Robin Hood s03e13 Episode Script

Something Worth Fighting For: Part II

Bring forward the trebuchet.
Load and make ready.
Unfurl the flag of truce.
This is my destiny, Blamire.
The time is almost upon us.
Welcome to hell, Robin Hood.
What have we done? We doubted him, John.
- He did this.
He killed him! - Much.
Much! - You'll have time for that.
- There's soldiers at every wall.
Hundreds of them.
The whole town's surrounded.
I put a dagger in him.
I saw him die.
Well, that ghost has raised an army.
You thought I was dead.
But you didn't check, did you? Very nasty wound.
Gisborne, we will have our reckoning.
Right now I want my town back.
You're finished, Vasey.
Your weapons are no match for the hatred these men have for you.
You tell your peasant army anybody who resists me will die.
Poor Allan.
He squealed like a stuck pig when he died.
- Robin.
- And you'll pay for that.
- You murdering swine.
- Sticks and stones, Hood.
Give them a demonstration, Blamire.
You have until dawn.
Give me Gisborne, release Isabella and then return Nottingham to myself and Prince John.
Otherwise, you and your noisy friends, they'll be wiped off the face of the earth.
The Sub Wood Team Episode 13 SOMETHING WORTH FIGHTING FOR (part 2) What the hell was that? The Arabs call it Byzantine fire.
Doesn't work like you'd expect.
See? Sticky.
Like oil.
Repels water.
May I? Phlegon thanatos.
Literally "the burning death".
An alchemical mixture of flammable elements.
I've heard of it, but I've never seen it used till now.
This'll spread chaos across the town, in its way.
Put lookouts on every wall! Scour the town.
Tuck, I want every able-bodied man armed and ready.
We hold Nottingham, for the king! We know the king's coming.
He has loyal troops waiting for him at Loughborough.
If we can get word to them Robin, you could end this by giving me up to the Sheriff.
You could have done it back there.
Why didn't you? This is bigger than you, Gisborne.
It always has been.
We're fighting for the future of England.
You have Isabella behind bars.
That's what you wanted.
This isn't your fight unless you choose it to be.
While the Sheriff lives, this is all our fight.
I'm with you.
Get it done! There's something we have to do first.
Honour the dead.
To Allan.
Our loyal friend.
Did you know the Sheriff was still alive? I knew nothing of this.
Leave us.
You so want to kill me, don't you? What's stopping you, Guy? Not the fact that I'm a woman, surely.
You're so good at killing defenceless females.
You're alright.
There is too much blood on my hands already.
Isabella, you'll find no mercy amongst the outlaws now.
So when the time is right, you might want to use this.
A single drop will act slowly and painfully.
For it to be quick, you must take it all.
This is your idea of mercy? Your last brotherly gesture.
For whose sake, Guy? Mine or yours? I do this for our mother's sake.
Although there is precious little of her goodness left in either of us.
What are you doing? We have to get word to the King's troops at Loughborough.
- No, Kate.
Robin - Wants to protect me.
But someone has to get help.
You saw what happened to Allan.
It's so we don't all end up like Allan, that I'm doing this.
Pull the rope up after me.
And tell Robin I'll be back with an army.
- What's happened? - It's Kate.
Kate's taken it upon herself to go to Loughborough for the troops.
She knows what she's doing.
You taught her well.
The Sheriff is playing with us! He knows he's got the advantage.
We have to hold this castle until the troops arrive.
Can we? I mean, how long under bombardment from Byzantine fire? - He's got plenty of it.
- How do you know? - I sold it to him.
- For a profit? You sold it to the man who killed my friend?! Now your trade has caught up with you! And you're going to be bombarded by your own weapons.
I've done you a favour by sticking round here.
- I saved your ungrateful lives! - Our lives wouldn't have needed saving if you hadn't trapped the tunnel in the first place.
We lock him up.
We can't trust him.
Well, what's the matter? A guilty conscience? And what about all those people that're going to die because of your greed? What about all those who have died because they listened to Robin Hood? A few untrained, under-equipped peasants against that war machine.
So you think about what you got them into before you ever try and judge me.
We have to take the trebuchets.
A small unit, tonight.
Are you with me? I'll see you all at the battlements.
There's pockets of men around the walls.
Regular patrols.
You all know what we're doing.
We go up along the dry mount, then we head for that cart and then the tent.
That'll give us cover until we make our way to the trebuchets.
Much, you're in charge.
If we don't come back, you fight to the end.
- I'm coming too, aren't I? - No, you're not.
I need a cool head here, not a hot one out there.
- What? .
You'll get your revenge for Allan.
I promise.
Right, let's do this.
Ready? All right.
- Yeah? - Let's go.
Come on, you lazy rebels! Move yourselves! Get to your posts! Weapons ready.
The Sheriff had no intention of waiting till dawn.
We attack immediately! Time to wake them up, I think.
Loose! What's going on, Blamire? Run for cover! Come on! Run! The trebuchets! Robin Hood! Get him! Stay there! Robin.
Run for it, Robin!Go! Archers, to the left flank! Prepare to fire.
Open the gate! You see? - Now you know.
- That's for Allan! - I thought you'd run out on us.
- Thought you needed a hand.
By the way I got you a present, courtesy of the Sheriff.
What's that? It's Byzantine fire! If I can work out its base components, I can make some more of this.
So we CAN fight the Sheriff? Do it.
Destroy everything! Storm those gates! I want Robin Hood's head.
Attack! Well, well, well.
You are a big boy, aren't you? Oh, come on now.
Don't be shy.
It's just you and me, waiting for the end.
I mean, Robin Hood can't win.
You saw the Sheriff's army.
So I guess we're in the same position - condemned.
Such a waste.
Robin! We're going to need the King's troops fast.
Kate won't let us down.
The gates won't hold against a battering ram and we don't have the men to take them on.
Run!Take cover! Pull everyone back into the castle courtyard.
We'll defend from there until the King's troops arrive.
- Take cover.
- Abandon this tower.
Take a company of archers.
Hold them as long as possible.
One, two, three.
Abandon the tower! Steady! Draw! Loose! Run! Hold! Hold! Hold! Nock, draw! Loose! Nock, draw, loose! - Fall back.
- Ready! Nock, draw, loose! Fall back! Back to the castle! Isn't it traditional to offer the condemned one last request? You open the door and I'll give you exactly what you want.
Men are so easy.
John! Bring the battering ram.
Smash those gates.
And bring me the prisoner you captured.
My lord.
Battering ram.
Now! Portcullis! - Get in rank with me.
- Get ready.
Hold! Draw! - Loo - Wait! I'm sorry, Robin.
Not as sorry as she's going to be.
She was on her way from Loughborough, with this.
Expecting reinforcements? Not coming.
Don't believe me? Tell him.
King Richard isn't coming either.
He was on his way - Can you do it? - Watch me.
but he was captured by Leopold of Austria.
- You're lying.
- It's true.
He's being held to ransom.
Enough money to bankrupt a nation.
The troops at Loughborough won't fight unless Richard leads them.
So what's it to be, Hood? Surrender or slaughter? Neither.
You see, I don't trust you, Vasey.
- You said you'd take no prisoners.
- Oh, yes.
Yes, I did say that.
Well, that was rather hasty of me.
I mean, who's going to pay tax if the villagers are all dead? So, what? You're going to release all these people now, - only to make slaves of them later? - Why? You don't give me much of a choice, do you? What, have you got some little trick tucked up your sleeve, have you? Humiliate me and rescue the girl? You're so predictable, Hood.
Bored with that game.
Kill her.
Kate! Above you! Lower the rope! Pull.
Fire! Quick.
That is the last time Robin Hood makes a fool out of me! To the tunnel.
It's working.
They're falling back.
They're regrouping.
Barricade the portcullis! Come here.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Bring him inside.
Still breathing.
The people need you, Robin.
Talk to them.
Loyal comrades, you know the situation.
And you know that we are on our own.
Now, we have already lost friends and loved ones.
But England will lose far more if we do not make a stand this day.
And yes, some of us may fall, but our fight will live on, in the minds of those that despise injustice.
In the hearts of those that cherish freedom.
You are the soul of England, standing firm against tyranny for a real future.
Now ask yourself - is that not something worth fighting for? Together, for England! Yeah! Archers! No, no, no! Much, get down to the portcullis.
Help hold it.
Robin Hood won't know what's hit him.
There's a balance trap.
We'll never get through there, my lord.
Well, we'll see about that.
Back! Bring down the Byzantine fire.
Archers, forward! Tuck!Yeah? I need that fire.
We can't hold out much longer.
Robin, Robin.
Nut oil.
The Sheriff had gallons of it in the cellar.
Boiling oil.
We can use it.
No, no, no, no, no.
I can do better than that.
The nut oil is a base compound.
Come on.
That, my friend, is Byzantine fire.
How much have we got? Gallons and gallons.
- Get it done.
- Robin! The portcullis is breached.
We can't hold them.
They're going to take the courtyard! Much, pull back! John, abandon the battlements.
Much, Much! Get everyone in the hall! Abandon the battlements! Fall back! Pass out the weapons and ammunition! Gisborne, get these men into position.
Barricade the doors.
Move! Guy.
It's the entrance to the escape tunnel.
Why has she gone in there? She knows it's blocked.
- I'm going to get Robin.
- No.
She's mine.
Barricade the door! - Where does that lead? - To the cellar and back to the castle.
So, you've laid out the barrels like I told you to.
- Exactly as you said.
- Good.
Very good.
Byzantine fire.
So that's why Isabella came down here.
She's trying to blast her way out of the tunnel.
Might be a way out for all of us.
Go and tell Robin.
I'll deal with Isabella.
Fill it.
Fill it, please.
Robin! Robin, if we use this much Byzantine fire we'll destroy everything.
- The castle, the Sheriff's army - And his power.
Everything he has, gone for ever.
That's what we want.
We'll kill every man, woman and child.
Robin! The tunnel.
Isabella's just cleared it.
Robin! They're coming.
Hold them out.
Tuck, you're in charge.
John, hold the doors.
- Isabella.
- Guy? Isabella, where are you? Come and get me.
- That explosion.
- The tunnel should be clear by now.
I'd say there's a way out if you want it.
Look at you, Guy.
Perhaps it's time you took the poison for yourself.
After all, you've destroyed anyone you've ever held dear to you.
You know, brother, you loved me once.
And me too.
You planned this.
Isabella, you will, of course, relinquish your claims to my title - if you wish to join me.
I didn't want anyone else to have the pleasure of killing you, so I set up this little trap.
Stay back.
He's mine.
The man who tried to kill me.
I made you! I won't make the same mistake twice.
Still as treacherous as ever.
Gisborne! How appropriate a battle so huge should come down to the important few.
A new one.
- Don't know you, do I? - He's my mother's mistake.
Look at us.
The whole sorry family.
- Together.
- Brothers in arms.
Archer! This is for all the lives you've ruined, all the people you've killed! Now, Hood Robin! Gisborne! This ends here! How right you are, Robin Hood.
It's a scratch.
It's nothing.
No, you should be careful.
I mean, this blade, it could be rusty or or even worse.
- What have you done? - I used your poison on the blade.
A few drops flowing through your bloodstream.
I'd say you'll be dead by sundown.
Is this true? This is too good to be true.
You've killed Robin Hood! We'll be back to finish the rest of you off with an army.
Please, wait for me.
I don't want to miss the big moment.
Get the people out through the cellar.
Backs onto this tunnel.
The Sheriff will take his men the easy route, through the great hall.
Do we hide our people in that tunnel until he moves his men through? And then we lead ours out? Get word to Tuck.
Go on.
Is this the end? For you and me both, my friend.
I'm sorry.
At least you have someone waiting for you.
The love of my life.
She was always yours.
I've lived in shame.
But because of you, I die proud.
I am free.
Tuck, get up here! We can't hold them.
Just a little bit longer.
Come on! Leave the door.
Everyone is to follow me.
Robin's orders.
With me.
To the cellars! - Are we ready? - Yeah.
We're done, we're done.
Gisborne? - Get these people out! - Come on! This is no time for sentiment.
- Try again, come on.
- I'm going.
Come on, John.
Come on, John.
Stay back! Come on.
Get them out! - Go on.
- Come on.
You're hurt.
- Robin.
- Just go on to the other side.
I'll see you there.
Go on.
Archer, she mustn't know, all right? Know what? What's happened? There's something you need to know.
Get them all to the forest.
- Tuck, you set everything up? - Yes.
Archer, you come with me.
Come on.
They've all escaped.
How could that happen? - Can you do this? - Of course I can.
I am Robin Hood.
Come on! Let's go.
Byzantine fire.
We did it! We did it! Yes! You did it! You did it! You did it.
You did it! Where is he? Where's Robin? He should be here to celebrate.
Listen to me.
There was a fight in the tunnel.
Isabella cut Robin with a dagger.
The blade was poisoned.
- What? - He's dying, Much.
And quickly.
It's time to say goodbye.
- Kate - No! I'd forgotten how beautiful sunsets here can be.
This is home.
Is it true? The final battle.
No, this can't happen.
There's there's a cure.
Much We have cheated death so many times.
What am I going to be without you? You are already more of a man than I will ever be.
And you're my best friend.
- This isn't fair.
- Oh, come on, John.
Today is a good day to die! And you, you make sure this doesn't finish here.
Because this this is where you belong.
- Without you? - These men are your brothers now.
Our work isn't finished yet, Tuck.
You found me again and you saved me.
And you'll find another leader.
I know you will.
Brave Kate.
I'm sorry I have to leave you.
All of you.
But I have to do this alone.
I have waited for you.
I knew I would find you again.
It's time.
The greatest adventure is yet to come.
- My wife.
- Now and for ever, my love.
I never thought it would end like this.
It does not end, Much.
Robin Hood goes on.
Our work here is far from finished.
Our leader and our friend is dead.
We can't go on.
Would you let his legacy die along with him? He wouldn't want us to give up.
As long as Prince John and his allies bring misery to the people of England, we will fight it.
We are Robin Hood.
I'm with you.
For Robin.
- Robin Hood.
- Robin Hood.
Robin Hood.
Let's go.
Thanks for this season.
~ The Sub Wood Team ~