Robin Hood s03e05 Episode Script

Let the Games Commence

I suppose I should just come quietly? No! No, please, no.
You know what he'll do to me.
Robin Hood.
The pleasure's all yours.
I think it's time you were on your way.
Now! Here, allow me.
So, tell me, why would two of Squire Thornton's men pursue you all the way from Shrewsbury? It wasn't for me.
They were in pursuit of my mistress.
Your mistress? I would hardly be much of a decoy in my maid's apron.
I was helping her escape.
- Escape from what? - Her marriage.
But the Squire sent men after her.
You know, some might Squire Thornton has never loved my mistress! If you'll excuse me, my mistress awaits me in Nottingham.
All right.
You can't just go to Nottingham alone, it's too dangerous.
I'll take you there safely.
If you tell me your name.
Will it be necessary for us to hold hands throughout? I'm sorry.
In all seriousness, I would like the use of my other arm.
Come here quick! Quick! Come here, come here.
We're close, keep moving.
He's back.
The Sub Wood Team Kiry, Moochie Episode Five LETS THE GAMES COMMENCE Keep together, lads.
Move slowly.
Slowly forward.
Tighter! Move smoothly.
Right, come on! - Put some energy into it! - Shields higher! And now! Move it closer together.
You're still alive.
Things must have gone well at court.
Well, they can't have gone that badly, not for Prince John to provide you with men, horses Necessities.
So Prince John sent you back to Nottingham with a mission, and yet nobody saw fit to tell me.
The last time I checked, I was still the Sheriff.
The Prince is still waiting for his thousand crowns.
- His patience wears thin.
- Protect yourself! Come on! As indeed does mine.
What's the mission? He wants me to kill Robin Hood.
Oh, I'm sure he does.
But you've never managed it before, Gisborne.
have him at your sword point! - Yet still he bested you.
- This time will be different.
I will command without incompetent, ill-conceived interference from others.
You will fail, as before, you will be back, and beg me for my patronage.
Not this time.
The Prince's furnished me with a weapon that not even Hood can escape.
What weapon? I will not have need of you ever again.
All I'm saying is, I shot them.
It would be nice if someone else offered to cook them.
Don't look at me.
Just because I'm the girl.
Oh, I think it's established Much is the girl around here.
Hang on, Allan.
What is this about? - I am a man in mind and body.
- Yeah? Prove it.
- Robin! - Turn back, we've got company.
- So I see.
- No, our old friend is back from the Prince's court.
- What? I thought he was dead! - So what's the reason for her? - Come on, this way! - Go, go! What are we doing? We can't outrun them! Don't worry, we're not going to.
Follow me! Hold on.
- We can't! - Yes, we can, jump! Quickly! Come on! Come on! See you, Gisborne! It's time.
Get the weapon into position.
Go, go! Come on.
Come on.
I'll see if the road's clear.
- No.
They're closing in.
- Right, we're making it too easy for them.
- We have to split up.
- We should stick together? Listen to me.
We've got Prince John's Elite Guards after us.
They're taking us seriously.
- I'll lead them away.
What? I'll be fine.
Just go to Nottingham, I'll meet you there.
Get out of the forest as quick as you can.
- Nottingham? Are you mad? they'll look.
And Kate, I need you to make sure Isabella gets there safely.
Kate? Please? For me.
Good luck.
- Robin, wait! - Listen, listen.
Kate, Isabella, go North.
Take the cliff road.
Allan, Much, go west through the marshes.
- Tuck, I'll go east.
- Good man, I'll go south.
Go, go! Follow me.
The merchants are here, as per your instructions.
Yes, I can see that.
Let's get on with it.
Thank you for coming at such short notice.
I thought we'd get the boring business of paying our taxes out of the way nice and early this month.
Unless, of course, anybody has a problem with that? Step forward with your contribution.
Business is very slow these days, very slow.
It must be, because you would not short-change me, would you? Because? If you short-change the Sheriff, you short-change Prince John.
What was that? You dare to cast aspersions on my relationship with Prince John? Because your fate is in my hands.
A word in the right ear, a whisper in the right direction.
I am still the Sheriff! Black Elite.
There's more of them.
- Why aren't they attacking? - Would you prefer if they did? Let's go.
Shields! Together! Right, lads, shields! Do you even know how to count?! is my treasurer? You killed him, sir.
Anybody can see that that is nowhere near enough! Years of loyal service, that's worth more than coins, and dead outlaws, isn't it? - Isn't it?! - Yes, Sir.
It is, Sir! Apparently not.
Very well.
I shall pledge my allegiance in gold.
Come with me, bring that book.
We're going to make money.
It's market day, Sir.
It's always congested.
Yes, you're quite right.
So something needs to be done.
There! You! Two-cow family, are we? - Yes, sir.
- That'll be 2 crowns.
Take the money.
- Yes, sir.
Two crowns.
- Stop! ? Anyone hurt? No.
But you are.
Does that hurt? Yes.
I thought you were being attacked.
No, I was training my men.
Although watching you and Gizmo, maybe I'm out of a job.
- Oh, I'm sorry - Don't worry.
You've got Titus training hard.
Bertha of Bath.
Of Bertha's Circus Maximus? Famous from Huddersfield to Haltemprice? - Where've you been? - Here mainly.
- I gotta go.
- Why? That's Prince John's men.
They're looking for me.
I'm an outlaw.
One of Robin Hood's men.
If they capture me Which is exactly what they will do, if you run.
- Trust me.
- I don't - This is not going to work - No.
Keep your head down.
How can I help you, officer? Name, and purpose in this forest? I see.
Straight to business, is it? Suit yourself.
I'm Bertha, of Bertha's Circus Maximus.
These are my gladiators, my little band of helpers, and we're on our way to Nottingham.
What's wrong with him? He's a leper.
Be gone, woman.
The forest is no place for you to be today.
I was getting that impression already, but thank you for the advice.
Let's get out of here.
All right.
- This is going to slow him down a bit.
- This is all we need.
This could take a while.
Keep an eye out for company.
- What? - Are you a giant? No.
Are you a gladiator? Are they all yours? Not by birth! She saved us.
- Walt, don't be silly.
- She did.
None of us had anyone.
We'd have starved to death.
That's enough.
I find them on my travels.
Begging or thieving.
I take in as many as I can.
I feed them, I clothe them.
I'm only doing what anyone else would.
I wish that was true.
- Hey, you could help us.
- How? When we get to Nottingham, fight for us.
- Yeah? In the show.
- Yeah! That wouldn't be helping you.
That'd just put all of you in more danger.
We'd disguise you again.
It was you that put Gizmo out of action.
No, I can't.
I can't cancel the show.
Or if I do, it'll be a long, cold winter for us all.
All right, I'll stay with you until my friends make it to Nottingham.
If my friends make it to Nottingham.
- I thought you were heading west? - We were.
You're meant to be heading North! We're trying! There's Black Elite at every turn! There must be hundreds of men.
There are, and they seem to know exactly where we're going.
Or where they want us to go.
- We've been herded.
- Like sheep.
Like lambs to the slaughter.
They've been tracking us.
They've exhausted our arsenals.
I've one arrow left.
So how do we get out of here? There's only one way left to go.
Come on, quickly.
It's Gisborne.
This way, this way.
Where now? - Come on! - Where now? - Follow me! - Go, go, go, go! Looking well, Gisborne for a dead man.
Be assured that your death will be real, not rumoured.
You must have made quite an impression on Prince John.
A better impression than you have.
- What's he got in there? - How should I know? Just ready yourself.
when I don't know what I have to be ready for? Just be ready for anything! - What the hell? - Are you ready for that? It's an apt way to despatch virulent supporters of the Coeur de Lion.
He hasn't been fed for days.
I wanted him to be ready for you! - Just stay together.
- Robin? Are you as good a shot as they say you are? Of course I am.
Calm down! ! - Really? What you thinking? as you can.
Robin, you hit it in the air.
- Yeah.
Tuck, can you take the other? - Yeah.
Everyone, cover your eyes.
Don't breathe this in.
On three.
Ready? One two three! Get it back in the damn box.
Go, go! Run! You men, with me.
It must be mustard powder!*** Nice work.
Wait, wait, wait! And where exactly does a maid find mustard bombs? - Does it really matter? - I think it does.
I believe the words you're looking for are "Thank you".
long for Gisborne to regroup.
Go to the camp and rearm.
Tuck, with me.
- Where are you going? - To Gisborne's camp.
To see what else he's got, to see if, and where, he's vulnerable.
Hang on, where's John? Why didn't he get rounded up with the rest of us? There's two possibilities.
One, he might've made it to Nottingham - I don't want to know the other one.
- I should come with you.
Good idea.
I agree.
The camp should be on a need-to-know basis.
You don't need to know.
With the greatest respect.
Bertha's Circus Maximus! Ladies and gentlemen, it's your lucky day! Bertha's Circus Maximus is in town! Place your bets here to add some extra excitement.
The ladies love him.
Get going, show me your money! Bring her to see me.
No need for that, Bertha.
I don't expect it from old acquaintances.
Vasey? Sheriff Vasey.
Let's not dispense with all formalities.
Now, the last time we spoke, I told you that if I ever saw you in Nottingham again, I would kill you, but here you are.
In my defence, I heard you were no longer sheriff.
Why shouldn't I be? Who told you that? I was told you'd moved on to better things.
Unfortunately for you, it was a lie.
Not so fast.
I assume you are here to alleviate the locals of their purses? - I go where the audiences are - No.
You go where men are prepared to gamble - on your fixed fights.
- Fixed? My fights are for real.
Let's not insult each other, Bertha.
Oh, how much do you want? Two hundred crowns.
Anything else you make you can keep.
I can't make that in a day! There won't be anything over! - That's your problem.
- I can give you half.
- Then I shall only half hang you.
- Wait.
I could settle the debt with something better than money.
There's no such thing.
What about one of Hood's outlaws? What if I told you I could have him killed in your market square for all to see this afternoon? - You can really do this? ? Yes.
- Who's got the rope? - It has to go over there.
- Right, then - Ready? Heave! Walt, are you hurt? You saved my life.
What? Oh.
I saved you from a sore head.
No, I was nearly dead.
Very well.
Children? Now I have to save your life, in return.
No, no, there's no need.
No! I have to! All right.
What did I miss? We are rigging tonight's fight.
So I want you to take as many bets as you can on our new gladiator.
Aw, does that mean he's going to be the loser? Why don't you say that a bit louder? - Does he have to? - For heaven's sake, Walt! He can win next time.
Right, off you go.
And make sure you give good odds.
- Go, go, go! - It has to go there! Place your bets here! Place your bets! Be a winner! We've had a special request for tonight's fight.
Our new attraction appears for one night only.
At the end of the fight, I want you to kill him.
No! Do you know what they do to little pigs with big ears? - You're hurting me! - They take them to market! Why is Gisborne after you? Cos I'm an outlaw.
It's a long story.
- Looks like he's been here a while.
- Yeah.
And he could be here a lot longer.
He's picked a good position.
Only one way out.
Easy to defend.
There's no-one defending it now, I mean Where's Gisborne? Where I've been all along.
One step ahead.
Guy! Non! Mon frère, doux! Isabella? He's my brother.
- Get after them! - No.
- I had him! - Guy, tell me.
At the point of my sword! I had him! - Why are you here, Isabella? - I could not endure another day.
So, what? You just walked away? - You were joined in holy matrimony! - I was only a 13-year-old girl! If you had any idea of what he has done to me Guy, I'm your sister.
All I ask for is protection.
Well, it seems you've already received that from Robin Hood.
I knew nothing of his true nature.
I was in need of help.
The help I'm asking from you now.
Really? And what if I were to send you back to your husband? Then you'd be condemning me to a life of misery for a second time.
Only this time, you'd be doing it knowingly.
Guy, I don't believe you knew the damage you were doing when you sent me to Squire Thornton.
But now you do.
Surely you must feel some obligation towards me? - A sense of loyalty, duty? - Loyalty? How can you speak of loyalty, when you have twice aided and abetted Robin Hood? A mistake, and one I will not make again.
Give me a chance, and I will earn back your trust and your respect.
But please do not send me back to my husband.
Very well.
You may stay.
Thank you.
But if I find you in Hood's company again, I will drag you back to Shrewsbury myself.
You have my word.
I knew! I knew there was something off about her.
Just concentrate on the plan, all right? I mean, Gisborne's sister? - I can't believe you fell for it.
- Kate, the plan.
- Well, I'm not happy about it.
- When are you ever? Robin cannot just walk into Gisborne's camp, alone, with no means of defence, against Black Elite, and a massive cat! If we storm in there, we'll be shot.
- Robin looks like he's surrendering.
- Not one of your better plans.
- If we waited - For what? Isabella to divulge everything she knows about us? She wouldn't.
All right? I know she wouldn't.
It's a good plan.
Robin won't be undefended for long.
Allan, let's go.
He may look small, but he's strong, and he's very smart.
Sounds like trouble to me.
Not too smart, no need to worry about an impertinent tongue.
Though you could always have it cut out.
I'll give you ten crowns.
No, I'm thinking 20 crowns.
- Not likely.
- 15.
All right.
Please don't sell me.
I won't say anything to him.
I'll keep quiet.
I wish I could believe that.
Is that all you got? Nearly show time, lads.
And we've got the Sheriff watching.
So, let's make sure we give him what he wants.
What's that? A fight to the near death.
- Blood, guts - I don't want to hurt him.
Don't worry, you won't.
You'll be losing this bout.
What? Why? Why do you think? The Sheriff.
He wants it rigged so he can clean up on the bets we take.
And if we don't make enough, he will hang us all.
All you gotta do is watch out for my signal.
When you see that, you go down, and you stay down.
- Stay down.
- You do that, and the Sheriff gets what he wants.
If you don't, we won't get out of here alive.
Well, you're not giving me much choice, are you? Robin? - Welcome.
- I like what you've done here.
I wasn't expecting your visit.
Well, I find that very hard to believe.
- Given him a full report, have you? - No conversation with my sister.
- She knows where her loyalties lie.
- I'm sure she does.
So would you like to hear my demands? Demands? - Please, demand away.
- It's quite simple, really.
Get out of my forest.
Yeah, that's a reasonable request.
Let me think - Kill him.
- Now! Guards! Hood! Let's see how many of your men he can stomach! Eh, Gisborne? Come on, let's find John! Gather round, it's almost show-time! Is that all you've got? Come on, place your bets here.
Put your hands together for Bertha of Bath! Ladies! Gentlemen! Honoured guests! Tonight, you are truly in for a treat.
You may have thought the ancient art of the gladiator was gone, but no! Tonight you are in for a dazzling display of their swordplay.
Welcome our gladiators warmly! Tonight, they fight for nothing but pride, and your applause only.
So without further ado Gladiators ready? Fight! - Let me go! - Behave yourself! I don't want to come, please! You belong to me now, so shut up! That's it.
Don't go down just yet.
Guy, what about your men? You can't just leave them.
They've failed me.
Is that why you gave me to Squire Thornton? Did I fail you too? Answer me! Don't you owe me that at least? - I owe you nothing.
I did for the best.
- For who? You? You did nothing but condemn me to hell, I demand to know why.
Foolish girl, you don't understand the world.
No, I understand perfectly.
I just want to hear it from you.
Why did you give me away? - I said, why did you give me? - He offered a fair price for you! So do you still require my protection? You know I do.
No, you fool, you're supposed to be the loser! Let me through! Let me past! Let me through! Out of the way! No! He's going to kill you! No! She told him to do it.
I heard.
That's why she sold me! - What? - He's exaggerating.
It's what he does.
You know how he goes on.
I'm telling the truth to save your life, just like I said I would.
I warned you what would happen the next time you crossed me! Kill him! Arrest the others! - Follow me, boys! - Stop them! Stop! Kill them! - You sold him! - I had no choice.
The Sheriff No! She sold me because I heard her talking about killing you! - What? - She was going to get Titus to do it.
No, you don't understand! If I didn't do what the Sheriff told me, he was going to kill us all.
What an excellent idea! So, exactly how far did you think you'd get, Bertha? - We had a deal - The deal is off.
You do not touch those children.
No, no, I just want the money from the wagers.
She's welcome to the slaving money.
What? I suppose she told you that she took the children off the street out of the goodness of her heart? Look at them.
They're healthy and well-fed Healthier children fetch a bigger price! She's being doing it for years.
Taking waifs and strays off the streets, fattening them up, and then selling them on at the end of the season.
- Have you? - Yes, not this year though.
- Take her to the dungeons.
- No! Oh, and arrest those.
- Leave them be! - Somebody kill that man.
- Run! - Come on, boys! Run! I leave you alone for one minute, John Get back, get back! It used to be safe for children in Nottingham.
So says the outlaw.
But, for once, I am pleased to see you, Hood.
It means that Gisborne has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory once again! After them! Open it! Idiots! Open it! - Who will watch out for me now? - You're safe now.
No-one's gonna hurt you.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Thank you.
John! I want to stay with you.
I know.
But it wouldn't be safe.
I have a job to do, Walt.
Helping other people who are in trouble.
I can't do that if I'm looking after you.
But I could look after you.
- I saved his life.
- Walt Will I ever see you again? I hope so.
Good luck.
- Take care of your brother.
- Take care of each other.
Can I help you? Well might you hang your head in shame, Gisborne.
You've let him escape, again, and this this! Is this what distracted you? This is my sister.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
You were busy playing happy families? Well, your level of incompetence never, ever ceases to amaze me, Gisborne.
Every time I think you've plumbed a new depth, along you come, and surprise me all over again.
Well, maybe now Prince John will remember why he put me in command! - Is this what you're looking for? - That's mine! Not your mistress'? If I'd have known you were Gisborne's sister You'd have killed me? And after I had already saved you.
- You made your choice when you lied! - You think I have a choice? My fate has been decided for me since I was a child.
You knew it was him chasing us, and you said nothing.
- I didn't know it was him! - He's your brother! I hadn't seen him since I was thirteen.
When I realised I was shocked.
- You have to believe me.
- No.
That's the last thing I have to do.
Because you've been lying to me ever since we met.
You know, I preferred you as a wronged servant.
So do I.
Better that, than a wronged sister, who was sold to her husband like a piece of meat.
I couldn't tell you I was Lady Thornton.
You're Robin Hood.
I know what you do to nobles.
I never turn my back on someone in true need.
Because that's exactly what I am.
Goodbye, Isabella.
And thank you for the donation.
Welcome to Nottingham, Your Highness.
Long live King John! Long live me.
Robin Hood isn't dead.
His blood is a gift I covet, and yet no-one gives it me.
- Italian or Spanish? - Which do you prefer? Kate? You will kill the Sheriff for me, Gisborne.
Only the two of us will know.
Wait until they're all inside, then burn it to the ground.