Riviera (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 - He says he won't see you.
- He won't see me? Why not? - Hello.
- Hello.
What are you doing? I’m watching you sleep.
Is that something that you do a lot? From time to time.
I didn’t know that.
Well that’s because you’re asleep.
Not anymore! You made me breakfast.
Well, Patrice made you breakfast.
But I carried it up the stairs and I have to tell you it - was extraordinarily heavy! - My hero! Unfortunately I can’t join you.
I've got - got to go to work.
- What! No, why? I have to go to work and you have to go to New York.
Hey! Thanks for making me breakfast.
What is money? What is money? Why do we covet it so? Money, money, money, money, money.
What is money? Come on! Sold! At three million dollars.
Oh, it's been too long! What is a nice surprise.
Are you well Great.
You want the Malevich? Well that depends on the price, don’t you think? Couldn't you just buy him a vineyard instead? Or a small Pacific island? There is nothing as rigorous as money nothing as fluid, nothing as tensile.
Money desires nothing so much as to be itself.
Where is money most itself? So where you gonna hang it? It needs special place.
It's very beautiful thing.
Argus and Io.
Do you know the story? Some God fucked a maiden.
Greek kind of thing.
Jupiter fucked Io.
His wife found out.
Everyone fucked everyone then.
Money is most itself in the last unregulated, great, bazaar, the art market.
Where money can do what God intended.
Various images from Alice's looking glass, a thing costs what some putative, free spending Mad Hatter says it costs.
A very exciting bid ladies and gentlemen.
Next we have Lot 12A - Will he be bidding? - Oh no, I doubt it.
Robert Carver is what we call a voyeur.
You do know the nicest people.
From the collection of John Brandeis We trade Picasso, Rembrandt, Degas, Duchamp.
We bundle them the way sub primes are bundled, we sell a Warhol short one day, we hedge an Old Master the next.
We get in there before regulation tames the last Wild West.
So were you convinced? - Him I don't know - Rykov.
He's a dealer.
Heavy machinery.
Syria, Iraq, Congo.
Places like that.
All the places they need heavy machinery.
And you know all the others.
Excuse me.
- Hi.
- Georgina! - It's up next.
- The Malevich? - What's my limit again? - Did I hear you say Malevich? It's my wife.
It’s really stunning, I’m telling you this is like the missing link.
Every Russian wants a Malevich.
Every oligarch.
Just be one second.
- Where are you? - I’m at friend's house in Nice.
Which friends in Nice? Do I know them? - Are you still there? - Will it take my breath away? Absolutely.
Only you can do that.
Why does every redundant stock trader been prowling the galleries? Because they know there is value there.
Ungoverned, unregulated, value.
Ladies and gentlemen I shall commence the bidding at fifteen million dollars.
Fifteen million we have.
- We have sixteen million - I've bid sixteen.
When are you coming back? It's up to twenty.
Why don’t you come back tonight? - You know how badly I sleep alone.
- Are you even listening to a word I'm saying? What is my limit? It’s gonna go to twenty three.
Hello? All this drama, it's bad for my blood pressure.
Twenty-five now, ladies and gentlemen.
On the floor, - it gets you on the phone sir.
- It's like a feeding frenzy.
Can we go to thirty? Can we go to thirty? Tino, sweetheart.
I can’t hear you.
My love, you know I trust you implicitly.
- Can I go to thirty? - Thirty.
On the floor, thirty.
Thirty million dollars, ladies and gentlemen.
Hello? Hello? Fair warning at thirty million dollars Sold! At thirty million dollars! Congratulations.
- Horrible.
- You used to love these.
I didn't know any better.
- You look great.
- So do you.
It's been too long.
It has.
- One more? - Oh no, I, I have to fly back tonight.
But won’t the private jet wait for Madame? You still live in Villefranche, I could give you a lift.
A lift? Wow! No thank you, thank you, but I still have business to attend to here.
Yeah, it’s probably better, I would’ve put you in coach.
Thanks! Come on, come on, one more.
You’re not flying the plane.
- Alright, twist my arm.
- Great.
- Excuse me? Sorry.
- Yes, sir? - Two more of these, please.
- Sure.
Hi, you've reached Constantine Clios.
I'm unavailable right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Well sweetheart, Anderton beat us to the punch.
Maybe next time answer my calls.
Erm, I love you.
I'll call you when I land.
- Talk to me.
- A yacht.
You don’t say.
But whose yacht? Alexi Litinov.
Constantine Clios was also on board.
Clios? Villa Camella? Is that confirmed? Nothing confirmed a yet, sir.
That’s enough, let’s go.
Madame Clios.
No, no, no, not again.
No I'm so sorry, ? I'm so sorry.
Haven’t you got work to do? I want you to come home now! I want you to come home now.
I want you to come home.
How awful.
Sounds better in French.
It’s your father.
I know.
If it’s true.
Does "she" know? Where’s Christos? Christos, what is going on? Is it Constantine? - Yes.
- What happened? Is he all right? What happened? He was on a boat there was an accident.
He's dead.
No, no, - that's not right.
- Georgina.
There's something down there - on the rocks, see it? - Yes, I see.
Can you bring us in closer? She moved, She’s alive.
- Could've been the waves.
- No, she moved.
- I cannot - It’s so hard to take in.
Georgie, I missed you.
My mother's here.
Here she is.
- Commissioner.
- Yes.
First reports are of some malfunction in the fuel tank.
We don't know whether it was accidental yet.
Litvinov's yacht sank in the main sea lane.
Luckily, there are protocols in place for that.
For now the investigation is in the hands of the Department of Maritime Affairs.
We'll step in if the findings show anything other than an accident.
Which I'm sure they won't.
- And what about the girl? - She's still unconscious, no ID yet.
And the Clios family? It'll look bad if we don't show our face.
You're right, you should go.
Thank you for offering.
The body was found by the Police Maritime of the Principauté of Monaco.
For now they’re keeping it in their hospital.
It has been identified, through dental records, - as the body of your husband.
- No, no there has to be some mistake.
I spoke to him last night, he wasn’t on a boat, he was at a friend's house in Nice.
Christos did you talk to him, - did he say anything about a boat? - No, but - that's not to say he wasn't there.
- We are 100% sure, - Madame.
- It doesn't make sense! As I said before, we are still waiting for the report I wanna see him.
I'm not sure this is wise, Madame.
I will meet you there in an hour.
- Christos, we should go too.
- Sure.
He was burnt, wasn't he? He was close to the impact.
I’ve been told the body suffered significant trauma.
I'm not coming.
I don't want to see him like that.
I want to go see him? Can I go see him? - No.
- He was my dad.
- I have the right to see him! - Oh, don't be so stupid of - course you’re not going! - Why? Because he's gonna look like a burnt piece - of meat, that's why.
- Christos! Stop it.
Both of you.
Christos? When you told her, what did she say? Nothing, really.
She didn't want to believe it.
None of us do.
Did she cry? - No.
- Not one tear? No.
Why? I thought she would, her husband just died.
Hello? Of course, hold on.
Right well I’m getting the impression that if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be considering this No, I understand.
I just want you to think it through - that’s all.
You can.
- I can't though.
I want to see him and I don’t want it to be the last time.
I know.
Stay here with me, Ads.
Trust me, you don't want to go.
Georgie, she says I’m not allowed to go.
No, it's not that you're allowed or not allowed.
He’s your father.
Then I should be there! Is that how you wanna remember him? That’s not what he would want.
I'm going to stay here.
- Christos, we should go.
- Yeah, I'll meet you there.
It's odd.
But I find myself liking what you've done to the house You can think about that now? I have to think of something.
- Bonjour Madame.
- Bonjour.
I must leave you in their care from here.
You’re not coming with us? I shall be waiting.
Sorry I’m late.
Here, take my arm.
Now? - Oh my God.
- Excuse me.
Christos! They say marriage ends with divorce.
But with a man as vital as Constantine Clios, my ex-husband, nothing ever ends.
He was the best of me, for many years, and I of him.
He lives on, in his philanthropy, his charitable work, his art foundation, in his children.
Beautifully expressed, my dear.
Thank you Commissioner Lombardi.
- If I can do anything to help? - Yeah, you can walk me out of here.
There's only so much sympathy one can take.
You're coming back to the house, Mother? - Er, I think not.
- But I need you there.
I know you do, you always need me but - not today.
- It's your home too.
Is it? You can come back for a while can't you? You have as much right to grieve there as her.
I don't actually, but I'll be moving back in very soon.
There's nothing for her here but the memory of Constantine and when that sours, which it most definitely will, she'll leave.
There you are.
I came as soon as I heard.
Oh Robert! I can't sleep in our bedroom, there's too much of him.
Hey, hey.
It's gonna be alright.
No, it's not gonna be alright.
It’s never gonna be alright.
Ok, ok.
- We should go back downstairs.
- Yeah, yeah.
I should go down first though cos you look like shit.
There she is.
I’ll wait for you downstairs, ok? I tracked that down for him.
The Louvre owns most of them.
Juno Confiding lo to the Care of Argus, 1660.
How much? Does it really matter now? My father always wanted to own a Lorrain.
Your father? Excuse me, Madame.
Grigory Litvinov.
I too am mourning.
Alexei Litvinov was my father.
I’ll leave you two to talk.
Excuse me.
So you know what it feels like.
- One can't believe it.
- That such a terrible - thing has happened - Yeah.
You know it didn't just happen, right? - What? - The explosion.
Somebody did it to us.
To both of us.
Someone very close.
What exactly are you saying? That whoever did this thing, could well be here.
Don’t trust anyone.
You came here to tell me this? No, Madame, I came to pay my respects.
Are you ok? I'm in mourning.
Remember? They come and go.
Christos spends most of his time in London and Adam lives in Cap D'Antibes.
But they consider this their home.
And your stepdaughter? She splits her time between her mother’s and here.
Do you know if your husband was alone when he went to Mr.
Litvinov's yacht? Why do you ask? A young woman was found.
She had been washed in from the sea near Cap Martin.
A young woman? Dead? Unconscious.
She’s in hospital.
Do you have any idea who she might be? She was undressed.
An escort, you think? How long have you been married? A year.
Not long enough I think for him to be scouting a younger version.
I understand your grief.
No, you do not.
Excuse me.
Can I see her? This young woman, can I see her? Where's the guard? Hey! Stop! Wait here.
Doctor, get in there now! Stop Police! Stop! How is she Doctor? The patient has stabilised, her vitals are good.
Can I talk to you? What the hell is going on? Did that guy just try to kill her? Do you recognise her? No.
Does the name Jakob Negrescu mean anything to you? No.
He ferries girls back and forth to the super-yachts.
Party girls.
Used to work for your husband.
Before your time.
As security.
Your husband maintained residence in Monaco No.
We live at the Villa Carmella, you know that.
So the address 340 Impasse de Montaigne, it means nothing to you? What are you saying? Forgive me, madame.
I shouldn’t have mentioned the apartment.
How cute.
Thanks for coming.
Your speech - the other day was lovely.
- It was important to me.
I couldn't follow it.
I have never been one for public displays of emotion.
I'd like to think it wasn't just a public display.
No, I didn't mean to be rude.
Votre Martini, madame.
Do you know this girl? Who is she? A survivor from the yacht.
A whore? Possibly.
Is that why you asked to see me? Let me see.
She's beautiful.
Definitely his type.
Nothing like you really.
I wasn't his type? Never.
And that's what hurt the most.
Well there must’ve been something he liked.
I can't decide, you see, how much you knew.
About who, and what, he was.
I'm learning.
Let me help you then.
Ask me a question.
Any question.
340 Impasse de Montaigne.
Does that address mean anything to you? His pied-a-terre in Monaco.
Or as some would have it, his love-nest.
I had to force the entry codes from him.
He took you there? No.
So he kept secrets, even from you.
12th floor.
Apartment 195.
The entry code.
But maybe he changed it.
But you were so trusting.
Maybe there was no need.
Come on! Jesus! Fucking jerk! What do you want? Ok.
Do you have a problem? She’s found the apartment, how shall I proceed? I think someone else just came in.
You broke my heart.