didn't you tell me? I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I - Can we just talk to me? - Stop.
- Mara.
Mara! - Stop.
[indistinct chatter] ["Deliverance" by RY X] I've been crawling up inside - Your lungs - [sighs softly] Feeling up your mind With my tongue I didn't need to know But now I need to run Tonight we roll We luck, we lunge I've been awake for deliverance Deliverance Deliver me I've been awake for deliverance Deliver me Deliver me Brynn? Brynn? Chris.
Please somebody.
Deliverance [tense music] It was a close shave, but I got it.
Ventana was suspicious.
Nearly didn't get past him.
- What is that thing anyway? - It's a security key.
Provides access to the program's source code.
It's very rare.
Only a few people have 'em at Onira-Tech.
What are you gonna do with it? I'm gonna burn the place to the ground.
[groans softly] [gentle music] Oh, hi.
[groans] Ooh.
You all right? You were pretty upset yesterday.
You were right about Oliver.
I shouldn't have gone to see him.
I won't make that mistake again.
Sounds like a good idea.
- How's Mara? - I'm not sure.
I'm gonna check in on her in a bit.
I know it's a bad time, but I have to go to my parents' house.
I'll be back first thing tomorrow morning.
If anything happens with Mara, let me know right away.
Will do.
- I'll see you.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, Alexis.
Happy Birthday.
[car beeps] [ominous music] How are you? That's a really good question.
You were right.
The program has uncovered something.
Something that was buried so deep.
Even I didn't know it was there.
I tried calling the derealizations last night.
Stood me up like a bad prom date.
They're gone.
That's that's a good thing.
Yeah, it is.
It is, um.
But I dug out some stuff about myself that, um I can't just let be.
I'm gonna talk to somebody about it, but first I need your help.
And before you say yes, you should know that it's it's probably illegal.
Why didn't you say that in the first place? [indistinct PA announcements] I'm all done with him.
- You can have him to yourselves.
- That's perfect.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
Built the environment you asked for.
It's pretty bare bones.
It's, uh, very bare bones, actually.
It'll take a while to render.
You'll know when it's ready.
You'll see the door.
What's it going to be like before it's ready? You mean inside his comatose mind? I have no idea.
You're set.
I'll be here when you come out.
[computer beeps] [intense music] Mara? What are you doing here? Hello, Ray.