Rizzoli and Isles s06e15 Episode Script

Scared to Death

Hello? Hello? Is somebody there? Who's that? Hey.
What are you doing? Run! Run! It's done.
I've already canceled the deal.
- But you loved that condo.
- Yeah, but, I can't risk my new neighbors getting hurt if this whack-job decides he wants to burn down my place again.
Okay, so you're just going to stay at Frankie's indefinitely? Mmm-hmm.
What if you can have an entire townhouse to yourself, no neighbors? Then I would be rich.
And I wouldn't be a detective.
My friend, Rick Sullivan, he's a Medieval Studies professor at BCU - Yawn.
- He's leaving on sabbatical and he offered to let you sublet his home while he is away.
And it's a block from me.
That means it's a block away from Ma, too.
What? Okay, did you tell him that my apartment burned down? I did, and it turns out that the townhouse is owned by BCU so it's insured and he's willing to take the risk.
- Hey, Ma.
- I wasn't snooping.
I swear.
I don't believe it for one second.
She was totally snooping.
What? What? No, no, I needed to go into Vince's desk to get the inventory from last month.
And, um I found - This.
- No.
- Did you open it? - Of course not.
- Liar.
- Maybe.
Let's see.
Vince is gonna propose to Kiki.
Ooh! The sergeant has excellent taste.
It's bad luck.
What bad luck? I've never heard of that before.
Yeah, I'm not aware of that superstition either.
Yeah, its bad luck.
You have to let your mother try it on first.
Sneaky, Ma.
I like that.
Okay, here.
Try it on.
- Okay, it's tight.
- Yeah, maybe it really is bad luck.
This is exactly how superstitions get started.
- You think Kiki will say yes? - I hope so.
I mean, she and Korsak - seem to make an excellent match.
- Well - You don't think so? - No, I think they're great together.
He seems very happy.
I think I actually heard him giggle yesterday.
You're worried if he gets married, things will change.
Things will change.
He'll be married and he'll be happy.
And then he'll leave the force.
- You don't know that.
- Watch.
At least you have me.
- Yeah, but you don't carry a gun.
- No, but I am fantastic with a scalpel.
Pretty true.
Just I can't imagine doing this without him, you know? He's always been there for me.
Don't say anything about the ring, okay? Just let him bring it up in his own time.
- Play it cool.
- Right.
- Hello, Maura.
- I don't know anything.
About the case.
I don't know anything about the case.
- What can you tell me? - I Victim is female, late 20's.
No ID.
Building is abandoned.
Homeless people sometimes camp out here.
One of them found her hidden back here.
Looks like the body's been moved.
Somebody could have been tied up here.
- Gag or blindfold maybe? Mmm-hmm.
Maura, do you see any abrasions on the wrist? No.
No, I, uh Don't see any rope burns or abrasions on the skin.
Maura, we can have Kent here in fifteen minutes.
You don't have to be here.
I'm fine.
If somebody was tied up, it's unlikely that it was our victim.
Well, maybe she was the abductor and not the abductee? Based on decomposition and the bloating of the intestines, I'd estimate the time of death to be at least five days ago.
So, sometime over the weekend.
I see at least two stab wounds and what appear to be several defensive injuries.
We'll look under the fingernails for DNA.
- Work boot? - Men's size 11.
So what happened? A guy with size eleven boots is tied up, manages to get away, - stabs his abductor a couple of times? - Maybe somebody else was tied up here.
Hey, you guys need to see this.
Looks like it was used as some sort of improvised torture chamber.
- There's a lot of blood, no more bodies.
- You search the whole building? Yeah, it's clear.
But, we found this over in the corner.
It's a digital encryption key.
Like they have at banks.
Let's see if Nina can track down the owner.
This place gives me the creeps.
It's pretty solid walls.
Somebody could scream in here for hours.
Nobody would ever hear them.
So, our victim has a criminal record.
Daniella Gibbs.
- What she get picked up for? - Mostly misdemeanors.
Couple of drunk and disorderlies and a minor possession charge.
- All in Atlanta.
- Anything local? No, and I'm not finding a Boston address or records of employment in the state either.
Uh, let's call Atlanta PD.
See if they have anything more on her.
- I'll give them a call.
- Thanks.
Did you hear from that computer genius you talked to at MIT? He analyzed all the data from the hacks on Jane's bank accounts.
Did you give him the videotape of the arson too? I gave him everything.
He thinks he discovered the hacker's signature.
A piece of code embedded in all his hacks so he can take credit for them.
Identifying that hacker might be the only way that we find out - who's behind all this.
- I sent the code signature to the FBI so they can run it against their hacker database.
They might be able to give us something to go on.
- Keep me informed.
- Keep you informed of what? This is no longer an urgent kidnapping.
This is a plain, old fashioned police investigation in which you are the victim.
Old fashioned investigations are my specialty.
You can't investigate your own case.
If you do, any decent defense attorney will get whatever we find thrown out.
You need to trust us to do our job.
On a different note, I do have something on that encryption key found at the murder scene.
It's a digital account authenticator.
The serial number for this one is registered to an assistant manager at First Cambridge Bank, Perry Shaw.
- Any criminal record? - Clean as a whistle.
And I just called, he's at work today.
So he wasn't another victim.
- We should go talk to him.
- Yes we should.
After you.
You find out anything on the hacker, I want to know about it.
I'm just looking out for the investigation, I'm not keeping secrets from you.
- You're keeping a few secrets.
- Nope.
I'm an open book.
Yeah? Okay.
How do you propose that we approach this guy? - You just wanna engage him directly? - Whatever you think's best.
- Well, I'm not married to the idea - Hey.
- Excuse me Mr.
Shaw? - Yes.
Boston PD.
We have something that you seem to have lost.
Oh, my authenticator, thank God.
That was going to be such a hassle to - Wait, why do you have it? - Where did you lose it? I'm not sure exactly.
I noticed it was missing on Monday morning.
It was found at an abandoned building over on 2nd Street.
That makes sense.
That was kind of a crazy night.
Shaw, why were you in that building? The Club, like everyone else.
The Fear Club? You buy a ticket and they scare the hell out of you.
Saturday night's was really intense.
Are you telling us that this whole thing is a game? More like a personal theater event.
Totally terrifying.
I screamed my ass off.
It's fantastic.
So, can I have my authenticator back? No, you can't.
It's evidence in an ongoing investigation.
A murder investigation.
Wait, somebody got killed? For real? Yeah.
It's fantastic, right? - What's up? - Well, the test results came back on the blood we found from the scene.
It's actually a mix of cornstarch, red food coloring, and chocolate syrup.
- Hollywood blood.
- A basic recipe.
Yeah, that matches what the banker's been telling us.
He said it was some kind of performance art, like a haunted house on steroids.
People love to be scared.
All that adrenaline and dopamine, the fight or flight response can be very intoxicating.
Yeah, if I want to be intoxicated, I'm gonna have a beer.
There's enough horrible things out there.
I don't need to pay for the fake stuff.
Has Nina had any success in tracking down the hacker? I don't know.
Korsak's trying to keep me out of it.
Well, I'm sure he's doing what he thinks is best for the case.
So what am I supposed to do? Just sit around and wait until whoever's behind this makes his next move.
He'll make a mistake and you'll be there to catch him.
I won't if Korsak won't let me in on the investigation.
What about tattoo lady? Unfortunately, there was no foreign DNA on her skin or under her fingernails.
The two stab wounds were made with a double-edged blade, though the murder weapon was rather dull.
And the blows were delivered with a great deal of force.
- So, a man? - Or a very strong woman.
I also found trace amounts of a chemical compound on the wounds - which I sent off to be tested.
- Any drugs or alcohol? None.
Though the liver did show advanced deterioration consistent with excessive alcohol use.
One other thing.
We recovered DNA from the strip of cloth found at the scene and we ran it through the system.
No hits, but we were able to confirm that it came from a female but not Daniella Gibbs.
So, we know at least two people were in the room when she was murdered.
The woman with the blindfold, a man who left a bloody boot print, and we don't have an ID for either one of them.
No, I've never seen her before.
- She was there the same night you were.
- If you say so, but I didn't see her.
- I didn't see anyone because of the hood.
- The hood? I had a hood over my head almost the entire time.
I was chained to the wall, could barely move, couldn't see anything.
This woman was yelling how she was gonna cut me in half.
This buzzsaw she kept bringing closer and closer.
- I actually peed my pants.
- Sounds like money well spent.
- How many people were there with you? - No one.
Everyone goes in alone.
That's what makes it feel so real.
I mean, it's a hundred bucks, but definitely worth it.
- How do you contact this Fear Club? - Through their website.
But you got to have a password.
So, you ask for an invitation - and see if they respond.
- And then what happens if they do? The night of the event, they send you an address, and an entrance time, and a code word.
- It's always someplace different.
- And you have no idea who runs it? I told you, no, I swear.
It's all anonymous.
Then we're gonna need the website and the password.
Yeah, we did a raffle in Little League.
Got a bunch of money for bats and mitts and things - Cool.
- It was fun.
Well, here.
I'll take 10 tickets.
- Really? Thanks.
That's so nice.
- It's for a good cause.
Yeah, if we raise enough, the St.
Barnabus after-school program - could get a new playground.
- That's so great.
- Did you say St.
Barnabus? - Um Thanks, again.
What a sweet girl.
Did you find out anything about the hacker? I did.
I was just on my way up to see Sergeant Korsak.
And? I know you think you want to know what's going on, but you don't.
Because it might jeopardize the investigation.
And that's the last thing you actually want.
Right? Fine.
As a consolation, why don't you take these? Maybe you'll win the grand prize trip to Hawaii.
Barnabus closed a year ago.
You've been conned.
I think I may have something.
Based on what the MIT expert gave me, the FBI got a hit off their database.
- What'd they find? - They discovered that same code signature in several other hacks.
The oldest was three years ago.
An online harassment case over in Somerville.
Did they identify the hacker? No, but I tracked down the victim, Megan Christenson.
She works at a cafe downtown.
I thought it might be worth talking to her.
Why don't you interview her? I haven't actually done field work since Chicago.
- You've been out with Jane recently.
- Only to back her up.
Not on my own.
She said you did great.
I know you originally took the assignment in BRIC because you wanted to stay off the streets.
- And because I like the work.
- You're very good at it.
But I also get the feeling you're hiding in there.
My boyfriend got shot back in Chicago.
He was killed on my beat.
Was there anything you could have done? - No.
- Then how about giving yourself a break? You're smart.
You have great instincts.
I'm not suggesting that we change your assignment, but might be time to exorcise a few of those demons? - Yeah, I got this.
Thanks, Sergeant.
- You're welcome.
- And Holiday? - Yeah? I'm sorry.
- Hi.
Did you find anything on the owners? - Not yet.
The website's run by a dummy corp.
I subpoenaed the records, - but it may take a few days.
- Keep pushing, because we need the names of everybody that was there that night.
Well, the password that Perry Shaw gave us worked.
So, I registered for an invite.
You find anything online about this Fear Club? Not much.
They fly under the radar.
But it was mentioned in a few blog posts and it sounded pretty awesome.
Do you mean awesome as in awe-inspiringly stupid? Come on.
You used to love horror movies.
Oh, yeah.
Remember when we snuck into that revival of Night of the Living Dead? Huh? I never heard you scream so loud.
Shut up.
You screamed so much louder than I did.
Yeah, it was great.
This is kind of like that.
Scream a little, freak out, then go back to your normal life.
Yes, but Daniella didn't get to go back to her life.
Maybe one of the guys who works there got carried away with his role.
Took it too far? Maybe.
We won't know until we find the woman in the blindfold.
Well It's kind of strange that no one's reported Daniella missing.
- It's been almost a week.
- Mmm-hmm.
I tracked down the guy that owns that building.
He lives in New York.
Says he's trying to get the property rezoned so he can build condos.
- Did he rent it out to Fear Club? - No.
He thinks they must have broken in.
He has a security patrol who drives by occasionally but they didn't notice anything.
Oh, we got an invite.
- Click if you dare.
- Please.
God, I hate these guys already.
I hate it.
I hate that shit.
- I hate it.
- That was pretty good.
According to the banker, you have only 30 minutes to get to the Fear Club location after they contact you.
They use metal detectors, so you can't take your gun.
- I'll be close by.
- No problem.
And we need to catch at least one person in the act, so they don't all pretend to be guests.
Toys from the drug unit guys.
You've got a two-way radio, plastic ear bud that is completely undetectable.
As soon as you identify someone in charge, we'll come in.
I got the lab results back on the chemical residue I found in the stab wounds.
- It's polylactic acid.
- Acid? Not the kind that burns.
It's a thermo-plastic used in a variety of products.
Surgical implants, disposable forks and knives, drinking straws.
I doubt she was stabbed with a straw.
No, but that means the murder weapon is made out of plastic.
- Like a prop? - Yeah, like something an actor would use.
Maybe it'll be zombies.
That'd be cool.
You're going undercover, you're not going on vacation.
I sure hope it's not spiders.
Spiders? Why would you say that? Well, some people find spiders scary, that's all.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was spiders.
- A big old web with hundreds of them.
- It's not gonna be spiders.
- You never know.
- No spiders.
Frankie, you're looking a little pale.
Would you like me to check your blood pressure, make sure everything's okay? No, I'm fine, Maura.
That's hilarious.
- I don't like to talk about it.
- I understand.
I could really use your help.
There's nothing the police can do anyway.
At least, that's what they told me when it happened.
I'm sure they did their best.
But maybe I can do more.
My accounts were hijacked.
My e-mail, all my texts.
Every stupid thing I'd ever written was made public.
It was so embarrassing.
We all write things in private we wouldn't want other people to read.
Some of my friends never talked to me again.
And it didn't stop for months.
Every time I got a new account, it got hijacked.
- You have any idea who was doing it? - Yeah, I told the cops.
But they said they couldn't find any proof.
Who did you think it was? This weird guy in my Public Health class.
He kept asking me out, but I didn't want to go.
I finally told him to just leave me alone.
He got so pissed.
And then, like, a week later, all my emails got released.
- Do you remember his name? - Riley.
- Riley Keating.
- All right.
I'm gonna find Riley and I'm gonna have a talk with him.
Hi, Professor Sullivan, this is Jane Rizzoli.
Thank you for returning my call.
Um, I would love to see the townhouse tonight and 7:00 Should be fine.
I'll be there unless I hear differently from you.
Okay Seriously? Excuse me.
- Where did that little girl go? - She just left.
She's raising money to help blind kids.
If you hurry, you might catch her.
But I wouldn't count on winning that Paris trip.
Feeling pretty good about my chances.
This is the address.
Backup's in position behind the building in case anybody bolts.
Okay, I'm going in.
Code word.
Uh Disembowelment.
I heard that.
Was it spiders? You the guy who runs this thing? Because we've got some questions.
Oh, man, no, not Dani.
What was the nature of your relationship with Ms.
Gibbs? She worked with me.
And we were kind of friends, too, I guess.
Now, you don't seem very sure.
I like Dani, but she was tough.
She'd been through some hard times.
She was killed at your event.
How could you not notice? I guess because she was downstairs with the kidnap torture crew and I was up on the roof murdering those nuns.
That makes perfect sense.
When she didn't show up at the end of the night, I looked through all the rooms where she'd been working.
They all looked empty.
I just figured she took off.
You didn't think to report her missing? Honestly, we all thought that she'd probably went off on a bender.
- She was a heavy drinker? - Used to be.
She'd been sober about a year now, but she had fallen off the wagon before.
What exactly was her role that night? She was one of the sadistic kidnappers.
She would make these terrifying threats and then the buzzsaw was really loud.
So, once when people were good and scared, she would just leave them alone for a while.
Really build up the fear.
Sounds like you've got it down to a science.
More of an art.
Were there any men playing kidnappers that night? Two.
Oh, but they're just acting students from the community college.
- They wouldn't hurt Dani.
- Well, we'll need to talk to them.
And all of the participants from that night.
Especially the woman who was blindfolded in that room with Dani.
Sure, except I don't have the names of any of the guests.
Only email addresses.
You can have it all.
Anything, if it'll help you figure out who did this.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
I have the perfect proposal idea.
- Oh, sorry, am I interrupting you? - No.
No, not at all.
- Um, there's coffee.
- Thank you.
So I think Vince should propose to Kiki on a gondola, with Italian music and romance in the air.
That's how I'd wanna be proposed to.
Where did Frank propose to you? - In the parking lot at Sal Falucci's bar.
- Oh.
Wait, wait.
He was wearing his best suit.
Oh, that's good.
Well, I think gondolas are lovely, but I'm not sure that we can decide how Korsak proposes.
So, uh, catching up on some reading? Yeah, some very interesting articles.
How're you doing? - Are you sleeping any better? - Mostly.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
You went through hell.
Nobody expects you to be fine.
Please, don't say anything to Jane.
I don't want her worrying about me.
Like you could ever stop her.
But I, uh I understand.
You know how much I care about you, Maura? I do.
So, how about you talk to me? We talked to all the actors that were there the night of the murder.
Mostly college students.
None with any criminal record.
"I'm not a murderer, I just play one on the weekends.
" We'll keep digging, but nothing's jumping out.
There was one guy that worked in the basement with Dani, - but he's a size nine shoe.
- So that's not our guy.
Nobody knew of any problems she was having, no ex-boyfriends, no threats.
Maybe Dani wasn't the target, maybe she was caught in the middle.
I may have something.
I ran all those email addresses you got from the Fear Club.
I focused on the entrance times that matched up to when Dani Gibbs disappeared.
Okay, what'd you find? One of the addresses was connected to a restraining order that was issued two months ago.
- Assailant or victim? - Victim.
Her name's Karen Hughes.
She's the director of a local preschool.
She filed against a former employee, Gus Brooks.
And what do we know about him? Brooks has two priors for assault.
Both back in Philadelphia.
- Got an address? - Last known is back in Philly.
But this is the preschool that Karen Hughes runs.
Okay, I'll grab Frankie and we'll go talk to her.
We should talk to Philadelphia PD.
Have them do a drop by, - see if he's still there.
- I'll take care of it.
Okay, thanks.
I think I found the hacker.
His name's Riley Keating and he's here in Boston.
- You know where? - Yeah.
We are investigating a homicide.
A woman died that night.
Oh, my God, it was real? Is there a place where we could talk? I had never done anything like that before.
Honestly, my life here is pretty boring most of the time.
You'd think with all these kids running around, it'd be anything but boring.
I've always loved that rush of adrenaline.
Roller coasters, zip lining.
I thought the Fear Club would be like that.
That poor woman.
She saved my life.
Can you tell us anything about the man that stabbed her? He wore a mask, like a scarecrow kind of thing.
Do you how tall he was? Skin color? Anything? I only saw him from across the room and it was dark.
He was taller than her, though.
Uh, two months ago, you filed a restraining order against Gus Brooks.
He worked here for a few months doing maintenance and taking care of the grounds.
But I discovered that he'd lied on his application.
- What did he lie about? - His name, for starters.
I mean, we knew him as Jerry, which I found out later was actually his brother's name.
He used that and his brother's Social Security number to get the job.
When I learned that, I fired him immediately.
And he didn't take that well? He showed up here a few times, insisting he'd been doing a good job.
He'd yell from the street, frightening the children.
- Has he been around lately? - No.
After I filed the restraining order, we never saw him again.
He lives in Philadelphia now.
How do you know that? He entered a residential treatment facility for anger management.
He sent me these letters apologizing for his behavior.
He says it's part of the program.
Well, the post mark says Philadelphia.
This one's sent a week ago.
Uh, if it's all right with you, we'd like to put you in protective custody.
I run the school.
I can't just leave.
How about we leave an officer and a squad car, right out front? Good job tracking him down, Holiday.
It felt good being out again.
I hate to be the kind of guy that says, "I told you so," but But you told me so.
And you were right.
You know, I almost left the force once.
- Right after my second divorce.
- Yeah? Yeah, I was so busy with the job, I didn't notice my wife and I had drifted apart.
When she left, I blamed myself.
I couldn't shake the guilt for months.
Then I finally realized, I can't change the past.
Got to find a way to move forward.
It's not easy, though.
But it gets a little better every day.
- Can't ask for more than that.
- I suppose not.
Is that him? That's him.
Riley Keating? Boston PD.
Where you going? This party's just getting started.
- You talk to Philly PD yet? - Yeah.
They talked to Gus Brooks at his apartment.
He swears he hasn't been back to Boston since Karen Hughes filed the restraining order.
- He have an alibi? - Not a good one.
Home alone watching TV.
But I also called the treatment center where he's doing his anger management program.
Not sure he's our guy.
Lemme guess, model patient.
Making remarkable progress.
He's been showing up three times a week to his court-mandated sessions.
Counselor confirmed he's been doing great.
Still, it's only a six-hour drive from Philly to Boston.
But if he's living there, how would he even know that Karen was going to the Fear Club that night? I don't know.
We still need to talk to him.
Can you get an address? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
You set up the website that contained this video.
These people burned down a detective's home.
I hope they were insured.
You also hacked into Detective Rizzoli's bank account.
No, I didn't.
And I don't even know this Detective Ratatouille.
You found the hacker? Nina and Korsak brought him in.
He's not giving us anything, though.
No connection to Joe Harris? No connection to your kidnapping at all.
No connection to me, no connection to Framingham Prison.
He's too young to be the person behind all this.
I agree.
Joe Harris was a psychiatrist, used to working with convicts.
When I heard him on the phone, he was talking to someone he had a personal and trusting relationship with.
I don't believe he would have used that tone with this kid.
So that means this guy's just a keyboard for hire.
Get comfortable, you're not going anywhere.
You guys got nothing on me.
And I could probably, actually sue you for, like, false arrestment or something like that.
We may not be able to prove you hacked Detective Rizzoli yet, but we didn't arrest you for that.
Three years ago, you hacked into the accounts of a young woman named Megan Christenson.
Which is illegal.
You weren't as good then as you are now.
You left traces, which we tracked back to your personal accounts.
- That was no big deal.
- It was to Megan.
And to the state of Massachusetts.
Which will be happy to give you two and a half years in the state penitentiary.
Lucky for you, Megan and I have a pretty good relationship.
She's agreed not to press charges as long as you cooperate.
I don't really know that much.
Tell us what you do know.
We'll find whoever's behind this.
I called him, I saw the townhouse last night.
You did? Are you going to take it? - I don't know, I'm unsure about - Jane.
Something weird just popped up in the Fear Club emails.
What? I found a second invitation that was sent to Karen Hughes's office computer, but it was sent to a different email address.
Well, who else has access her computer? I called her.
She said no one.
So somebody else at the school got an invitation? I saw one of those 3D printers in the classroom.
The plastic that you found in the wound, could that come from a 3D printer? Definitely, the polylactic acid is biodegradable.
Wait, you think that the killer printed the murder weapon? It would get through a metal detector.
And that would explain why the blade was dull.
3D printers can't recreate the honed edge of a knife.
We got to talk to Karen.
Do we still have a uniform outside of the school? - Yeah.
- Okay, call him, and tell him to find her, stick with her until we get to her.
Bye, Maura.
- Maura.
- Kiki.
- What a nice surprise.
- Surprise.
Vince and I are going to get something to eat.
Can you join? Oh, I really can't talk to you.
I mean, I really can't talk I can't talk to anyone, about anything.
Just busy.
Busy, busy, busy, busy girl.
That's too bad.
Maybe some other time? - Love to.
- Oh, bye.
- Officer Ellis, is everything okay? - Yes, ma'am, just a precaution.
Okay if I come in? I imagine that's Detective Rizzoli.
She needed to talk to you.
- Hello? - Hi Karen, it's Jane Rizzoli.
Is everything all right, Detective? I'm not sure.
Um, if you could just sit tight until we get there Karen? Go, go.
He's alive.
- Anything? - No, you? No.
Frankie, get down! Thanks.
It's all right.
It's okay.
It's over.
It's okay.
It's all right.
So Gus Brooks was using a plastic key that he made on the 3D printer to break into the school after he was fired.
Looking for a way to get his revenge.
Fear Club was a perfect opportunity.
Only Daniella Gibbs got in the way and saved Karen's life.
Hey, Jane, uh You were right, there is something I've been keeping from you.
What? That you're gonna ask Kiki to marry you? - How do you know that? - I'm a detective.
I know things.
- It's fine.
I get it.
It's your life.
- No, I wanted to tell you, I just I thought talking about my marriage proposal was insensitive.
- Why? - Why? All the stuff that was going on.
Maura's kidnapping, the attacks on you.
Well, what? So you're worried about being happy? How are we supposed to get through the shitty moments in life if we don't have the happy ones to balance them out? So you're okay with it? Yeah, I'm more than okay with it.
I'm thrilled.
Okay? Hmm.
Where you going? I've got one more case to solve today.
- Yeah, it's for a really good cause.
- Mmm.
- All right, well, I'll take a hundred.
- A hundred? Really? The orphans are gonna be so excited.
So excited.
You know, I think the only kid benefiting from this is you.
Don't lie, I'm a cop.
- I just wanted a puppy.
- A puppy? My mom said no, so I decided to raise the money myself.
Honey, if your mom said no, then you can't have a puppy.
But it's not fair.
Okay, well, maybe if you spent more time convincing your mom and less time swindling people, you might get what you want.
- You really think so? - I think it's worth a try.
Because this is over.
There's my mom.
You're Cynthia's kid? Here, I'll make you a deal.
I'll give all the money I raised to the Boys & Girls Club and you don't tell my mom.
I'll make you a deal.
You give me all the money you made, I'll give it to the Boys & Girls Club.
- And I may not tell your mom.
- Deal.
You really think I can talk my mom into getting me a puppy? I think you can do anything you set your mind to.
You know, she reminds me of you when you were that age.
A thief? Cop, thief.
It could have gone either way.
- Just saying.
- Well, smart kid.
Come on Vince, who doesn't love a gondola? Yeah, but Ma, she could get seasick, you never know - Does she? - Uh, I don't know.
You know what you should do? You should propose to her at Fenway Park when the Sox are playing.
You know, and they put on the big Jumbotron, on the big screen.
You want him to propose over a hot dog and beer? Perfect, isn't it? A proposal deserves champagne and a string quartet.
I always thought getting engaged in a hot air balloon sounded like fun.
Or maybe you could just ask her? Longfellow Bridge, very romantic.
There's always the Top of the Hub.
Unbelievable views.
What about a flash mob? I love those.
Oh! You know what he should do? He should write her a song.
You should write her Where'd he go? Yes.
Of course, yes.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
She said yes! Yay! Yay! Sweet.
- I love new beginnings.
- Mmm.
Oh! Speaking of, I took the townhouse.
You did? Yes.
- What, you're moving out? - Yeah, first of the month.
Oh! Drinks are on me.
Here's to the future Mr.
And Mrs.
Vincent Korsak.
English - SDH