RFDS (2021) s02e04 Episode Script


Hang on. Hold up.
What are you doing?
It's just a little good-luck charm.
- Your Nomad?
- It got me through a few scrapes.
- Good to be back.
- Yeah.
So what's her deal?
She was here, and then she
wasn't, and now she's here again.
Oh, honey, the drama.
I was going to tell you.
- So how far along are you?
- Maybe ten weeks.
It's gonna to change everything.
Totally handbrake our careers.
Why don't we just wait and see?
I had things going on. I told you that.
To me, it felt like a
pretty clear exit strategy.
You could have trusted me.
Hey, isn't it almost two?
You've got to go to your
appointment with Chaya.
I don't have one.
I thought we had a deal, Cameron.
(ON PHONE) Hi, Dr. Stanley from
RFDs Clinical Governance calling here
in regard to the failed airway at
White Cliffs Rodeo a few weeks ago.
I just wanted to inform you
a critical incident review.
What are you all doing here?
- How do you feel?
- Lucky.
She hates surprises.
Everybody hates surprises
until they get surprised.
She only had surgery two weeks ago.
Exactly. That's why she needs good
vibes now more than ever. Right?
What's the BPM on this
thing? Bubbles per minute.
Is Pete here?
What's that for?
That is for Leonie's surprise
party. What do you reckon?
- Eh.
- Come on. It's the big five-oh.
- Told ya.
- Try and help me out here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any chance we could talk?
Yeah. Just give us a second.
MATTY: OK. I'll take that as a yes.
That's two thirds, please. Taylor.
GRAEME: What are you doing here?
You should be legs up on
the couch watching telly.
There's too many shows
and ginger tea's depressing.
Plus there's a bit of housekeeping
I wanted to address in person.
Eliza and I got a call from
Clinical Governance yesterday
about the incident
review into White Cliffs,
and she may have
already told some of you,
but they've asked for Eliza to run it.
Given she wasn't involved
and her expertise,
plus her experience at the base,
Wayne and I think it's a good idea.
Bloody oath.
Yeah. Yep. Totally.
I'm heading into a Section Meeting.
Think on it. Any issues, let me know.
- Yeah, OK, that lady needs a party.
- Right.
Hey, sure you don't want the
Maxolon? Help the vomiting?
No. It makes me drowsy.
I haven't heard anything yet, have you?
Nuh. Genetic testing
takes a couple of days.
It's all good. Just the rest
of our lives are waiting on it.
Yeah. Bloody hell.
Between the munchies and
you spewing all night
Yeah. You must be on the yarn
or you're up the duff, eh?
What? Am I right? I'm going
to be a proud uncle again.
Alright, I gotta go.
- Hey, I'm driving you.
- No.
- Do you want me to
- I'm good. I feel like the ride.
- See you, Timmy.
What? It's yours, isn't it?
Why do you have to be up in
our business all the time?
Why, doesn't she want it?
- I don't know. I think she does.
- Do you want it?
I wasn't that great
the first time around.
What, you plan on going
back to medical school?
What if this time I'm here,
but I'm not really, like, here.
Look, this isn't about
another one of your exams.
It's not about a pass or bloody fail.
It's about you: what you
want. Do you want to try again?
I'm thinking like a curtain
of bubbles on the D floor.
- What do you reckon?
- Bit of a slip hazard.
What have we got?
Skydiving accident at Orkney.
52-year-old student.
35-year-old teacher.
Blown off course.
Potential spinal injuries.
It's 25 knots out there. What
are they doing jumping in this?
Flirting with a lawsuit, I'd say.
And apparently the teacher's
ended up on top of him.
I'm no skydiver, but isn't
that, you know, frowned upon?
Well, you'd say so.
We're going to need the pelvic
binder, vac mat, ultrasound,
two units of blood,
cryo, the kitchen sink.
Oh, and it's rough terrain.
So it's not going to be easy
lugging it all in and out.
Well, I can give you guys a hand.
Oh, no, no. We should be right.
The Res guys are out there so
What, don't don't look
a pack horse in the mouth.
Yeah, I can carry a kit.
- Can you not?
- What?
Treat me like a patient.
Nothing's changed.
It kind of has, Mirs.
Not until we make a decision, it hasn't.
I think we should tell Graeme.
It's a health and safety issue.
I'm pregnant, not narcoleptic.
I know that.
You want me to be doing
paperwork all year?
- No, but the nausea is
- Yeah, it's fine. It's under control.
- You're going to need support anyway, yeah.
- I don't need support.
I just need the genetic
test results to come through
so we can make a decision.
OK, we are all good to go.
Are we all good to go?
Yep. Secure the cabin for
takeoff and do it well
It's going to be rough.
So I'm not sure Pete
is entirely comfortable
with the whole review thing.
He said he was.
Rather like it was at gunpoint.
You OK?
Dry eyes.
So what's the issue?
Do you think he still
has feelings for you?
- Uh, no. No, but
- Do you have feelings for him?
So what's the conflict?
I just think that I should talk
to him one-on-one before I decide.
OK, well, let me know
as soon as you can.
You know, the dryness can
be caused by the androgen
I already got a doctor, thank you.
Couldn't just get a cushy
job in the Day Procedure Unit,
could you, Matty? No,
had to work for the sexy flying doctors?
Oi, hey. You right?
Yeah, I'm good.
Yeah, I'm all good too.
Thanks, Wayne, thanks for that.
Thanks for asking.
See, that's why you
don't skydive in 25 knots.
- Are you the instructor?
- Yeah.
- You OK?
- Yeah. Fine.
Well, that's good.
- Hey, how are we going?
- Good.
This is Brad. Pulse is 80, SATs are 98.
Nice job.
G'day, Brad. I'm Dr. Yates with
the RFDS. How are you doing?
I've had better birthdays.
- Oh, it's your birthday.
- Happy birthday.
Yeah, if your kids get you a
skydive as a present, think twice.
Alright, well, let's get you
out of here for some cake, yeah.
Let's get him out of this
wind over to that tree.
- Nice, easy lift on three. OK.
- Yep. Got it.
Alright, here we go. Let's pop
him down nice and gently, please.
Matty, let's check his head and neck.
Do you know how high
up you landed on him?
It's kind of a blur.
Um, up higher, I guess.
It hard to focus with
all that wind, huh?
I'm sorry, mate.
That gust came out of nowhere.
You couldn't predict it?
Well, the Bureau could.
In fact, they did.
Mira, Can you grab us
a hard collar, please?
Who's that?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where are you off to?
Off to see Robin. Actually,
at the Wellbeing Centre.
- Judge Robin?
- Yeah.
How is she?
I don't know. She's been
a bit quiet since Ged died,
so I've convinced her
to come in and see Chaya.
Well, that's good.
Well, give her my love.
Alright, will do.
I just wanted to check about
this whole Incident Review,
whether there's any weirdness.
Well, yeah. I mean, it is
all a bit weird, isn't it?
But what the hell? You might as
well investigate my cock ups, too.
Who says it's a cock up?
I guess that'll be you.
You do know that this
is about an incident,
not about a single clinician?
- I don't know.
- Morning.
Hiya, Chaya.
- Sorry, that just came out.
Um, excuse me.
RFDS, Dr. Harrod speaking.
- Are you good to head over?
- Yeah. Yep.
Sorry. Did you say that you
wanted me to treat an emu?
I'm just going to press on your belly.
You let me know if it hurts, OK, Brad?
- Yeah.
- Alright. Here we go.
I can't feel that either.
Can you move your legs or
wiggle your toes for me?
Alright. Log roll to
check the spine, please.
One, two, three.
- That hurt?
- No.
Alright, back down, please. Very gently.
There we go.
Am I paralysed?
I think there is some damage
to your spinal cord, mate,
but I don't know how
bad or how permanent, OK.
Let's keep you nice and still till
we get back and figure it all out.
- Alright?
- Yeah.
Give us a second.
Can I give you that?
Unstable vertebral
fracture with hypertension.
You reckon spinal shock?
Yeah, but I think the bradycardia
is masking hypovolemic shock
from a pelvic fracture as well.
So let's get a unit of blood
through once the saline's in
and I'll get this binder on.
- How's his spine going to go in the turbulence?
- Not great.
The cord might not
be completely severed,
but any movement could cut through it.
Can we not wait for the front to pass?
We could except I think he's
got a nasty pelvic bleed as well.
So if he doesn't get to Theatre, ASAP,
the spinal damage isn't going to matter.
But if we're not moving,
we're not treating.
So let's get this
binder on festina lente.
This is what you do,
hey, you play with Lego?
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
My two year Master's degree
was about how to build Lego.
You know you'd do well
with a bit of play therapy?
Any time.
If this review goes bad,
could you lose your job.
No, it's not about that.
Eliza is going to look at all
the factors across the board.
So Eliza is going to
be interviewing you.
Why? What's wrong with Eliza?
Nothing. She's as
experienced as they get.
Geez, mate, you get
around a bit, don't you?
Oh, what's this? Are
you following me now?
Follow Chaya this time, actually.
Didn't want to be late for me 1:00.
Oh, well, I've got a couple
of people to see before then,
but, you know, make yourself at home.
So what have we got?
Uh, as far as I can tell, they've
hit an emu on their motorbike.
I'm glad I'm not the only one
taking out of the wildlife.
So what you really think
about me doing this review?
I think real friends kick you
in the arse when you need it.
Yeah, well, hopefully it
won't come to an arse kicking.
So what am I in for? Same
head shrinking as usual.
Well, that depends. What's the usual?
You know, in the past
four weeks about how often
did you feel cracked in the head?
One, none of the time,
two, a bit of the time,
three, some of the time.
- Oh, so you've done this before?
- Mate,
I've had bipolar since I was
17. I've been locked up twice.
Oh, that's That's good
stuff. Don't waste it on me.
Plus, Chaya is not your regular psych.
- I'll be back in a second.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, sorry I missed your call.
We had a prop strike, but I'm
almost done. Have I missed you?
I'm actually at work at the
moment. Can I try you later?
Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, I've missed you.
I miss you, too. Bye.
Long distance, eh?
- Give me your phone. I want to call him back.
- No.
You going to tell him
about us? Or should I?
Cameron Archer. I just
had a no-show. You ready?
Alright. Let's do this.
K10 or whatever it's called.
Well, yeah, we can do
the Kessler, if you like,
but I was actually thinking darts.
Unless you're scared.
I'll leave you to it.
Hey, mob, Ursula, welcome to 12 Mile.
You're Mira's friend.
We met at the ball.
Sorry. A lot of people there.
Oh. I'm Eliza. Doctor.
It's really beautiful here.
Yeah. Hands off.
I know you English like to
claim things that aren't yours.
This is Clifford. He was
driving and he's hurt his wrist.
Hi, Clifford. How are you feeling?
You alright? Does your hand hurt?
I'm going to need you to make a fist.
And where's the second patient?
Auntie Doreen. She felt
sick, so she stayed out there.
Do you know what her injuries are?
Her what hurt?
- Her head.
- Right.
Could you ask him if
there was much bleeding?
He understands you. He's just shy.
Oh. Was there a lot of blood or
did you see a bump on her head?
A little bit.
Right. I'm going to need to
see her as soon as possible.
Jane, can you please take over?
Um, Ursula, any chance that
you can take me out to see her?
- You mob right, eh?
- Yeah, we're right.
Seven. Oh, come on.
Is this some kind of hustle,
Dr. Chaya? You can't be this bad.
You wait. Next time, ping pong.
Jesus. I wouldn't have
driven 150ks just to flog you.
- Mmm.
- 11.
So why did you drive 150ks?
Honestly, Taylor wanted me to.
- 12.
- And why do you think that is?
I guess she thinks I'm muddled up.
- About the accident?
- Yeah, I suppose.
What number am I at again? 13?
- 15?
- 13.
- But you don't feel muddled up.
- I'm sure you read my file.
Yeah, but I want to hear it from you.
I'm always muddled up.
Let's inflate this back
mat and get him on board.
How's this wind? Got
to be 35 knots at least.
Too high to take off?
Only if it's crosswinds. But
we should be fine for now.
Wayne, BP's dropped, 65 systolic.
Alright. He needs vasopressors
as well as the fluids.
So let's start him on some
Norad, aiming for a map of 70.
All the best with it.
Hey, where are you going?
Oh, I'm parked over there.
No, mate. You got to wait here
and give a police statement.
- They're on their way.
- Like hell.
Hey. Oi! Oi.
- What are you doing?
- I'm good. I'm good.
- Look, just sit still for a moment.
- OK. OK.
You, sit down or I'll sit you down.
- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Just Just go and look
after Brad. Get him on board.
We need to leave before
these winds change.
Hey, did I miss Oh, sorry. I
didn't know you were still going.
No, that's alright. We were
just finishing up here anyway.
Um Call it a draw?
Draw? Yeah, I see what's going on here.
Good game.
- See ya.
- Take it easy, man.
Just wanted to check how
Robin was. She still here?
What, did I miss her?
- Oh, no, she never showed.
- What?
Yeah, I called her. She didn't answer.
Well, yeah, I'm free from now.
So did you want to,
maybe, go check in on her?
Yeah. Alright.
- Ooh. How far away is this site?
- Not far.
- How long?
- Not long.
And she's your auntie?
Nah, respect, why they call her
that? Because she's an elder.
We're actually related through skin
name, and through my cousin's side.
What's a skin name?
(LAUGHS) We don't have
long enough for that.
I think it's lovely that
you know all your relations.
I only have one cousin
and I haven't spoken to him
since his 18th birthday in about 1997.
Been here a while then?
Oh, no. I was here and then I left.
And then I came back a few weeks ago.
- Why is that?
- It's a good question, actually.
Must be a man, eh, or what?
Oh, no.
Not entirely.
What do you think is
going on between those two?
Taylor and the Sundance Kid.
You mean a young woman doing her job?
Is she not allowed to have male friends?
Oh, it's not his gender
I have an issue with.
You were right. She's definitely
not your regular shrink.
I told you. You heading back now?
I actually got a few
things to do in town,
so I was thinking of hanging
around a couple of nights.
- Did you book a follow up?
- What?
What, you think one consult
is going to change anything?
Hey. Is that what I am to
you: a problem to solve?
No. No, that's not what I meant.
I just mean that, I don't
know, you're my client.
Client? Jesus, you gotta
buy a fella a drink first.
Come on. You know I like you.
Hey, I don't know if you're,
like, busy, or whatever,
but tomorrow night we're
having a party for Leonie
if you want to come.
OK. It's a date.
No, it's not. It's a birthday
party. As friends. As mates. Idiot.
Righto. If you insist, 'mate'.
- You're uninvited.
- Nuh, too late now.
Just a couple of mates hanging out.
So how did her husband die?
I couldn't get him in for a checkup
and then lost him to a STEMI.
Tried to revive him
on board but no luck.
I'm sorry. That's awful.
Hey, Rob, it's Pete.
You there, Rob?
- Might've gone into town.
- Ute's still here.
She could've taken the cruiser, I guess.
- Rosie.
Come here, girl.
Hey. Where's Mum?
Hey, Rosie.
What is it?
Um I don't know.
- Oh.
- Oh, Rob. You OK?
- Hey, how did you get here?
- Hey. You OK?
It's just My foot's stuck.
- Um, alright.
- Ow.
Ow, yep, it's pretty sore.
- Alright, just nice and still.
- Oh.
I'll go grab the gear.
- Yep.
- Ah.
- Alright, let's try and turn it the other way.
- OK.
- Can I have this finger?
- Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
OK. Alright. So, head,
neck, chest seem good.
SATs 99, Heart rate 85. She's
a little bit hypertensive.
It could be a bleed.
Right, Rob, I might get
you down on your back.
- Can you see where Wayne's at?
- Yep.
You're right. That's
it. Just nice and gentle.
- Oh.
- You're right. There we go.
Chuck this under you. You alright?
OK, I'm just going to
check your belly for you.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
What were you doing up there?
Patching the roof. Ged'd be laughing.
He deals with ten years of drought
and I'm done in by a bit of rain.
Why don't you get Ruffy to help you?
I let him go. I couldn't
keep him on anymore.
- So who's out here with you now?
- Just me.
Oh, alright. You might have
a bit of bleeding there, Rob.
We're going to have to get you
into hospital for a better look.
I'm alright. I'm alright.
I don't need to go in.
You sound like someone I know.
Wayne's not available.
Try Eliza and Graeme?
Beautiful Eliza. Did she come back?
- Hey. Yeah.
- You two shacked up yet or what?
Now you just rest, Rob.
I'll I'll give them a try.
Yeah, I'll see what Leonie can do.
- Hello.
Hey. Sorry to bother
you. You got a second?
I'm just here with Robin.
She's fallen off the roof.
Oh, my God. Is she alright?
Yeah. Right flank
tenderness and bruising.
Hypotensive. It could be a kidney bleed.
Mira and Wayne are full up.
Is there any chance you and
Graeme could swing by Angwilla?
I'm still at 12 Mile.
How long for, do you reckon?
That's a really good
question. Ursula, how far now?
- Not far now.
- Really couldn't say.
- Oh, there they are.
- Pete, I have to go.
But I'll talk to Graeme and
give you a call back later. OK?
Where's Doreen?
- Where's Auntie Dor?
- She's gone. With Aunt Daisy up river.
Oh, she's gone back to the campsite.
Women must have come and picked her up.
How did she seem?
You gonna answer the lady doctor.
She's been sick.
How far is the campsite?
In minutes, I mean.
- About 45.
- Right.
Here, come on, get in.
I'll just let the pilot
know we're going to be late.
Eliza and Graeme are still at 12 Mile.
Did you have any luck with Leonie?
Nothing for at least four hours.
She's got an ambo from Cobar.
What do you reckon, Rob? How
about a road trip into town?
I don't want any fuss. I'm OK.
Are you really going to give me
that, after what happened to Ged?
Because I don't want to have to
make the same call to your kids
that I made to you.
What about Rosie?
Don't worry about Rosie. I'll
get Ruffy to pick Rosie up.
I just
I've barely left the
station since Ged died.
I can't face people without him.
Well, we're not leaving
without you, Rob.
And that's Auntie Doreen
with the yellow jacket.
Hi, hon.
Hey, this is the lady doctor from
the RFDS come to check you out.
Hi. My name is Eliza.
- Is it alright if I have a look at your head?
- Yep.
Thank you.
Oh. OK. OK.
Now, can I just shine
a little light in your
How do I say 'eyes'?
OK, just look straight ahead at me.
Has there been any
dizziness or sickness?
Doreen, your (SPEAKS
but I really want to take you
to hospital to have some scans.
It could be serious if you don't.
I don't understand.
She could have a brain injury, and
these things can worsen overnight.
Yeah, well, she just
wants traditional healing.
Elders don't trust hospitals.
People go in and they don't come back.
They think they're
being sent there to die.
Plus, back in the old days,
bad things had happened.
Kids would get taken away.
Also, elders are the most
stubborn people on earth.
So what's that?
Emu bush.
The oil is good, strong medicine.
And the smoke is cleansing, to
keep bad spirits and illness away.
Good healing for the spirit
and the mind and for the injury.
You see the lemongrass
for the headdress
see sister girls making there,
and that lemongrass tea is
like aspirin for headaches.
How long does it take?
It's a process. Can't rush it.
Well, my shift ended an hour ago.
And if she won't come in, then
I'll stay here to monitor her.
- Really?
- Yeah. You can't rush it.
If you're going to stay here,
then I'm going to get dinner ready.
I'll prep the stretcher in
case I can change her mind.
Good luck.
Oh, my God. What is that?
Dinner. Shame to waste a good feed.
Here, you girls. Come and grab it.
- Oh, oh. This is hectic.
- Yeah.
- Do you want suction?
- No, the bag. You sit. I've got it.
You're OK. Here we go.
- Matty, four more of Ondans.
- Yep.
Wayne, I'm going to need
seatbelts on for landing.
Yeah, one second. You're OK, Brad.
- Matty, grab me the blanket.
- Yep.
I can go into a holding pattern.
Nuh, let's just get there.
- Feeling better, Brad?
- Yeah.
- Wayne?
- Yep. Hang on.
- Oh! Shit.
- Are you OK?
Yep. No. He hit his head.
No, no, I'm OK. I'm OK.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Let's just get there.
She asleep?
Yeah, she's out.
- I'll head in with the ambos.
- I'm fine to drive back myself.
I should have told you. I'm sorry.
It was a one-time thing. It really was.
Right, that a patient
200ks away knew about.
Did you not tell me because
you still have feelings for her?
- No.
- Is this why her running the review
has been such a problem?
No. I don't. And it isn't.
- Grae.
- Hello, Tiger.
Eliza is hanging at 12
Mile. Told me to come to you.
My ETA is about 20.
If you're ready to scoop and
run, we can beat the next front.
Fuck. Uh I didn't check, did I?
I called Cobar direct,
and we're already roaded.
How far away are you?
Oh, almost at the highway.
I'm so sorry. I
What happened to better communication?
I know. I'm sorry.
We're turning around now.
There you go, Rob. You're all set.
Thank you.
Hey, just watch out for
roos on your drive back.
- How are we looking?
- Sorry, mate, crosswinds now.
Got to wait for it to turn before we go.
You doing OK?
Hey, me?
Don't worry about me, Rob.
Can I ask you something?
Are you out there because
you want to be or
are you out there for Ged?
If I let go of the farm,
it's like he was never here.
Maybe it was Ged
that knocked you off.
Telling you to slow down, look
out for yourself for change.
Has it gotten any easier for you
since Nate and Rhiannon died?
Nah. Not really.
They're not called Jack cakes.
They're called Johnny cakes.
I'll show you how to make 'em one day.
I'd really love that.
Yeah, that'd be good.
You like some emu steak?
Oh, yes, please. Oops.
Thank you.
Oh, we're all getting hungry here.
It's not too tough?
- It's delicious.
- Good.
- You're mad.
- You are.
I'm mad.
I'm not the one who put an
emu in the back of the troopy.
You got to fry it, eh.
So you staying or what?
Wayne's run off his feet. Poor bugger.
Be nice to, like, get to know a doctor.
We get a new doctor every second week.
Thanks, bub.
Honestly, I'm not sure.
What? Depends on that man.
Not necessarily.
Don't worry.
LANGUAGE) got you, girl.
We're going to have
to sort you out a swag.
We're sleeping outside?
Auntie is. You going to monitor her?
What about snakes?
Don't worry about it.
Camp dogs will protect you.
One or the other.
I've got the ultrasound set
up. You want me to check you?
How did you know?
Not even that wind would make you vomit.
So was this a surprise or
Definitely wasn't planned?
Oh, I knew it. I knew you weren't OK.
Oh, says you who smacked
your head on the roof?
Are you OK? Let me see.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
- Oh.
- It's OK.
- My God.
- What about you?
- I'm OK.
- Yeah?
There's a good heartbeat.
And I reckon you're nearly 12 weeks.
What do you reckon?
I reckon it might be
time to tell Graeme.
Hey. Is Robin alright?
I think so. Peter's gone
to the hospital with her.
This is the only brand
you want to know about:
from 30 years of experience
on dusty airstrips.
So I know that tomorrow is a milestone
that may or may not rhyme with Nifty,
and I thought we should at least
need to have a quiet drink to celebrate.
Or commiserate.
- Let's go for commemorate.
- OK.
Well, you survived then.
What's going on with you lot?
- Well
- I'm a godfather.
I mean, sorry. That's
your news. I should have
- You should deliver that.
- What?
- It's true.
- That's bloody fantastic.
Oh, my God.
You're not pissed off?
Why would I be pissed off?
- You're always pissed off.
- Yeah, but Not about this.
LEONIE: I'm so happy for you.
How'd you get back? Where's Eliza?
Oh, she's camped out at
12 Mile with the aunties.
Oh, wow.
- Morning.
- Morning.
How'd you sleep?
- Actually, the best sleep I've had in years.
- OK.
Well, I have more good news for you.
Auntie Doreen said she'd
go back into town with you.
She likes you.
And you wanna look out because
these aunties will claim you,
they'll have you living
out here full time,
nummas out and all.
What's 'nummas'?
- Evening, all.
- Rob, what?
- How are you feeling?
- Much better. Thanks to you lot.
Oh, that's great to hear.
They said one more scan
tomorrow, then I can go home.
Yeah, but they gave
her a hall pass tonight,
so I thought we'd do
a bit of shopping and
Well, you look gorgeous.
Could have made him
buy a new shirt, though.
Oh, fair enough. How about a drink?
Rob, you still got one
good kidney, don't you?
I'll stick to the lemonade, thanks.
- Alright, do you want a
- Sounds good.
So I heard you adopted a camp dog.
I think he adopted me.
Hey, I'm going to tell
them I can't do the review.
I think you're right. It's too weird.
No, I want you to do it.
It's not about me, is it?
It's about our patients
getting the best care,
and you are the best
person to figure that out.
So no conflict of interest?
Is there for you?
No. No, I guess not.
Me neither.
- Here he is.
- G'day, Pete.
- All the way from Dubbo.
- Cheers.
She's right there.
Hey. Oh, my God. What
are you doing here?
I thought I'd surprise
Leonie. And you. Surprised?
- Yes. Oh, sorry. This is
- Cameron.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. G'day.
- Hey, Darren. Nice to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
Hey, I'll get us a drink,
Tay. You want anything?
Uh, yeah. A beer would be great.
Is that the bull rider? Oh, doesn't
he live out at Tilpa or something?
Yeah, yeah, he just He
had some stuff to do in town.
Huh. I am so glad you're
here. I missed you.
- We gotta celebrate you being a big brother.
- What?
- Oh.
- Shut up, shut up. Everybody shut your mouth.
Listen, she's coming,
don't screw this up.
I love you all so much. Thank
you for coming. This is perfect.
Don't screw this up. Let's go.
I'm so sorry.
The original Broken Hill Brewery
was built here on top of a well.
This is a surprise party, isn't it?
No. Why would you
Bugger. Don't tell Matty I ruined it.
- Are you OK?
Yeah, I'm I just
I just feel like I don't
know what I feel like or
Who I feel like.
You're Leonie Smith.
And we just want to celebrate you,
whatever version of her you are.
I can take you home.
Nah. Screw it.
ALL: Surprise.
When did you get here?
- I just
- Hey.
Only about a minute before
I heard you're having a baby.
Yeah. What do you reckon?
Hello, welcome. It's so
good to see you. I'm sorry.
Are you still cranky with me or what?
I don't care who you
slept with, to be honest,
but I do have one
one serious question.
You know, who do you
want to hang out with now?
Well, I'm quite fond
of this spot, actually.
Hi. How are you doing? You OK?
I'm not sure.
I'm sorry about the other day.
It's totally fine.
Are you OK? You're overwhelmed?
Well, I'm here if you
need an escape plan.
Good evening, days,
gays, straights and maids.
Tonight's in-flight snack is me.
We are all gathered
here tonight to celebrate
the hottest operations manager
in all the greater Southeast,
Leonie Smith.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Lee-lee ♪
Happy birthday to you. ♪
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