Robin Hood s01e03 Episode Script

Who Shot the Sheriff?

(Man) Bring it over here.
Help me get this into a pile.
How? Joderic will be under orders.
"How" is not for you to worry about.
I cannot be seen to take from you.
I cannot even be seen with you.
Our Matthew Our Matthew has work at the castle.
Take your wife and family and get your belongings back into the mill.
Joderic will not evict you today.
Let's go.
Robin says you're gonna be all right.
What are you waiting for? Nothing.
I explained thing to him.
Everything's gonna be all right.
- Oh, please! - What? You want to see the look on her face, don't you? You want to see the gratitude.
(Robin) Joderic! Robin Do not interfere.
You know I have to do this.
And you know there are Sheriff's men on their way to make sure there 's no trouble.
Do you have to do this? I did it under the old Sheriff, you did not complain.
- That was different.
- How? Two things are certain in life - death and taxes.
But when the death is caused by the taxes, something is rotten.
Take this.
- The miller' s debt.
- I cannot.
This is stolen money.
The Sheriff knows the miller cannot afford it.
I could break it into small amounts.
Pay it in over time.
That would be credible.
Every time somebody breaks bread in Nettlestone, they will thank you, Joderic.
- Sure.
- Do me a favor.
Tell them you have not seen me.
Tell them this was your own scheme.
- Why? - My friends think I am vain! He's here to evict us.
Robin did not make it right.
- He said he would fix it.
- How? Let me get this straight.
We're giving money to a tax collector? A bailiff.
Oh, that makes all the difference.
As you know, I am here today Didn't you see Robin Hood? He said he'd speak to you so we wouldn't be evicted.
No, I'm sorry I have not seen Robin Hood.
But we can work this out.
He's killed him.
Robin's killed him! Oi, stop! Master! What, you can't believe someone's better than you? - He kicked you good.
- Who is he? The Nightwatchman.
- Well, I've never heard of him.
- The Nightwatchman? Been around for years.
Maybe you were off on a crusade.
He's a good man.
He's talked about in all the villages.
He's been seen in Nottingham.
Even at the castle.
Always at night.
Leaves medicine and stuff.
Sheriff's men are ordered to shoot him on sight but he's never hurt a fly.
Why did he kill Joderic, then? We need to find him.
The villagers of Nettlestone report that Robin Hood killed an innocent bailiff today.
This is marvelous, isn't it? What drama! Because now even his beloved villagers will lose patience when their heroes start picking them off.
What else are they saying? Hood was fulfilling a promise to prevent an eviction.
War has addled his brain.
I'm not at all surprised.
So, what do you propose we do? Immediate reprisals against villages.
Joderic would not want that.
Why should more innocent people suffer because of his death? The same people who witnessed and reported the crime.
And did this strategy of reprisals work in the villages before? No.
Marian is right.
We will not be going down that road again.
De Fourtnoy - alternatives? There is a political advantage to be had here.
Robin Hood has given us the high ground.
We should keep it, my thoughts exactly.
We could have the town criers announce what's taken place.
Make sure everybody knows that an innocent was killed.
We are going to win hearts and minds.
My lord.
I still believe actions rather than words If I had the resources I could deal with him, I could hunt him down Very well.
We'll do both and may the best man win.
Joderic was unique.
He was kind, compassionate, learned.
The murder of the bailiff We'll leave as soon as Joderic's buried.
We can say you were too upset.
I am too upset.
(Sheriff) In response to this change of direction from Robin Hood Joe? What are you doing here? You cannot work.
They've made everyone come back in.
Called me out of retirement.
I will talk to the Sheriff.
I'll get you off your duties.
Work helps.
(Sheriff) a war on terror! T hese people I still reach out for her in the night, I know it's daft It is not daft.
When all this is over you are coming home with us.
(Sheriff) of our humanity and of our innocence.
(Smattering of applause) All this is gone in one moment, with one arrow fired from the bow of Robin Hood.
- He is saying you killed Joderic! - Of course he is.
Yes, but he's making us look like criminals! - You know we are criminals.
- What? Are we suddenly something else? between stability, order, authority or the random, chaotic cruelty of Robin Hood and all outlaws like him.
This cowardly crime, this murder, will be punished.
We will hunt Hood down, with dogs if necessary, and we will ensure that he does not succeed, We will not be cowed, this is what he wants You never shoot me, understand? This, this is all in my honor, isn't it? You really do think everything is about you, don't you? - Only when it is about me! - You have given him a stick to beat you with.
You killed an innocent clerk and now here he is making the most of it.
I did not do it.
I'm sure.
It was the so-called non-violent Nightwatchman.
- No! - I saw him.
I was there.
It was not the Nightwatchman.
- How do you know? - I know.
- Then why did he run? - Why did you run from Joderic? I should go.
- You must help me.
- I am helping you.
It was not the Nightwatchman.
Whoever it is.
I will find him and I can look everywhere apart from one place.
- I need you to look in the castle.
- I need you to not tell me what to do.
Please! I must clear my name.
What about catching the killer? Isn't that more important than your name? If people do not trust me, then what good can I do? I'll try.
Tell me, De Fourtnoy.
Is Master at Arms just a ceremonial position now? Because problems like Hood demand real solutions.
Town criers? (Dogs barking) Sir Guy.
All these dogs for one man? Yeah, it was my idea.
The Master at Arms would have us doing nothing.
You are in competition? He's a little man, promoted too far.
Anyone would make a better Master at Arms.
Even when my father was the Sheriff, I could not grasp the intricacies.
He sent me here, by the way.
He thinks it is safer, with a killer on the loose.
You say "a killer"? You do not think it is Hood? Whoever it is, he thought it would be safer here in the castle.
No, that's not permitted.
I'll talk to the Sheriff.
Thank you, Sir Guy.
I want a line sweeping south through the forest.
Let's show De Fourtnoy how to hunt down Robin Hood.
With these dogs, he will run.
(Dogs barking) This I do not like.
The King's Guild of Hunters and Foresters.
Coming this way.
Dogs! Pairs.
Meet where we stored the provisions.
- (Growling) - Faster! (Birds twittering) Matthew, am I left-handed? A clue No! Sorry, sir.
Stand on one leg.
The right one.
One hour.
That might help you to remember, hm? So New boy, how're you finding your new job? Hm? Oh, don't worry.
You know, you're a lucky boy.
Now your daddy's mill is shut, you could be running through the forest chased by hounds Guards! Guards! Raise the alarm! In my own room? In my own room? Where are the men? Gisborne has taken them to hunt Hood with the dogs.
Gisborne is a fool.
Evidently, Hood has evaded him.
This is nothing to do with Robin Hood.
Now, you lock down this castle.
Tell Gisborne to scrap the dogs and find the killer! Yes, my lord.
Stop! Now, you tell Gisborne to double the dogs.
My lord, I thought you said it could not be Hood.
Two words - mud sticks.
Hood's been blamed for one death, let's blame him for two.
Meanwhile, you find out who's really responsible for this.
Yes, my lord.
(Kate sobbing) We pray for Matthew's soul as he journeys to a better place.
Watch over us, Matthew, and be proud.
We will bring Robin Hood to justice.
You have my word.
I don't believe it! - The soldiers found it.
- (Much) No! That was our - That was our store.
- They destroyed everything.
That was our food! What is going on? I am hiding in my own castle.
I cannot move in my own castle.
Get out! Get out! We will not leave a stone unturned, my lord.
The killer will be found.
You will not leave a stone unturned, he will be found, la-di-da-di-da Get on with it, then! How is Gisborne doing with Locksley? More dogs have been brought in but the outlaw is still on the run.
Have you put it about that he's killed at least twice? - Yes, my lord.
- Good.
Do you think two deaths are enough? Hm? To get them to really turn against him, the rebel? If we're going to blame Hood, let's do it properly.
What do you think? Hm? I think maybe a few more deaths.
It'd be interesting.
You know, pretty deaths, not just boys, but pretty deaths.
(Screams) Guards! Quickly, the cloisters.
(Bell tolling) Lady Marian, come away, if you please.
How could this happen? I thought you had the castle locked down.
You must go back to your room, it is not safe here.
What is going on here? Three people have been killed under your nose.
- Well, that is unfortunate.
- It's incompetent! What have you achieved? You found the remnants of a picnic, - but Robin Hood, no! - At least I found something, unlike you! Shut up! Couple of women! Grow up! Forgive me, all these killings They are attributed to Robin Hood but what proof is there? There were no witnesses.
How could he have moved about the castle unchallenged by your guards? And you yourself must have been there moments before the maid was killed? That I cannot recall.
And from one point of view, the killings have been useful, no? Given you the chance to shine? Did she see you? She's guessing, my lord.
She's a girl.
Do you think Will will bring some water? A bit of bread wouldn't go amiss.
Perhaps some cheese.
We're going to be captured, tortured and hanged and he wants cheese? (Dogs barking) Ohh Don't they ever give up? Master, the dogs.
- We cannot stay.
There 's too many of them.
- Well, we must do something.
We are running away when we should be in pursuit.
The Nightwatchman is still out there.
We head east.
Back to Nettlestone.
(Man) Get out of our village, you're not welcome.
Excuse me.
Do you know if the Nightwatchman has been back here again? Has the Nightwatchman been back at all? Do you have any food? Any water? Anything.
We are weary.
- (Woman) You'll hang for what you've done! - You killed my son! What? Matthew's dead? - You deny it? - Yes! - Kate, you know me! - And Joderic.
You told me you'd see to him.
If I'd known you would kill him Owen, I swear, I could never hurt Matthew.
Matthew? Don't you say his name.
Don't you put his name in your mouth.
I swear, I never killed Matthew.
- I didn't kill Joderic.
- No, and you didn't kill those others either? What others? I hope they draw your guts out and quarter you.
We didn't do it! We didn't do any of it! Hold them for the Sheriff! Enough! You don't understand! I'm fighting for you! The Sheriff hangs people for stealing bread.
He cuts out their tongues! He divides us (Much) We're going! Let's get out of here! (Villagers shouting aggressively) - Let me through, let me through! - Stay back! Stay there! (Man) Leave 'em be, you son of a cur! I walked away from my home.
For them! I gave myself up to the Sheriff for them! We gave Joderic money for them.
I never really did understand that.
It's the tag.
Irefined it.
You can't copy it now.
It's only me and my dad know how to do edges like that.
It's good.
It's good.
Sorry, my lady, you can't come through here.
I've come to see Sergeant Lacey.
I'll deal with this.
You shouldn't be here, Marian.
It's not safe.
I know, thank you.
It's all right.
It's not though, is it? No.
Who'd have thought? Robin a killer.
All these people dead.
I can't understand.
Matthew His poor mum and dad I know how they feel.
It was the same with Ruth.
You try not to dwell on it.
Remember the good times.
The only thing I regret is that she didn't die in her own bed.
That I cannot John! I need you to take over.
I have to go to the castle.
Enough is enough.
We stop running, now! - You're not gonna give yourself in again? - Not this time.
- I've got some ideas for how you could get in.
- Go on.
Do you want clever or really clever? I want fast.
From here, could I shoot an arrow through that window? Pull smoothly like you're combing your hair.
You could.
But of course I wouldn't.
You're teasing me, aren't you? Yeah, I'll say anything, I will.
I'm from the days when you could.
Nowadays, we hold our tongues, those of us lucky enough to still have them.
We say one thing when we mean another.
For instance Well, you say you want archery lessons but you're really only interested in bow range.
You're trying to prove it couldn't be him.
- You still love him? - No.
Who? Tell him.
Not that you ever see him, but tell him.
Good people do still love him.
(Muffled screams) Why can it never be a beautiful woman? Call off your dogs.
Why? You're a mad killer.
You know I'm not.
It's true.
So, now we've got that sorted, what do you want to do, slit the other wrist? It seems to me that somebody wants you dead.
Well, what's new? Welcome to my world.
I came into your room unseen.
If the killer is half as good as me, he will do the same.
And your point is? I can catch him for you.
Two questions.
How? And why? Ride through Nettlestone Village.
Parade yourself.
Make sure everybody knows you're there.
That will draw out the killer and my men will shoot him.
- What about my men? - Because mine are invisible.
Supposing I agree.
Why? Innocent people are being killed.
I cannot allow that.
Oh, come on, Robin.
This is pillow talk, isn't it? Hm? Oh, come on, you can be honest with me.
That's not the real reason, is it? Do you want to know what the real reason is? Nobody loves you any more.
Hm? They've turned against you.
The common serfs.
And really, those are the people that love you the most.
That's what you can't allow to happen.
Do we have an agreement? Oh, have I touched a sore point? I'll take that as a yes.
And by the way, this is for you.
For future reference.
Anybody wearing one of those is with me.
Sweet! Robin Does it go with my dress? This is my fee for saving your life.
Hm? I'm sorry, my lady.
So, this is you with your hair down? - You cannot be here.
- Shh! Do not be such a spoilsport, Marian.
I've been trying to think about who could've done this.
I think the killer is De Fourtnoy, the Master at Arms.
Because? He was right there when the maid was killed.
And a murderer on the loose merely consolidates his position.
- This situation is in his interests.
- Well, I intend to change this situation.
You think just because you want to change things, you can.
It's hard to change the things you do not want to change.
- What about just getting away while you can? - Why? When we're having so much fun? - Oh, does anything touch you, Robin? - What does that mean? It means you wander around as if nothing could hurt you, as if arrows would bounce off you.
I do not think I have ever seen you hurt.
Oh, I have been hurt.
Tell me.
Hm? See? You think it is strong not to feel.
But if you cannot admit you feel, how can you understand when others feel? - How can you be a whole man? - I feel when innocent people are shot down.
I feel when my men are hunted like animals.
I feel when good people turn against me.
I was talking about you to someone today.
A good man.
Someone who still remembers you from the old days.
And, you know, there are still people who love you.
(Knock on door) - My lady! - One moment - I must search your room.
- Go! Out! By the way, your investigations Good work! Let's see if you're right tomorrow.
- Shh.
- My lady! You got the Sheriff to call off the dogs? How? Pillow talk.
Have you been in bed with the Sheriff? I brokered a deal.
We do not deal with the Sheriff.
Tomorrow we save his life.
What? Can we argue about that tomorrow? Today, if there are no dogs I would like to sleep.
- No, I have a better idea.
- Another one? If it's as good as saving the Sheriff's life, I'm with cheese boy.
Did they find the food we stored at the long stone? (Robin) If we were killers, would we bring them food? - It proves we are not killers.
- (Much) But they hate us.
Now the mill is closed, the village will be suffering.
They will be hungry.
- You just want everyone to love you.
- I do not want to be branded a killer.
- It is different.
- You want to be loved! And I tell you something, it's not fair.
I love you and no one gives me any food.
- Yet people who do not love you are fed.
- Ah! Come on! The world is wrong.
We are feeding people who do not love us and saving a man who wants us dead.
I've changed my mind.
I no longer love you.
Now can I eat? I am no killer.
I bring food to show my goodwill.
I am your friend.
My men are tired and hungry.
This is the last of our food.
Owen You are using us.
You and the Sheriff.
I am not.
Fighting your own personal battle, using us as pawns.
What gifts will he bring later? (Gisborne) Fellow Englishmen, your Sheriff and I bring you a gift.
That gift is a reminder that we are free and we should walk free.
Today, your Sheriff and I show no fear.
Today, we defy Robin Hood.
Today, we walk among you to show that life goes on.
We will not hide or cower in the face of outlaws.
We will not change our lives to suit their campaigns of terror.
We hold our heads high.
Laws exist to protect us.
If we allow Robin Hood to flout these laws and support him when he undermines basic justice, then where will he stop? We give him the right to ignore another law, and another, finally to condone the taking of a human life.
For that too is a law made to protect us.
Your Sheriff and I share your horror at the murder of innocents.
And we stand here today to show (Screaming) What do you think you're doing? You're killing innocent people.
What kind of a man are you? Marian! - You're the Nightwatchman? - There 's no time for this.
I know who's trying to kill the Sheriff.
- It's Joe.
- Joe Lacey? Joe! Put it down.
Put the bow down, Joe.
You let me do this, Robin.
Why did you kill them, Joe? My Ruth.
She worked all her life in the castle.
When she lay dying, where was the Sheriff? Did he come and visit? Did he send food? No.
He sent Joderic because we hadn't paid our taxes.
He put us out and she died like a dog on the street.
And now, so will he.
You kill that Sheriff, Prince John will send another one.
And the people of that village will be tortured because the Sheriff died there.
It's just me, then.
Am I the only man in Nottingham who can say what he likes? Do what he likes? Matthew, the miller' s boy? That was an accident.
The Sheriff moved.
And the Sheriff moved the next day when you killed three more? Stable boys and washerwomen? The Sheriff's leaving.
Let me do this terrible thing, Robin.
Put it down.
Joe, put it down.
I will shoot you.
I did it, Ruth.
I shot the Sheriff.
No! You shot the Deputy.
My lookalike.
(Marian) Poor Joe.
I understand his grief.
But why did he kill so many? He didn't.
- Who did? - Let's go.
What now, Locksley? Hm? (Girly voice) "Oh, I will kill you, I mean it.
"I mean it.
" Lacey had no reason to kill stable boys and washerwomen.
But you did.
It suited you to have people think I was the killer.
Interesting idea.
I wish I'd thought of it.
You did.
Admit it.
How could I admit it? You swore that you'd kill me if I ever did such a thing.
I meant it.
And that's why no one will ever know.
- My lord, let me send my men after him.
- No, too late for that.
But I do have another job for you.
Oh, Gisborne, it's you.
Excuse me.
I just came to inform you that I'm to be the new Master at Arms.
I don't believe you.
I'd need to hear that from the Sheriff himself.
That will not be possible, I'm afraid.
I have been a loyal servant.
- I have - What? I've even killed for him.
Yeah, the Sheriff thought you might say that.
Which is why I am to be the new Master at Arms.
Can I ask you a question? Why do they call you the Nightwatchman when you come out in the day? I don't normally.
You know I can't be seen.
And I did not choose the name.
You do not need to do it any more.
Day or night.
Now you're here, you mean? Yes.
My father had me taught to fight.
He wanted me to have choices in the world.
And I choose to help the poor.
You are not about to stop me doing that.
But does your father know what you're doing? He thinks I enjoy embroidery.
Give me a moment? I have a mill to open.
(Sniffling) Take this.
It's for you and Owen.
In memory of your son.
John? I hereby declare this mill open for business.
He has to have the glory, doesn't he? (Much) Glory? No.
I think he just wants to be loved.
Thank you, all of you.
All of you.