Risque Business: The Netherlands and Germany (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[sensual music playing]
[man panting]
[narrator in English] Masturbation.
Once considered exclusive to men,
these days, women confidently talk about
their experience with masturbation.
The key to women's masturbation
lies in the clitoris,
the pleasure button.
The most sensitive part,
composed of around 8,000 nerve fibers.
The company that sparked
a revolution in clitoral orgasm.
The world's number-one company
in female self-pleasure devices.
Let's welcome our two amazing emcees
to the party hosted by Womanizer.
[in Korean] We were invited to a party
held by
the top female sex toy manufacturer.
[Dong-youp] It's bumping in there.
[Si-kyung] What's going on there?
[people whooping, clapping]
Oh! [laughs]
[cheering continues]
-[in English] Hello.
-[Johannes in German] Hi. Welcome.
[in English] Nice to meet you.
[in German] We're Germany's Womanizer.
It's a pleasure to have you here.
I'm Johannes, the CEO of Womanizer.
We are the creators
of the world's best female sex toys.
We've sold around ten million products
across the globe in the past ten years.
They're bestsellers in Korea too.
I heard that they had a nickname there.
I believe you call it
[in Korean]
"Electric Husband."
-[laughing] Electric husband.
-Electric husband.
[wedding march playing]
[woman whispering]
I heard the groom is a total stud.
[officiant] Do you promise to make
each other happy
for the rest of your lives?
Yes, I do.
What about the groom?
[in German] We'll be announcing
a brand new product today.
We've just finished developing it,
and today is its launch party.
Thank you for coming. Happy to have you.
[upbeat funky music playing]
-[Si-kyung] Oh.
-[Dong-youp exclaims]
[Si-kyung exclaims curiously]
[jazzy comical music playing]
-[in Korean] What? Isn't this for eating?
-It is.
Is it marshmallow?
-I think it is.
-I'm trying this one.
Does it taste kind of fleshy to you?
No, you're imagining it.
[in English] Welcome to the party!
[in Korean] Hello.
[in English] Would you like to try
a delicious cupcake?
They're decorated with women's vulvas.
[in Korean] I see.
[Alexis in English] All the external
components of female genitalia.
I promise they're sweet.
Yes. I'll try, I'll try.
Uh Yeah, let's
[Alexis] Just a tiny one. Try.
Have you ever tasted a vulva before?
[laughs loudly]
[Alexis] How is it?
A little bit sweet, yeah?
-[Alexis] Do you like?
-[in Korean] It's delicious.
[Si-kyung in English] It's very good.
[Dong-youp in Korean] If you look around,
you can see clitoris-themed components
all around the room.
Like those mascots.
[in English] Sure. We're Womanizer,
so we make female pleasure products.
Around 90% of women
experience clitoral orgasms.
So we very much celebrate
and love the clitoris.
-Can you introduce yourself?
-Yeah, sure.
I'm Alexis Smiley Smith,
and I'm a Super User at Womanizer.
[Alexis] That means that I masturbate
with our prototypes
for about ten pleasure journeys a week.
Ten times a week?
On average.
Sometimes more, sometimes less.
We also have a user tester pool
that's globally that's working with
-our products that are ready to market.
[Alexis] I think over 15,000.
[in Korean] Don't you ever get
stressed out
because you have to test the products
even when you don't feel like it?
[in English] It's never really stressful
-because I have a week to do it.
-[in Korean] She has a whole week.
[in English] And I consider masturbation
already a part of self-care.
-[Alexis] However, from time to time,
I have to do a three-day test,
-which is a little bit more pressure.
-Yeah, yeah.
If I have to cancel plans with friends,
"My masturbation schedule
is calling, and I have to"
You know, that's a bit awkward.
[in Korean] Do you keep records
about how you felt
and the characteristics of the products?
[in English] Um, I have, like,
a pleasure journal,
and I write down notes in it
about the sensations, the vibrations,
the intensity, all of that.
So I keep notes.
I write before I start
the pleasure journey,
and then afterwards,
I reflect and write about it.
It's a little bit hard to be masturbating
and writing at the same time.
[in Korean] She can't write
while she's doing it.
[in English] That's a lot of moving parts.
I actually like to compare pleasure
and orgasms to the weather.
Do you want to join me?
Yes, we will.
Okay, so you have to close your eyes.
-With me. Okay.
As I go deeper into the sensations,
the clouds start to gather.
[Alexis] Over my head.
Gathering and gathering.
[thunder rumbling]
[Alexis] And a soft rain starts.
Just soft.
A hint, a kiss of rain overhead,
but I can feel the electricity rising up.
Gathering in currents, in the air,
-and then crack!
-[thunder roars]
[Alexis] Lightning!
-From my head to my toe.
-[electric static]
[voice echoing] I am heaven and Earth,
and where it meets.
[Alexis] Something like that. Just casual.
You from Deutschland?
-No, I'm an American.
-[Alexis] West Coast.
I think, as far as being a Super User,
I'm a good fit
as far as being an American,
'cause I'm a little bit more
emotionally available.
-Mmm. "Emotionally available." Okay.
-[laughs loudly]
Can I show you around a bit?
-Yes, please.
-[Alexis] Can I kind of give you a tour?
So, let's go over here.
I just want to quickly show you
This is actually all AI-generated art.
[Alexis] We gave the AI
reads on different orgasmic experiences
and then prompted the AI to create art.
-Pretty interesting, the different
[in Korean] I mean, look at them.
They just seem so happy
without a worry in the world.
[Alexis in English]
Just kind of free, yeah?
[in Korean] If they get any happier,
-this is what they look like.
-[Si-kyung] Really?
But why?
When you're so happy,
you end up shedding tears of joy.
[in English] Have you ever cried
after an orgasm?
[Si-kyung in Korean] She's asking
if you've ever cried after an orgasm.
-[in English] Have you?
-[in Korean] Me?
I've gotten misty-eyed.
How am I supposed to say this in English?
-[in English] Yeah, he felt like crying.
-Almost felt like crying.
-I've cried after an orgasm before.
-[Alexis] Yeah, absolutely.
Sometimes it's such a release
it's almost like
You know? But it wasn't out of sadness.
-Yeah, yeah.
-[Alexis] Yeah.
[hums in understanding]
-And I can show you some of the products.
[Alexis] Are you ready?
-[Si-kyung] Okay. I'll try.
-[Alexis] Okay. Here we go.
-Ta-da. Yes.
-[Si-kyung] Ta-da.
[Alexis] So, let's see
Okay. So let's start
with our flagship product.
[Alexis] Number one on Amazon.
I think over 700,000 sold.
So this is really one
that a lot of women are enjoying
all over the planet.
So, first, just have a
[Alexis] It won't bite you. I promise.
-[Si-kyung] It's really soft.
-[Alexis] It's soft. Yeah.
However, here
This is where
This fits over the clitoral head.
[Alexis] Yeah.
Let me show you.
Do you know what this is?
A very big uh
[in Korean] It's a big
[in English] This is a vulva.
And can you find
the clitoris for me, please?
-[in Korean] I'll mind my manners.
-[Alexis in English] Yes. Exactly.
This is where the clitoris is. However,
there's a whole internal area.
[Alexis] So this is the clitoral head.
And a lot of people might refer to it
as the pleasure button.
So the clitoral stimulator head
goes on the clitoris.
[Si-kyung] Yes.
[Alexis] And then,
all of this becomes aroused.
Yeah. Who wants to be my volunteer?
-[Alexis] To be the clitoris?
Yeah? You can start with the thumb.
-[in Korean] Go like this.
-[Alexis in English] No.
[Dong-youp in Korean]
What am I supposed to do?
[in English] No, just your thumb.
Just your thumb.
-Your thumb!
Just your thumb.
[Alexis] So this right here, we're using
Pleasure Air Technology.
[Alexis] And it uses contactless waves
of air on the clitoris.
It stimulates, but it doesn't
directly touch the clitoris.
[in Korean] It feels like my finger
is gently being sucked in.
[in English] Yeah.
[Alexis] It's like a kissing
and a bit of a
[in Korean] I should have volunteered.
-[in English] Do you want to try?
-[Si-kyung] Yeah.
-Can I do it
-[in Korean] Wait.
Let me do all ten fingers first!
Here. Let's do it.
-[Dong-youp] All ten of them.
-[Si-kyung in English] No.
[Alexis] Okay.
So you can go
So there's 14 intensity levels.
-And this is what?
-One. Two. Three.
[Alexis] Four. Six.
-Seven. Eight.
-I'm going to come.
-[Alexis] Nine.
[in Korean] Wow. It's very powerful.
[Alexis in English] Yeah.
-Can I do it on your nose? Yeah?
-Okay. Of course.
[Alexis] So, ready?
-One. Two.
Okay, say you're masturbating, right?
And you're in your room, right?
And your roommate comes in.
-[Alexis] Stop!
-[exclaims in surprise]
[in Korean] Can we get a tissue?
His nose is running.
He has a bit of a cold.
-[Alexis laughs]
-[clears throat]
[in English] It's called a nose orgasm.
[in Korean] I've been meaning to ask,
but what is this?
[in English] What is this?
What does it look like to you?
-[Alexis] Yeah, just a normal showerhead.
But this is a pretty special product.
So this is the Womanizer Wave.
Over 60% of women
started masturbating in the shower.
That is a normal
but also a clitoral stimulator.
-[Si-kyung] Oh, okay.
Oh, okay.
You're not exactly advertising
that you have a pleasure product
in your home with one of these.
Nobody would know.
-[Alexis] So
[Alexis] So this is
the PowderRain function.
However, then you can
start to get experimental.
You can start to cycle through
You can start to cycle
through the different sensations.
So this is PleasureWhirl.
Kind of a nice,
like a little bit of a curlicue.
[Alexis] And then this is more like bomb!
Targeted, like,
"I'm coming in for you!" Yeah.
-[Alexis] Right?
The Wave is really good
for practicing edging.
-[Alexis] Have you ever heard of edging?
-What's edging?
[Alexis] Edging is essentially
when you practice the art,
coming almost to climax
and then bringing yourself back.
-[Si-kyung] To enjoy more intense orgasm.
[Alexis] And then
when you do finally climax
Right? It's a different quality.
All right?
[Alexis] Yeah? Okay.
So this is normal. It's PowderRain,
and you're having
a lovely, relaxing shower.
And then
-And we're getting you more aroused.
-[exclaims in surprise]
[Alexis] We're taking you to that space,
and it's feeling nice.
And now we're going to start to target.
And now it's getting intense.
And now we're really feeling it.
Are we starting to get almost to climax?
Almost to climax, almost
It's okay. We're coming back.
[Alexis] And we're back.
And you're feeling good.
[in sing-song tone]
And now we're getting into it.
Now you're getting to the edge,
to the edge,
are you there? Tell me when you're there.
Tell me when you're there.
-[in normal tone] And then stop. Yeah.
-[exclaims in understanding]
It's a pretty fun little nifty treat
and quite discreet.
And, of course, in, like,
the true German engineering spirit,
it saves up to 60% water.
So you can masturbate as much as you want,
and your water bill will never go up.
[in Korean] It's crucial for countries
with limited water supply.
-[in English] Is there another product?
-Oh, yeah. You ready?
I saved the best for last.
Come back over here.
-[in Korean] I love her energy.
[in English] Okay. So this is my favorite.
[Alexis] Now. All right. So
It's a Star Trek spaceship, right?
-It totally looks I can see
[imitates a motor vibrating]
Lightspeed to orgasm.
The beauty of this is all about
the double stimulation.
[Alexis] Stimulating both the G-spot
and the clitoris at the same time.
So, we have that clitoral
Pleasure Air Technology happening here.
But then this is internal,
and it hits the G-spot.
[Alexis] Do you know where the G-spot is?
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, three, four centimeters
from the entrance of the vagina.
[Alexis] Ta-da. Thank you.
A lot of women have been asking
for men to know where the G-spot is.
[in Korean] He's a G-spot explorer.
[Alexis laughs]
[in English] So let's say
Let's do your thumb here.
[Alexis] Like that.
That'll be your clitoris.
And then this will be your G-spot.
Yeah? Okay.
So as you can feel
[imitates vibration humming]
[Alexis] Yeah, and this is more like
[in Korean] This part goes
[imitates vibration]
and this one goes
[imitates sucking]
-[continues imitating vibration]
[in English] We're going to start
an orgasm band over here.
Okay. So, it also has different patterns.
[imitates vibrating intermittently]
[Alexis] It's a blended orgasm,
but it can also feel like
a full-body, from that head to toe, like
[imitates vibration]
Like, "Whoa! Whoa!"
[in Korean] This one's a bit scary though.
This sensation must be addicting
once you get hooked.
Even for a man.
[Si-kyung] The suction is just so fierce.
Which product was it
that brought you to tears?
-[upbeat humming]
-[Dong-youp laughs]
[Alexis continues scatting] Yeah!
[Alexis continues scatting]
[continues scatting]
It's so good that it makes you dance.
[in English] Yeah.
This one, I have to say,
yeah, it brought me to tears.
But again, not out of
I can assure you not out of sadness.
With these two, you can conquer the world.
Go forward and orgasm.
Oh! I think, actually, wait a minute.
I think we're getting ready for our CEO.
[upbeat techno music playing]
All right.
Welcome, everybody.
[all cheer, applaud]
Do you know what this is?
[crowd] Yes!
[Johannes] I know.
This is the Womanizer W100.
It's the first Womanizer.
[Johannes] With
our groundbreaking invention,
we played an integral role
in closing the infamous orgasm gap.
We gave women the tool
to take charge of their sexuality.
[crowd cheers, claps]
Today, we enter
new dimensions of pleasure.
Womanizer Next.
[crowd cheers, applauds]
You must have
You must have used that before.
-Oh, yeah.
[Johannes] With Next,
you will orgasm for sure.
-You decide how and how often.
To never-ending happiness!
[crowd cheers, claps]
[Alexis] Bravo!
[in Korean] She's so funny.
I asked her if she'd tried it already,
and she said it was insane.
She said it was like
a Samsung device for her clitoris.
[laughs loudly]
Such advanced technology.
[in English] So
we have some special people here
I'd like to introduce you to. Yeah?
[Si-kyung] Let's do that.
My name is Elisabeth.
I'm a sex educator, sexologist,
and user researcher.
[Elisabeth] So they also call me
the Sex Wikipedia.
I'm like a sex professor.
I'm Cat.
[Cat] I am a masturbation teacher.
I've been teaching sex
for about four years now.
I'm also from Scotland.
My name is Sandra.
I'm a sex expert from Austria, Vienna.
[Sandra] I have a YouTube channel
and a podcast.
And I enjoy masturbation
but also sex with my partner.
Nice to meet you.
[Si-kyung] So he's Shin, Mr. Shin.
-[Alexis] Mr. Shin.
-I'm Sung.
Shin and Sung.
[in Korean] Alexis told us all about
how much joy a Womanizer can bring you
with such glee on her face.
But I don't think people
in a lot of Asian countries
can openly share
their experience of pleasure.
[in English] I grew up
always talking about sex,
so I don't mind being one of
the first people to bring up the topic
because I usually get
a positive response, now.
-[Sandra] I get it.
[in Korean] Can you ask how many times
they masturbate on average?
[in English] How many times a week,
For me, it's completely different.
It depends on the week.
I sometimes do it when I watch TV
just because it feels good.
When I have a lot of work,
I also masturbate a lot.
Because I want to avoid the work.
No. But sorry, you get horny
when you're like,
-bored in your mind, right?
-[Cat] Yeah, exactly.
Also if I want to have a nap,
if I want to relax,
it's like doing meditation
or having a massage.
But you're doing it
there. [laughs]
I do it every time
If I Any sort of, any, like, activity
that I might have a little bit of anxiety,
job interview, first dates
Like interview for the Netflix?
[laughing] Exactly.
I should've tried this today.
[all laugh]
[in sing-song tone] I did.
[Alexis] I'm just kidding. I don't know.
Maybe. I don't know.
The glow.
Yeah, just confidence, it helps build
confidence, it relaxes you.
Absolutely. My mom always says,
"Don't go out with a loaded gun."
It means, if you're going on a date,
always masturbate before.
-[Alexis] Absolutely.
-[Cat] Absolutely.
It's not just a personal experience.
There is research that shows
that masturbation relieves stress.
There was even a recent study that showed
that it relieving work-related stress
when you masturbate.
Also, it boosts your immune system,
gives you a glow,
it strengthens the relationship,
the couple's communication.
So the many benefits are real.
It's a behind story,
a lot of artists,
when they write songs or write a plot,
they do a lot of masturbating.
Because it it clears your head.
So do you write songs yourself?
[hums curiously]
Yeah, I do.
[all laugh]
Do you "write songs"?
[Cat] You just revealed yourself.
It's okay. We're in a safe space here.
I'm sweating.
[in Korean] I'm getting
a tissue to wipe my sweat,
-and the tissue box looks like this!
[women laughing]
[Cat in English]
Don't get too excited. It's okay.
Do you remember your first masturbation?
Yeah. That was a while ago, I think.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I just felt something good and I was like,
"Oh, I want to do that again."
[Cat] I even was like,
"Okay, what else is there?"
And I'd seen in school
they put, like, a condom on a banana.
So I was like, "I'll try, like, a carrot
or my electric toothbrush."
I had to explain to my parents
why I need a new toothbrush.
[both laugh]
[Sandra] I was also young.
I watched porn before I masturbated.
The guy touched
or licked the girl on her upper vulva.
And I was like, "What is there?"
Because I thought sex is about
and sticking something in,
and that's all there is.
And I touched myself
where the clitoris is,
and it was like a revelation.
I still remember this first touch
and this intense feeling
because I had no idea
that there were so many nerves there.
[Alexis] But it's not necessarily sexual.
You're like,
"Okay. Something's going on there."
-[Alexis] You know, I mean
[all laugh]
It's pretty normal
that children already masturbate.
-Like an explorer.
-[Elisabeth] Yeah.
They just go for hunting
the good feelings,
and the parents are just like,
"Don't do that. Go away.
This is shameful."
And this is how we start to learn
that sexuality is shameful, it's guilty.
[Elisabeth] But historically,
it's always been very shamed.
I've heard that in Korea,
they say that genitals
might change the color.
[Elisabeth] And for example here,
in the 18th century,
they used to say
that your hands might fall off
or that you lose your eyesight
when you masturbate too much.
[Elisabeth] It's a very strong idea
that brings a lot of fear.
[in Korean]
Back when we used to be children,
we were told masturbation
would stunt our growth.
[all hum in understanding]
But when I grew up,
I saw that some people
grew tall regardless.
Translate, you punk!
-Go on.
-That's not it.
[in English] I was supposed to be taller.
[in Korean] You would have been taller?
[in English] But it's better
that you masturbated, actually.
-So bravo.
-Thank you.
[in Korean] Is it common here to discuss
female self-pleasure devices
and how great they are
as openly as we are right now?
[in English] I talk about it a lot
with my friends.
Even with my parents sometimes.
My husband is a big fan
because sometimes
I use a Womanizer or other sex toys
during our partner sex.
Because it does what no man can do.
-I'm so sorry, but it's true.
It sucks, it vibrates,
and it doesn't overstimulate.
[Sandra] So it's just a fact.
It's great. It's very unique.
[Sandra laughs]
That sometimes would frustrate
your partner sometimes, no?
I think he sees them as friends.
Sometimes, I just can't be satisfied
with only my fingers or his tongue.
-There are different days.
And then I use the Womanizer,
and it just helps me.
For me, personally, sex toys
have helped me learn what feels good.
-So you get to know your body better.
-[Cat] Exactly.
It's not that we don't want to tell you.
But sometimes, we just don't know.
And we need to learn too,
to communicate it.
Yeah, of course. I agree.
And actually,
I don't think it's the enemy.
-That's good.
But there are some people, like
Hold on, though. I would say
it's really not so much about
looking at it and saying
it's just that this is something
men can't do.
This is something that can do something
in addition to what men can do.
[Alexis] It's more about
an addition to it.
So I think it's not so much about
looking at it like,
"Oh, that's sad. I can't do that."
It's more like, "Oh, that's one more thing
that she gets to experience in life
that brings her pleasure."
Researchers have found, like,
stone dildos.
They suspect
that they have been sexual items.
[in Korean] Oh.
[in English] People always try
to spice up their sex life
and find like, helpers,
and little support.
You shouldn't be jealous on the sex toy.
Always on ourselves to masturbate
and to learn what we need,
what we like, and how we like it.
And I think it's never the role
of the husband or the boyfriend, you know?
It's not that you have
one solution for all the women
-because everyone likes different things.
Oh, I was just going to add as well
that there's also
a really incredible practice
when it comes to mutual masturbation.
[Alexis] That it's beautiful.
It's different.
But you know, I think this is a very
Also, a big topic that
sex always ends with the orgasm.
That's the reason why so many women
also fake the orgasms, you know?
[Sandra] Because they don't know
how to communicate
that they just
don't want to go on anymore.
And I had then this one boyfriend.
I was together with him, I think,
over one year.
I faked constantly,
and then he was like, bragging,
-"Oh, I bring you to climax all the time."
-That's the worst.
"Oh, I'm so good."
And I bursted out one day.
I said, "I faked all the time."
"You never made me come!"
Like, it goes both ways
and we just have to try
to communicate, and be like
And that's why I think sex toys are
a really good way to bring us together
-because it can help us bridge that gap.
It's like a microphone.
Like, "How are you doing?"
Very good. Thank you.
"What's your desire level?"
Do you know what I mean?
I mean, I'm being a bit funny right now.
-[Alexis] Yeah, Okay.
[Cat] I can understand.
[in Korean] Can you show us around
the office some more?
[in English] Yeah, I'm gonna do that.
[Alexis] So yeah, shall we? Let's go.
[Alexis] We're always working in
ideas and creativity.
[upbeat music playing]
[Alexis] We do have
a special feature, if you will.
Are you ready? Can you handle it?
[in sing-song tone] The masturbation room.
-[Alexis] I know.
[in Korean] That's incredible.
[in English] Is there somebody
I don't know.
[all gasp]
-[woman] Hey.
-How are you?
I'm good. How are you? [laughs]
There's a special place?
There is a special place.
Do you want to come in
and check out the masturbation room?
-[woman] Yes?
Don't be shy. Come in.
[woman] Have a look around
in our beautiful masturbation room
at Womanizer.
[funky music playing]
What were you doing in here by yourself?
Oh, that's my little secret.
Okay. I'll keep your secret.
[in Korean] But if you came here
in the middle of work to masturbate,
wouldn't that be wrong?
[in English] Oh, no, it's not wrong.
It's part of our job, no?
So we really have to understand
how they work, how they feel
so we can really talk to our customers.
But you can do that when your work is done
and when you go home.
-Sure, but why not do it at work as well?
We're trying to destigmatize masturbation.
We're trying to take out
the shame out of masturbation.
So we treat it as something super normal.
If you guys want to have
some time for yourselves
-What do you mean?
[Si-kyung] Seriously?
-[woman laughs]
-[Si-kyung] It's okay, Dong-youp.
It's your time to You know.
-I'll make some space.
-[Si-kyung] Life is
-[in Korean] I'll be right with you.
-I won't be too long.
Okay. Have fun.
I'll need about 34 minutes.
-Okay, so 12 minutes to undress,
and another 18 to get dressed again.
-[producer] Cut. Good work, everyone.
-[scattered clapping]
What? What's the matter?
[crew laughs]
What's with all the fuss?
You're still not undressed?
-You need help getting that off?
-No, I have to take everything off.
-They just get in the way.
-I know. You hate clothes.
[Si-kyung] Okay, shall we move on then?
We should give him a little privacy.
[funky jazz music playing]
[Dong-youp] People say love has no borders
and knows no age.
And I get that much.
But I always thought
it was between two people.
Imagine having
both a wife and a girlfriend.
And being all together.
-[women giggling]
-[man exhales]
[in English] Oh
[in German] They're both my husbands.
[in Korean] They look so prosperous.
[Si-kyung] I have no one.
How can people have more than one partner?
[funky jazz music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Sonya Hong
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