Room 104 (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

My Love

1 (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Room 104 1x12 "My Love" Oct 13, 2017.
(LOCK BEEPS) - MAN: I've got it.
It's okay.
Hey! Yeah.
Is this, uh Are you sure this is the right one? Uh-huh, yeah.
This this is the one.
Well, I don't recognize anything.
- (CHUCKLES) - Well Been 56 years, my love.
- 56 years.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
- Oh.
- Mm.
So, um, which one was it? Do you remember? (CHUCKLES) I don't remember! Take a guess.
Huh? Nope.
- (CHUCKLES) That one.
- No.
Both of them! I was an animal! (BELLOWS) - (BELLOWS) - (BOTH CHUCKLING) Well, those days are over now.
- Mm.
- Uh, ahem, well What? (GASPS) - You didn't.
- (CHUCKLES) I did.
W-what happens? You mean, you just take one and then you (LAUGHING) - you wait for it to pop up? - Yeah.
I took one half an hour ago.
- Oh, you did not! - Yes, I did, baby! Oh, God! (CHUCKLES) Well, uh (STAMMERING) We it's going to be a very big day for us tomorrow and and I'm not really, you know, prepared for that.
Uh, it's been quite a long time - Mm.
- you know, and, uh Tonight is for us.
Let's let's travel back in time.
Let's be us 56 years ago.
Me and my bride on our wedding night.
Oh, I would love to.
Are you okay? I'm I'm okay, yeah.
- (MOANS) - Oh, don't don't strain yourself.
No, no, no, no, I'm (GRUNTS) I'm okay.
- I am.
I'm okay.
- Yeah? Okay.
May maybe I should get a little more of that stuff - No, no, no.
- on me.
No, I think I think we have enough.
- Yeah? - (BOTH GROAN) I'm so close.
(CHUCKLES) I'm so close.
LORRAINE: Is there anything I can do to help? - Honey? - (MOANS) (MUMBLES, COUGHS) (EXHALES) Charlie? Charlie! Charlie! (WHIMPERS) Are you? Honey.
- (GRUNTS) - Honey? - (LAUGHING) - Oh! Ooh! You! Oh.
We tried.
(STAMMERING) I'm so sorry.
No, we tried.
It's all right.
We were so close! We weren't that close.
(LAUGHING) Well, give me a good smooch, woman.
You've got one.
All right.
- And the Hunan chicken.
- And, um what? - Soup.
Soup instead of the egg rolls.
About 20 minutes? Sounds perfect.
Room 104.
And thank you.
All right.
WOMAN ON TV: No more struggling to ship your hard-packed packages.
Order yours now.
- (CROWD CHEERING) - It's starting! Oh, I'm coming! I just have to do my little pluck.
HOST ON TV: It's time for "America's" So, do you wanna go over at breakfast in the morning or do you wanna stay here and have some quiet time, just the two of us? I don't know.
Do you know what Elaine is serving? No, I don't.
Can always call and ask.
No, let's just eat here.
And I and I can test you again on your grandkids' names before we get there.
- Already got that down.
- Oh, you certainly do not.
Listen here, woman, this mind is like a steel trap.
(COUGHING) Here I come great-grandkids.
- You ready? - Let's hear it.
(CHUCKLES) Let's see here.
Elaine and Mike, they have, uh, Abby, Elliot, and Cara.
And Abby has Todd and Brad.
Elliot has Ross, Jen, and Jody.
Cara Julian and Jenny.
Oh, yeah, that leaves Max and Laura.
They just have the one Stephanie.
(CHUCKLES) I'm missing one.
Who am I missing? Guess I really wore you out back there, didn't I? (GAME SHOW PLAYING ON TV) My love? Lorraine? My love? I, uh (CRYING, MUMBLING) (GRUNTS) Lorraine? Lorraine! Lorraine?! Try! (CRYING) (DIAL TONE HUMMING) Lorraine.
Oh, hey, Dad.
How's the motel? - It's good.
- Good.
What's up? - I'm sorry, did you say something? - (CLEARS THROAT) I think my phone is kind of cutting out, so let me go outside.
Um, uh your mother I'm sorry, I think you're still cutting out.
Your mother, uh Dad.
Um Are you okay? Your mother wants to, uh wants to know what you're serving for breakfast tomorrow.
Oh, I'm just gonna heat up the quiches and put out the banana bread and let the kids do cereals.
Make it easy.
Are you guys gonna come for breakfast? Dad? Um, yeah, I'm just having trouble, um, remembering all the grandkids' names.
Doesn't matter.
Oh, it does.
There's only 15.
Who am I missing? Oh, Maggie just had baby Lorraine.
Dad? Hello? So, we'll see you in the morning? Sure, yeah, right.
I got it.
Thank you.
- I love you, honey.
- Love you, too, Dad.
See you tomorrow.
(DISCONNECT TONE HUMMING) BOBBY ON TV: and which new square would you like to go to next? - MIKE ON TV: Huh - BOBBY: Now, you still have a chance at that vacation for two to Hawaii.
- MIKE: Up, Bobby.
- BOBBY: Here? - MIKE: Yeah, that's it.
- (CROWD CHEERING) BOBBY: Oh, no hidden square there.
But we'll have the next question coming up.
What a game so far! Everyone's having a great day.
Now, don't go away.
We'll be right back after these messages.
(ENGINE REVVING) ANNOUNCER: On the race track, a man is measured by where he (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Would you like me to mute the commercials, my love? Ah, I agree.
Just a lot of noise we don't need to hear.
(TV MUTES) Oh, would you like some wine if I if I pour some? Or do you wanna wait till the till the food gets here? This is that wine from Nancy's son's vineyard.
They said it was fancy, so I kept it.
It's good.
That is really good.
I used to I used to keep a big bag of Double Stuf Oreos in a small, empty slot behind my sock drawer.
Always wondered if you knew and just didn't say anything or if I really hid it from you.
Well, I needed it.
I know, bad for me.
I needed my sugar, though.
Sorry about that.
Oh, yeah, God, I I voted for Goldwater.
I don't know, I think I thought he would clean things up, or end the war, or I don't know, I just I don't know why I lied like that.
I I just I it was just a dumb thing and I'm sorry.
(CRYING) Lorraine.
(SCREAMING) Ah, God! I know about Ed.
I do.
I know about Ed! It's okay.
(CRYING) It's okay.
No, it's okay.
It is.
It's it's okay.
(GRUNTING) (CRYING OUT) You didn't know I knew, did you? I never never told anyone.
Anyway, Ed came to me to tell me.
Came to my office.
Wanted to see me right away.
And I knew, I just I could feel in my gut that he was gonna tell me that he had cancer.
(CHUCKLES) I just knew it.
So, right when he walked in the room I rushed up to give him a hug and he flinched.
He pulled back at the last second like I was gonna hit him.
And I could see that he was afraid of me.
Then he sat me down and he told me what had been happening with you two and how long.
And he told me how he said he wanted to marry you and leave Anne.
I I thought I was gonna strangle him, but I just I didn't feel angry.
All I could feel was fear.
I simply became terribly afraid that you were you were gonna be gone before I got home that night.
It was the longest day of my life, Lorraine.
It was a Monday.
I don't know if you remember that or not.
You made the chicken or that turkey divan and the King rolls.
The kids ate early, went to bed.
I came home around 9:00 O'clock.
There you were at the dining room table.
You hadn't eaten.
You were waiting for me.
(EXHALES) Well, I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.
Well, we talked.
We just talked.
About Elaine, her new boyfriend.
And, um rising prices of at the cinema were coming up.
Oh, God, I was so scared, Lorraine.
I I I could barely eat.
And then you said it.
I will never forget it.
"You know, Charlie I was thinking, what if we skipped dinner with Ed and Anne Saturday night, went to see a movie, just the two of us?" I started to cry.
I don't know if you saw or not.
I think I hid it from you.
Did you notice? And I promised myself right then and there I would never bring that up to you no matter what.
That I would be grateful that you chose me.
That you chose us.
What made you stay? I convinced myself for a long time that it wasn't important.
I I it's somehow, now it's like it's really important to me.
(MUSIC PLAYING) If you are here if you can hear me somehow would you tell me the truth? Did you stay for me? (MUSIC CONTINUES) (CRYING) (SNIFFLES) My love, I think I will never understand you.
But I love you.
And I think that's okay.
(SOBS) I think that's all right.
It's all right.
(TV TURNS OFF) (MUSIC PLAYING) Father, father, let me love you Saw you wandering in my dream Last night, singing - Wonder, wonder what you might do - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - MAN: Delivery from Mai Tai! - You can't simply Hide our dream in the blue - (MAN KNOCKS) Delivery! - Don't try to fight Don't let me go You've gone too far from what I know I lost my heart in the dark with you Father, father, why you let me go? Father, please don't let me go Father, father, why you let me go? Father Father, please don't let me go Father, father, why you let me go? Father Father, please don't let me go Father, father, why you let me go? Father.