Robin Hood s02e11 Episode Script

Treasure of the Nation

Get down! Get down! - Where's Much? - Don't know.
- Ooh, right on my sword! - Shh! Mercenaries.
Fitting to see Allan's at the head, eh? The Sheriff must be stepping up his plans.
There's a regiment's worth of food there.
That'll feed Locksley for the whole winter.
Come on.
- It's all right, lads.
We'll be done soon.
- There's enough to feed an army, Robin.
I know.
That's what I'm worried about.
Something big is happening.
We need to be ready.
Robin! Ha-ha-ha! Oof! - Legrand! - I have a message from the King.
This is it, the King's message? You're hard men to find.
We've been wandering this infernal forest for days.
Still, you might have announced yourselves a little less violently.
And this - an eye looking down upon a king.
It could mean anything.
The King gave you no more clues? - Well, who's the contact? - A wool merchant by the name of Paxton.
He awaits us.
The King was insistent we complete this mission by Midsummer's Day.
- And what are we looking for? - Thesaurus Patriae.
That's Latin for treasure of the nation.
She speaks Latin? What a woman! Oi.
Allan! Where are the supplies? These men are tired and we have no food.
Tell me this is some kind of a joke.
I think I know where it is.
There's a food store Robin used to use.
- He kept food there in winter.
- You just remembered? - Yeah.
- Convenient.
- You're lying.
- No, I'm not.
I am sick and tired of being made to look a fool by you and your friends when you are in on their secrets.
- What secrets? - You know what I'm talking about.
- You're going to tell me everything.
- You know about Robin.
- The rest are just peasants.
- Tell me! What's going on? You, wait here.
Why has the entire village been cleared? It has been requisitioned.
You shouldn't have come in with these men.
Because I am a woman? How about the women and children forced out of their homes? There is nothing I can do.
The Sheriff has ordered it.
No arguments.
Not long ago, you were willing to defy Prince John's men.
- Yes, well the situation has now changed.
- Because the Sheriff is back? While he was gone, I thought I saw a different side to you, Guy.
Kind, brave.
I was mistaken.
You and your men should rest, Legrand.
Three days without sleep I could go ten and still run rings around the lot of you.
So, you think the King is collecting treasure? He needs men and equipment to take on the Sheriff and Prince John.
That means money.
I think he's trying to get his fortune out of the country.
The King's gone to real pains.
I mean, two messages, a code, rendezvous on specific days This is bigger than gold and money.
I think this plan has been in place for a while.
Midsummer's Day is the day after tomorrow.
It doesn't leave us much time.
There's time enough to pay this Paxton a visit.
Come on.
Expecting an army? You get out of my house now! - What's the password? - Thesaurus Patriae.
Thesaurus Patriae.
Nice to meet you, Paxton.
This is Legrand from the King's private guard.
My name is Robin Hood.
I was afraid you were Sheriff's men.
I wanted to be prepared.
- If I'd known it was you - Do you have the message? It's been a heavy burden, and an honor to carry it.
What does it mean? Hang on.
- What are you doing?! - Shh! He knows what he's doing.
You see? Zaffer.
It's an element used in alchemy.
It only reveals itself when you apply heat.
Very clever.
It might be clever.
It still doesn't look like anything.
What did I tell you? It's all in here.
We used to bring stuff we'd stolen here, grain and what have you, for the poor.
Bring everything.
Right, you lot, let's get it all back in the wagon.
No, it's a star map, I'm telling you.
Look, Djaq.
That's the moon.
This is the night sky and those are the stars.
No, Much.
They don't work that way.
- Wrong shape.
- That's not a moon.
It's a sun if anything.
What if the dots make a circle? - Eh? - A circle.
Hang on.
- Right.
Now we're getting somewhere.
- Hey, that could be a building.
Each dot is a foundation stone and the sword points to the entrance.
Right, but there's no clue as to what kind of building it is or where.
Hold! Hold, hold, hold.
I think that might be for you.
Carry on working.
I'll be back.
That signal Is that a member of the gang? Something like that.
I'm up here.
I've missed you.
I've missed you.
- Do you know what's happening in Locksley? - What do you mean? Gisborne's turned all the villagers out.
He's made it a garrison for his mercenaries.
- Where are the villagers? - In the forest or with families in other villages.
Right, I'll get food to them.
You can't.
Allan told Gisborne about the secret food store.
- He's taken everything.
- What? If we move now, we could take the garrison by surprise.
We can't, not just yet.
- Why not? - We've had word from the King, Marian.
I'll restore Locksley, but I can't until we complete this mission.
- What are the villagers supposed to do? - You know I would go to them if I could.
King Richard needs me now more than ever.
Hey We'll be together soon.
I promise.
- And Marian - Hmm? Promise me you won't do anything in Locksley alone.
- Marian! - I promise.
I promise I won't do anything.
But the Nightwatchman might.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- What are you doing, John? - A circle of stones.
- Standing stones, yeah? - Mm-hm.
- The standing stones at Hathersage Heath.
- Told you he'd get it.
- I'd have got that.
- No, you wouldn't.
Robin, I need to leave you now, but I'll prepare a ship to leave tomorrow night from Hull with the treasure.
Thank you, my friend.
The King is in your debt.
Proud to have been of service.
Right, you lot, to Hathersage Heath.
What sort of a place is this? It's been here as long as anyone can remember.
Some kind of settlement? Or a shrine.
The sword points to that one.
These stones are all perfectly aligned.
But what if the sword isn't pointing north? What if it's an instruction to follow this line? Well, come on! Follow the arrow! Look! Here! What does this mean? Hey.
- That must be the way in.
- The way in? To where? Come on.
I knew these would come in handy.
Come on.
- Oh! Something I trod on just moved.
- Ah! It was me! Come on.
Keep moving.
It's a dead end.
Wait That candle's flickering.
Fresh air is getting through.
Yeah, I can feel it.
Stand aside.
Legrand, you have nothing to prove, my friend.
You'll never move it alone.
- My boys.
- Well, come on.
- John, we need your help.
- Right.
- I loosened it.
- Yeah, right.
There's light getting in from somewhere, and it's getting stronger.
- Hey, it's coming from over there.
- It's almost midday.
I get it.
When it's directly overhead, it should just That looks like the eye on the King's message! Wait! Wait! Follow the line of the eye.
What is it? What is it? Yes! Right.
Thesaurus Patriae.
What is it? It's another map! It's a cross.
- It's at Kirklees.
- Sign of the cross at Kirklees.
Kirklees Abbey.
- Kirklees Abbey? How interesting! - Paxton, you traitor! Last one there's a rotten egg! - Stop him! - Bye, Hood! Nice knowing you.
Aargh! - The light's fading.
- The sun's passing over.
- Well, what now? - We're trapped.
Assemble the men.
We ride immediately.
About the treasure.
I deserve a cut, for services rendered.
A cut? Well Yes, if you want a cut, a cut you shall have! Payment in full.
To Kirklees Abbey! Oh, great.
What are you doing here? Just walk away now.
No-one needs to know you were ever here.
Guy, I've caught the Nightwatchman! Into the lion's den, eh? Fearless or stupid? Let's find out who you really are.
Leave him.
He's had enough, Guy! No.
Not you.
We only have a few hours to get to that rendezvous point.
And I'm sure Kirklees Abbey is to the north of the river.
Unless it's to the south.
North, south, what does it matter if we die here? And this rock won't move for anyone.
Go on, John.
Oh, you've got no hope.
Come on, John.
Go on.
Go on, John.
Go on! Go on, John! - Come on! - Go on, John! - Yes! - Go on! Lift it! - John, get it! - I don't believe it.
- Come on! - Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! - Out now! - Go, go, go.
Yes! John, let it go, come on, John.
- John, let it go - He can't.
If he does he'll be crushed.
John, push it away, come on now.
Nothing left A hand? Come on! Djaq, take these.
Right, to Kirklees.
The Sheriff will get there first.
He'll get the treasure.
- Not if he's going the wrong way.
- Kirklees Abbey, you said it.
That's before I looked at the map properly.
The cross is on the south of the river.
The Abbey of Kirklees, the one that we know, is on the north bank.
So, we are searching for a church on the south side? Yeah.
The Sheriff doesn't know that.
Now, we need to hurry.
We'll go across country, avoid the roads.
- That means running.
- This is for the King.
Hey The Sheriff's killed Paxton.
Where is the treasure? It's not at Kirklees, so you, you find me a church and you find it now! Help me.
Distract them long enough so that I can get into the forest.
- This place is surrounded.
- Please! - We have to do something.
- I don't have to do anything.
If I mess up with Gisborne now, I've got nothing left, Marian.
- I could talk to Robin for you.
- You don't get it, do you? Even if I wanted to go back, I couldn't.
It's too late.
I've helped you wherever I can, Marian.
You know that, but this A year ago, I put this dagger into the Nightwatchman's side.
Show me.
Prepare the prisoner.
We return to Nottingham.
I've sent word to the Sheriff that we've captured the Nightwatchman.
- Guy - You, do not speak to me! Why would the King trust something so precious to a place like this? That map must be playing tricks again.
This is the only church south of the river.
I don't know, I think this might be the right place.
Your Majesty.
I know you! Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine! The Queen Mother! Thesaurus Patriae.
You're the treasure of the nation.
Why such formality, Robin of Locksley.
I thought we were friends! You're late, Robin.
Apologies, your Majesty.
We - We ran into a few problems.
- But you're meant to be in France.
No wonder you've taken so long to find me, Legrand, if that's where you've been looking.
My son, Prince John, invited me to spend Christmas with him.
The festive celebrations entailed locking me in the tower of Pontefract Castle.
So, Prince John announces your allegiance to him and secures the army of Aquitaine to fight against King Richard.
- But you're the Queen Mother! - Less of the mother, thank you! So You are Robin Hood's famous outlaws.
It appears you have been doing most of the work for my son, King Richard.
- And who is this? - Djaq from the Holy Land, your Majesty.
You're a long way from home, Djaq.
Why did you choose this battle here? It chose me, your Majesty.
I fight here with my friends.
I should like to know you better.
I'm Much, your Majesty.
And this is, er - Will.
- Will.
Of course.
But who is this fellow? This, your Majesty, is Little John.
Little? I can't believe there's a part of you that's little! I need a man like you around the castle in Aquitaine.
We will talk later.
Behind me, your Majesty! - It's time to leave! - That's the only way out.
- Here we go again.
- Provision has been made for all eventualities.
This leads directly to Barnsdale Forest.
Perhaps you would do the honor.
You, Big Bear.
Stop banging, you blithering oafs.
Oh! There is no escape.
My men are all over the forest.
You're too late, Sheriff.
This treasure is ours.
And what a national treasure it is.
- Who is that man? - Sheriff of Nottingham.
Love the dress.
- You'd better come with me.
- What? So you can hold her to ransom in the tower? I don't think so.
That man is a sworn enemy of the state, and especially your son, Prince John.
Alas, one can choose one's friends, but not one's family.
You and John deserve each other.
Oh, then, alas, you shall never leave England alive.
Are you always this odious or have you just practiced for me? Oh, you haven't seen the half of it.
- Open this door! - Let's go, come on! My, what strong arms you have.
Stop! Open this door, now! Open this door! - Please - You're in league with Robin Hood, an outlaw.
I warned you the sentence would be death.
I was the Nightwatchman before Robin returned.
Don't take me for a fool! It all fits, the way you behaved with me, your little rides into the forest.
- You were trusted by all of us.
- I know.
Every moment I thought you were a friend to me, you were betraying me.
I wasn't.
Every day that I grew more and more to love you, you were mocking me.
It wasn't like that.
I cared for you! - I still care for you.
- Shh.
You are a liar.
I stayed at your side.
When Prince John's men were threatening Nottingham, I could easily have left you! You are nothing to me.
So, you would rather I was put to death? Lose everything we've ever had or ever could have? I've lost far more than that already.
I must rest.
I can't I can't run any more.
We really shouldn't, your Majesty.
The Sheriff's men could be on us at any minute.
A few moments, then.
Robin, you gave up a life of ease to be hunted down like a common outlaw.
Strange choice.
It's an easy choice, when the country's being run by corrupt men such as the Sheriff and Prince J I speak out of turn.
I'm sorry.
Do you always seek out trouble? No.
Trouble has a habit of finding me.
It's the attraction of excitement.
Like the excitement of attraction.
What do you say? I er - I like the quiet ones.
- Find them! Find them now! You're a tracker.
Track! - That's the Sheriff.
- I can't run any more.
John? - Apologies, your Majesty.
- Please! I'm rather enjoying myself.
Marian? Get the door open! She's escaped! Guards! Stop her.
Marian! - Allan, stop her! - Get out of my way! You little fool! Did you expect me to sit here and wait to be executed? No.
I expect you to know when you're beaten.
Get out.
Get out! This isn't a game, Marian.
When the Sheriff returns, you are going to die.
Don't you have the courage to finish this yourself? After all my so-called betrayals, you should be glad to do it.
- This is not my decision.
- Then perhaps it should be.
After all, you were the one who professed to love me.
- I thought that I knew you.
- But this is me! This is who I am, the Nightwatchman, everything.
You say you love me and you don't know me.
I defended you against the Sheriff countless times.
And I deceived the Sheriff to help people, and in so doing I had to deceive you, and I'm sorry for that.
But is it such a crime to follow my heart? The way I have followed mine? And always to your door! Marian, why did you have to put me in this position? Did you even once understand what I was feeling or thinking? When you left, I thought that I'd lost you for good.
Perhaps it would have been better if I had.
We keep heading east.
What is it? Why have we stopped? This, my lady, is an ambush.
Such a charming scene.
Thank you, Big Bear.
I presume, for the right price, Sheriff, you'd be willing to let us go? No, no, no, your Majesty, you're worth far more to me than jewels.
- You do not scare me.
- Oh, such spirit.
Bring her and kill the rest.
- And him.
- Legrand! Legrand! - For the Queen! - For the Queen! Why is nothing ever simple? This way.
Get down and stay down! Milady.
Well, come on, Big Bear! Stay down! Up now! A stronger man, I never knew.
The Queen? Legrand.
Him I liked.
- The treasure prove elusive? - Don't be smug, Gisborne.
Where's the Nightwatchman? I can feel a hanging coming on.
Hm? Determined to get something out of today.
Ah, Marian.
Just in time for a little entertainment.
We're going to execute the Nightwatchman.
I am ready.
It's the Nightwatchman! He is supposed to be behind bars! He's escaped! Get after him! Good news, Gisborne.
Only good news.
Tell me you have caught him.
Tell me you're ready to string him up.
Tell me I can have my execution! He escaped.
The Nightwatchman is gone.
You have failed me again! I will not tolerate incompetence! There is too much at stake now.
A kingdom! Last chance, Gisborne.
You should follow the road down to the coast.
There'll be a boat moored at the headlands.
Legrand's men will sail you to your friends in Ireland and then back on to France.
Poor Legrand.
We'll give him a proper burial.
Don't worry.
He was a hero, as are you all.
Thank you.
King Richard will know of your bravery and sacrifice in helping me.
Your Majesty.
Remember your invitation, Big Bear.
My contribution.
- Your Majesty, I can't take this! - I am rich.
The poor are poor.
Isn't that where you come in? Right, lads, come on.
Come in.
- Guy.
- You're safe.
- You did this for me? - Er So, both of you.
Well, what's being chased by angry soldiers between friends, eh? Burn that.
The Nightwatchman is no more.
- You will not get another chance.
- I've heard that before.
I don't think I asked for your opinion.
Thank you.
You saved my life.
- After everything you said? - You don't know me as well as you think.
- Guy - Will you do something for me now? Name it.
Stay, and make this place bearable.
I will stay.
Thank you.
You know, there's something about Sherwood.
- It's home.
- Yeah.
Oh! Come on.
It's nearly sunset.
I know plenty of people who will be grateful of Queen Eleanor's money.
So, John, planning on visiting Aquitaine any time soon? The Queen Mother fancies you! Big Bear! You're all jealous! Get off me! Right, that's it.