Riverdale (2017) s06e13 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Eight: Ex-Libris

The fog had cleared and the world had changed.
For Betty and Archie, the results of her pregnancy test had come with mixed emotions.
All tinged with a hint of what might have been.
I'm relieved.
Are you? I mean, what would we have done if there had been two lines on that thing? Yeah.
There would have been a lot to figure out.
Starting with, how do you raise a kid without totally screwing them up? [chuckles softly.]
I mean, look at the examples I had.
My mom Is my mom and my dad was a serial killer, so Does the opposite of what my mom and dad did count as a parenting style? I don't know.
I think we would have gotten the hang of it together.
Are you disappointed? Look, I know that timing is completely wrong.
But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit excited about the idea of starting a new life with you.
Everything has been so dark.
A baby would have been A light.
My dad loved being a young dad.
I mean, he talked about it all the time.
Your dad is the world's best father.
No question.
[soft instrumental music playing.]
It will happen Someday.
Maybe the universe just wants us to stop the bad guys first.
For Veronica and Reggie, the new day dawned with bitterness and bile.
Don't forget this.
You definitely won't be waking up here anymore.
So it's going to be like that? The more I think about what you said the other night, giving me ultimatums, the less well it sits with me.
Especially since you stole from us.
For the record, Ronnie, I was going to share the income from the satellite casino.
You know, I've really been trying to see this whole thing from your point of view, but, sadly, I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.
You know what? Good thing I'm getting out of this now.
I wouldn't want to end up dead.
What is that supposed to mean? First Chad, then Hiram.
What was it they called you, the "Black Widow of Wall Street?" Hmm.
Unless you're ready to hear the long list of names I'd like to call you right now, I'd quit while you're ahead.
Go for it.
You've never spared my feelings before.
Plus, now you can hook up with Heraldo.
Oh, my God.
With who? Heraldo? Oh, come on.
I saw how you guys looked at each other.
You'll text him soon as I leave.
You're flailing and it's pathetic.
First it was Archie.
Then it was me.
- Then it was Archie.
- [sighs.]
Then it was Chad.
Then it was Archie.
And then you came back to me without a break.
You You can't be alone.
It's not in your nature.
As for us, Tabitha was in Albany working to get Pop's declared a historical landmark and I, like so many of us, was waiting.
Percival was Riverdale's new self-appointed Mayor.
What would Percival's first move be? We wondered.
Though, when it came, I admit we were all caught off guard.
The hell are you guys doing here? We're here on behalf of Riverdale Public Library.
It's closing, you might have heard.
Huh! - Why? - Well, eventually, of course, it will be a hotel to service the new railway.
Riverdale, a town without a public library.
- Nice.
- [Percival.]
In any case, I've been going over the library's outstanding accounts tracking down books that were never returned.
And according to my records, you have an outstanding copy of Kafka's The Metamorphosis, you little intellectual.
What? I must have checked that book out, like, ten years ago.
May I have it, please? Are you serious? I was homeless ten years ago.
I have no idea where that thing is.
Let me just pay you the fee and you can replace it with a new one.
Well, the late fees are in the thousands of dollars by now, Mr.
Jones, and it was a very particular edition.
Any replacement would have to be that exact version, and I'm afraid it's out of print.
If you're shutting down the library, why do you need this book? It's the principle.
I mean, that book is property of the town.
Currently stolen property.
Just replace it and all fees will be waived.
I'll look for it.
In the meantime, I'll need collateral.
Um How about this? Uh, no.
My grandfather wrote that and gave it to me.
It's inscribed.
Take, um Take the signed first edition of DeLillo's Underworld.
This is the item we require.
Isn't that right, gentlemen? [gun cocking.]
But fair is fair, Mr.
Find the book you owe the town, you get yours back.
And surprise, surprise.
Mine wasn't the only home visited in search of overdue library books.
According to my records, Mr.
Andrews, you checked out Songwriting From The Heart and never returned it.
Yeah, I borrowed that book when I was in high school.
On the recommendation of your music teacher Geraldine Grundy, I believe.
Uh, maybe.
Look, I have no clue where that book is.
Well, in that case, you'd need to replace the book with a copy from the exact same edition, and I think that publish has gone out of business.
This is ridiculous.
I'll find a copy of the book for you.
Good man.
Until then, I'll need some collateral, something so I know you're taking me seriously.
How about Ah, that guitar? The one Ms.
Grundy taught you on feels appropriate, doesn't it? [intense music playing.]
If you touch one more thing in my house, I'll break both of your arms.
This little nugget says different.
Excuse me.
We won't take up too much of your time, Ms.
We're looking for an overdue library book of yours.
Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig.
What are you, the library police? With a book as overdue as this, the late fees run into the thousands of dollars.
Just tell me how much I owe you.
Um, well, if the book is lost, uh, you could be charged with a misdemeanor subject to jail time.
But all late fees will be waived - If I find the book? - Yes.
I'll try to track it down.
In the meantime, we'll just take that as collateral.
Knock yourself out.
- [Cheryl.]
Flowers in the Attic? - By V.
Yeah, I know who wrote it, you crumpet-eating buffoon.
Do you have it or not, Ms.
Blossom? [Cheryl sighs.]
The last time I read that book, I was with an old friend who I haven't seen in a very long time.
I believe she must have it.
Yes, Heather, wasn't it? Um, how did you know that? Oh, I'm very perceptive.
Well, until you find it or an exact copy of it, I'll need some collateral.
Um, how about Ah! That trunk.
[intense music playing.]
You can't have that.
I'll take the trunk or you to the stocks.
You know, we haven't spent much quality time together yet, but I should warn you, you're playing with fire.
Would you burn all of us, Ms.
Blossom? - No, just you.
- Indeed.
Which is why my men have a very specific instruction if I get even the least bit flushed Aim for her head.
Take the damn trunk, but I have to empty it first.
No! I'll take the trunk and its contents.
But don't worry, we'll take very good care of your brother.
[music intensifying.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hey, Mom, What's up? Hey, honey, uh, do you remember that book, Small Engine Repairsthat you checked out of the library? You mean when I was 12? Vaguely.
Mayor Pickens is collecting all overdue library books.
He needs it back.
Uh, might be in my room somewhere.
No, I checked.
It's not there.
Well, you're going to need to find it or at least an exact copy.
I gave him your diary as collateral.
You did what? Yeah.
Aren't you glad I didn't let you burn that last one? So I am cooking yummy beef stroganoff for dinner.
How does that [sighs.]
Well, you remember, Mr.
Mantle, it's a workbook.
One that teaches children with dyslexia how to read.
- [Reggie.]
Give me a sec.
- [Percival.]
[Percival chuckles.]
Fifteen years after it was checked out you actually still have it.
I'm impressed, Mr.
I've long suspected there's more than meets the eye with you.
So what? Do I have to pay a fine or something? Oh, no.
We'll just leave the matter of your debt for another day.
By nightfall, we realized that Percival and his goons had paid all of us a visit.
So I convened a meeting.
My father pulled off some pretty bizarre villainy in his day but shutting down a library? There is a purpose behind what Percival is doing.
Books promote ideas and free thinking.
They're terrifying objects to would be despots like him.
If people stop reading and thinking and dreaming, it makes it easier for them to just follow Percival.
But shaking us down for overdue library books with goons and guns? What is so special about our books? Or the agitators? Maybe it's a distraction, for his next move.
Well, he's not interested in the money.
Though he did threaten to arrest me if I didn't find my book.
Yeah, but have you ever heard of people being thrown in jail for an overdue library book? Yeah, actually.
Some states consider the failure to return library books as theft.
Well, I have no idea where my book is.
Yeah, me neither.
I lent a bunch of my books to Doc, my friend, on Sketch Alley.
And then Percival suggested that he and the other unhoused just leave.
I mean, they could be anywhere and so could my book.
Cheryl? You've been pretty quiet.
Methinks there is a whiff of sorcery about all of this.
Books are objects of immense power.
Every reader imprints on the book they read.
Every book changes the reader in some way.
If Percival knows what books we read during our formative years [sighs.]
My mind reels of what he might do with that secret forbidden knowledge.
I can't believe they actually gave these things up.
Men with guns, Kevin.
Most potent form of persuasion.
Yeah, but all this for library books? Oh, Kevin.
If you steal from a town, even if it's just a paperback, you tear at that town's civic fabric, its sense of order.
We must hold the line, especially against these demagogues.
Now they claim to love Riverdale, to want to save it, to fight for it.
But can anything be worse than stealing from the very place you profess to love? They're hypocrites.
And we must punish them accordingly.
That, and test their psychological mettle.
You're not going to hurt them, are you? Doubting me, Kevin? That's interesting.
Because according to my records, there's still one more book left to collect.
Lord of the Flies.
And unless I'm very much mistaken, the last person to check that out was you.
I loved that book as a kid.
Well, then find it, Kevin.
And bring it unto me now.
I still have work to do tonight, and I don't want any naysayers in my midst.
Loquere, objecta, da mysteria tua.
Ex libris ad animas, frequenta manus unde venistis.
[continues indistinctly.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[boys laughing.]
Oh, my God.
What's so funny? Say it ain't so, Sarge.
You played guitar at the Variety Show? And sang? That was about a million years ago.
What are you even doing with that yearbook? I just found it on a table in the library just sitting there.
Well, put it away.
It's time for class.
What d'ya got, kid? Hey, kid [Reggie.]
Uh I've got nothing.
I'm out.
[dramatic music playing.]
Agent Cooper? This is the latest profile the psychologist came up with for TBK.
"Intelligent, antisocial, highly skilled, lacking empathy, likely a loner.
" They couldn't be more boilerplate if they tried.
What is that smell? Oh, my God.
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
It's bleach I think.
Should I get you some water? [intense music playing.]
Dad? Agent Cooper? You all right? Uh [Veronica.]
Hello, Heraldo.
I'm calling to check in about my abuelita.
Seems to be doing fine.
Why? Actually, Heraldo, can I call you back? Nope, not today, spider.
[keyboard clacking.]
I spent the morning on my laptop.
Not writing, no, hunting.
For copies of The Metamorphosis Which is when I noticed that my fingers were bleeding.
Cooper, are you by any chance here to return your book? Small Engine Repairs? No, but my mom had no right to give you my diary.
So I want it back.
What do you What are you doing with this? Oh Just a little bit of cleaning.
Did you know, Ms.
Cooper, there is no more powerful memory trigger than a potent scent.
Isn't it fascinating what the mind is susceptible to? Imagine a normal household item like bleach, unlocking a door that hadn't been opened in years.
What's behind it, I wonder.
Some crippling secret? Give me my diary.
I could maybe let you read it here.
I have a wonderful reading nook and my men would help you get settled.
[kids laughing in background.]
[laughter continues.]
[laughter continues.]
Hello? Is someone there? [breathing heavily.]
Heather? [heavy breathing continues.]
[music intensifies.]
Heather? Is that you? [breathing heavily.]
[kids laughter.]
Flowers in the Atticindeed.
[bell ringing.]
[cello music playing.]
[music continues.]
Grundy? [music stops.]
[cello music starts.]
It was like something out of a David Cronenberg movie.
My hands were getting itchier, rawer, more painful.
I was either coming down with a horrible case of eczema or I was turning into a cockroach like in The Metamorphosis.
Either way, I had to find that book.
Bro, I need my book back.
When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and that kid's book taught me how to read.
I never thought I'd need it again, but I do.
So please, can I have it? No.
But can I interest you in this very fine limited edition Glamerge egg? Why would I want that? Doesn't Ms.
Lodge collect them? Yeah, but we just broke up.
It was brutal.
Well, maybe, in that case, the egg could serve as a parting blow.
I just want my book back.
Take the egg to Veronica.
[in normal voice.]
And then, maybe we can discuss your book and any other opportunities.
You strike me as the sort of man who is always on the lookout for the next great opportunity.
[Betty sighs.]
I had an episode today.
I was working the TBK case at the FBI office and there was a janitor there mopping the floor with bleach, and I had a visceral response to the smell.
I mean, I almost threw up.
And I saw a flash of my father.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah, the smell dislodged something in me, like a memory.
So I went to Percival's shop to get my diary back so I could confirm it.
And did you get it back? No, but I read it, and there was something.
It was an entry from when I was 12, and at the time, I didn't think anything of it.
But that's when I checked out Small Engine Repairs from the library.
I couldn't get enough of that book.
And one night, I was so excited to show my dad what I learned about spark plugs and carburetors.
I went down to the garage.
Daddy, what are you doing? Oh, just a little clean-up.
What's that smell? Oh, that That's bleach.
Your mommy uses that sometimes.
It's a disinfectant.
It can get pretty dirty working on cars.
So it's always good to keep some handy.
It covers up everything.
Looking back on it now, it seems so obvious.
I mean, we had never known precisely when my dad started killing people, but I'm thinking about it now.
And when I was a little girl, I was smelling the bleach my dad was using to scrub the blood of his victims out of our family car.
It was right there.
It was right under my nose, and I missed it.
Hey, you were 12 years old, and he was your dad.
Every child should be able to trust their parent.
Percival knows what he's doing, Archie.
I mean, playing these mind games with me and making me relive these things.
Anything weird happen to you today? Nothing.
Nothing I want to talk about.
This is not a good feeling.
It's like someone's picking through my brain with dirty fingers.
Hi there.
Uh My name is Jughead Jones.
I actually used to live on the alley here.
- Hank.
- Hi, Hank.
I was hoping that you could help me.
A bunch of people used to live here, including a friend of mine named Doc.
Yeah, I know Doc.
Do you know what happened to him and the others? A man came, British.
He gathered us up, Doc included.
Told us to start walking west and not to stop until we hit the ocean.
And that's what everyone did.
Gathered their things and started walking like they had no choice.
Why didn't you go? The man said "walk.
" That's the one thing I can't do.
Doc has something of mine.
It's, um It's a book, and I-I actually need it.
You don't know where he ended up, do you, or how I can get this message to him? Yeah.
I may have the number for a payphone in Venice Beach.
Venice Like California? The man said "head west.
" [Veronica.]
Reggie dropped this off, you say? He did, Ms.
Oh, and, Smithers, any luck finding Kiss of the Spider Woman? Uh, not the edition you're looking for.
It's elusive, I'm afraid.
Try the Strand in New York, would you, please? Thank you, Smithers.
[music box playing.]
[music playing.]
Sorry, it took me a while to track down.
My dad's house is a mess.
No, it's It's cool.
I'm just glad you still have it.
I didn't even remember you lent it to me.
It's a wild book.
[both chuckle.]
I was in lust with the hero, Ralph.
Oh, same, but I mostly identified with Piggy.
The guy that gets crushed by a boulder? Why? You remember, Moose? I was husky as a kid.
I used to wear these glasses.
- Thick ones.
- Mmm.
I was super awkward, physically.
I felt like the character of Piggy was written for me.
If it makes you feel better, you are definitely Ralph now.
Totally hot.
Maybe on the outside, but once a Piggy, always a Piggy.
Okay, Cheryl, what the hell is going on with us? I'm glad you asked, Veronica.
That's why I brought us here.
I've been doing some reading, occult volumes I've collected over the years.
I may have further insight into Percival's machinations.
Okay, when spell casting, an enchanter uses personal items to focus their magic on their targets.
Strands of hair, fingernail clippings, clothing, or, in our case, the collateral he received from our missing library books.
I believe Percival is using these items as totems to harness or manifest phantoms from our past or our subconscious to haunt us, test us, torment us.
Does that resonate with anyone? Maybe.
Percival took a book my grandfather had written and given to me.
My grandfather died back when I was in New York.
He, uh He was covered in eczema.
Especially his hands Which were completely disfigured.
Oh, my God, Jug! One of my greatest fears is that I'll die alone like him, only having written one book.
How do we stop what's happening? It's pretty straightforward.
Find our missing library books, get back our confiscated items, break his spell.
But would Percival even return our things at this point? He said he would.
"Fair is fair.
" Indeed.
There are rules when spell weaving.
A certain order that needs to be maintained.
You seem pretty blase about this, Cheryl.
I've always dabbled in the supernatural.
And I'm pretty comfortable with the ghost that's been invoked from my past.
We gave Percival the tools to hurt us.
What if we can't find our books? Then we have no choice but to face our demons and hope we survive the encounters.
[glass breaking.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[Percival reading.]
Hey, again.
Did you get ahold of Doc? Yeah, I got ahold of him.
You doing okay? No.
Definitely not doing okay.
That's why I need my book.
About that.
Doc said he sold it as they were heading west.
Had to shed everything they were carrying with them to travel light.
Uh Do you know where he sold it? Matter of fact, I do.
Place called Barney's Book Barn right off Route 42 in Allentown.
Allentown, Pennsylvania? - Yeah.
- Okay.
He did pretty well.
This is pretty good.
What the hell are you looking at now? Hey, Sarge, we just figured out why you were so into music back in the day.
If my music teacher looked like that, I'd be signing up to play guitar, too.
[all laugh.]
You think you're funny? If I see this or any other yearbook in this class, you're out of my RROTC program.
Am I clear? Yeah, you're clear.
[cello music playing.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Very good, Kevin.
Well done.
Tried to re-read it, but to be honest, it made me sick to my stomach.
Let me guess.
Reminded you of someone you don't ever want to be again.
Basically, yeah.
I understand, Kevin, but That part of you that feels that you're unattractive and undeserving of love, let it go.
Let it die.
You are a gorgeous, gorgeous man and you deserve everything your heart desires.
That's easier said than done.
But it needn't be.
Align yourself with me, and you need never feel like a Piggy again.
How did you know that? You see, those dark secrets that we all carry in our hearts I am those secrets, Kevin, and only I can release you from them.
Hey, I picked us up some Cucina Sacasa.
I hope you're hungry.
What are you doing wearing those? Uh, they're for my migraines.
I got it at the drugstore.
I thought they were cute.
Betty, take those off.
Please take them off.
They're off.
What's the problem? It's Percival.
Look, when you asked if any weird things happened to me, I lied.
He's bringing back all this stuff with Ms.
It's like everywhere I look, I see her.
Those glasses, she wore a pair exactly like them.
I know it shouldn't trigger me.
Uh, yeah, it should.
And he got me thinking about music and how I stopped playing.
It was such a huge part of my life.
And is that because of Ms.
Grundy? Because every time I pick up a guitar, it may send me back to that music room, back to her.
We didn't really use this word back then, but the truth is she groomed you, Arch.
And that does have an effect on people.
Percival is bringing up all these traumas back to the surface.
Why? Because it's like Cheryl said, to hurt you.
He finds a wound just so he can press on it.
Jug texted me.
He said he's got a lead on where he might be able to find our books.
It's a long shot, but still.
Really? Where? [exhales.]
Some book barn in Pennsylvania.
[instrumental music playing.]
I'm glad we both had a free night to do this.
Get to know each other better.
Without a corpse between us.
I agree.
Cheers, Heraldo.
I do have to ask Where is Reggie? Gone.
For good.
God willing.
So what does that make me then? Am I your rebound? [chuckles.]
I think it's too early to put a label on this, Heraldo.
But what you are is an attractive man who intrigues me.
And I am a woman who'd rather not be alone tonight.
Can't it just be as simple as that? Whatever you want.
In that case [moans.]
That was exactly what I needed.
I'm so glad you came over.
Heraldo? Heraldo? Heraldo! [gasps.]
Yeah, Reggie, I just want you to know that I got your gift and now a man is dead.
Good going, idiot.
Ronnie, what are you talking about? Those black widow spiders in the Glamerge egg you sent me, one of them bit Heraldo, and now he's dead.
Hold on.
What was Heraldo doing at your apartment? You know exactly what he was doing.
Ronnie, yeah.
I sent you a Glamerge egg but there weren't any spiders in it.
Maybe you just imagined that.
Well, I certainly didn't imagine the corpse Betty's bestie Dr.
Curdle just carted out of here.
Where did you even get that gauche egg? The curiosity shop.
You fool.
Hot off the fax.
We finally have a full, detailed statement from TBK's survivor, Katherine.
Oh, great.
Anything of note? No big bombshells.
One weird detail, though.
She mentions that he always left the light on for her at night.
Daddy, I'm scared.
Of what, sweetie? I hear monsters at night in the house and in the garage sometimes.
You know what? I have just the thing.
Well, there you go.
One anti-monster nightlight to keep you safe.
[clears throat.]
But I'll tell you a secret, Betty.
You don't have to be afraid of any monster.
Do you know why? Because you and I are much scarier than any monster.
Agent Cooper? We've had TBK's profile wrong this entire time.
We always assumed he was a loner, a drifter leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.
But what if he has a family he goes home to? What if he's a father? Very few serial killers have families.
My dad did.
Let's broaden the search to include fathers, ones who travel for work, with a specific focus on ones who have daughters.
- On it.
- Okay.
[cell phone ringing.]
- Archie.
- [Archie.]
Betty, Jughead just texted me.
He's got the books.
Ah, Mr.
How did the egg go over? I think you can probably guess.
Something funky is going on.
I give you a book and suddenly I can't read.
I call Veronica a black widow and then the egg I gave her is filled with spiders even though when I checked it, it was empty.
What are you? A wizard? [scoffs.]
I mean, I have a trick or two up my sleeve.
I I am a a magic man, you might say.
Your magic.
Is that something you could teach me? Oh, I'm sure we can work something out.
How Where did you find these? Pennsylvania.
A place called Barney's Book Barn.
It's like Powell's in Seattle, but they have literally everything.
Bravo, nerd, who knew your bookish ways would one day save us? So we just go to Percival, turn over these books and he gives us our things back? - That's what he said.
- He better.
And if he doesn't, we'll burn down his shop with him in it.
You guys, I don't even know if I want my father's portrait back.
That's your choice.
But it would be risky to leave your totem in Percival's hands.
And speaking of burning Once we get our objects back, we'll have to perform a ritual with them.
Fair warning.
You're not gonna like it.
Those additions all seem comparable.
Give me a second.
I'll get your items.
Just like that? Well, fair is fair, Mr.
Besides They've served their purpose.
What purpose was that? Collateral, Ms.
What other purpose would I have meant? Can you just get our things so we can get the hell out of here? Of course.
Oh, um, where's Kiss of the Spider Woman? Oh, you can keep my father's portrait.
I don't need it.
No one has power over me, not my father and definitely not you.
Very good.
I'll just get your items.
[guitar strumming.]
Getting in one last strum before we perform Cheryl's ritual tonight? Yeah.
How are you doing with everything? I'm not sure.
Percival's mind games dislodged two pretty hardcore memories.
It just made me think that I've only just started to scratch the surface of what's hidden inside me.
Do we really have to do this, Cheryl? [Cheryl.]
I'm afraid so.
These objects were in Percival's possession.
Most certainly they've been polluted.
Tainted by some kind of dark enchantments.
Cheryl, where's your trunk? Oh, I already burned Jason.
A second cleansing is unnecessary.
Shall we begin? Wait, wait.
Now what? My grandfather doesn't even have a headstone.
You could walk over his grave, not even know it was there.
If I burn this, it's like he never existed.
I don't care if it's cursed or hexed.
I'm not I'm not doing it.
It's a book.
I'm not burning it.
What would Ray Bradbury say? You all are coo-coo bananas.
But whatevs.
You've been warned.
For those of us keeping score, we would soon learn that Percival had added two soldiers to his army.
Kevin and Reggie.
Claimed by the dark side.
As for the rest of us, we'd survived, yes, and that was a win.
But this week had cost each of us something.
And every instinct told me we weren't nearly done paying yet.
Thank you for getting back to me, Dr.
What's the verdict? The toxicology report came back and it was indeed black widow venom that stopped Heraldo's heart.
I knew it.
I knew I wasn't imagining things.
It is interesting, though.
A black widow spider doesn't typically have enough venom to kill a grown man.
Well, maybe it was multiple spiders that bit Heraldo? Yes.
Except there wasn't a single puncture mark anywhere on his body.
Moreover, I have identified the spot where the venom entered the young man's body.
And where is that? His lips.
His death, it seems sealed with a kiss.

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