Riverdale (2017) s04e10 Episode Script

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues

Spirit Week had arrived at Riverdale High.
And for the first time in years, the students actually had something to celebrate.
The long-suffering Bulldogs, in large part thanks to breakout star Munroe Moore, were finally going to the state finals, where they would take on the undisputed titans of the gridiron, the Stonewall Stallions.
For Principal Honey, who commissioned an article about the game from ace reporter Betty Cooper, the championship was, at last, something positive to promote.
But for Riverdale's star QB, Archie Andrews, this Spirit Week was special for a different reason.
It would be the last of his career.
Jones, how long have you had that machine? Feels like forever.
Why? Think it's about time for an upgrade? No.
Keys are used to my fingertips.
Plus, I'm sentimental and superstitious.
Oh, crap.
I gotta go.
DuPont summoned me for some reason.
How did I get an interview with Yale? I didn't even apply.
Yes, but the recruiter is a friend of mine, so I slipped him a few of your short stories, and he was quite impressed.
I assume you're interested? Yale is my girlfriend's dream school, and she didn't get in, so Yes, well, the heart can be a difficult minefield to navigate, but take my advice.
Figure it out.
Don't be foolish.
Mmm, gotta go with number three.
It's damn good, Ronnie.
It's my special shimmy on abuelita's recipe.
I thought your dad patented the recipe, so you couldn't use it.
Daddy may have patented our family recipe for his own profit, but this is a modified spiced rum with a unique flavor profile.
Now it's time to introduce Luna Rum to the outside world.
Cheryl, girls, how fortuitous.
I'd like you to meet someone [CHERYL.]
No time to chat, Mr.
We're on our way to practice our Spirit Week musical routine, which will, naturally, be epic.
On that subject, as was discussed with Mrs.
Burble, I have brought in Miss Appleyard to be your new coach.
But cheer season is almost done, Mr.
I can handle this, Holden.
Look, I'm not sure what Honey has told you, but we don't need a coach.
I run the show around here.
Howevs, we are looking for a launderwoman.
From now on, we're gonna change things up.
The Vixens are a cheer squad.
So we'll be focusing on cheers, not singing and dancing to pop songs.
Now, gather the rest of the girls and meet me out on the field, so we can practice some drills, okay? I'm sorry, am I hallucinating, or did you just give me an order? I led my last team to nationals three years in a row.
I think I know what I'm doing here.
Okay, so last game of the season.
- [BETTY.]
How do you feel, Arch? Honestly, like we're gonna win.
Munroe, what about you? I'm just happy to be playing for the championship.
- Whoo! - He's being humble, Betty.
A recruiter from Notre Dame is coming just to see him.
Reggie, care to comment? You want a quote, Betts? [BETTY.]
I'll give you a quote.
- Stonewall sucks.
The only reason why they're undefeated is because they play dirty.
Every team that's gone up against them this year has suffered some horrible injury.
What do you mean? I mean, they don't play to win.
They play to hurt.
But they haven't gone up against our guy.
So, you excited for the big game? - Everyone's pumped.
- I can't wait to see you play.
If your arm's half as good as your dad's was, I bet you got a hell of a throw.
Hey, Uncle Frank.
- I've been thinking - Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, me too.
Look I really appreciate you putting me up here for the last couple of weeks, getting to meet you, getting to know you.
You're a great kid, Archie.
Your dad raised you well.
But, uh I think it's time I moved on.
I've paid my respects.
I was actually wondering what if you didn't leave? You could help out here.
Or Andrews Construction.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested.
Problem is, that means telling - Telling my mom you're in town.
- Yeah.
Like I've said, there's not a lot of love lost there.
Well, whatever happened between you guys in the past, I'm sure you can work it out.
Hell, she'll probably be happy to see you.
Let me ask you, Frank.
Have you even visited your brother's grave? You didn't bother to show up for the funeral.
I was on a crab boat, Mary.
I didn't get the news till a month ago.
Mom, I was thinking, maybe Uncle Frank could get a job at Andrews Construction? You asked my son for a job? No, Mom, the job was my idea.
Okay, fine.
But mark my words, Archie, the second your uncle has to do even an ounce of hard work, he will bolt so fast your head will spin.
Jug? You've been dipping that fry in ketchup for five minutes.
- What's going on? - [SIGHS.]
I have an interview with a college recruiter.
For Yale.
I hope that's okay.
Yeah, why wouldn't it be? Because I got rejected? Well Yeah, kind of.
Well, I would never ask you to turn down an opportunity like that.
That's life-changing.
So you're obviously gonna go and ace that interview.
Meanwhile, I'll be working on my article for Mr.
Yeah, how's that going? It's a puff piece.
Have you thought about interviewing the opposing team? You know, Bret's team captain.
Yeah, I know.
He's also the guy who attacked us in a bunny mask.
You really want me to interview that jerk? It could mean drama for your piece.
What can I do for you, Cheryl? We got off on the wrong Repetto-covered foot.
I'd like us to find a way to work together in blissful harmony.
Cheryl, I'm the coach.
You're the athlete.
The power structure couldn't be clearer.
As for your muffins, could I suggest a little less time baking, and a little more time in the weight room? My body is perfection, you crone! And you may be the coach, but I think you'll find the Vixens are mine, forevermore.
Full disclosure, Bret, I wasn't going to interview you.
But then I heard rumors that your team plays dirty.
"They don't play to win.
They play to hurt.
" Betty have you ever really watched or studied football? 'Cause, sweetheart, it's not a knitting circle.
It's social Darwinism in uniforms.
Football is a sport of gladiators, and you win by debilitating and slaughtering your enemies.
Gosh, I have to go, but you can quote me on that.
You bet your ass I will, psycho.
As restaurant owners, you know the importance of quality in every dish and glass you serve.
Luna Rum is a small-batch operation, focused on making each bottle special.
The name "Luna" comes from my abuelita and generations of rum-making women in my family.
Is that cardamom? Among other things.
It's my own special blend.
Luna is all about valuing tradition, while adding a touch of modern sabor.
I'll take a case.
This is special.
Your customers will not be disappointed.
A good writer needs the best tools.
Did you get me this? It's a welcome gift from the Quill and Skull.
Speaking of which, meet us in the basement tonight, ten o'clock sharp.
Dare I ask why? You'll see.
How can I help you, Cheryl? We're going on strike.
During Spirit Week, no less.
- You must fire Miss Appleyard.
She's a rotten scourge who has afflicted our divine sisterhood.
I'd hate for there to be a big, Vixen-shaped hole during the most important football game of the year.
Nay, the century.
I usually don't respond well to threats.
But in this case, I'll consider it.
Thank you for meeting with me.
Like I said on the phone, I'm writing a story about the Stonewall Stallions, about the rumors that they play dirty.
I've been studying game tape, and there's a definite pattern of violence, wanton violence.
Those Stonewall guys are maniacs.
Maniacs? How so? A Stonewall lineman broke my arm while I was in the pile.
Do you mean on purpose? Definitely on purpose.
The hit came out of nowhere.
After the whistle.
And did the refs do anything? They pay off the refs to look the other way.
This is huge.
- The worse the injury - Yeah? The bigger the bounty.
I'm sorry, did you just say "bounty"? The Stonewall coach pays his players to hurt the other team.
At least, that's what I heard.
I'm heading home.
Later, guys.
See you, dude.
Aw, hell no.
Get away from me! [MUNROE SCREAMS.]
Munroe, what the hell happened? Some guys jumped me.
One of them swung a golf club at my knee.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
Did you see their faces? No, man.
They were wearing masks.
- We don't need to have seen their faces.
We know exactly who they are.
Hello? Bret? [DONNA.]
We're in here, Forsythe.
Where's Bret? Sorry I'm late.
I had a prior obligation.
Well, what exactly are we doing? The final part of your initiation, where we really get to know you.
When you tell us your deepest, darkest secret.
Seriously? - Yeah.
And we are recording this for the archives.
We'll tell you ours first.
When I was 13 my uncle made a pass at me, and when I told my mom, she didn't believe me.
And that's when I started cutting myself.
When I was 14 my father got me a hooker and said, "Now it's your time to be a man.
" I cried the whole time I was with her.
But I never told my father, because the truth is I was afraid he'd kill me.
For real.
I used to be homeless.
I'd crash underneath this bridge by the dock on the Southside.
It was kind of a rough place.
There was this one guy named Doc, he would stay up all night just to make sure the junkies didn't mess with me.
Then one day, these drunken businessmen, who'd heard about our little shantytown, they found Doc and beat the life out of him.
I didn't move, I didn't say anything.
I watched.
I just watched.
It's probably my greatest shame.
I've never ever told that story.
Not even to Betty.
, why for the long face? Babe, don't lose your mind, [SIGHS.]
but we've got a major problem.
What villainy is this? Speak, fiends! Mr.
Honey threatened to ban us all from prom if we refused to cheer.
He said we'd ruin Spirit Week.
So you caved and betrayed me? Well you may redeem yourselves yet.
Now, who shucketh off the impostor Appleyard? Come on, babe.
This isn't over.
Not by a long shot.
Ladies, eyes up front.
I just came up with that.
Hey! Oh, somebody call animal control.
The Bulldogs are here.
You couldn't even wait to play dirty on the field, could you? [CHUCKLES.]
That's how scared you were of Munroe.
Hey, what's going on? Jones, are you friends with these welfare cases? [SCOFFS.]
What did you just call me? I called you [GROANS.]
You all right, Archie? I've been in worse fights.
Thanks for coming, Uncle Frank.
I couldn't call Mom.
- She's got enough to worry about.
- That makes sense.
Forsythe Jones, I presume? I'm Gerald Brooks from Yale Admissions.
Have a seat.
I'd like to start by complimenting your writing.
I'm sensing H.
Lovecraft is an influence? Yeah.
A major one.
I'm sorry, I'm I guess I'm just not used to people actually treating me like a real writer.
Oh, well, at Yale, everyone earns their spot.
Should you be accepted, you will succeed or fail on your own merits, Mr.
You wanna tell me what happened? Those Stonewall bastards attacked my friend Munroe.
Busted up his knee so that he can't play.
So you went looking for payback? Don't be ashamed.
I'm the last person that should be judging anyone, Archie.
Especially when it comes to fighting for your friends.
Your dad was the same way.
What do you mean? I mean that your dad was pretty level-headed, all things considered, except when someone came after a friend or a family member.
Then he'd turn into a bit of a madman.
Yeah, he could be brutal in a bar fight.
I can't even imagine my dad throwing punches.
I mean, he taught me every sport, but not boxing.
- Wait, you box? - Yeah.
I was serious about it for a while.
Me too.
I boxed in the Army.
- What weight class? - Welterweight.
You any good at it? Well, this one time I boxed a bear.
I need a huge favor, V.
Munroe was jumped outside of Archie's gym last night.
I know.
Archie told me.
Poor Munroe.
He thinks Munroe was attacked by someone from Stonewall Prep, and based on the masks those creeps were wearing, I agree.
Probably, it was Bret.
And I want to break the story in the Blue and Gold, but I need proof or a confession.
Reggie says he heard Stonewall's throwing a party tonight to get everyone psyched up for the game.
Do I smell another classic B&V caper? Just a V caper, unfortunately.
I can't get close to Bret.
He knows me.
But I was hoping maybe you could go, turn on your femme fatale charm? - I'm down.
- Great.
Would you be willing to wear a wire? Absolutely.
And I think I have just the tonic to help loosen Bret's lips.
Anything interesting happen today? Uh I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, FP called and told me everything, so don't.
And, Archie, what's really upsetting is that when you needed someone, you called Frank and not me.
Mom, please.
What is your deal with him? Your Uncle Frank is your classic ne'er-do-well.
The straw that broke the camel's back was when your father took the blame for Frank's DUI.
What? What, you're saying the DUI on Dad's record wasn't his fault? According to the official police report, it was.
But your father wasn't behind the wheel that night.
After Frank went on a bender, he crashed our car into a telephone pole in Sycamore.
It was the third strike against him, so he would've done jail time, so your father covered for him.
And you know how Frank repaid him? By skipping town the next day.
That's the kind of man that Frank is.
Oh, and, Archie, you can play in the football game, but otherwise you're grounded.
No car privileges for a month.
Bee, from what people are saying, this isn't just a football party.
It's a football party hosted by Stonewall's lame-ass secret society.
Ah! And there's Bret.
God, I can smell his privilege from across the room.
I'm going in.
Hiya, fellas.
I'm Monica.
You wouldn't happen to be rum drinkers, by any chance? 'Cause if you are, I'm taking orders.
Go back to my room, undress, and wait for me.
Excuse me? What? You said you were taking orders.
Would you like some rum or not? It's spiced.
Yeah, sure.
Pour away.
The Stallions are undefeated, 15-0.
And that winning streak is gonna continue, right, boys? [ALL.]
Yeah! Oh, thank you.
Especially now that Riverdale's top dog is out of the mix.
It's all over social media.
Thatta girl.
Set the trap.
Star player on the opposing team randomly victimized right before the big game.
It's quite a stroke of luck for you.
Nah, doll.
We make our own luck.
Come here.
Veronica? Jughead? Jughead? Veronica? I thought your name was Monica.
Yes, it is.
Uh Excuse us.
What the hell are you doing here? What are you doing here? I go to school here.
Why are you in a wig? Since when are you part of a secret society? What? Does Betty know? 'Cause if not, she just found out.
I didn't tell you because it's a secret society.
Four months ago, you hated those guys.
You wanted to drop out and come back to Riverdale.
Yeah, but I stayed.
And you know what, I'm glad I stayed.
I got a book contract, Betty.
Don't forget about your Yale interview, thanks to your new friends.
Yeah, okay.
I got an interview with Yale because I'm a member of the society.
If I get accepted, it's because of my writing.
Does that really make me such a horrible person? No.
But I hate that we're keeping secrets from each other.
I thought we were done with that.
Okay, that's where I messed up.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you about Quill and Skull.
It's fine.
What was Veronica even doing there? She was helping me.
With what? She was trying to get Bret to brag about attacking Munroe.
Some much-needed proof for my article.
Did Bret confess? Not quite.
He was dancing around it, but then you blew her cover.
Oh, so I messed up a classic B&V scam? Mmm-hmm.
How can I make it up to you? I don't think there's anything you could do.
I'll just have to file my story with quotes from unnamed sources.
Which I have plenty of.
Is it going to enough? Truthfully, I'm not very hopeful.
Uncle Frank.
Yeah? We should talk.
Yeah, sure thing, Arch.
Everything all right? Mom told me about the DUI.
I I was going through a rough patch.
I was back in Riverdale in between tours.
I was just having trouble dealing.
This is before I realized I needed counseling for what I went through in Desert Storm.
I don't remember much of that night.
That's not surprising.
But when I woke up the next morning, your dad had already taken the blame.
I never would have asked Fred to do that for me, Archie.
But he did it.
Because Because that's who he was.
And I took off, because that's who I was.
I was angry, I was messed up.
I figured I needed to clear my head before I could make things right with your dad, and guess what, I never got that chance.
It's quite the operation you have here.
And you've already secured some sales from restaurants, I hear.
With a touching story about your abuelita, no less.
Don't worry, Daddy.
I may not be able to serve rum at La Bonne Nuit, but I can make it here.
About that.
"Veronica Luna, you are hereby served with a cease-and-desist order due to a patent infringement.
" One of the restaurant owners you gave a bottle to is a friend of mine.
I had my chemist compare your concoction to Lodge Rum, and while you've embellished the recipe I own with all those spices, the core remains the same.
Which means, if you make another bottle, I will sue you and shut this whole operation down.
Or we could team up.
That would be a "hell no" for me, thanks.
Why are you so stubborn, mija? You wanted me to go straight, I have.
And yet, you won't accept my help.
Why? Out of spite? Maybe it's too late.
Maybe too much damage has been done, Daddy.
That's what it feels like.
Well, if that's how you feel, I should go.
Good luck with everything.
Yeah? Mr.
Jones, may I come in? Uh, yeah.
Sorry, it's so messy in here.
I've heard from one of your classmates that your girlfriend is working on some kind of salacious article that could be a stain on our school, and I'm wondering if you couldn't possibly discourage her.
DuPont, I'm not gonna tell Betty what she can and can't write.
That's Well, it's just not the way our relationship works.
If that's gonna affect my chances at Yale Nonsense.
I appreciate the candor.
And in fact, the other reason I stopped by was to invite you to sit with myself and Mr.
Brooks in the alumni section of the game.
Hope to see you there.
How bad does it hurt, Munroe? If I stand on it for more than ten minutes, it feels like someone is hitting my knee with a hammer.
The doctor said if I play, I could cause permanent damage.
Damn, dude.
I'm sorry.
Let me ask you, if you had a way to play through the pain, would you do it? Are you kidding? [GRUNTS.]
In a heartbeat.
In that case, I have some pills.
Meds from the VA.
They're not gonna fix anything, but they'll numb you long enough for a game.
Uncle Frank, no.
- He's not taking any pills from you - Hold on.
- What kind of pills are we talking about? - No.
No way.
Frank, you're not a doctor.
And, Munroe, you can't do this.
What the hell are you doing? - I'm just trying to help.
- Not this way.
See you at the game.
This is not the piece I asked you to write.
No, it's better.
It's an expose about a culture of violence that's fostered at Stonewall Prep We cannot publish a story based on hearsay.
Now, I advise you to write the article that you agreed to deliver.
A story that celebrates your classmates and your school.
Or don't.
There's no way in hell we're printing this.
Munroe, what are you doing here? I'm not gonna fight you, Red.
- I'm not sitting this one out.
I can't.
- Wait.
Why aren't you limping? Did my uncle give you those pills? He did, but this is it for me.
A scholarship to Notre Dame.
That would change my life, my family's life.
If I go pro, they're set.
Yeah, and if you get hurt, maybe you don't ever play again.
Damn it, Red.
This is my choice to make, not yours.
Excuse me, are you lost? Shouldn't you be on the Stonewall side, with all the Yalies? Uh, I don't think Yale is gonna happen anymore.
Plus, I've already met a Bulldog.
Hey, how'd it go with Honey? Well, as you can see, the game's still happening, so - I tried.
Hey, Ronnie.
Wanna get back at your dad for ruining your business? Any way I can, Reggie.
Parking lot.
Meet me.
Listen up.
Whatever happens out there, we have to protect Munroe.
I don't need any special treatment, Red.
Yes, you do.
They already tried to go after you once.
I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet they'll try it again.
And we're gonna win this thing.
Right, fellas? - [ALL AGREEING.]
- Hell yeah, we are.
- Bulldogs on three.
One, two, three - [ALL.]
Hello? Who's out there? [BANGING ON DOOR.]
Let me out! [CHERYL.]
Listen up, bitches.
Appleyard is indisposed, so consider this a coup.
And before any of you reptiles object, a word to the wise, you owe me this.
I've been your fellow Vixen and HBIC for four grueling years, and I've never turned my back on you.
Not like you did to me.
Now, without further ado, let's cheer our Bulldog brethren on to victory, and slay.
Can't stay at home Can't stay at school Old folks say You poor little fool Down the streets I'm the girl next door I'm the fox You've been waiting for Hello, Daddy, hello, Mom - Down, set, hut! - I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry bomb Hello, world I'm your wild girl I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry bomb Stone Age love And strange sounds too Come on, baby Let me get to you Bad nights Causing teenage blues Get down, ladies You've got nothing to lose I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry bomb Hello, world I'm your wild girl I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry bomb Hey, street boy Want some style? Your dead-end dreams Don't make you smile I'll give you somethin' To live for Take you and shake you To your core Hello, Daddy, hello, Mom I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry bomb Hello, world I'm your wild girl I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry bomb Cherry bomb Cherry bomb Cherry bomb Cherry bomb - [REFEREE BLOWS WHISTLE.]
- Cherry bomb - [PLAYERS WHOOPING.]
All right, bring it in.
Munroe, how you holding up? I'm good, Red.
Then we got this.
Coach wants us to go for the two-point conversion.
Last play of the year, boys.
Let's finish strong.
- On three.
One, two, three - [ALL.]
Bulldogs! [ANNOUNCER.]
Here we go.
Last play of the championship game between the Bulldogs and the Stallions.
The Bulldogs are going for the two-point conversion and the win.
Down, set, hut! [GRUNTING.]
Did we get it? Come on.
Stonewall! Stonewall! Stonewall! Archie, I don't care what that scoreboard says.
You guys played your hearts out.
You gave Munroe drugs, Uncle Frank? After I told you not to.
He's a grown man, Archie.
He came to me.
It was his decision, and you guys almost won That could have been the last game he ever played because of you, and that's the truth.
Guys like you, and me, and Munroe, have to take what we can get, however we can get it.
Even your dad knew that.
And, yeah, it was a risk.
But where I come from, you respect what a man chooses for himself.
Archie? Mr.
Andrews, I just got cornered by the recruiter from Notre Dame.
He said he wants me to come visit him in Indiana next week.
He says he wants me to play ball for him! - [ARCHIE GASPS.]
- That's great news, son.
No one deserves it more, Munroe.
Guys, [LOUDLY.]
I'm going to Notre Dame! [ALL CHEERING.]
Hey, Betty.
Hey! Betty.
I heard your article got killed.
Just take the win, Bret.
That's exactly what we did today, Jones.
We took the win.
You know, actually, my article wasn't killed, Bret.
I only just started digging, so who knows what I'll find? I'll see you in class, Forsythe.
And, Betty, let's do this again.
I really like winning against you.
Care for a lick? Sure.
Is that maple? Yeah.
Blossom maple.
It's not exactly memory foam.
It's better than the cot at the gym.
You sure your mom's okay with this? Ah, she's not exactly happy about it, but I told her it was temporary.
Just until you got back on your feet.
I'll go grab you some pillows.
Hang on a sec.
You were pretty pissed off at me after the game.
Why the change of heart? Everything's a risk.
You giving Munroe the pills, Munroe playing, but it paid off.
And I saw how happy he was.
A year ago, he was in juvie, fighting to stay alive, but now who knows? Maybe you helped change his life.
Cheryl, the reason I wanted us to meet That snow cone I licked at the game gave me a wicked idea, but I need your help with it.
Wicked? Do tell.
Try this.
What is this delightsome elixir? It's my rum, mixed with your maple syrup.
It tastes like breakfast on the beach.
No, Cheryl.
It tastes like money.
I'm very pleased you came around, Betty.
Very pleased, indeed.
This is a stellar article.
It's great press for our school.
Even though we lost the game.
We may have lost the game, but we haven't lost the war.
I've been doing more and more research on Stonewall Prep, and did you know that they have a world-class quiz team? And the captain of that team is none other than athlete, scholar, scumbag Bret Weston Wallis? Yes.
But that championship is only a few weeks away, and Riverdale doesn't even have a team.
Cooper, are you volunteering? Because I would love to get my hands on at least one trophy this year.
Principal Honey, at this point in time, there is nothing that I would enjoy more than to give Stonewall Prep a royal ass-kicking.
Then you have my full support, Captain.
Dad? What's going on? Well, I felt it only appropriate that your father be here to celebrate with us.
Celebrate what? You'll be receiving official word by the end of next week, but, uh, you You got into Yale, boy.
- [GASPS.]
First Jones to go to college! And an Ivy League one, at that.
I don't understand.
To Jughead.
And to Bret, as well.
Yeah, I got into Yale too.
And, uh, who knows, maybe if we're lucky, we'll be roomies again.
Save your tears, no one's watching.
You got your wish, Ponytail.
Forsythe isn't going to Yale.
So, I guess it'll just be you and me in New Haven.

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