Rise (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

We've All Got Our Junk

1 - Previously, on "Rise" - Where's Gordy? His friends picked him up about an hour ago.
He said you were cool with it.
Gordy, you're getting in that car now.
- Lou! Stop it! - I'm going back in.
Go on, drag me out if you want to.
Did I say something to insult Ms.
Wolfe? 'Cause she's the most amazing person at Stanton.
You should ask her out for coffee.
When Lou said he thought I should ask you out, well - Lou told you to ask me out? - I think you're luminous.
- I had so much fun.
- Yeah, me too.
Spoke to St.
Francis Prep.
We enrolled you.
He's falling apart, Robert, and we are the ones that are doing it to him.
I think we need to revisit St.
Tomorrow night, I'm having a party at my house.
- Do you wanna come? - Cool.
I'm Detrell, Robbie's dad.
I think he has a real future, if he stays focused.
There's only one good thing that happened to me in the last 48 hours.
[soft piano music] [exhales softly] [phone ringing] [phone beeps] Hello? Oh [knocking] Come on in.
Yeah, Gwen found him walking around through town, and, uh, he wouldn't let her take him home, so she brought him here.
And we we called the minute we knew he was here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Get up.
Let's go.
What the hell were you thinking? I was thinking we could all use some time away from each other.
Oh, okay, that's what you were thinking? How selfish can you be? Sorry, can we Do you know what we were doing all night? Calling everywhere, everyone we could think of, every hospital in the county.
We were worried sick! - Sorry.
- I don't think you are.
You are a part of this family, and what you do affects all of us.
Think about someone other than your damn self! No, you you don't understand, okay? - Okay, okay, okay! - [overlapping chatter] Let's just take a breath! Take a breath! Let's let's get home.
Thank you for keeping him safe.
[whispers] Come on.
[whimpering, sniffling] [sighs softly] [sizzling] Oh, some breakfast Sorry again about last night, blowing up.
- Oh, about that girl - Don't worry.
I'm already focused on next week's game.
No distractions.
Yeah, the one you're doing the play with? Lilette? What about her? Ah, I can see you've got your eye on her.
- I'd be careful.
- Of what? Well [chuckles] I don't have to tell you she, uh she doesn't have the best family situation.
Single mom, waitress at the diner, had Lilette when she was in high school.
Look, Stanton can be a pretty small town.
You hear things is all.
Lilette's a straight-A student.
She's going to college.
She's a good person, Dad.
No, I'm sure she's a great girl with all kinds of plans, but we have our eyes on a prize, son.
You have a gift, and it's a sad, cold fact of life, but there are people in this world who can bring you down.
Now, I'm I'm not saying she will, but she doesn't have the kind of family that can support her like you do.
You need to trust me.
Oh, bacon.
Breakfast of champions, baby.
[humming] Now I know why you're in such a good mood.
You're doing a love scene with Robbie Thorne.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm? It's a scene in a play.
It isn't real life.
Then how come you were so happy after the party the other night? Nothing's going on, okay? I mean we might've had one kiss.
Ay, mamita, you and Robbie kissed? [giggles] What? Stop.
It's good.
You should have fun.
Just be a little careful, 'kay, baby girl? Mom, it was a kiss.
Robbie Thorne is the star quarterback, and trust me, boys like him Robbie isn't like that.
I just don't want you to get hurt.
And you need to learn from my mistakes.
Listen, girls like you and me, we don't live in the same world as guys like him.
Hmm? That's the reality.
[Luke Sital-Singh's "Oh My God"] It's hard to be myself anymore Now I've changed [bell rings] Talking to you for hours and hours I never noticed You were gone The dust is thick on our bed frame The air is stale with the silence Your knowing smile, your knowing smile Hello.
It's been a while Tell me why is it so hard To see you standing right in front of me? - Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
You're out of breath.
I'm not out of breath.
Uh, listen, I owe you an apology.
I never should've set you up with Kranepool.
I will never meddle in your personal life again.
It's all right, we're cool.
We're good.
- Okay.
- Hey, it, um turned out not to be such a disaster after all, so - Really? - Yes, really.
Is that such a surprise that I can have a decent date? I got the gift of gab.
I'm a social person.
That's great.
So, are you gonna see him again? Why would I do that? Oh, it's hard to be myself anymore Now I've changed [clock ticking] So, Gwen, I've been having sessions with your parents for several weeks now, helping them talk through their issues.
I don't get why I'm here.
Is this about the Gordy thing? 'Cause I wasn't the one that was drinking; he was.
I just didn't wanna leave him on the street.
No, honey, it's, uh it's got nothing to do with that.
Um honey, the reason that you're here is 'cause we need to talk to you about We we've been we've been trying to figure out the the right way forward.
Honey, your mom and I are getting a divorce.
Um, this is something that we came to mutually.
It's no one person's fault okay, and and and Joyce thought that this would be a, uh a safe place to tell you, so that you could Thank you, Joyce.
I mean, you're a complete stranger who has no idea about my feelings, - but thank you so much.
- Honey, look, what This can't be happening.
[chuckles, sighs] I thought you guys were trying to fix it.
[overlapping instruments tuning] Okay, everybody, uh, welcome, "Spring Awakening" band members.
[applause] Uh, Mr.
Baer, you're the man with the baton, so Thank you, Mr.
When I haven't been here rehearsing with all of you, I have been hard at work with this crew, and we are very excited to be here with you today.
- Yeah.
- Not as excited as we are.
[all chuckle] Uh, what do you say we dive right in with a group number? How 'bout we try "My Junk"? Tough one for a maiden voyage, but, uh, let's take a crack at it.
Why don't we take it from the chorus, you guys, and that's measure 18.
One, two, three, four, and [cover of Duncan Sheik's "My Junk"] ALL: See us winter walking after a storm It's chill in the wind but it's warm in your arms We stop all snow-blind May not be true [cymbal crashing] We've all got our junk and my junk is you Tell me it gets better.
Actually, this is better than usual.
ALL: We've all got our junk Okay.
Okay, let's, uh let's just stop right there.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
[light clapping] That's right.
Wow Wow.
Wow! Well, the boat's in the water, anyway.
[light laughter] Not that bad, huh? No, not not bad.
I would not use that word.
[solemn guitar music] So, what happens next? That's what we're working on.
Well, are we gonna sell the house? Are we gonna move? Where are we gonna live? Did you think at all about how this might ruin our lives? [softly] Ow.
Honey, I didn't even touch you.
[poignant string music] Look, sweetie, I know that this is hard, I know you're upset, but we're gonna get through this.
Did you even really give him a second chance? Okay, you know what, we're gonna finish this at home in private.
- How was school today? - It was good.
Making new friends? Like your classes? I guess.
Look, I told you it's good.
You don't have to keep asking.
Did you look into the fall production of the chorus? Show's already cast.
I don't think I'm gonna do theater.
I think I'm just gonna focus on my schoolwork.
Francis has a lot to offer academically.
But you love to sing.
Yeah, I can sing with you at church.
It couldn't hurt to meet with the theater director, you know, for the next production.
[bell jingles] Hey, what are you doing here? Picking up some dinner, hoping you might be around.
- What can I get you? - Two burgers and fries, and a veggie burger with a side salad for my step-mom.
Got it.
Baby, I need my meatloaf on rye bad, okay? Oh, is this the future Hall of Famer? - [chuckles] - Mom, this is Robbie.
Robbie, this is my mom.
Really nice to meet you, Ms.
Hi oh.
[chuckles] Just Vanessa.
Table number two is ready for the check.
Keep walking, Anton.
- I'm gonna take my break.
- All right, got it.
- You wanna take a walk? - Yeah.
I'm really glad you stopped by.
Yeah, me too.
And, um, sorry about my mom.
She doesn't exactly have a filter.
- No, she's funny.
- [both chuckle] - So, it's just the two of you? - Yeah, just us.
Do you, like, split time with your dad or Um my dad isn't really in my life.
Does your mom have a boyfriend or [chuckles] No, uh, nobody serious, anyway.
She's not exactly a settling-down type.
I didn't I didn't mean that she's not in a relationship.
She's so young.
How old was she when she had you? She was, um, a senior.
So no college or I mean, what does she wanna be when You mean, besides a waitress? I guess, uh What's wrong with being a waitress? - Nothing.
- I'm a waitress.
Yeah, but you're in What's with all the questions, Robbie? I'm just trying to get to know you.
Really? 'Cause it doesn't feel like that.
It it feels like you're getting all judgmental about my mom and me.
- I'm not.
- Yeah, you are.
Where is this coming from? Your dad? What? No.
Uh-huh 'cause I don't know what his problem is.
My mom came from nothing, and she raised me by herself.
She worked her ass off to give me a life, and she sacrificed everything.
And, I mean, your dad left his sick wife for a younger woman, so I don't know who either of you are to be judging anyone.
[dramatic music] Uh, I, um You know what, I have to go finish my shift.
Sir, can I just ask what you're doing with Gordy, - what the strategy is? - The strategy? Look, I mean, I'm his parent, and ultimately, I'm responsible, not you, but you did ask to take this on, and honestly, things aren't getting any better.
- They're getting worse, sir, much worse.
- Look, sit down, Lue.
[sighs softly, grunts] Look, Gordy's a good kid.
He's been working hard.
People slip; they make mistakes.
Yeah, I know, Sam.
I know people slip.
I've been around this all my life, which is why I wanna make sure we get out ahead of this.
My father was a He had drinking issues.
- Does Gordy know about that? - No.
It's his grandfather.
I wanna protect the kids from all that.
Why? I guess I'm not sure.
Maybe it would help him to know that this kinda thing, it doe it doesn't come from nowhere.
[sighs] The thing you realize about these kids, they're stronger than you think.
When you're straight with them, they tend to appreciate it.
At least you hope they do.
Mazzu um, I've been thinking about the band problem.
Who said there was a problem? Okay, what were you thinking? [distorted guitar solo] Sorry, they let me come in and play at lunch.
No, are you kidding? That was amazing.
Mazzu you know Sandeep Singh.
Sandeep, I I had no idea you could play.
Why why aren't you in the school music program? I take lessons privately.
Would you ever consider being a part of our show? We could really use someone with your kind of talent.
Um [chuckles] Thanks, but I try to lay low.
That's why I started eating in here, keeps the jerks in the cafeteria from hassling the kid with the turban.
It's how my family survives Stanton: stick with our own, don't draw attention to ourselves.
Sorry, Mr.
Look, Sandeep, I I I get that you need to lay low, but this talent of yours needs to be seen by everybody.
You should be seen.
Rock and roll's made a lot of things cool.
Why not turbans? No big commitment.
Try it out.
Come to one rehearsal.
I will never bother you again.
[distorted guitar solo] [exhales sharply] [indistinct chatter] What are you doing? Nothing.
Ah [chuckles] Mr.
Don't worry, I don't think he saw you.
So, it's a thing between you two? - A thing? - You know, a vibe, a hookup.
You guys baes? Okay, stop, okay? You're killing me over here.
And no, we are not a thing, or whatever else you would like to call it.
I'm not about to start some teenage romance with a co-worker.
It's not professional.
Come on.
We got rehearsal.
I can hear your heartbeat, Wendla.
We aren't doing the kiss, are we? Uh, no, we're just blocking.
[clears throat] Can I put my hand here? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Um And Wendla, you're gonna pull Melchior to you, right, and kiss him.
Don't be scared.
G get off.
- Um oh, sorry.
- Off! Okay, okay, let's stop right there.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no-no-no, it's okay.
- It's an intense scene.
- Why don't we take a break? - Yeah.
- Yeah, good idea.
Lilette [whispers] I told you something's going on with them.
I'll go talk to her.
- Robbie, you all right? - Yeah.
Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
- [cabinet closes] Uh, can I get a ride home with you today? Isn't Mom here? I thought she had a costume deal.
Yeah, I just wanna go home with you, okay? Okay, sure.
Can you just stay for me, Dad? Look, your mom and I Have been staying together for you.
Our marriage has been broken a very long time, way before I I wish I could fix it, but I can't.
Now, what your mom and I have worked out, we think that's what's best for our family.
Yeah, well, it might be best for you and for mom, but it's not best for our family.
Just don't tell anyone about this.
[solemn music] [upbeat symphonic music playing] Okay, can we just can we just stop for a second? They've gotten much better.
We gotta get the tempo faster.
Yes, we've been working on that.
You have? Because, honestly, it sounds like it might be slower than it was before.
Yes, because we've been working on intonation and tone.
Rome was not built in a day, you know? Look, can we just try it at tempo, just to hear what it sounds like? I don't recommend that.
All right, let's just okay, guys okay, this will be fun, all right? Uh, just get out of your heads.
Just go for it.
No pressure, okay? It's gonna be like, uh, dah-da-dah, dah-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah.
We're gonna start with the strings, okay? And two, three, four [cover of Duncan Sheik's "My Junk"] That's it, Olivia.
You're getting it, Sean.
Stay with it.
You guys feel the energy of that? It's different.
Yes, do you hear how much better that sounds? Yeah.
Could even be a little faster in performance.
Terrific, guys.
Stay with it, stay with it.
It's more fun to play, right? Yeah.
Come on! Spring is awakening! It's coming alive! Yes! Yes! Yes! Great job, guys.
Your baton, sir.
- Why, thank you.
- All right.
[claps] That's great, guys.
That's great.
- [door closes] - That wasn't okay.
[piano cover of Duncan Sheik's "Those You've Known"] We're still home We're still home Those you've known and lost Still walk behind you All alone Their song still seems to find you They call you As if you knew their longing They whistle through the lonely wind The long blue shadows falling Suarez Nice, young lady, real nice, right? - Beautiful.
- Thanks.
We'll run it again tomorrow, when we have Mr.
Mazzu and our Melchior back, but - let's call it a night, okay? - Okay, thanks.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
Oh, my God, it's so good to see you.
Come on.
I'm glad to see this place is still standing.
[laughs] Okay, that has to go.
You sound really good up there.
- Thanks.
[giggles] - Yeah.
So, have they recast me yet? No, but rumor has it it's gonna be Clark.
Yeah, Clark would be great.
We know.
We're really excited, like, floating on air.
- Major upgrade.
- [scoffs] - You're a jerk.
- [chuckles] You're a jerk.
So, how's St.
Francis? It's great.
It's great.
It's great? Yeah.
Yeah, you know I mean, they're doing "Oklahoma" in the spring, so joy! [both chuckle] It's fine.
If you're really happy, then okay But if you're trying to please your father or keep the peace between your parents, that's not okay.
[chuckles softly] - I wish it were that simple.
- It could be.
You know my dad.
Yeah, you know what he's like.
So what? It's still your life to live, not his.
[soft folk guitar music] Refuse to play the same old piece to play alone 'Cause the audience never listens Your father and I discussed it.
- Leaving your cousin's house - Lying to us Refusing to come home with us and staying out all night without calling.
- It's gotta change, Gordy.
- I will.
I'll stop drinking, I promise.
- That's over.
- Honey we don't know that that's gonna be as easy as just saying it.
It's gonna take time.
So from now on, anywhere you go, you need to text us.
You go out after school for pizza, you let us know.
The team goes to Applebee's, we want a text.
Wherever you are, you need to tell us.
And we got one of these.
- It's a breathalyzer.
- Yeah, I got that.
Fail even once, and we get much tougher.
- Meaning? - Meaning a program.
[scoffs softly] Are we being clear? Yep.
All right.
[sighs] Oh Take me back to me [sighs] We laid down the law, and I don't feel the slightest ray of hope - it'll make a difference.
- [sighs] We were a united front.
We sent a strong message.
But the next step is a program Or boarding school.
[groans softly] [inhales slowly, exhales] To make your bed Oh Take me back to you Um hey.
Robbie, I'm sorry about rehearsal today.
It was unprofessional, and it won't happen again.
Listen, when I was asking about your mom, I It doesn't matter.
I don't think we should mix things up.
We're scene partners, and that's it.
That's all we should be, okay? Okay, if that's what you want.
That's what I want.
See you tomorrow.
You called me luminous.
- Excuse me? - Last week, when we went out.
What does it mean? Uh, it means radiating light.
No, I know what it means.
I Do you, like, use that line on all the women? I've never called anyone luminous before in my life.
Just you.
[bright, uplifting music] Hi, Amber.
Well, I figured we'd start at the top and go through everything.
What's going on? I'm leaving the score, my notes, and my cellphone number for whatever loser you have come in to replace me.
Harold, you're not leaving.
I most certainly am leaving.
Do you realize when you took over band practice the other day, Lauren Ina started to cry? Sweet, little, Suzuki-trained Lauren Ina broke down in tears, and I had to clean up your mess.
This is a volunteer position.
I don't get paid.
I have snot-nosed 15-year-old kids telling me to play it higher or lower or not to worry about the sheet music.
They're gonna do it their own way, because they're so much more concerned with becoming the next Beyoncé than they are with learning the notes that [shaky breathing] And then, you come in and undermine me and take my baton.
I [stammers] I do this, because [laughs] Honestly, I have no idea why the hell I do it.
Look, we're doing this because we're we're helping these kids, helping them grow, explore, get brave.
We are giving them an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and you, Harold you are our North Star.
Without you, we fall apart.
You make everyone here look good, including me, and don't think for a second I don't know that.
I will never take your baton again.
That is on me.
[sighs] Please, Harold.
Don't go.
I had you on pins and needles, didn't I? You did.
Hey, honey.
We're eating in ten minutes.
How was rehearsal? It was rehearsal, Mom, okay? Nothing's going to happen between me and Robbie, and no, I don't wanna talk about it.
[keys clatter] Well, I do.
- What happened? - Nothing.
[sighs] [inhales] Robbie lives in this big house, and he comes from money, and I think his dad thinks that we're that I'm not good enough for him or something.
- What? - Whatever.
I don't care.
It's like you said: I live in my world, Robbie lives in his.
We are who we are, and we can't change that.
What does that mean? [sighs softly] It means we both work at a crappy Stanton diner, and you think it's hilarious when your boss cops a feel.
[chuckles] So this is about me.
- You're talking about me.
- I'm talking about us.
I'm your daughter.
To hell with them.
Let the Thornes try to live my life for one day.
Lilette don't ever let anybody tell you that you are less than, because you are not.
You hear me? We are not.
I know.
I'm sorry.
[soft, somber music] [sighs softly] - Ah - Oh, no - Ah! - No [laughs] - You did it again.
- Sorry, bud.
End of the game.
Dad wins.
Cards is like your superpower, Dad.
[chuckles] Mm So, guys, um I wanna go back to Stanton.
- Oh, Simon.
- No, please, come on.
I'm I'm happy there.
You know I am.
I tried St.
Francis, and frank No! Well I checked on their website, uh, about tuition refunds, and if we act within 14 days, it's We decided this.
The answer is no.
Stanton chose an inappropriate play, we chose a more appropriate school.
It's done.
End of discussion.
Robert Your son is trying to talk to you.
And I listened to him and gave him my answer.
- It's for his own good.
- Is it? Is this about protecting Simon, or is this about you? What? Why are you so afraid of this play? What about it upsets you so much? If you can explain that to me, then I will support you.
If you can't Fine.
Go back to Stanton.
[whistle blasts] - You came.
- Hey, what's going on? It's a beautiful view.
I'm sorry about judging you, Lilette, or your mom.
You were right about my dad.
Sometimes, he just drives me crazy with the [sighs softly] I should've I shouldn't have listened to anybody but myself.
We're gonna be late to first period.
I wanna mix things up.
If you wanna keep things professional between us, I get it.
I'm I'm down with that.
[chuckles] But I'm into you.
[soft piano music] I'm really into you.
I'm into you on stage, off stage.
I'm into you right now [chuckles] And I'm gonna be into you after we're done with the show.
This is real.
[slow, triumphant music] Wow.
This is working.
It's just me.
It's just me.
- Yes? - Yes.
[knocking] Hey, you got a minute? Yeah.
Yeah, Gordy, uh I wanted to talk to you about my dad.
Grandpa, something you kids don't know.
He drank drinks, you know, alcohol.
Grandpa was an alcoholic.
He still is.
When I was a kid, he was always Somewhere else, you know, and maybe he thought that would be better for us But it wasn't.
And your grandma tried to convince him to get help, but Dad.
[chuckles] I'm okay.
Really, it's it's fine.
I know.
I want you to think about getting some help [soft, poignant music] Real help.
Get into a program, do the work.
I love you.
You're my boy, and I'm here for you.
Your mom, Kaitlin, Sadie, all of us, we're here for you always.
[exhales softly] [indistinct chatter] We good? Okay, guys, uh, we're gonna try to get through this one time.
Uh, when everyone is ready, Mr.
Baer will count us in.
- Yep.
- Give us an A.
[piano plays key] [all instruments play key] [snare drum flourishing] [cymbal crashing softly] One, two, three, four.
[guitar cover of Duncan Sheik's "My Junk"] In the midst of this nothing This mess of a life Still there's this one thing Just to see you go by It's almost like loving Sad as that is May not be cool But it's so where I live It's like I'm your lover Or more like your ghost I spend the day wondering What you do, where you go I try and just kick it But then what can I do? We've all got our junk And my junk is you ALL: See us winter walking after a storm It's chill in the wind but it's warm in your arms We stop all snow-blind May not be true We've all got our junk And my junk is you [gasps] Simon! - Oh, my God, Simon.
- I'm so glad you're back.
ALL: We've all got our junk And my junk is you Well you'll have to excuse me I know it's so off I love when you do stuff that's rude and so wrong I go up to my room Turn the stereo on Shoot up some you In the you of some song I lie back just drifting And play out these scenes I ride on the rush All the hopes all the dreams I may be neglecting - The things I should do - ALL: We've all got our junk We've all got our junk And my junk is you ALL: Still keep talking after you're gone You're still with me then Feels so good in my arms They say you go blind Maybe it's true You're my junk yeah my junk is you Wake up! ALL: And my junk is you - Don't do that.
- Don't do what? Stop pinching my ass already.
I'm not pinching your ass.
I just slapped your ass.
Pinch, slap, squeeze.
Just keep your hands off of me.
I know you love the attention.
- Swear to God - Come on.
Don't! [grunts] [items clatter] ALL: What can I do? And my junk is you We've all got our junk - [grunts] - Get off me, crazy bitch! [grunting] ALL: My junk is you You, you, you [panting]