Rising Impact (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Encountering a Dream

I just wanted to refresh myself
in a hot spring deep in the mountains.
And what do I get?
I should have taken the bus
instead of hiking.
-What am I gonna do?
-Squish, squish
What's that sound?
Squish, squish
A foreign boy in a place like this?
Looks like I have no choice.
Just kidding.
I gotcha!
Yay, I got you! Woo-hoo!
You know, I would like to go to an inn,
but I'm not sure how
since the bridge is gone.
Yeah, the bridge fell
because of the typhoon the other day.
You are a local kid, aren't you?
Oh, yes!
My name is Gawain!
Hey. Is this the right direction?
What's your name, miss?
Why should I tell you?
Is your name that embarrassing?
Kiria! I'm Kiria Nishino!
Look! You can see it from here.
Listen, kid.
No one from Tokyo
would call this a road or a bridge!
A decent bridge is eight kilometers away,
but it'll be dark by then.
Better than falling in the river.
Bears often show up around here at night.
See? You should go this way.
It's easy once you get the knack of it.
I don't know of a knack
for fighting bears though.
Wait! It's dangerous!
Hey, huh, got it.
There we go!
He crossed this thin log on his tiptoes.
Hey, Miss Kiria, are you still there?
Shut it!
I am doing my best!
Keep going all the way up this path,
and you'll reach the inn!
"This path"? This is an animal trail.
I don't like it.
You're so picky, Miss Kiria.
Because all the trails
you take me to are terrible!
And you have a short temper.
Here, I'll help you with that luggage.
Let's go!
Wait! Don't be so rough with that bag!
What on earth is in this bag?
Earlier he was walking on his tiptoes,
and now this?
His lower body strength is incredible!
I train regularly, too, but this
I can't believe it!
We're finally here.
I have to ask. Are you a monster?
How are you not out of breath after that?
I've been training my ankles every day
to become the world's best.
"The world's best"?
A man should aim to be the world's best
in what he loves.
By the way, Miss Kiria, what's in the bag?
Golf clubs.
I hope you didn't break them somewhere.
Is that like gateball
that elderly people often play?
Don't open it without permission!
You couldn't hit a ball very far
with a skinny stick like this.
Nothing compares
to a home run in baseball after all!
Hey, wait a minute.
Say that again!
You don't know anything about golf!
Even elementary schoolers
are into golf now!
How dare you talk so pompously
about baseball and golf
You don't have a boyfriend, do you?
I feel sorry for you.
My grandpa always says
that people don't like hysteria.
Hey, Gaakou, we've been looking for you!
What are you doing?
Sorry, guys! I'm coming!
I was born in the Year of the Snake.
I'm persistent when I get angry.
I got it!
It's exactly 100 meters!
Awesome, Guccho!
I'm the longest hitter
in Yamamori Elementary!
Gaakou, can you beat my record?
Forget about Yamamori Elementary.
No, my goal is
There you go!
to be the longest hitter in the world.
-It's a huge home run!
It's at least 120 meters
to the lone ceder tree!
Yay! It's a great new record!
I'm one step closer
to becoming the world's best!
Getting excited over that
You're still a child after all, Gawain.
You mentioned "the world's best."
But of what?
Of ball hitting.
We tried many sports
like dodgeball and soccer.
We found that a baseball home run
could fly the longest.
Home run balls of professional players
can fly about 150 meters!
The best baseball hitter
must be the best hitter in the world.
So, I'm gonna become
a pro baseball player, join the MLB,
and be the world's best!
The longest hitter in the world
Then why don't I show you
the hitting power of a golf player?
Golf is that super boring sport, right?
Yeah, it's similar to gateball.
She looks young.
Why does she play that sport?
Maybe she is older than she looks.
Should we call her "auntie"
instead of "miss"?
Hey, don't call me "auntie"!
Miss Kiria, my grandpa says
losing your temper is not good for health.
Everyone has run away.
Shut up!
Watch this.
Is that the ball?
Looks like it's floating above the ground.
You have to tee it up before you hit it.
Hey, back off. It's dangerous.
Can the ball really fly with that thing?
It went beyond
the lone cedar tree so easily.
I only heard a light noise!
How far did it fly?
I'd say 200 meters at most.
Did you just say 200 meters "at most"?
How come?! Why?!
It may come as a surprise,
but I'm a professional golfer.
Ranked tenth for prize money.
I'm known as a long-hitter
among female pros.
I can hit a ball 260 meters
when I'm in good shape.
Two hundred
Of course, when it comes
to male players worldwide,
there are folks
who can hit over 300 meters.
Three hundred meters?!
Gawain, you made fun of golf earlier,
but golf is where you can hit a ball
the farthest among all sports.
I can hit a ball the farthest
Miss Kiria.
Can I try hitting it?
Well, I don't know.
Who was making fun of golf
for being boring?
No, absolutely not!
Golf is awesome! The best in the world!
Who called me
"auntie without a boyfriend"?
Miss Kiria, you are super gorgeous!
Even your angry face is stunning!
So please?
If you say so.
Okay, let's do this!
It's a baseball batting stance.
The so-called one-legged stance?
How far did it go?
Look at your step.
I missed.
But next time I will
Darn it.
Whack! Oops.
Whack! Whoa!
Whack! Squish.
Whack! Ow.
Why can't I hit a stationary ball?
My first piece advice.
Until the club hits the ball,
keep your eyes on the ball.
Second piece of advice.
To prevent your swing from bouncing,
maintain a steady knee height.
"Keep my eyes on the ball."
My eyes
Look at the ball with full focus!
Maintain a steady knee height.
This is the same posture as
Well, it's easier said than done.
Whoa, oh!
What was the feeling?
It was so light
that I almost didn't feel the hit.
What a clear sound.
It's not an impact sound
a child can make.
The ball went farther than yours!
He had the ideal form
and body stability to support it.
I see!
This child's strong lower body
created stability.
But where did the form come from?
I thought he'd never played golf before.
-I knew golf is the same as that one.
-"That one"?
What is it? Tell me!
This is the secret to his form?
He twists his upper body
and stretches his arms as he grips.
Also, since his eyes
are focused on the cut,
his head stays down
and his shoulders don't open up.
Did you learn how to chop trees
by yourself?
Since we burn wood for baths and meals,
I learned it by doing it every day
in a way that was easy for me.
Every day?
I understand now.
Hey, it's enough, right?
I told you my secrets. Let me play again!
Hurry up! Come on, this way.
Wait a minute!
What is this place?
What amazing rocky mountains.
It's my secret training field.
Mount Chubby is in front,
and Mount Beanpole is the back.
I've hit so many balls to Mount Chubby
but have yet to reach Mount Beanpole.
No wonder.
It looks to be about 190 meters
from here to Mount Beanpole
and 250 meters to its top.
How do you know that?
Golfers need to have an eye
for estimating distance.
Miss Kiria, you told me, right?
Golf is the sport
where you can hit a ball the farthest.
That's why
I want to give it a try!
I see.
In that case,
plant your feet firmly
and swing as hard as you can.
An axe swing stops when it hits the tree.
That's why he couldn't follow through
with his swing before.
But if he really swings the club through,
it'll become clear
whether the impact he made earlier
was genuine or a fluke.
Keep my eyes on the ball.
I don't see the ball.
What a perfect impact.
It must have flown nearly 300 meters.
This boy is the real deal!
I'm glad that I met you.
Because thanks to that,
I got to learn about golf!
I want to play golf!
Sounds good to me.
And I want to hit a ton of balls
and become
the longest hitter in the world!
Are you sure I can have this?
It was my practice club.
Now you have to practice
your swing every day.
Of course I will!
And since I have school tomorrow,
teach me everything about golf
after school!
That's impossible.
I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow morning.
What?! I can't believe it!
I thought you could teach me
every day from now on!
I have my own training and tournaments.
I can't stay here forever.
But I wanna play more golf!
Don't forget your goal,
and you'll be fine.
When you get a little older,
you can come to my place.
I can come to your place
when I get a bit older?
Yes, you can.
If you keep playing golf until then.
I'll come to see you, for sure!
Wait a minute.
I'll write my address down.
If that kid
really gets serious about golf,
he may beat world-class players.
But the problem is
All right, then.
Please at least stay at my place tonight!
Wait. What's this all of a sudden?
I have a reservation at this inn.
It's okay. Forget it. Please!
Nice to meet you.
My name is Kiria Nishino.
Well, look who he brought in.
Are you his new teacher?
Not really. It's hard to explain.
Miss Kiria taught me golf!
I've decided!
I'm aiming to be the world's best in golf!
You're a professional golfer.
Oh my, that's wonderful.
No, I'm not good enough.
But Gawain,
you said you were going to be
a professional baseball player.
I thought your best trait was
you never give up
once you've made a decision.
I haven't given up.
Because my goal is to be
the longest hitter in the world.
Golf is the sport where you
send the ball flying the farthest!
Hey, look at this.
Miss Kiria gave it to me.
Isn't it cool?
I'm gonna practice golf every day with it.
Miss Kiria not only has big boobs
but big generosity.
Can't you compliment me some other way?
Ouch, my back is cracking.
That feeling when I hit the ball
I can't forget it.
I'm gonna practice every day
to become a professional golfer
as soon as possible
and keep hitting the world's longest ball.
What do you think?
From a professional's viewpoint,
does my grandson have any talent?
Gawain had never even touched a golf club.
But he hit a ball
that even I, a pro, couldn't hit.
I think he has
an incredible talent hidden inside.
I see.
But unfortunately,
here, there is no one to teach him,
no store selling golf clubs,
and not even
a well-equipped practice range.
I told him
to try to practice swings every day,
but golf isn't so easy
that he can improve just with that.
If he is really serious
about becoming a professional player,
he should start learning
under a reasonable coach.
I know it's sudden
and forward of me to ask,
but could you let him go to my
Miss Kiria!
The wood-fired bath is ready!
Thank you! I'll be there soon!
Come on! Hurry up!
Yeah, okay.
Hey, can I take a bath with you?
Because I said no.
Hey, Miss Kiria!
You're annoying.
Can I come to your place
when I get a bit older?
I'm a growing boy.
I'll become big before you know it.
What grade are you in?
Third grade.
I will be in fourth grade next April.
You should sleep 1,000 more nights.
What? Then I'll be in junior high.
Nothing we can do.
I'd love to teach you golf, but
Can you, a grade-schooler,
leave your grandpa
and head to Tokyo on your own?
I understand.
See you, Gawain.
I'll be waiting.
See you,
Miss Kiria!
and golf?
Good afternoon.
Mr. Hoshi,
did Gawain do something wrong again?
No, quite the opposite.
Recently, he seems to go somewhere
without playing with his classmates.
I have no idea what happened to him.
And I can't explain it,
but he carries a golf club
with him every day.
Six hundred ninety-seven!
Six hundred ninety-eight!
Six hundred ninety-nine!
Seven hundred!
Seven hundred one!
Seven hundred
You've been doing this every day?
Show me your hand.
All the blisters on my hand burst.
I didn't notice it at all.
You stopped playing with friends
and kept going off instead.
So this was the reason?
Yeah, I'm sorry to them,
but I made a promise to Miss Kiria
to not skip a single day of practice.
I really wanna be the longest hitter
in the world as soon as possible.
Hey, Grandpa.
You know what?
A little while later,
when I become a junior high student
No, never mind. Maybe next time.
You should go.
Don't say,
"When I become a junior high student."
Just go right away.
I'll contact Ms. Kiria myself.
But if I leave to Tokyo,
you will be here all alone.
I'm not so senile
that you have to worry about me.
And we're both still in Japan.
We can meet anytime.
It's the path you've chosen.
There's no need to hesitate.
Thank you, Grandpa.
Go and learn a lot from Ms. Kiria
and become the longest hitter
in the world.
Grandpa, you may feel lonely
after I leave, but
Don't be silly.
I'm glad I don't have to take care
of my troublesome grandson.
I'm gonna become number one
in the world for sure!
According to Miss Kiria's note,
her address is around here.
Where is her house?
She could've at least written
her phone number.
Maybe I should ask
a police officer for help.
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