Riviera (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 How did he die? I stabbed him to death.
We have arranged for the body to buried as a 'John Doe'.
Of course, you will not be benefiting from Adam's will.
In return, I don't expose you as a murderer.
I don't know you so well, but I know my sister, you would be a disaster.
You're too old.
She's too young.
Nico Eltham spiked my drink.
I got you a little something.
Don't open it till I'm gone.
Monsieur Clios has gone.
- What you mean gone? - He has escaped.
So, I told Georgie what you said last night.
That you think Adam's dead.
Adam's missing, you got what you wanted.
Of course not, he's my son, don't you think I wish he was here? What about you? What are you doing to ease your guilt? You're trying to mess with me.
I don't give a damn what you think.
Don't forget that you and I share a secret now.
Don't invite her here anymore.
Come on Marge, talk to me what's going on? Jeff, I really need some time to myself, I have a million things to do.
Yeah, well too bad.
So You are I aren't leaving til you tell me what's going on between you and Irina.
Did I ever tell you about when I was in Manila? Kind of hiding from well, myself I guess.
Jeff It's ninety-five degrees and I'm watching these two street cats with claws like steak knives just circle each other in this little courtyard below.
Searching for that moment to strike and cut each other's throat.
And, just occasionally, I'm reminded of that when I see you and Irina together.
I mean most of the time you're cosy as hell Like your both members of some ex-wives and widows club but Sometimes, you and il Countessa, you share a look.
And I got two theories on what it's about And the first is: that you got something on her.
Something bad.
I think we both know that Irene's the type of woman who's got more than a couple of speeding tickets in her past.
You could tell me she'd done just about anything, I'd give it credence.
But then I think about those cats.
You and her.
And what I see is that you're more afraid of her than she is of you.
I denied you Adam, as Peter denied his Saviour.
I abandoned you in death.
Consigned your body to an unmarked grave.
Please forgive me.
And that leads me to my second theory.
She's got something on you.
After Constantine's death, when that whole thing came out of nowhere, the explosion, the body, the investigations, the accusations.
Everything just spinning and swirling around me.
I felt like I had no solid ground to stand on.
Whenever I thought there was someone or something I could depend on it just gave way underneath me.
And then there was Adam.
Together, we uncovered some secrets about his father.
And we kept them from the rest of the family.
And then I found out how much he lied to me.
And I found out what his real feelings were towards me.
What he thought was going on between the two of us.
He forced himself on me.
Just please don't walk away from me, ok? You're the only real family I have.
Why would I do that? I'm your guardian angel, aren't I? Is that why he went into hiding, Adam? Because he thought you'd tell the cops? And is that why Irina is on your case? I believed what he told me.
He convinced me that Constantine had cheated on me since the day that we met And that wasn't true.
I was the woman that Constantine loved until the day that he died.
And then there was the anger, anger so full and so deep that I thought I could never get rid of it.
Ok, well, here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna track him down.
Then we're gonna drag him in front of a judge.
Ok? I mean I don't care what you've heard about conviction rates for rape, - I know this attorney - Jeff.
No, this guy back in the States and he will screw him up against the wall, he will wish that he never raised a finger against you.
I mean, look I know that the system here is weird as shit - but justice is justice.
- Jeff.
- Please? - We'll put this fucker away and Adam is dead.
I killed him.
Look, it was self-defence.
There's no reason that you need to keep suffering like this and keep it to yourself.
- We'll go to the cops and - I can't do that.
It's alright, there was a struggle ok and you did what you had to do.
You, you, what, you hit him with something? No.
Listen to me.
It didn't happen right there and right then.
It's still a defence.
If it was an hour later, or two hours.
- Irina would understand.
- Stop! I lured him to Constantine's boat, we set sail for the middle of the ocean.
I kissed him and I tricked him into telling me the truth.
Then I took a knife and I killed him.
I dumped his body overboard.
I did it for Constantine.
For what Adam did to my husband.
I did it to get rid of the pain and the anger buried inside.
You understand that, don't you? Adam betrayed the family, he lied to all of us.
So easily.
I had to do something.
- You're not listening to me! - Yeah, I am listening.
And what I'm hearing is: 'I killed my husband's son in cold-blooded revenge, and I want you to tell me that's ok.
' But I'm not gonna do that, sweetheart.
I didn't have a choice.
Yeah, you did.
Kill him or not kill him.
And you made your choice.
And now you gotta own it.
Don't ask me to make it better.
Renaud says that she'll ring us later this morning.
And er then we'll need to leave right away.
I erm, I wanna see Georgina.
But you did see her.
She's with someone else.
I know.
I need her to know that I'm alive.
I need it.
Just when we've worked out our future together? I mean why, why ruin that? After all we've been through together? What's the matter? What, what is it? Sit, sit down, sit! Just It's coming, it's coming.
Here we go.
In a matter of hours, you'll be in the best possible hands.
We have to get away.
I know that what I did was a terrible thing.
Thirty-one states'd execute you for it.
I took charge of the situation and I stopped it from getting worse.
You didn't step on a bug, snuff out a candle.
You took another person's life.
You ended him.
Ended all his possibilities.
You wanted to play God and didn't go the way you wanted and now you, what you want my sympathy? Just try to understand.
From my position, especially given everything that you know about me.
No, no, no, no, you don't get to play that card, not with me.
No, no, 'I er, I got this way because my Daddy was a murderer too'? I don't care despite all the shit that your father pulled back when you were a kid it does not let you off the hook for murder.
I'm sorry what happened back then, I really am.
And I'm sorry for happened with Adam.
But it scares me to think that you sat down one day and you said to yourself 'the right thing to do is to murder that guy.
' And then you went ahead and did it.
And then you came back to this fucking place.
And you lived every day with his brother.
And his sister.
And his mother, Irina.
That's what's between you two, isn't it? You and Irina.
She knows what you did.
For the sake of the family, we decided what good would it do - anyone if the truth came out? - Oh no.
Come on, give me a break.
For the sake of the family'? Who the fuck are you? Who talks like that? How much more fucked up can this shit get? You know what.
I had a really great time here but I think it's time for me to go.
Yeah, I think maybe you should.
Hey, you're wearing it.
Yeah, course I am.
I bought it at auction.
It was a gift from Keats to his beloved.
Really? He gave her that and his sonnet 'Bright Star'.
Ah, my favourite line: 'So live ever else swoon to death.
' Oh my God.
I thought we could do something tonight.
Yeah, we could go somewhere where we can eat oysters and have Chablis.
Yes, to the Chablis.
No, to the oysters.
Why? They make me green.
Why would anyone eat something that's still alive? Well that's kind of the point, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
So kiss for your old mother? I should be back in a few days.
Ok look, I, I don't get it.
I mean you hate Joan Fullerton.
I do not.
When did I ever .
? - Last week.
- Yeah.
You, you said that she's the dullest woman you've ever met.
Well everybody deserves a second chance darling.
Bye darling.
You don't have to lie to us if it's just a dirty weekend.
I just wanted a nice goodbye and you're both giving me a headache.
I'm just going away for a few days, that's all.
I mean, please, let's not part on bad terms.
What the fuck was that about? And why is nobody talking about all the shit that generations of this family have buried? And I'm curious, I wonder what Pa knew about all of this business? Aren't you? Laurent.
Darling listen, if you care for me at all, just turn around and walk away.
So, there is a mystery man.
Well I got to admit, not what I expected.
Nico Eltham, nice to meet you.
This is an old friend.
Constantine and I know each other from way back.
It's a long story.
I have time.
- Oh, no.
- This is your father.
Henry Eltham is my father.
I have his eyes.
No, he's s'posed to be dead.
And he's a damn crook.
We erm, we had to buy some time for him to recover from his injuries.
Wow! You, you drank cocktails with his wife and talked business while the husband that she thinks is dead is weaving baskets right under her nose? - Are you insane? - That's enough.
What about his family? Georgina Clios? His sons? His daughter? Fuck you.
Nico please! Nico please! Listen.
Listen! Nico! Listen we can talk about this! Look we've got to get going.
- Laurent is waiting to - Cassandra - drive us to the boat.
- Cassandra, stop.
Stop! Our secret just walked out the door.
It's just a matter of time before Georgina finds out.
I don't want her to hear it from somebody else.
She needs to hear it from me.
- Georgina? - Cassandra.
I need you to come to the fort.
Right now? Is there a problem? No.
It's not a problem.
Is everything ok? What is this about? There's a story that I've been wanting to tell you, from the moment I first met you really.
It's that tired old story of a girl who meets a boy, falls in love.
But it transpired that their love was not to be.
And in all the years that followed, she never forgot about him.
The girl was me.
And the boy became a man who collected great art and was head of a bank.
Are you talking about Constantine? What? The two of you were lovers? My own husband was a very good man in many ways.
And he Loved Daphne and Nico as if they were his own children.
Are you saying that the father - of Daphne and Nico - Was Constantine.
And you're telling me this now? Why? Cassandra what is this? He loved you from the moment you met.
He told me that.
Told you when? I first saw Constantine again, after 30 years, the day the yacht was blown up.
- Were you on the yacht? - No.
So you saw him before that? Did he talk to you about me? Cassandra? I saw him after the explosion.
Don't! I saw him too.
At the mortuary.
Please don't play games.
What if I told you that the body that you saw at the mortuary was not Constantine.
What if I told you that Constantine is still alive? No! No! How could you fucking do this to me! - Georgina.
He's not strong.
- Nothing from you! Not a word! How fucking could you? Every minute of every day, you let me believe you were dead! You let me wake up every morning and always there was this one moment just before I remembered: 'My husband's dead!' Except he's not! He never was! And on top of all that every day finding out some new shit about you.
The lies you told me.
Georgina, this isn't the way I planned it.
When the boat blew up, it blew my life apart just as it did yours.
Oh, you think so? Don't you fucking dare.
While I'm dealing with this mess you left behind.
You and your old flame are reliving the good old days with another bottle of Château Margaux.
It wasn't like that.
When I found him he was close to death.
Believe me.
I never meant to hurt you.
Would you please leave us alone? I need to talk to my husband.
Georgina I've spent endless days and hours trying to figure out a way to make things right for you.
When were you gonna tell me about your little plan for us to sail off into the sunset on the Marjorie? I couldn't tell you.
I couldn't tell you until the time was right.
I didn't want to leave a trail.
And I had to make arrangements for us to live well.
I would have lived in a tin shack with you.
Don't you understand what losing you did to me? Do you have any idea what I did to protect your memory? I loved you.
And what about your children? Were you just gonna leave them behind? They're grown now.
They can take care of themselves.
I provided for them.
Ok, well tell yourself that if it makes it easier.
Even before you disappeared Christos was breaking under the weight of his father's 'greatness'.
Every boy needs to become a man.
Did you know about his heroin addiction? After you were gone, things didn't get any easier for him.
Your russian friends, they kidnapped him.
Tortured him.
They pulled his fucking teeth out.
What about Adriana? Adam? Adriana still adores you.
And Adam Well he was always a law unto himself.
I think you benefited from my death.
This? It's easier to make a myth out of a dead man.
That's not what I meant.
It afforded you time, to spend with your friend Noah.
You have some fucking nerve.
You disappear.
You shack up with your long lost love.
And you give me a hard time for turning to someone for support? Is that what you call it? Support? Is it serious? I don't know.
I didn't think you would be around to ask me that.
Georgina, is there no way that we can find to fix this? My father died.
I heard.
I'm sorry.
For the first time since I was probably twelve years old, I went back to the house that I grew up in.
And it helped me make sense of my life.
What I'm capable of.
I've done some things that I'm not proud of since you 'died'.
Whatever my stupid plans made you do, I don't judge.
I forgive it.
Some things you shouldn't forgive.
And you don't deserve to know.
I don't understand.
It's best that you don't.
Goodbye, Constantine.
Georgina please! Georgina! Georgina! It's all yours.
Georgina! Oh God.
- Hi.
- Hey.
So, I was thinking for tonight a table at Nobu.
Are you ok with that? Yeah, yeah sounds good.
- Cool! - Sure, I'll see you then.
See you in a bit.
It's me! Mr.
Good Times.
Do you wanna let me in? Kids these days.
What are you gonna do? They grow up so fast.
What do I know? I never had any.
Georgina's the closest I ever came to that.
But I gotta say, she still surprises me.
Did something happen? You know, Irene, I really felt the flicker of something that first time we met in New York.
You're drunk.
That maybe.
But in the morning I'll be sober.
And you will still be a fine-lookin' woman.
Do you wanna see how not drunk I am? The skunk sat on the stump.
The skunk said the stump stunk.
The stump said the stunk stump.
Which one stunk? The skunk or the stump? Very impressive.
How does it feel To know that your first born son was murdered by Georgina? Pretty neat little pact the two of you made.
I'm still trying to figure out which one of you sold your soul and which one's the devil? Hey, I found Keats' gravestone in Rome.
'Here lies one whose name was writ in water'.
- It's Catullus.
- What? Keats, he stole it.
'A lover's words may well as been written on the wind 'or in the rushing water.
' Ok.
Hey, what's going on? - This thing between us - Drink, sir? No, thank you.
Between us, it's not gonna work.
Are you serious? - What are you talking about? - We're just not a good match.
Ok? Yeah, you're right.
The sex was fine but I mean you're not my type and you're way too old.
You know, Irene, it's, it's kinda like my old teacher Mrs.
Vincent used to say: 'I'm not angry with you Jeff, I'm just disappointed'.
Except I am angry.
You think it's your anger I'm in fear of? Your forgiveness I want? You think I care what you think of me? You? The guest at the party who won't go home.
The funny guy with his stories and his ex-wives who has nothing to show for his life.
I gotta say.
Touched you know me so well.
So, what was your plan? Hold on to your little secret for the next ten, fifteen years maybe? Let it burn away inside you? I made my confession today.
That must've taken a while? Sorry.
But it didn't make a moment's difference.
I realised the truth.
What is the truth? Even if God can forgive me.
My children never will.
Are you ok? Why do I always get it wrong? Get what wrong? Who I fall for? Did he hurt you? No.
I fucking warned him.
Christos, please don't.
I'm sorry but I can't lose him again.
No, no.
Just, just get some rest.
I'm sorry, I Oh, darling, no It's ok.
I thought I, I thought I might have a moment with my father.
I realise how hot-headed my reaction must've seemed, to hearing you were my father.
But it was surely forgiveable.
After all, I started the day with all my pieces in place.
I was the well-bred son of aristocratic blood with the claim to a modest estate.
I had a growing list of high profile buyers.
There was even girl, extraordinary creature.
That was this morning.
Now what am I? A bastard son of a greasy Latin thug? A mongrel boy whose long-lost father, and here's the kicker, is father to the girl he fell for.
Adriana? My real father, is Henry Eltham.
And when he died, my world fell apart.
Have you ever lost someone so central, so vital to your life? I was rebuilding my life.
Letting light into dark.
Even falling in love was a possibility.
And then you had to come along.
Poisoned the line of descent with your unwanted DNA.
You will not take my father's gift from me.
I won't let you.
Mum! Georgina! Come quickly.
Why? Why, why was it it? - What - I don't know what happened.
He, he just stopped breathing.
He just stopped breathing.
Constantine!? Constantine!? Constantine!? Call an ambulance! Help me, Nico! Help me! Help me! Oh God no, I'll, I'll call Dr.
Come on, Constantine.
Come on.
Georgina, Georgina, there's no point.
He's gone.