Robin Hood s03e02 Episode Script

Cause and Effect

My name is Robin Hood and this is an ambush! While there's people going hungry, While there's injustice in this land, Me and my men will fight for what's right, and we take from the rich to give to the poor.
For a fairer world.
Now you took that money off people who can ill-afford it.
So we'll take it back! You're outnumbered.
- And what makes you think that? - Take cover! Now you're outnumbered, you're out-armed, so get out of here.
Go on, run! Go! Go! We're back! The Sub Wood Team Kiry and Moochie Episode Two: CAUSE AND EFFECT I want the men ready for transportation immediately! Too old.
He'll be meeting his maker soon enough.
Able-bodied men only! They're making prisoners of them.
Or slaves.
Kate, stop, they'll search the cart.
I'll lose you and your brother.
You see what they're doing? If we don't move him now he'll be caught.
Just stay inside.
I'll get Matthew out of here.
Here's bread, a few leftovers and a knife.
- I don't like leaving you like this.
- Find us somewhere better Yes.
I'll send for you all.
In a hurry? Delivery for the market in Nottingham.
I'm late.
No, there's nothing in there, there's nothing in there! These people have taken enough.
One day they'll rise up and destroy you and all men like you.
Dangerous talk.
We'll soon beat that out of you.
- Take him away.
- Please, my brother, he's so young You tried to defy me! Flog her! Matthew! Right.
You better get used to taking orders.
You're going to be soldiers, all of you.
So say goodbye to your families.
Bring them to the castle.
You're Robin Hood.
And you, young lady, are lucky to be alive! You need to tell me what happened.
I heard Gisborne say they were taking the men to be soldiers.
Why does the Sheriff suddenly need another army? - Who's that - Some girl we just saved.
My name is Kate.
We'll get your brother back, Kate.
I promise.
We all thought you were gone forever.
sister thinks Robin Hood's just a story.
Stories are important.
Stronger than truth.
Heroes inspire us.
- Tuck always talks like that.
- Just nod and smile.
Come on, we head them off at the hollow.
I'm Much by the way.
And don't worry, I'll make sure you're looked after.
I mean, we'll make sure you're looked after.
I can take care of myself.
- What are you doing? - Shut up Allan, just shut up.
Get up MacMurrough, you lazy Irish dog! The party's over.
Gisborne, I was very comfortable here.
Very comfortable indeed.
The rest of your men are on their way.
I said, get up! You know, big fella, you've been riling me since I got here.
What say we settle it, sporting fashion? First strike.
Blunt edge of the blade only, of course.
For the cause! Ireland for the Irish under an Irish king.
- The devil with your English rule.
- My mother was French.
I hope the soldiers you've promised me are better fighters than you are.
They're expensive enough.
First strike, I think.
Sure, you're already dead.
So, Gisborne's met his match! I like your style, MacMurrough, very sneaky.
How's your head? Like a hundred blacksmiths have played the anvil behind me eyes.
What a night! Indeed.
Make yourself comfortable Gisborne.
Come on, keep moving.
Keep in line.
Keep moving now.
- We take them now, right? - No, wait for his signal.
- She's right, now's our chance.
- Don't mistake rashness for loyalty.
- Wait.
- Robin! - What's the matter? - Trouble.
- Come here! - Kate!Stop! Where's she going? Kate! - Are you all right? - Come on, Tuck.
I had to save my brother.
it's too dangerous.
- I brought help, Robin Hood.
Now! MacMurrough! Trouble! - Follow my men into the forest! - I'm right behind you.
Into the forest! Matthew! Matthew! You men, you belong to me now! You fight well for my cause and some of you may live to see your homes again.
You cross me and you're dead.
It's a good job we came out to meet them lads.
The Sheriff's men weren't exactly protecting my investment.
Fine work, all of you.
Now, move them out! Here.
Take this so they won't recognise you.
Thanks to you, they've got Robin! Did you really think you could save your brother on your own? It was my fault as well, all right? I went in too quick So who were the painted faces? They came out of nowhere.
A battle technique based on surprise and brute force.
If they're working with the Sheriff, we need a water-tight plan.
Hold on, Tuck! Who put you in charge? .
- I don't see why it should be you - Stop.
Where's the girl? Let's find her before she puts herself and Robin in danger.
Whoever it was who attacked your troops knew what they were doing.
Nearly succeeded in freeing my conscripts.
Robin Hood, a bothersome little fly.
You brushed him aside, well done, very good.
Where's my money? Well, at least the men got their work-out.
Saves me taking sword drill today.
Well, that's your job, little brother! The men look to you for leadership.
All you do is drink and play.
Yes, yes, well.
Got to keep them hungry for the cause.
To the next King of Ireland, my brother.
You don't take the cause lightly, boy! - Gentlemen - It's a sacred trust.
Gentlemen? Time and a place Money.
You have your soldiers.
You're playing a dangerous game, aren't you, Sheriff.
Supplying the enemies of Prince John with troops.
I know all about you two You have no allies.
And this is your last chance to grab power in Ireland and you both know it.
So do we seal the deal, or don't we? We'll exchange money for men .
Not before.
I want those two buffoons out before anyone knows they're here.
Afraid Prince John will find out you're supplying soldiers to his enemies? Why should he find out? Prince John will get his patronage money, he has to.
And where it comes from is of no importance.
Is that meant to frighten me? Look at you.
Your plans are in ruins.
The Black Knights are disbanded.
You're having to buy the affections of a Prince that would rather see you dead.
Why should I fear you? Because I AM THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM! .
- I get away we all get away.
They're men here from every village within 30 miles.
You'll never save us all.
Well, I still have this.
Come here Right, some of you men from Locksley know me.
The rest of you know what I do.
Now we have one chance to do this and we have to be ready to take it.
For your villages and for your families.
- Will you stand with me and fight? - Yes.
There she is.
She's trying to get in with the servants.
She's done it! Amazing.
There's too many guards.
So we lay a trap in the forest.
they'll take the prisoners through the ravine.
That's our best chance to attack.
- I'm not leaving Robin.
- Or Kate.
Or her.
but don't expect us to come back and rescue you.
Come on.
Go on.
Go! You! Seize her! Come here! - You're becoming a bit of nuisance.
- Do what you want to me.
- I'm not scared of you.
- Really.
But what about that precious brother of yours? Find her brother and hang him.
- You can't do that.
- I just did.
- And make sure she sees him die.
- Please, he's done nothing wrong.
The men you brought in, I know something about them.
They weren't just villagers.
- You won't hurt my brother? You're not in a position to bargain.
What about the men? One of them is is Robin Hood.
The front line with me, hold off the guards.
The second line attack the gates.
Use the chains, anything you can find as weapons.
Wait for my signal.
- They don't look like much.
- Well, I'm giving them to you, Tiernan.
They're yours to train and lead.
You expect me to make soldiers out of peasants? No.
Sergeant! Extra guards, now! Robin Hood! Ready? Hold.
Now! No weapons and yet they fight like lions for that man.
Secure the gates! Hood! Wait, wait.
Stop! - Another move and I kill the girl.
- Kate! Wait! No, Matthew! Matthew, no! Are you all right? Let me help you.
You're surrounded.
Don't waste any more lives.
- I'm here Matthew, Matthew - Kate.
I'm here I'm here, Matthew I'm here.
anything you say.
Please, please help him Lie still, lie still.
I'm going to get you home, you're going to be all right.
Everything is going to be all right.
Find a better place, and take care of our family.
It's up to you now Matthew? Matthew? No You'll pay for this, Gisborne.
Get the girl out of the castle.
Come on! No, no, no - Say your prayers, outlaw.
- Gisborne! You move, Gisborne, and you die.
I will have his blood! - Don't be so selfish.
- Get off me, he dies now! Come, come, surely you don't want to miss the SLOW and painful death of Robin Hood? Up, up.
Kate, it's me.
What happened? We call this room the Vault.
One door, solid oak, three locks, no windows, just - lots of stone.
- A challenge.
It's the last room you'll ever know.
You should've killed me when you had the chance.
I'm gonna make you suffer before you die.
Just like you're suffering, Gisborne? You know you could kill me 100 times over, but the pain you're feeling now, the hatred, the self-loathing is never going to go away.
You'll never hate me as much as you hate yourself! Put it away! Always in such a rush? Sometimes I think you don't appreciate the poetry of pain.
Something clearly Robin Hood does.
So, how about the death of a thousand cuts, a nasty Saracen invention.
As long as he dies.
A visitor.
I won't shake your hand if you don't mind.
They tell me you were once a nobleman.
That you gave up your title, lost your lands, lost all your wealth The people have endured far worse.
They told me that you lost the woman you loved.
What do you want from me, Irishman? We're the same, you and me.
We both have a cause.
But you, Robin, you inspire men.
I've seen it.
Right here.
You see, my people, well my people are as oppressed by this Prince John as your people.
And yet they will not rise at the call of Finn MacMurrough.
And you want my help? I want you to join forces with me.
We can learn from each other, you and me.
Together we can smash this Prince John, the Sheriff, all of them.
I'll help you free England, you help me free Ireland.
We can both be Kings! Now, what do you say to that? England already has a king.
His name is Richard.
I only have to shout.
There's half a battalion out there.
You think over what I've said to you.
Perhaps you don't want a crown, but a just and fair country, if that's what you want.
I might be the only chance you have left.
Thank you very much.
So they tried to fight their way out and that's when her brother was killed.
And then all hell broke loose.
Gisborne found out Robin was with them and now he's in the castle, heavily guarded.
We go to Nottingham.
We'll be back.
What about the village men? today! Robin is our priority.
Losing an entire generation of men will kill all the villages for miles around.
- You put one man before stopping that? - Kate, villages are dying across England.
The only thing the people have is a spark of hope called Robin Hood.
He's more important than any one man.
He's an idea.
Something that people can believe in.
I gave up Robin Hood to Gisborne.
You what? You didn't say that.
I'd do it again to save my little brother.
He wasn't important enough.
He was just a village man who wanted to raise a family and live an honest life.
Well, I believed in him.
Now he's dead.
And you think that the idea of Robin Hood is more important than his life? You make me sick.
Hello, little fella? Where did you come from? I might just have found my way out of here Just run that by me again, we're going to do what? We're going to break Robin Hood out of here.
It must be all this English air, you're not thinking straight.
Tiernan, for once in your life would you stop looking for an easy ride and recognise what's staring you in the face! Robin Hood's no ordinary outlaw.
He's one of us.
Fighting a tyrant - the Sheriff.
You told me to do the deal.
- We had nowhere else to go.
- Now we do.
Robin Hood.
Look, with a man like that alongside us, our Irish people will rise.
They'll fight.
I'm sure of it.
You've lost the fire, baby brother.
If you ever really had it.
Are you with me? Tiernan! I'd never have fitted through there anyway.
Come on Robin, come on, think.
Please God, come on.
Ready? Here we go Yes, you little dancer! Fire! Fetch water! Fire! You, get the prisoner out of there.
Open up! No, no, no, no, no.
I'm afraid your privileges in my castle are cancelled, my friend.
An old trick but a very good one.
- Tiernan? - Sorry brother.
The Sheriff here made me realise the problem is not with our cause.
No, though a very worthy endeavour.
- It's with the man who's leading it.
- You fool.
I found a real ally right here.
Yes, in exchange for a few small trifles, County Galway I believe.
You haven't the sense to lead an army, let alone a nation.
Says you.
But the men are with me.
Didn't take much persuasion mind, but then again all you offered them was a glorious death in the name of the cause! When I'm King they will be well rewarded.
You're going to leave me here?! Tiernan! I'm your brother! I'm your king! Chain him up and throw him in there with Hood.
- They can die together.
- Tiernan? Tiernan, you come back here and face me, boy! Save your breath.
My selfish greedy little brother.
By the time he's bored of this new game, he'll have ruined our last chance to free Ireland.
We should never have come here.
Our cause belongs to our people.
Yours, yours have trouble enough with this poisonous Sheriff.
Perhaps we can be allies.
How did you? You helped me, now I'll help you.
Kate, Kate, I've been so worried.
I'm so sorry.
Robin Hood tried to save him.
I hope Robin Hood gets hanged from the highest gallows in Nottingham.
- It won't bring Matthew back though.
- Robin Hood is an outlaw.
He just brings trouble.
They'll be back now, the Sheriff's men.
Back to make examples of the rest of us.
That doesn't mean we should sit here and take it.
That kind of talk is dangerous.
That's what's got your brother killed! Come on, keep moving What a glorious day for an execution.
It's a long march, we need to leave now.
Yes, but surely we shall stay to see the executions.
But it's Robin Hood and Finn.
Sheriff, I will not watch my brother die.
We leave now or the deal is off.
Very well.
This is my fault.
Matthew died trying to save me from Gisborne.
What? I went after Matthew alone, without thinking.
I got Matthew killed.
If I hadn't been so stupid No.
Robin Hood killed your brother with his talk of fighting for a better future.
You're wrong.
These people believe in him.
And Matthew believed in him.
- That's good enough reason to help.
- Where are you going? Kate, Robin Hood's a criminal.
Kate, please, you'll end up like your brother.
I'm not doing this for Robin Hood.
I'm doing it for Matthew.
I want to see Hood die.
Have I not made myself clear? No money till the conscripts are at the coast.
- Patronage first.
Hood later.
- I will have my way.
I'll watch him die and bring his head to you on the road and you can send it with the money to Prince John.
Very good, Prince John would like that.
He can show off his head in his trophy room.
I may allow you to have your way but you can even think of defying me again then it'll be your head on its way to London.
Move out! - Mice! - Finn, leave him be! - I hate mice.
- Help me shift this, come on.
- It looks pretty solid to me.
- Well, let's find out, shall we? I can feel a draft.
Come on.
The east gate's impossible.
- Too many guards.
- Same to the west.
- Storm the battlements? - What? I'm joking.
I know it's my fault Robin Hood was captured.
So I want to help you save the village men, this once.
I don't want Matthew to have died for nothing.
Well, apparently you're the leader, Tuck.
If it was me, I reckon she's a good fighter.
And she's got in the castle once before.
You take orders from me.
Go in alone and we leave you behind.
Make sure the executioner is prepared and have horses ready.
We join the Sheriff immediately Robin Hood is dead.
Drainage gutter.
That's our way out.
We're going to get out through here? It's not possible! Open the door.
Come on COME ON! They've escaped! You, wait there! The rest of you search the castle.
Find them! Finn, I think this might be our way out.
- Finn? - What? We have a problem.
- Get me that chain.
- Why? Just give me the chain! Grab my feet.
- Robin! - Much! There! Get them! With me.
Hold this.
- Are you sure about this? - I hope so.
Ready? Now! Hood!!! Hood!!! Hey Robin, we're flying! John, grab the sides! - Where's the men from the village? - On the road.
We have horses.
- You came back? - To save the village men.
- If that means helping you first - I'm glad you did.
Come on! Hood and Finn have escaped! They're after you.
I've more men on the way.
You let my brother get out? He won't rest until he's hunted me down! We're under attack! It's Hood! Take cover! Quickly, you two.
Get the money, come on.
Where's he going with my money? Get after him, Gisborne! They're everywhere! Pull back, wait for reinforcements! Move! Much, Allan, keep the Sheriff and Gisborne pinned down.
The rest of us after Tiernan, come on.
Come on, come on, quick, go, go.
Into the forest men, come on.
Come on, hurry up! Sure, you're already dead.
I'll take my leave of you, Robin Hood.
When I'm King of Ireland there'll always be room at my court for you.
That's all right.
We've got our own fight here.
- What about your brother? - He's no brother of mine.
Not any more, but he'll get a fair trial.
- Come on John, give the man his money! - Ach sure, I don't really need it all.
For your men and for their families.
Plenty left to raise an army.
A small group of highly committed men is worth more than an army of slaves.
Well, good luck my friend.
And spend the money wisely, we will.
Prince John's escort.
They want their money Gisborne.
- So what do we do? - We? Do you think that I'm going to be responsible for your arrogance and your incompetence again? You can't be serious? Put it down.
No, Gisborne.
This time YOU pay my dues.
Gentlemen, good to see you.
Very smart, lovely colours, tight fitting uniform, excellent.
Slight change of plan, - there is no patronage money.
- What? But Gisborne has volunteered to go with you to explain why not to Prince John.
No, my Lord, please! This means certain death.
Get off me! Well, you never know.
You might catch Prince John in a good mood.
He's all yours.
I won't forget this.
I'll be back for you.
Get off! Get off me! One at a time gents.
All right? You'll all get some.
Kate Kate.
I just wanted to thank you.
And I'm so sorry for your brother.
- If I could change anything - I said I'd help you this once.
But my brother's dead and people will go on dying while you give them false hopes of a better life.
Kate, wait.
I mean to make those hopes real.
It's too late for Matthew.
Well, I've paid my debt for turning you in, for his sake.
I don't ever want to see you again.
Is that Kate? - Where's she going? - She's going home to her family.
I've let her down.
You can't expect to win over every mind, or a heart so full of sorrow.
Let her grieve.
That grief will turn to anger and then she'll be ready to fight.
Just as these men here are ready to fight.
This is the core of our army.
All they need is a leader.
My friends lie low here until it's safe to return to your villages.
You're marked men.
But I swear to you, that brand you wear will one day become a badge of honour.
And believe me when I say that the day is coming when this Sheriff will be held to account for what he's done to you and your villages.
And on that day my men and I will call on you.
We will call on your strength.
We will call on your courage.
We will call on the love you bear your families to stand with us and fight and overthrow the cruel injustice that infects this land.
- Are you with me? - Yes! The Abbot has damned our souls forever! We have to confront the Abbot right now! We need to understand why he did this.
There are things going on here of such magnitude as to be beyond your understanding.
I trusted you.
That is why Hood must burn at the stake! Burn them! The choices we make at these moments define us for eternity.
I'm burning them!