Room 104 (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

The Plot

Well, you even started a fire.
Just like the good old days.
I didn't want to run down your battery.
Oh, her? Nah.
Solid as a rock.
Just like you.
What on earth are you doing with that? Oh, this little peashooter? Well, someday I'll tell ya about what they call the, uh "Guadalajara Jukebox.
But this is mostly just for show.
I find that the mere sight of it usually tends to deter any trouble.
- Hmm.
But how are you, dear? Truly.
It's very strange, to think that he's just not in the world anymore.
It is.
It's okay, Roma.
I'm here now.
Look, I'm I'm sorry about the funeral.
No, I shouldn't have.
That was not fair of me.
- I understand.
- It's just from Budapest to here, it couldn't be done.
And besides Father knew my heart.
You're right.
Of course.
He always did want you out there living a giant life.
Well, I don't know if I quite accomplished that, but there certainly is magic in travel.
You meet new and interesting people, get a glimpse inside their lives their secrets, and then well, then you just move on.
It was was something akin to living inside a kaleidoscope.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
That sounds very interesting.
- Yeah.
So what, this'd be the, uh Well, we'll have a paved walk, here, to the reception lobby, with quarters in the back for the night manager.
And our guests can load and unload their luggage right here.
Just incredible.
So then that's a well, that'd be room 101, 102, and 103 Yes, and so on and so on around that way, and on the east side, we have room to expand another block of rooms if we want.
Well, you've thought of everything.
And I must say, when you said we'd be having a picnic dinner, I was not expecting an actual picnic dinner.
I'm famished.
Well, I thought one more night at the old spot before they start digging.
It's fancier than the camp food Father'd fix for us, but [CHUCKLES.]
Remember what he used to call them? "Hobo packs"? Right? "Some loose chuck, and onions in foil.
" "Throw 'em on the coals till they crackle and boil," right? [LAUGHING.]
"Add a pinch of pepper or some mustard seed BOTH: " and that'll be all you need to feed ya.
Well, I sure didn't think I'd ever find myself in the hotel business.
The location is ideal, once the interstate is done.
It'll be a landmark.
Our family's legacy.
I guess what I mean is, I never thought I'd find myself at all, really, but yes, no What you've done, it's remarkable.
Well, Bill Winthrop has been very supportive.
He assisted with the permits and the - county zoning - Good ol' Bill.
Always there to take the wheel.
The title claims and so forth.
Mmm! He said my business prospectus was one of the best-written he'd ever seen.
Good ol' Bill.
Where do I sign? [SNIFFS.]
Just perfection.
Uh, your fingers.
Right, right.
Bill does good work.
Let's make it official.
And just like that it's all ours.
Who knows? This might even be good for me, settlin' down.
Heck, I might even get married.
One thing at a time, brother.
Now did, uh Well, did you ever find someone? You know, someone special? No.
No, I never did.
I'm not very Those things can be difficult.
- Romance, ya know.
- Oh I Don't I know it.
Oh, you do, do you? Well, I just mean that, well when one's traveling, you tend to forge a lot of relationships, and Traveling, yes, I'm sure.
But it can also be quite difficult when one must stay at home to wipe one's own father's bottom.
Do you know about that, as well? Well, I [SIGHS.]
I I don't.
And you never held him while he wept like a baby and called out to his own mother whom he thought was in the room with him.
Once he said to me The pain, he said that it felt like there was a rat king living in his bowel.
Do you know what that is? Of course I do.
That's horrible, I With the little crown and It must have been terrible, and I'm so sorry, Roma.
Well, that's why I'm here, I suppose.
Solid as a rock.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I'm not angry at you, not really.
I just miss him.
I do too.
It was supposed to be a special night.
Well, it is special.
You've made is so.
Well, I'm sorry I got upset.
- Listen.
You don't ever have to apologize to me.
From this moment forward, I'm here.
Well, then let's toast.
To Herbert J.
Avalind and the future success of his children.
- Our success.
Well, it's bad luck if you toast and don't drink it.
Well, this you might not actually believe, but, well, I've givin' it up.
- You? - I know, I know, it's Well, it just got to be where I wasn't very gentlemanly when I drank.
And then it stopped being pleasant.
So I stopped.
And honestly, I've been better for it ever since.
I don't suppose you have any apple juice in there? Apple juice is bad luck, too.
I Good for you, Remus.
You've done something our father never could.
I'll just grab one of these soda pops instead.
But I don't mind, you go ahead, indulge yourself.
You've earned it.
It's It's no fun when you're the only one drinking, so [REMUS SIGHS.]
Ya know, this actually This actually reminds me, I, uh, saw a volcano up close once.
Kind of unimpressive, actually.
Will you show me how that works? Well, ya see, it all comes down to magma No, your pistol.
Oh, my Well, I didn't think you cared for the shooting sports.
Well, I don't.
But I will be working the night desk.
At first, at least.
A woman alone out here? I was thinking it might be wise to invest in some personal protection.
I think it's an excellent idea.
Very mature.
I'm proud of ya.
Come here, follow me.
I'll show ya a little something.
Very important to have a firm grip.
Firm, but not too tight.
Think of it as an extension of your arm.
Get a handle on it.
You take dead aim.
Got ya, bastard.
Also: control.
Control is very important.
Yeah, feel the weight of it.
That's good.
Gotta maintain a sense of control, and also have an objective.
Pick a target and, maybe most importantly, take dead aim, and then - [GUNSHOT.]
- Ohh.
- [THUD.]
I'd have just given it to ya if you'd asked.
Oh, there she go.
Ah! Ooh.
That's all she wrote.
Oh! Is that chicken? Yes.
Mm, mm, mm! Yeah, I thought I smelled meat.
Are you alone sir? Yes.
Are y'all alone? - Yes.
- Well, pardon me, aren't I sittin' here? [WHEEZY LAUGHTER.]
Uh Never mind.
Yeah, well, I'm just wanderin', ya know, seein' where I land, seein' who I land with.
I don't know how long.
Long time.
Eventually I saw your fire, which was thankful timin', 'cause I didn't want to piss all over my good shoes in the dark.
Boyfriend's takin' ZZZ's, huh? Havin' a little nap? He's my brother.
Well, forest air's good for sleepin'.
What's all this mess? Plantin' some beans up here? We're gonna build a hotel.
Like a innkeep rentin' rooms and so forth? Man, I been wanderin' so long, stayin' still sounds nice.
The guests they come, guests they go, but here you are, always on the other side of that.
That's delicious.
Well I'll git.
But I thank you for the leak and the bird.
Well, lookie, lookie, gimme a cookie.
Looks like I wasn't the only one that needed to let something loose, huh? [LAUGHING.]
Hoo! Damn! Fine threads.
Made in Paree? My goodness! Is your brother in pictures? Oil? Land? [CRYING.]
He's not in anything.
No, he sure ain't! [CONTINUES LAUGHING.]
Now you're mine.
'Course this ruins the duds, don't it? 'Cause that ain't ketchup, baby.
Ya know, that's gonna leave a stain.
I wonder what you'd do Or give me to make sure no others came callin'.
To see your face! [BLOWS.]
What do we have here? [HIGH-PITCHED SQUEAKING.]
- Now you're mine, too.
And I like you better! - [TRANSIENT'S LAUGHTER.]
MALE VOICE: Welcome, travelers.
How many nights will you be staying? [CLEARS THROAT.]
MALE/FEMALE VOICE: Welcome, travelers.
MALE/FEMALE VOICE: How many nights will you be staying? Welcome [CLEARS THROAT.]
Welcome, travelers.
ROMA'S VOICE: And how many nights will be you staying with us? [LAUGHING.]