Room 104 (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

The Woman in the Wall

Can Wait, can you hear me now? Is Is this better? Hi, uh, could you please keep your telephone conversation down? It's not your fault, I think the walls are just really thin.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's still a little loud.
Thank you.
I can't breathe! [LAUGHTER CONTINUES.]
This is ridiculous.
Uh, I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm in Room 104, and the woman next door is just well, I don't know if she's just very loud or if the walls are very thin, but it's inconvenient, and I was wondering if I could switch rooms, preferably with a vacancy on either side.
Well, that isn't possible, 'cause I literally just heard her.
Well, perhaps someone is crashing your motel, because I am telling you, there is a woman in Room 106.
- Sorry to disturb.
- It's OK.
Let's just go see.
MANAGER: Seems empty to me, yeah? CATHERINE: I, uh Well, maybe she left.
- MANAGER: I don't know, honey.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
- That is too weird.
I mean - WOMAN: I know, right? - Hey! - Hi.
What?! - Where were you hiding? - I'm not hiding.
Yeah, but the room was completely empty.
I can I can explain.
I'm inside the wall.
You're you're inside the wall? It's true.
I live here.
I'm incredibly bored, and I was just hoping we could have a conversation.
No, you're not inside the wall.
Your name is Catherine Strauss, you're single, you just quit your job at Anderson because you can't type at the computer without back, neck, and arm pain.
You've just gotten back from the Peterson clinic, where another team of doctors has yet again been unable to find a diagnosis for all these strange ailments that you've been having this past year including the exhaustion.
Oh, and that pain in your shin? It's been getting worse lately.
Looking for side effects or something like that? It's OK.
It's OK.
I can be your friend.
You don't have to be afraid.
I am losing my mind.
You are not here.
It's the drugs the combination of drugs.
It's not the drugs.
Just shut up, OK?! Shut up! Shut up! [PANTING.]
Shut up! [SIGHS DEEPLY.]
I see you walking Through the storm The snowflakes And the fear I hold your hand From far away I'll carry you From here There's nothing You can do or say I'm always With you Always Do you want to talk about it? About what? Everything.
It started with me just getting anxious.
Like I was outside of myself all of a sudden, looking at my life.
And I just started started to have these little panic spells.
Well, then I I I started not being able to get up in the morning.
I was sleeping a lot, I was just wasn't sleeping well.
And then I, uh I started losing my appetite.
And I lost weight.
And then I got these aches and pains in my body.
I saw a therapist, I saw doctor after doctor after doctor.
I went to yoga classes and acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs, more yoga I did everything.
I really I really tried everything.
And now I feel like I'm going away or something.
And no one can help me.
I can try to help you.
- How? - Be your friend.
Yeah, I have friends.
- Where are they now? - Home.
Shouldn't they be with you? They have their own lives.
I don't want to bother them.
Respectfully wouldn't a real friend know that you'd never be comfortable asking them to come with you? And they'd just book a ticket and come anyway, because they knew you, and they knew that you needed them.
Even though you'd never ask.
What about a husband? Right, you know all these things about me but you don't know that I'm not married? You're right.
No husband, no boyfriend really, you've never - had a relation - OK, thank you for reminding me.
But it is so crazy.
You're a good-looking woman, you're smart, you're funny, you're friendly, nice Oh, God, you sound just like my mother! Oh, I don't know, I I guess I'd like to think that when the girls and boys were kissing in middle school, I was a dancer, and I guess I just missed that boat.
And then by the time they were having sex in high school, I was trying to catch up and have that first kiss.
And I guess I just never really caught up.
Is that what you really believe? No.
No, I think that there is something really wrong with me, deep down, that I don't that I don't work right.
What if you're not sick? What if this deep-down feeling is why all of this is happening to you? Why you're just going away? [INHALES, EXHALES.]
Do you trust me, Catherine? Yeah.
I want to try something.
Will you try something with me? OK.
We're gonna masturbate together.
What?! [LAUGHING.]
- Oh, my God.
We're gonna jerk off together.
- No.
- Yes! We are.
We're gonna jerk off together.
- No, we're - OK, come on, this is gonna be good for you.
Oh, no, I'm not I've never been good at this.
Just trust me.
Just trust me.
There's no man in this wall - Ohh! - I do this all the time, - and it - Great.
It always makes me feel better.
OK, listen, I'm gonna make you good at this.
- Orgasms are fun.
- Ohh.
They release endorphins in your brain, which make you happy, which heal you, which make you more attractive to men Do you sort of see where I'm going with this? Yes.
OK, I'll do it.
Yes! OK, get comfortable.
I'm gonna talk you through it.
Close your eyes.
You're lying in an empty field.
You're naked.
You feel the sun it's warm on your skin and it's there to heal you.
And there's a light, cool breeze.
It tickles you all over your body like a thousand mmm loving fingertips.
It feels sooooo good.
Take a deep breath.
- Now let the breeze penetrate you.
The wind it takes over completely now and it fills you with a sense of calm.
- It holds you.
The wind is your lover, kissing you, embracing you, touching every part of you.
Oh, but now the wind, it's it's getting caught on something.
Something in your chest is blocking it.
The sun, it all starts to go away.
The wind wants to get through, you want it to get through, but it just won't.
The clouds are forming now in the sky.
It's raining.
You've gotta reach down there and free it.
You've gotta clear whatever it is that is blocking that wind inside of you, so that - Please.
I am.
I am.
- You are not! - I can't! - Catherine, you can! I can't! It's always been blocked! Stop it.
You can! You absolutely can, Catherine.
I believe that you can do this, you can! I ca I can! - I ca I can! I am! - Fucking do it! Get rid of it, Catherine! - Fucking get rid of it, Catherine! - I ca Ohh! Ohh! [GASPING.]
I can! I can! Ohh! I can! Oh! Oh! Ohh! Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh [LAUGHS.]
What's your name? [LAUGHS.]
Let me know if you need anything else.
Hello? Are you there? Of course you're not there.
Because you're a figment of my imagination when I was going crazy.
Which makes a lot more sense than a person in the wall, you fucking idiot.
I'm here, Catherine.
What's new? What's new? Can you see me right now? - I believe so.
- So you can probably guess.
I'm just trying to break the ice.
Oh, I get it.
You're just trying to break the ice.
Well, how are you? I have crippling Lyme disease.
I am sitting in a fucking wheelchair because I can't fucking walk! - I'm sorry about that.
- Oh, are you? I wish that hadn't happened to you.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
Because I'm your friend.
Oh, you're my friend.
Yes, I'm your friend.
I'm your only real friend.
Shut up.
When I left here, I stopped seeing doctors.
Do you know that? I stopped seeing doctors and I lost the ability to walk.
I have a disease! Do you hear me?! I hear you.
So fuck you! That's what I came back to say! Fuck! You! You made me feel like this happened to me because I was weak! That I I brought it on myself! That it was because I wasn't strong! [CRYING.]
I am strong! - I hear you crying - Shut up! In the sun - Fire and the pain - Stop it.
Shut up.
Take my hand, my lovely one Let us become the rain There's nothing You can do or say I'm always With you Always [DOOR UNLOCKS.]
Hello? Hello, Catherine.
I'm excited to see you.
Especially looking so well.
Thank you.
- Whoo! Bravo! - [CATHERINE LAUGHS.]
No more pain.
No more pain.
And your sweet, loving husband? Oh, Jeff, he's the best.
I'm so happy for you.
- No luggage.
- No, I I can't stay.
I just I wanted to apologize for the way I treated you the last time I saw you.
It was a difficult time for me, and I think I was looking for someone to blame, and I blamed you, even though you were trying to help me.
The truth is, I don't know if it was the last round of medicine or your guidance that healed me, but I am healed.
So thank you.
You don't have to apologize.
I am very, very happy that you're better.
I love you.
OK, well, anyhow, I was just I just wanted to say that, and good-bye.
- You're still here.
I know.
Why? I don't know.
Is it because you're still sad? No, I I told you, I'm quite well now.
I know, but despite it all, you're still sad.
It's OK.
You can be honest with me.
The truth is I'm sad too.
Why? I'm sad that I'll never get to see you again.
- But - But what? I'm not a real person, so it doesn't really matter? Oh, no, no, I wasn't gonna say that.
Yeah, but you were thinking it.
You're right, I was.
It's OK.
Hey, did you ever talk about me with your therapist? [LAUGHS.]
You know I didn't.
You thought he'd throw you in the loony bin if you told him about your your friend in the wall? [BOTH LAUGHING.]
No, I think I I could have talked about you, but I didn't want to.
Why not? I've been trying really hard to understand all of this, and I I can't.
And I would rather just just let it be whatever it is.
But if you had to guess? - I can't.
- I'll give you a hint: I'm not a goblin.
And I'm not just a figment of your imagination, reflecting your own thoughts back to you.
And you're not crazy.
So what, then? I am a woman and something terrible happened to me a while ago, and I've been living here ever since.
I'm lonely.
I'm looking for a friend a true friend to help me.
To help you do what? To believe that I'm real.
I saw you walking In the storm The snowflakes and the fear I'll take your hand From where you are I'll carry you From here BOTH: There's nothing You can do or say I'm always With you Always WOMAN IN WALL: I hear you crying In the sun - The fire and the pain - [RUMBLING.]
- No No! - Take my hand My lovely one CATHERINE: Noooo!!! - [RUMBLING, CRASHING.]
I see you walking Through the storm The snowflakes and the fear I hold your hand From far away I'll carry you From here There's nothing You can do or say I'm always With you Always [COMPUTERIZED VOICE.]
Beer emoji.
Beer emoji.
Beer emoji.
Ooh Arnold's on tonight [GRUNTING.]
How did I end up here? Arnold's on tonight