Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (2016) s01e17 Episode Script

Disgrace in the Extreme

1 Subaru-kun! Wh-What happened? What the hell is going on?! Subaru-kun, stay down.
We've lost our Windbreak protection! You didn't know? Only one being with such a huge body can fly through fog! The White Whale! Rem, do you see the White Whale? I cannot! It's too dark! What happened to the other carriages? They seem to have scattered.
But I do not know where they have fled! Damn it! After we finally found some transportation Run past it, to the left! Left, left, left, left, left, left, left! Eat this! D-Did you get it? It didn't work.
Wh-Why is it targeting us? There are other carriages out there! Complaining won't change anything! Think Think, think! We need a way out! Isn't there something? Anything, anything, anything?! Subaru-kun Please accept this.
Did you come up with something? I shall get off the carriage and intercept it.
In the meantime, you escape the fog.
Otto-sama, please take care of Subaru-kun.
He has the payment we promised you.
P-Payment? That's the least of our problems now! We have to stay alive first! Subaru-kun, I am not very smart, so this is the only plan I can think of.
Please H-Hold on, Rem! I won't let you! I won't let you go! If If you also die, I'll I believe I was born for this very moment.
What are you talk— What did you It will be all right.
I shall be watching over you from behind, always.
Where's Rem? Natsuki-san, you're awake? Please don't move.
The ground dragon's still running at full speed! I don't have time to worry about you! I don't care about that! Where's Rem? What happened to Rem? Answer me, Otto! What happened to Rem?! So we could escape, she jumped out of the carriage to intercept the White Whale.
Go back.
Huh?! I said to go back! We have to We have to save Rem! Go back right now! Wh-What good will that do? Didn't you see how terrifying that monster, the White Whale, is? That would be suicide! I saw the monster up close! That's why I'm telling you to go back! Have you gone insane?! You want to squander the hope that she left us? Don't you dare talk about Rem! You abandoned her You have no right to talk about her! Go back! You still don't understand how terrifying the White Whale is?! When a punitive force, assembled by Lugunica, set out to subjugate it, that monster killed the first Master Swordsman! There's no way we can win! It killed the Master Swordsman? I'm weak, and you are, too.
So there's no way we can save that girl.
But I know Rem isn't actually strong, either.
For now, we were fortunate to escape it.
But in this mist, there's no telling when it'll show up again.
Otto, watch what you say! Eh? What do you mean, Natsuki-san? Don't talk like this is some game! We were "fortunate"?! You must be joking Do you know how Rem felt when she— Who is Rem? Huh? There wasn't anyone with that name among the merchants who broke off from us.
Who are you talking about? What do you think you're doing?! Cut the crap You talk about how Rem let us escape, and then ask who she is? Do you have a death wish?! I'm telling you, I don't know what you're talking about Why are you suddenly talking like this? Did seeing the White Whale make you lose your mind? Why? Why? Why is it so persistent? I thought we'd left it behind! Why is it only after us? Even in this darkness Why? Rem Is Is there some mark it's following?! It can't be.
That monster, the White Whale It's a mabeast, too? Then, it's being drawn to me? No way.
Rem, I No It's my fault! Natsuki-san, please die.
Huh? It's all your fault! I-It's following us because of you! T-Take responsibility! Die! Die, so that I can live! I don't wanna die No I don't wanna die Help I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die! No! No! Help me! No! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die Huh? Rem Rem, forgive me.
You're Where is he? Where's Otto? I see Let's go.
The forest? Huh? Subaru? It is Subaru! What happened to you, Subaru? You're a mess, Subaru.
You stink! You guys I wasn't too late this time? Subaru? Rem— Why are you so eagerly touching me, Barusu? I understand that, after a few days away, you're happy to see me.
But don't instinctively jump on me like that.
It's indecent.
Oh Yeah, that's right So, Barusu, tell me what happened.
You were in terrible shape.
Your dislocated shoulder, split forehead, and broken ribs have been mended.
But if you move too much, they'll reopen I've discarded your muddy, blood-soaked clothes.
Oh, thanks.
The one who healed my wounds It was Emilia-sama.
She didn't tell me what happened in the capital between you two.
I'm not interested.
Judging by her reaction, I'm sure you did something you shouldn't have.
That's harsh.
I think it's an appropriate assessment.
Perfect for a loser, afraid to approach the heart of the matter, who'd do anything to put it off a little.
Rem is dead.
I couldn't do anything.
The fog the White Whale appeared on the road.
So, to cover my escape, Rem But I was left alone in the fog.
And Barusu Rem Who is that? Huh? Who is Rem, Barusu? Wh-What do you mean, "who"? Don't be ridiculous Sh-She's your younger sister! You know, Rem! Rem Rem! This is no time for— I have no younger sister.
Don't say that! If not for Rem That's right! What would you call that whole mess in the mabeast forest?! You, Rem, and I fought those mabeasts and— Something is seriously wrong with you, Barusu.
I hate to admit it, but you were half-responsible for the ulgarm eradication.
Roswaal-sama and I handled the rest.
This long-lost sister you call "Rem" has no place in it.
That's not funny.
Even for a nightmare, this doesn't make sense! I am always serious.
You must be the one who's dreaming.
Dreaming Dreaming? Dreaming?! That's bull! Barusu, you shouldn't stand— Shut up! Just Just be quiet and watch! It can't be Barusu, are you satisfied? Rem isn't No such person has ever lived in this room.
Go back to your room and sleep.
Your exhaustion is making you confused.
All I have to do is run away, run away, run away.
What good will running do? Lend me your courage, Rem! Subaru? Why did you come back? Let's go.
We can't stay here! Go? Where? No Why? Anywhere that isn't here! If you have to ask why, I'd say, "For your sake.
" I came back for you! That again, Subaru? You came back, covered in wounds, and worried me to death.
Weren't you in the capital so Felis could treat you? Why are you here now? If If you protest, I'll drag you away, if I must! In a few days, you'll see I was right, whether you want to or not! So just Wait! Wait, Subaru! What happened to you? You weren't this kind of person before.
I thought you And yet— Just be quiet, and do as I say! You can't stay here! You'll regret it You will! No one will be saved.
I don't want to suffer and cry anymore! Just do as I say! Then everything will work out! It will! Why doesn't anyone understand?! I'm sorry.
I don't understand what you're saying I want to.
But right now, I'm not sure I have time for that.
There's so much I need to do.
So for now It won't work.
It won't work.
You won't work.
You'll fail! You can't do it.
It's no use.
You're all talk! You can't save anyone, or be saved! You'll keep acting rashly and unreasonably, until you see as many corpses as the number of your reckless decisions! That is your future! Why? Why are you crying, as if you're in such pain? After After she sent me here No, after she brought me here, there's There's something I must do for Rem's sake Rem? You, too? You've forgotten Rem, too? Subaru? Fine, I'll tell you everything If you all are going to forget Rem, I'd rather expose everything and end up vomiting blood! If you're coming for me, then come.
I'll gladly give you my beating heart! Emilia Yes? I can use Return by Death to— What was that about? Usually Huh? Emilia? Don't Wha— Huh? You have the look of someone who believes he's the world's most unfortunate soul.
Beatrice Bubby won't come out, I suppose.
Don't worry.
Bubby won't die, I suppose.
He just returned to his original form for now.
You have something you want to say, I suppose? Please kill me.
Right here.
You would ask me to kill you? That's too cruel, I suppose.
You understand nothing.
You understand nothing at all.
Huh? Beatrice? I won't grant any of your wishes, I suppose.
If you want to die, then die on your own.
Betty wants no part of it, I suppose.
What are you Everything is already hopeless, but your staying here is a problem.
I will, at least, protect the mansion, I suppose.
Beatrice? Betty is not like Roswaal.
Even if it would secure a future for me, I've had enough of pain, suffering, fear Everything, I suppose! At least die where I can't see you, I suppose.
Emilia Sorry I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry Someone Anyone Please kill me! I've been waiting for you, believer in love.
Betelgeuse My, my, my The one you clutch to your chest there wouldn't be the half-devil girl, would it? How diligent you are! Before we could even act, you took the half-devil's life, in the Ordeal's name! I'm diligent? That's right! You are diligent! Fantastic! Still Unable to overcome even one Ordeal, much less to confront one of the sins, and after all that waiting She trips over the first pebble in her path, and it's over Ah, you are truly slothful You saw the Unseen Hand just now? No That's bad.
This isn't right! It's all wrong! It's a mistake! A mistake! My Authority The Authority of Sloth My Unseen Hand, which love granted to me No other can be allowed to see it! You held her, as if she were terribly precious to you But when the half-devil's body is torn apart, how beautifully will you cry? Stop Stop! Please stop! What are you doing? What are you doing to my daughter, you scum? Disgrace in the Extreme