Riverdale (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods

1 [JUGHEAD] Previously on Riverdale I'm so glad that you're home safe and that the babies are okay.
- He's transferring to Southside High.
- I'm not a Serpent, okay.
It might be my dad's life, but not mine.
[ARCHIE] You get shot.
Grundy's murdered.
What if some crazy person is going after the people that I care about? [JUGHEAD] Every fairy tale comes with the same warning: Good children should never go into the woods alone.
Stray from the path and who knows what you'll encounter.
A hungry wolf.
A handsome devil.
Or maybe something worse.
[GUNSHOTS] [MIDGE] Help! Help! Help me, please! Help! Help! Oh, I can take that in to Daddy.
I wanna ask him something, anyway.
Your father and I have business to discuss.
- You know the rules about his study.
- Mom, those were the old rules.
[HERMIONE] Which still apply, Veronica.
I thought I heard my two palomitas out here chirping.
Is that my café con leche? Thank you, corazón.
[VERONICA] Tonight's the season premiere of The Matchlerette.
I would love to have my friends over.
- [HIRAM] Who exactly? - Inner circle only.
You can watch with us.
They're dying to meet you.
- They're welcome to come over, mija.
- Thank you, Daddy.
- [HIRAM] Mm-hm.
- Mwah.
[PLAYERS CHATTERING] Are we gonna start or what? Where's Coach Clayton? - At the hospital with Moose and Midge.
- What? - Hey, guys! - [REGGIE] I only know what coach told me.
Moose got shot multiple times by some lunatic at Lovers' Lane.
- Oh, my God - No, Arch, he's alive.
So's Midge.
He, like, shielded her with his body.
She didn't get hit.
Practice is canceled.
[ETHEL] You don't think they're targeting students, do you? Should we be worried? Like, what's going on? [KELLER] It was full-on Carrie.
Midge covered in Moose's blood, screaming like a banshee.
It was insane.
Kev, what were you even doing there? You could've been shot, too [KEVIN] I was just night-jogging, you know, as one does, and suddenly, I hear gunshots.
Can we agree there's a killer on the loose? - With terrible aim.
- Jughead, he murdered Ms.
We don't know these three crimes are related.
Guys, can we focus on what matters here? Midge and Moose are alive.
Archie's dad survived.
The Matchlerette starts tonight.
You're coming over to watch.
There's a shooter terrorizing the town.
You really want us to watch a gross dating show? What I want is for you guys to meet my dad officially.
Back in New York, my dad was always in his study, doing bad things, as it turns out.
I'm tired of closed doors.
I need to know my dad's life and he needs to know mine.
- Well, we'll be there, V.
Can't wait.
- Thank you.
Hey, Andrews, we're going to the hospital to see Moose.
You coming? Yeah, for sure.
I'll see you tonight, Ronnie.
I better go.
Was supposed to meet my peer mentor - at Southside High half an hour ago.
- Wait, are? Are you sure you can't just keep going here? I'll be fine.
[BETTY] Bye.
Okay, it's just us now.
Night-jogging? Yeah.
I'm trying to get in shape for wrestling.
Okay, fine, I was cruising Fox Forest.
I'm going out for wrestling.
I had to tell my dad I was jogging.
- He believed you? - Yeah.
He wants to believe me.
Hey, look, I get it, you're post-Joaquin, but cruising? Come on, Kev, you know I hate that.
Why can't you use Grind'em like every other gay guy? [KEVIN] Nobody's who they say they are online.
At least in real life, what you see is what you get, there's no surprises.
[BETTY] Moose and Midge were shot literally 300 yards from Fox Forest, and the person who did it is still out there.
Tell me you won't go back until he's caught.
Okay, fine.
I will not go back.
Scout's honor.
[BELL RINGS] If I wasn't such a big slab of beef, Midge might've been hit.
You saved her life, bro.
Your nurse is hot.
What if you pop a boner during a sponge bath? And it wasn't a ski mask? He was wearing a black hood for sure? Anything else you remember about how he looked? [MOOSE] His eyes.
They're green, right? [MIDGE] They were blank.
Like there wasn't a person behind them.
He was like Michael Myers.
He had the devil's eyes.
[MIDGE SIGHS] [METAL DETECTOR BEEPING] - It's the pins on my hat.
- Take it off, go again.
Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.
Uh it's Jughead, actually.
I'm Toni Topaz.
I was supposed to give you the full animatronic tour, but some robots went insane and started killing the guests, so, we'll just wing it.
Classrooms don't have Wi-Fi, bathroom stalls don't have doors.
What about the Red and Black? Yeah, it no longer exists.
Censorship? Budget cuts? Take your pick.
You'll find a glimpse of jingle-jangle being consumed in its natural habitat.
[JUGHEAD] I'm sorry, "jingle-jangle"? This place is crawling with the JJ.
A highly addictive total gutter drug.
So, let's not touch that.
[TONI] All right.
Here in the cafetorium, Ghoulies sit over there.
Rival gang, drug dealers, street racers, rumors of cannibalism.
Don't ask.
And we sit over there.
With the Serpents.
You're a Southside Serpent? Why do you think that I volunteered to give you the tour? Actually, I'm gonna sit alone.
Just, you know, finish my book and brood.
I'm confused.
Aren't you like a Serpent by blood? The son of FP Jones? Yeah.
So, I self-identify as a loner, not a pack animal.
I'm just gonna put my head down and try and get through this, okay? Hey, you wanna get through this, you should hang with the Serpents.
If the Ghoulies get a whiff that you're alone, or vulnerable, they'll make you their bitch faster than you can say American History X.
Moose and Midge described him.
Same guy that shot you, same hood, eyes.
Well, maybe and maybe not.
Dad, it's him.
If Sheriff Keller's not gonna take that seriously, I think we should be ready.
Like, maybe we should buy a gun, just be armed in case Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, okay? Ease up on that.
We're gonna let the cops do their job.
"Armed"? What the hell are you talking about? Archie, this is not the Wild West.
We don't keep guns in this house.
Okay? So, just cool it.
Why don't you sit down next to me, loverboy? - Archie? - I'm sorry.
This thing with Moose It's like nobody cares.
Dad keeps saying, "Leave it to Sheriff Keller.
" I'm like, "Yeah, he did a great job of catching Jason's murderer.
" Oh.
Wait, I'm sorry, that was us.
Inside voices, please? [JUGHEAD] No, don't stop him.
Archie going Travis Bickle is my favorite Archie yet.
Doesn't it feel like he's targeting us? I mean, specifically? I don't want anyone else getting hurt.
When we had a getaway on the Cape, all of us got together and hired private security to keep out the riffraff - as an added layer of protection.
- [HIRAM] I loved that house.
- [VERONICA] Daddy.
- We're on our way to dinner at the club.
I wanted to meet your friends first.
Thank you.
- This is Betty Cooper.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
[VERONICA] And Jughead Jones.
- Hi.
- [HIRAM] Hey.
- You know my dad.
- [HIRAM] I do.
He's a good man.
He values family.
I hope his return comes sooner rather than later.
- Yeah, so do we.
- [VERONICA] And, Daddy, this is Archie Andrews.
The boy who's captured my daughter's heart.
- Daddy.
- Uh, it's nice to meet you, sir.
Ah, please.
Call me Hiram.
I couldn't help but overhear your discussion and I, um I understand your frustration with Sheriff Keller.
As for someone who's had his own share of run-ins with the law [CHUCKLES] I can say that the police aren't always the solution.
Sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands.
- We need to protect ourselves.
- [HERMIONE] We're gonna lose our table.
Oh, yes, of course.
Hey, it was nice to meet all of you.
- Oh, and Archie.
- Yes.
[HIRAM] Why don't you come over for dinner this weak? I look forward to seeing what you come up with to save Riverdale.
[CHUCKLES] Your eyes They can't seem to understand What I've realized Realize This isn't just a dream Stuck on a bad repeat Fightin' the air to breathe You can't touch me now I'm a bad man Ain't my fault It's all I got It's so bad, man Now I am who I am You can't change me 'Cause you made me I'm a bad man About Archie coming over for dinner I wouldn't push that if I were you.
I'm not.
Daddy invited Archie.
- Mm-hm.
- Daddy wants to please his little girl.
And you want your father's approval.
Mija you want everything to change overnight.
You want him to be friends with your friends.
And that will happen.
Just no need to rush it.
No need to be so thirsty, Veronica.
I'm off to school.
- What's that? - I don't know.
It was on the porch.
Guys, we're under attack.
And by "we," I mean our friends, our families.
This time, it was Moose and Midge.
Next time, it could be you your girlfriend, your family.
It's time to do something about it.
I want us to start a watch group.
Not to canvass the town, that's not workable, but to focus on Riverdale High, its students, its faculty and staff, its parents, where we all hang out, an extra circle of protection around it.
You want us to take it to the streets, kick some ass.
That was my first thought, too, Reg.
But no, no weapons, no violence.
I'm talking about a patrol, an extra set of eyes and ears for the police.
And what if we run into the killer? Then we call Sheriff Keller.
We're not vigilantes.
We're watchdogs.
- We're the Watchdogs.
- We're not called the Watchdogs, Reg.
We're called the Red Circle.
We hold the line.
We're not waiting for the next attack.
We're protecting our own.
- Whoo! Yeah.
- Yeah.
[STUDENTS CHEERING] [PHILLIPS] Fahrenheit 451, by one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury.
Let's start with the title.
Can anyone tell me its significance? What? Damn it! People, there's a burning book on the cover.
Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns.
"It was a pleasure to burn.
" Indeed.
Thank you, Mr Jones.
And welcome to hell.
[BELL RINGS] Uh, hi, Mr.
Phillips? [PHILLIPS] Mr.
Toni was telling me you used to advise the school paper.
I was wondering what happened.
Drugs and gangs came to Southside High.
Trying to get students interested in the school paper was an exercise in futility.
I'm interested.
I have experience.
At Riverdale High, I wrote for the Blue and Gold.
I'll put in the work.
Your articles online? Mm-hm.
I'll take a look, let you know.
[JUGHEAD] Thanks.
What happened last night? You said you were coming to Veronica's.
Yeah, something came up.
Something in the woods? Betty, don't take this the wrong way, but how many years did I listen to you go on about Archie and Jughead? Did you ask my permission to date them? No.
You didn't need it.
And I don't need yours.
- [BETTY] Dating is one thing.
This is - It's none of your business.
I'll, uh, catch you later.
[SCOFFS] So, button-down Kevin Keller has a sex-drive.
So what? So, it's putting him in danger.
Why won't he just stop? Oh, Betty.
How little you know of the human psyche.
Kevin used to be a lonely, awkward fat boy with acne.
Now he's a smoke-show.
And? In his mind, he's still that unattractive Pugsley.
Kevin wants validation, connection, even if he has to find it in the woods.
Even with a killer on the loose.
Even if you don't approve.
[VERONICA] I have incredible news, Archiekins.
You are invited to dinner with my parents, chez moi.
- Oh, Ronnie, this week's crazy - I don't care.
Archie, this is nonnegotiable.
That drive-by he did was a kind gesture, but this, this is like I don't wanna call it a test, though it kind of is.
- What am I being tested for? - Not you, my father.
Can he just be a dad for one night? No agenda other than getting to know someone who's important to me.
- In that case, I'll be there for you.
- I don't have time to teach you Spanish, but I've selected phrases for you to memorize and practice.
And can we not talk about that private army you're starting? Okay? Thanks.
[BETTY] Hey.
- Hey.
[SIGHS] - [BETTY] What's wrong? Your mother got some fan mail.
He calls himself the Black Hood and he wants us to publish this letter.
He wants everyone to know that he shot Fred Andrews and Moose and Midge and murdered Geraldine Grundy.
Are you sure that this is real? [ALICE] Oh, it's real, all right.
[KELLER] "This is the Black Hood.
I am the man who shot the adulterer at Pop's.
I killed the child predator in Greendale.
I shot the drug- and sex-addicted teenagers at Lovers' Lane.
Riverdale is not innocent.
It's a town of hypocrites, degenerates, criminals.
My wrath is the price of your lies, your secrets, your sins.
I will not stop.
I cannot be stopped.
I am the wolf.
You are the flock.
This is the blood-letting.
You will hear from me again.
" Well, Tom, how real is this threat? Well, it's definitely Fred Andrews' wallet.
These sunglasses, I'm checking with Greendale P.
Alice, in the spirit of public safety Tom, tell me if you disagree.
It's important to not give this lunatic an audience.
Mayor McCoy, it is our responsibility to let the public know he's out there targeting his next victim.
If you print this, you're gonna cause panic.
I want a media blackout for 24 hours on this letter, at least.
And I'll be taking it into Evidence.
I'll send you a copy.
[ALICE] Oh, no need, sheriff.
We made one right before we sent it to the printer for tomorrow's front page.
Jones, I read your work.
I'm impressed.
So much so that I'll consider reopening the Red and the Black on two conditions: One, no gangs.
Two, no jingle-jangle.
Write about them.
If I see you trafficking in either, we're done.
That will not be a problem for me.
Did you think I'd let teenagers form a militia? We're trying to help, sheriff.
- People are scared.
- A lynch mob won't help that.
- Sheriff Keller.
- We have a big problem here, Waldo.
You see, your student has formed his own private army.
The Red Circle is a school club.
You endorse this? [WEATHERBEE] Archie has shown tremendous initiative.
You can't fault students for wanting to protect each other.
Morning, Waldo.
[ARCHIE CHUCKLES] [COUGHS] Well, it's no New York Times.
But, hey, kudos on finding your safe space, snowflake.
Yeah, all I need now is a photographer with an amazing eye and a hunger for social justice, and I think I'll be set.
Let's bounce.
Jones, wanna come with? We're going to the quarry.
Uh, I don't have my beach bod yet.
What? You'll ask for help from the Serpents, but you won't hang with us? Don't come crawling to us, hat in hand, when some Ghoulie decides to earn his stripes by taking out FP Jones' kid.
Duly noted.
Thank you, Sweet Pea.
I appreciate what you and the Serpents have done for me and my dad.
I do.
But I'm done.
Okay? No more favors coming your way.
Hey, hey, he made up his mind, okay? Take the hint, Sweet Pea.
He's just not that into you.
Let's motor.
Catch you later, Jones.
- I'm going.
I'm leaving Riverdale.
- You'll give the babies whiplash.
[POLLY] I've called the farm.
They still have room.
Farm? What farm? The farm Jason and I were running to before my life fell apart.
Honey, let's just talk about this.
Why are you leaving? Ask Mom.
She's the one baiting a killer.
- A killer targeting sinners.
- Polly, you're not a sinner.
I'm an unwed mother carrying my cousin's babies.
I am the poster child for sin.
That's it.
Over my dead body are you gonna run off to some farm and give birth in a trough, no doubt.
It might be over your dead body, Mother, but it won't be over mine or my babies'.
Polly! I'll talk to her.
Midge wanted to thank you for saving my life.
[SCOFFS] You're like her new hero now.
[SIGHS] Hey, so, what were you doing out there in the woods, anyways? [CHUCKLES] What were you doing out there with Midge? Besides drugs.
That was her idea.
She likes to get a little crazy sometimes.
I like Midge, a lot.
Sometimes I'm not sure we're that great a match.
Kevin, are you okay? I haven't been making great decisions lately.
Lying to my dad, sneaking around and going into the woods.
I know it's dangerous, but I can't stop myself.
It's like I don't even care.
What is that? I don't know, but guys like us? Like you? In a town like Riverdale? We don't have a lot of options.
So, even if something bad could happen, we go for it, 'cause what if for ten minutes or maybe even just for two minutes we're not alone? [CHUCKLES] I'm glad you're okay, Moose.
Midge, too.
You don't have to go.
Or you can come back, whenever.
If you wanna hang out or talk.
You're playing with fire, I want you to know.
I'm polishing cutlery, Mom.
In advance of my parents getting to know my boyfriend over dinner.
That may be your agenda, but it's not necessarily your father's.
He's making an effort, I'm making an effort.
The only person not making an effort is you.
- I'm trying to warn you.
- About what, Mom? What do you think Daddy's gonna do? Please, God, enough of these veiled threats.
Tell me you think he's dangerous.
Say it to my face or forever hold your peace because we're never having this conversation again.
Can't do it, can you? Just remember, you're the one who welcomed him back.
I thought no weapons.
- I've had this bat since I was 10.
Check out the backseat.
- So, this is the Red and Black.
You cannot be here at night unless you are armed.
Well, I am.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, honestly? I hit pay dirt.
Do you remember how no one could explain the local component of Clifford Blossom's drug pipeline? That jingle-jangle, the stuff Moose and Midge were on? It's coming from here.
My dad said that Serpents never deal in hard drugs, but the Ghoulies do.
Well, is it wise to be writing about gangs and drugs while you're going to school here? You worried about me? Well, yeah, Jug.
I thought you liked me reckless.
[DOOR CREAKS] Oh, sorry, guys.
I didn't see the sock on the door.
It's okay.
Hey, Toni.
Ah Betty, this is Toni.
She is the photographer for the newspaper.
- This is Betty.
This is my girlfriend.
- [BETTY] Hi, Toni.
- Huh.
You are not at all what I pictured.
- Really? What did you picture? [TONI] Uh, Emily the Strange.
Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice.
Hey, look what Betty got us.
Great minds.
Great minds.
Perfect timing.
Zip me up? Of course.
You know, the one thing about this apartment is that sound carries.
Even in my study, I could hear you and Veronica in the dining room as if we're all together.
If you wanna burn your relationship with our daughter, that's your business.
But don't ever try to poison her against me.
Clear? - Of course.
- Yeah.
You look nice.
[ON JUKEBOX] Close your eyes, now, baby - [KEVIN] Thank you, Delores.
- [DELORES] Anytime.
Have a good run, Kevin.
You precious, beautiful, compulsive piece of trash.
Okay, slow down.
I can barely Are you sure? No, don't.
Don't do that.
Just get somewhere safe, okay? Turn back to Hastings Street.
Stay calm.
We're on our way.
[ENGINE REVS & TIRES SQUEAL] - [ARCHIE] This is where she said she was.
- Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Ethel? Ethel? [TIRES SQUEALING] [ETHEL] Archie! Archie.
- Ethel, what happened? - [ETHEL] I was walking home and this van just pulled up and it circled back three times.
- [ARCHIE] Did you see him? Recognize him? - No.
No, I'm sorry.
- Are you okay? - [ETHEL] Yeah, I'm fine.
[TWIG SNAPS] - [BETTY] Where do you think he is? - [VERONICA] I don't know Oh, my God.
What are you guys doing here? Cheryl called me, said you were going for a jog, headed towards Fox Forest.
You said you weren't gonna do this anymore.
For God's sake, Betty, what do you want from me? I want you to have more respect for yourself than this.
- [KEVIN] Respect for myself? - Yes.
We have been friends a long time, but you still have no idea Well, then tell me, Kev, please.
You act like we've got the same set of options, but we don't.
You live in this pale-pink world of milk shakes and first kisses and "Am I gonna date Archie or Jughead?" Except for when she's Dark Betty.
[KEVIN] Right, right.
Except for when you're exploring your BDSM sexuality, which again, you're allowed to do, but I'm not, because why? This is what I've got, Betty.
Me, these woods.
So, please don't come here and tell me it's disgusting.
If you can't accept what I do, whatever I do, then we're just We're not really friends.
[JUGHEAD] Wait! [JUGHEAD GRUNTING] [FRED] How's the war on terror going? [SIGHS] It's going.
So, listen, um, about this dinner with the Lodges.
Hiram is more than just your girlfriend's dad.
He's my business partner.
Ronnie and I get that.
Even if things with us change, I'll be a gentleman.
I won't do anything to offend her or Mr.
and Mrs.
I promise.
Problem is, Hiram, he's the kind of person who Well, he'll find a way to be offended if that's what he wants.
- Just be careful, okay? - Yeah.
[BETTY] Can't you just take a day off? It's not that bad.
Just some cuts and bruises.
I told you that motorcycle was risky, Jug.
You promised you were always gonna wear a helmet.
[JUGHEAD] It was just around the block.
Don't blame me, all right? Blame the pothole.
I thought you were gonna say that you got jumped by those Creepies Ghoulies.
But, no, the Serpents won't allow that.
They got Jughead's back.
Even though he's not a member.
It's just family loyalty.
Great, well I've gotta go to school, try and fix this mess with Kevin.
- Toni, will you keep an eye on him? - All over it.
[DOOR OPENS, THEN CLOSES] Don't tell Betty.
She doesn't need to know.
We warned you about the Ghoulies.
You'll take them more seriously now.
I will now.
[ARCHIE] The posole was really great, Mrs.
Glad you liked it.
So, Veronica tells me you rescued the Muggs girl.
Yeah, but the creeper got away.
We need to be faster with our response time.
Yeah, because you'd like to be ahead of the threat.
I understand.
So, tell me, have you ever had rum? Rum? What, like the alcohol? Yeah, there's a signature Lodge family label.
It's I have some in my study.
Would you like to try it? Of course he would.
Oh, palomita, would you mind if Archie and I had a little chat, man-to-man? Okay.
Sure, Daddy.
The king will always keep her at arm's length.
She'll never be allowed in his private throne room.
Cab's waiting.
[BETTY] Polly, are you sure this is how you wanna leave? Without even telling them goodbye? - I know Mom's sorry.
- She's always sorry.
Until she does the next thing.
I'll be fine.
- I'll call you.
I promise.
- Okay.
[SNIFFS] [HIRAM] I like having her up there, looking over my shoulder.
Keeps me honest.
Not the sort your father approves of, is it? Uh, rum? No, not Not really, sir.
No, I meant about your Red Circle.
[ARCHIE] He's still trying to wrap his head around it, I guess.
Me too still.
[HIRAM] You know, Archie I hope we can respect each other.
You know, moving forward.
Of course, Mr.
No more sneaking into my daughter's bedroom.
You know, and, uh, never ever hurt Veronica.
You know, I do have a thought about your Red Circle, actually.
You know, it's a noble idea.
But evil, Archie, has no regards for nobility or good intention.
You know, sometimes, defending yourself, it's not enough.
You need to, uh, strike back.
Go on the offensive.
This Black Hood, he's waging a war based on terror and fear.
Those are his weapons.
They should be yours, too.
[LINE RINGS] It's Kevin.
Leave a message, if people still do things like that.
How's it going? - [MAN] Kind of late to be out here.
- I'm waiting for someone.
Is it me? [BOTH CHUCKLE] I could give you a ride.
Drop you somewhere.
Come on, get in.
[KEVIN GRUNTS] [BETTY] Moose and Midge were shot.
Tell me you won't go back there.
- You know what? That's okay.
- What, you're playing hard-to-get? - Come on, get in.
- No, I'm not.
Get in the damn car, you little tease.
Hi, Dad.
Where have you been? Betty had this thing.
Don't lie to me, boy.
Betty was here earlier, looking for you.
We had a talk about what you've been doing.
With everything that's going on right now, I need to know you're safe.
You hear me? You hear me? I know that, uh there are certain things that we don't talk about.
Maybe it's time that we start trying.
Okay? Okay, son.
Oh, I know that smile.
- I've been thinking - Oh, boy.
I want a more active role in Lodge Industries.
I am a shareholder, am I not? That's an honorary title, Veronica.
[VERONICA] Let's make it a real one, Daddy.
I wanna get my hands dirty.
I wanna be in the room where it happens.
Unless there's a reason why I shouldn't be involved.
Get a peek behind the curtain? No.
None at all.
Of course you should be involved.
You're a Lodge, after all.
[HIRAM CHUCKLES] Oh, Father, tell me That we get what we deserve Oh, we get what we deserve Is this seat taken? [JUGHEAD] Those kids in the fairy tales who go into the woods they don't come back the same.
They're always changed in some fundamental way.
Sometimes for the better.
More often for the worse.
That's the common misconception about fairy tales.
They very rarely have a happy ending.
[ARCHIE] Doiley, is it recording? This is a message for the coward calling himself the Black Hood.
You think you can attack us from the shadows.
But Riverdale is a lot stronger than you.
And we're not afraid.
See, there's only one of you.
But we are legion.
We're called the Red Circle.
And we're coming for you.
We will find you.
We will hunt you.
And we will end you.
Way down we go