Robbie Williams (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Part One: Let's Get Wrecked

[quiz show host] That'll be true or false.
The "Ali" of the title
is the Welsh football manager?
- [guest] False.
- [host] Yes. Two points scored.
And finally, to Carl
[Robbie Williams] Last night,
in the middle of the night, I got up.
[host] Yes, two points.
A total of six to the reds!
[cheering on TV]
[Robbie] I'd been awake all night.
[host] Great! Now over to the yellows
to do the spinning.
[Robbie] When it comes time to sleep,
my body goes, "We're not!"
"We're not."
[pensive music playing]
Four hours of just tossing
and turnin' and
dealing with an amorphous blob of stuff.
[man] Fancy doing a bit of singing?
[Robbie] Fear.
[camera clicks]
The whole gamut of
human emotions.
I'm nearly 50.
I'm a dad, dad of four,
with a loving wife.
It's astounding
what's happened in my life.
But it feels as though
the past has me in a headlock.
- [crowd chanting] Robbie! Robbie!
- [Robbie] Something has to give.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[a cappella version
of "Let Me Entertain You" playing]
[vocalizing continues]
[Robbie] Go on, buddy! You can do it!
Come on!
[music and vocalizing continues]
- [man 1] You good?
- I'm fuckin' good at this!
[crowd screaming]
[Graham Norton] One of the biggest-selling
solo artists of all time.
[Jonathan Ross]
One of the greatest showmen.
[man 2]platinum albums, sell-out gigs
Keep telling me I'm fuckin' great.
Off me fucking tits.
Would anybody like to see me fight Liam?
See if you can do your best with that!
You're my rock of empathy, my dear ♪
[music fades out]
[original song fades in]
Come on, let me entertain you ♪
Let me entertain you ♪
I'm fucking Robbie Williams.
- [young Robbie laughs]
- [cheering]
- [music ends]
- [birdsong]
[children shout and laugh]
[gentle instrumental music playing]
[Robbie] I am trying to sort out
the wreckage of the past.
And I'm picking a rather particular way
to exorcise these demons right now.
[man 1] Why are we doing it here?
[Robbie] I'm a hermit.
If I'm not on stage, I'm in bed.
- [man 1] That's why we're here.
- [man 2] Yeah.
[Robbie laughs] Yeah.
Can we just Can we start?
[muffled speech on video]
[Robbie] When I was a kid,
I was kinda like thick.
Can't spell.
I can't add up or subtract.
[man] Tape is rolling.
[Robbie] I left school at 16
with no qualifications whatsoever
and joined a boy band
that's gonna be the English version
of New Kids on the Block.
[man] Four, three, two, one.
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Take that and party ♪
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Take that ♪
["Take That and Party" continues playing]
[crowd whistling, cheering]
[reporter] Fantastic!
Wow, the crowd loved you!
How long have you been together?
- About two months.
- Two months.
[reporter] Did you all dance beforehand?
Well, I didn't do much dancin'.
Just, like, local discos and everythin'.
But I did enough
to keep up with these lot.
- [laughter on video]
- [video stops]
Fuckin' 'ell.
Look at me!
I look very young.
You know, I was the baby of the band.
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Take that and party ♪
[Robbie] I enjoyed everybody's company.
In my head, I'm looking up to these
older brothers that are, like, 20, 21, 22.
When you're 16, that's that gap's huge.
- ["Do What U Like" playing]
- [cheering]
[Robbie] I couldn't help
but be in awe of Gaz.
He was the captain of the ship.
How many songs
have you actually got together now?
We've got probably about 30 tracks in all.
Every week, Gary's coming in
with new material.
We're doin' new dances all the time.
Do what you like ♪
No need to ask me ♪
Do what you want ♪
[Robbie] In the early days of Take That,
it was fun.
- ♪what you like ♪
- No need to tell me ♪
Do what you want ♪
The joy and the excitement,
the exhilaration.
- Ice ♪
- Could never be as cold ♪
It felt like this was all going somewhere.
You stir me up inside ♪
It felt big!
And then it became massive.
Okay, so it's pretty quiet now,
but you should've been here
20 minutes ago.
- [crowd screaming]
- ["Could It Be Magic" playing]
They are the hottest young band
anywhere in the UK.
most popular British group
since the Beatles.
- [screaming]
- Take That!
Every time I'm near you ♪
Whirling like a cyclone in my mind ♪
These girls say
they've had the best night of their lives.
- You're my lifeline ♪
- Whoa, whoa ♪
[Robbie] Our success did give
some sort of sense of
Answer to all answers I can't find ♪
[Robbie] But it was always intercut with
"Whoa." [murmurs uncertainly]
[crowd screaming]
Come into my arms ♪
[TV host] You're on bedroom walls
across Britain,
and you get mobbed wherever you go.
Do you still enjoy it?
[young Robbie] It's still enjoyable,
and it's like, um,
I wake up in the morning pinchin' meself.
"Is this really happening?" and
it isn't.
- We're not 'ere really, are we?
- No, we're not.
Baby, I want you ♪
Come ♪
Come ♪
Come into ♪
[current Robbie] Externally, I'm sure
that I would've been full of bravado
and trying to look as though
I think I'm the man.
♪of all of you ♪
Could it be magic now ♪
It was a complete
into the grown-up world
that I wasn't ready for.
[screaming, whistling]
Thank you and good night!
[crowd screaming]
The workload was
[screaming continues]
We do this.
Then we get to there.
There was no five minutes in front of us.
[screaming continues outside]
Reason they're screaming
is 'cause Elvis is 'ere as well.
Got to go and do an interview now
for Radio 1.
We'll hopefully have lots of fun.
[DJ] It is a very special Rockland
this afternoon.
As we promised a few weeks ago,
we have the members, all five members,
of Take That in the studio.
Gary and Howard
and Jason and Robbie and Mark.
It's been going very well. Congratulations
for the chart success you've had.
How does it affect your everyday life
when you get up in the morning?
To speak the truth, and this is honest,
I wake up some mornings and think,
"Where am I, what do we do,
and what's me name?"
Who are you, what do you do,
and what is yer name?
I'm Robbie.
I am in Take That, and I sing and dance.
It was an unusual scenario to be in.
In a very intense
background atmosphere and surrounding.
That is a pressure cooker.
Without meaning to brag, it's been
it's been going good for us,
so it could end for us, like, at anytime,
and then all the people we laugh at
[Robbie] I'm still down to earth
and humble.
No, you're not! You're
You're downright arrogant
and and blasé and
- Downright arrogant, yeah.
- I'm not.
You are.
[tense music playing]
[current Robbie] When I turned about 19,
I started to have a long, hard think
about what was happenin'.
Too many interviews,
too many performances,
so many countries to visit,
and then repeat it.
Mark's been up since half past five,
and I've been up
since about quarter to six, six o'clock.
And we can't go to sleep. Jet lag.
Who needs it? D'you know what I mean?
Take That's fandom was obsessive.
[current Robbie] It was intense!
[man] Step!
[Robbie] On top of that,
there was an assurancy
about Gaz and his ability
mixed with
a coldness.
This is me prize lyric book, this is,
and it's really strange to look through.
It's got all the songs I've ever written.
Every now and again,
you'll find a little star next to it,
which means it's gone on an album.
That'll do me!
[Robbie] And it seemed like
there was one person being managed
in Take That, and it was Gary Barlow.
It was all geared around him.
[fans screaming]
And as a young person,
I would've been jealous of that.
I suppose a lot of me resented him.
- [long beep]
- [static crackles]
One, two, three.
"Hi, we're Take That." Okay?
- You're gonna do it.
- Okay.
Hi, I'm Rob. I'm good.
Watch this space for more of the same.
[Jason laughs]
Ready. I'll do it.
- It's good.
- Gaz, do you wanna sit at the front?
[Mark laughs]
[current Robbie] I was goin' home
from these days thinkin', "This is weird."
It's Lord of the Flies stuff.
Rock and roll.
[current Robbie] I wasn't adept
at dealing with the dynamics in the band
at such an early age.
And that's when the wheels came off
for me.
[background laughter]
[posh voice] People do tend to see us
as the boys next door,
and we still are, funnily enough.
We just happen to be
the boys next door for the Lord Lichfield.
Jacuzzis and outside ser
Boy? Boy!
Oh, thank you very much.
Went out last night.
Didn't get in until six o'clock.
But, you know,
do it while you're young, don't ya?
Uh, as I say,
really enjoying ourselves, so
- I've gotta get some booze!
- Obsessed.
[Gary] Aw, don't.
You've started this bastard now!
[current Robbie] Adding petrol
to the fire,
I was ingestin' everything
that I could get my hands on.
Ecstasy, cocaine, drinking.
Couldn't eat a whole one! Wahey!
I'm literally drinking,
like, a bottle of vodka bef a night
before going into rehearsals.
So that's happenin'.
That's happenin' every night.
[crowd screaming]
There was meetings that were had with me
where "we need you to behave" meetings.
What's the best thing about being here?
Um People not expecting me to be 'ere,
and the reaction on their faces
when they see me.
[woman] Go behind him
like a Glastonbury nutter.
[Robbie] It's a Glastonbury nutter.
It's one of them people
that get on It'll be Alright
It's Alright on the Night thing.
[current Robbie] It may have been seen
by management
that I was letting the side down.
Especially when I went to Glastonbury.
[pensive music playing]
[current Robbie] I was told, "This is not
how you behave in a boy band."
Actually got nothing interesting
whatsoever to say.
Which is quite un uh
quite a bit disturbin'.
[current Robbie] The sense that, um,
I wasn't ready
or capable to fulfill the role
that was being asked of me was palpable.
One day, I went in for rehearsals,
and then at lunchtime, they said,
"Rob, we need to have a band meeting."
I said to the boys
I just couldn't be there anymore.
Then they said, "Look, we wanna see
if we can do this tour as a four-piece."
"What do you think?"
And in the end,
you know, "What do you think?"
was me deciding to
leave Take That.
[music fades]
Finally, tonight, the band minus one.
Take That are arguably Britain's
most successful group since the Beatles,
but when they arrived today
to record for the BBC's Top of the Pops,
there were just four of them.
["Back for Good" playing]
[reporter] Is anybody angry with Robbie?
[all shout] Yes!
[reporter] Would you listen to his music
if he does a solo career?
- No.
- Got a head of shattered dreams ♪
Gotta leave it ♪
[man] Did you have a plan?
[current Robbie] I think the the plan was
"Let's get wrecked."
[punk version of "Back for Good" playing]
Whatever I said, whatever I did
I didn't mean it ♪
I just want ya back for good ♪
I want you back, I want you back ♪
[current Robbie] I moved to London
as a famous 21-year-old,
and I'm just going to parties
all the time.
I'll sing it ♪
I had no direction.
No reason to be.
I'm losing a lot of days to hangovers.
[music distorts]
[music fades out]
Losing a sense of self.
Turnin' into something
that you don't recognize.
[distant screaming]
Wanted to make somethin' of myself.
Achieve somethin'. Be someone.
But there's nothing that I'm doing.
I was just in Groucho doin' a lotta coke.
[woman] What would you do
if you weren't a musician?
- [Robbie] Uh
- Be a footballer?
I dunno, actually.
Probably be a pig farmer.
[current Robbie] I needed somebody
to help me with the thoughts and melodies
that I have in my head.
[gentle music playing]
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
[interviewer] So, who are you?
Who am I? I'm Guy. And I'm, uh
uh, Rob's MD and producer.
[interviewer] So what does that involve?
Mm. You haven't got
How much film have you got?
["South of the Border" playing]
- [Guy] No rest for the wicked.
- [Robbie] No rest for the wicked!
Freaky young lady
Name of Cocaine Katie ♪
She makes my temperature freeze ♪
[current Robbie] I set out
to make an album,
but I didn't know how I was gonna do it.
She'll bring you to your knees ♪
[current Robbie] There was a list
of people that was sent to me,
and one was Guy Chambers,
and I went, "Him."
He was a jobbin' musician
considering becomin' a teacher
'cause things were drying up.
Apart from the leak in his roof,
which he had and couldn't pay to be fixed.
So, we really needed each other.
I think you oughta ♪
'Cause you know
you're gonna have to leave ♪
To a place where you can breathe ♪
And you know there's no reprieve ♪
[holds note]
[music fades]
- Good t Good takes?
- Yeah.
- Good takes?
- Yeah. Very good.
- You should have a little break now.
- Great. Tell 'em.
Have a little break.
A walk up the street or something.
Might want a coat.
[Robbie] I think I'll have
a sit down, actually.
On account of
standing up has made me sick.
Sitting down has made me great.
[current Robbie] Life thru a Lens,
which was the first album,
was written in 12 days, when I found Guy.
And I thought
we had created something of worth.
But we are looking
at somebody in free fall.
[tense music playing]
Addicted to cocaine and alcohol.
It's impossible to help myself.
It's impossible to stop.
[Guy] You all right?
- [Robbie] Fine.
- [laughter]
I don't think there's a chance
to feel anythin' other than hungover.
And then
not hungover because you are
yet again in the process of, um,
creating a future hangover.
- [background chatter]
- [woman] I'm drunk as a skunk.
I sound I sound brilliant
after that many glasses.
- [woman] We've done well. Hurrah!
- Hurrah!
[woman] More pineapple!
[Guy] I mean, I knew when I met him,
he was drinking, and he had the shakes.
He was so on the edge and, um,
you know
[interviewer] Challenging?
Yeah. Of course.
It's really It's really challenging.
[Guy] Fuck.
[Robbie] Fuck.
[current Robbie] I think
this is the most difficult bit to watch.
Because of [sighs]
what I'm putting myself through.
[young Robbie] The last 12 months,
I've just sort of
lost meself into oblivion
of I don't know what.
And, uh, finding it difficult
doing interviews at the minute.
Only 'cause I'm not sure of what I should
and shouldn't be saying about things.
And I'm just havin' I'm having so many
so many doubts about meself.
I completely don't like
my own company at the minute.
[host] Robbie Williams in the studio!
- Did I mention my new single's out?
- [host laughs]
- How are you?
- Did I mention my new
Yes, I'm very well. Let's put this here.
- I'm very well, and how are you?
- Yeah?
[current Robbie] Everybody knows
I'm in trouble.
And how are you?
[current Robbie] But, um I didn't care.
I'd gone past the point of no return.
And, um
I needed grown-ups.
My life had spiraled
out of control so severely.
But my manager understood
what needed to happen.
I needed to be carted off
and taken away to rehab.
[man] Robbie, how you feeling today?
New single out 14th July.
It's called "Lazy Days." It's fantastic.
[man] Any message for fans
who might be a bit worried about you?
Uh, no, don't be worried about me.
I'm fine.
But a bit a bit, um
I'm appalled at the turnout.
When Michael Barrymore had a problem,
there was thousands outside his house.
See ya!
[gentle music playing]
[current Robbie] It's a tough watch.
Reliving that again.
I think the root of that darkness was
the perfect storm
of too much too soon.
But just because, in this moment,
I couldn't figure out how to live
[children chatter happily]
I knew that it didn't mean
that I couldn't.
You know, you don't wanna be
a has-been at 23.
[woman] You can have lots of treats.
[current Robbie] And this has
to go somewhere because
there's nothin' else.
["South of the Border" playing]
[woman] "Clean and serene for sixty days"?
Good, innit?
Dead serene.
'Cause you know
you're gonna have to leave ♪
[current Robbie] I think for me,
it became like a weight-loss camp.
Nobody noticed that I was
just eatin' a banana a day.
[young Robbie] Towards the end of 30 days,
gettin' up towards my 60-day one,
I started to get very nervous.
- Gimme a line. Gimme a line.
- [laughter]
[man] Is that my car?!
[current Robbie] It's amazing
how alive I am instantly.
- [woman] Action.
- [man] Robbie!
[current Robbie] And all it's taken
is 60 days.
- [man] Do it in Spanish.
- Do it in Spanish?
[speaks in fake Spanish]
court case.
[continues in fake Spanish]
Robbie Williams
[continues in fake Spanish]
- for la meaty goodness. But also
- [laughter]
There's life there.
[woman] Robbie is back. Whoa, whoa.
[both] Robbie is back.
Robbie is back. Whoa, whoa.
[current Robbie] It had been two years
since Take That.
I'd waited a long time.
I needed to get goin'.
["Let Me Entertain You" playing]
[young Robbie] Here you join us
backstage tonight and, um,
gettin' nervous.
"Am I big enough? Am I enough?"
All that sorta gig.
[background chatter]
Don't call it a comeback!
["Let Me Entertain You" continues]
Hell is gone and heaven's here
There's nothing left for you to fear ♪
Shake your ass, come over here
Now scream ♪
[crowd screaming]
I'm a burnin' effigy
Of everythin' I used to be ♪
You're my rock of empathy, my dear ♪
So come on, let me entertain you ♪
Let me entertain you ♪
Come on, then!
- [applause]
- [man] Robbie!
[young Robbie] I spent two years
forgettin' why I was doin' this job.
What I was doin' it for.
It's not for the money.
It's not for the critical acclaim.
I want to entertain.
That's what I wanna do.
So come on, let me ♪
[current Robbie] Somethin' very excitin'
is happenin'.
I was learning how to be an entertainer.
Something that people
could come and watch.
But the record company
needed me to return on their investment.
[music fades, echoes]
The album comes out,
and it sells in total 33,000 copies.
You know, there's a lot of jeopardy
ridin' on this
because it was all on me.
[as Elvis Presley] Thank you very much.
- Was it bad last night?
- Yeah.
- Is it bad every night?
- No
Well, it's just one of the problem songs.
Just trying to find a way of helping you
so you can get that pitch.
- Thank you very much.
- It's just that song, innit?
"Old Before I Die" has sometimes been
a little bit hit and miss as well.
I think that's 'cause at that point
in the set, you're really hyped up.
You've got to listen more, that's all.
Listen to what everyone's doing.
'Cause everyone's doing great stuff.
You've gotta like,
"Ah, right! I'm part of this great band."
- No, I That's not the case at all.
- Just in terms of listening.
- Okay.
- Sometimes you just
It doesn't always I dunno, it just
You're just thinking of how
you can put this now, aren't you?
- No, no, no!
- [Robbie laughs]
- Go on, put it in any way you like.
- No, I mean, I just
I just think
you're giving 100% to the crowd,
not necessarily holding back, going,
"I should concentrate
on being the singer"
This is five minutes
before I'm goin' on to do a gig.
D'you know what I mean?
- [man] What's the matter
- What do you want now?
- Piss off.
- [man] You wearing that?
- Yeah.
- [man] You look a cunt.
Go out there
and be confident, Rob. [laughs]
[current Robbie] Figuratively speaking,
my career was falling off a cliff.
And I'd had quite a few goes with singles
that wouldn't be allowed to happen now.
And a memo goes round the record company.
I am about to be dropped.
[young Robbie] When you find yourself
starin' into an abyss,
you just might find yourself staring back.
- [man] I think I know what you mean.
- [Robbie laughs]
[Robbie] Right, stop.
[current Robbie] It looks
as though that's it for the Williams boy.
What a lovely day for it.
[current Robbie] But in my back pocket,
I had somethin' special.
[gentle strumming]
[Guy] "Angels."
Two, three, four.
And I know I'll always
Be blessed with love ♪
And as the feeling grows ♪
"Angels" comes out,
and then thank God for that because
everything changed.
[audience] I'm loving angels instead ♪
[Robbie] And through it all ♪
She offers me protection ♪
A lot of love and affection ♪
Whether I'm right or wrong ♪
[host] He's back. He's live.
He's better than ever.
He's Robbie Williams.
Wherever it may take ♪
[DJ]Robbie Williams,
with a chart climber.
♪won't break me ♪
When I come to call ♪
[current Robbie] Something was connecting
- She won't foresake me ♪
- and you could just feel this momentum.
I'm lovin' angels instead ♪
It was the rocket taking off.
With a [whooshes]
When I'm feelin' weak ♪
[audience] And my pain walks down
A one-way street ♪
[cockney accent]
Currently, 'avin' an 'it in Shveden.
So we may go to Shveden,
as we are 'avin' an 'it.
["Angels" continues playing]
[audience] And as the feeling grows ♪
[current Robbie] The album sales
are gettin' bigger.
The audiences are gettin' bigger.
[audience] And when love is dead ♪
From the jaws of defeat,
we seem to be making headway
into the world.
["Angels" continues playing]
[man] Open the window. Let the sound in.
[fans screaming]
[man] Moon! Moon!
And through it all
She offers me protection ♪
[DJ] Is it always like that when we open
the window in a radio station,
and all the girls
stood outside scream and shout?
- It's like that outside me launderette!
- [DJ] What's it like back home?
Do you wish sometimes
to have a normal life?
This is a normal life.
- [screaming]
- I know that life won't break me ♪
I don't know what it is
that's so special about that song.
But whatever it is, it had it.
I'm loving angels instead ♪
- [cheering, whistling]
- Thank you!
[man] Hello, Rob.
It's not a silver surprise.
It's not a gold surprise.
It's a platinum surprise!
[audience whooping]
He's gone platinum, everybody!
Um, I'm gobsmacked with this.
I've got a career!
[cheering and applause continues on video]
Thank you very much.
[woman] Robbie?
It was good!
- [sighs]
- [laughter]
- [chatter]
- [man] Rock-and-roll capital of Surrey.
[Robbie] Right. Bloody 'ell.
- Right?
- [man] Yeah.
[woman] He was fab, wasn't he?
[current Robbie] Success definitely,
did equal happiness.
- I'm speechless.
- [man] Did you enjoy that?
[woman] Absolutely brilliant.
[current Robbie] This is my second go
at biting the apple.
Take That was the first.
This is the second.
[woman] Well done.
- [man] Brilliant.
- Thank you.
[current Robbie] I'm a pop star now.
I'm the fully thinged
I'm the fully thing thinged.
[man 1] Peter Snow
getting Robbie's autograph.
- I think it's a swing to the left.
- [man 2] Left?
Oh right. All Saints.
[chatter, laughter]
[dreamy music playing]
[current Robbie] Fame,
in and of of itself, is a playground.
And I didn't know
who I was gonna be in that playground,
but I wanted to be in it.
- Sh!
- [man] Name and age.
Um, Nicole Appleton, and I'm 23.
[man] If you had one night
with Robbie Williams, what would you do?
I've done it!
[dreamy music continues]
[current Robbie] Nicole Appleton
is in a band called All Saints.
The less smiley version
of the Spice Girls.
- I could change it with mine.
- [man] That'd be really funny.
- I should do that?
- Yeah!
[current Robbie] So, at some point,
our paths were bound to cross,
and we struck up a relationship together.
[dreamy music continues]
She was kind and fun and sweet.
You know, she was just a good soul.
With my relationship with Nic,
it was very important to me
to learn to become
the man that I was supposed to be.
You know, these are miracles
that are happening in my life.
[screaming, whistling]
You know when something's right?
- Tonight's right!
- [screaming]
And I'm so 'appy!
[music fades]
[current Robbie] There was no left.
There was no right.
There was only forward.
[mariachi music playing]
Hi, mate. What's the date?
- [Guy] It's 19th January.
- 19th January.
The new year. 1998.
- Here at Jake's place in Jamaica.
- [Guy] Wahey.
We came from Gatwick yesterday,
me and Guy.
- Say hello, Guy.
- [Guy] Hello, Rob.
Hello, mate. Come with me.
We brought our own studio with us.
A little 8-track.
So we can record while we're out here.
That's safe, innit?
Keep it under lock and key.
[door creaks]
[Guy] Move up a bit.
Don't want your ugly mug
on my video diary.
I look really white.
That's 'cause you are.
[strums guitar]
[posh accent] He's from Surrey, you know.
[Guy plays a melody]
[current Robbie] Traditionally, there is
the "difficult second album" syndrome.
I didn't feel that way with Guy.
I think that what we were doing together
also excited him.
I've come to remind you
That we'll come and find you ♪
This is a happy song ♪
Do-do do-do-do, do-do ♪
He was a older brother,
mentor, musical mentor
[singing continues on video]
and I was a student.
Do-do do-do-do, do-do do-do-do ♪
Do-do do-do-do ♪
- It's okay there.
- Do-do do-do-do ♪
- Do-do-do ♪
- Do-do-do ♪
- ♪Do-do ♪
- Do ♪
[singing continues]
[Guy] As you can see,
it is now pouring down with rain.
Quick. Quick, Rob.
Because it mustn't get wet. The stuff.
Send you our love 'cause we care ♪
[current Robbie] There was so much love
between me and Guy in those moments.
♪news from Jamaica ♪
[Guy] Day seven. [laughs]
[current Robbie] And this was
a beautiful way to spend your life.
- [Guy] It's rather nice, isn't it?
- [Robbie] It's fantastic.
Sure we're gonna get
a lot of inspiration here.
- It's amazing.
- This is amazing.
[Guy] This is just I think it's one of
the most amazing places I've ever been.
- Yeah.
- Actually. It's up there.
Have you been to Rhyl?
[Guy laughs]
- It's very like
- In Wales.
It's just like this.
- [phone rings]
- [Guy] Oh dear, where's the phone?
Is that Nicky?
It's Guy.
She's on the telephone.
- Is she?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Can I just leave it here?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Guy's gonna leave the video camera here.
So, I am possibly looking
at the most amazing view that, um,
I've ever seen in my life.
Yeah, honestly, babe, I'm not kiddin' you,
I walked into this place
I'm about 3,000 feet up in the mountains.
There's There's just forests everywhere.
I can see Kingston
I'm not kidding you, right,
as I walked in
and I was shown around the place,
um, I got onto the balcony and just cried.
Yeah. Yeah.
- [Nicole] Wow!
- Just like
Just so proud.
It's You know, it's like,
I'm like a child there.
Talkin' to a mum.
About what I'm experiencing and
The truth is, um
I was still still a baby.
You know, I was 16
when I joined Take That.
And I guess that there is
some sort of broken teenager in there
that will be, um,
tryin' to sort out
the wreckage of the past.
I couldn't let it go.
[guitar strumming]
[Robbie] "Do you feel cut up?"
"Do you feel cut up
by the people duh-duh-duh you've met?"
- "That you've left by the wayside."
- No, it's gotta rhyme with "et."
- "Have you popped your clogs yet?"
- Mm.
[current Robbie] I suppose, at this point,
my memories of being in that band
are sullied with
how I felt during the process.
So, you can imagine what this
young man is feelin'.
I guess you know I hate you ♪
- [guitar playing]
- Needless to say ♪
I guess you know I hate you ♪
Are you still around? ♪
Why haven't you managed to die yet? ♪
How can you sleep? ♪
- D'you know what, though?
- What?
Don't like the chorus.
The fact that it's so jolly?
So j I don't want it to be jolly.
I don't
It It doesn't feel right
when I'm singing it.
I want it to be nasty.
I want it to be as nasty as the verse.
I'm not being
[Guy strums guitar]
ironic or
[Guy] Hm. Mm.
I'm being fuckin' serious.
Fuckin' hate these cunts.
[Guy] Mm. [strums rapid chords]
You could prop up a bar in hell ♪
How do you sleep?
How do you laugh? ♪
How do you cry?
How do you lie? ♪
- Na na na na ♪
- ♪Na na na na na ♪
How do you touch?
How do you feel? ♪
How do you keep me from ♪
Angry. Venom. Venom.
[man] Spittle.
[Guy] That's good, that.
Yeah, I can see that. Yeah.
[current Robbie] Teddy bear!
Come, come get in bed.
Put your drink down, and just come
and get behind me. Gimme a cuddle.
Hi, Daddy.
Talkin' about the
the band I used to be in.
- Yes. Question?
- Yes.
Who did you hate the most and why?
Who did I hate the most?
I disliked Gary
the most
he was the one that was supposed to 'ave
the everythin' and the career.
And I wanted to make him pay.
I was
- How?
- I was vengeful.
By havin' the career
that he was supposed to have.
[fans screaming]
Here's a song about a group of people
that I used to be with an awful lot.
[cheering, whistling]
Those people are called Take That.
You know, there was five of us.
There was one very small one.
And, uh one had like a mop on his head.
The other one had a mohican,
and he was a twat.
And the other one looked a bit like this.
There's somebody booing me down here
that actually likes Gary Barlow.
He's not selling
any more records now, girls!
Let's face it, he's dead!
[audio fades]
I'm sorry that I treated Gary like that.
Nobody graduates from childhood fame
well balanced.
The years of finding yourself,
maturing, and growin' up
that everybody has is taken away from you.
Um, Nicky?
Will you marry me?
All right, then. Bye!
[current Robbie] I guess
that I'm tryin' to convince myself
that I'm the kind of person
that is ready for that kind of commitment.
I know I'm not.
I couldn't look after myself.
I was in no fit state
to offer myself as a partner.
- Are you gonna sit on the sound thing?
- Yeah.
[current Robbie] And, um,
the relationship with Nic ended
a few months after this.
Stop filmin' now.
[man] Just a bit of traffic, then.
[static crackling]
[woman] Probably why he's goin'.
- [woman] I can't believe that happened.
- [Robbie] Look at that!
- [man] Wow! Fuck!
- [woman] It's like a sea of
[Robbie] It's all mud.
[current Robbie] I felt
like I was an infant
in the grown-up world.
So, I'm just about
to go on at Glastonbury,
and I don't know what's gonna 'appen.
It's, uh 88,000 people.
It's the epoch of credibility.
And it's the biggest gig
of my career so far.
Come on!
Let's fuckin' 'ave it!
I'm terrified.
Absolutely terrified.
[crowd shouting]
[current Robbie] This had the opportunity
to go very badly.
[tense music playing]
There's still a bit of me goin',
"I'm still Rob from Stoke-on-Trent."
"I'm still 16."
That's one of those moments
where I think I'm gonna be found out.
[cheering, whistling]
[cheering intensifies]
- ["Angels" playing]
- [cheering]
I sit and wait ♪
Does an angel contemplate my fate ♪
If you must!
And do they know ♪
The places where we go ♪
When you're gray and old ♪
'Cause I've been told ♪
That salvation lets their wings unfold ♪
So when I'm lyin' in my bed ♪
Thoughts runnin' through my head ♪
And I feel that love is dead ♪
I'm lovin' ♪
- [current Robbie] Lo and behold
- ♪angels instead ♪
they embraced me!
[crowd] Through it all
She offers me protection ♪
[current Robbie] Me.
Bobbins from Take That.
[crowd] ♪whether I'm right or wrong ♪
And down the waterfall ♪
[current Robbie] How does it feel
to have thousands of people
sing the words that you've written
back to you?
[crowd] When I come to call ♪
It is intoxicatin'.
[crowd] She won't forsake me ♪
[cheering, whistling]
I'm loving angels instead ♪
[music fades]
[current Robbie] It felt like
this is what I'm supposed to be doin'!
[pensive music playing]
But then you realize,
subconsciously or consciously, that
"I can't go back."
[cheering, whistling]
I'm on a runaway train.
And this was gonna grow bigger
and bigger and bigger.
[cheering, whistling]
[intense music playing]
[music slows]
I'm not looking forward
to watching what's next.
I didn't have the tools to deal with
what's to come.
[music intensifies]
[crowd chanting] Robbie! Robbie!
[chanting continues]
[music fades]
[cheering intensifies]
[cheering ends abruptly]
["Strong" playing]
My breath smells of a thousand fags ♪
And when I'm drunk I dance like me dad ♪
I've started to dress a bit like him ♪
And early morning when I wake up ♪
I look like KISS
But without the makeup ♪
And that's a good line
To take it to the bridge ♪
And you know, and you know ♪
'Cause my life's a mess ♪
And I'm trying to grow
So before I'm old I'll confess ♪
You think that I'm strong ♪
You're wrong, you're wrong ♪
I sing my song ♪
My song, my song ♪
My bed's full of takeaways ♪
And fantasies of easy lays ♪
The pause button's broke on my video ♪
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