Robotech (1985) s01e08 Episode Script

Sweet Sixteen

Operating on auxiliary power, the space battle fortress has entered an orbit around the planet Mars.
Its inhabitants are constantly under attack by alien ships and enemy battlepods SWEET SIXTEEN which have followed them closely since the escape from the Zentraedi trap on Mars Base Sara.
With its main engines damaged and its fold system inoperative the battle fortress remains locked in furious battle.
Men and machines are pushed to the limit in the desperate effort to defend the mother ship Khyron and his Zentraedi troops take every opportunity to press their advantage.
The alien attacks continue despite the direct orders from the Commander Breetai who has instructed Khyron's division to simply follow the fortress and block its return to Earth.
Look at that.
It's amazing how far they've come.
These micronians seem to get much stronger as they near their mother planet.
I fear the ship itself may end up being destroyed before we defeat them.
That must not be allowed to happen, Exedore.
My orders have been most specific regarding that ship.
I want it captured intact and not damaged.
The ship is our primary consider, not the people in it.
What about Captain Khyron? Khyron is a Zentraedi, whether he likes it or not.
And so the celestial game of cat and mouse goes on as the huge battle fortress continues in its planetary orbit around Mars.
Meanwhile inside the great ship Rick Hunter finds himself faced with a pressing problem of more immediate concern.
Now what do I do? Tonight we're gonna celebrate Minmei's birthday nd I still haven't figured out what to give her yet.
The following personnel are ordered back to headquarters immediately.
Third Lieutenants Justin Black and James Ralton.
Second Lieutenants Xian Lu, Carol James and Marcus Miller.
- First Lieutenants Thomas Lawson and Adam Olsen.
| - I'm glad I'm off.
- Also Sergeant Rick Hunter and Corporal Gregory Bird.
| - Now what? Please report.
Out in space, Khyron and his troops stop the battle fortress while getting themselves in a position for another surprise attack.
Captain, I'm concerned about Commander Breetai's reaction to our constant attack.
All this is practice and if we should happen to meet the enemy while practicing its just too bad for them.
| - I understand, captain.
But commander Breetai was extremely determined-- Forget about him.
I am in charge here and I would be the one to decide how we go about dealing with that ship.
Now your squadron be acting as a decoy so make it good so the rest of us can get in for the kill.
Yes, captain.
I'll make up a big show.
Must be something brewing.
I hope I'm not in trouble.
Sergeant Rick Hunter reporting as ordered, sir.
Uh, general, sir.
Right this way, Sergeant Hunter.
Now that they've arrived, we will all please stand up.
Since the battle for Sara base on Mars, the gentlemen assembled here have established for themselves records of excellence under fire.
Therefore, I'm pleased to award them the Titanium medal of Valor for their distinguished service.
Gentlemen, we proudly acknowledge your achievements.
For each of you gentlemen, please step forward as I call your name.
First lieutenant Justin Black, please.
It's a dream.
It's got to be a dream.
But that medal looks real.
Boy, what a surprise.
That was something.
Hey, little brother.
Hold on a minute.
Let's you and I have a little talk in my room.
What a great ceremony that was.
So, what's up, Roy? Have a seat.
What'cha got? Just another medal you I have to get used to.
You've been promoted, little brother.
From now on, you are lieutenant.
You proved you leadership capabilities under fire.
- Put it on next to your reward.
| - Oh, sure.
Oh and by the way there is one other thing.
- Wow, what else is there? | - I'm assigning two subordinates to your command.
This is Corporal Ben Dixon.
He has 378 hours in simulation and 66 hours of flight time.
He is class A.
This is Corporal Maximillian Sterling.
He has 320 hours in simulation and 50 hours of flight time.
He is also class A.
Hey, Roy.
What gives? I don't get it.
Those guys are both just beginners.
Well, Rick.
To me you're not a lot different than them.
- But Roy, I've got a lot more experience.
| - Now their files are all here and I want you to study them.
There is also a manual for you that contains all the official things you will need to know about being a lieutenant.
I guess that must be them.
Come in.
Reporting as ordered.
This man will be your new commanding officer from now on.
He's Lieutenant Rick Hunter and he's quite a good fighter pilot.
In fact he was just awarded the Titanium medal.
I'm honored to be serving under your command, Lieutenant Hunter.
Corporal Ben Dixon reporting.
And while I'm around I assure you nothing will go wrong.
Glad we're gonna be on the same team.
I'm Corporal Max Sterling, sir.
Call me Max.
I'm very inexperienced and might be needing a lot of help.
Well, I'm pleased to meet you.
Yes, sir.
Ah, big brother, I hate to run off, but I have to be some place, you know.
That's fine.
Have yourself a good time.
I'll be seeing you later.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
We'll meet again soon.
Lieutenant? Would you mind if Max and myself made your party a threesome? Ok, with me.
Great, thanks a lot, lieutenant.
Oh, by the way, sir, where are we going? Don't worry about a thing.
I've got a very good place in mind.
I'm for whatever it is.
Good brief.
It's like a whole bunch of school boys at recess.
I hope this wasn't a mistake.
Thank you.
- Why him?! | - What's that? Why did this boy Hunter get promoted up to the rank of group leader? I guess he got the promotion when he swooped down and rescued a damsel in distress back on Mars.
Oh, I'm responsible for promoting this incompetent? Oh, brother.
- Not a very heroic site is it? | - I hope I don't wind up like them.
Long as I'm here, you got nothing to worry about.
Just so you make sure your following my orders.
As you say, sir.
Weird being in charge.
So I've always been kinda popular with the girls that is.
| - Here we are.
- Is this the place you were talking about? | - You bet'cha.
Ricky Hunty, you're late.
But as least you made it to my party.
- Glad I could come.
| - So? How do you like my outfit? Minmei, you-- | You look terrific.
Well, well, well, who do we have here? Nice to meet you.
Wait just a minute.
Who are you? - Ben here has just been assigned to me.
| - I'm Corporal Ben Dixon, ma'am.
Assigned to you? What's up? Well, they just made me a lieutenant and they assigned these two guys to me.
- Minmei, this is Corporal Max Sterling.
| - How do you do? Call me Max, Ma'am.
Wow, I mean you're pretty good-looking.
Oh, that was a very nice compliment, ma'am.
I'm just honored to meet a beautiful girl like you.
What a lovely thing to say to me.
Max what? Sterling.
But just call me Max.
Well, welcome to my birthday party, Max.
I want you to come over here and sit next to me, all right? - OK.
| - You sit right here.
Rick, how have you been? Well, today is Minmei's big day, Hah.
- Yes, sure is.
| - Well, Rick? Err, Well.
Err? Happy birthday, Minmei.
- You forgot, didn't you? | - No.
That's not what happened.
I came-- I came directly from headquarters and left your presents back in my room.
I'll just have to get it to you later, OK? Now Minmei.
Don't pick on Rick so much, he's just been busy and you must forgive him.
Being busy? I've just been out there battling the enemy for four weeks.
As a matter fact, sir, I've just become-- By the way, Minmei, do you plan to sing for us this evening? I think this would be a lovely time.
- I don't think I feel like singing.
How about him? | - Well, that will be perfect.
Oh, but I'm not very good.
Well, I don't have much of a voice, but I will give it a try.
That would be wonderful.
Listen, Rick.
If it were me, I'd keep an eye on him.
Minmei seems to have taken a liking to him.
He just might steal her away.
- Now this is very strange.
| - What's strange? It's a blank screen.
- I know.
| - So what's wrong? That's so strange about it.
We should be picking up something but instead there is nothing coming through at all.
It is almost as if-- The radar waves are being jammed out.
That's it.
That's what's happening.
I'm sure of it! Captain, red alert.
I think the enemy is about to attack.
From behind the space fortress, where they cannot be seen and putting up strong radar jamming waves, the enemy battlepods mass for the attack.
Now we'll show them a few tricks.
Meanwhile aboard the great ship, the unsuspecting inhabitants go on with their activities, unaware of the emergency about to erupt around them.
Cut off all jamming waves immediately.
Decoy group move into position.
AWe'll come from behind and destroy them.
And so Khyron begins the attack, as the battle fortress sits, waiting.
Unaware of the impending attack, Rick Hunter and members of his fighter squadron celebrate Minmei's 16th birthday.
Attention! This is an emergency.
All Veritech group members scramble.
All Veritech group members scramble immediately.
Oh, no! You're going? Sorry.
Well, what can you do? That's the army.
Taxi! Hey, taxi! Come on, you guys, let's get going.
Hey, I can't take all you guys.
You've got to take us pal.
This is an emergency.
All right, but you're each paying separately.
Hey there boss, that girl sure was cute.
Is she anything to you like your girlfriend? What kind of question is that to ask me at a time like this, Ben? You OK, Max? You're looking kinda green.
Yea, I think I'm just a little tense.
Hey, Max.
Don't worry about a thing.
You know nothing go wrong when I am around.
Oh, brother, now I'm really worried about this flight.
On the flight deck of the space fortress, the men of the Veritech fighter squadrons desperately rush to get their machines in position for take-off in a last-ditch effort to defend the ship.
This is Gunside One.
Black Squadron, confirm your counterattack in the fourth quadrant.
Corporal Sterling and Dixon, follow me.
- Roger.
| - Roger.
Hey, boss.
What area are we supposed to defend? We're all on defense line, fourth quadrant.
But that's way at the end.
All the really heavy action's happening over there.
Can't we get into some of that? What can you possibly have in mind? You have been given orders, so follow them.
- Can't hear you, sir.
What was that? | - Forget it.
The decoy squadron draws the Veritech defenders further and further away from the space fortress while Khyron's main battle group moves in from behind for the kill.
Enemy forces attacking from behind, sir.
Then we'll have to send out the Gladiator force.
The second defender team has been destroyed.
They're coming in from everywhere.
They're all over my screen! Fighter 102, enemy coming in off you right wingtip.
This is Corporal Dixon.
Here they come.
I see them.
I will fly rings around them, Aye? Watch me show these guys up.
Dixon, don't play around.
You got me? Boss, I'm in trouble, help me or I'm a goner for sure.
Stop it, Ben.
You will get yourself killed doing that.
Now I've got to save your skin, watch out, here it comes! Sure was a big fat mess you got me out of! Hey, is that Max? Look at him go! Max, you tore him up! I'm happy I was able to help out.
I'll show you something I learned in flight school called Fokker's Fake.
Now remember, you have to confuse them.
Yeah, while they're looking for you, you come up behind them.
Oh, but you got to be fast.
- It's unbelievable.
| - Lieutenant Hunter.
Bad defensive maneuver, your response time will have to improve immediately.
Hey, I've got a couple of completely inexperienced pilots here.
I cannot perform and baby-sit at the same time.
This is too easy.
Commander, they appear weak in their defense of the ship's fourth quadrant.
Ah, then we'll move in and end this little chase.
All units, move in for attack.
Enemy force is heading right for the ship.
I guess it is up to us to hold them off.
Hold on, Ben.
Don't waste your fire.
Is it all right to fire if it is not a waste? I think I got 2 of them that time, lieutenant.
Good, now follow me and we'll break them up.
We've almost got them.
Spread out and fire at anything that moves.
Yeah, I like to fight rough.
- Let's get them.
| - Ben! Are you still OK in there? I don't know how, but I guess I survived.
Well move out of there fast because here they come.
Here is the last thing you will see.
He fights extremely well.
His next shot has got my name on it.
You've got to think fast, Rick or you're a goner.
Aboard the main flagship of the Zentraedi fleet commander Breetai's informed that the battle raging around the space fortress - A battle he did not approve.
He's completely disobeyed the orders given him.
I suspected something when he told me he was conducting war games.
- Shall we recall him? | - Immediately.
But he is deeply involved in this fight, sir.
He is fighting a battle that I expressly disapproved.
And if he damages that ship-- But what step should we take? Prepare to make use of our manual override beam, I warned him.
We will override his navigational systems and force him to break off this offensive.
He won't get away with disobeying any of my future orders, initiate beam procedure.
He cannot recall me.
He cannot! What the heck happening out there? Where are they all going? Well, can you beat that? It doesn't seem possible.
Why are they retreating? They nearly had us that time.
I imagine they had some problems of their own of one sort or another.
Well, what difference does it make? They are leaving now and we're saved.
The manual override takes effect and the enemy battlepods are pulled away from the space fortress.
Deep below the surface of the ship, teams of technicians work tirelessly to repair and recycle the many Battloids that have been damaged by the recent enemy attack.
I never even saw him.
He destroyed the whole section of the fighter.
Boy, I'm glad the repairs don't come out of my pocket.
Max, you did pretty well.
Yep, it was luck though.
They said I put away nine.
Nine, my total was zero.
Well, what a hot shot Max has become.
Amazing eh? I'll say yep.
I've never seen anybody fly like that.
- About how many did you blast? | - About 5.
Oh, I'm sorry I mentioned it.
You probably feel bad that Max beat you out.
- Well, I don't know, I-- | - I was pretty good.
I imagine it's possible they might even promote me.
Some jump - corporal to general after one battle.
I hope we get to go up again tomorrow.
Today was really exciting.
I enjoyed myself.
Good night, lieutenant.
And thanks very much for your help.
Thank you corporal.
And as for you, take care of yourself, aha.
Ah, that's nothing.
Oh, brother.
Why did they promote me to lieutenant? I was so much happier before they give me the subordinates to command.
Oh, I forgot! Minmei's gonna kill me if I don't get her a birthday present.
Now where am I going to find something at this time at night? Cola makes the good times roll.
Have a peanut.
Wait a second! Great! A jewelry store! This place isn't open? Oh, boy.
I gotta tell her.
If I can face an enemy squadron, I can face an angry girlfriend.
Let's see now, where do I begin? Oh, how would I say this? OK.
There she is.
No, I can't do it.
Maybe she won't see me.
- Oh, no.
| - Hi, what's up? I planned to come to say I was sorry.
About my present? Oh, that's all right.
Did you bring it now? Is that why you came by so late? Oh, yes.
About your gift.
You didn't forget and you still have time.
That's fabulous, Rick.
It's not midnight yet, so it's still my birthday.
I guess it could be a gift.
So why not? Yeah, hey, here it comes! It must be my day.
- Here you are.
| - Hey, I've got it.
Got it.
What is it? Oh, it sparkles and it's so beautiful.
Did you really get this for me, Rick? I love it, wherever did you get it? I'll tell you later, Minmei.
Happy birthday, bye.
He's so sweet.
In our next episode the charming Minmei prepares herself for a totally different sort of battle a battle to the tournament of the most beautiful girl of Macross City.
While the beauty contest reaches, Rick Hunter is called into action by his superiors to defend the giant space battle fortress.
Be sure to be with us for "Miss Macross", the next thrilling chapter of Robotech.