Ronja the Robber's Daughter (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

The Spring Shout

We'll meet again.
I wish you were my brother.
I can be, if you want.
I do want that.
I'd be very happy to be your friend.
If you'd like.
I would like that.
Here's a little reminder.
Help me, and I'll make sure
your sister and nephew
get through winter.
No, no!
No. No, Flit
I don't know what it is,
but this place is not good for us.
We can just leave,
we can take some easier
No. I have to finish this first.
You don't have enough food?
It's a long time
since anyone was full in Borka Keep.
If they only knew
who kept them alive through winter.
But you can't tell them.
Mattis would
I don't even dare think
of what he would do.
- Someone's taking our food.
- Mattis, no one would do that.
- You've known us all for ages.
- Not quite all.
Last time, last basket.
For this winter.
Next time, I'll see you by Big Rock.
We will.
The snow is melting.
The weather is getting warmer.
You all know what that means.
It'll be spring soon,
which means
the winter stench needs to go.
I've heard it's bad for you.
If you survived last year,
you'll survive this year too.
I don't want to.
No, no, no.
I can't feel my teeth.
Looking great.
Shouldn't we take
some of these locks too?
Don't flatter me.
I'll be buried soon anyway.
No you won't.
I haven't lived a day without you.
And I'm not about to start.
One winter will be the last.
Not this one.
We'll have to see how it turns out.
Your turn.
How? How do you want it?
Like Fyosok.
Fyosok has much longer hair than you.
I can't cut your hair longer,
I'm afraid.
You can have it like Chorm.
Do you know why
I made myself this little hideaway?
To be alone.
That's exactly right.
What is it you do down here?
Things I might have use for some day.
- What things?
- You'll find out in good time.
So, did you come here
to see my beautiful face,
or did you want something?
I've barely seen Ronja all winter.
Do you know what she's doing?
I know what she's not doing.
She's not getting ready
to go robbing when spring arrives.
She doesn't want to.
When the time comes,
she won't have a choice.
There's always a choice.
You have lived so long,
you know that isn't true.
Not for people like us.
Ronja does what she wants. Nothing else.
But I hope she'll want to join us
in throwing out the Borka swine.
They won't be much more than bone by now.
So they can play the lute on their ribs.
Droing, droing, droing!
Are you standing guard too?
Undis spoke of wile-wing magic.
The stores seem to refill themselves.
Ever hear anything so stupid?
Food that refills itself.
Where is it from?
Answer me.
And don't lie to me, boy.
Can you hear the rushing river?
That's how I know it's spring.
- Do you know how I know it's spring?
- No.
I wake up,
having survived another winter.
That's all there is to it.
What a wonderful morning!
- The great robber's life starts again.
- Yes!
- But do you know what's best of all?
- What?
The Borka swine
are emaciated and desperate
over in the North Fortress.
If they're even doing that much.
Yeah, they didn't bring
much food up there before winter.
No, Mattis made sure of that.
So now it's time
to throw them out for good.
- Only wonderful things ahead.
- Yes!
- Robbing and throwing out.
- Yes!
But we'll start
with robbing, right?
Where are you going?
Out to my forest.
Shouldn't you wait a little?
No, I shouldn't.
The forest in early spring
is full of danger.
Everything and everyone
are hungry after winter.
Then maybe you should wait
before going robbing?
No We have to go.
I have to go too.
I long for it as much as you.
Lovis. A little help?
If one can head out, then all can.
Go on, then.
But don't go drowning in some pond.
That's exactly what I'll do.
So you'll finally have
something to shout about.
My love.
Don't even joke about that.
I'm not going to drown
in some silly little pond.
Mattis is right.
Everything and everyone are hungry.
One eye to the sky. Promise me that.
One eye to the sky.
So it's finally time?
Yes, it's finally time.
Bite and beat.
Bite and beat!
Go away, gray dwarf!
I'm not afraid of you!
Hello, rock.
Hello, tree.
Hello, moss.
Hello, birds! Welcome back!
Hello, rump-goblin.
What's she doing?
I've waited a long time.
What is it?
Just that I have a brother
who waits for me.
And wants me to be there.
You do.
And I do want that.
I have to do a spring scream.
Otherwise I'll burst.
It's all right.
Mattis, the horses
we took from Borka
- What about them?
- What will we do with them?
- Do we have to do anything?
- There's too many.
The winter feed is gone,
they're cramped, biting each other.
There are too many.
Let them go.
Just like that?
Yeah, send them into the forest.
Wile-wings and bears need to eat too.
We shouldn't keep one for Ronja?
She'll have her own horse
when she's old enough to catch one.
Yeah, hurry up. Come on.
Rabbit, hare, waterfowl, pheasant
You mean I should go out there and
ask certain animals to step forward?
No. We'll make do with what we get.
I'm just telling you
what I would appreciate.
Like if you did some robbing, as well.
It's been a long time
since I saw anything beautiful
in the fortress.
We found four of our horses.
On their way to the pen.
Four are better than none.
Let's go hunting.
Then we'll steal some more horses
and give Mattis a real surprise.
I'll happily just lay here
and be in spring.
I like you for that, Birk Borkason.
This is the free robber's life.
- Is there anything better?
- No, nothing better.
All winter long
I've longed for this.
It almost makes you feel sorry
for the poor merchants.
- Isn't that right, Chegge?
- What?
It almost makes you feel sorry
for people who lose their things.
- Yeah.
- Maybe.
What's happened?
What do you think has happened?
What always happens in these forests.
Year after year, same thing.
That's the last time,
we won't come through here again.
We won't forget this winter.
And everyone's who's died.
The people here just simply
can't accept this situation.
You've been our guests here,
and we haven't got anything for it.
Halvert was dishonest and incompetent.
So the people put their trust in you,
- hoping it would get better.
- It will get better.
- When?
- Now.
Now that we can get out again.
I certainly hope so.
To give people hope
is worse than never having had any.
If the people of the village
turn against you,
I can't stand by you.
- Then you'll have to leave.
- We can't leave the village.
I have to catch them first.
Why did you care about Solve?
I needed her alive.
But why?
So her brother
would do what I wanted.
What were you going to do after?
Exile them?
It doesn't matter now, does it?
She wanted to leave anyway.
She had no friends left here, just me.
I had one reason to keep her alive,
and you had a different one.
What happened in
this situation wasn't our fault.
We're riding out.
- Take me!
- Throw it at me!
- Take me!
- Take me!
Take me!
Take me!
Take me! Take me!
What's it like
in the North Fortress?
Undis likes the fortress.
There he goes.
She came from a lord's house.
Did you know that?
Why are they doing this?
How did she meet Borka?
He robbed them once.
Throw it at me!
After that, she snuck out to see him.
Until her father found out.
- Why?
- Did he throw her out?
He probably would have, if she hadn't
already run away with my father.
Take me!
I have to run away too.
Throw it!
If Mattis finds out
that I gave food to Borka all winter
Throw it!
- Go on, throw it.
- Take me!
Should we go?
- Take me!
- Yeah!
- Take me!
- It's over now?
Nothing more to the head?
Why do they do this?
Why do they do this?
Get up! Let's get rid of the lice
in the North Fortress.
- Can't we do that tomorrow?
- One day more or less
They've chafed like a rock
in my boot for too long.
They're leaving today.
Not now.
They're armed and too many.
Can I tell you something?
You can tell me anything.
Without you getting angry.
I never get angry, do I?
Okay, maybe it's happened
that I've gotten angry.
But not now.
What's wrong?
Borka came.
When I was leaving
food from you in the stores.
Did you tell him it was from me?
No. I lied.
I told him
I found a way to get it myself.
If Mattis finds out about this,
He'll be absolutely furious.
I'm sorry.
It isn't your fault.
Come on!
A bear or wolf must've scared them.
They aren't scared.
They're running the winter
out of their bodies.
- Do you know what we're going to do?
- No.
When they've calmed down
and started grazing,
we're going to catch one each.
We need something to do
tomorrow as well.
Let's fill the basket.
I need to ride off for a while.
I need sticks and feathers,
I thought I'd make some arrows.
- You thought you would?
- Yes.
Ride off then.
I don't want this day to end.
Me neither.
But there's another day tomorrow.
And then we'll catch our horses.
Until tomorrow, Birk Borkason.
Until tomorrow,
Ronja, robber's daughter.
Did you think we'd forgotten about you?
You seem to like it
with your robber friends.
What do you want?
Same thing as before winter,
which you never gave me.
The girl.
She's just a child.
She's Mattis' child.
But she's no robber.
She doesn't like what Mattis does.
But Mattis likes her.
There has to be another way.
Instead of my soldiers
risking their lives,
you're giving her to me.
If I have the girl, Mattis will follow.
Solve, my sister,
And little Flit,
how are they doing after winter?
Don't you worry about them.
Could you give them a message from me?
Tell them I'm thinking of them.
Let me know
when and where I'll get the girl.
And make it soon.
Very soon.
In time, you will see
your sister and nephew.
Hey there. How did it go?
It was a pure pleasure.
And do you know
what made it even better?
Not one dirty Borka robber,
as far as the eye could see.
I think that might change.
- What do you mean?
- I saw them.
When they headed out earlier.
On horseback, no less.
They weren't particularly fat,
but it was no skeletons riding off.
- So they made it through winter?
- It would undoubtedly appear so.
Where's Chegge?
He went off to collect sticks
to make arrows.
How about that.
Damn it!
I should have thrown them
out once and for all!
Damned Borka swine!
To hell with them!
What do you say?
Treacherous scoundrels, everyone!
There's the light of my last days.
You've said that since I was little.
Yes, I'm not lying.
I'm closer
to my last days than my first,
and you are my light.
Was the forest the same?
I'd almost forgotten
how happy it makes me.
Happiness, that's a good feeling.
Where's Mattis?
Up at the Hell's Mouth, I think.
What's he doing there?
Why don't you go take a look?
He could use some of that light.
A quick nap
I didn't drown in a pond.
That's good.
What are you doing out here in the rain?
I've got some things to think about.
I thought they were half-dead.
Why weren't they half-dead?
I don't know.
No, but I think I know.
Someone helped them. Gave them food.
How would that work?
- They were snowed in all winter.
- It was Chegge.
Chegge stole food from us
and helped them.
Are you sure?
None of the others
would betray me like that.
I trust them.
Like I trust you and Lovis.
No, thanks.
Taste some.
It's good.
Thank you, Fyosok.
What will you do about it?
I haven't decided yet.
We'll see.
We both know what it's like
to be falsely accused.
You must be certain.
Lay down now.
Sleep on it.
How are the arrows going?
I didn't find any good ones.
You didn't find any sticks?
In the forest?
I completely forgot,
I started thinking of other things.
I know what about.
About how you'll continue to help Borka.
What? That's
Don't make it worse by lying to me.
No, I haven't helped Borka.
You gave them food all winter.
Mattis, please, I didn't
If we see you in these forests again,
things will end very badly for you.
Mattis, please. Believe me. I swear.
I would never do
something like that to you.
Not after everything you've done for me.
Open the gates!
- Don't do it.
- Chegge is leaving us.
Don't do it! You're wrong! It isn't me!
Mattis. It isn't me.
Please let me stay, Mattis!
Mattis! Mattis!
Let me go! Mattis!
Let me go!
The new bailiff,
what do you know about her?
She's caught some robber bands.
That's all I know.
Where is she from?
I don't know.
Try to find out
next time you're in the village.
Why, what are you thinking?
I recognize her, I think.
What do you mean? From where?
I don't know.
Mattis thinks
Chegge gave you the food.
Why does he think that?
Because he can't imagine
anyone else doing it.
Should I say something?
I can't say anything.
Mattis would be
Then don't.
But I can't do that to Chegge either.
We have to convince the horses
that we don't mean them any harm.
Here. Here you go.
Yeah, here you go.
That rascal went for you!
Rascal is a good name.
I'll call him that.
Here, Rascal. Want some?
Can you name mine?
He can be called Wilding.
Rascal and Wilding.
We've named you, so now you're ours.
I don't think they want to today.
Me neither.
- You're exiled from here.
- You'll have Ronja tonight.
- Tonight?
- On one condition.
You have to be there yourself.
I can agree to that.
And as soon as you have Mattis,
you let her go.
I can agree to that too.
Nothing is going to happen to her.
You have my word on that.
Your word.
Do you know the Giant's Marbles?
I can find it.
Be there, just before sundown.
I'll be there.
With Ronja.
Soon. Soon you will have justice.
Father, Father.
I saw you by the cemetery.
We lived here.
We've been here since summer,
why didn't you tell me?
Because it doesn't seem important.
You wouldn't remember anyway.
I recognized the markings on the rock.
Mother and Father died here.
That house in the village.
- Is that where we lived?
- Yes.
Until you were four.
Sister, tell me.
You don't want to know.
Yes, I do.
Smavis, I don't want you to know.
Did Father die when you were eight?
Is that why we left?
What's your horse's name?
Little girl
I'm starting to lose my patience.
Tell me your horse's name.
Mattis' father
Killed him.
Come on.
Yesterday I was very kind-hearted.
I took very little,
and I was in a great mood.
But then it turned out that
Borka and his followers survived winter,
and that I'd been betrayed.
And I'm sorry to tell you this,
but I'm going to take it out on you.
There is nothing that
gives me more joy than robbing.
I understand
that it's no comfort to you,
But I already feel a lot better.
And I recognize you now.
Since I'm taking a bit more
than I need from you today,
I won't rob your cart anymore this year.
You'll have free passage through
the Mattis Forest. How's that sound?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Then we're done here.
Travel on, my friend.
Try to find comfort in
that your day can only get better.
It was a nice day.
They're always nice when we're together.
We'll meet again tomorrow.
We will.
Will you look at that.
You've been working hard.
Drop everything you're carrying.
We'll take care of it.
I have so many questions.
Not now.
Let's go get the girl and end this.
This won't go unpunished,
You hellhound.
What will you do? Starve us out?
That's how we survived winter.
We stole from you.
My boy snuck in and took food.
And you were too stupid
and self-satisfied to notice.
- The little snake spawn.
- Call him what you want.
A child, Mattis.
A child is smarter than you.
Hi, Chegge.
I want to show you something.
Not here. We have to walk awhile.
Can it wait?
I've been in the forest all day.
No, it can't wait.
Come with me.
Okay, then.
They've been gone a long time now.
And where's Ronja?
Why hasn't she come home?
What are you showing me?
This way.
Where is it?
You'll see.
Come on.
You're the chief.
You're meant to protect them
and you failed.
This is not how it was meant to turn out.
You are a shame to the Borka name.
I hate you!
Come and get me, you damned beasts!
But I miss him.
His stupid feud with Borka
is more important to him than we are.
You haven't given up?
It's all ours.
Some things are just wrong.
Like a Mattis Fortress
without a Ronja, for example.
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