Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End

1 This is bad Very bad Subaru? What's wrong? Ah, I see.
This is where they suck you in.
No Run! Hurry! Miso Natto Nah, not natto.
Wait there That'll be 363 yen.
Oh, a grooved-edge ten.
I'm going to save you I guess anyone's eyes would be tired after holing up in their room, gaming all day.
What's going on? This stuff obviously isn't fake.
Which means So does this mean I've been summoned into a parallel world?! I guess I can assume this is a fantasy world with the typical medieval-style culture.
A realm where demihumans are commonplace, and probably stuff like wars and adventures, as well.
And here, I'm Hey! Watch out! This is it! It's my turn! This must be the event where I produce my first magic! Look out! Way to go! Well done! I guess I'm not quite ready to use magic I can't read this.
Hey, boy.
Those are some weird clothes.
Are you traveling? What are these? Those are appas.
They understand me, though.
The question is Huh? What kind of money is that? You can't use that stuff in Lugunica.
That means you're flat broke, huh? Get outta here! Don't interfere with my business! There's no other way I'll just have to go around gathering information first.
This place is for demihumans only.
Ow! I can't see Is this how it's supposed to be? Wasn't I summoned into a parallel world?! Where'd my protagonist status go?! Damn it.
[Phone Menu] (1)Contacts (2)Group Search (3)Abbreviations (4)New Contacts [Contacts] City Hall Dad Mom Pizza My cell phone still works Out of Range But what's the point in having it?! And my starting gear is way too wimpy! You need a more substantial welfare program to satisfy pressure-free generation kids like me! I don't even have Excalibur or anything! And besides, if I was summoned, where's the cute girl who summoned me? Did she summon me only to leave me here alone? Hey, is she finally here?! The cute girl who summoned me What are you babbling about? If you don't wanna get hurt, cough up whatever you've got! Crap, it's a compulsory event Move it, move it! You guys! Out of my way! Here we go! Is that the cute girl who summoned me?! Summoned? I dunno what you're talkin' about, but I'm busy! Sorry! Live strong! Wait, what? What?! Hey, that didn't make you decide to be less hostile toward me, by any chance, did it? Actually, it rained on our parade and made things worse.
Yeah, of course Just calm down, Natsuki Subaru.
Since ancient times, it's the rule that anyone summoned into a parallel world will display supernatural powers! I'll mow these guys down and make them fuel for my shining future! You lumps of EXP! That's the first time I ever hit someone! I didn't expect it to hurt me that much But this world is set up so that I'll be strong! My adrenaline is surging! I've got this! I'm sorry! It was all my fault! Forgive me! Spare me! Play games with us, will you?! Die, scum! And don't think it'll be painless! That's enough.
Who the hell are you?! Stop now, and I'll let this slide.
So just graciously return what you stole.
What we stole? Now, please.
It's important to me.
I'll give up on the other stuff, but I can't let you have that.
Be good and hand it over, please.
You didn't come to save this kid? What strange clothes he has If you asked me whether I had any connection to him, I'd have to say no.
Then you've got no business with us! If someone stole from you, it was that brat who just ran by! Yeah! That way! She ran that way! Hmm They don't seem to be lying I need to go after her! But regardless of that I can't overlook what's going on here.
Magic? Mess with us, will you?! I don't care if you can use magic! I'll kill you! You think you can win when it's two against one?! Huh?! You're right.
Two against one may be unfair.
Two against two should make it fair, then.
You're a user of the spiritual arts? Correct.
Back off now and I won't come after you.
Decide quick.
I'm in a hurry.
You bitch! Next time I see you, I won't go easy on you! Do anything to her, and I'll haunt you and your kin forever.
Not that you'll have any kin if I do that.
You saved me.
Don't move.
See? You averted your eyes because you have a guilty conscience! Looks like my judgment was spot-on.
Are you sure? I think it was just an instinctive male reaction.
I didn't sense any malice at all.
You be quiet, Puck.
You know who stole my insignia from me, don't you? Uh, sorry, but I don't have the slightest idea.
Huh? Wait, it can't be! Did I really just come around the long way? You should probably hurry after her, miss.
I could help Aww, you shouldn't have tried to get up.
What should we do? It's none of our business.
He won't die.
We'll just leave him.
Really? Yes, really.
You say that, but I bet you'll still help him.
I will not! Yeah, right.
Absolutely not! I am not going to save him! She's even super cute when she's mad.
That's a parallel world fantasy for you Is my head on someone's lap? You're awake? I didn't know cute girls were this hairy Wait, that can't be right! It's just a thoughtful arrangement we made so you could at least feel happy until you woke up.
First of all, don't talk in that high voice! No sane guy confuses a cat for the main heroine! Aww, making myself bigger was worth it to see you so happy.
I'm not happy! I'm sorry about this.
You stayed with me the whole time I was unconscious Don't get the wrong idea.
I had to stay because there are things I want to ask you.
Healing your wounds and making Puck your pillow until you woke up were for my own benefit.
So I need you to repay me in kind.
For such a normal favor, you're making it sound like I really owe you big.
No such thing.
You have some idea who stole my insignia, right? Insignia? You mean one of those badge things that shows your affiliation? It has a jewel in the center, and it's about this big.
Sorry, but no matter how many times you ask me, I have no idea.
I see.
No helping that, then.
But you've given me the information that you know nothing, and you gave me my answer, in return for healing you.
Huh? Well, I'm in a hurry, so I'm going now.
Your wounds should be better now, but next time, don't do dangerous things, like wandering into deserted alleys alone.
I'm not concerned.
I'm just warning you.
If that happens to you again, saving you won't be of any benefit to me, so don't expect me to help.
Sorry about her.
She's so insincere.
Don't think badly of her.
Insincere? I think this goes beyond that.
She was in such a hurry to find what was stolen from her, yet she stopped to help me.
And she even came up with that lame excuse for a favor so I wouldn't feel like I owed her, even though I'm a total stranger.
Anyone who lives like that is gonna end up wasting their whole life! Hey! Wait up! What? Just so you know, I can only spend just a little more time with you.
I sense you're being a tiny bit lenient Forget that.
You lost something important, right? Let me help you.
But you said you don't know anything But I remember her face, at least! If I see her again, I'll know! You're very strange Just so you know, I can't do anything to thank you.
I don't need you to.
I want to thank you.
That's why I want to help.
I didn't do anything deserving of thanks.
I told you, I've already received compensation for healing your wounds.
Then I'm going to help you for my own sake, too.
My objective is Let's see Yeah! One good deed per day! I don't sense any malice.
I think you can just accept his offer.
The more shields between yourself and ruffians, the better, after all.
That's what you want me around for?! I mean it, though.
I can't do anything to thank you.
No problem.
Just leave it to me! I talked big, but isn't this town too huge to find one little thing in? It's the capital of Lugunica.
You didn't even know that, um That's right.
We haven't asked your name yet.
Should we all introduce ourselves? Oh, yeah, you're right.
I'll introduce myself first, then.
My name is Natsuki Subaru.
Not only am I clueless, I'm also broke beyond compare! Nice to meet ya! When that's all you say, you really do sound hopeless.
And I'm Puck! Nice to meet you! It's very unusual to see someone who can touch a spirit so casually.
Where are you from? Well, following the usual pattern, a small island nation to the east.
Lugunica is the easternmost nation on our continental map.
There's no nation east of here.
No way, really? There's nothing east of here? You have no idea where you are, you have no money, you can't read, and you have no one who can help you.
You might be in an even more precarious position than me, um Subaru was it? Yes, that's my name.
But when I look at you this way, you look pretty well-built.
I do work out every day.
For a shut-in who's gotta guard his house, that much is a given.
I'm not sure I understand what a "shut-in" is, but that means you're from a respectable family, right? H-Hey— Your fingers, too.
They're very pretty.
They're evidence that you don't live like a peasant at all.
And your muscles don't look like the kind you gain by working.
Uh, anyway, I know your cat's name now, but I haven't heard yours yet.
My name? Yeah.
I'm Satella.
I have no family name.
You can just call me Satella.
I see Satella That's a nice name.
You have terrible taste.
Okay, time to get back to asking around! Hey, Subaru Do you get the feeling that child is lost? Uh, but what about our questioning? That's important too, but if she's lost, we have to do something.
I'm in no place to talk after you saved me, but do you understand the position we're in? But She's crying! Is she not, Subaru? If you can't do this with me, that's fine.
Thanks for all your help, Subaru.
I'll handle it on my own from here, after I help that little girl.
I'm sorry I'm not who you were looking for.
So, what's the matter? Aren't your mom and dad with you? Um, uh Don't cry I won't do anything to you, okay? What I have here is one grooved-edge ten-yen coin.
I will now clutch it tightly in my hand.
Tight, tight, tight like that! And now Imagine that! And this is where the coin was hiding.
You can have this.
It's rare, so take good care of it.
Thank you! I see.
You got separated from your mom, huh? Hey, it'll be fine.
Just leave it to me and this young lady here.
We'll find them for you in no time.
When we do this, people who don't know us probably think we're a married couple and child, huh? How embarrassing.
At best, I can't see you as anything more than her older brother.
What makes you think I'm that much younger than you?! Oh! Mommy! Mommy! Looks like she found her.
I'm glad.
So I think we took a pretty long way around, but what benefit will you insist that you got out of this? That's easy.
Now we can continue our search with our minds at ease, right? Anyway, why did you help me? You were against the idea.
I could say I just wanted to show off my magic trick, but that would be a lie.
I told you, finding your insignia will be my one good deed for the day! Then, since you helped the little girl, isn't your one good deed over? That comeback was way too logical! Come on, it doesn't hurt to do more than one nice thing in a day, right? I just got tomorrow's out of the way.
My plan is to get a week's worth of good deeds taken care of early! Subaru, you're the type that basically wastes your whole life, aren't you? You're the last one I want saying that to me.
You're not a bad boy, though.
Why are you treating me like I'm younger than you again? I doubt there's that much difference between us.
I don't think making guesses on that will help you.
I'm a half-elf.
Now I get it.
No wonder I thought you were so cute! Elves are always beautiful, right? What? "What"? Well, I mean I'm a half-elf Yeah, I heard you.
What'd you do that for? I just had to do something about this unbearable tingle I feel! I can't accept being hit for a reason like that.
Though I'll forgive you because it was squishy.
I didn't hit you out of anger or anything.
The opposite, in fact.
Subaru, you're such a dunderhead! Dunderhead? Who says that in this day and age? And why are you insulting me? Hmph! Whatever! More importantly, we have to get back to the search.
Hey, hang on! Running around without a plan never ends well.
There's a basic rule of searches.
A basic rule of searches? Yep.
You revisit the crime scene a hundred times.
Where was your insignia stolen? So you see, it seems the crime happened right around here, so I came back to this fruit stand after valiantly telling her to leave it all to me.
What? I thought I had a customer, but it's just the broke kid? Do you really want to take that attitude? Haven't you noticed I'm not who I was before? What? Just look who I brought with me! I brought someone who just might become a regular! Um, Subaru You seem to have some weird expectations of me, but I don't have any money, either.
Huh?! Seriously? So what did you want to say to me now that I've got two broke customers, boy? We're actually looking for someone, and we hoped we could ask you some questions That was a sarcastic way of telling you I don't have time for losers with no money! Get outta here! Mister! Thanks for your help earlier.
What brings you back here? It's my husband's shop, so we were just stopping by.
Husband? Hey, there's my girl.
Wait, you know these broke losers? She got lost, and they found her.
Here, lady.
Please accept it.
She wants to thank you in her own way.
Thank you.
Sorry about that.
You helped my daughter, and I want to thank you.
You can ask for anything.
There, you see? That came back around and worked in our favor! The air, the atmosphere, and most likely, the attitudes of the people living here are awful.
Are you sure she's here? It might be that Felt girl.
You said a nimble little blond girl, right? She's well-known in the slums.
Dunno where she lives, though.
Maybe someone will tell us if we ask.
No one would sell out one of their own, so I don't think that would work.
Maybe we should come back later.
Whether you stay or leave, you should decide quickly.
I'm almost out of time.
You're what? Out of time? I have a cute appearance, but I am a spirit.
It take a lot of mana just to appear in physical form.
So at night, I return to the crystal I was summoned from and prepare for the emergence of the sun.
On average, my ideal staying time is from about nine to five.
Nine to five? You sound like a civil servant.
Employment terms for spirits are more severe than I thought We'll be fine without Puck.
We have to move forward.
But, sorry I'm at my limit It's almost like he's dying when he disappears Sorry to work you so hard, Puck.
We'll handle things from here, so get some rest.
Don't do anything reckless.
If it comes down to it, use the odo to summon me again.
Okay, take care of the rest, Subaru.
Hey, I haven't been alone with a girl since I was in grade school! Don't get any weird ideas.
I can use magic.
I won't! The bigger issue is how we should find Felt now.
I'll ask the lesser spirits.
Lesser spirits? Lesser spirits are beings that haven't become spirits yet.
They grow over time, and when they gain strength and self-awareness, they become full spirits, like Puck.
It's getting lonelier and lonelier.
Does she really live in a place like this? The lesser spirits said they saw someone who looked like Felt coming in this direction Hey, bro! Does a girl named Felt live up this way? Huh? Felt? Nothing that way but Old Man Rom's loot house.
Did Felt steal something from you guys? Well, go try and negotiate to get it back.
Live strong.
Why do I have to pay money to get back something stolen from me? Well, at any rate, leave this one to me.
I'll negotiate with him.
I'll leave it to you.
You agreed to that awfully easily The way you've been acting, I thought you'd say, "Leave this to a useless boy like you? That's so ridiculous, I'm laughing my head off!" And I'd be hurt, but still make up my mind to help you all over again.
I wouldn't say something that mean.
Of course, I'd be lying if I said you haven't been holding me back It'd be a lie?! But I'll try believing in you.
If it actually goes well, I'll consider it a bonus.
If you'd look up at me and say, "Do your best for me!" I'd feel a lot more motivated.
I can't force myself to say something like that.
But do your best.
I will.
I'll go in first.
You stay outside and keep watch.
I won't be back too late, but you can have dinner without me.
Don't say dumb things like that.
Be careful.
Sure, sure.
Don't come in until I say it's okay, Satella.
What? N-Nothing.
Never mind.
If you can get my insignia back, I'll apologize.
Excuse me Now, am I walking into a demon nest or a snake pit? In a fantasy world, either one is totally plausible This is all stolen loot? And why isn't there anyone here? A place that handles stolen goods can only afford to be so careless.
Oh, dear, you found that? Well, I have no choice, then.
Yes, I have no choice Ow, that burns Oh, crap Is all of this my blood? This is bad Very bad Subaru? What's wrong? Subaru? No Run! Hurry! Wait there I'm going to save you What's the matter, boy? You look like you saw a ghost.
What? I asked you about the appa.
The appa! Do you even have money? What? Don't "what" me! The appa! Are you buying it or not? Oh No, like I said, I'm broke beyond compare The hell? If you're just browsing, then move along.
I run a business here.
I don't have time for window-shoppers What's going on? Wasn't it just nighttime a minute ago? The wound on my belly is gone Oh, right! Satella! Damn it, didn't Puck ask me to take care of her? I have to get back to that shop! Hey, why do you look so spooked? If you don't wanna get hurt, cough up whatever you've got! You guys Did you see I was alone and decide to get revenge? Huh? What're you talking about? Are you nuts? Don't worry about it.
Just leave everything you've got on the ground and we'll let you go.
Okay, fine.
Everything I've got, huh? I'm in a hurry, so I don't even care.
Now act like a dog.
Get on all fours like a dog and howl, "Help me!" Don't get cocky, bastard! Whoa, there.
Don't underestimate a truant kid with too much free time.
After swinging a wooden sword around all the time for no reason, my grip strength is over 70 kilograms! I'm in a hurry! Don't get in my way again! Don't freak out Don't freak out, don't freak out! Am I stupid? After coming this far, I can't just leave without answers! Is anyone there? Someone Someone's in there, right? Please, answer me! Please! Shut yer trap! You tryin' to bust my door down when you don't even know the signal or password?! You're What're you all fidgety for? Are your balls chafin' ya that much? I'm not worried about the position of my privates! Don't start the conversation with potty humor! You're already interrupting my evening booze.
You'll kill me if you start talkin' about boring stuff now.
Don't drink while the sun's still up.
You'll die young.
Actually, this is a dumb question, but Have you died recently? Well, I admit I'm an old man at death's door, but I ain't really died yet.
Okay, then have you seen a girl with silver hair? Silver hair? I ain't seen anyone that conspicuous.
Was it all a dream? Then exactly how much of it was a dream, and why am I in this world? So what are you doin' here, anyway? Oh I'm looking for an insignia.
It belongs to a silver-haired girl who helped me out.
I don't know why, but it's important to her.
I think she said it had a jewel in the center.
An insignia with a jewel Sorry, but I ain't got anything like that.
Are you sure? Try to think! Maybe you're just old and senile? If I can't remember when I'm at my best, with booze in me, the only explanation is that I don't know it.
But I've got someone bringing in some goods later.
I'm told it's some fine loot.
There's a good chance it could be what you're lookin' for.
Is the one bringing it in a girl named Felt? What, you even know who swiped it? Of course, whether you'll be able to afford it is another matter.
Ha! It's no use trying to size me up.
I'm as broke as they come, after all.
Ain't no use talkin' about it, then.
No, there is the option of trading.
Now that you mention it, you've got some unusual stuff there.
That's right.
For example, this is a corn potage snack.
It's super tasty! That's food? I see! What an odd flavor! These would go great with booze! Right? Right? Hey! Don't just start eating them! Well, I dunno what you plan to trade, but you'll have to come back after Felt gets here.
Mm, that's good! I guess in any world, there are people with money, and people without.
It sure is easy to see the difference here.
Hey, what're you doing there? You're in my way.
Felt! You know me? Of course I do! I've been waiting for you! What for? Wait, are you saying you don't remember me? Have we met? You know, I'm a busy woman, so I don't remember most people I meet unless they leave a huge impression.
I'd say that was a pretty huge impression Well, forget that.
I want to negotiate for the insignia you have.
Oh, so that's it, huh? All right, I'll hear you out.
For a rat Poison.
For a white whale A harpoon.
To the noble dragon lord, we are Shitbags.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Old Man Rom.
My target was more persistent than I thought.
It took a while to shake them.
Hey, Old Man Rom, did you water down this milk? It's nasty.
Hey, I give you something outta the goodness of my heart, and you call it gross? You two are closer than I had either hoped or expected.
I'm feeling left out over here.
Don't talk like a wuss when you've got a face almost as scary as Old Man Rom's.
People have said many things to me, but you tell me I can compete with this old guy?! Okay, I went too far that time.
Sorry, Bro.
You two aren't in some conspiracy to try to piss me off, are you? Okay, well, why don't we get down to business? How much will you pay for it? You don't waste time Before I answer that, you do have the insignia, right? Of course I do.
See? This one's got a jewel in it, so I had to work pretty hard to get it.
If you can pay enough to match my effort, we'll both be happy.
I have no money.
Then we have nothing to discuss! Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I don't have money, but I have things worth money.
What I have here is a magical device that can stop time for everyone, everywhere: a "cell phone"! What's that? Never seen one of those before.
Take this! Nine shots per second: Continuous Shot! Whoa! Hey! What's that sound?! And that was too bright! Are you tryin' to kill me?! Don't you go makin' light of this old man with dodgy tricks like that! Now, hold on.
Is this Them's me and Felt's faces.
What sort of magic is that? I told you, it's a mystical item that can freeze a moment in time.
With this, you can capture moments in time and store them in here.
I see! That is amazing! Never seen the like.
Is that one of the "metia" I've been hearing about lately? "Metia"? It's the name for devices that lets people who haven't opened the gate use magic, like real magic users.
I'm more concerned with the price.
What can I get out of this metia? Well, it's my first time using a metia, too.
But I'd say there's no doubt it'll fetch more than that insignia.
Then that settles it! This cell phone for the insignia! Negotiations complete! Hey! Nope.
Not yet.
Why not?! You're not the only one I'm negotiating with for this.
Huh? Besides, I nabbed this insignia because I was asked to.
My client told me I could get ten holy coins for it.
You already had a deal with the one you stole it for? I don't know what ten holy coins would be worth, but That metia you've got would be worth at least twenty holy coins No, there are probably fanciers out there who'd pay more for a thing like that.
Really?! That means I can get away with overcharging for it! So, when and where are you meeting your client? Don't worry.
Negotiations will be held here.
If a little thing like me dealt with them alone, I'd be sunk if a client decided to bilk on me.
But I don't have to worry with Old Man Rom here.
Do they know the password? Oh, I didn't mention it.
That's probably for me.
I'll go check.
You're okay with letting her use you like that? Well, it ain't like we're total strangers.
I've known her a long time, so I'll help her out.
You know, even I have to give a wry chuckle at the sight of someone looking like such a barbarian.
Well, look at where we are.
Everyone around here is desperate just to survive.
It's common for youngsters to join forces with others in similar situations to keep themselves alive.
But Felt ain't cut out for that.
That's why I gotta look out for her.
I was right.
It was for me.
Over here.
Care to sit down? There seem to be several outsiders here.
Well, I'd be in trouble if you bilked on me.
We weaklings have our own brand of smarts.
I know this older fellow, but who's the young man? This guy's your rival.
He's the other person negotiating with me.
I see.
I understand the situation now.
So that means you two will be bidding against each other.
I don't really care who gets the insignia, so I'll sell it to the highest bidder.
I think I like that personality of yours.
So how much did this young man bid? I'm putting up this metia.
It's a rare item, probably the only one of its kind in this world.
That muscleman tells me it's worth no less than twenty holy coins.
A metia As it happens, the client sent me with some extra funds.
Just so I'd be prepared to sweeten the deal.
The client So you were asked to fetch it, too? That's right.
The client is the one who wants it.
Would you happen to be in the same business? Being in the same business as me would mean they're unemployed! So, this unemployed guy has named a price that puts him far in the lead.
What price is your master putting on it? Twenty exactly.
These are all the holy coins my employer sent with me.
Is it not quite enough? You're a man! Don't make that pathetic face! I told you, your metia is worth no less than twenty As I see it, victory in this deal is leaning toward the boy.
Sorry for you and your employer, but you'd better bag up those coins and leave.
Yes! Wh-What? What's wrong with a little victory pose? I'm psyched! No one said anything.
Go as crazy as you want.
I don't care, as long as I get my profit.
Uh, sorry, Elsa-san.
You'll probably get in trouble, huh? It can't be helped.
It was my employer's fault for trying to underpay.
Well, this deal ended in disappointment for me, but I'll be taking my leave now.
By the way, what do you intend to do with that insignia? Oh, I'm going to find its owner and return it to her.
Oh You're with them, then.
Wh-What? Do you want to die?! Oh, my.
You dodged my strike.
This is my first battle to the death with a giant! Quiet, little girl! I'll grind you up and feed you to the rats! This is bad! Don't worry.
There's no way Old Man Rom will lose.
Take this! Old Man Rom! Damn it! I forgot to say I can at least take you with me! Thank you for the milk.
I'll return this.
You bitch How dare you? Oh? It seems you have more courage than your friend there.
But if you resist, you might very well get hurt.
I'll kill you, even if you don't fight back, you psychopath! If you move around, my hands might slip.
I'm quite rough at handling blades, you see.
Sorry you got caught up in this.
I-I Blessing of the Wind.
How wonderful.
I can see you are loved by this world.
I envy you! The old man and the girl have fallen, yet you aren't moving.
Have you given up? D-Damn it Ah, you finally stood up.
It's less fun since you took so long, but still, not bad.
It's no use, though.
I can see you're a novice, and your movements are rough.
You have no blessings or techniques.
I'd hoped I could squeeze wisdom out of you, but you lack that, too.
Shut up! I do have my pride! After you put me through all this I do acknowledge that you have extraordinary determination.
If only you could've done that sooner, things might have gone differently for these two.
I think it's time to end this.
I'll send you to meet the angels.
Ah I certainly felt that one.
Are you surprised? I opened up your belly when we passed by one another.
This is the one thing I excel at.
As I thought Your guts have such a lovely color! It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts Does it hurt? Are you suffering? It doesn't hurt? In pain? Sad? Do you want to die? Die? Am I dead? Am I still alive? When will I die? When will I die? Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared! I'm scared! I'm scared! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Yes, you're slowly losing body heat You're slowly growing cold Oh I'm dead.
What's the matter, boy? You look like you saw a ghost.
Boy? You okay? I have no idea what's going on anymore Are you okay, boy? Here, forget about the money.
Just take these.
Hey Wait Wait! Please, wait! Wait! Satella! Please don't ignore me! My dying and not doing what you said were my fault! But I was desperate! I went back to the loot house after that, but I couldn't find you I'm sorry for only thinking of myself.
But I'm glad you're all right, Satella.
What are you thinking? I don't know who you are, but don't call me by the name of the Jealous Witch! What are you thinking?! The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End