Robin Hood s02e13 Episode Script

We Are Robin Hood!

Sheriff? Nasir my dear boy.
Very good.
Oh, very good.
- What is our plan? - You are going to visit King Richard.
You are Saladin's new messenger.
Salah al-Din's royal seal.
- Where did you get this? - Saladin's old messenger.
- But there is also a password.
- Yes, it was very difficult getting that.
It was like pulling teeth.
It was pulling teeth.
When we get in I kill him? No, no, no.
You won't get to within a thousand yards of the King's tent.
I want you to lure him out.
How? By telling him what he wants to hear.
Nothing can stop us now.
Right, lads work to do.
Save Marian, save the King save England.
You should eat.
Guy, listen to me.
Now that Robin is dead, you are the King's last chance.
If you save him from this plot, he will reward you with position and wealth.
You'll have everything you wanted.
And saving him from this plot, how would that work? Kill the Sheriff.
The King will reward you.
And And I will reward you.
How? If you save the King I will willingly give you my hand.
He is a Black Knight.
I will trust him with my life.
Ah, here he is now.
Well how's our leper friend? Whingeing, as usual.
And what if the King's moved on? What if he isn't in Acre? Well, then we find Djaq's uncle's friend.
- Bassam.
- I'll go check upstairs, OK? What's Bassam do, then? The pigeon-handler.
Remember Lardner? Oh, the bird the Sheriff got with his buzzard.
- That's what you think.
- I switched the pigeons.
You're joking.
Oh, nice one.
So you got a message to the King in the end, yeah? Yeah.
Well, no thanks to you.
Oh, look, I've told you a thousand times I'm sorry, boys, all right? I'm back now.
I'm one of the lads Hands up who hasn't betrayed the group.
- Oh, this one again.
How clever.
- Just leave it, Much.
- We just want to find the King.
- And Marian.
And Marian.
I want to show you something.
- See those two guards there? - Mm-hm.
Saracen soldiers.
That means this town is back in the hands of my people.
The town is under curfew and it will be dangerous.
The bad news is your king will not be here.
We find your friend, Bassam.
Can I ask you something? Being back here in the Holy Land do you feel funny? Cos I feel funny.
We're the enemy again.
If these people knew we were English - If we don't find Marian - Marian Marian - Marian, Marian, Marian - We will.
Marian - If we don't get Marian back - We will find Marian.
Get a grip, Marian.
Robin's dead.
Saracens! Three more this way! - Bassam's house? - This way.
Go, go, go, go.
These are Bassam's birds.
It's as beautiful as I remember it.
- Safia? - Bassam.
- You're still alive! - So are you! Me, I'm always alive.
My body might fall to bits but I'll still have to tend to these birds.
But you love them.
I love you.
When I was a little girl, I loved these birds.
I thought that when I grew up I would live here and train them.
The closest I'd ever get to flight.
- Do you understand? - Yeah.
Yeah, I do, actually.
- Bismillah.
- Bismillah.
He speaks our language.
Well, you speak mine.
Seems only fair.
I need to find our king.
- Why should I help you? - Because his life is in danger.
You want to save him so that he can continue waging war against our people? No.
I want to take him home and make peace.
So he can save his own people from some very unpleasant men.
Robin is a man of peace.
Trust him.
His camp is to the north.
I'll show you.
- In the morning.
- Thank you.
Robin Hood.
Not possible.
Here in Acre, with his men, looking for the King.
- Not a problem.
- How so? They're still looking for him so they haven't found him yet.
Hm? We are going to add a little something extra to Saladin's message to the King.
We are going to get King Richard to kill Robin Hood.
I am the envoy of His Royal Highness Prince Salah al-Din, rightful ruler of these lands, master of the Ayyubid dynasty.
Yeah? And I'm the King of England.
Thank you, Carter.
Get over there! Keep still.
- Go on! - Take him to the King's tent.
Get over there! Quartermaster, tell him three dozen breastplates by sundown.
- Where is your king? - I rule from the front line.
That's why your prince will never defeat me.
- I admire Aristotle.
- I prefer Plato.
You have the password.
My prince has considered your calls for peace.
- Oh? - He promises nothing.
But he is prepared to talk.
My prince agrees to meet you, man to man.
Alone in the desert.
Where? Outside Imuiz, the town ruined by your crusaders.
- When? - Today.
Your Majesty, is this wise? My prince knew it.
You do not want peace.
I'll be there.
My prince offers you a gift as a sign of his goodwill.
- What gift? - The gift of life.
Leave us.
There are men in your country who would want to kill you.
Tell him I already know about the Black Knights.
- They know you know.
- And I will deal with them when I return.
That is why they have recruited your most loyal servant to come here.
- Who? - He is a man that you would trust with your life.
And he travels with a Saracen woman.
He will offer to protect you.
And then when your guard is down he will slit your throat.
- This meeting.
I'll come with you.
- No.
Your Majesty, to meet Saladin alone, unprotected Sometimes peace requires more bravery than war.
Have you thought about what I said? You are a decent man, Guy.
You're not a killer.
Turn against the Sheriff.
This is your chance your last chance to be a good man.
Good chat with Marian? Anything you want to tell me? No.
She wants me to kill you.
And are you going to? No.
What was her suggestion? Oh, I would kill you She would vouch for me.
The King would reward me.
I would still win power and I would also win Marian.
But you chose me.
My lord, I've demonstrated my loyalty.
Now I'd like your blessing.
- For what? - I will still have Marian.
When we return to England I will take her by force.
Dear boy I'll sing at your wedding.
Your king's camp.
Shukran, Bassam.
Does he understand flight, the pale one? Who? Yes.
I think he does.
You have my blessing.
My name is Robin of Locksley and these are my friends, the King's loyal subjects.
More than that, my master and I served in his private guard.
- We have urgent business with the King.
- Saving his life, actually.
John, look, the King's tent! Ut prosim! Our motto.
What does it mean? That was us.
Good days.
Well, not good.
The death, destruction, all that.
But you know.
Ut prosim, lads.
- Robin! - Carter! - I thought you'd given up fighting.
- I'm still fighting.
But for peace.
Looks like we're finally making progress.
- Robin of Locksley.
- Your Majesty.
Ah, I should bow before you, friend.
- Robin.
- Your Majesty.
I bring grave news.
You received my messages, I trust? I did.
The Sheriff of Nottingham and the Black Knights are plotting against you.
- They are planning to take over England.
- That's what you said and I believed you.
But now the Sheriff is coming here to find you and kill you.
- Really? - You have to let me protect you.
- I must allow you to protect me? - Yes.
Oh, Robin.
Of all people, you.
- Your Majesty? - Of all the men who have served me, - you were the one I loved most.
- I have cherished that.
When I sent you home to England, I thought you would represent me there.
- In a small way, I think I have.
- Robin, stop it.
I know the truth! What truth? Your Majesty, you are in danger! Why? Have I not done right by you? Yes, you have.
And I've come here to save you.
Still you deny it.
You have come here to murder your king! Your Majesty, no.
I can vouch for Robin.
When I was in England Quiet.
You are a renowned marksman - with the bow, are you not? - I am.
Then you could have killed my enemies a thousand times over.
You expect me to believe you would travel to the Holy Land to protect me, instead of simply aiming an arrow in Nottingham? - Your Majesty, we couldn't just - Silence before the King! Assemble the men.
Execute them.
- Happiness? - Happiness.
- He'll attend the meeting? - Mm-hm.
And erm watch out, watch out, there's a Hood about.
Ooh come to daddy, eh? So, Karim, dear boy, you know what to do.
What if King Richard knows what Prince Salah al-Din looks like? Well, no matter.
You're not stopping for a chat, are you, huh? Er Gisborne, something I need to do.
Go with them.
Mercy, Your Majesty! Ut prosim! Your Majesty, these people are innocent.
If you must take a life, take mine.
Spare them.
At last.
That's the Robin I remember - considering others.
He is still the Robin you remember.
He saved your life.
Don't you remember that? I cannot grant your wish.
You must all be punished.
But you once saved my life and no, I have not forgotten that.
So I'll not take yours.
I'll let the desert decide.
The desert.
What does that mean? Decide what? This is the same as execution.
But if God wills it, there is always a chance.
I'll not remember you this way, Robin.
I'll remember you as the hero who once saved my life.
And I'll remember you as the King who spent too long at war.
It's clouded your judgment.
You've forgotten your people back home.
You're right.
It is time to stop this fighting.
I'm meeting Saladin today.
I will make peace with him.
- And then I will go home to England.
- Good.
At least my friends and I will have achieved something.
Good chicken.
I owe you a debt of gratitude, young lady.
Thanks to you, I know that Guy is loyal.
Because if you can't turn him with your pretty little head, then nobody can.
Your heart must be the coldest place on earth.
Are you a little disappointed that he told me about your offer? I'm surprised it took you so long, to be quite honest with you.
- I mean, I was really getting rather bored.
- And now I've served my purpose.
You tried to kill me! Do you think I'm gonna let that pass? Robin Hood did not die in Nottingham.
Did you know this? Huh? Well, then just as a treat, you can die together.
This is good.
- How long? - In this heat, without water I'm sorry, my love.
I should have made you stay with Bassam.
I would never leave you, Will Scarlett.
If we can just get through to nightfall, then - Then what? - Then - It'll be cooler.
- "Cooler".
It'll be freezing.
I know.
But it won't be hot.
This heat Much we do not have till nightfall.
You know I love you all.
John, Djaq, Will.
Even you, Allan.
Master When I was serving the King I was serving you.
When I think of England I think of you.
Marian? Marian.
See something.
I can really see something coming.
He's right.
- Over here! - H help! - Help! - Help! - Here! - Help! - She's seen us! - God is smiling on us! - Or Allah.
- Whichever God it is, I love him.
It's the Sheriff.
There is no God.
See, that's the er trouble with foreign travel.
Hm? You run into all the same people that you see at home.
Your leper friend.
I understand you've met my colleague, James.
We meet again.
Ha-ha! - You let the Black Knights buy you.
- Pennies from the poor put to good use.
- You're revolting! - Get off me! A revolt is when the people rise up against their leader.
No, I am not revolting.
I am coup-ing.
Plotting a sudden and decisive change of leader.
What about murder? Oh, well, you see, if the King will wander out into the desert alone, unarmed, ready to meet his enemy, then The King wants peace.
You're killing a man who's trying to make peace.
Yes, life's usually so much fairer.
Just let Marian go.
She's got nothing to do with this.
She has everything to do with this! Hm? All along, we thought we had a spy in your camp! But you had one in ours.
You see, there will always be people that work for me.
- Because I fight for justice.
- Oh, blah-di-blah-di-blah.
But this this one is a special one.
Hm? You were still hoping - weren't you, hey? - That after all this, you'd end up as man and wife back home in sunny Sherwood.
So now you have your bride.
I'd love to stay, but I don't tan well.
Do excuse us.
We have a king to kill.
Come along, James.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, too.
- We fought and we lost.
- Well, at least we will have died trying.
I want to die in England.
Come on, John.
Today's a good day to die.
You're always saying it.
Today is not a good day to die! I want to die in the arms of my wife.
And with my son John by my side.
Hey, John, you're dying for England.
Even if you're not there.
I'm not being funny It's the King of England who put us here in the first place.
The Sheriff spun him a story! The moment we arrived here we were marked men.
It's not the King's fault.
Well, say the words, then, handsome.
What words? "I, Robin, take you Marian " Now? Now is a good time, I think.
We are in the company of the best witnesses England has to offer.
I, Robin take you, Marian, to be my lawful wedded wife.
To have and to hold for better or for worse for richer or for poorer "In sickness " in sickness or in health to love and to cherish till death do us part.
I, Marian take you, Robin of Locksley master of the bow, champion of the poor and lord of my heart, to be my lawful wedded husband.
I promise to love and to cherish you, for better or for worse, from this day forward as long as we both shall live.
Much don't cry.
He's not crying.
He's laughing on the wrong side of his face.
- Carter! - Carter! - I thought you'd left us! - Sorry.
Out here, you can lose your head.
- I thought I didn't like you! - I know.
Well I do now.
Thank God I've found you.
- We have horses and we have weapons.
- And we have the King to rescue.
- Come on.
We are Robin Hood.
- What? - We'll explain later.
- No.
Everybody say it.
We are Robin Hood.
Say it! We are Robin Hood! The desert decided.
Where have you been? You nearly missed the show.
Oh, er Delhi belly.
- Where's Marian? - She's er tied up.
This is good.
This is very good.
- I am not really Salah al-Din! - I am not really King Richard.
It's Robin Hood! - You should be dead! - Many times over, my friend.
Many times.
- Now do you believe us? - I've betrayed your loyalty.
How can I repay you? Actually I know this is not the time, Your Majesty, but there is a place in Nottingham called Bonchurch.
I've had my eye on - Much! - Sorry.
Forget about it.
He needs us.
Marian! - Robin, forgive me.
- I already have.
Let's finish this now! After them! It's not too late! We can still get the King! You two, over there! Gisborne, with me.
- This is a trap.
Are you all right? - Yeah.
- Where's the King? - He went after the Sheriff.
We need to get him out of here.
Now! Keep them pinned down.
I'll go round the back.
Quickly, you must get out of here.
Leave them to me.
It's not right.
Split up! Come on.
Long live the King! No.
Bye-bye, Blondie.
We meet again.
Guy! Stop! - It's over, Guy.
- Get out of the way.
All this time I've been fighting for England.
Do you think I am going to let you kill England? Marian, get out of the way! - You'll have to kill me first.
- No.
We're going to get out of this.
I'm going to do this thing and then I will have power beyond measure.
And we will be together.
I would rather die than be with you, Guy of Gisborne.
I'm going to marry Robin Hood.
I love Robin Hood.
I love Robin Hood.
Marian! No! Gisborne! It's not over, Hood! I will have England! - The King! Where's the King? - He's all right.
He's all right.
You saved him.
How's it looking down there? Am I beyond even Djaq's amazing talent? It's all right.
We'll think of something.
Well, can we at least get this out of me? It hurts.
Marian Marian, we can't take it out just yet.
Why? Why? Will I die when it comes out? Then we haven't got much time, my darling.
We have forever, my love.
I hope we have forever in heaven because we didn't have enough time on earth.
Not nearly enough time.
- We were busy.
- We were fighters and I'm proud.
- You keep fighting for me, Robin.
- I I can't fight without you.
I'd love to argue with you, but we haven't got the time.
You promise me you'll keep fighting.
I will.
Now, where were we? What? The last time we were dying we were getting married.
Can we carry on, please? I can't remember.
Well, that's the last time I marry you, if you can't even remember.
I, Robin, take you, Marian, to be my wedded wife.
To have and to hold, from this day forward for better or for worse for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health to love and to cherish till death do us part.
I, Marian, take you, Robin beautiful, beautiful Lord of Locksley, to be my wedded husband.
I promise to love you and to cherish you on earth and especially in heaven.
For now and forever till death do us part.
Kiss me.
Give me the ring first.
Make an honest woman of me, Robin.
You may kiss the bride.
I love you my husband.
I love you, my wife.
Shh That's better.
You take care, OK? Robin.
Will and I are You're staying.
Come here.
- Look after her.
- Thank you.
You've saved my life.
Now go home and grieve your loss.
No, Your Majesty.
For every man, there is a purpose which he sets up in his life.
Let yours be the doing of all good deeds.
The Koran.
Then do those deeds in my name.
You are my representatives in England.
You are King Richard.
- And you? - Us? We are Robin Hood.
- Yes.
- We are Robin Hood! Come on, lads.
Let's go home.