Romper Stomper (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


Take a look.
This is our country.
But beneath the scent of your cooking, I smell the carcass of the West.
(SHOUTING) I smell the carcass of freedom of speech.
ONLOOKERS: Yeah! MAN: Of democratic government.
I smell the carcass of the pride of the white Europeans MAN: Go home, you wanker! .
whose ancestors, my ancestors, built this great nation with blood and toil and imagination, and who are now called fascists, Nazis.
Why? Because we see you for what you are, the thin edge of the wedge who will bully my people into accepting your culture (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) .
your God, your laws, until they become the oppressive choke-hold on the traditional Australian way of life.
Alright, you're blocking the entrance.
I need you to move on.
What are you fuckin' Hey?! - Move on.
- What? No! Fuckin' hell! MAN: (ON LOUDHAILER) I've just been asked to move on, by the the minions of a political elite! The same political elite You're a puppet! .
who have brought this division down on us.
Will I move on from my heritage? OTHERS: (SHOUT) No! Will I move on from my birthright? OTHERS: No! Will I move on from my freedoms? (SHOUTS) It's our country! It's our country! I want you to take a good look at this so-called festival.
Because the Muslims whose rights you are protecting today, amongst them is the next Muslim, the next Muslim who is planning - You're late.
The others are in place.
- We're here now.
Let's go.
atrocity on this great nation of ours, each more horrific and cowardly than the last, as it was in Sydney, as it was in Melbourne.
Or have you chosen to accept such slaughter as your lot? Get ready! While we're waiting for some more police officers to arrive, I'd like to offer you my kind of barbecue.
MAN: The sweet honey glaze! (SCREAMS) - Good Australian pork! - (CHEERING) Good Australian pork! Fresh off the barbie.
What are you afraid of? - What are you afraid of? - (SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) I am asking you for the last time to back off! MAN: One! Two! Three! Let's go! (SHOUTING) CROWD: Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! MAN: (ON LOUDHAILER) Well, well, well.
- Fascists out! - Here they come! The thugs of the far left! The enemies of free speech! - Fascists out! - We're quaking in our boots! Come on, you pussies! Come on, you leftie scum! (SHOUTING) (WOMAN SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) Get that fucking fascist flag off now! Fuck off! Fuck off! - Come on.
- MAN: Fuck off! (SHOUTING) (WOMAN SCREAMS) You big prick! WOMAN: Blake! Veeda! Are you OK? Veeda! Fuck off! Aagh! MAN: Come on! (SIRENS APPROACH) - Come on, get up! - You right? No, there's cops, there's cops.
This way.
- Police! - Let's go! Fuckin' get off me! (SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) Let's go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, come on, get up! (SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) (CHEERING) We took your fascist flag and we'll take your fascist state! - Yeah! - Fuck you! Fuck you! You fascists! (DISTRESSED WOMAN SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY NEARBY) (COUGHING) Thank you.
Thank you.
We couldn't let 'em kill you.
Who are these bastards? Uni scum.
They ambushed you pretty good.
They hit you front and rear.
- What are your plans tonight? - We're headed for our hotel.
We hitched a ride up from Portland.
We're parked a block from here.
You come back with us to Point Cook.
Come on.
You like whiskey? I've got a great whiskey.
Whiskey? Hey, look at your face.
- You need to see a doctor.
- Doctors mean cops.
Fix me up at home.
What's your name? Mine's Blake.
- Kane.
- Kane.
- Stix Johnson.
- Stix? You're a hell of a fighter, son.
No slouch yourself.
Who'd we lose? Well, I saw Noddy and Spider get hit pretty bad.
Erin too.
I just sent a text out, anyone that can make it is gonna regroup at our place tonight, OK? Where's Lyno? - I don't know.
- Fuck.
We need Lyno.
Find Lyno.
Kane and Stix here are coming back with us.
This is my wife, Zoe.
Alright, are we good? (SIREN WAILS) Yeah.
We're clear.
Come on.
- Stix - OK.
- (HELICOPTER WHIRRS) ZOE: Just stay low, OK? WOMAN: Excuse me? Hi.
My name's Georgia Lee.
I'm a reporter for Channel Nine News.
We were told that you two rescued this young lady from the fight today.
We just did what anyone else would have done.
Those are some awful bruises you've got there.
Did the men hit you? Are you her mother? Her mother? Yes.
Hala's not very confident with her English.
Um, she and Veeda got separated when the fight broke out, and that's when we found Veeda getting trampled on, and we dove in to protect her.
So, the Patriots just went for you? Look, I don't know who hit me.
But I know it happened when they charged in.
- The other lot.
- Antifasc? I don't know.
It was pretty crazy.
I want to get a story for the six o'clock news report.
Could we interview you? Oh I don't know.
I'll do it.
Laila, can you just use your head? They'll be able to identify you.
Yeah, so what? Do you want someone to stalk you? We don't actually have to use your full name.
Yeah, but they're still gonna know what you look like.
I have to do this.
And you can use my full name.
Laila Tahir.
(SLOWED-DOWN VOICE PLAYS) LAILA: They were blocking the entrance into the festival, saying that we were funded by terrorists and trying to intimidate us.
And then the second group came, and they ran off like rabbits.
She's great.
You've opened this one before.
Bitch's head was hard as a rock.
At the start, same old faces.
Old mate Blake BLAKE: Australian way of life! Noddy and Spider.
- Leadership group.
- Imbeciles.
And the rest.
(SHOUTING) - I should have got to him.
- You had your hands full.
Look at little Maeve going for it.
Who would have thought, hey? - Fuck off, Ant.
- Don't patronise me.
And at the end of play, a big win for us.
Except for this shit in the tent.
Four of our guys were down and Blake gets away.
And who the fuck are these guys? Freeze it.
Has anyone seen that head before? Send that frame to McKew.
He can post it.
Total fucking ambush.
Get your fuckin' feet off the table.
Well planned, well executed.
I mean, if it wasn't for these two blokes, I'd be fuckin' history! ERIN: Oi? Has anyone checked Facebook? Fuckin' Vic's trolling again.
"Outsmarted by communist freaks" Shut up.
Fucking Antifasc don't send that many clowns on a hunch.
How'd they know we'd be there?! - Someone shot their mouth off.
- Who? Spider.
- What? - Yeah! The Big Nation forum? I should have said something.
SPIDER: Nah, the site's encrypted.
- (SIGHS) You fucking idiot.
- ERIN: Oh, my God.
The fuckers hack everything! We marked this protest as secret.
That means no posting, no media, nothing! You know that! No, I never said the Patriots were going.
I said I was going.
Where you go, the Patriots go, and they they know that! You're out, Spider.
- What? - Patriots are done with you.
I think I'll wait for the group's vote.
No, no, no, no.
We don't vote on security breaches.
I made a mistake.
But your leadership is questionable.
BLAKE: Questionable? That's a big word.
SPIDER: I'm just saying what everyone's thinking, mate.
- Go on.
- You're gettin' sloppy.
You had no plan if we got hit.
Them fucking uni kids out-game you most of the time! - (GRUNTS) Fuck! - Righto.
- Aaagh! Arggh! - OK, mate, he's cooked.
- Blake, he's cooked, mate.
- ERIN: That's enough.
SPIDER: You're breakin' my arm! You're breakin' my arm! - You're breakin' it! - That's enough! You're breakin' it! Aaagh! Spider, come here.
- Fuck off! - Oh, fuck it, then.
I always stood by you! We're in a war.
We have to win.
Look out there.
Go on, all of you.
Look out there at that city.
(SHOUTS) Look at it! One day that city will be a battlefield.
Without discipline, we don't stand a fuckin' chance.
(SIGHS) You're a fuckin' animal.
(SHOUTING) Ez, come here, sit down.
Sit down.
Channel Nine News will be on in a minute.
The site says they're leading with it.
NEWSREADER: Good evening.
- Just be careful, please.
- You're squirming.
- OK.
- (FARID GRUNTS) One, two - (CRACKING) - FARID: Aagh! (GROANS) - Oh, you big baby.
- (GRUNTS) It hurts.
You're still pretty.
- You're still pretty.
- WOMAN: Laila?! Besora'a! Coming, Ma.
NEWSREADER: Anti-Islamic group Patriot Blue was staging a protest at the event when they came to blows with far left group Antifasc.
The clash comes in the wake of national debate over the Immigration Reform Bill.
Georgia Lee has this exclusive report.
GEORGIA: It started off as a family day, but it wasn't to last.
Laila Tahir was one of hundreds enjoying the festival when far right activist group Patriot Blue began protesting at the Melbourne Winter Halal Festival.
But the protest quickly became violent and Laila was forced to protect a young girl.
Laila, tell us what you saw when you arrived.
They were blocking the entrance into the festival, saying that we were funded by terrorists and trying to intimidate us.
And then the second group came and they ran off like rabbits.
GEORGIA: The other group were anti-fascist activists Antifasc, a left-wing anarchist organisation linked to many violent clashes with the right.
The ensuing brawl saw many patrons and protesters injured, with thousands of dollars' worth of damage done to the stalls here at the festival.
Police arrived soon after.
Eight people were arrested and seven taken to hospital.
All these racists can do is hurt little girls.
Look what they did! GEORGIA: Laila, if you had a message for them, what would it be? That Veeda's not scared of you.
No-one is.
She's fuckin' great.
I've seen her face.
At uni.
- Mabrouk, Laila.
- Yes.
- Well done, my dear.
- I was afraid at first, but - What were you afraid of? - Well Media isn't crazy about educated, forthright Arabs.
Especially if they're women.
Well, they'd better get used to it.
We raised her to make a difference, and that is what she is doing.
NEWSREADER: The Prime Minister unveiled Nod.
I told Mum I'd get the kids by 7:00.
Oh, shit.
Well, if there's, um (CLEARS THROAT) .
no further business, I move that we close the meeting.
(CHUCKLES) Agreed.
- ERIN: Goodnight.
- See youse all later.
You two.
Come on.
For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.
- Amen.
- Amen.
My, uh my wife is good mates with the Almighty.
Anyway, hop in.
Eat, eat, eat.
Come on.
When was the last time you boys ate? - Breakfast.
- Breakfast yesterday.
(BLAKE CHUCKLES) So, how long you been looking for work? KANE: A couple of months now.
We just got out of the army.
- Really? - Mmm.
Stix and I went over to Kapooka together.
And Singo.
Got posted in the same infantry unit.
- So why'd you leave? - Four years is enough.
Fair enough.
You done much driving? - Mm-hm.
- Shit, yeah.
Drive for me.
Starting tomorrow.
You'd be loading them up too.
Really? Till you find something better, yeah.
Zo, what trucks are in? Um the Isuzu, the tray.
There you go.
Take it home tonight.
Zoe runs the office from here.
She'll call you tomorrow with some work.
I've got something I need to do in the morning.
Well, you call us and tell us when you want a job.
- We're grateful to you, Blake.
- Thank you.
No, no, no, no.
Don't be silly.
Whoo! (SIGHS) Are you OK, babe? You should have gone to the doctor.
No, no, I'm just getting old, love.
Just copped a few too many to the head today.
I'll be right.
You boys finish up that pizza, then how about that whiskey I promised you? BLAKE: Close the door, Stix.
The little one, Winchester Yellowboy.
BLAKE: You didn't learn that in the army.
That belonged to my great-great-grandfather.
He came over here from Scotland for stealing a pair of pants.
I love these old things.
See, for me, the past isn't something out there in the ether.
It's always close.
Makes us what we are and who we are.
Well, here she is.
This is my last bottle of this vintage.
Now, I could sell this for 15K, but I'm gonna share it with you guys.
(BLAKE POURS) To this country and to all those that love her.
"Sons of the South, awake "Arise "Sons of the South "And do banish from under your bonny skies "Those old-world evils and wrongs and lies "Making a hell in a paradise "That belongs to your sons and you.
" Henry Lawson.
Bush poet.
Ohhh! How good is that? You boys may just get an education, you hang around me long enough.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) (DOG BARKS) Cops are here.
(CLEARS THROAT) Just hang around here.
(QUIETLY) Make sure the boys get the tray truck to go home in.
- OK.
What took you campaigners so long, eh? - Went to your old address.
- I moved last month.
Keep up.
- It's a nice house.
- Mm.
Didn't realise picking up rubbish was such good business.
BLAKE: I'm a recycler.
POLICEMAN: Nice mess you left at the festival.
BLAKE: We were the victims, mate.
Look at me.
Look at this.
POLICEMAN: You're under arrest.
Charged with obstruction and riotous behaviour.
- Turn around.
- Wow.
Obstruction, maybe.
Three Antifasc guys got hurt pretty bad.
You know anything about that? Why don't you ask them? - They're not cooperative.
- No.
They hate you.
We don't.
Like you, we wonder why you can't control the streets anymore.
Why you're chronically underfunded.
Why you can't chase cars.
Why you can't shoot your guns.
You're someone's bunny, aren't you? See you later, hon! POLICEMAN: Get the door.
Let's go.
Watch your head.
- Blake's been arrested.
- You don't seem too bothered.
They'll hold him for a few hours, I'll go bail him out, bring him home.
It's a game we play.
Must be hard on you.
Did you want to join us? I don't drink whisky.
It's no ordinary whisky.
It's all the same to me.
I'll get you the keys to the truck.
(SIGHS) (SKYPE INCOMING CALL) - Did you get it? - Yes.
Your photography isn't improving, Tomas.
Seen YouTube? 400,000 hits on the stuff I shot in one hour.
Where's big sister? Frankfurt called.
So did, uh, Copenhagen, Oslo, New York.
That's nice.
I just wish you'd got a better shot of this guy.
Come on, McKew.
We had a good win today.
Well, look, I've got work to do.
I'll see you later.
(SIGHS) Fuck you.
You're such a buzzkill.
- (CHUCKLES) - See you tomorrow.
My name is Lenard.
I'm your roommate for a day or two.
- Been here long? - No, but it feels like it.
Think I'll unpack later.
Uh, the breakfast here is good? - It sucks.
- Merci.
Uh can I bring you back a cup of coffee from down the street? A latte or? Make it a soy.
A soy chai latte.
With honey.
Raw honey.
Alors, a soy chai latte .
honey, raw? (MIMICS ACCENT) Honey raw.
He's good.
I learnt some more rules in Monopoly.
Maybe we could play it.
Fun game.
WOMAN: Farid.
After you get Mrs Taber into her room, I think maybe you can have a couple of days off.
Why? We've had a few complaints about your appearance.
But I was attacked.
I told you, I didn't do anything.
It's just sick leave till you heal.
I don't need sick leave.
I'm not concussed.
I just want to stay at work.
I can't make you go home.
I just want to explain to you that some of our people find it disturbing.
I'm not going home.
I can still perform all my tasks perfectly well, so you can't make me leave.
Alright, Farid.
Thank you.
Hello, Ms Jordan.
How are you this morning? I'm fine.
How's he? He had a rough night last night, but I heard he had a very good breakfast.
COMMENTATOR: Anderson off the tee on 7.
(APPLAUSE) Beautifully done.
I've always been impressed with his drives.
So, we're looking to buy some more centres.
The cashflow is great and we have no debt.
But it's gonna be a really busy time.
I'm not gonna be able to visit you each week now, you know? Don't do that! You don't do that! Bye.
GIRL: (IN DISTANCE) Pass me the fucking ball! GIRL: Five bucks says you can't make that.
- Ha! - Give me another shot.
You've got 10 to lose? She got it.
GIRL: (IN DISTANCE) Oh, fuck you! Fuck! - Sucked in, Moo.
- Just got lucky.
- GIRL: Hey, what up, Bad Dog? - MOO: Your luck just ran out.
GIRL: She always knows when you've got money.
Well, I ain't running.
Not this time.
Better to live on your knees than BOTH: Die on your feet! (BOTH LAUGH) What's new, Bad Dog? How's my Cindi today? - (GRUNTS) - Cindi won some money last night, yeah? Heard you took 60 bucks off the Skanks with the four jacks.
I won 20! (GRUNTS) No, no, no, no.
You took 60, yeah? The Skanks have been whining about it all morning.
You owe Bad Dog tax.
Let's call it 20.
- You're killing her! - Shit, Bad Dog! (GROANS, COUGHS) You've got till lights out, sugar pants! Fuck off! Fuck right off! Sugar pants Cindi.
Yeah, yeah.
Fuck you! - (CINDI COUGHS) - Are you OK? I'm gonna bust out of here.
I swear, Moo.
(CALLS OUT) Cindi! Visitors! Your brother and his mate! Kane! Well, did you bring gifts? You know we have to dispose of anything you don't eat in the visit? We know.
We know it goes in your guts, you fat slug.
So, why has it taken you so long to see me? Well, you're gonna see much more of us now.
Staying in town.
Got a job.
Like what? It's not important.
Stix? Well, fuck you, big mouth.
If it's not important, then why are you hiding it from me? So, when do you get out? Five months.
I'm not waiting that long.
Some Islander bitch almost strangled me.
- Again.
- Then fight.
She's big.
Get in first.
Get in fast.
Sneak go.
I want out.
Look, they'll only bring you back, Cin.
You know that.
You've got to hang in there, find a way and endure it.
There was a time when you would have got me out.
Now you're telling me to fucking endure it? - You've changed.
- Change can be good.
CINDI: Yeah.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
You're fucking stronger than you know.
Alright? Everything will be better soon.
I promise you.
Just hang in there.
It's Kane.
Ready for a job.
I've got one in Footscray.
I'll text you the address.
Is it a busy day? Always.
Let me know when you're done.
I've got another job in Altona.
- Look forward to it.
- Sure.
Alright, let's go.
McKEW: And we can see here the three powers so critically supported by the USA by 1973, the Shah's Iran, King Khalid's Saudi Arabia and the state of Israel.
Each of these relationships would, in different ways, ensure instability in the region until the present time.
That's all for today.
Thank you.
And next week, we will also be discussing the legality of the Jewish state.
You see her? - She's the one that they interviewed - I saw her.
Any news on, uh, Tent Man? (CHUCKLES) Nobody responded to the picture and I can't find his face in the archives.
I've got nothing linking him to the Patriots or any other bunch of crackpots.
But we'll put a name to him.
Mmm, what makes you so sure? He likes a fight.
We'll see him again.
God, and you don't have to be so happy about it.
- He's a bastard.
- He's also a puzzle.
And I like puzzles.
That's all.
How's the head? (DOOR CLOSES) Piss off, monkeys! Go on! (DOOR CLOSES) Hey, bro, come on.
(JET PASSES OVERHEAD) GIRL: (IN DISTANCE) Hey, you! Pass it over here! No, bitch! Give it back! Look.
(CHUCKLES) Nice! Magnificent.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! Go, go, go, go.
(TRUCK DOOR CLOSES) ZOE: Chad? I've got a job for you in Werribee.
MAN: (ON PHONE) Nah, sorry, love.
I'm in St Kilda still picking up.
Well (SIGHS) .
no-one else is available.
Come on, Chad.
Just for me.
- CHAD: Oh for you, anything.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) Hey, you'll owe me, though.
Text you when I'm done.
God bless you, Chad.
(HANGS UP) Finished the jobs that you gave us.
Did you forget how to use the phone? Come in.
Where's your buddy? I gave him the rest of the day off.
- Is Blake in? - He's at work.
Let's see what other jobs we have for you, then.
Do you believe in Jesus? I can tell that you don't.
You have a wicked name.
You chose it, didn't you? Your mouth is wicked too.
But your eyes .
they're lonely.
(KANE SIGHS) Do you want a drink? (CLEARS THROAT) Yeah.
(ZOE POURS DRINK) It's a little sweet, isn't it? I'm not some kind of whore.
I know.
Blake hasn't touched me in .
I don't know how long.
The 'roids? How do you know? He's got that kind of look.
Well, he's off them now.
The damage is done.
You know .
one day, you'll leave him, you'll wonder why you waited.
No, you don't understand.
I I owe him.
Why? When I was 15, my mum died and I didn't have any other family.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
Nobody's ever asked you before, have they? My mum's boyfriend kind of took me in.
He started using meth.
Said it was to cope with the pain of losing my mum.
Go on.
Well, I wanted to deal with the pain as well.
And he got you using too? We started fucking.
He lost his job.
I dropped out of school.
We ran out of money and You're gonna judge me.
Tell me.
He got me doing tricks.
Blake was a friend of his.
When he found out, he went crazy.
Came and got me, cleaned me up .
and married me.
Blake was a friend of his? Mmm.
What did Blake do about him? What do you mean? What did Blake do to the man that pimped you? He never spoke to him again.
Is that all? I want his name.
Well Eddy what? Glugatch.
Yeah? Do you know where he lives? Listen, stooge.
Stop messing up my side of the room.
I'm the taxman.
Hand it over.
I ain't got the money.
Got something better.
Smoking patches.
Three dozen.
And a syringe.
Snuck 'em out of medical.
Bullshit, sugar.
I've got 'em stashed in my room.
(MOP CLATTERS ON FLOOR) (DOOR CLOSES) BAD DOG: Better not let me down.
CINDI: You're gonna get more than you ever hoped for.
- (CINDI GRUNTS) - (BAD DOG YELPS) (BAD DOG GROANS) Come on, get her! Get her! BOTH: Bad dog! Bad dog! Bad dog! Bad dog! Bad dog! Yes! Yes! BOTH: Bad dog! Bad dog! Bad dog! - (SHRAPNEL CLATTERS) - (GIRLS LAUGH) Get the mat! Get the mat! (CINDI KICKS BAD DOG REPEATEDLY) Come on! You'll never hurt me again! Arggh! (WHISPERS) Right.
Take the mat, take the mat.
Take it.
MOO: Go, go, go, guys.
I've got your hand.
Come on, Tina.
Come on.
TINA: Don't.
I'm gonna let MOO: Guys, hurry up.
Keep going.
Come on! It's easy! CINDI: Come on, Moo.
You're next.
(ALARM WAILS) There, you've got it.
You've got it.
Hey! Stop! - No! Stop! - Hurry, Cin! - You'd better hurry up! - TINA: Hurry up! - Stop it! - Hurry up! Get off her! Get off her! MOO: Kick her down! - Yes! Yes! - Whoo! Come on! Come on, Cindi! - Quick, Cindi! - Quick! Do it! Come on! Three kids out.
Three kids out.
South side.
South side.
South side.
Quickly, quickly.
Hey! No.
(QUIET CONVERSATION INSIDE) (KNOCK AT DOOR) MAN: Who's there? KANE: Eddy? Is that you, Eddy? EDDY: Who the fuck is this? Oh! (GRUNTS) (BOTH GRUNT, STRAIN) Arggh! You cunt! (GRUNTS REPEATEDLY) (CONTINUES GRUNTING) (SIGHS HEAVILY) (CAMERA CLICKS) Ohhh! Ah! Oh, yeah, yeah.
Oh, that's it.
There, there, there.
- That's the spot.
- It'll be one of the boys.
Oh, fuck 'em.
BLAKE: What is it? It's Kane letting me know he's done for the day.
BLAKE: What do you think of the kid? Seems dependable.
BLAKE: You know, he reminds me of what I was like at that age.
Wish I could feel like that again.
I don't think you're afraid of anything.
(SIGHS) Maybe.
All these things we believe in, everything we're fighting for .
sometimes I wonder, can we really win? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) (DOOR OPENS) (KANE PANTS) I'm driving.
Hello? (CALLER HANGS UP) (SIGHS) (WHISPERS) Jesus fucking Christ.
- (VAN ENGINE STARTS) - (SIGHS) (STARTS ENGINE) KANE: I just wanted to tell you .
I know who my father is.
You have a good night, now, yeah? (WALKS AWAY) Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! (ENGINE IDLES) Are you good now, bro? Come on, mate.
I'll drop you home.